Catfight Cabin II: Amy Brenneman vs. Mariel Hemingway by Blizzard

Things were pretty slow this particular afternoon at the County Correctional Center. 'Slower than sap on a cold March morning' as ol' Skeeter would say. Speaking of Skeeter, he and Bud were pretty well adjusted to life in the joint after having served the 1st year of a 6 year sentence for kidnapping. Katie Holmes was irate after the sentencing; thinking for sure two woodchucks should get life for what they put her through. Actually the victims were her and Michelle Williams, but it was Katie who was outspoken in her contempt for Bud and Skeeter. She pushed for a heavy jail sentence, but in the end the old presiding judge settled for a half dozen!

Michelle wasn't nearly as outspoken as Katie during the trial and some assumed she was better at controlling her emotions, but Bud and Skeeter knew the real reason for Katie's angered outbursts; she was pissed she'd gotten her ass kicked in the cabin by Michelle - twice! 'Fucking sore loser,' thought the pair of dim-wits who made that 'Dumb and Dumber' duo look like Rhodes Scholars by comparison. 'Ya cain't blame a couple a' fellers fer tryin' to have a little fun, kin ya?' Well, duh! Apparently so!

Bud and Skeeter were soon regarded as legends by the other inmates. Then again you have to consider the company they were in. Even though they had been nicknamed 'The Wit Brothers' by the staff, they were quite popular with the rest of the degenerates at the prison. They still couldn't figure out why the guards called them 'Dim' and 'Nit'.......their names were Bud and Skeeter!

"Fucking idiots," Skeeter would say. "They only working here cuz the lumber yard ain't hirin'!"

"Say Bud," said fellow long-term inmate Lyle as he approached the bench where Bud, Skeeter and a few others lounged on outside during an afternoon rec session. "Tell the new guy Francis here the story of your first show at the Catfight Cabin."

Francis, a tall and skinny 22 year old missing a front tooth grinned at Bud. "I heard da other one.....ya know, the one with them 'Dawson's Crik' chicks. Everyone around here heard that one. You was famous. Tell me the other one."

"Well it'd be a pleasure, young feller." answered Bud enthusiastically. "You better take a load off, Francis, cuz this may take a while." Several other inmates plopped onto the bench to eagerly listen to the grizzled storyteller describe the event that took place years before fate brought Michelle and Katie to his and Skeeter's backwoods retreat. The rest of them had heard it several times over, but they never tired of hearing it retold. Bud's mind drifted back to that fateful day...the day he and Skeeter got their first taste of witnessing an epic clawfest between two beautiful celebrities. The memory remained so vivid, it seemed like it had occurred just yesterday...
It was late September in 1994. The sweltering and humid days of summer in northern New England were now a distant memory, replaced with pleasantly warm days and cool evenings. The threat of an early frost served as an ominous harbinger of the expected long and snowy winter. It wouldn't be long before old man winter locked the region in his steadfast embrace, and the natives were busy with their pre-season chores to button the homestead up before the snow flew. While the locals busied themselves with their annual preparations, tourists flocked to the region in droves. They came every autumn to marvel at the brilliant and spectacular foliage that transformed the maples into an incredible palette of crimson and orange hues. Some came as passengers on bus tours, many drove themselves and toured the area at their own pace, and a select few chose to experience the dazzling colors of the forests away from the crowds by hiking the numerous trails that traversed the high peaks and dipped through the valley meadows. Those that desired an extended excursion could be found along the Appalachian Trail which commenced in Georgia and snaked its way north into New England until its terminus at the summit of Mount Katahdin in northeast Maine.

Bud and Skeeter never much cared for trail hiking; they were of the mindset that believed in bushwhacking through the woods to get where you were going, and that generally wasn't to stare at a mess of leaves. It usually involved scrounging up meat for the freezer. They had done a heap of that throughout the past year, and now with the freezer filled to the gills they were busy cutting and splitting a pile of ash and yellow birch logs that had been seasoning at the edge of the yard for the last year. Truth be told it was Bud who toiled with the woodpile alone. Skeeter was diagnosing their sick, rusty old pick-up truck that hadn't started in days.

"Skeeter, when the hell you gonna get that piece of shit running?!" barked Bud as he sat down on his splitting block and lit a cigarette.

"'Bout the same time you finish with that woodpile, smart-ass!" retorted Skeeter with a smug grin.

"Well quit dilly-dallyin' and get it going." snapped Bud. "I'm almost out of smokes. I need to git down to the village store."

"You got two feet doncha?!" asked Skeeter as he wisely spun a ratchet in circles while looking at Bud.

"Yes I do!" responded the annoyed Bud. "And I just might use 'em to kick your lazy tail all the way to that store!"

"I might have ta sneak up to the parking area at the trail head tonight." explained Skeeter. "There's a '84 Chevy truck up there that has a part under the hood with my name on it. Then I'll git this'n running."

"That would be criminal, Skeeter." said Bud facetiously. "Get on it."

He snuffed out his cigarette on the pile of bucked wood and picked up his splitting maul. He had just placed a piece of wood on the splitting block when he first heard the commotion coming from the trees beyond the cabin. Voices...female voices...sounding quite agitated to boot.

"Skeeter, we got company." announced Bud cautiously as he slung the maul over his shoulder and stepped toward the approaching din.

"I'll git the 12 gauge!" chimed Skeeter as he leapt for the porch.

"No!" barked Bud firmly. "Cool your jets. It sounds like a coupla women."

Skeeter jogged across the gravel and onto the lawn near Bud. Through the trees at the back of the cabin they caught glimpses of bright colored clothing headed in their direction as the feminine voices became more discernible. Oh yeah, the strangers were agitated all right. Downright angry was more like it.

"For Christ sake, Amy, just shut the hell up already!" snarled a voice just as two women stepped out of the timber and onto the back lawn 100 feet away from the men.

"Thank God!" exclaimed Amy as she looked over at Bud and Skeeter. "I'm saved from this nightmare!"

Mariel threw her a quick scowl before redirecting her gaze to the men. "Hello!" she greeted with a wave of her hand. "Sorry to intrude, but we kind of need some help!"

"I know that dark-haired girl," whispered Skeeter to Bud. "I swear I seen her on the boob tube."

"Hush...lemme handle this," said Bud in a low tone as he walked toward the two. "Kin I hep you ladies? I take it yer lost!"

"We've been hiking the AT for the last four days." said 6' tall blonde beauty Mariel as she unshouldered her backpack..

"Well, you're definitely off course." joked Bud with a grin. "This ain't the Appalachian Trail down here, Miss!"

"We were following a spur trail to the road." said Amy as she picked a few stray twigs out of her long and curly mane. "Only we ran into a whole bunch of trees that had fallen over the trail. It seemed like they went on forever. It was too hard to circumnavigate all of them, so we bushwhacked down the ridge figuring we'd end up at the road eventually. We wouldn't have had to leave the AT if Danielle Boone here hadn't lost her pack with our food and cell phone in it." she finished as she jerked her thumb at Mariel.

The brunette glared at Mariel who returned a similar expression of irritation. "Cut the drama, Amy, it was an accident. We've argued the subject long enough." said Mariel coldly. "I just carried your pack off that mountain so quit your bitching."

"Well you done good then." said Bud. "I mean about finding the road. It's right behind me just a little ways. We had a wicked storm come through a few weeks back. Knocked a mess of trees down all over this county. I imagine a trail crew will clean that mess up sooner or later. It's not a very well used trail - probably ain't high on their list."

"I smelled your barbecue." said Mariel as she nodded over at the stone ring barbecue pit where a large hunk of meat was roasting over a hot bed of coals. "I just followed my nose! It smells so good. Reminds me of my younger days in Idaho."

"All our remaining food...and MY cell phone...over a cliff to God knows where!" lamented Amy. "For someone supposedly experienced with the outdoors, you sure coulda fooled me."

"Look Amy, I dropped the damn pack, all right?!" snarled Mariel. "The wind was gusting and I screwed up and over it went. Drop the subject!"

"You two look like you've had a tough day." said Bud as he looked them over. The tension between the two beautiful women was producing some much appreciated tension in his union suit. Mariel was clad in red spandex shorts and a long sleeved synthetic form-fitting top. Her long and beautifully tone legs showed the blotchy scars of navigating through the woods off the beaten path. The numerous scratches upon the tanned skin nearly matched the hue of her shorts. Amy didn't appear to have fared the bushwhacking trip any better. Scarlet abrasions peppered her legs below her khaki shorts, and with a brightly colored tie dyed T-shirt for a top, her arms showed plenty of battle scars as well. "I'm guessing you ladies could use a drink and a bite to eat." finished Bud.

Amy asked if the men had a phone she could use. A friend of hers was supposed to pick her and Mariel up at their destination point to the north in a few days, but the hike had abruptly ended when their supplies fell to their demise from the ledge outlook. She refused to lighten up on Mariel, continuing to complain about the blonde and the ill-fated trip they had embarked upon. She was fed up with autumn in New England, and fed up with Mariel even more. She wanted to call her friend to come pick them up. Mariel did a slow burn as her eyes locked on her bitchy hiking partner. The whiny bitch was right...the whole trip had been a bad idea. Well, bringing Amy along was a bad idea anyway. Skeeter accompanied Amy inside to show her to the telephone. He told her that the village was quite a few miles down the road, but he could give her friend directions to his and Bud's place. Amy asked if he could just drop off her and Mariel in town, but Skeeter dejectedly said they had no vehicles running at the moment. Once Amy reached her friend and ironed out the details of their retrieval, she hung up and glanced around the interior of the cabin. It gave a new meaning to the term "rustic".

"I don't mean to pry, Miss, but...ain't I seen you on the TV?" asked Skeeter.

Amy paused as she looked at him. What the hell, these two seemed harmless, and they were being hospitable. Might as well give them something to tell the neighbors about...if they had any neighbors.

"I’m actress, yes," she answered. "I starred in 'NYPD Blue'."

"I knew it!" exclaimed Skeeter with a goofy grin. "Knew I'd seen ya somewheres! Yer friend a movie star too?"

"That's up for debate." answered Amy nastily. "Her career’s been in limbo for quite a while."

"Hmmff. You girls seem a little sour with each other. You ain't gonna start a hissy fit on us are ya?!" asked Skeeter hopefully.

What a dope, thought Amy as she gazed at the chuckling bonehead. She couldn't resist fueling Skeeter's fire a bit more. "If we do, who are you betting on?!" she teased.

"My money's on you, dark-haired girl," beamed Skeeter.

Amy grinned and stepped outside onto the porch. She noticed a bluetick hound stretched out on the far end of the porch. She hadn't even noticed it on her way inside. "Is your dog dead?!" she asked jokingly.

"Hell no!" exclaimed Skeeter. "Duke's just relaxin'! He's good at it!"

Mariel and Bud were now standing in the driveway peering under the raised hood of the old truck Skeeter had been tinkerin' on. He stepped up to them and looked at Mariel with a slightly offended expression.

"What's wrong with your truck?" she asked him.

"This here thingamajig is busted." replied Skeeter as he tapped his finger against the base of the distributor cap housing.

"That's your distributor." said Mariel with a hint of a smirk.

"That's what I said!" snapped Skeeter curtly as Bud chortled.

Mariel gazed around the group of junk vehicles that were strewn about the front of the cabin. "Out of all these heaps you don't have another distributor that will fit this?!" she asked.

"Well no Missy I don't!" huffed Skeeter. He glared at her briefly until he caught Bud giving him a condescending look. "But," he continued, "that '72 GMC has a wicked good 8 track tape deck in it. I've been meaning to put it in this'n here, but I ain't got around to it yet."

Mariel rolled her eyes and then turned to look at Amy. "Well?!" she asked.

"It's going to take him three hours to get here. He's going to meet us at the end of the driveway. So I guess...if it's okay with you guys, we wait. Since we can't get into town. Since you ruined the trip...Mariel." said Amy.

"Shut up, Amy. You're starting to wear on my nerves, honey." growled Mariel.

"You ladies are more than welcome to wait here. Skeeter and me would be tickled pink to have a little company for a bit." piped up Bud. He was hoping for a chance to augment the hostility that was growing by the minute between the two women. They seemed primed for a spat, and he'd damn near saw off his right leg with a dull bow saw to witness that.

Mariel had commenced a brisk walk across the lawn in an effort to distance herself from Amy. Bud strolled along behind her with a wistful expression. "Mariel..." he said. "You're a movie star, aren't you?!" he asked. "That's it - you were in that Playboy movie!"

"Amy said the blonde girl's career is in, uh...limbo. Ain't that what you said?" asked Skeeter.

Mariel lurched to a halt and spun around. Skeeter wasn't as dumb as he appeared. Damn close, but not totally. He and Bud were on the same wavelength concerning the tension between Mariel and Amy.

"If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black!" snapped the insulted Mariel. "I don't see your name up in lights yet, Amy!"

"Easy Mariel," interjected Bud, trying to sound sincere. "let's not have any trouble. It wouldn't be fair, a big girl like you whuppin' up on poor ol' Amy there," Mariel smirked as Amy stewed at his comment.

"Amy don't look like no pushover to me, Bud!" argued Skeeter.

"Thank you Skeeter. And kiss my ass, Mariel," grumbled Amy.

"Actually," said Mariel trying to relieve the tension, "I did play Dorothy Stratten in that movie. You may have heard of my grandfather...Ernest Hemingway."

"Ernest Hemingway..." mused Bud as he scratched his chin whiskers. "Was he Uncle Ernie on 'My Three Sons'?"

Mariel giggled as she looked at him incredulously. "No! Are you serious?! Besides, Ernie was a kid on 'My Three Sons'. You're thinking of Uncle Charlie."

"Damned if you ain't right." said Bud. "Uncle Charlie...he was a good egg. I guess I don't know of your grandpa."

"So you girls ain't sisters?" asked Skeeter. "I figured you was."

"Puhleeeze!" scoffed Amy disgustedly. "Do we look at all alike?!"

Skeeter paused to give each woman a once-over. "Well...I don't look nuthin' like my little brother but we's still kin."

"That's cuz your Daddy was the milkman, and his was the vacuum cleaner salesman!" chuckled Bud.

"Shut up Bud!" snapped Skeeter, his unibrow furrowing in bitterness.

"You guys are something else!" said Mariel with a laugh. She sniffed the air and then looked at Bud. "Whatever's roasting over the fire sure smells good!"

"Dang! I'm sorry ladies, you must be hungry. Come on out back." offered Bud. "Skeeter, grab some beers out of the fridge!" He turned to look back at Mariel and Amy. "Beer okay with you?"

"A beer would be perfect." answered Mariel.

Skeeter headed inside while the others went around the cabin to the fire pit. Bud grabbed a dozen ears of fresh picked corn and stuffed them in the coals at the edge of the fire. "Best way to cook corn - roast it in the coals. Ever had it that way?" he asked.

"I spent a lot of time in Idaho when I was younger." answered Mariel. "We had many a meal just like this."

"I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." said Amy. "Mmmmm...roast beef! I'd just about kill for that after eating the shoe leather jerky and all that dehydrated crap Susie Meal Planner here packed for us."

Bud was gazing at Amy with a look of confusion when Skeeter rounded the corner lugging a 5 gallon plastic bucket full of ice and beer. Skeeter set the bucket down and sampled the aroma of the perfectly cooked meat.

"Mmmm-mmmm!!!" lauded Skeeter. "There's nothin' like the smell of venison cooked over an open fire!"

"Venison?!!!" gasped Amy with a cringe. "That's a deer?!"

"Don't fret, Amy, that's a young buck." assured Skeeter. "You can cut him with a fork! And he won't be gamy tastin' like a big ol' swamp buck."

" thanks, I'll just have some corn," muttered Amy.

As the next hour passed the four of them put a fair sized dent in Bud and Skeeter's supply of 'the king of beers' and then sat down at the picnic table to eat. Mariel gushed with compliments for the roasted venison while Amy skipped eating the game and instead dined on roasted corn, tomatoes, and some delicious homemade pickles. An occasional flare up between the two actresses transpired during conversation, but for the most part they tried to ignore one another and chat with their quirky but interesting hosts. Bud was keeping time in the back of his mind, and he realized that within an hour or two the girls' ride was going to arrive. It was clearly evident that Mariel and Amy were primed for a battle. More than likely however that wasn't going to happen without a little help. He was more than willing to oblige.

"So what brung you two gals together on this hike?" he asked as he picked at his teeth with his fork. "You don't seem...well suited for one another if ya catch ma drift."

"We met at a health club in LA," explained Amy. "She talked like she was an accomplished outdoorswoman, so when she invited me on this trip I figured what the heck. Little did I know it’d be more like the vacation from hell. Outdoorswoman my ass!"

Mariel was quick to respond. "What the hell is it going to take to get you to relax anyway?!" she snarled. "Why I EVER invited you is beyond me! Nag, nag, nag...bitch, bitch, bitch! For the last time, SHUT YOUR WHINING, ANNOYING FUCKING MOUTH!"

Bingo! Bud could hardly suppress his smile. Amy leapt from her seat on the picnic table and stood a few feet away from the still seated Mariel.

"YOU'RE the STUPID bitch that let the pack tumble off that ledge!!! Note to self...Mariel's a fucking idiot!!! Do NOT hike with her EVER again!" fumed Amy angrily.

Mariel was off her seat and face to face with Amy in an instant, "You know what, Amy? Four days on the trail with you was four too many! I should've booted your miserable ass off that ledge right behind the friggin' pack!"

Amy shoved Mariel hard and sent her stumbling back several steps, "You better zip it now, bitch! I've had all of you I can stand for one lifetime!"

Bud and Skeeter shivered with anticipation. "Now ladies, there's no need to git catty!" Bud exclaimed.

"Yeah," interjected Skeeter. "Ya best hush up Mariel; I'm thinkin' ol' Amy there'll thump the snot outta you!"

Bud snorted at his pal's remark, "Now Skeeter, ya know Amy wouldn't stand a chance 'gainst Mariel! Don't be ridiculous!"

The two women slammed into one another and their fingers instantly tangled in one another's manes. Mariel pumped her knee into Amy's side and forced a sudden groan out of the brunette. Another knee strike had the squealing Amy in pain. Mariel began to spin around in a circle on the lawn yanking hard on her rival's hair as Amy struggled to hang onto Mariel's mane. She lost her footing as she was spun around and slipped to her knees, losing her grip on Mariel's long blonde tresses. A savage knee smash to the temple sent her reeling to the ground with a loud yelp at the base of an upright cedar post used as a game pole as the boys whooped it up.

"We'll just see about that, won't we Skeeter?" growled Mariel, massaging her stinging scalp.

She lunged at Amy who lashed out with her boot and caught the onrushing blonde in the shin. Mariel cried out as she pitched forward onto Amy, her forehead smacking against the cedar post. Amy rolled away from the stunned Mariel who collapsed to her knees, her body slumping forward; ass in the air and her face in the grass. The incensed Amy was on her feet instantly, fueled by the frustrations of the last few days on the trail with Mariel. If these two woodchucks wanted a fight then today was their lucky day! She was going to pulverize the tall blonde! Amy burrowed into Mariel's golden mane with both hands and jerked her head up, then with a feral growl, rammed Mariel's forehead into the stout post. THWUMP!

"Kicking ass and lookin' damn fine doin' it!" cheered Skeeter as he clapped Bud on the back and guzzled a beer. "Thump her ass, you dark haired honey!"

Amy snickered as she tightened her grip on the groggy Mariel's tresses. This guy was so fucking backwoods it was almost comical. She hoped she could get out of this shit hole without a marriage proposal...or worse. With a heave she hauled the unsteady blonde to her feet and shoved her against the post. Mariel's legs were buckling and the trees in the distance were spinning but she still managed to unload a sweeping slap toward the blurred figure before her. Amy easily deflected the lukewarm slap and then hammered Mariel with harsh backhand that nearly chipped the blonde's teeth. Mariel's body sagged against the post and then she was whacked across the face with a sharp slap. She yelped in pain and was on her way down when Amy grabbed hold of her hair and righted her. Amy clenched her fist and disdainfully showed it to her battered rival before she buried it in Mariel's belly.

"UNNNGGHHHH!!!" groaned Mariel as she sunk to her knees clutching her anguished gut.

Amy reached down to the hunched over blonde and secured two fistfuls of hair. With a lunge she sent Mariel sailing face first to the grass with a groan where she lay face down and defenseless. Mariel wiggled her knees under her body, raising her ass up as she moaned and continued to hold her damaged abdomen. Amy's eyes locked on Mariel's exposed butt in all it's red spandex glory. It was just asking for it. She lined up and let fly with a brutal kick that left a dirty vibram sole imprint on Mariel's shorts and sent the shrieking woman plowing face down across the lawn for several yards. Once she skidded to a halt Mariel lay sobbing in agony and barely moving.

"Now that's what I call an ass-kicking, you overgrown bitch!" snarled Amy with a proud smile. "This almost made the last four days of hell worth it!"

As Skeeter crowed with approval and Bud dejectedly looked down at his beaten favorite, Duke made an uncharacteristic trip from the porch to beside Mariel, reaching the end of his chain. Amy laughed wickedly as the dog's curious nose began exploring Mariel's frame.

"Mount the bitch you mutt!" giggled Amy. "Is he neutered?" she asked the men jokingly.

"No, he bluetick," responded Skeeter. "Don't you know a good hound when ya see one?!"

Amy rolled her eyes at the numskull's comment. She looked down at Mariel as Duke plodded away back to his porch, having thoroughly sniffed his new lawn ornament. The blonde lay quiet, face down, apparently out of commission.

"I am still soooo hungry!" announced Amy as she stepped over to the picnic table. "I appreciate what you've done, but do you guys have ANYTHING else to eat that didn't come from those woods?"

"Well," mused Skeeter. "I do got a coupla Snickers in the icebox."

"Snickers bars!!!" exclaimed Amy joyously. "Oh God that sounds heavenly! May I please have one? I feel like celebrating!"

Skeeter's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as Bud told Amy, "I wouldn't celebrate just yet, hunny buns. You mights wanna turn round...real quick-like."

Amy whirled around to find Mariel had reached her feet. The blonde was bedraggled and still massaging her belly, but the fire in her eyes was intense. Amy quickly moved away from the picnic table and out onto the main section of lawn as Mariel cautiously pursued her.

"You made a big mistake fucking with me, girl," hissed Mariel.

"The mistake I made was following you to this 'paradise lost', bitch!" retorted Amy. "I knew it would come to this!"

Bud and Skeeter cheered on the two women as they circled on the lawn. It seemed Mariel and Amy didn't need a whole helluva lot of encouragement to throw down. The fuse on this one had been lit days ago. Now it was time for an earth shattering KABOOM!

"You're gonna regret this," snarled Mariel coldly.

Amy feinted with a punch and forced Mariel to step back defensively. "Stop jawin' and start clawin', country girl." snapped Amy.

"Hey Bud," whispered Skeeter excitedly as he poked his buddy's arm. "Ya wanna put some money on this here round?"

Bud elbowed Skeeter in the ribs and glared at him incredulously, "Where'n hell you gonna get money, bozo? You still owe me $200 fur bailing you out on that indecent exposure charge!"

"I'm good for it!" retorted Skeeter. "Git her, you dark-haired honey!"

Amy was bobbing and weaving as she studied her opponent cautiously. Mariel was a damn big girl, and Amy was now wishing she had knocked the blonde clean out and then tied her up before her premature celebration. Damn...she could almost taste that goddam Snickers bar. She lashed out with a testy front kick but Mariel was also focused on the task at hand and smartly dodged it.

"One big shot..." mused Amy as she held her clenched fists in front of her face. "Nail her with one monster shot and she's yours."

Mariel now had her full wits about her and she carefully studied Amy's eyes and body language. She knew she had a decent reach advantage over the brunette bitch. Her thoughts practically mirrored Amy's, “...just one shot..."

What transpired next caused Bud and Skeeter to launch to their feet with an excited cry. Amy's widening eyes betrayed the spontaneity of her attack a split second before she lunged forward to unload her haymaker. In an astonishing display of speed and cunning, Mariel let fly with a lightning fast counter punch that exploded on her opponent's chin and eradicated Amy's hopes of landing her punch. As if in slow motion Amy's knees buckled as her head snapped savagely to the side and her labeled punch died in flight. Mariel stood her ground with her guard still up as the brunette crumpled at her feet face down in a heap of twisted flesh. As Mariel prodded Amy's face with the toe of her boot, she heard a delirious moan from the semi-conscious brunette.

"One shot!" spat Mariel with disdain. "Went down like a ten dollar whore on the back seat of a Buick."

"Poor gal is gonna need the hose turned on her to come round, Skeeter!" chuckled Bud.

Skeeter wasn't impressed with the latest turn of events, but he did manage a goofy grin, "Wet T-shirt contest? They's a good idea!"

Mariel leaned over and jerked her squealing rival to her hands and knees by her hair and asked, "Hell, how 'bout a NO T-shirt contest? You fellas like that?"

Her hands slid down to Amy's hips and she yanked her T-shirt out from her shorts. She peeled it up as Amy whined groggily until her slender torso and white sports bra were exposed. Mariel hauled Amy to her feet and wrapped her hands in the bunched up T-shirt bunched around her shoulders. Holding the trapped girl bent at the waist and defenseless, Mariel rammed her knee into Amy's unprotected belly with such force the brunette's feet left the ground. Amy groaned as her stomach convulsed and she nearly heaved the lunch her hosts had so generously provided as she sank to her knees with her arms tangled in the T-shirt Mariel continued to clench as Amy gasped frantically for air. Mariel tugged the T-shirt up over Amy's head and down her arms, dropping it on the ground as she again hauled her suffering adversary to her feet and held her wrists. Bracing herself as she planted her right boot in Amy's chest, Mariel pushed off and sent the outclassed brunette stumbling back out of control toward Bud's wood pile. Amy cried out as she tripped and crashed to the dirt on her back with a heavy grunt, scattering the wood. She lay stretched out and battered with her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. The realization that she was fucked hit her like a freight train.

"Darlin', have a beer!" offered Bud, approaching Mariel with a huge grin.

"Let me finish this wench first," said Mariel.

"Baaaahh! Don't you fret about her. She ain't going nowheres. You smacked her right good!" he marveled.

"Well...I'll take a few swigs but then I'm going to end this," said Mariel. She took the can from Bud and gulped down a hefty helping of America's finest lager. "I feel I should apologize for our behavior," she said. "But sometimes there's no other way to settle things. Know what I mean?"

"Hell yes I do!" answered Bud enthusiastically. "Don't you worry one bit, Mariel. I'd be lying if'n I said me and Skeeter wasn't having a ball watching you ladies tussle. Ain't that right, Skeeter?"

"Yup!" muttered Skeeter half-heartedly as he thrust his hands in his pockets and looked over at Amy with a downhearted expression.

Mariel tipped her head back and downed her beer but her brief hiatus from pounding Amy into submission was as foolish as Amy's earlier when she had Mariel reeling. Amy was in pretty sad shape, but she was still awake and therefore still dangerous. She was trying to collect her wits and she glanced to her right and saw Bud's ax at the end of the wood pile. Extremely dangerous! She quietly got to her feet suppressing a groan as pain radiated through her tired frame. She reached for the ax and picked it up still unseen by the others. She held the ash handle in her hands as she looked at Mariel menacingly.

"For Christ's sake!" yelled Bud nervously as he noted the brunette's progress. "Don't kill her!!! Put the goddamned ax down!"

To Amy's credit she turned the ax around with the square back facing Mariel as she drew back and let fly. Mariel couldn't believe Amy would stoop so low! Tossing her beer can aside, she warily tracked the incoming weapon, then suddenly raised her hands with gutsy precisionand grabbed the shaft, halting it's path. For a split second, both women were frozen, their eyes locked in a death stare with their hands gripping the ax handle. Save for a chattering red squirrel, all was still until Mariel broke the brief stalemate with a powerful kick that put her boot in Amy's belly and crumpled the brunette to her knees groaning. Amy's fingers released the ax handle and went quickly to her abdomen as she gasped and wheezed, gulping air. Mariel momentarily brandished the ax in a lethal manner as Amy looked up in horror but the tall blonde overcame her urge to go 'Jason' on Amy and instead snapped her boot smack into Amy's chest, pancaking her tits and sent her sprawling on her back in agony. Then Mariel stood straddling Amy's waist as she shook the ax in her face.

"I ought to split you from cunt to chin you crazy bitch!" she growled before she tossed the ax over the wood pile.

Mariel squatted on Amy's chest and as the dazed and breathless brunette looked up, she was rocked with a punch to the chin. Her head jerked to the side and she uttered a defeated moan; her eyes rolled back and she swooned into a semi-conscious stupor.

"Take a break, cupcake!" hissed Mariel as she stood up, sure the bitch was out for sure now.

Mariel turned and walked away toward Bud who rushed across the lawn to greet her. He saw her massaging her knuckles so he examined them, then offered to get her a towel to wrap her hand in ice. The heat of the battle had turned the statuesque blondes nipples into rock hard nubs that strained the synthetic top covering and Bud's eyes sneakily roamed all over Mariel's high beams with ribald pleasure. With the two of them preoccupied with her hand...and unwittingly, her breasts...Skeeter had inconspicuously made his way to his beaten Amy where he knelt beside her. She was almost fully out but a hefty splash of cold beer from his can brought her around instantly and she sputtered as he helped her sit up.

"Take it easy, gal. Git your bearings 'fur you git up," said Skeeter soothingly. "She's beatin' you like a rug on a porch rail!"

Amy stared at the backs of Mariel and Bud who were standing 30 feet away, then scrabbled to her feet and made a blundering beeline toward Mariel. At the last second, Bud looked up and saw her coming but before he had a chance to yell, Amy hit Mariel in the back with a flying tackle. Both tumbled to the ground in a squealing heap of woman flesh as Bud scooted away to safety.

"Hot damn! My gal ain't done fur yet, Bud!" cheered Skeeter as he hurried toward the fray.

Amy was now astride the face down and stunned Mariel, her fingers in the blonde's hair as she slammed her face on the ground. As Mariel defensively pushed herself up to her hands and knees, Amy changed tactics; riding her like a pony, snaking an arm around Mariel's throat in a choke hold. "I'll kill you, you fucking bitch!!!" growled Amy as she tightened the choke and commenced to strangle the struggling blonde.

Mariel panicked and did the first thing that came to mind. With a mighty heave, she powered herself over backward, taking Amy with her, dropping on her back on top of the grunting brunette and squashing her. Amy's arm loosened from around Mariel's throat as the wind was knocked out of her by the full weight of her big rival. Then a sharp elbow jab from Mariel smashed into Amy's ribcage and left her in anguished torment.

"Putt'er ta bed Mariel!" encouraged Bud as he watched the altercation lustily. "Knock tha' bitch stiff!"

Mariel grimaced as she struggled to her feet and massaged her aching body. She gave Amy a nasty kick to the ribs that sent the yelping woman rolling over onto her belly. Skeeter regarded her with remorse as she lay face down, her full round rump jiggling slightly as she whimpered in pain. He was glad Bud hadn't agreed to bet on the outcome.

"Oh, she's going to bed alright, don't you worry about that," hissed Mariel. "But not before I crush her spirit!"

She reached down and jerked her exhausted foe to her feet; clamped a side headlock around Amy and bent her forward at the waist as she cinched it tight. Muffled whimpers drifted upward from Amy's mouth and her left hand reached around Mariel's waist to claw at her side. The pair had their backs to Bud and Skeeter and both men salivated at the rear views they had. Mariel snarled and began reaming Amy's head up and down wildly as she held her in a tight side headlock. The brunette's upper body folded at the waist jerked up and down and her left hand lost its grip on Mariel's waist and waved haphazardly. Mariel released her hold and stepped aside, letting the dizzy Amy wobble to and fro on rubbery legs as she struggled to stand upright.

Mariel grabbed the brunette's shoulder, spun her around facing her and abruptly cracked her across the cheek with a stinging slap that brought a painful shriek. Then she grabbed a handful of brown hair and pulled the reeling Amy into another round of wrenching side headlock action that left Amy stumbling in a daze once she was released. Mariel’s fist burrowed deep into Amy's gut promptly dropped the overwhelmed Amy to her knees in a fit of coughs and groans with her ass still pointing at the two men. Mariel took a position with her legs straddling the kneeling and bent forward brunette; a satisfied smirk on her face as she smiled at Skeeter, then slowly reached down to gather up a handful of Amy's long, disheveled brown mane. She raised the whimpering woman's head and held it between her long, athletic thighs as she clamped them tight, securing Amy in a head scissors.

"All you had to do was control your bitchy disposition and keep your mouth shut," Mariel sighed as she reached down and snapped the back of Amy's sports bra against her sweaty skin. "But instead you just kept bitchin' and moanin'; bitchin' and moanin'."

Amy's body convulsed in a fit of anger as she vainly tried to break free.

"Bitch!" Amy growled from her place just below Mariel's damp crotch. "Let me up damn you!"

"Oh no," answered Mariel firmly. "This time, you're going down...for good."

As the tall blonde leaned forward, she kept her legs squeezed tight around Amy's head while she slid her hands under her kneeling adversary's hips. When her searching fingers found the front button closure of Amy's shorts and unfastened it, she felt an angry lurch of Amy's hips and heard a stream of expletives. Bud and Skeeter loudly encouraged their new favorite; Bud's tone sounding far more smug than Skeeter's. Amy's hands were a whirlwind of motion, slapping and clawing at any part of Mariel's body she could reach in her frantic attempts to save her modesty but her flurry of resistance did little to slow Mariel as the giggling blonde wriggled and pushed Amy's shorts down over and off her hips and ass, then down her thighs until they lay pooled at knees on the ground.

Bud and Skeeter gasped lewdly as their eyes locked on Amy's exposed butt sheathed in a pair of high-cut pink cotton panties. The embarrassed brunette was helpless to keep Mariel from toying with her and rage coursed through her veins, but Mariel's scissors not only had her trapped, it was rapidly wearing down her resistance. Amy's face - unseen by all - was a deep crimson as a result of the viselike hold around her neck and her breathing came in quick, subdued gasps. The inevitable horror of passing out tormented her as, in desperation, she reached up to grab the waist of Mariel's shorts and give a tug. Mariel frowned and drilled her in the ribs with a sharp punch that ended Amy's resistance as well as bringing a sorrowful moan from the wounded brunette.

Amy's hands dropped away from Mariel's clothing to cover her ailing ribs which allowed Mariel to resume playing with her. Bud and Skeeter's naughty gazing at Amy's round ass was impossible to miss, so Mariel turned up the degradation of her bitchy rival a notch for their benefit. Hooking her thumbs under the sides of Amy's panties, she ever so slowly stretched it away from her sweaty skin and then peeled it down. The men gasped as the top of Amy's ass cleft was revealed and Bud's beer can crinkled noisily as he squeezed it to tight he crushed it as his eyes strained to take in the risqué baring of Amy's bottom.

"More?" asked Mariel devilishly as she gazed at Bud. "You wanna see a little more?"

"Yes'm!" rasped Bud huskily as he finished crumpling the beer can.

Amy's struggle against Mariel's strength had faded until it amounted to only a few tepid shakes and garbled whining. The dominant blonde wowed her audience further as she teasingly slid Amy's panties down her thighs to fully expose her bare butt, then she began a humiliating spanking session that slowly put a nice pink hue on the cream-colored flesh. But Mariel was particularly cruel, for she didn't give Amy a harsh spanking, but a teasing and embarrassing pitter-patter of light smacks that had poor Amy whimpering in shame as the darkness closed in and Amy began to succumb to Mariel's scissors. She was unable to resist at all when Mariel peeled her sports bra up to bare her tits, drooping teardrop-shaped cones capped with long dark nipples that hung there for the taking. And taken they were when Mariel's fingers closed over Amy's erect nipples to pinch and twist, then stretch them down painfully while the barely conscious brunette tensed, moaned and then gave a defeated whine.

Satisfied with her degradation of the bitch, Mariel yanked Amy's panties back up into place which got no response from her victim. When she opened her thighs and released the scissors, Amy's body dropped face-down on the ground. THUNK!

"Think she's done now, Skeeter?" laughed Bud, thrilled with Mariel's dominating performance.

He watched the blonde with admiration as Mariel worked Amy's bra off over her head and waved it in the air with a grin. She pulled the all but unconscious Amy to her feet with one hand in her hair and the other clutching the back of her girl's undies. Running forward away from the men, Mariel pulled the stumbling, staggering Amy across the lawn, then stopped and sent her sailing headlong through the air. Amy's limp body slammed into the turf headfirst and abruptly stopped, her face embedded in the soft ground and her hips and legs flying upward unable to stop their momentum. As her body dropped back to the ground, it made a soft, soggy SPLAT!

"Not the damn leach field!" moaned Skeeter. "Oh, ma po' dark-haired gal!"

Mariel tipped her head back slightly and sniffed; grunted, then scowled at the men, "You boys need to dig this leachfield up and get a new load of crushed stone in here! I doubt it's functioning properly!"

"Yep, yer's on Skeeter's 'tuh-do list," replied Bud rolling of his eyes. "Bit gamey, taint it!"

Mariel walked quickly back toward them to escape the foul odor, leaving Amy planted face down which served as a wake-up potion even more nasty than smelling salts. Amy weakly struggled to her hands and knees, then gagged, dropped her head and threw up on the ground between her hands. As she looked down, she saw her naked breasts swaying back and forth below her heaving chest. Quickly rising to her knees, she looked down at her filthy hands with disgust.

"Ughhh!" she griped as she rose to her feet uneasily, turned and saw the grinning Mariel standing five yards away. "Biiiiitchhhh!" Amy screamed as she charged blonde with her claws bared.

Mariel readied herself as she smugly waved Amy's bra like a matador taunting a bull. Then just as Amy reached her, Mariel stepped aside and pulled the bra out from in front of Amy who barreled past her, arms grasping for the blonde but coming up empty. She stumbled forward several yards before she fell in a belly sliding heap. Skeeter couldn't fault Amy for effort, but it was painfully clear to him his dark-haired girl's ass was grass and Mariel was firing up the mower. He tossed his empty beer can away in disgust.

Bud, seeing Skeeter's reaction, chuckled, "Damn, Skeeter! If'n ol' babydoll Mariel don' put me in mind a' my first wife, Queenie!"

Skeeter gave him a harsh glare and grunted, "Queenie didn't look nowhere near's hot as her!"

"Queenie were a spittin' image a her when the lights was off and I's givin' her the high hard one!" giggled Bud.

Skeeter guffawed and shook his head in disgust, "Sheeeittttt! Why don't you have ANOTHER beer, asswipe!"

Mariel could have been impressed by Amy's tenacity if she weren't already so fed up with the miserable brunette. She was tired and enough was enough. As Amy struggled to her feet, Mariel was already moving toward her. "UUNNNGGHHH!!!" She slammed into Amy’s chest with a devastating shoulder tackle that lifted her off her feet and drove her to the ground on her back! They skidded across the grass, Amy on her back with her legs in the air; Mariel on top of her. When they slid to a stop, Mariel sat up, straddled Amy who barely had enough left to groan and glared down at her maliciously. SMACK! Amy cried out as her head jerked to the side after the powerful slap. THWACK!! A resounding backhand snapped Amy's head back the opposite way as she chirped in anguish. CRACKKKK!!! The destroyed brunette's head rocked again from a brutal right hook to her jaw. This time there was no yelp, no cry, no nothing; all was quiet.

"Ding-ding-ding!" proclaimed Bud as he threw his arms in the air over his head. "We have a winnah! This calls for a celebration!"

Mariel heaved an exhausted sigh, turned and flexed her biceps as she struck a triumphant pose astride the unconscious Amy. Bud gave her a ‘standing ovation’ grinning lecherously from ear to ear. She smiled, then turned back to gaze down at Amy, promptly breaking into a giggle fit. Amy’s chest down skid across the grass after their matador routine had left green grass stain on her naked tits and a big green mark on the point of her chin.

She rose to her feet, glanced at Bud and said, "I'd like to hang my trophy on your pole."

He chuckled as he approached her, "You bagged her, darlin', only seems fittin’ we hang her. Lemme give ya a hand."

Together,they carried the limp brunette over to the meat pole where Mariel held Amy in a bearhug under the breasts while Bud untied the nylon ropes. He tethered Amy's wrists together over her head as Mariel continued to hold her upright. When they both stepped back, Amy's knees buckled and the ropes snapped taut, leaving her dangling from the pole with her chin on her chest. The only stitch of clothing left on the demolished woman was her panties and they were spattered and stained from her romps on the lawn. She was one conquered trophy if ever there was one - and without a doubt the most beautiful creature to ever hang from Bud and Skeeter’s meat pole.

"Dammit Amy," muttered Skeeter as he looked at his woman with a shameful expression. "You done got yer pretty ass flung in the dung and hung."

"Well ain't you a poet, Skeeter!" kidded Bud. "Now, like I was saying...time to celebrate! Be rat back; wait rat cheer."

Mariel cracked a beer and slaked her thirst as she studied her vanquished foe, “Bitch!” she muttered. “Got what you deserve!”

Just then, Bud returned carrying a dusty green bottle and three glasses which he set on the picnic table.

"That there’s homemade dandelion wine, hon," he explained. "Sweetest stuff you'll ever taste."

"Nectar o' the gods, I calls it!" piped up Skeeter; the wine taking his mind off his poor dark-haired girl. "Only break ‘er out fer special occasions...y’know, like trout an’ deer seasons!"

"This here's a special occasion, Skeeter," said Bud as he uncorked the bottle and filled the three glasses.

"Not for her it tain't," pouted Skeeter, gesturing with his glass in Amy’s direction before they all took a sip.

"Mmmm! Delicious!" gushed Mariel. "Thank you."

"No...thank YOU, darlin’. This afternoon’s been a downright hoot," marveled Bud. They savored the rest of their glass of wine, then he glanced at his watch. "Hate fer this shindig ta end, but your friend should be here anytime," he said with a hint of sadness.

"She's still out," said Skeeter studying Amy's dangling figure. "Think we should check; see if’n she's still breathin'?"

"Gimme that hose!" Mariel picked up the nozzle from the ground beside the cabin and turned on the spigot, strode over to Amy with hose in hand and cupped the girl's chin to lift her head.

"Oh, poor thing! You thirsty, dirty girl?" she cooed. "Sorry, no wine for losers!"

She stepped back and unleashed a burst of icy cold water from the hose, dousing Amy's face and chest and instantly reviving her. The sputtering brunette twisted back and forth as she loosed a blue streak of cuss words until Mariel ended her shower.

"Stop it!!!" wailed the sopping wet Amy, shaking her head and looking down at herself in horror. "God….No!" she whined as she squeezed her eyes shut as if she could will herself away from the humiliating position she found herself.

"I trust you're going to be my good little bitch the rest of the trip, hmmmmnn?" asked Mariel sternly. "If not, I'll gladly whup that up-tight ass of yours again." She dropped the hose in the grass and untied Amy's wrists as the brunette sniffled and sobbed. "Now get dressed, bitch!" growled Mariel.

“Yes ma’am,” Amy mumbled, covering her naked breasts with her arms as she wandered about the lawn retrieving her discarded clothing. She kept her back to the men as she quickly dressed, then turned around sheepishly. Mariel threw the backpack at her and it landed at her feet.

"You're carrying the fucking pack now, creampuff," she snarled.

Amy fought back another fit of sobbing as she shouldered the pack, then Mariel stepped up beside her and grabbed her earlobe, pinching painfully.

"Say 'thank you' to our gracious hosts," Mariel commanded and Amy whimpered as she pinched her earlobe tighter. "Say it!"

"T...t...thank," mumbled the devastated brunette insincerely.

Mariel winked at Bud and Skeeter, grinning as she turned away still holding Amy by the ear. She led the whimpering girl across the lawn and down the gravel driveway and Bud and Skeeter followed them until the disappeared around a corner.

"Skeeter, you know what we just seen was a wonst in a lifetime thang!" said Bud as he put an arm around his buddy. "I don't know ‘bout you; but now I seen it for real, it's in my blood. Somehow, some way...I wanna see it again."
Bud got up from the prison yard bench and stretched his aching joints, "And that's how she went, Francis."

"Sum bitch that's one horny story!" exclaimed Francis. "You lucky slugs! seen it again all right. Only problem, that’s what landed your sorry asses in here."

Bud looked down at him pensively, "Moment a weakness, Francis; moment a weakness. We're all guilty of weakness one time or t'other, ain't we fellas?"

"That's a fair statement, Bud." answered Lyle. "A fair statement for sure!"