NCWL: Estella Warren vs. Laetitia Casta by bigfan

Cheryl Ladd's next interview is with Laetitia Casta. Laetitia isn’t wearing a top, just a one piece black bathing suit that amounts to a bottom with suspenders a sliver chain cross between her big breasts The interview starts with Cheryl asking, "How is wrestling here different from Europe?" Laetitia starts rattling off in French. Cheryl tries to hold Laetitia up, but she goes on longer. When she finishes, Cheryl explains, "I'm sorry Laetitia, but many of our fans don't speak French..."

Laetitia pulls the mic over and grumbles, "They should!" Then Laetitia walks out.

Before Cheryl can even ask a question, Estella blurts out, "That's one rude bitch!"

Cheryl can't help but agree, "Yes, but this isn't the first time you wrestled Laetitia is it?"

Estella flips her long hair back over her shoulders and finally answers, "Yea, I went to Europe to wrestle a few years ago. I beat a couple of other women there and Laetitia was the big shit over there. So the night I was to wrestle her, the Promoter came to me and said if I wanted to get paid for the trip I'd have to let Laetitia win."

Cheryl seems surprised, "You mean they fixed the match?"

Estella gets a smirk on her face saying, "Oh not if you ask them. They said I was perfectly free to try and win. The only catch was, it would have cost me a month’s pay to beat her. Now I would have kicked her ass and let them keep the money, but then I needed the cash." Estella takes a deep breath before going on, "So tonight is payback. After I beat her I have something special planned to welcome Laetitia to the league." Estella walks out.

Kim Basinger came out at the end of the previous match in case Geena Davis needed her help and now Kim gets waits to ref a match which she expects to get out of hand. Donna Mills joins her in the ring just as a single explosion goes off with a large bang and flash, then Rage Against the Machine's "Bulls on Parade" blares over the sound system. Donna has trouble talking over the music as she, yells, “Introducing first from Peterborough, Canada; she’s 5' 9" tall…Estella Warren!"

Estella storms out of the back and heads to the ring at a run. She climbs the stairs to the ring and turns pointing to the fans cheering her. Estella steps back through the ropes going to each turnbuckle waving her arms for the fans to make more noise.

After "Bulls on Parade" fades away, the soft Violin Music sounds strange as Donna introduces Estella's opponent with, "And next from Pond-Audemer, France…at 5' 7"...she is Laetitia Casta!"

Laetitia walks out wearing a blue velvet robe with white lacey ruffles on all the fringes. The brunette stops viewing the arena, she makes a face like something nasty was just put under her nose. Laetitia walks down the ramp ignoring the fans. The fans seem to be spilt between liking the beauty and hating a stuck up bitch. As she walks, camera flashes reveal she has nothing on under her robe. Laetitia climbs into the ring and grabs Donna Mills as she’s leaving, pulling her back.

Laetitia seems upset, ranting in French until, seeing Donna isn’t getting the point, she switches to English. Stamping her foot impatiently, she insists, "I TOLD you it is 1.7 METERS!"

Basinger comes over and says, "Let her go."

Laetitia obeys turning to Kim and kicks the ref between the legs. Kim's thin shorts give her cunt no protection and she seems to pass out immediately. Just then, Estella hits Laetitia from the side with a shoulder block. Laetitia is knocked to the canvas her robe flying open confirming she has nothing on below the robe. Estella rolls Kim out of harms way under the ropes to Donna who catches Kim lowering her to the floor. Estella's aid cost the blonde as it gives Laetitia time to remove her robe and return. Laetitia hammers a forearm on the base of her neck. Estella falls to a knee as more blows land on her back.

Laetitia grabs the straps of Estella's bathing suit crossing them around Estella's neck strangling the blonde. Estella's mouth and eyes are wide open as she is being choked. Estella's panics clawing at the straps as her face reddens. Laetitia pulls Estella up swinging her around and throwing the blonde to the mat. Estella is hand is on her throat coughing as the air rushes back into her. Laetitia walks by grabbing Estella's long hair dragging her towards one of the corners.

Laetitia pulls Estella to her feet pushing her into the corner. Laetitia pulls the straps off Estella's shoulder exposing both breasts. Estella still trying to breathe can't prevent Laetitia from smashing her fists into the soft breast flesh. The blonde is beaten down into the corner sinking slowly. Laeatitia's first follow Estella down the entire way. Estella is shaking her head mumbling as she is driven down on her ass. Laetitia looks happy with her work so far takes a look around. Seeing Kim hasn't returned to the ring Laetitia drives her knee into Estella's face.

Estella's screams are muffled by her own hands covering her face. Laetitia strolls around the ring arms raised, showing off her body. Estella's hands come away from her show the red of her own blood. It's only a small amount on her hands, but Estella leans over opening her mouth and spits out a fair amount of blood. Laetitia is back hooking her hands on the sides of Estella's swimsuit and trying to pull it off but Estella's kicking is making it difficult for Laetitia. After struggling for awhile Laetitia eventually gets the bottom down around Estella's knees, then pulls it off easily.

Laetitia turns around, grinning and swinging the suit above her head while Estella isn't even fighting because she doesn’t want to be exposed, but Laetitia’s antics also give Estalla time to recover and when Laetitia turns back, she gets slapped across the face. Laetitia spins from the impact, covering her cheek with her hand. Estella isn’t about to let Laetitia off the hook yet. The blonde stands behind her enemy and wraps her arm round Laetitia's throat, blatantly choking her. Estella's free hand pounds Laetitia's back and kidney's with punches. Laetitia is pulling on Estella's arm trying to create breathing room as she slowly drops to her knees unable to breathe.

Estella gives up the choke pulling up on Laetitia's chin and then Estella puts her other elbow on the bridge of Laetitia's nose. Laetitia is helpless to stop Estella from raising her arm then slamming her elbow into Laetitia's nose. Laetitia cries out in pain falling to the mat rolling in pain holding her face. Estella straddles Laetitia taking a seat on her stomach. Pulling Laetitia's hands away Estella is upset Laetitia is not bleeding. Estella still holding Laetitia's wrist sprays blood and spit on Laetitia's chest and tits. Estella then begins mauling Laetitia big juggs. Laetitia blinded by tears fires punches at Estella, most hit Estella's torso, but one catches her on the jaw knocking her off Laetitia.

Now more blood comes out of Estella's mouth, but Laetitia can't capitalize on the lucky blow and both women struggle to their feet. Laetitia wipes her eyes clearing her vision. As Estella checks her mouth, her normally white teeth are stained red. Estella spits the blood out only to have it drool down her chin. Fans wonder why this is being allowed to continue. No security has come to the ring, no ref has come to takes Kim Basinger's place. Even though they wonder they hope no one breaks up the fight. Kim, with help from Donna Mills is finally back up on her feet.

Laetitia uses an actual wrestling move as they come together, she hiptosses Estella. Estella caught off guard lands on her ass, but bounces on to her feet immediately. Laetitia is slow moving in on Estella. Estella got up so quickly she scooped the brunette up taking her over with a powerslam. When they hit, Estella bounces back up and comes down on Laetitia again. Estella hair hauls the French woman up setting up for a Suplex. Laetitia counters by throwing short uppercuts to Estella's belly, then one that lands well South of her belt!

Estella staggers back trying to escape, but Laetitia grabs her wrist sending her across the ring. Laetitia uses the nearer rope to spring herself towards the returning Estella. They meet in the middle of the ring as both extend arms Clotheslining the other. Both women are hurt and exhausted and don't move after hitting the mat. Laetitia is now bleeding as well, she took the clothesline in the face and it split her lip. Kim climbs into the ring surveying the destruction. Both women are covered in sweat and the small amount of blood mixes. Estella is the first to move, crawling over to Laetitia. Estella can barely stand, but she manages to hook Laetitia under the armpits and drag her to the nearest corner where Estella kicks Laetitia's feet out wide, then drives a knee into the brunette's cunt. Estella, holding on to the rope with her left hand, pounds Laetitia's tits and chest, then her last punch connects with Laetitia's mouth. More blood flows from the cut on her lip. Estella leans against the ropes trying to get a second wind.

Kim asks Estella, "You gonna finish her off?"

Estella smiling says, "Not yet; I have something planned."

Kim nods and steps back while Estella drags Laetitia to the center of the ring. Estella spreads Laetitia's legs, but instead of attacking Estella walks over to the ropes waving for something. A woman tosses a bag up to Estella. Estella turns the bag upside down and a cordless clippers fall out. Many of the fans hoot and holler their approval. Estella sees Laetitia's eyes flutter and she is beginning to move. Estella gives the clippers to Kim, and straddles Laetitia's chest. Estella jumps into the air kicking her feet out to come crashing down on Laetitia's big fun bags. Estella like a martial artist chops down on the dark haired pussy. Laetitia's body jerk her legs look like electricity shot through them. Estella slides back on to the French woman's face. Kim watches on making no move to check on her attacker.

Estella grinds her pussy on Laetitia and then moves further back covering the pretty face with her massive juggs. Estella takes her time rolling her tits over Laetitia's features. When the blonde seems satisfied she lifts off Laetitia. Estella gives Laetitia's nipples a tweak and jiggling the breast to see if she gets any reaction. Estella stands up, from her crotch to her tits runs a crimson streak of Laetitia's blood. Estella walks over to Kim holding a hand out for the clippers. Kim gives them over, then turns away as Estella puts her knees on Laetitia's thighs and starts to work on the dark landing strip. Large clumps come off at first, which Estella sprinkles over Laetitia tits. After a few passes Estella begins wiping the sweat and loose hair away. Estella takes her time insuring she has the all the hair off. Estella finishes and gets up to leave.

Kim grabs her by the arm saying, "Where you going?" Estella looks confused, so Kim explains, "You haven't won the match yet."

Estella understanding turns and put a foot between Laetitia's flatten tits. Kim slaps the mat three times. Estella exhausted and in pain leaves the ring without further celebration. Half way up the ramp Estella is met by a medic that checks her out. Two more head to the ring to check Casta out. The medics revive Laetitia whose hands go to her crotch almost immediately. Her hand runs over the bald pussy and she sits up, looking down stunned. At first, she sobs quietly, but then lets out a sorrowful wail. It doesn't take long for Laetitia to find her pubic hair as she pulls it off her tits. The medics trying to help her are shoved away. Laetitia crawls out of the ring still in tears as she staggers to the back as the fans buzz and murmer. Most can't remember a fight like this one ever taking place in the league.

An older actor in the crowd said, "I haven't seen a fight like that since this league started." But added with a grin, "That was how many of the fights went in the 'good old' days."

It was later founded out that someone had disabled the monitors in the back, and the security that was to be watching the ring was pulled away keeping the 'Charlie's Angels' women and the 'Smallville' group apart./BODY>