Laetitia Casta (w/Virginie Ledoyen) vs. Jennifer Lopez by RedRottingBeast

Laetitia Casta wasn't famous for her outstanding career as a catfighter, that much is sure. One model after another were beating the shit out of her. Her latest fight, against Christy Turlington, sent the French girl to the hospital for a month to recover. Now, again fully in shape, Laetitia was trying to avoid her colleagues for fear they'd once again hurt her really badly.

Nonetheless, staying out of trouble wasn't Laetitia's forte. To be sure, it wasn't the best thing to say when she publicly stated, 'Latinas suck!' Even worse, when an interviewer asked about J-Lo, she replied something like, "I wonder why someone so fat, ungraceful and sorry-looking could be that famous. She's the stereotype of Latina wimp dressed up as a tough woman. Anyone could take her down!"

Had Laetitia known better, she'd probably have shut up, but unluckily for her, she had no idea how tough J-Lo was. Saying that J-Lo was fuming wouldn't even begin to describe her anger toward the next-to-unknown French woman. The sexy Latina waited for the best occasion to solve things.

Laetitia flew to NYC a few days later for a few shots on a national magazine. It was then that J-Lo decided to take her revenge. She went to Laetitia's hotel room and knocked. The French model opened the door and greeted J-Lo with her never-fading smile - not even recognizing the sexy girl in front of her.

"Yes?" Laetitia asked.

J-Lo stared at her for a moment, somewhat surprised this skank didn't recognize her.

"You don't really know who I am...?"

Laetitia looked childishly surprised at such question, and just shook her head. Without waiting further, J-Lo entered the room and closed the door behind her.

"I'm that fat, ungraceful, sorry-looking angry Latina you were talking about. Guess why I'm here?

With a gasp Laetitia mumbled something but she was totally intimidated by the imposing sight of J-Lo, her strong, curvaceous body tightly wrapped in black leather and wearing black boots with dangerously high heels. She was definitely a scary sight for the smaller, though no less curvy, French model who was dressed barefooted in a pair of tight jeans and a clingy tank top.

"You trying to say something, skank?" J-Lo asked as she cocked her hip saucily with her hand on it and her chin thrust forward.

"Aw... Look, I didn't REALLY mean that, you know. I thought you were... uh... someone else...?" Laetitia said backing away.

"Nice try skank. So, let's put it this way: it's not because of what you said about me, but because of what you said about Latinas," J-Lo said.

Laetitia wasn't sure about what to answer, so J-Lo grinned as she stepped into the room and said: "Look, I have an idea..."

"Like what?" Laetitia asked, glancing toward the empty hallway behind Lopez hoping to see anyone who could help her out of the predicament she'd gotten herself into.

"If you can beat me here and now, in a fight, I'll tell everybody you're right, Latinas suck. I'll even agree to be your slave for a week. Otherwise... well, I guess you won't survive, otherwise."

J-Lo's self confidence was even scarier for Laetitia, but for some stupid reason, she thought that she could prove her skill in a fight if she could take this Latina down.

"OK then. What are the rules?"

"Rules? The rules are you try your best to overpower me, skank," J-Lo said with a tight grin.

"OK, let me remove my clothes then and..."

"What? No way! Keep them on. I don't want to miss the pleasure of getting rid of those myself!"

So, they moved to the center of the room. J-Lo raised her fists and grinned menacingly. Laetitia looked intimidated but ready to fight.

"C'mon, skank, why don't you try a hit or two?" J-Lo taunted.

J-Lo wasn't even moving, just grinning and waiting, so Laetitia grew confident and threw a punch straight at her cheek. J-Lo just raised an arm and blocked Laetitia's attack without even bothering counterattacking. Trying a combo, Laetitia sent her left fist toward Lopez' cheek, but that too was easily blocked. Laetitia tried to punch J-Lo in her belly, but the sexy Latina simply opened her right hand and grabbed Laetitia's fist, holding it tightly in her own hand. Laetitia tried to release the grip by pulling and pushing, then by hitting J-Lo's wrist with her other fist, but J-Lo's hand seemed made of iron. Then, suddenly, J-Lo pushed Laetitia's punch back and released it so fiercely the French model lost her balance and fell on the sofa a few feet behind her.

"Stand up skank, it's not time to rest yet."

Laetitia was quite shocked at this point. She rose from the sofa and charged, hoping to unbalance the Latina with the full weight of her body. Instead, J-Lo simply stepped aside and Laetitia stumbled, falling on the floor.

"I said, it's not time to rest!" laughed J-Lo, enjoying this first part of the fight quite a lot.

Laetitia took some seconds to regain control of herself. J-Lo wasn't even fighting back! The French girl stood up again and tried to think quickly. She had to find a way to hurt Lopez, though she didn't expect it would be so hard. Still, J-Lo wasn't moving at all, waiting for the French girl to do something.

"Do you WANT to attack me or not?" muttered J-Lo.

Laetitia came close to J-Lo, then she tried to be as quick as she could be. She raised her left knee and sent it straight between J-Lo's legs, hitting the sexy woman right in the crotch. This was so unexpected that J-Lo couldn't block it in time, though she moved enough to minimize the damage. However hurting, the blow wasn't nearly as bad as some she had received in previous, harder fights. She could stand it.

"Is that the best you can do?" J-Lo mocked her foe again

Laetitia was sure she had the advantage now, and sent a punch straight into J-Lo's belly. The punch connected but to Laetitia it felt like hitting a stone wall. J-Lo wasn't nearly shaken by the feeble attacks she was producing and at this point Laetitia realized she wasn't going to win easily. She reached a knife on the nearby table and quickly pointed it at J-Lo, menacingly.

"Hey skank! Now you ARE exaggerating uh?"

Attacking for the first time, J-Lo clasped Laetitia's wrist with both hands and swiftly bent her arm back so painfully that the French woman dropped the knife which clanged on the floor.

"I am bored now, skank," J-Lo said. "Let's have some FUN!"

She let Laetitia go and sent a hard punch straight into the French girl's soft stomach, burying it into her flesh up to her wrist.


Laetitia felt all of her air being shot out of her lungs as she bent over, holding her suddenly aching belly. J-Lo grabbed her hair and forced her body up again. Then she threw another explosive punch into Laetitia's belly, a few inches above where her arms that were protecting her. Unable to double over because she was being held by her long hair, Laetitia coughed as her exposed belly was ripped again. Hardly satisfied, J-Lo pushed Laetitia by the hair against the wall. She coughed again as her back hit the surface. Always using her free hand, J-Lo sent another punch just below the line of Laetitia's arms, hitting her again low in her soft midsection.

The blow was so hard that Laetitia felt her arms weaken and couldn't protect her body anymore. Holding her against the wall, J-Lo kept punching the French woman in her belly until, after five punches, it was turning purple and red. Viciously, J-Lo let Laetitia go and the French woman fell to her knees coughing and gurgling, clutching her stomach. Laetitia was feeling sick and unable to fight back.

Just as Lopez was about to finish off Laetitia, someone else knocked on the door.

"Who's interrupting me?" grunted J-Lo.

When she opened the door, J-Lo saw another French girl standing there, Virginie Ledoyen.

"Who the hell are you?" Virginie asked, surprised to see a stranger instead of her friend Laetitia open the door.

Recognizing the voice, Laetitia shouted, "It's Lopez, Virgi, she's killing me. HELP!"

Seeing her friend in distress on the floor, gagging and calling for help, Virginie immediately reacted, trying to knock J-Lo aside to reach Laetitia. The diminutive French actress had no chance of withstanding the physical superiority of the Latina. J-Lo punched Virginie in her belly so hard the actress almost lost consciousness along with her breath as she fell to the floor, coughing and gasping.

"Great," J-Lo said with an impish grin. "Now I got two of them to play with!"

J-Lo was happy to have another plaything since Casta had given her so little competition.

She stood astride Virginie's body as she pulled the little French to her feet by the hair, then flung her across the room towards Laetitia. The French woman was just getting to her feet to flee through the open door when she was hit by her friend's body and knocked back against the wall. Laetitia hit with her back and toppled over on the floor with Virginie's body laying across her chest.

J-Lo kicked the door shut before she went back to her foes. She lifted Virginie by the hair again and punched the girl hard across the face, splitting her lip immediately. Barely conscious, Virginie waved her hands aimlessly as J-Lo's fists connected again and again on her once white cheeks. Virginie was totally overpowered and quickly lost whatever feeble energy she had.

When she saw the actress was out cold, J-Lo recalled who her real enemy was. J-Lo dropped Virginie on the floor, her split lip and nose dripping blood all over her white dress, and moved back to Laetitia.

Laetitia was recovering from the belly punches and was once again standing up when J-Lo yanked her forward by her tank top, headbutting the French model. Laetitia fell backward to the floor with her hands holding her face. J-Lo lifted her head by the hair, then viciously smashed the back of her head on the floor. She pounded her skull on the wood floor again and again, enjoying the hollow sound it made. She stopped only moments before the French model lost consciousness again.

J-Lo sat on Laetitia's belly and with a swift motion ripped open her tank top, revealing a white bra covering Laetitia's huge and perfectly shaped breasts.

"I wonder if this stuff is real," J-Lo mused, slapping the model's globes viciously. "Guess we better find out."

J-Lo turned Laetitia over and sat on her back as she clutched her bra strap, yanking upward as hard as she could. Laetitia's body was bent back by the strength the lovely Latina applied, her gorgeous tits painfully squeezed by her own bra. Planting both heels in Laetitia's back, J-Lo pushed down while hauling up on the bra. She kept this up until, with a loud snap, the bra gave way to J-Lo's brute force.

Laetitia's body smacked the floor again facefirst. J-Lo rolled her over with a kick on the side, then stomped on Laetitia's curvy breasts, using her high heel to mash the soft flesh. Laetitia screamed in pain, but J-Lo simply stomped her left tit again and again while the French model tried in vain to grab her torturer's ankle with both hands.

"No hands, skank!" said J-Lo as she clutched Laetitia's left arm and pulled upward, repeatedly kicking her shoulder.

Laetitia shouted and screamed as her arm was twisted until it was almost torn away, her shoulder exploding with pain at every stomp. J-Lo rolled Laetitia over and yanked her arm upward, keeping her foot planted on the back of the model's shoulder. Laetitia's screams were muffled as her mouth was forced into the carpeting in this position.

Applying more strength on Laetitia's joint, J-Lo kept twisting and painfully stomping the model's arm until she was finally satisfied by a loud crack as her shoulder was dislocated. Laetitia screamed to the top of her lungs and then passed out. J-Lo dropped the now a useless limb beside Laetitia's unconscious body.

Before she could turn, J-Lo's hair was pulled and someone punched her in her kidney, dropping her to her knees in pain. Virginie was conscious again and still trying to protect her friend. She kicked the Latina on the head, then planted her foot across J-Lo's windpipe. J-Lo's air passage was forced shut when the little French girl leaned all of her weight down on the singer's throat.

J-Lo needed time to recover by the sudden attack and this was nearly fatal as the inexperienced and wimpy French girl had the advantage over her. Virginie wanted to make the Latina suffer, so she let go of her throat and as J-Lo gasped and coughed for air, Virginie knee-dropped her belly. J-Lo felt it at last and clutched at her sore stomach only to suffer even worse pain when Virginie stomped on the Latina's exposed crotch.

For the first time, J-Lo grunted in pain as Virginie kept stomping between her legs in the hopes of softening her up a bit before she went to get Laetitia so they could both finish J-Lo off together. Unluckily for Virginie, it takes experience to really damage a killing machine like J-Lo, and however brave, she was definitely lacking experience.

Virginie never saw it coming when J-Lo suddenly raised her leg and kicked her in the back of the head. The little French actress lost her balance as she fell forward right down onto J-Lo's rising fists. The iron punch caught her between her breasts and she rolled over gasping and holding her chest.

J-Lo stood up very quickly, to avoid losing her advantage, and grabbed Virginie by the hair. She pulled the screaming girl to Laetitia and drove Virginie's head down across Laetitia's other shoulder. Holding Virginie by the hair, J-Lo repeated the strike again and again until Virginie's blood running out of her broken nose covered Laetitia's shoulder. Both girls were screaming in pain by the time J-Lo finally tired of this attack.

As Laetitia lay limp on the floor, J-Lo grasped Virginie by the hair again and placed her other hand between her legs. Holding her by the hair and pussy, J-Lo pressed Virginie straight up above her head, then dropped her skinny body down over her knee in a state-of-the-art back breaker. Virginie's body could barely stand the blow but there was worse still to come.

J-Lo bear-hugged Virginie, her powerful muscles tensed as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl's body. Virginie's screams were faint since she lacked air in her lungs after all her screaming. Still, J-Lo didn't let go, just kept pressing on the actress's back. Virginie was lifted three inches above the floor with her arms were trapped in J-Lo's unbreakable hug. All she could do was shout, sob and cry, hoping her agony would end soon. J-Lo muscles tensed even more, till the sexy Latina heard Virginie's rib crack. Satisfied at last, J-Lo let her foe go and the poor French actress dropped limp on the floor.

J-Lo returned to Laetitia, ripped her jeans off and then tore off her panties. The gorgeous French model's body was spread in front of a fuming J-Lo.

"Let's see if they're REAL, I was saying when I was so rudely interrupted by your girlfriend!"

J-Lo stepped back a few yards and ran at Laetitia, jumping at the last moment and landing with her legs across Laetitia's breasts. The French model screamed in pain as a few ribs of hers, too, were cracked under the weight of the sexy and vicious Latina. J-Lo stomped Laetitia's breasts over and over, bruising them; then she kicked them, finally she mauled them with her hands. She pulled and twisted her nipples, scratched them, squeezed them. She dragged poor Laetitia across the room by her nipples, while the French model, one shoulder partially dislocated and the other injured, could do nothing but scream, cry and beg in vain for mercy.

Still, J-Lo wasn't satisfied! She hauled Laetitia's body by the breasts and dropped her on her back on the table. She picked up a chair and broke off one of its legs by smashing it against the wall. Using the chair leg as a club, she started beating Laetitia's already battered and bruised breasts, leaving scares all over the soft flesh with every blow. It wasn't long before Laetitia's breasts started bleeding.

That's when J-Lo stopped and admired her work with pride, sighing, "Well, I owe you an apology. I guess they aren't fake after all... strange!"

J-Lo moved back to Virginie, still laying on the floor, her battered body still covered by her blood-stained white dress. J-Lo slapped Virginie across the face a few times to wake her up, then ripped off her dress. The girl was wearing a white bra and panties. J-Lo raised Virginie by the hair again and yanked her across the room till they were standing in front of Laetitia's battered body. Virginie was begging for mercy with what little energy she still had left.

"Do you give up, you stupid skinny wimp?"

Being asked for the first time, Virginie had no doubt on her answer, "Yes, yes, I give up! I'll do whatever you want but please don't beat me anymore!"

"OK, so now you are my slave. Do as you are told and you might see the sun rise tomorrow."

"Yes, I will do as you tell me! Don't hurt me!"

J-Lo grinned, and then she gave an order, "Take off your panties and bra. Hurry up!"

Though any movement was painful to her, Virginie obeyed and handed her underwear to J-Lo.

"Good. Now, wake your skank friend up."

Virginie shook Laetitia until the French model opened her eyes enough to realize she was still alive.

J-Lo shouted at her, "Now tell me again who's ungraceful and fat?

Laetitia had had enough punishment. Hoping she could end it there, she mumbled, "Please, I am ungraceful and fat. I am a slut, a stupid bitch. Hell, I am a shit-assed skank. Please, I am sorry, Jennifer."

"Good to hear, but now's the time for FUN, you know?"

"No please don't hurt me!"

"Do as you're told and I MAY decide not to hurt you further, skank."

With two girls at her orders, J-Lo decided to have some fun.

"Get down the table!"

Barely able to move, Laetitia needed help from Virginie. She managed to plant her feet on the floor, but almost immediately she dropped to her knees.

J-Lo took a chair and sat in front of the two girls.

"Good. Now you two, take off my boots."

The two French women obeyed immediately and revealed the Latinas bare and sexy feet.

"Now, lick my feet," J-Lo laughed.

After a moment of hesitation, both Virginie and Laetitia bent over and started to roll their tongues on her feet, licking them like ice cream in the hope it would keep the cruel dominatrix from hurting them even more than she already had.

"You know what? I like this, but I prefer fighting!"

The utterance of such words left the two already defeated girls in shock. J-Lo's sudden change of mind caught them totally unprepared. Viciously, she kicked the two girls in their mouths while they were still licking her feet. Virginie hit her head on the nearby table and went limp, but J-Lo grabbed Laetitia's hair before she could fall.

"... and besides, I hate your disgusting face!" shouted J-Lo spitting in Laetitia's shocked face.

J-Lo smashed Laetitia's face hard on the floor again and again, splitting her lips, breaking her nose, bruising her forehead... it looked like she was trying to crack the floor with Laetitia's once pretty looks. As soon as Laetitia passed out, J-Lo filled her mouth with water, then spat it all over Laetitia's bruised face, to wake her up. When she came to, J-Lo used her bare heels to stomp on Laetitia's crotch.

"You thought I wasn't going to damage that right? Well, I will make sure u won't need it anymore!"

J-Lo kept stomping Laetitia's cunt till she passed out after screaming at the top of her lungs for several minutes. That's when J-Lo dragged Virginie up by the hair and shoved her nose between Laetitia's legs, wedging it tight in her battered crotch. J-Lo rubbed Virginie's face all over Laetitia's crotch and despite her pain after some minutes the French model started moaning with a mix of pain of pleasure.

Seeing Virginie couldn't breath and not wanting to risk suffocating her, J-Lo let her go. Virginie's face, covered with her own blood and Laetitia's juices, was a mess. J-Lo had no intention of stopping, however. She took Virginie's hand, pushed it up into Laetitia's cunt, pumping Virginie's forearm up and down until Laetitia exploded in a tremendous and painful orgasm, spilling her juices all over her friend's arm.

Taking Virginie's hand out of Laetitia's cunt, J-Lo pushed Laetitia's nose into Virginie's cunt, reversing their positions. Laetitia's broken nose spilled blood all over Virginie's cunt but after a while it was Virginie's turn to start moaning and it wasn't long before Virginie spilled her own juices on Laetitia's face.

"OK, enough," J-Lo sighed. "I'm tired of this game!"

She spread Laetitia's body on the floor, belly up, then threw Virginie's body over Laetitia's so each woman's cunt was in the other's mouth. Finally, the powerful Latina raised the table over her head upside down and smashed it into Virginie's back, pressing the slender French actress between the table's weight and the model below. Only two pairs of legs and arms could be seen in what reminded J-Lo of the scene in the 'Wizard of Oz' after the wicked witch has been crushed by Dorothy's house. With a final grunt of hatred, J-Lo jumped up and down on the table, enjoying the grunts and moans from beneath it.

"THIS will teach you all to respect ME and Latinas as well, SKANK!" she screamed as she jumped up and down.

J-Lo left the two completely destroyed and defeated women in Laetitia's room and, after collecting her boots, left the building wearing a big smile.