Supermodel Shower Struggle: Laetitia Casta vs. Heidi Klum by Shanahan 13-Aug-99

Laetitia slammed Heidi's head hard against the shower floor, hands tightening further about the German beauty's throat as she did so. Heidi fought to free herself, clawing at Laetitia's face and chest, but could feel herself fading as the breath was violently squeezed from her body.

The two sleek, big-busted supermodels had been slugging it out in the locker room shower for a short while following a beach-side photo shoot, after Laetitia had "accidentally" spilled shampoo on Heidi. The fiery German knew the French maiden had done it on purpose, and after a terse verbal exchange, had subsequently attacked Laetitia tooth and nail. Laetitia answered the older woman's challenge head on, and the all-nude shower supermodel catfight was joined.

They had fought back and forth across the shower, trading punches and slaps for nearly ten minutes, bloodying each other's noses and lips in the process as warm water from the shower heads washed around and over them in the small space. Neither wrestler had really been able to gain the upper hand in that time, but then Laetitia changed the complexion of the fight when she whipped some water into Heidi's eyes, blinding the German beauty for just a moment. A moment had been enough, though, as Laetitia had rushed Heidi, wrapping her arms around the German and driving her backwards until Heidi struck the far wall hard with her back. Laetitia then took advantage of her stunned enemy by grabbing her by the face and forcing her down the wall and onto the floor, until Laetitia could straddle her enemy, get her hands around Heidi's neck, and begin choking the German beauty lifeless.

Laetitia's fingers continued to grip and squeeze as she banged Heidi's head again the ceramic, clawed thumbs digging into Heidi's windpipe as she choked the life from the German beauty. Gasping and coughing for air, her eyelids fluttering, Heidi could feel oblivion closing in on her as she struggled in vain to breathe. She looked up to see Laetitia's face a mask of determination and hate, eyes blazing and teeth clenched tight, as the French lovely poured all energy into her arms and down into her fingers, which continued to wind tighter and tighter about the German beauty's vulnerable neck. Just a little longer, thought Laetitia, and she would squeeze the life from this bitch that had dared to attack her. Just a little bit longer, and it would be all over.

Feeling herself losing consciousness, Heidi rammed the heel of her hand up under Laetitia's chin, again and again, alternating hands, stunning the French girl, until Laetitia's fingers finally lost their hold and detached from the German beauty's throat. Heidi then reached up to clamp her own hands about Laetitia's hanging breasts, and the French lovely reached down to respond in kind, prompting a dirge of wails from the two lovely combatants as they tried to twist each other's tits off. They were stalemated, with the French lovely having leverage, until Heidi shifted hard to the left and rolled on top of Laetitia. Heidi squeezed Laetitia's left breast viciously with her clawed right hand before lowering her head and biting down on that breast as hard as she could, nearly engulfing the soft mound in her greedy, eager mouth as Laetitia cried out in agony.

She chomped down on Laetitia's boob like a piece of ripe fruit, the German beauty also now sinking her fingers into the tender flesh of her enemy's ass to provide greater leverage for her attack. Laetitia shrieked as she suffered, trying to pull free by pulling hard on her enemy's hair. Getting nowhere fast with her hair pull, Laetitia then gripped Heidi's breasts harder and squeezed as hard as she could, flesh oozing from between her fingers like silly putty until Heidi herself was crying out in pain. Seizing the moment, Laetitia karate-chopped Heidi on the side of the neck and rolled the stunned German beauty off of her before regaining her bare feet, the French girl's left breast aching and bearing teeth marks.

Laetitia looked down, trying to catch her breath, and then felt herself being grabbed by the hair and yanked forward to face Heidi. Without warning the French lovely backhanded her German foe across the cheek, refusing to give in, but a furious Heidi then blasted Laetitia across the face with a left hook, followed by a right cross, and then another left, slamming the French lovely backwards and into the wall.

Laetitia sobbed slightly, blood dripping from her mouth, but next thing she knew she was being grabbed around the waist and hoisted in the air. She felt arms wrapping about her body and fists knotting in the small of her back, followed by intense pressure as Heidi began crushing her in a classic textbook bearhug.

Laetitia's arms splayed out helplessly to the sides as Heidi intensified her vise-like hold, squeezing the life from the French lovely while bouncing the French girl up and down on her toes. Laetitia moaned as she felt her spine snapping under the relentless pressure, she saw Heidi's eyes ablaze and her white teeth firmly clenched as the German beauty funneled every ounce of effort into her strong arms. Feeling the fight draining from her, Laetitia began to push under Heidi's chin with both hands, trying to push out of her foe's grasp. But the German beauty only reared back and lifted the French lovely even higher into the air, even off her feet for an instant, before slamming Laetitia back down painfully onto the soles of her bare feet.

Frantic now, Laetitia decided to circumvent the immediate problem by giving Heidi something else to concentrate on. Her left hand clamped over the German beauty's mouth, while her right hand pinched Heidi's nostrils shut to complete a perfect smother hold. Heidi's eyes grew even wider as she struggled to breathe and found no air coming in. She squeezed Laetitia even harder, further damaging the French lovely's back, but the other woman's soft hands held fast over the German's pretty face.

Frantic herself now, Heidi released the French lovely from her arms and seized Laetitia by the wrists, but then Laetitia rammed her knee up into the German beauty's crotch, bone connecting on bone with a sharp crack. The German girl whimpered and whined, her cries muffled by Laetitia's suffocating hands. Desperate to escape as the room began to swirl around her from lack of oxygen, Heidi pulled and tugged like mad, using up her much of her air in the process, until finally she wrenched free and threw Laetitia back. Heidi gasped for breath, breasts heaving and falling as she sucked in sweet lungfuls of air.

They faced one another again, and Laetitia decided to fight dirty. As they closed on one another, she reached between Heidi's legs with her right hand before pulling hard on her foe's furry bush. Heidi yelped in pain and returned the favor to Laetitia's equally-hirsute crotch, as both women grabbed each other by the face with their free hands, fingers groping intensely at noses and lips. They pulled relentlessly at each other's pubes, squealing all the while as thick dark hairs were stretched to the breaking point where they emerged from the skin, until each had almost ripped a clump loose from her foe's pussy. Heidi then ended any thoughts of that by pulling her other hand off of Laetitia's pretty face and sinking it deep into the other female's soft gut, bending Laetitia over at the waist with a great expulsion of air from her lungs and mouth.

Heidi's mini-victory was short-lived, though, as Laetitia again drove her knee up into Heidi's womanhood, dropping the anguished German beauty to her own knees as she covered up her wounded crotch. Laetitia dropped to her own knees and bellowed like a wild beast before seizing Heidi by the throat with both hands, almost knocking them both to the floor. Heidi grabbed Laetitia by the wrists as she was knocked backwards, and began coughing hoarsely as Laetitia's thumbs again pressed deep into her windpipe. Laetitia then began driving Heidi back further, trying to force her enemy down onto her back again where she could straddle Heidi and this time finish her in a cruel, lingering fashion. Grunts and groans emitted from both fighters as they strained against each other, one woman determined to escape, the other determined to strangle her prey.

Heidi managed to push back with all her strength, as they faced each other on their knees; but still those terrible hands tightened about her neck with each passing second, with spittle starting to appear at the corners of the German beauty's mouth. In a desperate gambit, Heidi balled up her right fist and slammed into straight into Laetitia's throat, before striking likewise with her left. The hands again fell away as Laetitia clutched her own throat, choking and sputtering from Heidi's attack.

Heidi recovered as quickly as she could, then got to her feet and dragged the choking Laetitia up by her wet hair. Laetitia felt herself being shaken, and then cried out as the German beauty again squeezed her in a breath-taking nude bearhug. Laetitia's arms flailed wildly at her sides as Heidi constricted her enemy even more and began to cave in her ribs. Laetitia emitted one last scream before pounding away madly with her fists at Heidi's collarbones. Heidi shrieked at this new onslaught, but then snapped her pretty head forward to bash her skull against Laetitia's nose, stunning the French battler and ending her escape attempt.

Heidi then continued squeezing Laetitia for all she was worth, arms winding tighter and tighter as the French lovely moaned in agony, until suddenly Heidi dropped her foe almost two feet down so that the Laetitia's face was level with Heidi's heaving bust. Like lightning, Heidi then seized Laetitia by the back of the head and plunged her victim face-first into her full, firm breasts, fully intent on suffocating her. Laetitia bucked and squirmed in Heidi's arms, but the German beauty's held her fast, soft flesh filling the French lovely's breathing passages and smothering the life from her, blood and sweat and spittle mixing on the top of Heidi's large, soft mammaries. Laetitia bucked wildly and brought her long nails into the fray, but it was far too late. She struggled briefly as she scratched at Heidi's ample chest, her resistance growing feebler and feebler as her oxygen was cut off, until finally she was still.

Heidi held her victim upright for a few more moments, to make sure she was really out cold, before dropping the unconscious Laetitia onto the wet shower floor in a curled-up fetal ball of broken, bloody flesh. Heidi showered and toweled herself off, and smiled as she left the unconscious Laetitia lying there, in full glorious nude splendor under the still-running showerheads ...