Laetita Casta vs. Christy Turlington - Car Repair Catfight (c) 2000 by John J. 27-Apr-00

After three decisive catfight wins in a row, Laetita was on top of her game, and her modeling contracts were coming in fast. Most of the models that had previously been laughing at Laetita now stayed clear of her and kept their mouths shut.

Christy Turlington and Laetita Casta were two of the models at a swimwear shoot. There was a short break and Christy walked over to her car to get something out of the trunk. As she arrived at the car, Christy saw a ding in the left bumper. She spotted Laetita's car right next to hers and saw a scratch in it as well.

Christy fumed as she stormed back to the set, and said, "Laetita! Get your ass over here."

Laetita smiled, "Oh, I thought I heard my name. What do you want?"

Christy snapped, "My car, bitch! You scratched it. And you're going to pay for the repairs."

Laetita snapped back, "Prove that I touched your precious little car, slut."

Christy knew that she couldn't prove it yet, so she let it go for the moment. Laetita snickered, "Next time, keep your mouth shut!" At that Laetita stormed off, while Christy fumed.

Christy got an estimate for her car repair bill and asked about the damage. The paint matched Laetita's car perfectly. Christy returned to the set a couple hours later.

Christy yelled, "LAETITA! Get your scrawny ass over here, NOW!"

Laetita smiled, "Yes."

Christy blocked Laetita's path and waved the bill and the report about the damage in front of Laetita's face.

"This is how much money you owe me, bitch! And I'm not leaving until I get every cent."

Laetita snickered, "You get that damn bill out of my face, before I shove it up your ass. I'm not giving you a dime whore! Now get out of my way!"

Christy stood defiantly in front of Laetita and said, "I'm not moving until I get my money, and I don't give a shit if I have to wring it out of you, dollar by dollar."

Laetita laughed, "I'd like to see you try that, you bitch! In case you've forgotten, I just won three fights in a row. Now I suggest you back the hell off, and get out of my face before I get pissed and knock the shit out of you!"

Christy stood her ground defiantly and said, "You don't scare me, you little slut! If you want a fight honey, then you got it! Let's go for it."

Christy raised her fists defensively.

Laetita got slightly rattled as she said, "Right now?"

Christy smirked, "Hell, yes! I've wanted a piece of your sorry ass for a long time, and you need a good ass kicking. Let's settle this right here and right now."

Laetita responded, "Fine, slut! Let's fight!"

Both models were wearing sexy string bikinis for their current photo shoot, and that's what they were wearing at the start of the fight. The suits were very similar in style and cut, with the main difference being the color. Laetita's swimsuit was powder blue, while Christy's was forest green. The two beauties approached each other, fists raised, ready to fight.

The two brunettes circled each other, watching for a chance to strike the first blow of the fight. Christy feinted with a right to the ribs. Laetita moved to block, but walked into the left to the jaw that was Christy's intended punch. Laetita reeled back as the punch landed solidly. As Christy followed after Laetita, Laetita sprang toward Christy and tackled her to the floor. The two gorgeous brunette models rolled across the floor as they each struggled to gain control. Laetita used her outside leg to prevent herself from rolling again. She grabbed at Christy's arms and started to gain control over the other brunette. As she tried to secure her position and straddle her rival, she felt a surge of pain and yelled. Christy slammed her knee up into Laetita's exposed pussy, and the hurt girl rolled off in pain.

Christy got to her feet quickly, but Laetita was a little slower. Christy grabbed her rival by the dark hair and yanked her the rest of the way to her feet. Christy quickly clamped on a headlock and put down Laetita with a forceful bulldog. Laetita groaned as she tried to stop the ringing in her head. She started to get up, only to be helped by Christy into a standing headscissors. Christy kept the headscissors clamped on for a while, crushing Laetita's head between her strong thighs. Christy grabbed Laetita's legs and pulled them up. Christy kicked out her legs and dropped Laetita on her head, with a brutal piledriver. Laetita moaned as her head slammed into the solid floor. Christy let Laetita's legs fall. The other brunette slumped down, dazed and hurt. Christy watched, while Laetita worked to clear her head and pull herself together to get up.

Christy allowed Laetita to get up to her knees. Christy grabbed Laetita by the hair and nailed her with a brutal knee lift to the face. Laetita yelled in pain and flopped down again, holding her busted nose and trying to stop the flow of blood down her face. Laetita knew that she had to get some offense going, or she would be in serious trouble. Laetita waited, and Christy moved in. Christy hammered Laetita with a stomp to the tits. Christy ground her sexy high heel into Laetitiia's sore tit. Laetita countered as she grabbed Christy's leg and toppled the other brunette.

The two brunette beauties scrambled to get to their feet and continue the fight. As before, Christy was faster. As Laetita was still getting up, Christy moved in and drilled a big haymaker into the side of her head. Laetita staggered back, not fully on her feet. Christy pursued and pounded another haymaker into Laetita's head. Laetita staggered again, and ran out of room as she hit the wall with her back. Christy smirked as she moved in and snapped Laetita's head from side to side with a flurry of lefts and rights to the jaw. After eight punches to the jaw, Laetita slumped down to the floor, nearly in tears.

Christy stood back and taunted her opponent, "Come on Miss Tough Shit! Won three fights in a row. Get up and kick my ass. Show me how it's done Miss Tough Shit."

Laetita hardly even heard Christy's taunting as she struggled to clear her head and get herself together. Christy didn't wait for Laetita to start to get up. She went over to her downed rival and yanked her up to her feet by the hair. Christy straightened the girl up, and clamped on a bearhug, keeping Laetita's arms trapped at her sides. Laetita grunted in pain as Christy crushed her body and deprived her of air. Christy kept Laetita trapped in the bearhug for several minutes. Christy then hoisted Laetita up a little bit. She securely planted her own knee and dropped Laetita down on her knee. Laetita didn't see the blow coming, but she certainly felt it as her pussy crashed down on Christy's knee and thigh. Laetita slid off Christy's knee, barely holding back tears of pain.

Laetita rolled away from Christy, trying to get some distance between herself and her adversary to rest and regroup. Christy quickly chased after the other brunette.

Christy hissed, "Where the hell are you going, bitch?"

Christy grabbed onto Laetita's hair, and with a hard yank, pulled her back the other way. Christy kept her hold on Laetita's hair and pulled her up to her feet. Christy grabbed on to the sides of Laetita's bikini bottoms. She added insult to injury as she yanked upward on the bikini bottoms hard and gave Laetita a brutal wedgie. Laetita tearfully yelled in pain as the bikini bottoms dug into her already bruised and battered pussy. Christy continued to pull and tug on the bikini bottoms, digging them into Laetita. Finally the bikini bottoms gave, and they ripped apart in Christy's hands. Laetita flopped to the floor in a heap, sobbing and rubbing her wounded pussy.

Christy roughly flung Laetita's hand to the side and stomped down hard on her pussy, digging the toe of her high heel in hard. Christy kicked Laetita's ribs a few times and flipped the girl over on to her back. Christy secured the position she wanted and secured a bodyscissors on Laetita from behind her back. Christy poured on the pressure as she crushed Laetita's ribs and stomach with her powerful legs. Christy's arms were free and she grabbed at Laetita's bikini top. She untied the top from behind and yanked back on the strings, digging the strings and material into Laetita's tender tits.

Christy pulled back harder and harder, the more Laetita cried out in pain. Christy pulled the bikini top off Laetita and sunk her nails into the tender and now bruised boobs. She scratched and mauled Laetita's tits, while she sobbed. After Christy had left Laetita's once gorgeous globes swollen, bruised, and bloodied, she released her tit hold and the scissors hold. She kicked the hurt brunette away.

Laetita sobbed in pain and cried out, "I'm sorry. I quit. Please stop."

Christy snarled, "Not yet, bitch! I don't think Miss Tough Shit has really learned her lesson yet."

Laetita just cried and Christy moved in again. Christy grabbed Laetita by her bruised and battered tits and pulled her up by the nipples. Christy flung Laetita against the wall. Christy held Laetita in place with an arm across her throat. With her free arm, Christy hammered Laetita in the tits and gut with a barrage of punches. After a final kick to the pussy, Christy removed her arm from across Laetita's throat. Laetita slumped to the floor again.

Christy surveyed her rival for a few minutes. Laetita didn't move. She didn't do anything, except sob. Christy clamped on a tit claw hold and yanked the hurt girl to her feet again. Christy shoved Laetita against the wall again. She held her there and choked her, with her hand secured around Laetita's throat. Christy stopped her chokehold just short of a knock out. With a solid left to the jaw, Christy put Laetita back on the floor again.

Christy nailed Laetita with an elbow drop to her already badly mauled boobs. Christy straddled her rival backwards and planted her ass over Laetita's tits. She bounced a few times just to reinforce the point that she was in charge. She took one hand and clamped on a vicious pussy claw hold. Laetita shrieked in agony, as Christy dug her fingers and nails in, clamping on the claw hold. Christy held firm. Laetita's pussy spasmed and twitched as the muscles contracted from the pain, and Christy just dug in even harder and poured on the pressure even more.

Laetita was nearly at the point of passing out from the pain, when Christy suddenly released the clawhold. She gave Laetita a few moments to come back around and then she slid backwards and lowered her gorgeous round ass on to Laetita's face. Christy ground her ass into Laetita's face until the girl passed out from the smothering.

Christy just sat back and waited until Laetita came around again. When Laetita came back to consciousness, she saw that she had her hands tied together behind her back and that she had her bikini top tied around her neck like a collar and lease.

Christy sneered, "Well, it's about time you got up, sleepyhead. We still need to talk about the money you owe me for my car damages."

Laetita replied quickly, "I'll write you a check. My checkbook is back in the dressing room."

Christy said, "No checks. I want CASH! It's not that I don't trust you." She paused and continued, "Yeah, I guess I don't trust you!"

Laetita cried, "But, I don't have that much cash with me."

Christy smiled, "You will. When you paid. Let's go get your money."

Laetita knew what she looked like, "Like this? Please no. Don't make me do that!"

Christy snarled, "Do you need your ass kicked even more?"

Laetita cried out, "No, no! Please! I've had enough. We'll go."

Christy smiled, "Good girl."

Christy grabbed Laetita by the bikini leash and pulled her along to the office, like she was walking a dog. Laetita's nude, bruised and battered body was clearly visible for everyone to see. Christy didn't allow her to hide or cover up at all, as they went to the office.

Christy yanked Laetita into the office and had her get her money. Christy took the cash for her car repairs and just threw the rest at Laetita. She gave the other brunette a hard kick in the ass and knocked her down with her money.

Christy yelled, "And don't you EVER, EVER again fuck with me! You got it, slut!"

Laetita cried as some of the office personnel came and untied her, while Christy left with a big smile on her face.

The end.