Daisy Fuentes vs. Laetitia Casta by (unknown) 31-Mar-00

Daisy is taking a suntan on the beach when she overhears a girl's laughter. Opening her gorgeous eyes she notices that Laetitia Casta is next to her pointing at her and laughing.

"You are only a lurid bitch!"

"Fuck you, you fat cow!"

Anything she could stand but being called fat cow. Laetitia points at her own green bikini top and utters, "You're jealous of these breasts aren't you, slut?"

Daisy stands up wearing her sunglasses off. She also wears a purple bikini..

"Jealous of what? I don't see anyone here."

Suddenly Laetitia takes a handful of sand and throws it at Daisy aiming at her eyes.

"Now that's enough, you are looking for trouble, slut, and you'll get."

With a sudden move of her arm Daisy slaps Laetitia's face hard, then adds, "Go away before I get annoyed."

Laetitia holds her cheek while her anger increases. Suddenly she throws a punch straight into Daisy's stomach, making her bend on herself.

"You'll see who's getting annoyed."

Daisy is still holding her severed stomach when Laetitia takes a handful of her long brown hair and pulls her on her feet, striking her again in the stomach. Then, still grabbing her from the hair, she punches Daisy's faces until a drop of blood comes out of her severed lip. Daisy takes some time to understand what was going on, while she's being attacked. Then suddenly she reacts by punching hard Laetitia's stomach. The blow is much harder than Laetitia's and she leaves her grasp immediately, curling on herself. It's Daisy's turn to grab her from the hair, while Laetitia is still protecting her aching stomach. With her open hand Daisy starts slapping the brunette's face until her cheeks are blue.

Laetitia is stunned and when Daisy leaves her she falls to the sand. Daisy decides to leave her as she's not worth her time, but as soon as she turns her back to Laetitia, she stands up and grabs her from behind, wrapping her hands around her ribs and squeezing the air out of Daisy.

The grasp is harder than Daisy expected and she can't break herself free easily, as Laetitia squeezes her more and more. In an attempt to set herself free Daisy uses her nails to scratch Laetitia's arms as hard as possible, leaving long red marks. Laetitia screams but doesn't let Daisy go. She squeezes even harder.

Then Daisy raises a leg and sends her heel against Laetitia's knee, as hard as she can. Laetitia screams out in pain as the kick reaches her and lets Daisy go immediately to hold her wounded knee. She bends down suddenly unable to stand. Daisy turns to her and grabs her from the hair. Then she smashes Laetitia's head, nose first into the sand, one, two, three times. Totally stunned, Laetitia doesn't react, but now Daisy is really pissed off.

She leaves Laetitia's hair and the brunette falls to the ground moaning in pain and holding her head. Then Daisy stomps her foot into Laetitia's stomach blowing all the air out of her. Laetitia is curled on herself moaning again. Laetitia grabs her again from her hair and pulls her to her feet again. With the other hand she grabs Laetitia's bikini and pulls it up with all the strength she can put in her right hand. Laetitia screams in pain as the bikini strip resists the pull and starts disappearing between her thighs.

As Daisy pulls harder and harder, Laetitia is lifted above the ground, waving aimlessly her feet standing a dozen inches above the sand. Then with a loud crack the strips is broken and Laetitia falls to the ground again, her hands covering her exposed and damaged pussy.

"Jealous uh?" Daisy laughs, "Let's see jealous of what"

Daisy grabs Laetitia again from her bikini top and pulls it up, lifting Laetitia well above the ground before it gives the way and breaks in two.

"I had larger breasts at 15!"

Then Daisy sits on Laetitia's stomach and start punching her exposed tits. The malleable tits bounce back and forth at every blow while Laetitia, totally helpless, screams out her pain. The tit punishment continues until Laetitia's breasts are totally blue and purple. Daisy grabs her nipples and pulls them upward, squeezing them as hard as she can. The pain is awful and Laetitia can't but keep screaming in agony. Daisy stands up and grabs Laetitia from the ankles, spreading them apart. Then, she kicks Laetitia in her crotch. Immediately forgetting the pain at her breasts Laetitia reaches her crotch to protect her, but then Daisy, still holding her from the ankles, forces Laetitia on her stomach, flipping her body and then blocking her in a Boston crab. Laetitia can only scream out loud imploring Daisy to stop it now.

"I give up please. Stop it I can't take more."

"Not so quickly slut. You have offended me now you will learn to behave yourself."

Daisy flips Laetitia again, pulls her up from the hair and lifts her knee right into Laetitia's crotch again. The battered body is lifted above the ground by the hard blow. Then Daisy lets Laetitia fall loud on the sound, almost unconscious. Grabbing her from the wrists she pulls her motionless body towards the sea and forces her head beneath the water. Soon after Laetitia is conscious and waving her hands wildly while Daisy prevents her from breathing. When she's almost passed out, Daisy pulls her head out of the sea, letting Laetitia cough loud and regain consciousness, only to jump with both feet on her stomach soon after.

Daisy now sits on Laetitia's face and blocks all her hair passages. Laetitia still feebly shakes her arms trying to hit Daisy's body but her blows are too weak and getting weaker as she can't breathe. Meanwhile, Daisy punches Laetitia's tits hard, adding even more pain to the already battered breasts. Again, just a second before Laetitia is passed out, Daisy stands up and lets her body fall down, bottom first on Laetitia's stomach. Now she is facing Laetitia's legs, so she spreads them apart and then pushes her right hand hard between her thighs and inside her crotch. From inside she starts torturing Laetitia's pussy, while the poor battered model can only scream in atrocious pain, as her most vulnerable part is being punished. When Daisy pulls her hand out, it's covered with blood. She wipes the blood using Laetitia's hair.

"Now the grand finale."

Daisy grabs Laetitia's hair again with one hand and pulls her toward a nearby palm tree. Some fishermen have left a rope next to the tree and Daisy uses it to secure Laetitia's body to the trunk, upside down, her legs spread apart hanging from the branches of the tree. Laetitia's arms are wrapped around the trunk and tied up on the other side. Then Daisy takes a paddle from a boat and uses it to strike Laetitia hard on her stomach, on her ribs, on her tits. Every now and then a rib cracks loud and Laetitia screams helplessly.

"You shout too loud, fat cow."

To shut her up, Daisy grabs a handful of Laetitia's rich pubic hair and pulls it harder and harder, until the hair is ripped off. Then she shoves it into Laetitia's mouth. Once again she rips hair off and again uses it to fill Laetitia's mouth, until her pussy is totally bald and her mouth completely filled with pubic hair.

Finally, Daisy grabs Laetitia's hair and pulls hard, forcing the neck in all directions while the body is tied up to the palm tree. She takes her scissors and starts cutting Laetitia's hair, leaving her with a very short cut. She takes all of Laetitia's hair and spits on it before throwing it to the sea. Then Daisy walks away, leaving the naked battered bleeding body to be found soon or later...