Laetitia Casta vs. Adriana Sklenarikova by technetium

After two loses to Jennifer Lopez, Laetitia Casta's career was in deep trouble. She had to cancel many contracts, which meant less money for her and less popularity. To cut a long story short, she was rapidly sinking into anonymity. The French model decided it was time to do something about it. She figured if she couldn't defeat her enemies, at least she could try with her friends who were considerably weaker.

Laetitia's first thought was Adriana Sklenarikova, the tall blonde model who gave her no help in their last match. They were supposed to meet in a forthcoming party which would be good for the French model. She could take her revenge in front of several enemies and colleagues. She smiled at the thought of Adriana totally defeated on her feet, begging for mercy.

The party was very crowded, there were models and celebrities from all over the world. Laetitia noticed how many of the faces around were looking at her with malicious glazes. They'd all heard about her defeat since the pictures J-Lo took had been available on the Internet the day following the match!. As the party wore on, the alcohol consumption was rising. The smiles and laughs around her were much more persistent and insistent, and Laetitia couldn't bear them anymore.

She quickly headed to Adriana with a fake courtesy smile on her face. "So, Adriana, how is it going?" she asked.

"Not too, bad, after all. You know, I'm very sorry about what happened, but..." replied Adriana, slightly ashamed to talk about such humbling event.

"I'm happy for you, Adriana. Unfortunately, the same can't be said of me... my life's been a terrible mess since then!"

"I'm sorry, but it's not my fault if...," Adriana never finished her sentence.

Laetitia slapped her left cheek viciously. As the sound of the slap reverberate din the room, the crowd immediately went quit and turned toward the two models.

"Is it not your fault, cherie?" screamed Laetitia, her left index finger in Adriana's face. "You were pathetic that night and..."

"And what about you?" screamed back Adriana, slapping away Laetitia's finger. "You did absolutely nothing except cry!!"

That was what Laetitia was waiting for! She seized grabbed Adriana's blonde hair, bending the tall model to her right. Adriana reacted quickly, however, mirroring Laetitia's move so that both models had their hands in their opponent's hair. Laetitia's longer hair proved a better target for Adriana's grip, and the Slovakian model was far more effective in her action.

Before long Laetitia had to stop pulling Adriana's hair and try to pry her hands from her hair. When Laetitia started to retreat, the blonde hit her crotch with a hard knee blow. The French girl's knees buckled and Adriana hit her one more time.

Laetitia fell on her knees, babbling and Adriana exploded another knee, this one in the French woman's face. Laetitia collapsed to the ground, touching her nose and rolling around in pain.

"You're such a wimp!" hissed Adriana, launching herself towards her opponent.

Adriana literally splashed on Laetitia's body, causing the French girl to scream in agony. As she was at top of Laetitia, she started sliding her right leg up Laetitia's body, pushing her light dress up so she could start hitting her crotch. Laetitia's hands were safely pinned to the ground, and for almost a minute the French model could only scream in agony. Squirming and frantically kicking her legs in the air didn't help her at first, but after a bit she managed to push her chest up and Adriana was finally displaced.

Far from being reckless after the initial beating she suffered, Laetitia retreated with a worried expression. For a bit, the two looked at each other, and hen rose up, breathing hard. Adriana appeared by far the one in best shape after the short fight. She was stunning in her electric blue one-piece vinyl dress; her breasts were clearly visible thanks to the zip on her chest that had worked slightly open. Hr suntan pantyhose and polished high heels -electric blue too- were unaffected by Laetitia's first feeble attacks.

On the other hand, the French model seemed to be tired and already in trouble. Her hair was already a mess as Adriana's grip had destroyed the expensive creation of some posh coiffeur. Her one-piece light black dress -hold on her shoulders by two tiny straps and adorned with violet flowers- was ripped from Adriana's attack. Her black stockings had some small -almost invisible- holes. Surprisingly, Laetitia seemed to be quite unstable on her black high heels. Gulping, she brushed her hair from her face and charged Adriana.

Her 'attack' was nothing more than pathetic. It was so slow that even the string bean Slovakian model avoided it, making Laetitia crash on a table behind her. Quickly, Adriana lifted a jug of some drink and poured the green liquid over Laetitia's head. The French model tried to retreat, dazed which only gave Adriana time to grab a large tray full of cheese and tuna sandwiches. In a while, the metal tray, and fifty smelly sandwiches, hit Laetitia. A moment later, she collapsed on her knees, Adriana dumping the food onto the screaming model's body.

"You bitch, now you'll eat all of them!!!" yelled Adriana who was trying to stuff three sandwiches at a time in the poor opponent's mouth. "At least, you'll shut up and stop annoying us with your voice!!!!"

Adriana continued spreading the cheese and tuna all over Laetitia's face and hair, laughing in satisfaction. Finally, Adriana kicked Laetitia's bottom, sending the model to the ground. She placed her right foot on the back of Laetitia's head and pushed her face into the food on the floor.

"Lick it, slut! Lick the food and I'll let you go!"

Laetitia tried to raise her head but Adriana pushed harder.

"I said, you dumb, LICK IT! NOWWWW!"

Laetitia obeyed, crying. While observing the humbled French model licking the floor, Adriana lifted Laetitia's dress to bare her gorgeous ass.

"What is this shit????" laughed Adriana, pointing at Laetitia's panties, a young girls style, white with violet dots.

"Has this slut even got a teddy bear somewhere?"

Adriana crouched and took another sandwich, intending to slam it on Laetitia's panties. But the French girl reacted and, freed from Adriana's holds, she grabbed Adriana's foot and dumped her on her ass.

"You bitch, see what you've done!!!!" screamed Adriana, squirming in the food.

Laetitia pushed Adriana's head down, mashing her blonde hair on the pile of dirty food on the floor. Adriana grabbed Laetitia's dress, ripping it open and allowing the French jugs to spring free. Adriana shoved Laetitia down and now with both girls on the floor they rolled on their right side and started throwing food and screaming obscenities.

Adriana threw sandwiches at Laetitia's tits, while one of Laetitia's targets was the blonde's ample cleavage. Seeing that her attack was quite useless as long as Adriana's zipper was still closed, Laetitia pulled the zipper down, exposing her tits too, and she started squeezing them.

Adriana howled in pain but she gave Laetitia's breasts the same treatment. Laetitia's real breasts were more affected than the blondes fake ones by the tit squeezing, so she backed off and tried to rise up. But as she tried to get to her feet, Laetitia slipped on the food. She managed to grab a hold on one of the tables clothes and tried to use it to pull herself up. Unfortunately, the cloth wasn't secured, so it started sliding down as Laetitia pulled.

A number of plates of sandwiches, bowls of sauces and vegetables came down on the two girls. Adriana was only marginally hit, while Laetitia received several blows from the trays and the big part of the food. She slumped to the floor, babbling in pain.

Adriana got up and grabbed the French model's hair, forcing her to rise in agony. With a quick movement, Adriana totally ripped off Laetitia's dress. She reacted hysterically, throwing herself at Adriana, but the taller model pushed her away, knocking Laetitia back down on the floor. She removed Laetitia's dress and black shoes, leaving her in just stockings and panties.

It was clear that Laetitia couldn't fight any longer. She sank to her knees, breathing hard, begging Adriana to go away.

"No way, you wanted the fight, now you'll pay!!!" screamed the blonde model, incredulous at how easily she had beaten her enemy.

"No, no, Adriana, stop! " cried Laetitia, throwing some food at her but with no effect.

Adriana stepped over to Laetitia and gave her a hard kick to the chest which put the French woman on her back. Adriana started smashing the sandwiches and some other food on her helpless opponent's face while Laetitia just laid there crying. After several minutes, Adriana took some of the tuna sandwiches and stuffed them in Laetitia's panties.

"At least this will perfume your smelly pussy!" she said, laughing at the sight.

Adriana took a small apple and shoved it in Laetitia's mouth. With the French model in such humbling situation, the blonde went for the grand finale, lifting the sobbing opponent up by the nipples. Seeing so many laughing faces around her almost made Laetitia faint, but Adriana held her upright by the nipples. Fear and shame had a great effect on her and Laetitia started peeing in her panties. The food stuffed in there started dripping out, adding another reason for the laughter.

"Guess you won't be able anymore to face another model again, skank!" hissed Adriana, dragging Laetitia to the main door of the big room, into the foyer and finally out onto the street. There, she let go and Laetitia dropped to the pavement.

It was the second consecutive fight for Laetitia that saw her end up nude on the pavement of a crowded street, this was obviously enough for her. She wisely decided to quit the model scene, hoping to find success in the movie industry. On the contrary, Adriana had her first, unexpected, victory over a stronger opponent.