Laetitia Casta vs. Naomi Campbell (c) by John J 2000

Laetitia was more than slightly pissed off about her two recent catfight losses, first to Heidi Klum and then to Cindy Crawford. She knew that under slightly different circumstances she could have won either or both of those fights. She was more angry that the other supermodels were now looking at her as a pushover and unable to defend herself, than for the losses themselves.

At an event where Laetitia was one of the models present, every one had started to get ready for the photo shoot and all the models had started to line up. Naomi Campbell came up from behind Laetitia and gave her shove, knocking her down.

Laetitia jumped to her feet and hissed, "Watch where you're going, bitch!"

Naomi just laughed and said, "Sorry, I didn't see you." Laetita just glared at Naomi and let the incident pass.

Later than day near the end of the shoot, Naomi came past Laetitia and shoved her again. Laetitia went down again, and jumped to her feet. She gave Naomi a shove this time and sent her down.

Naomi jumped up and got into Laetitia's face as she snarled, "You better watch it, you little slut, or you're gonna get your ass kicked again."

Laetitia snarled, "No, you better watch it, or your ass is the one that's gonna get kicked."

Naomi chuckled, "Ohhh! Tough talk from a girl who can't fight her way out of a paper bag. Go get lost, before I get mad and decide to beat the shit out of you!"

Laetitia fumed, "Come on then! You want a piece of me. Let's go, whore!"

One of the photographers stepped in and shoved the two supermodels apart, just as Naomi was ready to lunge at Laetitia and fight. All the models went back to their hotel rooms and showered and changed for dinner.

When dinner was nearly done, Laetitia walked over to Naomi and slipped her a note which read, "Nine o'clock by the beach. We need to finish our discussion in private."

Naomi nodded in agreement to Laetitia and discarded the note into the garbage.

Nine o'clock arrived. Naomi walked up to the beach where the photo shoot had been done. She chose a white bikini and heels for the fight. She saw Laetitia already there in a black bikini and heels, waiting for her.

Naomi said with a smirk, "I'm surprised you had the guts to show up, loser."

Laetitia fumed, "I'm here to fight, not talk. So let's get it on, bitch!"

Naomi raised her fists and charged at her adversary. Laetitia rolled to the side and Naomi sailed past. Laetitia sprang to her feet and lunged at Naomi, just as she turned back. Naomi turned just in time to get tackled across the tits by Laetitia. Laetitia quickly took Naomi down and secured a grapevine pin. Naomi's arms and legs were secured beneath Laetitia. Laetitia laughed sadistically as Naomi squirmed and struggled to break free, unsuccessfully. In a flash, Laetitia's laugh of happiness turned in a howl of pain as Naomi bit down hard into Laetitia's full tit. Laetitia rolled away in pain as she rubbed the bite mark that Naomi left on her boob.

Laetitia was on her feet a lot faster than Naomi, who was still hurting from the grapevine hold. As Naomi started to get up from her knees, Laetitia put her back down with a wicked kick to the lower back. Laetitia hammered at Naomi with kicks and stomps on her back and side. Naomi tried to roll away, but Laetitia pursued. Naomi grabbed at one of Laetitia's legs and pulled her off balance. Laetitia went down with a yelp as her legs went out from under her.

Naomi jumped at Laetitia and held her down with a full nelson. Naomi forced Laetitia's face into the sand as she pushed her head and neck down. Laetitia used her legs and bucked wildly. She nearly knocked Naomi off her back. In a sudden move, Laetitia used her leg power and flipped Naomi off.

The two beauties scrambled quickly to their feet, as both sought to beat the other, but neither succeeded. They locked up, and pushed and shoved as they each tried to overpower the other woman and gain control. Laetitia muscled Naomi into a side headlock and started to choke her. Naomi fought back as she put a couple punches into Laetitia's ribs and forced her to release the hold. The two models separated and faced off again. They circled each other, fists raised.

Naomi swung a right hook at Laetitia's jaw as she closed the distance to her enemy. Laetitia deflected the punch with her arm and countered with a right of her own that flattened Naomi's left tit. Naomi grunted and backed off a few steps. Laetitia didn't allow her to get far, as she quickly pursued and snapped Naomi's head to the side with a blow to the jaw. Naomi continued her retreat and Laetitia snapped her head again with a blow from the other side. Naomi continued to stagger back as Laetitia followed her. Laetitia fired a huge uppercut that caught Naomi in the chin, and she flopped back and went down hard on her ass.

After a moment to rest, Naomi rolled over. Laetitia moved in fast to grab her and maintain control. Naomi set herself and nailed Laetitia with a mule kick to the knees as she approached. Laetitia yelped in pain and dropped hard. Naomi rushed toward her adversary and splashed down on top of her. Naomi locked her fingers around Laetitia's neck and started to strangle her. Laetitia sunk her nails into Naomi's boobs and began to maul and scratch the tender globes in retaliation.

Naomi yelled in pain and dug her thumbs further into Laetitia's neck in an attempt to knock her rival out. Laetitia switched tactics and released Naomi's boobs. Laetitia pounded a series of lefts and rights into Naomi's jaw. Naomi's chokehold weakened as Laetitia landed the blows.

With a hard shove, Laetitia toppled Naomi and reversed positions. Laetitia straddled Naomi's midriff and started to choke her out. Laetitia held the chokehold firmly as Naomi struggled to get free. Laetitia released the chokehold and rolled away in pain as Naomi nailed her with a knee to the pussy. Naomi quickly lunged and jumped on Laetitia's back. She grabbed a fistful of brown hair and forced Laetitia's face into the sand, smothering her. Laetitia struggled to buck Naomi off, but couldn't.

Laetitia grabbed a handful of sand and flung it into Naomi's face. Naomi squealed as the sand blinded her. Laetitia forced Naomi off with a hard buck of her hips. Laetitia quickly got up and hammered Naomi with a kick to the face that bloodied her lip. Laetitia grabbed Naomi by the hair and yanked her to her feet. Laetitia put Naomi down hard with a brutal knee lift to the face that worsened the blood flow from her mouth.

As Naomi struggled to get up, Laetitia hung back and waited and rested a bit. When Naomi got to her knees, Laetitia charged in with another big kick to the head. Naomi ducked and Laetitia's kick went over her head. The black model bolted at Laetitia and pounded her with kidney punches. Laetitia yelped in pain as the blows landed. She retaliated with a backfist to the face that staggered Naomi and forced her to back away. Naomi fired back with a kick to the ribs. Laetitia stayed in close and leveled Naomi with a pussy kick.

Laetitia splashed down on Naomi's back and tore off her bikini top. She wrapped the top around Naomi's neck and started to choke her with it. Naomi blindly snapped her head back in an attempt to hit Laetitia and get free. She managed to headbutt Laetitia under the chin and she released the bikini top. Naomi pulled the bikini off her neck and gulped down air. Laetitia was quickly back on the attack though and she trapped Naomi in a standing headscissors. Naomi gasped as Laetitia once again cut off her air supply. The choke ended as Laetitia buckled her knees and slammed Naomi's face down into the sand. In a perfect position atop Naomi, Laetitia raked her nails down Naomi's back, which elicited a pained scream from the black supermodel.

Naomi tried to buck Laetitia off, but Laetitia shoved her back down. Laetitia got up and yanked Naomi to her feet by the hair. A nasty hair mare put Naomi back down on her ass. Laetitia sunk her nails into Naomi's tits and pulled her up by the tits. Naomi retaliated and ripped Laetitia's bikini top to shreads and sunk her nails in. They grunted and moaned as they each scratched, clawed and mauled the other's feminine globes. Laetitia gave in to the pain first, as Naomi concentrated her attacks on the bruises she left earlier in the fight.

Laetitia tried to swing at Naomi, but Naomi released Laetitia's tits and grabbed her arms, stopping the blow. Laetitia instead gave Naomi a knee to the gut that backed her up a bit. Laetitia pulled her arms free and socked Naomi in the jaw with a right hook. Naomi reeled back. Laetitia pursued her and put her down with a combination of punches to the tits.

Laetitia straddled Naomi's body and bounced on her tits a few times as she sat down. Laetitia brought her knee down repeatedly into Naomi's pussy, as she sobbed, "Enough. Please stop!"

Laetitia straddled her prey again and bounced a few more times for good measure. Laetitia slid forward and planted her ass on Naomi's face. She ground her ass into Naomi's face for a little while, but stopped short of knocking her out.

Laetitia got up and yanked Naomi to her knees. She put Naomi into a standing headscissors and then dropped her again with a piledriver. Naomi dropped to the sand in a heap, in tears. Laetitia straddled her again and smothered her with her tits, once again just short of a knockout.

Laetitia got up and hissed, "Do you give?"

Naomi cried, "Yes! I give. No more."

Laetitia yanked Naomi to her feet by the hair and hauled her back to the hotel as she hissed, "You're going to be a good girl, and you're going to tell all the other models how you got your ass kicked. Right?"

Naomi cried, "Please, don't make me do that."

Laetitia snarled, "Do you want your ass kicked even more?"

Naomi yelled, "No! I'll do it."

Laetitia watched as Naomi did as directed.

The end.