Rebecca Romijn vs. Laetitia Casta (Pt. 1) by regular visitor

The swimsuit edition was special. The girls were shooting on Greek island known for its quiet sprawling beaches with gentle tides. Unlike others, this was a 'Collector's Special featuring supermodels from around the world and it was expected feathers would be ruffled and sparks fly when the European beauties vied with their American rivals for the twelve months of the year were far too few to showcase all the talent on display! The cover was decided - nobody really challenged Naomi after she brutal roughed up Tyra at the outset of the shoot. Elle, after seeing Naomi twist Tyra's arm behind her back, then shove Tyra's face into a wall with her free hand quickly settled for the back cover without a protest. The hot selling calendar had only one other slot open - a fourfold pullout featuring a single model. That became the bone of contention for all the remaining models.

The organizers pulled out two names, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Laetitia Casta as likely contestants for the spot. Not knowing how to settle it, they suggested the girls decide between them that afternoon on the sun-bleached beach. Rebecca subdued a smile on hearing this. She was a step shy of getting what she wanted - the centerfold; not the cover or the back cover! And look who she'd be settling it out with - Laetitia "French Wimp" Casta!

"We'll decide; provided no one interferes until we're done," Rebecca hissed.

All eyes were now on Laetitia whose face revealing little emotion as she spoke, "All right, then. Lets do and be done with it - NOW." Her 'now' had a firm tone, one implying she was itching to have a go at Rebecca. They changed into bikinis and walked off into the afternoon sun towards the beach.

At 5'10", sexy, lithe Rebecca had blond shoulder length curls cast loose and flowing in the sea breeze. Dressed in a black g-string with matching top, she was ravishing. Her lightly toned arms glistened in the blazing sun, her calves taut; her rounded upper thighs jiggling as she loosened up with a mild jog. Her abs revealed what once had been a six pack, still firm but with just a little softness at her narrow waist. Her 35C breasts strained her tight top; Rebecca looked every inch the sexy supermodel she was as she drew a few cheers from her peers and the organizers as she stepped into the open area informally marked for 'the decision.'

Laetitia meanwhile scrubbed the remains of the sun cream off her face to reveal an angelic, beautiful 'girl next door' face with a warm sunny smile showing pearls though her trademark French pout. 5'9" in bare feet, wearing her favorite red thong, her shoulder length brandy colored brunette hair tied casually low; Laetitia showed a tanned body all the world loved. Rubbing sun cream on her shoulders, her elbows jutted forward thrust and elevated Laetitia's 36C breasts from the classic tear-drop shape until they seemed ready to burst from the tiny top each time her arms rotated when she rubbed her shoulders. Proceeding to massage her legs, her firm abs rippled with a hidden six pack; her firm thighs and tight butt pulled in, in sharp contrast to Rebecca's. Laetitia's tanned body showed the hours she'd spent in the sand as she slowly walked forward.

"Wait a minute! How do we know you guys are done?" The crisp voice of the organizer rang out; a tall 5'10" blonde with boyish hair covered by a scarf. Charlize Theron was the guest official and organizer of the event and she was enjoying the show.

"Only a blond could ask such a question!" Laetitia snapped. "I'll tell you when I'm done with this bean pole bitch, won't I?"

Peals of laughter followed, with Naomi leading the way. Tyra stood out in the crowd for her silence. Charlize blushed crimson and hurriedly cut it short, "Alright bitch, but you and me will settle this after Rebecca's done with you."

She glanced at Tyra, who was trying her best to hide her smile while not being able to gaze back at her conqueror of the previous night. She did nod to show Charlize her support - lest Charlize start in on her again!

The fight started low key, with both girls circling, seeking an opening to exploit in while waiting to see what the other had up her sleeve. SPLAT! Rebecca lashed out, landing a roundhouse slap to Laetitia's upper back and following up with a kick to the back of her knee. Rebecca blocked Laetitia's counter with her free arm and repeated the slap, this time to the middle of the back of the falling Laetitia.

"Owww! Aaargh!!" Laetitia cried out as a second kick pounded into her crotch as she was feeling the sting in her backbone. Rebecca was relentless, following up with another kick that caught the prostrate Laetitia squarely in her belly. Then Rebecca stepped back, her open hands beckoning her rival to get up as she bounced on her feet in the soft beach sand.

"Get up, French marmalade! Lets see what you got besides those boobs and that ass!!" Rebecca thundered.

Laetitia was hurting, but not damaged. Furious at the ethnic slur, she sprang up and leaped forward, driving her clenched fists into Rebecca's firm gut.

THUD! THUMP! Laetitia's fists connected, but so did Rebecca's raised right knee - to Laetitia's jaw! Rebecca then buried her hands in Laetitia's straight hair and lifted the brunette's torso up on her knees in the sand. Laetitia was dazed and in pain this time, her jaw throbbing with hammer-like pain from Rebecca's kneeing. She felt needle-like pain piercing her head as her hair was pulled until she stood swaying on her knees, clearly in pain. When her face was twisted up as her head was pulled back by Rebecca's handful of hair, Laetitia couldn't hide the tears in her eyes as she was forced to look up at the searing afternoon sun. Rebecca's silhouette was a blurry but painful reality casting it's long shadow over her.

WHAM! Rebecca used her right knee again, this time catching Laetitia between those lovely melons. Not losing any time, Rebecca freed one hand while the other gripped Laetitia's hair more firmly, and started slapping Laetitia, rocking her head as she whipped her hand back and forth, bringing a flush to both sides of her face. Occasionally, the on-lookers heard the loud SPLAT of Rebecca's fist slamming in the middle of Laetitia's back between her shoulder blades. Laetitia was crying openly now, on all fours, desperately needing a break before all was lost.

Rebecca couldn't resist mouthing off during the slapping, and Laetitia summoned all her might to lift her knees out of the sand then she rammed her forehead into Rebecca's crotch! Rebecca was shocked but unable to do anything until it was too late. Rebecca staggered back, her hands dropping to protectively clutch at her bruised womanhood!

Laetitia got to her feet, ignoring the pain she felt throughout her body and sprang to attack. She got her hands into the sides of Rebecca's neck, pushing her backward with all her power. Rebecca was forced back for a while then Laetitia swung her strong leg behind Rebecca's and tripped her. Rebecca fell on her back in the sand and Laetitia jumped on her, eliciting a loud "Oooomph!"

The wind went out of Rebecca's lungs when Laetitia landed with both knees squashing Rebecca's tits under them and pinning her to the sand with her arms trapped underneath her own body. Laetitia straddled Rebecca and proceeded to dish out some serious punishment. Charlize watched pouting, noting with undisguised disappointment that, up to this point, neither beauty had lost any of her clothing.

"Aaargh! Owwww! Oh Nooooo!" Rebecca screamed, her wails justified by Laetitia's flailing open palmed slaps that made Rebecca's lovely face bounce from side-to-side in the sand. Helpless, Rebecca with her arms pinned under her by the combined weight of both women, could only bicycle her legs in the air behind Laetitia but when her knees couldn't make contact with her seated opponent, she could only scream and wail in frustration.

Laetitia dug her nails into Rebecca's neck and raked down, scratching into her breasts. Rebecca's chest was on fire, her screams thick and curdling, reflecting the increase in torture. Laetitia slid back onto Rebecca's stomach, her knees finally allowing Rebecca some room to move her shoulders, but before Rebecca could even THINK her shoulders were no longer pinned, she felt her tits being crushed; her pink small nipples rising steadily as she felt the squeezing become harder and harder. Laetitia was grunting almost like a maniac, as with more vengeance than thought, she mauled Rebecca's perky tits mercilessly.

Rebecca's cries soothed Laetitia's anger somewhat and she slowed the fury of her attack and proceeded to grip Rebecca's nipples in the thumb and forefinger of both hands. She twisted them - slowly at first, then HARD! Rebecca yelped and squirmed in the sand, trying to free herself using shoulder movements, as both pain and ecstasy exploded from the tips of her breasts sending tingles thru her entire body. But Rebecca could do nothing more as she was well-pinned and fully tortured in the hot afternoon sand by beautiful Laetitia!

Finally, Rebecca's waggling legs made contact! Laetitia felt Rebecca's knees hit the small of her back and as Laetitia turned to watch out for the legs Rebecca time stretched even more and wrapped her legs around Laetitia's torso. Sexy as they were shimmering in the sweat and glistening in the afternoon sun, Rebecca's legs couldn't throw Laetitia off as Laetitia bent forward and broke Rebecca's scissors, landing with her breasts smack on Rebecca's red face! Rebecca saw Laetitia's big tits slap onto her face and instinctively tried to bite. She caught Laetitia's bikini top between the breasts with her teeth and when Laetitia raised up, her top came off!

The afternoon sun, the sea breeze and the audience - all paid tribute to Laetitia's near perfect breasts as she felt the cool sea breeze hardening her dark brown thick nipples as her tits swayed from all the activity, swinging freely in the open as Rebecca pushed her off with those legs once more wrapped around Laetitia's waist as she was distracted by the loss of her top. Rolling onto her side, Rebecca put Laetitia's face down in the sand, her knees unfolding and her feet finding Rebecca's face. As Rebecca sat up to free her arms, she kicked Laetitia in the breasts with all her might, sending her flying. Rebecca got up, enraged and embarrassed, her cheeks flushed from the punishment meted out to her breasts. Partly due to the hush descending on the audience at the sight of the Laetitia's lovely breasts and partly to make a weapon, Rebecca took off her top as she stood up, releasing her own proud, perky pair to public view and held her top over her head, swinging it around ready to sting on release.

In a tit contest, Laetitia would have won unanimously. Hers were bigger, firmer her nipples larger. Rebecca had a lovely pair, but for the size of their bodies, Laetitia's were the clear winner. Laetitia got up and saw her bikini top was lying a few feet away with Rebecca between it and her. She lowered her head and charged, full of confidence from her recent sit on Rebecca. Then she heard a whooshing sound and saw a black blur.

"Uiieeeeee! Aaaaargh!" Rebecca's top had found its way up between the brunette's legs with stinging fury!!

Laetitia dropped to her knees in the sand - her hands hurrying to try to assuage the burning in her bush just as Rebecca unleashed another whiplash with her bikini top - this one to Laetitia's bouncing bare breasts. Curling up in the sand, Laetitia moaned and whimpered as her tears wet the sand. Her pussy was burning and her breasts, which stood so proud in the sea air not a minute before, were red and on fire! Rebecca unleashed her bikini top in a series of wild, wicked swings that didn't hurt as much as the first ones, but only because she didn't wind up as much before releasing her swing. Still, it was an erotic spectacle as Laetitia twisted, squirmed and curled up in the sand, wrapping her arms around herself trying to protect her body, her body twitching and jerking each time the bikini top snapped down onto some exposed part of her lush body.

"Stop! Stop!! Oh please more, pleeeeaaase!" Laetitia's pained pleas trailed off into a series of high-pitched moans for mercy as Rebecca's flinging arms jiggled her breasts on her panting chest as she continued to flay Laetitia.

WHACK! "I'm a bitch, huh?" Rebecca said, relentlessly whipping her victim as she rolled around in the sand. THWACK! "So I'm a bean pole?" snarled the blonde bombshell.

Laetitia also stopped thrashing around, realizing the whipping would find her anyway, and lay twitching in the sand, her only movement to bounce or jerk whenever a blow made contact with her. "Oh pleaseeeee!" whimpered the brunette, all her will to fight drained from her by Rebecca's whipping bikini top.

Tiring of that, Rebecca stepped forward and peeled Laetitia's thong down her legs, exposing her neatly trimmed black pussy which glistened in the bright sun from.....what? Was it sweat from the exercise, or something else from the humiliation? One couldn't tell which, but what they COULD tell as a collective hush confirmed was that Laetitia not only had the best tits in business, but by far one of - if not THE - most appealing pussies too! Massaging the pain in her still stinging pussy, Laetitia finally sat up in the sand, staring at her conqueror as the tall, lithe, livid Rebecca stood with clenched teeth and raised right hand.

"Want some more, my French pout, or have you had enough?" roared Rebecca.

"Oh please, Rebecca, I quit. I'm done. Please stop!"

Laetitia babbled, finding ways to avoid looking into her conqueror's eyes. Raising her foot, Rebecca placed a bare sole on Laetitia's chest and pushed gently; testing whether the brunette had indeed given up. Laetitia did want to fight, but couldn't...not today. Her aching pussy reminded her what would happen if she didn't submit...and Rebecca still had that black whip-top in her hands and Laetitia was nude. She offered no resistance to the blonde's foot as she swayed back suggestively, hoping Rebecca would flatten her in a show of victory. Rebecca pushed, sensing the brunette was done and Laetitia fell on her back, still and prostrate in the sand under Rebecca's foot.

"Good Girl" Rebecca purred aloud. "Now spread your legs a little."

Laetitia obeyed, but only slightly - enough to not disobey but her pride was still not fully overcome. Using her foot, Rebecca slapped the insides of Laetitia's thighs to signal her to spread wider, telling her, "If you don't, my bikini top will end up you know where."

Laetitia stretched her legs wide in the sand, putting her pussy out in plan view; her breasts heaving from her sobbing as she looked up at the clear skies, realizing this was a humiliating loss to someone whom she could have, should have, beaten. Rebecca, smug with her win, was all smiles as she put her top back on her breasts and strutted off, leaving Laetitia unaware her blond conqueror was finished her up as she still lay on her back with her eyes tight shut sobbing.

Charlize finally walked over to Laetitia, stood straddling her head and cleared her throat, "Mmmmm. Now THAT is quite a centerfold! Shall we?" she said, offering her hand to Laetitia who blinked and looked up between Charlize's spread legs, unsure where to look next.


Laetitia accepted Charlize's offered hand and allowed her to pull her to her feet, using her other hand to cover her blushing face in shame at her defeat and submissive behavior. Laetitia sobbed an apology for her comments as she and Charlize walked back from the beach to the hotel - the taller blonde's arm around the brunette's waist her hand holding her elbow as if to guide the way.

"Go rest a while, then come to my room. We need to settle this!" Charlize hissed in Laetitia's ear as they reached reception.

Her body soothing after a long hot bath, Laetitia seemed to be getting over the afternoon's events as she sat on the couch, watching TV in white shots and a loose pink tank top. She looked as ravishing as ever as she relaxed with one leg up and the other on the floor as she thought what Charlize would be like - as a fighter, that is! Finally, she stood up and walked out of her room.

Charlize heard the soft knock on the door and called out in a loud voice, "Come in!"

She stood staring at her reflection in the mirror, admiring her exquisite face and fabled blond locks. She finished fixing her earrings and prepared to receive Laetitia. Charlize wore a large loose single piece robe called a kaftan with nothing beneath. Her pussy tingled with excitement at the thought of Laetitia's neatly trimmed black bush she'd had on her mind since she first saw it earlier in the day. Looking out her bedroom door, Charlize beckoned Laetitia to enter her suite and told her to lock the door behind her.

"Come in, my French sex-kitten, and make my day!" Charlize said in a tantalizingly teasing way.

It had become rare lately that Charlize ever THOUGHT of winning a catfight, but this was one such time. The last time she felt this good, was after crushing Teri Hatcher in the mismatch repeat of their "Two Days in the Valley" catfight which Teri had foolishly agreed to after hearing about Charlize's pathetic record from Kim. In fact, John J hasn't found words to describe that encounter yet!

"Look, you were nice to me even after I was loud and rude to you. But trust me, I could've taken Rebecca out but for her using her black bikini top as a whip," Laetitia sighed.

"Oh well.....would have, could have, should have....I'll tell Rebecca later. Lets play!" Charlize purred, showing off her pearly white teeth as she flashed her sexy innocent smile, waving her hands in smooth motion.

Wordlessly, they approached each other until their breasts touched, then Charlize chuckled, "Oh my!" making a face of mock ecstasy on contact.

Slowly, she raised her arms, lifting the robe to her shoulders, pulling it up teasingly slowly to reveal a trimmed blonde bush, then her smooth round belly and cute belly button; and finally her lovely firm, perky breasts with thick pink nipples. The robe was tossed in a heap to the side and Laetitia, shocked at the disrobing, gasped, "So do you want a catfight or sexfight?"

"Whatever you wish, my kitten!" Charlize continued in her mocking tone.

Laetitia responded by lifting her pink tank top and flinging it on the nearby bed, then reaching her arms around to unfasten her white bra, revealing toned forearms and biceps. The bra came off, landing on the bed near her top. She stood tall and proud, an inch shorter than her second blond adversary of the day; her nipples rising and hardening at the sight of the sexy Charlize.

"And she calls ME kitten!" thought Laetitia.

Hard breaths turned to mild grunts as the two wordlessly locked hands in a firm grip and started to test the other's strength. Squirming, they struggled to their hold ground as they applied pressure, straining to bend their opponent's wrists back. Their jaws hard, teeth clenched, until finally, Laetitia managed to gain ground as she forced Charlize to take a step back, then two! Pressing her fingers into Charlize's, Laetitia forced Charlize to pop her arms forward and straight. Sensing victory, the brunette bore down hard and Charlize felt pain in her forearms and then her biceps. Her fingers burned, crushed in Laetitia's tight grip. Her face twisted in a scowl, her grunts growing louder, Charlize started backing up slowly until, suddenly, she dropped to one knee, then two! As Laetitia towered over her, she continuing to squeeze and apply pressure until Charlize had had enough.

"Mercy!" Charlize whispered between labored breaths. "MERCY!" she shrieked when Laetitia still didn't let go.

"Do you mean 'thanks' or do you mean 'I've had enough'?" Laetitia asked, her turn to mock finally coming.

Swinging her upper body back and forth on her knees, Charlize writhed in painful agony.

"Oh please, Laetitia. Please, that's enough!" Charlize gasped.

Laetitia stopped, released Charlize and let her go, smiling as Charlize's body slumped on her haunches as she looked down at her red fingers, blowing on them to ease the pain.

SLAP! Before anything else could happen, Laetitia swung around and slapped Charlize across her face hard, making her cry out more in surprise than pain. CRACK! A backhanded by the same hand, rocked the shocked blonde back the other way. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Laetitia kept forehand/backhanding Charlize face with one hand as the other held her tight by the hair. In desperation, Charlize flung her arms around Laetitia's thighs, tripping her and dumping Laetitia on her ass!

Quick as lightning, Laetitia rolled away and they both got up a few feet apart; Charlize angry but far less confident then she'd been just minutes before. Then with a loud cry, they tore into each other, their bare breasts smacking together with a loud THWAP, arms locked around the other's neck, each trying to secure the headlock that would enable her to control the fight and gain the upper hand. Laetitia carefully kept her legs turned to protect her from Charlize's kneeing and kicking, all of which struck her calves and shins, not doing nearly the damage Charlize had hoped.

With Charlize concentrating on kicking, Laetitia caught her in a secure headlock and, twisting a half circle she flipped the blonde over her hip, sending her flying through the air onto the bed on her back. Charlize bounced on the thick mattress until Laetitia came soaring through the air like a leaping tiger, landing on Charlize as she started to sit up and flattening her under her. Leaving your pussy protected - even with only a pair of sheer panties - in a catfight can have its advantages and as the two beauties rolled on the king size bed, their bodies pressed against each other, Laetitia's crinkled shorts ruffled Charlize's thick bush, exciting the horny blonde as they wriggled and squirmed for dominance.

Then Laetitia regained her headlock, pulling Charlize into a tight embrace as she wedged both feet under Charlize's ankles and slowly began to spread her legs in a grapevine that controlled the ex-ballerina's long legs. Charlize had landed with one arm trapped under her naked body and the other was held firmly by Laetitia who managed to twist it around Charlize's neck as they lay spread on the bed.

Now with both of Charlize's hands out of the way, Laetitia pushed her free hand down between their heaving bellies, gliding thru Charlize's bush and wedging apart her excited, swollen labia. The blonde's eyes widened as Laetitia pushed her middle two fingers into the open snatch; rubbing her palm into the aroused pussy. Laetitia smiled as she felt Charlize's body arch upward and heard her moan, then close her eyes in rapture at the pleasurable sensation...pleasurable, that is until Laetitia began to deftly tug on her long, lush pussy hair making Charlize scream in pain.

Laetitia's willful domination and control continued for some time, far longer than necessary for Charlize to realize Laetitia was too much woman for her to dominate. Besides, the over-sexed blonde LOVED the way Laetitia was treating her - it was both domineering and sexy, a cakewalk compared to the rough mauling Cat Bell regularly gave her when they met.

Finally, as Charlize panting body relaxed and gave in to the joy of being dominated, Laetitia spoke, "So, my lovely blondie, you want more, oui?"

Looking into Charlize's, frightened, half-lidded eyes; and seeing her lips pouting in an 'o' from pain and pleasure, Laetitia knew the answer before she could speak.

"!" Charlize gasped between breathy moans. Then she smiled, closed her eyes and gave herself to Laetitia; knowing she'd get even more dominant....which Laetitia did! She gave Charlize a series of sharp slaps to the pussy, then a punch so hard her fist threatened to go all the way inside the gasping blonde. Giving Charlize time to recover from the pussy punch, Laetitia got up and pulled off her shorts and panties, rolled them in a ball and kicked them across the floor like a soccer ball, then returned and sat on Charlize's face, riding her to the first of her orgasms.

When Rebecca opened the door, she was shocked to see a nude Laetitia, her brandy colored mane loose and flowing in ripples, jerking as she rode the equally nude Charlize who was giving up waves of ecstasy as if she was being humped. Both women climaxed about the same time, Laetitia on Charlize's face while Charlize had to content herself with releasing on the bedspread. Their frenzy slowed, then stopped as each took a moment to catch her breath, then Laetitia got up, pacing back and forth while Charlize lay sprawled breathlessly on her bed, her body wet from their sweat and Laetitia's juices. Charlize nervously licked and smacked her lips, savored the sweet nectar of Laetitia's cum on her lips.

"So, who's a kitten now?" demanded Laetitia, turning to face Charlize with hands on hips and raised eyebrows.

"If I say its still me, will you do that again?" Charlize asked, back to her mocking tone; hoping Laetitia would give her a 'double.'

Laetitia jumped on to the bed, and the two mock wrestled, jostling each other, giggling and laughing until...

KNOCK! KNOCK!! Two sharp knocks on the door followed by a familiar voice, "THERON!! Charlize Theron! Open this door dammit....NOW!"

Charlize looked at the quizzical Laetitia and whispered, "Oh shit kitten; the real Cat's back!"

She scurried across the room in her bare feet, her round bottom bouncing and opened the door. As it swung open Laetitia saw the tall, imposing figure in the doorway of Catherine Bell and she was NOT pleased to see Laetitia naked in Charlize’s bed!

(more to come?)