Laetitia Casta vs. Jeri Ryan by Samdog

Jeri Ryan was not having a good time. On vacation in England, she was spending the night at a party thrown by a friend of hers. Held at a hotel, the blonde attracted a lot of attention. Maybe it had something to do with her fame as an actress in the States. However, Jeri also figured that it had something to do with her attire for the evening. Wearing a revealing black dress, dark stockings, and black heels, she was as stunning as ever. However, throughout the night Jeri had been hearing several nasty barbs and derogatory comments directed towards her. They all appeared to be originating from Laetitia Casta, also a guest at the party. Near the bar with her own circle of friends and well-wishers, she was quite a looker herself, attracting a lot of attention in an equally revealing blue dress, light stockings, and dark heels. Jeri did a good job of keeping her cool. But after about an hour or so, she had had enough. Excusing herself from her admirers, she marched towards Laetitia. The blonde had no trouble finding her, confronting her soon-to-be opponent herself.

"I don't care who you are," Jeri said menacingly, "Nobody talks about me like that! Apologize now!"

"I'm sorry," the brunette replied, "but who do you think YOU are? You're just some no-name actress who doesn't deserve all this attention."

Jeri fumed as she snapped, "I'll have you know that I'm a famous star back in the States!"

"Famous for what?" Laetitia asked, "Your breasts? You probably don't have anything else to be proud of, do you?"

It took all of Jeri's willpower not to slap, punch, or otherwise knock Laetitia on her ass right then and there. While she managed to physically restrain herself, there was an angry fire burning in her eyes. The brunette saw it clearly, and smirking, decided to push her luck.

"Too bad you'll never be able to compare to a famous model like me," Laetitia crowed, "You should just cut your losses and leave now, before I have to 'persuade' you to leave."

"You may be famous, but you're still just another dumb model," Jeri countered. "Not only that, but your body's nowhere near good enough to compensate. You're just a dumb, fat whore turning tricks!"

"Dumb, fat, whore?" Laetitia seethed, more incensed with each word. "That's it, bitch! You asked for it! If you're looking to get your ass kicked, then your wish has been granted!"

Fully aware that they were beginning to attract attention, the two ladies decided to vent their frustrations in a more private venue. Excusing themselves, the two made their way towards the elevator, Laetitia leading Jeri towards her hotel room. Neither made eye contact with the other, but the animosity couldn't have been higher.

"You're dead meat, whore," Jeri taunted, "I'm going to enjoy making you scream."

"Screw you bitch," Laetitia replied, "I'm going to destroy you tonight."

Taking the elevator up, they continued their walk, finally reaching the brunette's room.

As they entered, Jeri took stock of the spacious room.

"Lock the door, cunt," Laetitia ordered, "I don't want anyone interrupting me while I kick your ass."

"That's my line, bitch," Jeri replied, doing as she was told.

Keeping her eyes on her foe, the blonde slipped out of her dress, leaving herself in a black lace bra and panties. Jeri smiled as she watched Laetitia look her up and down, obviously awed by her figure. The brunette stripped as well, leaving herself in a pink satin bra and panties. Now it was the blonde's turn to be astounded, but certainly not intimidated, by Laetitia's body. The two faced off in the room's open space, each prepared as they began their furious dance. Not hesitating for long, the two ladies came together and grabbed each other's hair, yanking hard. Stumbling across the room, their screams echoed off the walls as they vied for dominance. Jeri abruptly let go of Laetitia's hair and slammed her fists into the brunette's belly. Gasping in pain, the brunette let go as well and lashed out with a pair of slaps to Jeri's face, the blonde wincing as her cheeks stung. However, Jeri's left found its mark, again digging into Laetitia's stomach as the French beauty groaned in pain. Stopped in her tracks, she couldn't stop Jeri's right uppercut from colliding with her chin, knocking her backwards and onto her ass.

Smiling as she stood over her foe, Jeri taunted, "Is that all you got, bitch? You're going to have to do better than that."

Fuming, Laetitia lashed out with her leg, sweeping Jeri and bring her down as well. As the blonde pushed herself up to her knees, she was caught off guard as the French beauty lunged forward, tackling her back to the floor. The two began to roll around on the carpet, pulling hair and wrestling for a dominant position. However, as she rolled on top Laetitia yanked on Jeri's locks and banged her head twice against the floor, stunning the blonde. Dazed but trying to turn the tables, Jeri suddenly screamed in agony as the brunette rammed her knee into her cunt. Straddling her foe and trapping the blonde's arms under her legs, Laetitia slapped Jeri's cheeks several times as she began to assert her dominance.

"You dumb whore," Laetitia shouted, "You're not as tough as you thought, huh?"

Aiming lower, the model balled her hands and began punching Jeri's breasts, the actress screaming as her supple flesh was flattened under her foe's fists. Reaching down, Laetitia tore open Jeri's bra and sank her fingers greedily into the blonde's boobs. Screaming in agony as her breasts were mercilessly squeezed, Jeri twisted back and forth as she struggled to free herself from her predicament. However, her efforts were to no avail as the brunette yanked upward on her boobs, her cries once again filling the air.

"Louder, bitch!" Laetitia taunted, "Scream for me!"

Suddenly, however, it was the brunette who was doing the screaming. Through some good fortune, Jeri had freed her arms as Laetitia cruelly pulled on her breasts. Reaching up, she had latched onto the French model's own pair, squeezing them through her top as the brunette howled in pain. Tearing furiously at Laetitia's bra straps, Jeri freed her breasts from their cups as she attacked them once more, much to the model's obvious displeasure. Screaming as the blonde raked her nails down her breasts, Laetitia fought the urge to let go of Jeri's, instead twisting her tits back and forth as the blonde screamed aloud. Locked in a contest of wills, Jeri yanked downwards on Laetitia's jugs, wrenching them left and right. Crying out, Laetitia desperately began to slam Jeri's tits together. Gritting her teeth as she took the first few blows, Jeri soon began screaming in pure agony, unable to take the blows as her hands slipped and fell to the floor.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Laetitia gave Jeri's tits a few good slaps, the blonde crying out as she cupped her battered breasts. Rising to her feet, the brunette took a moment to rub her own pair, before kicking her American foe in her midsection and rolling Jeri onto her side as she gasped in pain. Laetitia removed the tattered remains of her top and straddled the blonde's back. Dazed, Jeri was helpless as the makeshift garrote was wrapped around her neck, choking and gagging as she pawed weakly at it. Smiling, the brunette leaned forward and began taunting her foe, gloating shamelessly.

"How does it feel, bitch?" Laetitia asked, "How does it feel to be completely destroyed by a better woman? Huh? Answer me, bitch!"

Letting go of her choke, Laetitia laced her fingers under Jeri's chin and yanked backwards, putting the blonde in a camel clutch. The actress groaned loudly as she was painfully contorted, the model smiling all the while as she inched closer and closer towards victory. Relinquishing her hold, the brunette rose to her feet again, surveying the damage she'd inflicted so far. Lying at the French model's feet, Jeri was in trouble. The only resistance she could offer after being worked over so badly was a dazed moan. Laetitia was in complete control. Reaching down, she grabbed Jeri's hair and pulled her up to her knees. The brunette pulled her other hand back and unleashed a hard slap and backhand to the blonde's face, stunning her.

Continuing her drive, the model pulled the actress all the way to her feet. Laetitia pulled her hand back again, this time lashing out with a pair of punches to Jeri's face. Suddenly, the French beauty gasped in pain as wrenching pain seared across her belly. The brunette looked down just in time to see Jeri slam two more punches to her stomach. Dazed by the blow, Laetitia was powerless to stop another right hand from connecting with her jaw. Jeri's fist thunder clapped against the brunette's chin, spinning her around and sending her sprawling to the floor. Laetitia groaned as she slowly started to push herself up. That punch had really knocked her for a loop, and she was barely conscious of her situation. However, the blonde soon brought her up to speed as the model was yanked to her feet by her hair.

"Lesson number one, bitch," Jeri shouted, "Never, ever punch me like that!"

The blonde emphasized her words by nailing Laetitia in the face with another strong right. Hurt, Laetitia struggled to defend herself as Jeri approached her, but to little avail.

"Lesson number two," the American continued, "Bitches like you who fuck with me always live to regret it!"

The blonde continued to teach the brunette, hammering a pair of strong punches to her belly. As Laetitia began to slump forward Jeri reached out and grabbed her boobs, pinning her back against the wall. Trapped, Laetitia howled in pain as Jeri's fingers maliciously gouged her tits.

"My boobs... Let go! Let go!" the brunette shouted as she pried at the blonde's wrists, unable to stand her foe's assault.

Laetitia suddenly screamed in agony, paralyzed as Jeri's knee slammed twice into her pussy. She was in anguish, the pain was spreading, wracking her entire body. Her legs giving, the brunette fell forward, holding onto her foe for support. As she did, she suddenly realized her mistake. Laetitia tried to pull away, but it was too late. Jeri had already wrapped her arms around her torso and begun to squeeze with all her might. The model moaned in pain as the actress' bearhug crushed her torso, Jeri's firm breasts threatening to flatten hers completely.

Giving the brunette a good squeeze, Jeri taunted, "You're about to find out just how weak you really are!"

Out of options, Laetitia summoned her strength and returned the bearhug. Each winced as their boobs mashed together, having already received a fair amount of abuse. As Jeri had anticipated, her pair was winning over Laetitia's. However, the brunette's nipples were giving her an exceedingly "hard" time, Laetitia's stabbing into hers and overwhelming them. Unfortunately for the blonde, Laetitia sensed this as well and pressed her advantage. The model began to twist back and forth, dragging her nipples across the actress' raw flesh, Jeri struggling to contain her cries. Seeking to contain her opponent, Jeri squeezed harder, pressing her own advantage by flattening Laetitia's tits with her own. Sinking to their knees, the two women gritted their teeth and struggled to hold on as their war of wills continued.

Reaching lower, Jeri wrapped her arms around Laetitia's waist and started squeezing. The French beauty groaned as her lower back was strained within the blonde's grasp, arching in response. Jeri smiled as her arms won the contest for her, Laetitia's grip weakening under the pressure. Bringing her arms back up, she let her boobs do the work again, pressing them firmly into the brunette's. Laetitia moaned as her tits began to lose ground against Jeri's firm pair, her nipples no longer a deterrent as her mounds were flattened more and more against her chest. As Laetitia's grip dwindled to nothing, Jeri pulled back slightly and began to twist her torso back and forth. The brunette howled as her breasts were knocked back and forth by the blonde's, swooning in Jeri's arms as she ceased to fight back.

"You're so soft, whore," Jeri taunted as she rubbed her tits against Laetitia's one final time, "I guess we both know who's got the better boobs, don't we?"

Jeri let go and shoved Laetitia onto her back, taking a moment to rub her own breasts. Struggling to recover, the brunette rolled over and pushed herself up to all fours. However, she was painfully brought back in reality as the blonde pulled her back onto her haunches by her hair. Wrapping her arm around Laetitia's neck, Jeri pulled her backwards into an awkward position, leaving her wide open to attack. Laetitia shrieked as Jeri's fingers found their mark, her breasts clawed and gouged by the blonde's free hand.

"You fucking bitch!" Laetitia screamed, "I'm going to fucking kill you! Let go!"

"My, my. You've got such a dirty mouth," Jeri chided, "You ought to be more respectful when you're getting your ass kicked!"

Jeri gave Laetitia's left tit a good twist, extracting another scream from the brunette's lips. Reaching down, the blonde hooked her thumb under the waistband of Laetitia's panties and began to force them downwards. Laetitia twisted and struggled in Jeri's grasp as she tried to avoid being stripped, but no to avail as her panties were pulled down to her knees. Jeri began to pull and twist Laetitia's pussy lips, the brunette screaming and convulsing as her womanhood was assaulted. Slipping her fingers inside her foe, Jeri dragged her nails up and down Laetitia's inner walls, smiling as the brunette howled in agony.

Desperate to free herself, Laetitia grabbed at Jeri's wrists and tried to pull her arms away, but made no headway. Reaching back, she grabbed Jeri's hair and yanked on it. Jeri screamed as her head was tugged backwards, her grip loosened by the sudden resistance. Getting a much needed breather, Laetitia rammed her elbow backwards into the pit of Jeri's stomach twice. Stunned, Jeri cried out as her head was snapped sideways by a hard elbow to the jaw, knocked back and taking a seat on the carpet. Laetitia was relieved as her torment ended. However, before she could do anything she felt Jeri's legs wrapping around her torso. Laetitia screamed as Jeri tightened her grip, scissoring her.

Sitting behind her foe, Jeri wiped a trickle of blood away from her lip. She began to work her new hold, squeezing with all her might. Laetitia cried out and struggled in between Jeri's legs, the blonde's thighs mercilessly compressing her torso. Jeri twisted to the side and used her momentum to bring Laetitia down to the floor, now bearing down on her foe from her new position. The brunette's moans filled the air, writhing back and forth between Jeri's legs. The blonde reached up and sank her fingers into Laetitia's dark locks, pulling her head back and securing it in place. She smiled as the brunette struggled in a vain attempt to find a source of respite. Leaning forward, Jeri brought her mouth close to Laetitia's ear and whispered maliciously.

"What are you going to do, bitch? What are you going to do when I completely decimate you?"

Jeri finally let go of Laetitia, the brunette rolling away and coming to a stop lying face down. Smiling, the blonde crawled over towards her downed foe and helped herself to the brunette's delicate posterior, spanking her several times as Laetitia squealed in pain. Rising to her feet, Jeri watched as Laetitia slowly pushed herself to her knees. The brunette's hands went to her chest and her womanhood, an embarrassed look in her eyes. Smirking contemptuously, Jeri slipped down her panties, stepping out of them and tossing her last piece of clothing aside.

"There, happy?" the blonde taunted, "I hope you don't have anything else to complain about."

Reaching down, Jeri grabbed Laetitia's boobs and yanked her to her feet by them, the brunette screaming the entire way up. The blonde gave them another good squeeze before letting go and punching the brunette across the jaw. Stumbling backwards, Laetitia felt her legs hit the side of the king-size bed. Falling onto it, the model rolled away to the other side. Jeri followed and climbed onto the bed on her knees. Laetitia made it to her knees as well, glaring hatefully at her foe. Jeri's wicked smile pierced her soul, the psychological battle long since won as the two approached each other for the final heat.

"You dumb whore!" Laetitia shouted, summoning all of her spirit, "You're gonna pay for all the trouble you've caused me!"

"Fuck you, bitch!" Jeri replied, "I'm gonna finish you right here and now!"

Reaching forward, Jeri grabbed Laetitia's tits and began to squeeze them. Shrieking in pain, Laetitia responded by grabbing Jeri's blonde locks, yanking on them harshly. The actress screeched as her head was tugged back and forth, disoriented and unable to focus. Letting go, Jeri slammed her fist twice into the pit of Laetitia's stomach, drawing a gasp of pain from the brunette. Laetitia countered with a punch of her own, throwing a right hook to Jeri's jaw and snapping her head to her side.

Glaring angrily at each other, the two by mutual consent latched onto each other's breasts. Jeri grabbed Laetitia's fully and began squeezing and kneading the ample flesh. Laetitia for her part grabbed Jeri's nipples and began to pinch and twist them. Rocking back and forth, the two tried to stifle their cries of pain, but to no avail as their moans and screams soon filled the air. Laetitia suddenly howled in agony as the blonde began to twist her tits left and right, the pain almost paralyzing her. Grabbing Jeri's tits fully, the brunette gouged them with her fingers, drawing a round of screams from the American. However, Laetitia's assault didn't make enough headway, Jeri's attack on her boobs driving her to the brink of her limits.

Desperate, Laetitia reached down with one hand and began to tug at Jeri's pussy lips. The blonde screamed in agony as she reached down and grabbed the brunette's wrist, but soon mirrored her moves. They continued in this fashion for a while, Laetitia still squeezing Jeri's breast while Jeri sank her hand into Laetitia's hair in an effort to leverage her foe. Suddenly, Jeri howled in pain as Laetitia took the fight to the next level, raking her nails inside of her. She retaliated by clawing at Laetitia's pussy, but quickly getting overwhelmed by the pain. The blonde cried out again as the brunette rammed her fingers into her, driving them as far as she could. Laetitia breathed a sigh of relief as Jeri's attack faltered, now pressing her advantage as she rammed her fingers in again and again. Finding the blonde's clit, Laetitia began to pinch and twist the sensitive organ, Jeri swimming in pain as she grabbed frantically at the brunette's wrist.

"You whore," Jeri sobbed, "You'll pay for this..."

"Looks like I've got your number, bitch!" Laetitia taunted, a smile returning her lips.

With tears in her eyes and in dire need of relief, Jeri reached up and raked her nails down Laetitia's face. Laetitia shrieked as searing pain spread across her face, momentarily distracted. Jeri aimed lower and raked her nails twice across Laetitia's breasts. She smiled as the brunette's attack began to wane in intensity, no longer afraid of the tables being suddenly turned on her. Laetitia tried to cover up her boobs and protect them from more damage, but Jeri simply knocked her hands away and grabbed them again, wrenching them back and forth. Jeri reduced the brunette to tears as she mercilessly squeezed her battered breasts, Laetitia's resistance reduced to pulling at the blonde's wrists in a vain attempt to free herself. Letting go of Laetitia's tits, Jeri pushed her shoulders, shoving her onto her back. She smiled as she straddled her foe, looking down and taking stock of her night's work.

"Look at you bitch," Jeri taunted, "You look so pathetic..."

Reaching down, the blonde began to slap Laetitia across her cheeks, snapping the brunette's head in both directions. Jeri's fingers found their way to Laetitia's neck, wrapping around it as she began to squeeze. The brunette's eyes went wide as the life was squeezed from her, bucking and kicking in a desperate bid to free herself. However, her efforts were to no avail as her struggles lessened, Jeri's thumbs continuing to press into her throat. Smiling, Jeri grabbed Laetitia's wrists and pinned her arms to the mattress as she laid herself out on top of the brunette. She pressed her forehead against Laetitia's and rubbed her breasts against Laetitia's pair. The brunette unsuccessfully tried to suppress her soft cries as her battered and raw boobs were flattened and overwhelmed, her resistance reduced to squirming underneath her blonde conqueror.

"Please... Leave me alone," Laetitia finally blubbered, "You've beaten me... I can't take anymore..."

Giddy with triumph, Jeri asked, "Are you sorry you messed with me, bitch?"

Too numb to offer a verbal response, Laetitia nodded.

"Who's the better woman?" Jeri continued, "Say it nice and loud for me."

"You are," Laetitia blubbered, "Please... No more..."

"Let's reach an understanding here," Jeri exclaimed. "I've just kicked your ass. You're nothing but weak Eurotrash. You’re NOTHING compared to me. Cross me again and we'll repeat this all over again. Understand?"

Completely broken, Laetitia could only nod as the tears stained her cheeks. Jeri smiled in satisfaction, having achieved exactly what she wanted. Sliding up, the blonde planted her tits on Laetitia's face and pressed down. She grinned as she rubbed her boobs against the brunette's features, dominating her foe in the fashion she enjoyed the most. It was such a great feeling having Laetitia nuzzled against her chest... Jeri really hammed it up, grinding her boobs against Laetitia's features. The brunette's legs soon ceased to move, Laetitia passing out beneath the blonde's bosom as her torment mercifully ended.

Sitting up, Jeri took a few minutes to recover as she relished her victory. Laetitia looked like an angel beaten and unconscious on the bed, and for a moment Jeri was tempted to claim her spoils of war. However, the blonde decided she'd have more fun if she returned to the party and regaled her admirers with tales of her latest victory. Standing and getting dressed, Jeri bent over and gave Laetitia a kiss on the forehead. Grabbing the brunette's purse, she rummaged through and found the spare room key, slipping it in her own pocket. Maybe later that night the two of them could have some fun. But in the meantime, Jeri was intent on enjoying herself.