Cindy Crawford vs. Laetitia Casta - Catfight (c) by John J

After her humiliating loss to Heidi Klum, Laetitia Casta just wanted to rest and lick her wounds and keep out of the spotlight until the whole mess was forgotten. She wasn't being left alone, instead she was being sought out.

Other supermodels, reporters, and fans all wanted to see her, and it annoyed Laetitia greatly. A lot of the visitors were sympathetic and supportive that she had tried her best, but lost. But many gave her a hard time about not taking her beating like a woman, and getting saved by Cindy Crawford. The digs about Cindy Crawford saving her got to Laetitia. She had enough.

Laetitia made a press release where she said, "I have the utmost respect for Heidi Klum. She beat me fair, and I now have to accept the consequences of lossing that fight, and the modeling contract. I did NOT however ask Cindy Crawford to interfere in that fight on my behalf. I asked no one to interfere for me. I can fight my own fights, and this time I lost. I'm sure it would have been worse me, without Cindy's involvement, and that's what should have happened. Heidi should have just humiliated me as she saw fit. I lost, and to the winner go the spoils. Cindy, in the future, worry about your own fights, not other peoples."

At that, Laetitia ended her statement and walked away, without answering questions.

Cindy Crawford heard the statement and fumed. She issued a statement of her own.

"I saw Laetitia's statement, and I have this comment to make to her. 'Little girls that are getting their ass kicked should be a lot more appreciative of help, and a lot less mouthy.'"

Cindy fielded some questions, after her short statement.

One reporter asked, "Miss Crawford, I take it by your words, you are at least slightly annoyed with Laetitia right now."

Cindy replied, "Yes, that is accurate. I helped Laetitia out of kindness and consideration and not wanting to see her hurt, and this is how she responds. You're damn right I'm upset with her."

Another reporter asked, "Have you talked to Laetitia since the fight?"

Cindy answered, "No, but unless she shuts her mouth, I'm going to call her and arrange a little private 'girl-talk session' with her."

A reporter asked, "Are you saying that you are challenging her to fight?"

Cindy snickered, "Laetitia's got two choices, a public apology or a fight." Cindy waved off the reports and said, "No more questions."

Cindy walked off, leaving the reporters behind.

Laetitia heard Cindy's comments and replied angrily, "I never asked Cindy for help. I never wanted any help from her. I can fight my own battles. She's pissed because I'm not appreciative of her help. She can shove her damn attitude up her ass, or better yet, I'll do it for her. If she wants a fight, then she's got it."

A few days later, Cindy called Laetitia and left her a message, "Alright, bitch. Let's just see who's attitude gets adjusted. Be at my house on Saturday night at five o'clock and we'll settle things, one-on-one. Don't be late, slut!"

Laetitia drove to Cindy Crawford's house and arrived right on time at five o'clock. Cindy was at the door and opened it for the other brunette model. Cindy showed Laetitia down to her spacious den, which had been cleared of furniture in preparation for the fight.

The two brunettes silently took off their regular street clothes and changed into their bikinis for the fight. They stood apart across the room.

Cindy asked, "The fight ends by either a knockout or submission. Agreed?"

Laetitia answered, "Yeah. Let's go."

Cindy answered, "Fine. Let's fight."

Laetitia bolted toward Cindy and tried to tackle her to the floor. Cindy gracefully stepped aside and hammered Laetitia with a kick to the gut as she passed. Laetitia grunted as Cindy's kick knocked the air out of her lungs, and stopped her forward momentum.

With a shove, Cindy took Laetitia down and straddled her midriff. Cindy bounced a few times on Laetitia's midriff as she coughed. Cindy wrapped her hands around Laetitia's throat and started to choke out the other supermodel. Laetitia knew what Cindy was up to, and she bucked around and unseated her rival. Laetitia rolled away from Cindy, and both models quickly scrambled to their feet and faced off.

Cindy charged at Laetitia and fired a big left hook at her head. Laetitia ducked under the punch and countered with a right to Cindy's boobs that flattened her right tit into her ribcage. Laetitia followed up with a solid left to the midriff, as Cindy backed off. Cindy adjusted her arms to better protect her body. Laetitia also adjusted and pounded a right hook into Cindy's jaw. Cindy's head snapped to the side as the supermodel nearly went down.

Laetitia continued to chase as Cindy backed away. Cindy dodged a few of Laetitia's punches and then countered with a knee to the gut and a big kick to the side of the head that dazed Laetitia. Cindy tripped Laetitia and brought her down to the floor. She tried to trap Laetitia in a grapevine hold, but Laetitia got her arm free and tore off Cindy's bikini top. Laetitia sunk her nails into Cindy's tits, right in the bruises she left earlier. Cindy howled in pain and pulled Laetitia's hands off her tits. The two brunettes rolled apart and then scrambled to their feet.

The two gorgeous models faced off again. They locked up and began a fierce hair pulling struggle. Four hands locked onto hair and tugged violently. Both beauties tried to unbalance and control her rival while maintaining her own balance, as they danced around the room, in a violent embrace. As they wobbled around the room, Cindy locked her leg around Laetitia's leg. With a hard tug on the hair, Cindy unbalanced her rival. A shove took Laetitia down, as she couldn't step back and regain her balance. Cindy jumped and splashed down on her rival. She extended her knee as she dropped and nailed Laetitia squarely in the pussy. Laetitia squealed in pain, as Cindy drove her knee into her crotch.

Cindy got up quickly, and yanked Laetitia to her feet by the hair. Cindy whipped her adversary into the corner and watched as she landed with a smack against the wall. Cindy charged in and smashed her in the ribs with a brutal knee lift. Cindy grabbed her hurt rival and whipped her into the other wall. Cindy charged again. Laetitia raised her knee at the last moment, and Cindy's pussy hit hard against Laetitia's knee. Cindy howled in pain, as she dropped to the floor. Laetitia pulled Cindy up by the hair and whipped her into the wall. Laetitia hammered her with repeated forearm smashes to the tits. Cindy retaliated with a powerful left hook to the jaw and then an uppercut to the chin that backed Laetitia away, slightly dazed.

The two beauties separated for a moment and gulped down air, as they both enjoyed the momentary break in the action. Cindy lunged toward Laetitia in a flash. Laetitia fired a right hook at Cindy's head, but the blow hit nothing but air, as Cindy had ducked below the punch. Cindy shoulderblocked Laetitia and forced her back. Laetitia grunted as Cindy ran her back into the wall. Laetitia responded with a double axehandle across the back. Cindy dropped down to one knee as Laetitia's blow hit. Laetitia had moved to followup, when Cindy jumped up and whacked her under the chin with a brutal headbutt. Laetitia was momentarily dazed, and Cindy took advantage. Cindy trapped Laetitia's arms and wrapped her up in a bearhug. Cindy crushed Laetitia's ribs and deprived her of oxygen. Laetitia struggled, but couldn't break free.

Cindy added insult to injury as she raised her trapped rival up, and then planted her own knee. She dropped Laetitia's pussy down into her knee. Laetitia screamed in pain on impact. Laetitia dropped to the floor in a heap, and Cindy came down with her. Cindy snaked her gorgeous long legs around Laetitia's midriff and clamped on a nasty bodyscissors. Cindy poured on the pressure as she once again crushed Laetitia's ribs. Laetitia grunted and groaned in pain. She was finally able to unhook Cindy's ankles and roll free of the scissors hold.

Cindy didn't allow her rival to get very far, as she went right after Laetitia again. Laetitia started to pull herself up to her knees, and Cindy moved in and clamped on a standing headscissors. Cindy kept her trapped for a short while, and bent her knees in and dropped. Laetitia's face smashed into the floor. Cindy got up and hair-hauled Laetitia to her feet too. Cindy pulled Laetitia into a side headlock and put her down hard with a bulldog.

Cindy hovered over Laetitia and demanded arrogantly, "Are you ready to give up, little girl?"

Laetitia sneered, "Go to hell, bitch!"

Laetitia swung her legs out and swept Cindy's legs out from under her. Laetitia jumped at Cindy, as she came down, and wrapped her hands around Cindy's throat. Laetitia started to choke her rival. Cindy struggled to pull Laetitia's hands loose, but couldn't. Cindy switched tactics and brought her arms down with a chop to the neck. Laetitia yelped in pain as Cindy connected. A second chop from Cindy forced Laetitia to release her grip, and Cindy kicked her away.

The two beauties got quickly to their feet. Laetitia rushed in and put Cindy down with a kick to the head, before she got up. Cindy flopped back, and Laetitia chased after her. Cindy lunged at Laetitia and took her legs out from under her. Cindy kept hold of Laetitia's legs and dug in with a thigh claw. Laetitia yelled in pain as Cindy dug her nails into the thigh muscles, sending waves of pain through her legs. Cindy released the thigh claw, but kept after Laetitia's legs as she stomped at Laetitia's knees and thighs.

Cindy yanked Laetitia to her feet. She pounded her rival into the wall with forearm smashes to the tits and punches to the face and tits. Laetitia backed away from Cindy unsteadily, her legs wobbly beneath her. Cindy yanked her into a headlock and put her down with a bulldog. Cindy followed right up into a Boston Crab hold. Laetitia yelped in pain and struggled to get free.

Cindy put Laetitia down on the floor and full body pressed her. Cindy buried Laetitia's face between her gorgeous full tits and smothered her. Cindy held Laetitia's face there until the other brunette was nearly out cold.

Cindy pulled back a little, and Laetitia cried out, "Please stop! I quit!"

Cindy got and stood over her defeated rival as she said with a snarl, "That was hardly even a workout. Next time you go shooting off your big mouth, make sure you can back it up! I expect a public apology from you, AND a thank you for my help in the fight against Heidi."

Cindy added, "Oh, and get your shit together and get your fat ass out of my house!"

A few days later, Laetitia made a public apology to Cindy and issued a thank you for her help in the catfight. Rumors about a catfight spread like wildfire, and soon the general idea of what had occurred was established. Laetitia once again returned to hiding to lick her wounds and let the mess blow over, which she knew would happen in a little time.

The end.