Laetitia Casta vs. Stephanie Seymour (c) by John J

After her solid catfight victory over Naomi Campbell the nasty comments and remarks about Laetitia died down quickly. The modeling contracts also started to come in at a fast rate, as Laetitia quickly became the model everyone wanted. At one modeling session, Laetitia was having a bad day. She had a bad head cold and her balance wasn't normal. She requested a day off, which she was given. Stephanie Seymour was one of the producers of the session.

After Laetitia had left, one of the executives present had talked to Stephanie a bit and had said, "Laetitia wasn't feeling good. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get the shoot done."

Stephanie snorted, "Ha, not feeling good. From what I saw, she's about as graceful as an elephant in a china shop. When I saw modeling full time, we took pride in ourselves, and our appearance. I don't see what people see in her, at all. Why don't you consider one of my friends, Daniela Pestova or Estella Warren? I can call them and they can be here within an hour, and you can forget all about Laetitia."

The executive replied, "Well, Laetitia's among the hottest models out there. She must be doing something right. I think we'll just stick to Laetitia. Thanks for the suggestion." Stephanie sneered, "Yeah. She's doing it between the sheets."

After a good night of rest, Laetitia felt much better. The next morning she returned to the set to finish the photo shoot. As the day progressed, word about Stephanie's comments got back to Laetitia. At the end of the shoot, Laetitia walked up to Stephanie and blocked her path.

She said, "We need to talk."

Stephanie snapped back, "No we don't. Now get out of my way."

Laetitia stayed in place and said, "I heard what you said about me. I know you tried to get me replaced. What the hell is your problem? This is how I earn my living and pay my bills."

Stephanie stepped in and said, "You're the problem. If you were a better model, then I wouldn't have had anything to complain about. I simply suggested a couple friends that I knew would do a better job. I was overruled anyway, and you kept the contract, so just get out of my face."

Laetitia fumed, "Better model? Listen bitch. I'm getting more contracts than you ever dreamed about getting. I think you're just jealous."

Stephanie laughed, "Jealous? Of what? Give me a break!"

Laetitia smirked, "Jealous because grandma Stephanie can't compete with the new breed of young supermodels."

Laetitia glared at Stephanie and said, "Now you listen good, you over-the-hill windbag, you keep out of my business and my modeling contracts, or you're gonna have problems with me. Are we clear?"

Stephanie glared back, "Oh, I hear you real good, and I understand."

Stephanie and Laetitia both noticed the crowd that had built up around them, as their voices rose higher and higher with anger.

Stephanie said, "I think the time for arguments is over. We should go and finish this discussion in private."

Laetitia smiled, "I couldn't agree more."

Stephanie led Laetitia over to the beachfront house that she was given as her house during the photo shoot. They both went in. The house was beautiful and fully furnished. Stephanie led Laetitia down to the lower level to the recreation room. The two models cleared the middle of the room to give themselves room, and they moved any breakable objects out of the way.

Stephanie sneered, "We fight to a submission or knock out. Agreed?"

Laetitia snarled back, "Agreed. Let's go."

Stephanie and Laetitia backed away from each other and faced off. They circled for a few moments, then Stephanie lunged at Laetitia. Laetitia sidestepped and grabbed Stephanie's arm as she passed. She spun around and sent Stephanie toward the wall. Stephanie smacked face first into the closest wall. Laetitia charged in and pounded a couple kidney punches into Stephanie's lower back.

Stephanie quickly retaliated as she spun around and backfisted Laetitia in the mouth. Laetitia backed away as Stephanie whirled and then came toward her. The two beauties closed as they circled and watched each other. Stephanie dodged as Laetitia's leg shot up toward her, but not quickly enough. Stephanie doubled over as Laetitia's leg connected solidly with her ribs. Laetitia put her adversary down on the floor with a double ax-handle to the back.

Laetitia got a firm hold on Stephanie's hair and had started to yank her up, when Stephanie grabbed Laetitia's leg. With a hard pull on the leg, Stephanie knocked Laetitia off her feet and sent her down to the floor. Stephanie tried to gain control as she grabbed at Laetitia, but Laetitia kicked her opponent away with a high heel to the ribs. The two models scrambled to their feet and faced off again. They quickly locked up in a test of strength. They locked their hands together and pushed against other.

Their arms strained as they both tried to overpower the other woman and force her down. They grunted and groaned as they wobbled around the room, each trying to gain control. Laetitia's youth eventually started to win out as she began to force Stephanie back towards the wall. Stephanie countered with a kick to Laetitia's shin. Laetitia's knee nearly buckled as the kick landed. Stephanie pushed down hard at that moment, and took Laetitia down to her knees. Stephanie continued to push hard, as she tried to muscle Laetitia down to the floor.

Laetitia pulled away from the test of the strength and before Stephanie could react, Laetitia tackled her around the waist and brought her down. The two brunette beauties rolled down to the floor and Laetitia perched herself atop Stephanie's midsection and bounced a few times knocking the air out of her lungs.

Stephanie taunted, "Lose some weight, you damn cow. You weigh a ton!"

Laetitia bounced again and drove more out of Stephanie's lungs.

She taunted Stephanie back as she said; "I couldn't hear you. Speak up grandma."

Stephanie squirmed around beneath Laetitia and then in a sudden move, she bucked hard, and nearly unseated her rival. Laetitia had to move fast to maintain her position. That gave Stephanie room to move her leg and she nailed Laetitia with a hard knee to the pussy. Laetitia rolled off Stephanie, as she yelped in pain. Laetitia just barely rolled out of the way to avoid a leg drop aimed for her tits. Laetitia gulped down some air and scrambled fast to her feet.

She hair-hauled Stephanie to her feet and slammed her against the wall with an arm whip. Laetitia charged after Stephanie and smashed her back against the wall with repeated forearm smashes to the tits. Stephanie escaped after she hit Laetitia with a knee to the gut and then a solid knee lift to the face.

Laetitia groaned in pain as she dropped to the floor with a busted nose. Stephanie continued her attack as she grabbed Laetitia by the hair and started to yank her up to her feet. As Stephanie pulled her up by the hair, Laetitia fired a hard punch that connected squarely into Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie screamed in pain and went down hard as her knees buckled. Laetitia pulled herself up slowly, but a lot faster than Stephanie. Laetitia grabbed her rival by the hair. She held Stephanie's head by the hair and whacked her in the face with a knee lift. Stephanie flopped down again, this time with a bloody nose.

Laetitia took a moment to catch her breath and then went right back on the attack as she delivered a barrage of kicks to Stephanie's ribs and tits. Stephanie rolled over and over as she tried to escape the attack, but Laetitia just kept after her. Stephanie realized that she had nearly run out of space to retreat as she neared the wall. Stephanie suddenly reversed her direction and rolled toward Laetitia. She took the other brunette's legs out from under her and brought her down. Stephanie quickly grabbed Laetitia's legs as she dropped to the floor. She folded Laetitia's legs over into a painful double-toe leglock.

Stephanie pushed hard against Laetitia's ankles as she worked over the calves and thighs. Stephanie moved in a little closer. She held Laetitia's legs in place in the double-toed leglock hold with her body, while she used her arms to add a camel clutch to the hold. Laetitia yelped in pain as Stephanie worked over her lower back. Stephanie got a little too greedy to add pressure to the hold and leaned in far enough for Laetitia to get hold of her hair. Laetitia got a firm grasp on Stephanie's hair and toppled her enemy. They both kicked at each other as they separated and rolled apart.

Both beauties got to their feet and they faced off again, with fists raised. Stephanie charged in at Laetitia and swung a right at Laetitia's head, but Laetitia easily ducked under and countered with a right that flattened Stephanie's left tit. Stephanie backed up a couple steps as the punch landed. Laetitia stepped in and hammered her with a left-right combination to the jaw that spun Stephanie's head from side-to-side.

Laetitia followed up with an upppercut to the chin that snapped Stephanie's head back and into the wall. Stephanie was clearly dazed after that flurry of punches. Laetitia stepped in even closer and wrapped her hands around Stephanie's throat and started to choke her. Stephanie started to struggle as Laetitia secured the chokehold. Stephanie fought back and grabbed onto Laetitia's tits. She ripped off Laetitia's bikini top and sunk her nails into the tender tit flesh. Laetitia gritted her teeth, but fought back the nail as she sunk her fingers in harder into the choke. Stephanie refused to release Laetitia's tits though.

The pain started to get to Laetitia. She kicked Stephanie back into the wall again with a wicked pussy kick. Both ladies broke their holds as they separated. Stephanie coughed and gasped as she gulped down air. Laetitia gave her no rest, as she quickly charged in and grabbed Stephanie in a side headlock. She tried to secure the hold as a chokehold, but Stephanie bit down on Laetitia's exposed tit before she had the chance. Laetitia howled in pain and released Stephanie. An even further enraged Laetitia delivered a brutal spin kick to Stephanie's head. Stephanie's head cranked around and she dropped to the floor. Laetitia moved into position and grabbed Stephanie's legs. She bent Stephanie's legs over into a painful Boston Crab position. Stephanie sobbed in pain as Laetitia put the pressure on her lower back.

Laetitia released the Boston Crab hold and switched over to a surfboard hold. Once again, Stephanie yelped in pain, as her lower back took the brunt of the pain. Laetitia suddenly got up and yanked Stephanie to her feet by the hair. She whipped Stephanie into the corner and pounded her with kidney punches. Stephanie moaned as her lower back took more abuse. Laetitia continued her attack as she put Stephanie into an over-the-knee backbreaker. Laetitia let Stephanie flop to the floor in a heap.

Laetitia stood over Stephanie and demanded, "Do you give up, slut?"

"Fuck you!" Stephanie replied, as she sprang to her feet and punched Laetitia in the pussy.

Laetitia moaned in pain as the blow landed hard. Stephanie continued with a combination of punches to the jaw. Laetitia blocked one punch and then retaliated with a flurry of punches of her own that put Stephanie down on her ass on the floor. Laetitia straddled her rival and wrapped her hands around Stephanie's throat and began to choke her again. Laetitia stopped her choking her out. She switched tactics and lowered her gorgeous tits over Stephanie's face. Laetitia held her rival by the hair and secured her face between her tits. Stephanie struggled a little, but soon stopped as Laetitia knocked her out.

Laetitia stood over her rival and counted out loud, "1... 2... 3... 4... 5...."

Stephanie showed no signs of moving.

Laetitia continued, "6... 7... 8..."

Laetitia kneeled down and slapped Stephanie's face to wake her up.

Laetitia hissed, "I want you awake to hear the last of your countout, grandma!"

Laetitia finished the count with, "9... 10! YOU'RE OUT!"

Stephanie just cried as Laetitia stood over her and dug her heel into her tit.

Laetitia pulled her beaten foe up by the hair and she hissed, "You keep your sorry ass out of my business, and out of my modeling contracts, or next time you're REALLY going to get your ass kicked. Got it?"

Stephanie sobbed, "Yes. I understand."

Laetitia demanded, "And?"

Stephanie quickly added, "I'm sorry! It will never happen again."

Laetitia smiled, "Good girl!"

Laetitia changed clothes and just left Stephanie there on the floor sobbing and in pain.

The end.