Heidi Klum vs. Laetitia Casta "Model Catfight" (c) by John J

The advertising blitz with Cindy Crawford had worked out better than any of the Directors had dreamt. The advertising campaign with the gorgeous brunette supermodel work flawlessly. The Cindy Crawford ads were still running all over television and magazines, and the Directors thought it would be time to begin plans for the advertising campaign. There was no dispute that another gorgeous model was the way to go, but once again the lines were drawn about the look of the model to be hired. Cindy Crawford and about half of the Board of Directors had thought that they shouldn't mess with success and hire another stunning brunette. The CEO and the other half of the board thought that a different look would be better, and they wanted to go with a blonde.

After many debates and outright arguments, the two camps each settled on a candidate and both were determined to get their way. Cindy's group picked Laetitia Casta, while the CEO and his group thought Heidi Klum would be perfect. As happened last time, the argument raged on with no impasse in sight. Cindy Crawford spoke up and suggested that the girls settle things just like she and Claudia had done, with a catfight. Heidi wasn't so sure that she wanted to get into a fight over a modeling contract.

With Cindy goading her on, Laetitia sniped at her blonde rival as she said, "What's the matter? All talk, no action. You're just afraid. You're scared I'll kick your peroxide ass."

Heidi had enough and snarled back, "Alright, bitch. You want a catfight. You got it. Your tramp ass is the one that's gonna get kicked honey, not mine."

Laetitia cackled, "Ohhh! I'm SO scared!"

Heidi glared back at her, "You will be when I'm finished with you."

Cindy stepped between the warring supermodel-wannabes and shoved them apart.

The date for the fight was set for the following Friday and both beauties were ready to tear into each other. The week passed by slowly, as everyone waited impatiently for fight night. Cindy Crawford had offered her help and advice to Laetitia in preparing for the fight. Claudia Schiffer got wind of that and immediately stepped in to help train Heidi Klum. The two camps kept their distance from each other as they prepared for the coming fight.

Friday night finally arrived and the fight was almost ready to start. Laetitia and Heidi were each given an empty office to use as a dressing room for the fight. They changed into the string bikini and heel outfits that they were told to wear for the fight. They picked similarly styled string bikinis to wear, the main difference being the color. Laetitia chose a lime green bikini while Heidi picked white. They made some final adjustments to their hair and makeup and just waited for the call to fight.

The two stunning models paced nervously in their office/dressing rooms, as they waited for the intercom to come to life and call them down to the old boardroom to fight. Exactly five minutes before fight time, the call came over the intercom. The two beauties followed the directions that they were given. Heidi entered the boardroom through one side, and Laetitia entered from the other side. The old boardroom had a nice gallery section for the occasional visitor. It was a tight squeeze, but the entire Board of Directors, CEO, Cindy and Claudia all managed to squeeze in. The gallery gave them all an excellent view of the fight, without being in the way of the fight.

The CEO introduced Mandy, one of the office secretaries who took the microphone and said, "My name is Mandy. I'm the referee for this evenings catfights. I've been in numerous catfights here in the office as well as several catfights over my husband. I also refereed the match between Cindy and Claudia. Without further delay, let's get this fight started. Laetitia, Heidi, step apart and then on my command, fight!"

Mandy stepped back, clear of the action and then yelled out, "FIGHT!"

Laetitia and Heidi charged at each other and smacked together as they collided and locked up. They grabbed at shoulders, arms and elbows as they tried to muscle the other model back and gain a quick advantage. Both beauties could tell that they had reached a stalemate, and they broke their holds. They quickly locked up again and struggled for an advantage. Laetitia won out and forced her blonde rival backwards until she hit the wall. Laetitia backed up a little to gain some momentum. She charged forward and shoulder blocked Heidi into the wall. Heidi groaned in pain, but fought back. She clasped her fists together and brought them down in a double fisted blow to Laetitia's lower back. Laetitia yelped and dropped to her knees as Heidi's blow connected with her kidneys.

Heidi got a firm grasp of Laetitia's hair and whacked the brunette in the face with a solid kneelift. Laetitia tumbled backwards, with Heidi in pursuit.

Heidi once again yanked on Laetitia's hair and hauled the brunette to her feet. With a firm hair-hold, Heidi forced Laetitia toward one of the boardroom walls and smashed her head against the wall. Heidi connected with a couple smashes, until Laetitia blocked Heidi and responded with a face smash of her own. Heidi found her own face smashed into the wall by Laetitia. Laetitia held her adversary against the wall. She pounded the blonde's back with a barrage of kidney punches. Heidi escaped the pounding as she spun around and back-fisted Laetitia in the jaw. The brunette staggered back, but remained on her feet.

The two beauties separated and started to circle each other. They watched for a chance to strike and gain an advantage. Laetitia saw her chance and charged at Heidi. Heidi sidestepped and easily put Laetitia down with a hiptoss. Heidi took advantage of her position and locked her arm around Laetitia's neck. She trapped the brunette in a headlock and chokehold combination. Laetitia coughed and gasped as Heidi poured on the pressure. Laetitia tried but couldn't pry Heidi's arm loose, so she changed tactics and sunk her nails into the blonde's arm, leaving a set of bloody scratches. Heidi howled in pain and loosened her grasp. Laetitia kept a firm hold on Heidi's arm, pulled and flipped the blonde over.

Before Heidi could react, Laetitia clamped her legs around Heidi's waist and squeezed. She trapped Heidi in a bodyscissors hold. Heidi tried to pull Laetitia's legs apart, she tried to muscle out of the hold, but she couldn't. Laetitia just squeezed harder. As Heidi struggled to get free she used Laetitia's own tactics against her. She sunk her nails into the brunette's thighs and raked them from her butt down to her knees. Laetitia squealed in pain and released the hold as she rolled away from the blonde to survey the damage and catch her breath for a moment.

Laetitia checked out her legs and saw the bloody scratches Heidi had left, while Heidi did the same for her arm. They gulped down some air as they got to their feet slowly. The gorgeous models didn't stay separated long. They quickly began to circle again, as they both wanted to gain control of the fight and prevent the other model from regaining all her strength. Laetitia staggered as Heidi drilled a hard right o her jaw. Laetitia raised her fists defensively, but Heidi went low and put a solid left into the brunette's pussy. Laetitia moaned in pain and dropped her hands protectively to cover her pussy. Laetitia staggered again and nearly went down as Heidi put another punch into her jaw.

Heidi tore off the brunette's bikini top and wrapped it around her neck. She pulled the hurt girl backwards as the string dug into her neck and choked her. Laetitia grasped at the top, but couldn't pull it loose. Laetitia began to strike out wildly in an attempt to dislodge the blonde. Laetitia's right leg connected with Heidi's pussy and the blonde staggered back in pain. Laetitia pulled the top from her neck and gulped down air as the blonde pulled away.

Laetitia knew that she couldn't wait and give herself the luxury of fully recovering, she had to press her advantage. She knew that she could worry about recovery time later. Laetitia charged at the blonde and aimed for another solid pussy kick. She only realized too late that she run into an ambush.

Heidi's right leg nearly tore Laetitia's head off as her spin kick stopped all her forward momentum and snapped her head to the side. Laetitia dropped to the carpeted floor groggy from the kick. She was clearly disoriented as Heidi hair-hauled her to her feet and roughly shoved the brunette against the wall. Heidi knocked Laetitia's head from side to side as she battered her with punches.

Heidi stepped back and Laetitia slid to the floor. Heidi stepped away as Mandy moved in and started her count.

Mandy counted, "1... 2... 3...."

Laetitia started to move toward the wall.

Mandy continued, "4... 5... 6...."

Laetitia pulled herself up to her knees.

Mandy went on, "7... 8...."

Laetitia got up and Mandy stepped back and yelled, "FIGHT!"

Heidi hissed at the still groggy brunette, "You should have stayed down. Now you're really gonna get your ass kicked, bitch."

Before Laetitia was even fully up, Heidi was on her, grabbing the brunette in a headlock. Heidi put her down hard with a bulldog. Heidi straddled the brunette, one leg pressed down on the brunette's tits, her other calf rested across her neck in a choke. Laetitia gasped, but didn't have the strength to force Heidi off.

Heidi voluntarily released the hold, and yanked the brunette to her feet by the nipples. Heidi held her rival up with one hand on her throat, while she rained punches on her face and tits until the brunette beauty's body was bruised and battered.

Cindy Crawford got up and yelled at Heidi, "Enough! You won. You proved you are the better fighter. Now end it! Let her be counted out."

Heidi released the brunette and let her fall to the carpet as she confronted Cindy and hissed, "The fight is over when I'm damn good and ready to end it. All she has to do is yell 'I QUIT!' and she can stop it. I haven't heard shit from her. Now sit down and shut the hell up before I decide to kick your ass too!"

Cindy fumed, "I'd like to see you try, you little tramp."

Claudia jumped into Cindy's face and shoved her down into her chair.

"It's their fight. They will fight it out. Keep the hell out of it."

Everyone was so busy watching the altercation between Claudia and Cindy that nobody had realized Laetitia was down for at least a fifty count and just now beginning to pull herself up to her knees.

Heidi strutted over to her rival and purred, "Thanks for the suggestion, honey."

Heidi clamped her legs around Laetitia's neck in a standing headscissors. Heidi held on for a while and poured the pressure, before she grabbed Laetitia's legs and hoisted them up. She put the brunette down in a piledriver that put her out cold. Heidi hair-hauled her to her feet again. Laetitia was glassy-eyed and obviously out on her feet. Heidi hauled back with her fist and put Laetitia down with a big right hook to the jaw, then backed off as Mandy started her count again.

Mandy began the count again, "1... 2... 3...."

Laetitia didn't even budge.

She continued, "4... 5... 6...."

Laetitia still hadn't even moved.

Mandy went on, "7... 8...."

Laetitia started to roll to her side a little.

She kept going with, "9...."

Laetitia flopped back onto her back.

Mandy finished up with, "10!"

Heidi raised her arms in the arm in victory and strutted around the boardroom. She smiled and waved at everyone, as Laetitia just lay there in pain, only partially with it. Heidi decided to finish up the fight and put on a little bit of a show. The hovered over Laetitia and lowered her butt down on Laetitia's face. She started to grind her ass a little, but then Cindy yanked the blonde off her defeated opponent.

Cindy fumed, "You won. That's enough. Don't humiliate her like that."

Heidi yelled, "Who the hell do you think you are interfering in my fight? I should knock your damn head off."

Cindy screamed, "Any time you want me slut, I'm right here."

Claudia Schiffer moved in, shoved Cindy back and yelled, "I told you to leave it alone. This is their fight, not yours."

The CEO came down and separated the girls. He congratulated Heidi on her impressive fight and they signed the contract after she changed clothes and tended to her fight wounds. Laetitia Casta was checked by the medical personnel in attendance. She was just fine. She would just have a headache for a few days from all the punches she took, nothing more.

It was only later that she learned about Cindy Crawford's attempts to help her during the fight, and how she stopped Heidi from humiliating her after the fight. A couple days after the fight, Laetitia called Cindy and thanked her for that help. Heidi had called Claudia a few days after the fight as well to thank her for her intervention against Cindy.

A week after the fight, the CEO conducted another press conference where he announced Heidi Klum as the new corporate spokesmodel for the next set of ads they would be running. Cindy Crawford was in attendance as well. Though both beauties acted polite and very ladylike in front of the cameras, but they were staring daggers at each other when the cameras weren't on them.

The end.