Catfight Mania #1 by Canadian Lou
The Birth of an Idea: Lou Dipi sat in his office posed with a unique opportunity. Thanks to several reversals of fortune, his promotion had ascended to the top of the catfighting world, and perhaps all he needed was one small nudge to solidify his place at the top of the mountain. Lou was not a small man. His girth was apparent, his appetite was legendary, so if he was going to strike, it was going to have to be big. Huge! It was a Tuesday. Lou called in his assistant to share his plans.

"What we need is a signature event. Baseball has the World Series. Football has the Super Bowl. Hell, wrestling has Wrestlemania. It is my goal to create an event on par with each of those. An event that will be talked about throughout the ages. I want you to get on the phone with every talent we have under contract. I want you to get a hold of the largest venue you can secure on the shortest notice. And lastly, and most importantly, I want every major player in Hollywood contacted. Every producer. Every director. Every studio head. No matter how big or how small, I want all of them to bare witness to my greatness. I want them all to bare witness to my masterful creation. I want the world to be talking about this for years."

"Um...sir...I don't mean to be out of line, but what the hell are you talking about?"


"Catstavaganza? I don't get it."

"See, I took the word extravaganza and catfighting and combined them...brilliant!"

"Sir, if I may...why the hell not just keep it simple?"

"Simple? I want something buzzworthy; something to pique the interest of the movers and shakers; to turn the world on it's ear. I want..."

"Catfight Mania."


"Catfight Mania, sir,” the assistant repeated. “It’s simple; catchy. And thanks to the subtle tweaking, like totally legal."

"I like it. Catfight Mania! Well, the damn thing has a name, all we need now is a card."

The Formation of the Card: "'s going to be huge, I promise," Lou proclaimed as he spoke on the phone to the South African woman, "You’re the undisputed champ in this industry and you (and that gold belt) mean more to me than anything else in this world. If I can sign you for this show, I promise I’ll make you the centerpiece; the crown jewel.” When Charlize didn’t answer right away, Lou played his ‘trump’, “And I’ll let you name your opponent!"

"OK Lou, you've got my ear," the lithe blond purred silkily.

"I’ll put you in a title match at the top of the card; bill it as the main event. ‘Undisputed World Champion Charlize Theron vs....’ who???" Lou paused, giving Charlize time to consider her options. She knew if she named a creampuff people would begin to doubt her legitimacy as a champion. But if she selected a monster, her title - and her career - could be in jeopardy.

"I have to think about it,” she finally said.

"What's to think?” Lou snapped gruffly. “Everybody knows who the number one contender is. You and her in a ‘Winner Takes All matc..."

"NO! There's no way I'm just walking into a match with her on short notice She's crazy! She's malicious! You DO know she carries around a giant black dildo…she even has a name for the damn thing; calls it ‘The Black Panther’ for fuck sake! I can't walk out there unprepared; risking my title and my…"

"Fine!” Lou interrupted, unable to hide his displeasure. “OK, she's out of the picture! How about a top five contender? Bill it as a tune-up…somebody tough enough to justify your reign, but not so tough you have to worry, at least not too much."

"Perfect!" she quickly agreed.

"So you'll let me just pick someone?" he asked eagerly.

"Iiiiiiiiii don't know, Lou,” she hedged. “I mean, I trust you and all, but..."

"Listen. I WANT you to win. I WANT you walking out of there with the gold,” Lou assured her. That way, I can book you against the number one contender. Right now, all I want for you to say you trust me."

"I trust you," Charlize sighed.

"Good. Then it's agreed; the main event for Catfight Mania is Charlize Theron vs. Rose McGowan."

"WHAT?” Charlize yelped. “SHE’S my top five candidate?"

"You'll crush her, champ. Crush her! Get to training." Lou hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief. Nabbing Charlize in a title defense would be a sure-fire attention getter; and matching her up with a woman the caliber of Rose would be an unbeatable combination.

The Star is Back: Lou had just poured himself a drink when he got a knock on his office door.

"Yes, what is it?" he yelled.

"Sir," his assistant shouted through the door. “There's someone to see you."

"I told you I'm NOT to be bothered," Lou grumped.

"But it's Britney, sir." Lou froze for a moment. The look of shock on his face was evident. His mind began to race and the grip on his drink began to weaken. Thankfully, the voice of his assistant revived him, "Sir, can I send her in?"

"Yes!" he stammered, trying desperately to hide his excitement. The door flung open, and there stood Britney Spears, perhaps one of the most famous - and notorious - celebrities to arise in the past decade. She had been a very visible figure in catfighting since she turned 18 and the demand for her name on cards had been unprecedented. Rumors began circulating late last month that since her pregnancy, Brit was looking for a big return and her big return may have just landed squarely in Lou's lap. "Please, have a seat," Lou said with a gracious sweep of his hand toward an empty chair.

"Look, Lou, I'm going to cut through the bullshit. I'm coming back and I want to make the biggest impact I can! Rumor has it that you're doing some big fuckin' show and I want in! More importantly, you already have somebody I want!" Lou was curious, and frankly, he'd give her anything she wanted. "I want that Elisha chick. I feel like this bitch is trying to take my spotlight and we all know NO ONE takes my spot!"

"I don't see why you don't want a nice, easy match to come back to," Lou offered, hoping to give Britney some jobber so that he isn't forever known as the guy who signed the biggest star and let her be destroyed.

"No! No deal. It’s Elisha or I walk."

" It's a deal. She's yours, hon. She's all yours. You want her, then you've got her..."

"You're babbling and I'm too busy to talk to you," Britney snarled as she bounced out the door grinning.

The Woman with The Black Panther: She was the most formidable woman in the industry and the most feared - for good reason. Undefeated in her catfighting career, she stopped at nothing to achieve total domination of an opponent. Her immediate goal was to crush a legend and then introduce her to ‘The Black Panther’ - her immense dildo.

"Angelina, sweetheart," Lou said nervously. “Please, have a seat

"No, I won't be doing that, Lewis,” Angelina Jolie sneered. “You and I both know I’m the unquestioned number one contender and there’s not one person alive who knows it better than that slut Charlize. But she won't face me; she won't face me because the thought of me penetrating her in front of the whole world scares the hell out of her…and the thought of losing her precious title makes her ill. OK, I accept that...for now. She can hide all she wants, but one day soon my precious black friend will find a home in that whore."

"That was an engaging soliloquy, but you know that anyone EXCEPT Charlize is completely do-able," Lou said slickly, knowing Angie couldn’t miss the double entendre.

"I know that. I know you’d give me anything I want and today I want Cameron Diaz. I want to do is to wrap my hands around the chicken neck of that skinny, pretty blonde and pretend it's Charlize I’m strangling."

"I like the sound of that..."

"Of course you do. Because it makes you money. Well, if I am going to make you plenty of money, then you’re going to meet my demands. But I want one stipulation," Angie said with a leering smirk of a smile.

"Let's hear it."

"After I win, I want Cameron in the middle of the ring. I don't want her to struggle. I don't want her to kick or scream, just kneel like a sad puppy dog while I fuck her with the Black Panther...and on the outside chance that she beats me, then I will comply with her demands."

Filling Out the Card: "OK, so we've got a lot to put on the advertisements. The return of Spears. A World Title Match and A Loser Gets Fucked match. I think with a three-pronged main event, we have all the ammo that we need."

"Sir, what about the undercard?"

"The undercard? I am not going to lose a minute of sleep over this. I’ll select the matches myself and I will guarantee any of them could headline any other show."

"Sounds like a winner, sir."

"Get me our roster and get ready to write." Lou looked down the sheet of superstars and his mind began to work. "We need to get Jessica Simpson; she's big publicity for us now with her whole break-up thing. But I don't want her getting humiliated, I want to see her take someone apart for a change. Who’s someone who’d look good taking a beating? Portman? Yeah, seeing Portman get thrown in there sounds nice. Next, let’s keep the ‘Jessica train’ on the tracks. We got two more in Biel and Alba. Let’s throw Biel in with that ‘OC’ chick…what's ‘er name?"


"Nah, the feisty one."


"Yeah, that’s her! The thought of what Biel could do to her is enough to keep me sleepless for a week."

"And Alba, sir?"

"Oh yeah, Alba! She's wearing on my last nerve. I begged her not to do that stupid 'In the Deep' and look what happened. You have any idea what THAT did to her bankablity? I can't even get her a decent callback now. She's about as useless to me as an actress as Paris H…hello! Now there's an idea; Hilton and Alba! Pencil it in. Let those two rip each other apart, and whoever is left standing, maybe I can get her a cameo on ‘Vegas’!"

"Sir, might I recommend a rematch between Katherine Heigl and Rachel McAdams? It drew a very positive response and could be..."

"No! That's a big money rematch. Kat basically raped the girl of her dignity in that ring and their return bout will sell an entire fucking show on it's own. But I do want to showcase both; give them each something fun to do. What's the name of that annoying girl…the one always calling asking for a match?"

"Alexis Bledel sir?"

"Yeah, her! If she still wants a match give her to Kat. Let Kat destroy her and see if she calls back again. And as for Rachel, I want someone sexy. Who do you think of as sexy?"

"What about her and Hillary Duff?"

"Yeah, right!” Lou snorted. “Throw Duff out there on this show? Her first legal match could be big so I want to save that. But you're on the right track. A hot, young piece of ass. What about her ex-costar Lohan? She off the coke?"

"I think so."

"Perfect! Book her. Book it. Fuck, this is going to make some money!"

The Show: The line was wrapped twice around the building. People had been there since early that morning, which was a surprising fact considering they all already had their tickets. It had to be the atmosphere. There was a combined sense of excitement and doubt. Could Lou pull off such an "extravaganza"? And if so, what does this mean for the industry in general? Every executive who could make it came and those who couldn't sent trusted representatives. Tonight could be the night their studio discovered the next big star, or in some cases, reaffirmed the faith they had in their current acquisitions.

Once inside, it was clear this was unlike anything ever seen before. The entrance ramp contained an elaborate set akin to the mainstream wrestling productions. Since luxury boxes were few and far between, top-level studio honchos would have to sit in cheap plastic chairs at ringside - a humbling sensation to say the least. The lights dimmed five minutes before show time, and out came a man in a well-dressed tuxedo. His name was Max Weaver and he was the "voice" of the organization. Lou preferred the anonymity from behind the curtain, so Max was his mouthpiece.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to an evening that you will not soon forget. Catfightmania!" Pyrotechnics burst from above the ring, startling and exciting the wealthy crowd. "Tonight, history will be made. Tonight, these ladies will vie for not only victory in the ring, but for the opportunity to become major players in your films. Lastly, if any woman should catch your eye, feel free to contact me or one of my associates and we will be glad to negotiate contracts and offers. So without further ado, let me introduce our first contest."


Match #1: Lindsay Lohan vs. Rachel McAdams:

The lights dimmed and the two massive screens above the ring illuminated. As a nice addition, Lou had his production staff create video packages to give a back-story to the ensuing battles. The voice over began while showing b-roll footage of a woman from a distance being helped from a ring, "In her first contest, Rachel McAdams learned the harsh reality of the catfighting world. Despite months of training, the young actress succumbed to the physical and sexual assault of her opponent, Katherine Heigl. Now, more determined than ever, Ms. McAdams is prepared to step onto the biggest stage and lay her claim to being the next great competitor."

The images then shift to showing a woman surrounded by paparazzi. "Some women shun the press and others graciously let them in. For Lindsay Lohan, it has been a tug of war between acceptance and rejection of the spotlight. Since entering the catfighting world, her confidence and her cunning have helped her not only secure victory after victory, but allowed her to avoid the humiliation all competitors fear."

Rachel McAdams came down to the ring first, and many were surprised to see here there at all. In her first and only outing, she’d been thoroughly embarrassed and dominated by Katherine Heigl and video of her being forced to pleasure herself ended up being widely circulated on the Internet. After the loss, she went back in for more intense training and is now a top technician of both grappling skills and intimidating sexual attacks. Tonight, she is dressed in a purple one-piecet, partly because it accentuates her curves and partly because it makes her sensitive areas harder to get at. The crowd cheers its approval as her bright, beaming smile is still there despite what happened to her in the past.

After Rachel climbed into the ring, the referee began the standard search of her outfit to ensure she didn't try to sneak any foreign objects into the ring. While the ref checked Rachel's attire, the lights and the music changed and Lindsay Lohan made her way to the ring in a turquoise two-piece and flanked by her personal cameramen. Many in the crowd were less-than-thrilled at the sight of the now-redhead since her attitude and outrageous public demeanor had sunk several film opportunities that cost many of these producers millions. They were hoping to see her get hers and if Rachel was the one to do it, then a lucrative contract was almost a guaranteed her. Lindsay slinked into the ring and blew mock kisses to the crowd as the referee approached her to check her flimsy bikini for hidden weapons.

"Come on, baby, search me," she teased as the obviously nervous ref began his quick inspection. As his hand got close to her crotch, she grabbed his wrist and quickly grinded it into her. Shocked, the ref pulled back. "What? No fun?" she pouted. The flustered referee made his way to the center of the ring and ordered the timekeeper to strike the bell. Both ladies stared bullets into each other's eyes.

"Oh Rachel, if you thought what Kat did to you was bad, then just wait until I get finished with your pathetic little body." Rachel wasn't going to be intimidated and she charged Ms. Lohan. Lindsay, the proud warrior that she was, turned the other way and slid out of the ring. The referee restrained the charging McAdams as Lindsay caught her breath on the outside. "Yeah, I don't want her to try that again, ref," Lindsay screamed as one of her personal cameramen wiped the sweat from her brow.

The referee began his ten count as Rachel began to fire up the crowd. She climbed onto the second turnbuckle and began to pump her fists, electrifying the audience. As soon as Rachel turned her back, Lohan charged into the ring looking to Pearl Harbor the brunette. Unfortunately for Lindsay, Rachel was well ahead of her, and before Lohan realized it was a trap, Rachel sprung off the turnbuckle and came crashing down on the stunned wrestler. The impact knocked the wind out of Lindsay, and Rachel took the opportunity to perch herself on top of Lohan. Once in the dominant position, she grabbed two handfuls of red hair and began to slam Lindsay's head repeatedly into the mat.

"Maybe I can knock some sense into you!" Rachel mocked as she continued to bounce the girl's head like a basketball. Finally, the referee admonished the "Wedding Crashers" star and Rachel let go of Lindsay’s hair. "I've wanted to do that since 'Mean Girls'," she announced as she beamed with joy.

Lohan just laid on the canvas in shock. Her head was pounding and she couldn't catch her breath. Worst of all, her hair looked terrible. Rachel climbed off of her seat on Lindsay's stomach, and with the opportunity right in front of her, she began to stomp on the downed girl with her boots. The kicks were scattershot; some connecting to her stomach, some to her thighs, and-to Rachel's delight-some to Lindsay's chest. Lindsay mustered up some strength and rolled away from the kicks, but not content with that, she continued to roll until she was outside of the ring. She was not at all happy with what just happened in the ring, and she decided to huddle with her cameramen.

"That fucking bitch kicked my boobies. No one does that. No one! So this is what I want you to do..."

Rachel, growing impatient with this impromptu huddle, climbed to the top rope and leapt onto Team Lohan. The impact knocked everyone to the ground, with some of Lindsay's burly cameramen crashing down on top of her. Rachel stood up and acknowledged the fans, then got to work sorting through the pile of bodies to find Lohan's.

"Don't worry," she shouted, "I've got her!"

Rachel once again grabbed a handful of red hair and pulled Lohan back into the ring. Lindsay was not in the mood to fight. She was hoping for a cheap out and to sneak away with a victory, but now she suddenly found herself standing across from a fairly large challenge. Rachel slid into the ring and made her way towards the poor redhead. She scooped up the girl and slammed her hard into the mat. Lindsay's back began to spasm and she shot up into a sitting position, rubbing her aching spine. Seeing the seated girl, Rachel ran with a full head of steam from behind, grabbed Lindsay's head, and snapped it forward into the mat. The impact bounced Lohan backwards and again she found herself looking up at the ceiling.

Rachel was having fun. Finally, she was able to just cut loose and dismantle an opponent. However, if there was anything she learned from her last match-up, it was that one mistake can be deadly, so there was no room for error. She bounced off the ropes and came crashing down with a leg across the throat of Lindsay. Lindsay's legs shot up on the impact, and fell back lifeless to the mat. Rachel stood up and looked down at the hurt girl in front of her, her mind churning with ideas of what to do to her new victim. Rachel rolled her onto her stomach, and ever so gently, she sat down on Lindsay's hurt back. "I remember when you called me a cow, well I hope from now on you'll think of me more as a camel," she scowled, as she synched her hands under Lohan's chin and pulled back with a vicious camel clutch. Lindsay screamed in anguish as her back and neck were being tortured and she was defenseless. Rachel began to bounce her backside into the small of Lindsay's back, looking to not only hurt her but add a little humility to this lesson.

Just then, one of Lindsay's cameramen moved to face the two girls. Why would one of her own personal documentarians photograph her in such a painful predicament? The answer became clear a few seconds later when her cameraman signaled the pained Lohan just as he pressed the shutter on his camera.

A bright, blinding light flashed in Rachel's eyes and, blinded, she was forced to relinquish the hold and free the hurt Lindsay. Seizing the opportunity, Lindsay fought through the pain and began to attack Rachel. She first charged the blinded girl and Clotheslined her to the mat, then, with Rachel dazed, Lindsay straddled her, pinning her arms under her knees. Lindsay began to unload with roundhouse rights and lefts, each unobstructed fist smashing into McAdams's delicate features until Rachel was a blubbering mess. She couldn't see, couldn't move and couldn't take any more beating!

Then Rachel realized the ironic similarity of her situation! She’d had Katherine Heigl in a similar position when an errant knee to the back of her head led to her downfall. Perhaps now she could get the preverbal monkey off her back - and the literal cow off of her tits! With all of her strength, Rachel blindly swung her knees up and smacked Lindsay's already damaged back. Lohan, never one to handle pain very well, rolled off Rachel to attend to her throbbing back.

Rachel, not looking so good herself, used the ropes to pull herself up to a vertical base. She was woozy from the punches, but she knew Lohan couldn't take much more. She pulled Lohan up by her hair and wrapped her up in an Abdominal Stretch. Lindsay wailed in pain, her screeches were stinging the ears of those in the first few rows, but were music to Rachel’s ears.

"You’re going to pay for that little trick," Rachel said, as she grabbed Lohan's trunks for more leverage.

Tears were coming down Lindsay's cheeks, and it was clear that she was not going to be much of a threat. With that in mind, Rachel snaked her hand up and grabbed a nice big handful of Lindsay's left breast.

"No...please..." Lindsay whimpered.

But her plea fell on deaf ears and Rachel began to viciously squeeze the ample tit. Unfortunately, Rachel was enjoying this a little too much and didn't notice how close Lindsay was to the ropes. With a quick lunge, Lohan wrapped her hand around the cable, forcing Rachel to break the hold. When Rachel backed off, Lindsay again climbed outside of the ring where her cameramen massaged her aching back while she attended to her wounded mammary herself. Rachel was too dizzy to try her top rope plancha, so she simply left Lohan to get her "rub down" while she pulled herself together. The referee's count had reached eight by the time Lindsay rolled back into the ring and Rachel was waiting for her! She peppered the youngster with knee drops before Lindsay rolled right back out of the ring again.

"Stop being such a little pussy!" Rachel shouted.

"Screw you! You're the fucking psycho who keeps trying to wrap her hands around my beautiful breasts. Jealous?"

She emphasized this by turning toward the crowd and cupping her bounty in both hands, slowly squeezing and moving the supple flesh around - to the delight of the spectators. Rachel, against her better judgment, charged out of the ring and made a beeline for Lohan but Lindsay's cameramen stepped in her way as he filmed the scene, giving Lindsay the opportunity to slip back into the ring.

Rachel climbed up the steps, knowing Lohan would strike the minute she bent over to climb through the ropes. Rachel faked coming in, then when Lindsay charged, Rachel drove her shoulder into Lohan's paunch! Lindsay staggered back a few steps, giving Rachel the chance to step in looking for the kill. She chop-blocked Lohan, and the "Herbie" star went down hard on her back on the mat. Rachel straddled Lindsay, wrapping her legs around Lindsay’s in a Grapevine, hoping to add insult to injury. Everything was aligned; face to face; breasts to breasts; crotch to crotch and Rachel had Lindsay's arms pinned as she looked down into the wide eyes of the helpless girl.

"You know, this is just the beginning of the end. Later, I’m gonna strip you naked," Rachel hissed as she slowly ground her pelvis down on Lohan's. “Then I'm gonna sit on your face…" she humped her again. “…and then I'm going to end your career." Rachel was smiling as she sensuously undulated her body on Lindsay’s.

But Lohan looked up at Rachel - and smiled! "Oh, really? You're going to do all this to me? Well, I kinda like the grinding going on right now, but I don't think you're going to do any of this other stuff to me. See, I don't mind losing as long as I don't get happened to YOU last time. So..." she looked up at the ref with her doe eyes and said, "Excuse me, but my back is severely hurt and I have to ask that you stop the match."

She smiled at the shocked Rachel McAdams as the bell rang before Rachel got a chance to prove her dominance. Lohan had once again escaped humiliation. The ref demanded that Rachel get off of Lindsay, and he began his five count. Rachel got off without incident, and the puzzled crowd was not happy that Rachel failed to finally put Lohan in her place. The boos were upsetting McAdams, and she looked over at Lohan who was being helped out by her cameramen. Lindsay didn't mind the loss, after all, how was she expected to continue to fight with a "hurt back"?

Rachel finally snapped and she charged after Lindsay who was already halfway up the aisle but once again, Lohan’s cameramen interfered, grabbing Rachel. The "hurt" Lindsay suddenly saw a golden opportunity and she peeled back to the helpless actress and grabbed her face in her hands.

"I don't think you realize what you just did. You tried to attack me. ME! Hold her up, boys." Lindsay stepped back and punted Rachel right between the legs, lifting her up on her tip-toes. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that!" Lindsay purred as she leaned in and licked Rachel's cheek, from her chin to her forehead. "Nice outfit. How ‘bout I let these people see those sorry little tits of yours again? I mean, this IS the biggest stage of them all, right? And I don't want to disappoint them, even if your little titties will."

"I…I’ll get you for this," Rachel choked out, trying to hold back the tears and humiliation.

"No, you won't…" Lindsay said as she grabbed the material and pulled down, popping Rachel's tits out. "Wow, those are, like, so sad! Maybe they need a little kiss to get ‘em excited?" Lindsay leaned in, took one of Rachel's nipples into her mouth and began to suckle noisily with unabashed glee.

At the same time, her hand slowly wandered down to Rachel's crotch, slowly rubbing up and down. Just as Rachel felt herself slipping, suddenly the curtain flew open and Katherine Heigl came storming out! Lohan turned just in time to see the flying forearm that slammed into her face! The cameramen dropped Rachel, scooped up Lindsay and ran toward the back.

A confused McAdams looked up and saw her first opponent, "Wha...? What happened?"

"Lindsay tried to humiliate you, but I stopped her."


"Because..." Kat said with a kind, easing smile. "…only I get to do THIS!"

Rachel's relief turned to fear as the bigger woman grabbed her by her trunks and pulled her through the curtain. Once they were behind the curtain, a horde of officials swarmed around in an attempt to save the helpless McAdams. Not wanting to pay a fine, Kat dropped her on the floor, stepped over her and walked away. "Whatever! I've got a match to worry about."


Match #2: Jessica Alba vs. Paris Hilton

The lights went dark again in the arena, as the next video package began. "Paris Hilton's surprise domination is in stark contrast to her public persona. While the outside world sees her as some hapless heiress, she is in fact a vicious vixen with a killer instinct and a penchant for torture. Tonight’s opponent, Jessica Alba, is looking to make a big impact after suffering broken ribs at the hands of Carmen Electra, who was suspended after she piledrove the 'Dark Angel' through an announcers table. Since recovering from her injury, Jess has stepped up her training, although insider reports suggest she may have re-aggravated her injury by trying to return to the ring too quickly. Will Jessica be 'Fantastic', or will Paris leave Alba to live the 'Simple Life'?"

Jessica Alba confidently strode out in a stunning yellow bikini, but it was hard not to notice the bandaged up ribs. Her trainers assured Lou that the bandages were simply a precaution, but they certainly made an inviting target for her ruthless foe, Paris Hilton who was waiting behind the curtain to add another notch to her already impressive record. Paris’ slave Tara Reid held open the curtain as out strolled the most famous heiress/porn star in the world. Paris was, as usual, accompanied by her dog Tinkerbell and trailed by her "assistant", Tara Reid, wearing her now all-to-familiar dog collar.

Things have obviously not gone well for Tara Reid, once almost considered an actress before her hard living and bad decisions branded her as merely a ‘party girl.’ After falling into Paris's clutches, Tara tried to make a name for herself with an “E!” series which, like most things Tara attempted, ended in failure. Now, desperatly trying to get back in Paris's good graces, Tara has signed on to be her “personal assistant”, willing to submit herself to whatever her "Mistress" has in mind.

Paris is wearing a tiny pink thong, again showing she is hardly modest about her tight, slim body and on her head rests a sparkling diamond tiara, one Paris has said she will give to any woman who can beat her.

The referee went through the rules with both girls, and as Paris skipped back to her corner, the ref approached Alba, telling her, "Jess, I've been instructed by Mr. Dipi that if at any point I think you’re injured or at risk of injury, I’ to immediately call for the bell." She just snorted, not in the mood to be coddled. "Either way, you better follow my instructions without question."

The ref went to the center of the squared circle and signaled for the bell while Paris walked right up to Jessica and ever so gently slapped her face, "I hope you have fun tonight, because I don't think you're going to ever want to fight again."

"Keep talking, because I am going to break your jaw," Jess hissed.

"Oh, is that a fac..." Paris was interrupted when Jessica cocked her hand and nailed Paris in the jaw. Hilton went down like a sack of potatoes as Tara screamed at the ref to do something.

"All right, Alba, open fists only from now on!" the referee said, unable to keep from grinning.

Paris got back to her feet, shook the cobwebs and whirled around toward Jessica, only to be again met with a punch to the chin. Again, Paris crashed to the mat. Again, Tara screamed at the referee. Again, the ref gave Alba a half-hearted warning, "Do that again and I’ll disqualify you."

"It was an accident. I thought my fist WAS open."

Paris used the ropes to get to her feet, not too happy about being knocked on her ass twice in a row. The two ladies locked up in the center of the ring, jockeying for position and Jessica quickly overpowered Paris as she backed her into the corner. The ref asked for a clean break, and to his surprise, Jessica gave him one - except for that light slap to Paris's flushed face.

Letting out a loud growl, Paris shoved the ref down and tackled Jessica, slamming her to the mat. The two women grabbed onto the other's hair as they rolled around. Producers and directors alike stood to cheer the unabashed hatred between the women while the ref wanted nothing to do with it! He stepped back, adjusted his ‘package’ and leaned on the corner turnbuckle to watch as the beautiful women rolled, writhed and thrashed on the mat. Strands of hair went cascading all of the canvas like falling leaves and both screamed and cursed as loud as they could; almost as if they were dueling vocalists. Finally, they rolled into the ropes and the referee had to separate them for a break. Tara reached in and dragged Paris out under the bottom rope while the referee pulled Jessica off and backed her into a neutral corner. "Am I going to continue to have a problem with you following orders?" he asked

She looked at him with her innocent eyes and reassured him, "Of course not. Just tell that bitch to play fair."

Outside the ring, Tara was trying to calm the irate Ms. Hilton. "That bitch hit me!” Paris screamed. “…in the face! AND she pulled my hair! MY hair! I spent all afternoon having it done just so for this appearance and she’s ruined it! Why aren't you making the ref put a STOP to this?" she asked, then reared back and cuffed Tara across the face with the back of her hand. "YOU’RE here to ensure that dirty slut does NOT touch me with her common hands!" she huffed indignantly. “Do your fuckin’ job slave, or I’ll get someone who can!”

"I'm sorry, Paris, but...LOOK OUT!" Tara yelled as Jessica reached through the ropes and latched onto Paris' hair, dragging her back into the ring.

Jessica whipped Paris into the ropes and as she rebounded out of control, Jess turned her upside down with a textbook Clothesline. Paris wobbled back to her feet just in time to be greeted with a picture-perfect Drop-kick; Jessica’s boots making direct contact with both of the Hilton heiresses less-than-impressive bosom, the impact sending her flying back to the rough surface of the filthy canvas mat.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Jessica grabbed Paris's legs, folded them and tied her up in a Figure Four Leglock; normally the move Jessica would have used to finish a match, but in her current physical condition she was just hoping to inflict as much pain and damage as early as she could to soften Paris up.

And it seemed to be working as Paris was screaming in pain at the top of her lungs as her knees and legs were contorted in ways they weren't mean to go. She desperately tried to claw her way to the ropes as Alba was cranking up the pressure, using her arm strength to elevate her hips to apply even more pressure on her victim’s legs.

At ringside, Tara was beside herself, tearing her hair with both hands in frustration. Whenever Paris felt pain, it was almost a guarantee that Tara was going to feel pain later so she had plenty of incentive to free her boss. Out of options, Tara just slid under the bottom rope, grabbed Paris by the hand and began to pull her towards the cables. The referee clearly wasn’t enamored by the stunt for he began to admonish Ms. Reid verbally, wagging his finger at her scoldingly while Tara ignored him and continued to pull her Mistress.

Seeing Paris withing reach of the ropes, Jessica released her Figure Four, but as soon as she did, Paris took advantage of the ref's distraction and fired a kick up into Ms. Alba's groin. Her heavy boot struck the pubic bone squarely and Jessica's muted scream was met with "ooohs" from the crowd. The ref turned around a second too late, all he saw was the circumstantial evidence of a brunette on her knees in dire striates! The pain was unbearable, but Jessica’s even bigger problem was Paris who was back on her feet and going on the offensive.

"Aw, did I hurt you? Or was that just the crabs acting up again?" Paris snickered as she stomped Jessica's tender ribs in hopes of exploiting her injury. Jessica was helpless; everyone knew her ribs couldn't take much punishment. The ref was wary because if he allowed her to suffer another injury, he would surely be out of a job.

Paris decided to end this early, since there was no major enhancement of her reputation if she struggled to beat an injured woman. She pulled the hurting Alba up and prepared her for a Backbreaker. Jessica's injury wasn't as healed as she’d hoped, and now she regretted rushing to come back. She believed that at 100% she could surely beat this blonde blow-hard, but now her biggest concern was simply not to let Paris permanently injure her! Paris drove Jessica's ribs down onto her outstretched knee and Jessica let out a violent scream of pain.

"Oh, I think that did it!"

Jessica continued to scream in pain as she writhed around, trying to alleviate the intense feelings under her bandages. The crowd was visibly upset; no one wanted to see this! Jessica had re-injured herself. Perhaps not as seriously as when she broke her ribs, but she was clearly suffering and the ref should step in and stop this. Paris, on the other hand, wasn't quite ready to finish things.

"Hey, she didn't break anything! As long as I don't permanently disfigure the slut, I'm not breaking any rules," she informed the ref as she proceded to unwrap Jessica's bandages like a spoiled heiress opening her Holiday presents. "Besides, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she faked the whole ‘injury’ thing as an excuse for her loss. Well, I don't want to give her any excuses, so let's see what she’s hiding under here!" Paris unwrapped Jessica like unveiling a mummy, and once the last of the bandages had been stripped, Paris surveyed the ‘injured’ area and snorted, "Just as I suspected; looks fine to me! Well, let's fix that."

"No Paris," Jessica whispered, barely able to speak thru her pain. "Puh… hurts… and I..." Paris clapped her open hand over Jessica’s trembling lips, knowing her submission now would deprive her of a lot of fun. While keeping her hand firmly on the smother, Paris sat down, wrapped her long gams around Jessica's ribs, locked her ankles and began to squeeze.

"Do you know how much I enjoy a good leg scissors?" Paris asked the people in the front row seats as she continued to smother Alba with her hand. "I like it more than going to Europe. And you know I love to go to Europe. Where else am I going to find guys to fuck?" Paris grabbed the bandages and, while maintaining her scissors, she tied Jessica's wrists and ankles. "Ohhhh, you are SO big and SO bad, Jessica," Paris taunted. “But now I’ve got you all tied up with no place to go!" Paris arched her back and pulsed her legs harder and Jessica emitted a low level moan despite Paris’ smother. "Oh, this must be so horrible for you. But it could get worse, right?" Paris chuckled as she slid her hands behind Jessica's neck and untied her bikini top. "See. Being crushed by my magnificent legs wasn't so bad compared to being stripped, right?" Paris removed Jessica's top and began to toy with Alba's stiff, dark nipples. Then, in a sign of pure malevolence, she began to slap them with her open hands. "See, these open hand slaps are legal while punches aren't. Got it now? OK ref, I'm getting bored with this slut; ring the bell."

The referee looked down at Jessica to ask if she wanted to quit, but the obviously helpless girl remained defiant, despite the intense pain. "No! I can’t quit! I won't!"

"Well look who learned to talk again. Listen, ref, I suggest you ring the bell or I AM gonna do something to really warrant a fine. And I can afford to pay fines; can you afford losing your job?" Paris laughed out loud as she again started squeezing harder. Despite holding out as long as she could, Jessica couldn't keep it in and screamed out again.

"OK!” the ref said. “I’m making an official decision, I’m stopping this match," he said as he waved his arms overhead, signaling an end to the match.

"NO!" Jessica screamed, but it was too late. The bell rang and the match was over. Despite being the heavy underdog, Paris Hilton had defeated Jessica Alba with her leg scissors.

"I think we have some unfinished business!" Paris reared her fist back and connected with Jessica's face, knocking the beauty out. "Tara, bring me my bag!" Tara climbed into the ring and handed Paris her purse. Paris concluded every victory the same, and this would be no different. "Remove her panties."

Tara reached down and peeled off Jessica's undergarments, leaving her bare naked in the ring aside from the bandages on her arms and legs. Paris reached into her wallet and pulled out a hundred dollar bill. She rolled it lengthwise, then used her right hand to spread Jessica's labia while her left hand slowly inserted the Benjamin, the sign of her ultimate domination!

Afterward, while Paris paraded for the studio execs who had long tired of her shtick, Tara reached into Ms. Alba and retrieved the bill, slipping it into her pocket just as the EMTs arrived to check on Jessica who, it turned out later, had only suffered bruising and some pulled ligaments. Thankfully, she’ll be fully recovered for her next bout.


Match #3: Jessica Biel vs. Rachel Bilson

The crowd was buzzing. Two matches, two controversial finishes. If there was such a thing as a sure bet, the next match was it. Biel was undefeated; a powerhouse; as famous as it gets in this industry! On the other hand, Bilson was NOT a powerhouse; NOT at the top of the industry - and her fan base consisted mostly of people who loved to see her lose. For them, this was a dream match-up!

The lights dimmed again, and again the video presentation began. "Jessica Biel has made a name for herself as the most efficient athlete in catfighting. Her matches are as brutal as they are short, and no one has escaped her Biel Bomb. Rachel Bilson is an up-and-comer looking to topple a giant and perhaps blazing a trail that would make her a legend."

Jessica came to the ring in a silver bikini, with matching knee and elbow pads and matching boots. She didn't pander to the crowd, nor did she react to the cheers and hoots from the audience. She was there for one reason; get in, destroy, leave! She hoped her performance tonight would be so brutal, so efficient, that people would view HER, not Jolie, as the number one contender for the world title.

Rachel was never more terrified in her life! When she asked for a match, she had hoped for a small opponent at/near her own skill level - an Ashlee Simpson or Kelly Ripa. If it had to be a Jessica, let it be Simpson, not Biel! She knew what Jessica had done to opponents and in those matches she hardly had the audience this one did! When Rachel’s music hit, she couldn't move. Finally, a producer shoved her and she stumbled through the curtains. When she looked up, she saw the bright lights, thousands of fans, and most importantly, the gladiator that stood in the ring…and SHE was the gladiator who was going in against the lion.

The walk to the ring was long and she felt the breeze across her thinly covered backside as her mind began to race, "Why do this? ‘The OC’ is popular; I could find a nice, small movie…maybe a TV movie or a commercial." Before she knew it, she was at the ring apron with Jessica staring down at her…actually, staring right through her! Rachel took a big gulp, climbed into the ring and, in a shocking move of bravery, charged Jessica who was caught off guard. Still, Jessica recomposed herself long before Rachel reached her and extended her boot…letting Rachel run headfirst into the outstretched foot.

Rachel’s face bounced off the sole of the shoe and she was suddenly on her back; seeing stars - worse, she wasn't seeing Biel! Jessica climbed to the top rope, and with the grace of a swan, came crashing down with an elbow across Rachel's chest. Biel then stood up and signaled for the Biel Bomb. She scooped up Rachel, bent her over, and put her head between her thighs. Unfortunately for the OC star, it as at this point she suddenly became aware of her surroundings.

"Oh no! Oh no!" she screamed, and the screams were loud enough for Jessica to hear them.

Jessica smiled cruelly as she wrapped her arms around Rachel's waist, then with one fluid motion, hoisted her up and just as quickly, drove her back down to the mat! Rachel couldn't figure out any way to protect herself, and every part of her body connected painfully with the ground. Jessica knew the match was over, but that wasn't why Lou put her in there with the beauty. He put her in there to demonstrate that she could hang with the Angelina's, Charlize's and Katherine's.

"I'm sorry Rachel, but this is just the beginning." She wasn't really apologetic, but she felt it would be polite.

"Please, you've beaten me, just let me go. I mean, what good is it to do anything more?"

"Because I want to be champion!"

The words sent a chill down Rachel's spine. She knew her impending humiliation would serve as a job interview for Jessica. She needed to do something and she needed to do something fast. She tried to get to her feet, but she was so discombobulated that she couldn't figure out how to stand. Jessica stood above her and grabbed Rachel's top. In one tug, the garment was gone and Rachel was topless. She flung her arms up to cover her breasts, hoping the worse was over.

Jessica grabbed Rachel's briefs and slowly began to tug. She wanted to draw out the humiliation. Using one hand, Rachel tried to hold on while covering her boobs with the other one. Both attempts at humility failed. Biel pulled harder and the panties were gone. Bilson was nude and helpless. Jessica looked down in disgust at the crying girl, and began to slap her face.

"Stop crying. Stop it. Try to keep some dignity." Jessica's words were cold and unflinching, and she began her surgical dissection of her newest conquest. "I’m going to grab your nipples, please try to defend yourself."

Jessica was hoping that by tipping her hat, Rachel would fight back and make this look more impressive, but Rachel had mentally checked out. She was ready to surrender her body and accept her punishment. Jessica grabbed the girl's sensitive teats and pulled back…hard! Harder than Rachel expected! Due to her physical limitations, Rachel had been beaten before, and her nipples had been tortured before. But she never felt anything like this. She tried in earnest to pry Jessica's hands loose, but they were secure and not going anywhere. Rachel flailed like a fish gasping to breathe, but nothing could deter Jessica!

"I don't get this whole humiliation thing. Am I supposed to feel something? Because I really don't. Maybe if you whimper more or something, I don't know?" Jessica reached back, and without warning, inserted three fingers into Rachel's pussy. No teasing; no fondling, just straight in. "" Rachel mumbled, delusional from the pain.

"See, now I just feel like I'm fingering another woman. Why would I want to do that? Seems kind of gross. Please, don't cum or anything, I don't want that on my hands."

That wasn't a problem, because there was no pleasure being felt by Rachel. It was the most invaded she ever felt, and the most pain she had ever endured. After a few minutes, Jessica pulled out her fingers and, in another act of frustration, slapped Rachel’s mound.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" Rachel pleaded. She could clearly see that Jessica wasn't enjoying this, so why would someone just be cruel for the sake of being cruel.

"I think this is when I'm supposed to facesit you or something," Jessica said as she scooted up and planted her ass on the whimpering girl's face. "Oh yeah," Jessica half-heartedly said, in a manner that fooled no one. "That's it. Wooooo." She might as well had been reading the news with that tone. Then, as she adjusted her seat, her body came in contact with Rachel's pointy little nose. "Oooh, I get it. I've got to do the work myself." Jessica then adjusted her briefs to allow complete access, and she found that Bilson's features fit nicely into her pussy. "Yeah, I kinda like this," she said as she began to grind into the poor girl's face. "Oh," she moaned as she pawed at her tits, "Ooh this is awesome! Yeah, yeah, yeah," she panted as her inexperience evaporated. She got it now. After finding her rhythm, she humped and humped.

"Hey, bitch, how bout a little tongue!" she shouted, surprising even herself. The semi-conscious Bilson heard the request, and at the fear of more pain, she stuck her tongue out and went to work. It was a position she was used to, and her expert tongue had Jessica panting in moments. "Wow, you're good at this. You must feel like such a loser. I can't imagine the humiliation you must feel." The more she verbally taunted Rachel, the better the facesitting felt. "Yeah, slut. Suck me. Suck me. Stick it in and know that I own you!" The screams were awkward, but the crowd gave her credit for trying. Unfortunately for Rachel, Jessica didn't know that she had to let the poor girl breathe, and she had accidentally smothered her out. "Damn it! I didn't come!" She was smacking Rachel's face, trying to revive her. "Oh well," Jessica hopped back on and finished up herself, rubbing faster and faster until she exploded all over the cutie. "Yeah, I'm doing that from now on!" Jessica almost let loose a smile before she realized where she was. She recomposed herself, readjusted her briefs, then without any emotion, stood up and strolled out of the ring - smiling.


Match #4: Katherine “Kat” Heigl vs. Alexis Bledel

Rachel Bilson laid in the middle of the ring, covered in Jessica's juices. She began to stir, and through the haze she could see the screens. They were starting the next matches and no one had bothered to get her! This was ridiculous!

"Katherine Heigl's legendary streak is known for both it's viciousness and it's impressive roster of victims. Tonight, she looks to continue to earn her reputation as the 'Rookie Killer'. However, Alexis Bledel has something to say about that. Since entering the territory, she has been looking to match the success she had been met with in other fighting venues, and ending Katherine's dominance would ensure a long and impressive career."

Kat was a vision in a white one-piece, looking more confident and more beautiful than ever. She was seen earlier in the night trying to attack her previous victim Rachel McAdams, but now she had her hands full with the plucky young Alexis. As she entered the ring, she noticed the nude Bilson trying to get to her feet. Kat helped the girl up, then, without warning, grabbed her by the throat and executed a picture-perfect Chokeslam that sent the ‘OC’ hottie to the padding outside the ring. She had made her statement.

Alexis was in a pink one-piece, looking as virginal and innocent as possible in an attempt to lure her opponents into a false sense of security. She waved politely to the crowd, and gave a great big "Aw gosh" smile to Kat who felt a twinge between her legs. Nothing would give her greater pleasure then to dominate this Texas hayseed. The ref rang the bell and both ladies were off to the races.

"So, you get lost on your way to Sunday school, little girl?"

"Aw, that's not very nice. But neither am I." Alexis stuck a quick thumb to the eye followed by a kick to the gut.

With Katherine bent down, Alexis grabbed her head and drove her down in a devastating DDT. Alexis sprung up and waved to the crowd. Katherine was stunned, but she was hardly hurt. She pushed up off the mat, and as she got to her feet she was met with a flying forearm. It staggered her, but she wouldn't go down. Undaunted, Alexis bounced off the ropes and delivered a second forearm. This one brought Kat to her knee. For a third time, she sprang off and looked to connect, but this time Katherine grabbed her and planted her with a Spinebuster.

"Wow, that felt great!" Alexis clutched her back and squinted up her face in a pained expression. Katherine scooped up Alexis and tucker the ‘Gilmore Girl's’ head under her arm, setting her up for a suplex. Kat grabbed the waistband of Alexis's pink bottoms and hoisted her up. Katherine enjoyed the suplex. Her height made it look impressive, and her strength let her hold her opponents up there for an eternity. The blood rushed to Alexis's head, which would make the fall even more painful.

"How we doing, sweet pea?" Kat asked.

"I could stay up here all day!" Alexis retorted, a surprising show of defiance. Kat didn't want to waste any more time, so she fell backwards, driving Alexis hard into the mat. She sprung to her feet and looked down at the vanquished foe who was... smiling?

"Was that it?" Alexis spat, obviously in more pain than she was letting on.

"Oh fuck this!" Kat screamed, as she scooped Alexis's frame up and drove her back down into the mat with a Powerslam. "How we doing now, pretty in pink?"

"I'm doin' just fine. Just wondering when we're going to start the fight."

Kat stood her up and whipped Alexis into the ropes and as she bounced off, Kat snaked her arms and wrapped her up in a bear hug.

"Oh, you're fucking done, sweet pea!" Kat's massive power ensured that Alexis wasn't going anywhere, and the Suplex and Spinebuster had softened the girl's back up nicely.

"" Alexis forced the words from her mouth, but her face began to turn red. ""

"You're going to be begging me to..."

Alexis leaned in and kissed Kat on the lips. She wasn't about to show that she was beaten.

Kat hissed, "What the hell’s wrong with you?"

"I like ya. You're not as big and bad as you wish!" Alexis gasped.

Kat took exception to this and really began to crush the girl's sides with the bearhug. She poured on the pressure, and after a few moments, Alexis's indomitable spirit seemed to be wavering. “See, everyone gives in!" Kat laughed.

In a last ditch effort, Alexis brought her hands up to Kat's face and stuck her fingers in her mouth, creating a Fish-hook effect. Unable to stop her, Kat had to break the hold and she sent Alexis crashing to the mat; sucking in air to refill her lungs. Kat saw the girl on her hands and knees and kicked her right in the stomach. "Nobody does that to me!" Kat gasped.

Clutching her belly, Alexis replied, "Well I just did. And I'll do it again. I’m going to fuck you up!"

"Please stop with the language," Kat said as she strode towards Alexis.

But Alexis used her speed to crawl between Heigl's legs and, once she was behind her, Alexis turned and yanked the bottom of Kat's one-piece securely up into her butt. With one hand securely yanking the material up, Alexis fired off some spanks to Kat’s flawless bottom. "See, you curse you get a spankin'."

Kat was furious. She swung backwards with her elbow, which Alexis ducked. Kat tried the other one, and again Alexis ducked while still swatting Kat's backside. Katherine finally swung her ass backwards, colliding with Alexis's midsection, which backed the girl up a bit. As she turned around, Kat charged with and connected with a vicious clothesline. It put Alexis down, and possibly out. The angered actress readjusted her bottoms, pulling the material from her crack and massaging her stinging backside.

"You made a big mistake, sweet pea!" Kat scooped up the dazed girl and whipped her into the corner. Alexis hit the turnbuckle and elicited a pained grunt. Kat, with a full head of steam, smashed into the "Sin City" star, knocking the wind and the fight out of her. "Time to make you less innocent!" Kat put Alexis's hands over the top rope and viciously ripped the girl's top off. "You have the cutest little nipples, sweet pea." Kat began to tease the girl's tits, slowly turning them until the nubs hardened. "There we go!" Kat mocked as she began to cruelly pinch the girls' boobs. Alexis cried out and tried to free her tits, but it was proving to be harder and harder. "I could pinch these little nipples all day. And that's not even me being cruel. Pinch, pinch, pinch."

Alexis opened her eyes and looked right at Kat, "Go ahead. Cause when we're done you're going to be kissing my behind."

She began to kick Kat's shins and her efforts proved to be effective as Katherine let her grip loosen and she backed up. Kat charged her again, but Alexis got her feet up. It wasn't as effective as Jessica Biel's had been, but it stunned Kat just as well. With the Amazon stunned, Alexis climbed to the second turnbuckle and hit a bulldog, driving Kat headfirst into the mat. With the big woman down, Alexis grabbed her legs and locked in a Boston Crab. She arched back, twisting and turning the big woman's back.

"See what happens when you pinch my poor nipples…you get hurt."

Kat was in agony, but she wasn't going to tap out, especially to this relative unknown. Pushing up with her hands, she used all of her leg strength to flip Alexis off of her. Alexis landed hard and she left the door wide open for Katherine. Kat got to her feet and let loose a battle cry. She was ready to end this. Last time it was Rachel McAdams who tried to upset her, and now it was this bitch. Well, she humiliated Rachel, so why should this be any different. Katherine picked up the topless girl and grabbed her by the throat.

"You tried, sweet pea, but no one's going to remember. I am going to drive you into the mat, and then I am going to have my way with you. And I hope you beg. I love when they beg."

"Hey Kat; go fuck yourself!"

The surprising profanity signaled to Kat that she was dealing with a beaten woman, so the rest would be rote. Kat hoisted the girl up by the throat, and with tremendous authority, drove Bledel into the mat. Alexis was out cold and completely helpless. Katherine squeezed the girl's cheeks, reveling in the opportunity to dish out some humiliation.

"I kinda want to see what you got going on downstairs, sweet pea," Katherine said as she grabbed the girl's briefs and slowly relieved them of their owner. Alexis's "special area" was well groomed with only a narrow ‘landing strip’ between her and hairlessness. "Oh that's nice." Katherine slowly rubbed the girl's pussy lips until they began to swell as the blood swelled the tiny capillaries.. Alexis may be out of it, but her body was certainly responding. "Welcome to the sisterhood of the wandering fingers," she teased as she slowly eased her first digit between Alexis's legs.

"NO…" Alexis moaned quietly, clearly signifying that she was coming back.

"Well look who woke up. I'm glad you're back, because I want you to be here to enjoy this. And by the way, thanks for the spanking. Great foreplay." Alexis's arms were pinned down, and all she could do was lay there while Katherine finger-banged her. "Tell you what, I'll stop if you'll...hmm...didn't you say I would be kissing your ass? Well how about we use a little irony here. I'll stop, you know, violating you, if you give my ass a little smooch. I mean, you did slap it and all, and that wasn't very nice."

"So if I kiss your ass then you'll stop fingering me?" Alexis asked, shocked that she would even consider it.

"Yep!" Kat replied as she slid her backside within kissing range.

"OK, I'll do it. Just…just leave me alone." Alexis leaned forward, and choking back the tears, she puckered her lips and kissed Katherine's butt.

"Atta girl. But you know what, I kinda don't want to stop!" Katherine reinserted two fingers into Alexis's snatch, doubling her efforts to hurt and stimulate the beaten girl. Suddenly, the curtain was flung open and out came Rachel McAdams. She knew the humiliation Alexis was enduring and she intended to put a stop to it!

"Well look who it is!" Kat beamed as she stood up. Rachel slid into the ring, only to be greeted with boots. Kat stood her up, grabbed her by the throat, and Chokeslammed her. Rachel's rescue mission was a failure. Before she knew it, she was stripped naked and once again at the mercy of Kat Heigl who dragged the poor girl over next to Alexis's lifeless form. Kat sat down across Alexis's face, and sat the same time forced Rachel's face into Alexis's pussy. Kat began to grind onto Alexis's face while she jammed Rachel's face into Alexis's snatch. "Now this is fun!" she said.

After a few minutes, she repositioned Rachel's body, forcing her face into Katherine's pussy. Kat was being simultaneously stimulated by both Alexis and Rachel, and it took a short time for her to climax. She stood up, bowed for the crowd, and left the ring. EMTs came out to cart of Bledel and McAdams, yet no one bothered to get Bilson.


Match #5: Natalie Portman vs. Jessica Simpson

Natalie recently sat down with a catfighting publication to be interviewed about the upcoming fight.

Interviewer: Natalie, thank you for joining us.

Nat: It's my pleasure.

Interviewer: You've been signed to face Jessica Simpson, the blonde, blue eyed supervixen who many feel will someday be champion. Are you concerned?

Nat: Not at all. I know how to beat her, because I'm smarter, faster and better in every way.

Interviewer: You're recent winning streak has been seen as something of an upset, especially considering you were once classified as a jobber. Why the change?

Nat: You can only get your face sat on so many times before you need to make a change. And since I signed up with my new trainers, no one's come close to my beautiful face.

Interviewer: Lastly, I know it's a controversial issue, but I need to bring up the spanking incident.

Nat: No, you don't.

Interviewer: I'm just going to ask one quick question about it. For those of our readers who are unaware, Ms. Portman early in her career surrendered in :45 seconds to Melissa Joan Hart after Ms. Hart administered a spanking. What happened then and how do you..."

Nat: I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone that likes getting their ass smacked. It was one time, and it never happened again. It will never happen again in the future. And as for Ms. Hart, when I fought her in our rematch, I retired her sorry ass.

Then after Natalie had left, Jessica Simpson also sat down for an interview with the same publication.

Interviewer: Jessica, thank you for being here. You've been the subject of a lot of media coverage. You're sister's lip-synching incident, the rumors of your infidelity and most recently the split between you and your husband, Nic...

Jess: That has nothing to do with this fight. I am 100% focused and I am going to destroy that little bitch. She thinks she's so much better than me, well I am going to let her compare my ass with her face.

Interviewer: And what about exploiting her spanking fears.

Jess: It's like my dad used to say, don't get out of line, don't get a spanking. Sorry, Natalie, but you got out of line, and I am going to have to administer some corporal punishment.

The story was simple. One was looking to erase the public image of all brains and no brawn, and the other was looking to show that there was more to her than her tabloid headlines.


Jessica Simpson came down to the ring in her hot pink bikini top and her now trademark daisy dukes. She looked all smiles, trying to hide the anguish and turmoil her life was going through right now. She posed for the cameras and blew kisses to the audience. Natalie came out next, wearing a modest black two-piece. She didn't waste any time and she charged the ring. She began to let loose clubbing shots to Jessica, firing off with lefts and rights that connected with her head and body. Jessica tried to cover up, but Natalie's force was shocking and affective. The referee pulled Natalie forcefully off of the stunned Southerner.

"Let me go, asshole!" Nat screamed as she bucked and wiggled, trying to get free. Jessica took the moment to compose herself and remove her jean shorts, revealing her hot pink thong. This was certainly a new Jessica Simpson! "Look at that whore! Who parades around with their ass sticking out like that? I guess I can't blame your husband for leaving your sorry..."

Natalie didn't get to finish as Jessica charged at her. Nat clung to the ropes and ordered the ref to restrain Simpson. The ref got in the way of the charging bull and the impact knocked both he and Jessica to the mat. Thanks to the unexpected assist, Natalie went to work, tying Jessica up in an STF, which involves securing one leg and locking in a Facelock. The move damages the leg, the back and the neck all at once, and Natalie had become fairly effective in using it. The ref was still out, but if he looked up, he'd see Jessica tapping. "That's it, keep tapping. He's going to wake up any second."

Jessica wailed in pain, but thankfully for her, her leg was mere inches from the rope. The ref woke up and tapped Natalie to break the hold. Natalie thought she’d won - the quickest win in her career which would erase the humiliating loss she’d suffered. So wrapped up in her celebration was she that Natalie didn't realize the ref was merely signaling for her to break the hold and when she turned around, she was met with the ‘Simpson-Slicer’, a devastating spear that drove her into the mat. Natalie's sides were burning in pain, and she thought that she was the victim of a post-match attack. Jessica climbed on top of Natalie and began riding her like a bull.

"Come on, move!" Jess screamed as she pulled the girl's hair.

Natalie's bucking was only adding to the humiliation. Jessica climbed off Portman and picked her up into a side Suplex. She drove Portman into the mat, leaving her both confused and hurt. Why was the ref letting Jessica attack her despite the match being done? Jessica pinned Natalie's arms down with her knees and she secured her in a schoolboy pin. "Well, girlie, how would you like to see what Nick never will?" Jessica slid down and her thong-covered crotch inched closer and closer to the horrified Portman.

"Please stop, I won. Just let me go."

"You won? You don't look like a winner. You look like my bitch!" With that, Jessica swiveled around facing Natalie's lower body. "Who wants me to spank her?"

"No! Oh please, no!"

Jessica slid Natalie's panties down, revealing her lily white ass. Jessica pulled back and unleashed a barrage of slaps to the well-documented sensitive area. The backside quickly turned red, and Portman almost instantly began to cry.

"Please, please, please....stop...I'm sorry about Nick...I'm sorry that I beat you..."

"You don't get it? The match is still going on. And I don't like your whining!" Jessica slid back and placed her full, thong-encased ass over Natalie's face. The crying girl's face was engulfed instantaneously, and in spite of her attempts, she couldn't stop opening her mouth to scream from the spankings. And every time she opened her mouth, it would be filled up with Jessica's ass. Finally, the merciful ref signaled for the bell and when Jessica stood up, she checked the clock. "Damn, two minutes. I was hopin' for a record."

Natalie was inconsolable. She was sobbing and shrieking, trying to explain the injustice to anyone who would listen. She climbed to her feet and protested with the referee. Unfortunately for Nat, she didn't keep her eye on Ms. Simpson, who was sneaking up behind the contest's loser.

"You...sob...don't understand...sob...I made her...her...tap out..."

The referee tried to signal for Natalie to turn around, but it was too late. Jessica grabbed Natalie's waistband and depantsed her right in the middle of the ring. Everyone in the audience got a clear view of Portman's still red ass, as well as prime viewing of the rest of her private area. Natalie was humiliated and furious. She turned to confront Simpson, but tangled in her own panties and fell to the mat. While on the ground, she began to pound the mat like a preschooler, so Jessica decided to follow suit and delivered a few more slaps to the exposed cheeks. Finally, tiring of the festivities, Jessica simply hopped out of the ring and made her way to the back.

It was right around this point that the long-forgotten Rachel Bilson began to stir. She’d been laying unconscious at ringside for the last two matches after Kat Heigl's Chokeslam. Now, she suddenly became very aware of her nude frame. Looking in the ring, she saw Natalie laying there and, always one to seize an opportunity, Rachel rolled in to "borrow" Nat's attire.

Natalie was laying on her stomach without the desire to move. Not only had she been beaten, but she once again was spanked and this time she wound up with a face full of Southern-tanned ass in her face. So, while she stewed over her embarrassment, Bilson slowly crept up on the unsuspecting beauty. Before Natalie knew it, someone had once again gotten their hands on her panties. She tried desperately to hold on, but the angle and the grip were too much and she was once again pantieless. Nat turned around to see Rachel standing above her, and she quickly snapped her leg out, hoping to kick Bilson in the knee. Rachel, however, saw the move coming and securely grabbed the appendage, holding it hostage. Then, with her other hand, she grabbed Natalie's right leg. Suddenly, the "Star Wars" star was at the mercy of another superstar.

Rachel dangled her foot over Natalie's exposed womanhood, looking to the crowd for encouragement. To no one's surprise, the audience roared with approval, and Rachel drove her heel right into Nat's crotch. Portman's mouth was open, but no words were coming out. Seeing an opportunity she never had before, Bilson straddled the star and decided to engage in an activity she was always on the receiving end of.

"You know, every bitch I fight loves to sit on my face, and I really, really don't like it. Do you know how long it takes to get some whore's juices out of my hair? I've tried like twenty different lip balms, and nothing removes the taste of some skank's pussy. But that's not my problem right now, it's yours."

Rachel slid forward and planted her nude pussy right on Natalie's tear-stained face. "Oh man, this is great. I can see why so many people do it. And you know what I always hated when they sat on my beautiful face? This." Rachel slid her hand down Natalie's stomach and ended right at Nat's helpless lips. Then, with surprising expertise, Rachel began to work over the smothered starlet, hoping to enhance her experience by adding to the humiliation of her current seat-cushion.

Finally, tiring of all work and no play, Rachel went to work, riding Natalie's face full force, grinding her mound into the girl's features like one would a cloth to a dish. After a few moments, her face contorted in a look of pain and agony, when in fact it was pure ecstasy.

"Here we go..." she whispered as she climaxed in a moment of unbelievable pleasure. Once finished, she dismounted and removed Natalie's bra, then slipped it onto her nude body. "Damn, you've got some little tits, this fuckin' thing is crushing me. And by the way, I can't wait to tell Jessica all the fun she missed by sitting on you. I highly recommend your face. It's like better than a vibrator."


Match #6: Britney Spears vs. Elisha Cuthbert

Max was sitting in his luxury suite enjoying the evening's events. Catfightmania had been a modest success thus far, though granted none of the matches had been truly legendary (truth be told, they were mostly one-sided, but he formatted it so as to not take away from the main events) but they were certainly memorable. Much like a certain wrestling event in 1985, this one would be remembered mostly because of the main events and while his main event didn't have Mr. T or Liberace, it certainly didn't lack for star power. Three main events; each easily capable of selling out an arena bigger than the one they were in. A world title match AND a number one contenders match. Plus THE most hyped return in catfighting’s history. All at the top of his show. In addition, to add to the spectacle, he had Max conduct interviews with the main contestants to air before each match. As the lights dimmed in the arena, the first interview began...

Max: There’s been a name in this industry that over the past several years has elicited a myriad of responses from crowds. That name is Britney Spears. Since becoming "legal" in 1999, she has been involved in some of the most record-breaking gates in the industry's history. Her albums have gone multi-platinum, and her image has been attached to some of the highest selling merchandise in the world. However, after a string of unimpressive wins against lesser opponents, insiders began to criticize her work ethic. This translated into her other careers. Her film was met with lackluster success. Her last albums were branded lazy and unoriginal. Then, at the lowers point in her short career, she dated and married a lascivious dancer and starred with him in an ill received reality series that was more horror than romance. Finally, a pregnancy ended her fighting career. Now, after rigorous training and a rededicated attitude, Ms. Spears is again looking to capture the world title, a belt that she never officially lost, but was stripped of due to a controversial injury right before her defense against top contender Shannon Elizabeth.

Max: Her opponent was hand-selected by Ms. Spears; partially because she is a rising star that many consider a top ten fighter, and partially because Ms. Spears claims that this woman attempted to hijack her devoted fan base. I'm talking, of course, about Elisha Cuthbert, star of the hit television series "24", as well as such films as "House of Wax" and "Girl Next Door". We recently caught up with Ms. Cuthbert while preparing for this match. Elisha, thank you for joining us.

Elisha: Not a problem. Thanks for coming.

Max: You've had some pretty impressive victories in your career, and had carved out a niche in several prominent wrestling promotions.

Elisha: Yeah, I've been lucky because every place I've gone has had such great competition, and I was really given every opportunity to shine.

Max: You're opponent at Catfightmania is the returning phenomenon Britney Spears. How do you feel going in there with a 20-something legend?

Elisha: I'm not all that worried. She was a great competitor, but let's face it, she isn't the same fighter she once was.

Max: Sparing no expense, she has hired the top trainer out there. The same trainer, coincidentally, who prepared world champ Charlize Theron for her title shot.

Elisha: I don't care who she's got training her, because you can't make a winner out of a loser.

Max: How confident are you for this match?

Elisha: I am so confident that I am going to put up the most important thing to me, my pride.

Max: Excuse me?

Elisha: If by some fluke Britney can actually beat me, then I will submit to whatever she wants for thirty days. She wants me to watch those little brats of her then I will. She wants me to satisfy her scumbag husband, I will. She wants me to go on national television and suck her fake-ass tits, then I will. There is no chance that she is going to beat me, and I know she won't accept my challenge, because she is secretly terrified of what I am going to do to her.

* * *

Max: After the meeting with Ms. Cuthbert, I sat down with Ms. Spears to discuss her comeback and Elisha's new challenge…Britney, welcome back.

Britney: Well thank you Max. Feels great to be back.

Max: Let's cut right down to it, are you ready to come back?

Britney: Absolutely, Max. I've been training hard, I've been focused and I've worked harder now than I ever did before.

Max: So why did you pick Elisha?

Britney: Because ever since I left, all I've heard about was some bleached-blonde, big-boobed bitch whose trying to steal my fans. Plus, she's supposed to be the next "big" thing, so why not start my comeback by ending her little rise to the top?

Max: Fair enough. And what about her challenge?

Britney: Oh, I accept it. See, 'cause I know I'm going to beat her, and when I do, I am going to make her wish she never laced up her booties. And Elisha, I got a message for you. You're not watching my baby, you're not cleaning my house, and you sure as hell ain't screwin' my husband. You are going to be mine, and you are going to spend thirty long days servicing me. And after all those months of no sex, you better believe I'm horny as hell and I'd love to work off some of that frustration on you're little face.

* * *

Elisha Cuthbert came out with no music, no pyro and no entrance video. She just wanted to get in there and end this thing as quickly and as decisively as possible. She was dressed in a simple white two-piece and a look of determination. She had been a clear fan-favorite, and many were hoping to see her put a permanent end to Ms. Spears' career. Those that followed her know that she is incredibly tough, and those rare times that she lost were as close as they get. At the end of those fights, her opponents that had bested her (all two of them) had such respect for her that they embraced after the fights. She had gained that kind of reputation, and it was that that agitated Britney.

Britney's entrance was everything Elisha's wasn't. Pyrotechnics erupted as a remixed version of a Spears medley. Dancers with scarves pranced around the entranceway, and an entourage of fifteen people made their way down to the ring. Finally, the lights dimmed and a spotlight hit the curtain. A leg stuck through the black cloth, and then pulled back in. Elisha rolled her eyes at the theatrics. Finally, the curtain flung open and out came Britney in a sequined green tuxedo with matching top hat. She did a quick dance routine and met up with her entourage who escorted her to the ring steps. Once there two burly security guards lifter the singer onto the apron, and in a flash she pulled the tear-away tuxedo off, revealing a green sparking bikini and a body that did not look like it just bore a child. Britney handed the tux to one of her many publicists and she placed the top hat in her corner.

The referee did his standard check of both women's attire searching for foreign objects, and three seconds later the bell rang, signifying the start of one-third of the main event.

The delusional Spears waved to the at-best uncaring fans and at-worst vocal protesters. She was convinced that she would be welcomed back with open arms, but it was clear that many were hoping to see Elisha Cuthbert mop the floor with her. Elisha signaled for Britney to join her for a collar-and-elbow lock-up, which Ms. Spears gladly accepted. When they tied up, Elisha was surprised at how strong Britney's arms were, and despite an uncharacteristically long back-and-forth, Elisha moved her opponent into a neutral corner.

Britney looked a little taken aback by the way she was just woman-handled. However, confident that her fan base was clearly on her side, she dusted herself off and asked for another collar-and-elbow lockup. This time, it was Elisha who was backpedaling, as Spears had backer her into the other neutral corner. There was once again a clean break and the match was once again even.

Elisha charged Britney, who caught her with a hip toss. Elisha sprang up and threw Britney with her own hip toss. Britney grabbed Elisha's arm, hoping to secure an armbar, only to have it reversed into a hammerlock. With her arm wrenched against her back, Britney looked for a means of escape, while Elisha took the opportunity to force the elbow joint ever harder in the opposite direction. Britney turned her head to the side and swung an elbow that connected with Elisha's temple. The move stunned the girl, who broke the hold.

Britney stepped back to rub her arm and Elisha stepped back to massage her forehead and the crowd applauded the back-and-forth action. With neither girl seeing a clear advantage, they once again went in for a collar-and-elbow lockup. Elisha had the upper hand, so Britney quickly maneuvered out of it, made her way behind her opponent and wrapped her arms around Elisha’s waist. She then hoisted the girl off of her feet and deposited her unceremoniously to the mat.

Upon seeing her opponent downed, Britney dropped to the floor and slapped on a headlock. The move was successful in that it was cutting off circulation to Elisha's brain and obstructing her breathing. It also made for a captive audience. "So, this is you kicking my ass, huh? I'm so scared. Face it, darlin', you are in over your pretty little head."

Elisha wasn't concerned with Britney's words. In fact, she counted on the Louisiana native to run her mouth, providing ample distraction. Elisha reached back and grabbed hold of Britney's sequined bikini and pulled up, giving the singer a less-than-technical wedgie. The material disappeared quickly and Britney let out a loud "Eep!" as the expensive sequins dug into her sensitive area. Britney tried to hold on to the headlock, but the pain was increasing and she needed to free herself from the invading cloth. So, without any other choice, she let Cuthbert go.

Elisha welcomed the circulation back, and with a small shake of the head, cleared most of the cobwebs. Britney, meanwhile, was delicately trying to extract the bottoms from her bottom. Elisha crept up behind Britney and wrapped up her waist, only this time she hoisted the singer vertically and flipped her with a German Suplex. Spears landed headfirst onto the canvas, and was knocked loopy. Elisha followed up with some elbow drops, driving the tip of the bone right into the soft flesh of the hurting star. Then, in a sign of impressive strength, she hoisted Britney up by her attire and tossed her through the ropes, careening to the floor below. Britney's agents and representatives chastised the referee for not stopping these actions, while her trainer helped the singer to her feet.

Britney looked like her mind was swimming. She hit the mats on the outside hard, and suddenly realized why so many women had fallen to Elisha. But this was her comeback and her spotlight and no Canadian Spears-wannabe was going to take her night. Britney climbed back into the ring and charged Cuthbert, tackling her opponent and beating down on her with wildly swinging arms. Elisha blocked most of the barrage, but was taken aback by the sudden ferocity of the up-until-then docile Spears. Britney hoisted Elisha up by the hair and whipped her into the turnbuckle. Elisha bounced off the pads with an "oomph!" Britney unleashed chops to her unprotected chest; the slaps echoing through the arena.

“Damn, this bra is blocking all my moves," Britney whined, then she stripped Elisha’s white top.

The crowd was mesmerized by the impressive bounty that Cuthbert possessed, but Britney was less than thrilled. She reeled back and let loose another vicious chop. The noise was unsettling, and her hand-print was now visible on Elisha's left breast. Britney chopped her again, this time to the right one. Britney alternated, hoping that each boob would get the equal slaps. Finally, once her hand began to hurt, she simply stood back and delivered a knee to the groin. This sent Cuthbert crashing to the mat.

Elisha had never been in this much trouble this early in a match. Her breasts were stinging from the chops and Britney's knee had serious impact to her crotch. Spears, meanwhile, was celebrating with her imaginary fans. She then picked up the downed competitor and set her up for an atomic drop. Wanting to savor the moment, Britney paraded the girl around the ring, even managing to give Elisha's panties a little rub. Then, she drove Elisha’s already stinging midsection right into her outstretched knee. Elisha's eyes flung open and her mouth dropped, followed shortly by the rest of her body.

Britney bent down and yanked Elisha's head up by her blonde locks, "You should have never given me that wedgie, bitch. I could have just outwrestled you. Now I'm going to out-everything you."

Britney grabbed Elisha by her trunks and pulled upward, giving her a much more vicious wedgie than she had received. The material worked it's way up Elisha’s crack, exposing her pert butt cheeks and to the sharp eye, a little of her lips in the front. She moved Elisha back into the corner, ramming her head repeatedly into the top turnbuckle and it was somewhere around hits four and five that Elisha regained her senses. In a move showing her incredible agility, Elisha propelled herself off the turnbuckles, sending her body crashing right into Spears.

The move knocked both girls down, but it was Britney who got the worst of it, with her baring the brunt of Elisha’s fall as well. With a newfound opening, Elisha seized the opportunity and mounted the fallen Spears. "So, we're not wrestling anymore? Obviously, seeing as I'm not wearing a top. Hey, how about I welcome you to the club."

Elisha latched onto to Britney's mammoth melons and began to crush them with her palms. Then, she pulled back, taking the top with her. There they were…Britney's boobs; the holy grail for paparazzi and teenage boys - exposed and, worst of all, vulnerable! Elisha grabbed one in each hand and began to pinch and squeeze the meaty mammaries.

"Wow, they must be tender after the whole baby thing. I bet this hurts like hell!” Britney tried to buck Elisha off, but the pain she was experiencing was distracting her from her goal. Elisha turned her attention from simply squeezing the tits to torturing them. First, she started to slam them together, creating a pleasing SPLAT. Then, she took Britney's nipples in her thumb and forefinger and began to alternately twist them, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Britney was sobbing now, beside herself from all of the pain she was enduring. "Oh wow, you're really loud; maybe THIS will shut you up!"

Elisha leaned in and pressed her impressive twins into Britney's face. The titflesh quickly deprived Britney of any air, and every time she tried to breathe she simply got a taste of Elisha’s cans. Elisha squeezed her boobs together, allowing the most of her boobs to cover the most of Britney's features. Elisha looked down at Britney's panicking eyes, and she drank in the despair. "I thought you were going to make me your little bitch. What happened? Oh yeah, you got a face full of the real stuff. This is getting me all hot and bothered. I hope I don't accidentally sit on your nose or something. That would really suck for you."

Britney began to thrash her legs, and whether intentional or not, her foot struck the referee, sending the zebra to the mat. "Oh shit. You knocked the ref out. Well, I guess that means I'll just have to keep you in here until he gets up." Britney's eyes began to close, signifying that the smother was doing it's job, but it was then that one of her managers realized that with no ref they could save their cash cow/competitor. One of Britney's publicist's interns was selected to rescue her, so the poor teenager slid into the ring hoping to at the very least earn a full-time job. Elisha saw the intruder, and quickly disposed of the unpaid assailant. However, the newly freed Britney had the wherewithal to roll to her corner and retrieve her top hat, which had a weapon taped to the inside of it - a roll of coins! Britney put them in her fist and when Elisha approached her, she socked the "24" star right in the face.

Elisha was out cold! She was looking up at the stars; counting the ceiling tiles; out like a light; persona-non-gratta. You get the point! Britney rolled the coins out of the ring and stared dumbfounded at the present lying at her feet. The thoughts began to rush through her mind. Would the old Britney have needed such a trick? Could she keep winning matched with dumb luck and chicanery? Did Elisha shave or was she natural?

Britney intended to find out the answer to question number three first and worry about the first two in a few weeks. She seductively gyrated over the fallen victim, and using her teeth, peeled away the white briefs. Elisha shaved. Thankfully for Britney, she shaved. All that hair would have been a lot of work. In a move of pure spite, Britney pulled back and slapped the unprotected womanhood. Even in her dream state, Elisha's body reacted. Britney plopped down on the girl's stomach and again reared back and swatted the bare snatch. Then, she curled up her hand and began to claw at the unguarded area, twisting and pulling to her hearts content.

Finally, when she saw the ref begin to stir, she stood up and prepared for victory. She put her hands on her hips and relieved herself of her designer panties. Licking her fingers, she began to probe her own vagina, preparing it for what would be a triumphant ride. Next, she sat on Elisha's boobs, lightly slapping the girl's face to revive her.

"Wha...what happened?" Elisha asked as the bright light invaded her eyes.

"You lost, sweetie. I knocked your ass out, and right now I'm about to collect my reward."

"Wait..." her mind began to race at seeing the nude puss inches from her face. "Wait...I...mmmph..." Britney slid forward, forcing her pubic area right onto Elisha's mouth. A quick lurch later and Elisha's whole face was now an extension of Britney's ass.

"Hey ref, how bout we just do a quick three count or something so I can get on collecting my prize?" A three count was not normal fare, but it was in the rulebook, so the man in black and white obliged. Three seconds later, Elisha's fate was sealed, just like her mouth was. "Okay, time for some fun. Can I get a microphone or somethin'?"

The ref returned with a house mike as Britney prepared to address an enraged audience. "So, how are y'all doing? I'm doing great. Looks like little Elish didn't do what she said she would, and now she's gonna live up to her end of the bargain." Britney stood up off of the dazed girl and flashed a smile to her entourage. "First, why don't you crawl over here and give my pretty pussy a big ol' kiss." Elisha looked up and realized she had no choice. If she violated the terms of the contract, she'd be suspended and blackballed from the industry. So, she got on her hands and knees and crawled as dignified as she could to the nude Spears. "First, beg me."

"Whaaat?" Britney hit Elisha with the microphone.

"I said beg. Now beg."

"Please..." Elisha began to tear up. “…cah…cah…can I...kuh…kuh…kiss your pussy?"

"First tell everyone what happened to you."

"What?" Elisha asked, and again she was hit with the mike.

"Tell everyone, in detail, why you get to do this."

Not wanting to endure another mike hit, the once proud warrior sobbed, "Because you kicked my ass, stripped me naked and sat on my face."

"That's right. I did sit on your face. I don't think many have done that before, have they?"

"No, ma'am."

"And did you like it?"


"Was it humiliating?"


"Good. Now I'm going to sit down and you're going to crawl into my lap and kiss my pussy so that all these nice people can see. Okay? Great." Britney sat on the floor and spread her legs wide open, making for a hard-to-miss target.

Elisha crawled, and as she did she began to sob. "I don't want to do this," she pleaded, but Britney grabbed her by her hair and forced her into the region.

"Welcome to your new home, bitch!!" Elisha leaned forward and puckered her lips, then, slowly, she inched in and pressed her lips to Britney's labia. Britney grabbed the girl's head again and forced her back in, despite the fact that it was obvious that she was willing to do it voluntarily. Britney ground her deeper and deeper, until the admittedly horny star came all over her new acquisition. Britney got up, waved to the crowd, and strolled out of the ring. Two of Britney' security picked up Elisha and dragged her to the back where her “Thirty Days of Hell” would begin.


Match #7: Angelina Jolie vs. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was once the hottest property on the market. Her beauty and her style harkened back to the days of true movie stars, and her quick wit and winning personality gave her that instantly likable quality that so few actresses contain. However, her many areas of interest, including acting, producing and maintaining her successful Hollywood relationship, had forced her catfighting career to take a back seat. Many industry executives saw this as a bold statement from the actress, and soon her options on the silver screen were limited. Her recent "chick flick" had hardly brought in the audiences she once commanded, and whether it was in admitting defeat or simply looking for a second chance, she has returned to the world that made her a star, looking to recapture lightning in a bottle…Cameron, it's good to see you again.

Cameron: Likewise Max.

Max: Now, this will be your first major fight back since your temporary exile, and of all things, you're facing the seemingly unstoppable Angelina Jolie. What are your thoughts going into this?

Cameron: Well, first off, I'm not as scared of her as everyone else is. Hell, I remember a time when the thought of Julia Roberts was enough to send girls running for the hills, but I ended her career pretty easily.

Max: And about the stipulation...

Cameron: Not an issue. I'm not going to lose. And when I win, you can bet even money that I'll be the one with all of the power.

Max: Angelina Jolie is one of the most talked about celebrities in the history of cinema. Whether it is her uncanny ability to assume the character she is playing or her outrageous behavior outside the ring, she is clearly a person who commands attention. Her in-ring actions have been unorthodox and effective. A combination of painful submission holds and invasive sexual attacks have made her one of the most dominant and feared competitors. She is the uncrowned number one contender, and barring a serious upset, is in line for the next world title shot.

Max: Thank you for joining me...

Angelina: Don't humor me. Just ask your stupid questions.

Max: All right, what are your thoughts on Camer...?

Angelina: I am going to beat her and fuck her, then I’m going to prepare for my world title match.

Max: Speaking of which, you are putting The Black Panther on the line...

Angelina: It isn't at risk. Only things at risk are Cameron's pride - and her vagina.

Max: Lastly, is Charlize Theron afraid of you?

Angelina: HA! Wouldn't you be? Interview over.

* * *

The elaborate laser-light show that greeted Cameron Diaz was worthy of a champion. It was intricate and timed to the music, creating a feast for the ears and the eyes. Then, out she came. It was a simple blue thong bikini, but it accentuates her proudest feature, her world famous backside. And being in front of a large crowd for the first time in a while, she was proudly shaking it. Her smile was confident and her spirit was unconquerable. Fans extended their arms in an attempt to get a high five, and she was more than happy to oblige.

As she entered the ring, bouncing around with the exuberance of a cheerleader, the lights dimmed and it quickly became apparent that this would not be a night of fun and games. Ms. Jolie walked out with a long wooden stick. At the end of that stick was ‘The Black Panther’ - her specially designed pleasure tool. She was wearing a leather ‘domme’ outfit, not unlike her attire in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith", plus dark sunglasses; giving the audience no inkling as to her mood, but they knew that she was never anything but focused. The referee placed the pole on top of the turnbuckle, with the objective being the first woman to grab it can use it. The bell was rung and the match commenced. Cameron began to circle Angelina, who didn't move, in fact, she didn't even flinch.

"Come on, Angie, let's get this over with. I'm going to kick your ass, then stick you're little puma thing up it."

Angelina cracked a half-smile and with lightning-fast accuracy, connected with a spinning heel kick right to Cameron's chin. Cameron collapsed to the mat, stunned by the vicious strike. Angelina removed her sunglasses and tossed them outside of the ring. She slowly bent down and grabbed a handful of Cameron's hair, pulling the dazed blonde to her feet. "You couldn't make this any easier, could you?" Angelina leaned in and gave a quick peck on the cheek before delivering another vicious kick to the face.

Cameron was two and out at this point, and the bell had just barely rung. She tried to shake loose the cobwebs, but Angelina was gearing up to strike again. She pounced on top of Cameron, wrapping her arms around Cameron's neck in a sleeper, while simultaneously wrapping her legs around her waist, crushing her with a leg scissor. Cameron was helpless as she was being choked out.

"I'm a little worried, sweetheart, because I just don't think my Black Panther is big enough to do any damage between your legs." Angelina leaned in again and licked Cameron's neck.

Cameron was disgusted and furious, but the pain was increasing and her judgment was cloudy at best. Angelina decided to up the ante. She removed one of her arms from around Cameron's neck and grabbed the flimsy bikini top that encased Cameron's modest yet firm bosom. After it was out of the way, Angelina was free to help herself to a little nipple play. After a few years of matches, Angelina had become incredibly skilled at manipulating the tit, and Cameron soon realized that she was in way over her head.

Angelina had a system. First, she lightly grazed the areola. Her delicate touch teased and tickled the teat until it became aroused. Then, once the nipple became stiff, she would slowly, agonizingly pull until she heard her favorite sound, the squeak of pain from her victim. Cameron tried to hold out, but like all of the others before her, it wasn't long before Angelina forced her to emit that degrading "squeeeek!" After that, Cameron's struggles weakened rapidly as her breath grew restricted and her nipples increasingly tender. Worst of all, she knew that in just a few minutes, she was going to be violated by Angelina in front of the entertainment world.

"This is boring me. Your humiliation began when you signed on for this match. So let's just get this out of the way, I've got more important people to screw."

Angelina released what remained of Cameron and she effortlessly climbed the turnbuckles until she procured the device, her dildo, the Black Panther. Angelina strapped the tool around her waist and began to fondle the plastic apparatus. Cameron, meanwhile, was trying to get to her feet. She was groggy, but she still had some fight left in her.

Angelina stalked her, but in a surprising move, Cameron spun around and unloaded with rights and lefts. The punches drove her backward. Cameron was fired up! She whipped Angelina into the turnbuckle, then after getting a head of steam, splashed the dominant brunette. Angelina stumbled forward before collapsing, and Cameron signaled that she was ready to finish this. She pulled Angelina's head between her legs and she hoisted her up for a Piledriver. Angelina was shocked and confused. Her dildo was flapping around as she dangled upside down, and before she knew it, she was driven headfirst into the mat!

Cameron took the opportunity for a little revenge. She grabbed the leather bustier and viciously tore the material from her body. Cameron mounted the downed dome and began to extract her revenge, specifically by twisting some tits, much to the crowd's delight. Angelina, meanwhile, was expressionless. She was taking the nipple torture in stride, and seemed to almost be enjoying it. Cameron was smiling again as she twisted and pulled the sensitive area, but Angelina suddenly lunged her legs upwards, tucking them under Cameron's armpits. Before anyone knew what happened, Cameron was flipped onto her back with her shoulders pinned down. Angelina tore off the blue thong and plunged her Black Panther right into the loser's snatch. Cammie’s eyes bulged as she screamed out in pain!

Angelina flipped the actress onto her stomach and began taking her doggy-style. With her right hand, she was pulling the actress's hair back like the mane of a horse, while with her other hand she was slapping the poor woman's ass, demonstrating complete dominance. "You're a lousy actress, a pathetic fighter and an even worse fuck. Oh well, at least you have a nicely spankable ass!" Cameron looked less than dignified as she was being violated and degraded. She whined and cried, but Angelina took no care of her opponent's feelings; she simply had one goal - to make Cameron climax involuntarily!

"I can feel you getting wet. I think you like this. I think you really like this. You're a real sick one." Angelina leaned in to Cameron's ear. “But I'm sicker, and unless you cum pretty soon, you ARE going to be sorry, Charley."

Cameron feared what Angelina might do, so she focused all of her attention to stimulating herself to aid the Panther. She reached down to stroke herself, rubbing frantically to increase the sensitivity, increase blood flow and hasten her climax. But the strap-on's massive size was incredibly uncomfortable and Cameron was having trouble getting aroused as the device rubbed her raw. She began trying to find a way to get herself off and, finally, in a pitiful display of total submission, she climaxed and then collapsed from exhaustion. Angelina slowly withdrew the strap-on and unbuckled it from her waist, preparing for one final display of her total dominance. With expert precision, Angie drove the large black device deep in Cameron's unsuspecting asshole! The pained girl let out a long, painful howl, then passed out! The match was done - as was Cameron's resurgent career!


Match #8: (*Title Match) Charlize Theron* vs. Rose McGowan

The title was on the line, and no amount of exposition could do it justice. Charlize just viewed what could be in her future - a dildo up the ass! However, that wasn't what she was focused on right now; now was a title defense that could define her career. She’d dominated most opponents, but anything less than a strong showing would cause people to lose faith in her as their champ. Rose McGowan seemed to have fallen ass backward into this match; and now, simply because of her sensual style, she was the heir apparent to Angelina's position. Now, with this match, Rose appeared to have leapfrogged the deserving No. 1 contender.

The ring announcer called out both participants. Rose came out first and she was wearing only a scowl! Her nudity was meant as an intimidation factor; and while it could work, she was in with a champion who seems to be intimidated. Charlize came out second, dressed in a silver two-piece wearing the big gold title belt. She kissed her prize, perhaps for the last time.

As Charlize turned to carefully lay her championship belt in her corner, Rose jumped her from behind, attacking the champ before the bell. Rose rained down clubbing forearms, hoping to take the South African down early and keep her down! Poor Charlize wasn't ready for the assault and, before she knew it, she was on her knees. Rose was unrelenting, pounding her neck and the back. Finally, Charlize fought her way back to her feet and knocked Rose onto her bare ass!

"Is that how we want to handle this? Sneak attacks? Fine by me!" she said.

Charlize leg whipped up and she kicked Rose right between the eyes. As Rose went sprawling on her back on the mat, the big blonde leaned over, clenched her fist, took careful aim and then drove her fist right down between Rose's spread legs.

"Oh gawd...." Rose bellowed as her upper body jerked up off the mat in reaction to the punch that slammed into her pelvic bone.

"Damn, now my hand's probably has gonorrhea," Charlize snorted, shaking her aching fist.

"'re" Rose couldn't finish her statement because Charlize stomped her foot across the girl's mouth, shutting her gaping piehole.

"Could you keep it shut for like a minute, Rosie? I'm trying to - you know - be dominant here!" Charlize muttered.

She picked her girl up by the hair and tucked her in for a DDT, then let it fly! Rose's head bounced on the canvas and before she knew it, she was looking up at a descending blond as Charlize hit her with a massive Full Body Splash! Laying astride the nude contender, Charlize looked up at the referee for a count, then suddenly her eyes went wide and she let out a yelp as she felt something grab, then clamp down hard on the mound between her spread legs. Rose had latched onto Charlize’s precious pussy with her infamous Crotch Claw!

"AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEeeee” Charlize screamed; her body bucking and her hips bucking, desperately straining to ease the mounting pressure on her pleasure palace. “Thaaaaaaa….aaat's my pussy!"

But Rose's well-trained fingers had a tight grip now, and she wasn't about to let go! Rose’s other hand wrapped around and grabbed a fistful of Charlize’s hair, trapping her across her chest as she tightened her grip. Unable to escape, Charlize did the only thing she could - she retaliated; grabbing Rose's crotch with her near hand. Both girls writhed screaming, their bodies entwined as each mauled the other’s groin. Then, using a move of ingenious viciousness, Rose turned her wrist, driving her thumb up under the front of Charlize's silver bottom, while wedging her middle finger into her asshole!

"UNNNNggggggghhhhh!” Charlize groaned as she felt the unwelcome double penetration. “Ohhhhhh… nooooo… tha… ohhhhh….that's crossing the line!" the blond screamed. With a great heave, Charlize threw herself off the nude star, leaving a fistful of golden blonde hair behind in Rose’s grasping hand.

"What's the matter? Ya don't like a little foreplay?" Rose snickered with a wickedly grin.

She sprung to her feet and tackled the Amazon while Charlize was bent over adjusting her bottom. The impact of Rose’s weight was more than enough to send the big blonde sexpot crashing to the mat with Rose on top. Again, Rose returned to what she knew best, her normal strategy, sexfighting. Grabbing Charlize’s bikini bottom, Rose quickly pulled and Charlize's pussy was exposed - out in the open - bared to the world. Rose laughed as she rolled on top of the Champion, lined up her pussy and then she began to hump the champion into submission.

"You are so screwed...literally," she chortled as visions of endorsement deals and an endless stream of interviews played in her head.

Normally, the recipient of Rose’s pelvis punishing ‘bump and grind’ would not only be mortified, but also fairly helpless by the time she applied it, but not Charlize! In fact, not only was the blonde not helpless, she looked relieved as Rose started her grind.

"Yeah,” Charlize agreed. “This IS a lot nicer than fighting. Plus I always can use a little stimulation before an ass kicking!"

"Tough talk from a...a...," Rose began, but then Charlize began to grind back and although she was in the “submissive position”. Soon, Charlize’ pussy began to assert its - and her - dominance.

"I should’ve… told you… I've …with Sunny… McKay," Charlize grunted as she thrust harder and harder. “She’s …not the world’s… most ‘in demand’…porn star for… nothing… you’d be surprised…what you can… learn… from her… if you apply yourself!”

Before Rose knew what hit her, she felt herself about to cum! "NO! Buh..buh……I'm the best at this...I can’t…" Rose grunted between heaving, labored breaths, unable to believe what was happening her body.

"Yeah? I think you’re not…not any more, sorry!" Charlize roared as she executed a circular spin, intensifying Rose's orgasm and pushing her to the brink of a climax.

"Shit...shit...shiiiiiiiii...." Rose couldn't speak any more, and then she was creaming all over the champion.

"Wow, that was disgusting." Charlize muttered as she pushed Rose’s limp body off of her, looked down at her glistening, sticky and matted pubic hair. Then in an impressive show of her strength, Charlize picked up the nude "Charmed" girl, lifted her and drove her down with the Tombstone Piledriver known as the “Char-driver”. Just like that, the match was over. Well, competitively anyway.

Charlize stood up and faced the shocked audience. Many had expected Rose's sexual assault to bring down the Amazon, but NO ONE had foreseen Charlize being able to turn the tables, then completely humiliate the ‘Wicked Witch of the Ring.’

Now, all that was left was the textbook facesit to claim her victory. Not one to disappoint the fans, Charlize sat her ass down right on Rose's face, turned and gestured to the referee with a crooked finger, "Hey, would you bring me my belt!"

The ref grabbed the belt and handed it to Ms. Theron who strapped the title around her waist, then began to grind and hump Rose's face, finishing what McGowan herself had started. As she reached the apex of ecstasy, Charlize half-closed eyes turned toward the entrance ramp and she saw Angelina standing there glowering at her. Charlize saw her future and knew it went through Angelina Jolie - and everyone knew Lou Dipi would be the one to book the ticket!!

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