Laetitia Casta vs. Natalie Kriz by technetium 20-Apr-00

Laetitia went to the party sure she would be the most wanted girl. Even if the Italian girls there were pretty, she knew that Italians liked her very much. And this was really what happened: despite of the presence of other Italian stars, the photographers and normal people were all for her. Her short silver dress, generously opened in front to disclose more than a brief look of her breast, was absolutely sexy, and the white stockings, the white high heel sandals and her hair tied were just making her perfect. She was really the queen of the evening.

Laetitia was very happy of it. She was looking the party through her blue, icy eyes, with a feeling of superiority. Laetitia was ruling the party. She didn't even know that Natalie was in. The girl from Uruguay found herself near to Laetitia and a group of other people, and by chance heard the conversation. In a while, acting as she was in a normal party, she joined the group, and started talking, interrupting Laetitia.

Laetita stayed silent for a while, then said, "I was talking.....and we were in an important conversation which does not require your say you're sorry and then go with the other little babies like you!!!!!"

Natalie looked Laetitia, shook her head, whispering, "You must be mad, girl!"

Laetitia's pretty face turned red, and she promptly gave a hard slap on Natalie's cheek.

"Bitch, how did you dare!!!!! Get on your knees and say you're sorry!!! Now!!" screamed Laetitia, enraged. "I've beaten tougher bitches -Naomi Campbell and Stephanie Seymour, not a newbie like you- for more trivial reasons, and you'll be the next one!!!!!!" screamed harshly (forgetting her defeats against Heidi Klum and Cindy Crawford).

Natalie looked at her quite confused and still dazed from the hard slap. Another slap made her knuckles buckle, and she found herself on her knees, with tears streaming form her eyes. Laetitia locked Natalie's head and proceeded to hit her face several times with her right knee. In tears, and being brutally beaten, Natalie collected her forces and managed to grab both Laetitia's legs, pulling them as high as she could.

Laetitia's bottom hit the ground. The French girl didn't yet understand what happened to her. She heard a lot of laughs from the other girls and some of them clapped their hands. Natalie jumped on Laetitia and started punching her face merciless, making it jump from left to right with no pause. Laetitia tried to react, slapping Natalie's body, but her attacks were too confused, so non of her blows seriously hit the South American girl. Laetitia was moving her legs as well, in a desperate effort to do any harm to her opponent, but the only result she achieved was to show her white nylon-covered lace panties to some of the guests.

"So this is the great Laetitia??? Where are you, bitch? How can you say you're tough?" screamed Natalie, excited buy the beating she was giving her stunned opponent.

Laetitia managed somehow to grab the from part of Natalie's dress, and tug it hard, ripping it in the front. Driven by her fury, her hands immediately found Natalie's hanging and naked tits, and she gave them a real hard tug.

Natalie screamed at the top of her lungs, stopping her action, and Laetitia displaced her from her body, making her roll on her left side. Before Natalie landed n her left flank, Laetitia managed to wrap her legs around her body, and started crushing it. Natalie felt all her energies fade away, as Laetitia's holds seemed to be every second more effective. Laetitia really enjoyed her action, and insisted on Natalie's nipples, pinching them painfully. Natalie screamed again, but was somehow taken back to the fight by this. Her punch landed on Laetitia's left tit with no effect the first time, but the second and the third ones just made the French girl scream in agony.

Laetitia crawled back to escape the punishment, but doing this she just left her legs open enough for Natalie's next move. The Uruguayan perfectly found Laetitia's crotch as she slammed her foot between her legs, making Laetitia immediately crying pain. The French rolled on her back, clutching her aching pussy, and Natalie quickly raised up, stomping Laetitia's left tit with her right foot. The heel from her shoe perfectly connected to Laetitia's soft flesh, cruelly digging in it.

"No, no , no!!!!!!!" screamed Laetitia. "Stop!!! STOP PLEASE!!!!!"

"No way, slut!!" replied Natalie, clearly enjoying her foe's suffering.

Laetitia was red in face, completely stunned by her opponent, but she managed to react once again. In a while, she raised her head and found Natalie's attacking legs, biting it just above the ankle. Natalie was clearly shocked and lost her balance, falling on her bottom. Laetitia crawled to her, wanting to land on her body and punish her again, but as soon as she came close enough was hit by Natalie's other shoe right in the face.

Laetitia clutched her face, murmuring something that was obfuscated by her hands. Natalie went astride her and started spanking her bottom. Laetitia found Natalie's right foot just in front of her mouth, and in a moment removed the shoe from it. The moment later, she was biting Natalie's calf hard. Natalie proved to be a great fighter: even if clearly suffering from Laetitia's action, she found the time to turn her torso and slam her fist in the back of her foe's head. Laetitia was stunned by the blow, and was almost out cold. Natalie continued the spanking, raising Laetitia's dress above her hips, in order to let everybody see what she was spanking.

Five minutes later, she stopped and rolled the sobbing opponent onto her back.

"So, you wanted to have them...let's accomplish your request!!!" she cheerfully said, putting the foot Laetitia bit some minutes before in front of the French girl.

Laetitia opened her mouth and started licking it really softly. Natalie ordered Laetitia to raise her left leg, took her foot and gently started rubbing it against her naked tits. Laetitia was moaning in both pain and pleasure and her screams were more intense as Natalie put her free foot between Laetitia's open legs. Three minutes later, Laetitia gave out an high pitched scream, it was really obvious that she came.

Natalie removed her feet form her body and teased her, "So you're enjoying let's me see it: raise up and remove your dress!!!!! Let everybody see how beautiful your body is!!!!!"

Too confused to react, Laetitia immediately followed her dominator's orders, discovering her naked XXL tits, her soaked panties and her white stockings.

"Now pinch your own nipples as you did before with, pinch them harder and harder!!!"

Crying, Laetitia did what Natalie commanded, but too weakly. Natalie slapped her face and tits a couple of times, and when she stopped Laetitia was following her previous orders perfectly. She felt on her knees, too weak to stand and Natalie slowly knelt behind her, whispering her to continue her work just with the right nipple.

From her knees, Natalie gently cupped Laetitia's left tit with one hand, while with the other she found her every-minute-wetter pussy. Natalie started working on her foe's sensitive parts, telling Laetitia to continue her mauling on her own tit.

Totally confused by her feelings, Laetitia screamed in both pleasure an agony for ten long minutes, during which she came three more times.

Satisfied, Natalie got up and took a look at the amused and amazed crowd. Applause started, which was clearly in contrast with Laetitia's sobbing and tears.

"When you need another humiliation, call me. It is always a pleasure to teach a lesson to simpering girls like you!!!!!"

The End

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