Natalia Paris vs. Laetita Casta by RedRottingBeast [w/minor changes] (19-Jun-00)

It had been a hectic day in Bogota, Colombia. Models from various countries had joined local star Natalia Paris for a special photo album collection. As it is typical for Natalia, the money was supposedly being redirected to various human rights and children feeding foundations in her country. Big names such as Rebecca Romijn, Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer had decided to accept this series of shots as a personal favor to the less famous yet awesome Colombian beauty. Yet, Laetita Casta had more or less "kindly" refused to join the show - accordingly, for various difficulties with her own schedule.

As the sun was setting, the models could finally take a rest, and so Natalia decided to have a cup of that strong black coffee they make in Latin America. Her gorgeous tanned Latina body formed an awesome contrast with her blonde head, as the bartender admired her in awe. Still wearing her tropical bikini she was going to dress up for the incoming night when she overheard someone speaking about Colombia in the lounge. Getting closer, she recognized to her major surprise Laetita Casta, pleasantly sitting in the same bar with her and talking to some man Natalia didn't know.

"You know", Laetita was arguing "I am far too talented for these pathetic shows in third world countries. I mean, come on, giving my money to beggars over here? That's not for me - and then again, who's this woman… Natalia Paris? Never heard about her, it would be a bad advertising for someone like me - but it was a good idea to come all the same and have some fun on the backs of Heidi, Claudia and Rebecca."

"At least they have actually DONE something, Laetita!"

Natalia's voice had come from Laetita's back and quite surprised her, so that she looked back to meet Natalia's disappointed hazel eyes.

"Who are you to dare this unwelcome interruption, blonde?"

There was some sort of denigration in how she pronounced that adjective, as if Laetita considered blondes her inferiors.
"If you had joined us here you would know … I am Natalia Paris"

"Oh, so that's you… I'm not impressed, really. Although, to be a third world country girl after all…"

"What would you mean with that uh?"

"Me? I don't mean anything Natalia, just… you know, you should learn to show more respect to superior models - you might become someone with my support"

"I doubt I might ever 'want' your support Laetita", Natalia answered. "I expect apologies at this point."

"Apologizing? To whom? A 'blonde'? not me!"

Natalia was already getting nervous, her hot temper was boiling in her veins but she tried hard to control herself. "You know, I am 'glad' you didn't join us. We already had enough good models even without you showing off yourself."

This said, Natalia turned her back to Laetita as the man at the table was leaving too. Laetita noticed they were alone by then. Taking some food from the dish in front of her, she threw it to the floor, next to Natalia who immediately looked down.

"For you Colombians, BLONDE!"

"How did you dare, you bitch!"

"Weren't you looking for food over here, you fat cunt?"

Natalia was flaming with rage, her breathe almost a hiss that could remind that of the large jungle snakes they have in Colombia. Laetita's eyes as she stood up from the table looked at her with more than a hint of superiority.

"I don't have time for you blonde cunt, go back to your dusty roads," Laetita sneered.

Laetita was wearing a long black dress and a necklace. Her looks contrasted evidently with Natalia's simple bikini that barely covered her large, luscious breasts.

"You will lick this food from the floor, Laetita!"

"Oh, listen to her now! I don't recommend you come any closer, little slut. I have already fought and beaten girls stronger than you. You have been warned"

"So this is what you want uh? A fight? You might regret it!"

"Come on then, fight me if you dare," announced the bold Laetita.

She obviously didn't expect Natalia to charge her so suddenly. The blonde Latina almost jumped against Laetita pushing her back a few yards before the French model hit the table with her back. With a sudden cry of pain from her spine, Laetita found herself being squeezed by the unexpectedly strong arms of the Colombian, so tightly that she could hardly breath.

It took her a moment or so to react by stomping her fists on Natalia's shoulders hoping to weaken her and break the hold. It was no use though, as Natalia was trapping her in a harder and harder hug, the blonde's tits squashed against hers. As Laetita felt her ribcage begin to hurt, she decided for an unfair move, reaching a bottle of wine on the table with her left hand and breaking it hard on Natalia's head. A few drops of blood suddenly fell across Natalia's cheeks as she, dazed from the unexpected attack, lost her equilibrium and released Laetita's hurt body.

Taking advantage of the situation, Laetita raised Natalia to her feet pulling her up from the long blonde hair. Keeping that handful of hair firmly in her left hand, Laetita punched the Colombian hard in her stomach with the other, at least a dozen times. Natalia was barely conscious and at each blow she moaned in pain. For some reason, Laetita felt her attack wasn't effective as she expected. It might be that this girl had better muscles than she believed. She let her fall down and decided for a different strategy.

Laetita kicked Natalia hard in the face; so hard, in fact, that Natalia rolled twice on the floor before she could bring her arms to her aching cheek. Some blood found its way from the corner of her lip. Laetita didn't want to lose the opportunity to strike again, so she reached Natalia and, while she was still protecting her face, stomped her right foot directly on her left breast, planting her heel right under the nipple. Natalia yelled immediately in pain, while Laetita cruelly twisted her foot in order to bring major pain to her foe. The French girl was really enjoying this easy fight.

She decided to sit on Natalia's stomach, letting herself fall down on her to blow all the air out of her lungs. Natalia moaned in pain as Laetita slapped her on her face. All in all it seemed that the fight was one sided, as Natalia's bleeding face was slapped again and again by the enjoyed Laetita.

But the French girl was not ready for the unexpected. While her slaps somehow bruised Natalia's face, they were far too weak to actually daze her, and in fact helped her to recover from the bottle attack that still confused her. All of a sudden, Natalia's eyes had a flash of rage and her right hand hit Laetita's cheek with a fist strong enough to make her fall to a side.

"You stupid bitch! I grew up in the harsh forests of Colombia, your pathetic wimpy blows have no effect on me!"

Laetita was still not sure of what had happened when she felt her hair being pulled up and a second later she was standing in front of Natalia. She tried to set herself free of the Colombian's hold scratching the blonde's hand with her nails, but that proved useless, as Natalia lifted her from the floor by the hair. In a desperate attempt to break the hold Laetita tried to kick Natalia to the sides but her long dress quite crippled her.

She barely managed to move aimlessly her limbs. Meanwhile Natalia, always holding Laetita from the hair, had reached the table, and suddenly, quite literally, crashed Laetita's back on its surface. For a moment Laetita looked pale and couldn't breath. Natalia looked at the French brunette with a hint of delight, then she ripped the cloth off Laetita with a single, harsh move.

Suddenly, Laetita was wearing only her black bra and panties, lying on the table. Natalia jumped on the table and stomped her own feet into Laetita's stomach. The blow was so hard that Laetita curled on herself and lost her equilibrium, falling hard back to the floor.

Natalia calmly reached the sobbing French and ripped her bra, revealing her well shaped breasts.

"If you don't make anything good with them you don't deserve them," she grunted to Laetita.

Then she set on Laetita's already hurt stomach and grasped both her tits, squashing them hard in her hands.

Laetita gasped in pain while Natalia twisted and scratched repeatedly her large breasts, with a strength she had never suspected. "Please stop it" she cried out in vain, while Natalia kept mauling her tits.

"You don't blabber any more, do you?" shouted Natalia while she pinched as hard as she could Laetita's nipples.

Laetita's answer was suppressed by her almost inhuman cry of pain.

The French girl's breasts were now bruised and swollen, stripes of blood covered them almost completely and they hurt terribly. As she tried to revenge her own breasts, Laetita's suddenly reached for Natalia's, who was still sitting on her, and managed to rip her bikini top off, revealing Natalia's perfectly shaped tits. Laetita planted her fingers hard into the tender flesh, trying to squeeze Natalia's breasts as hard as she could. Much of her strength had nevertheless already faded and by then she didn't cause much harm to Natalia.

The blonde girl instead reacted quite quickly, "Ah, so you are jealous of my breasts, uh?"

Natalia stood up, with Laetita still hung to her tits, bringing her to her feet. Although the move was painful, Natalia was much stronger than she appeared, and she could stand it. Then she punched Laetita hard in her stomach. The French girl fell down again. She lifted her from the hair and pinned her to the wall. She placed an arm under Laetita's chin and then she punched the French model's stomach with the other hand many times.

Each blow was echoed by a yell of pain from Laetita. After a dozen hits Laetita had no more breath to exhale and so she kept receiving blow after blow looking more and more dazed. At a point, blood started falling copiously from Laetita's disclosed lips. Natalia left her fall down and Laetita crashed loud to the floor, totally motionless.

"I am not over with you", Natalia said.

She took some water from another table and poured it on Laetita's head until she was conscious again. Then she grasped Laetita's panties and pulled them up, lifting the French girl's a few inches above the floor, and then enjoying the sight of the panties disappearing between Laetita's thighs. All of a sudden the tissue broke and Laetita fell again to the floor with another cry of pain. Still unsatisfied, Natalia grasped Laetita's ankle and lifted her left leg. Then, she stomped her right foot into Laetita's inner thigh, almost breaking her leg.

"No stop it please! I beg you it's breaking!"

"Not quite" Natalia added, anyway stopping it and twisting Laetita's ankle hard.

As Laetita's cry of pain filled the air, Natalia decided it was time wreck Laetita's crotch. So, she lifted both her legs and while keeping them along her sides, she stomped her heel right into Laetita's exposed womanhood. Laetita gave out her most desperate cry.

Natalia planted her foot on Laetita's tits and asked, "Do you give up now?"

Laetita simply nodded, unable to talk more, her tears mixing with blood along her cheeks.

"Good because I want to have fun now"

Laetita was fearing for the worst when Natalia placed her foot near the French brunette's mouth.

"Lick it, cunt!"

Laetita started to gently roll her own tongue all along Natalia's foot, while the blonde pushed it closer and closer to her mouth, finishing to dig it well inside it. Then Natalia reached onto a table and took a banana.

"You know what you are supposed to do with this, right?"

Laetita nodded and feeble grasped the banana, pushing it inside her aching womanhood. She moved it rhythmically until she finally exploded in a huge orgasm.

"We don't play with food here, eat it!"

Laetita felt she had to obey. Unluckily for her, as soon as she finished eating she had the impulse to throw everything out because of the many punches to her stomach. She actually vomited everything to the floor.

"Oh geez this IS disgusting!" Natalia laughed as she grabbed Laetita's head and forced her to lick her own vomit. At last, she finally kicked her in the face, rolling her face up.

Laetita was totally unconscious when Natalia decided to give her the final blow. The blonde looked for a Colombian flag and came back with one with a thick, heavy wooden pole.

As the battered model was lying unconscious on the floor, Natalia said, "This is something that will make me famous thanks to your help!"

Then, with a single, harsh strike, she slammed the pole up between Laetita's legs against her cunt, then stuck it into the floor so it stood like a male erection with the national flag fluttering in the breeze from the overhead fans. Natalia went outside and called a couple of tourists in to get a picture of her standing over Laetita. Just then the French girl regained her senses to such an incredible pain and cried loud her pain. Natalia's final kick to her face sent her back to dreamland. She posed with her foot on Laetita's chest holding the flag as several photos were taken.

After enjoying the sight for a final moment, Natalia left the lounge, leaving Laetita to be "cared for" by the patrons and a group of marine from the French Navy on leave from their ship in the harbour.