CatfightMania2, Match 6 - Intercontinental Title: Eliza Dushku vs. Britney Spears (w/ Elisha Cuthbert) by CanadianLou

The premise for an intercontinental title is a little confusing. The term intercontinental seems to indicate that it represents multiple nations, as opposed to intra-continental, which would accurately describe a title representing one continent. Or one nation, as is the case for the inaccurately dubbed intercontinental title. The belt has never been defended outside of the confines of the United States. Perhaps the engraved nameplate should be changed, maybe something more fitting like the American Title or the US Belt. But no, the belt is and has always been called the intercontinental title. It even has tiny flags adorning the center gold plate; a myriad of nations that will never actually view it live and in person.

The Intercontinental champion is a young woman named Eliza Dushku. Her name may sound funny, but there is nothing humorous about this woman. Despite a body of work that is very diverse and includes several comedies, she is as banal and bland in her style as it comes. She is a brawler. She is a very focused and very intense brawler. Even worse, she is mean. Very mean. Her cruelty has been documented over the course of her professional career. The first crowning achievement of this competitor was in her retiring of journeywoman Kim Basinger. The veteran faced Eliza in her debut match, and in just five short minutes, she had decimated the ‘Batman’ star so badly the ex- Mrs. Baldwin swore to never fight again.

After her impressive debut, Eliza was bounced from federation to federation, taking on all comers and leaving a trail of broken actresses and singers in her wake. This led her to a showdown with a woman named Britney. Britney Murphy. Britney Murphy was the Intercontinental champion at the time but just three short minutes after the bell rang, she was sobbing her submission into a house microphone for all in attendance to hear. Since the match, Britney lost a significant amount of weight and her gaunt physique has stuck with her to this day.

Eliza Dushku has held the title successfully for two years straight, forsaking all acting roles so that she can focus on defending the coveted gold. It was an unprecedented action, but one that has allowed Eliza to gain immeasurable amounts of respect from the catfighting community.

Eliza had never met Lou Dipi, nor had she ever wrestled on one of his shows. She was always wary of how he did business, and she was one of the few actresses to prove that there was a path to success without entering the seedy world of Catfightmania. That is, until Lou's people called her people and offered her a chance to fulfill a lifelong dream. A dream that she has held near and dear to her heart since she first stepped into the ring. That dream, to end the career of Britney Spears.

Britney's bubblegum pop and squeaky-clean image can be very grating to the nerves, but through her many transformations, she has managed to all but erase that image from the public's conscious. Except for Eliza. Eliza loathed the so-called "pop princesses", and has thus far knocked off several of the genre's top names; Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, Pink and Avril Lavigne. But one name remains on that list; THE name; the one who started it all. Tonight, she would get her chance.

Life has never been easy for Britney Spears. Success first greeted her as a child, a star of the revived Mickey Mouse Club. It was there that she would meet her first love, her best friends and her early rivals. A chance to be on television and prance around with a cartoon mouse sounded like the dream of anyone small enough to fit under a dining room table, but the constant rehearsal and the long hours of shooting forced this young Louisiana native to grow up in a hurry. Her first album struck it big just as she was coming into young adulthood, and the whirlwind showed no signs of dying down. The name of this young woman was known worldwide, from small farms in Kansas to small farms in Indonesia and everywhere in between. It was hard for her to take a vacation with her family without it being covered on the nightly entertainment tabloid programs.

Things changed a few years back. Her latest album was met with more indifference than disdain, and her personal life started to sound like the opening minutes of a poorly scripted "Behind the Music". Her day long marriage to friend - and not the ‘Seinfeld’ star - Jason Alexander, was greeted with the appropriate combination of head shaking and snickering. However, her courtship and subsequent marriage to dancer/slug Kevin Federline managed to alienate her core audience while feeding her detractors with enough rope to hang the poor girl. An enraged ex-wife and a bundle of joy of her own would follow, concluding with accusations that she is a bad parent and has lost the talent that made her an icon.

When you hit rock bottom, you are willing to do desperate things. At Catfightmania, she signed on to face young phenom Elisha Cuthbert. The pert, perky blonde had blazed a trail of success including the hit TV show ‘24’ and the films ‘Old School’ and ‘Girl Next Door’. In the ring Elisha had amassed impressive wins over would-be rivals in decisive fashion and she was on a collision course to face Eliza Dushku, the previously mentioned Intercontinental Champion, when she was offered a chance to face the returning Spears. Assuming-like the rest of the world-that Britney was no longer the threat that she once was, she gladly signed the dotted line in the hopes of ending the singer's career and simultaneously launching her own to new heights. However, a rider was attached to the contract; a 30-day sentence as a "sex slave" would be imposed on the loser with minimal restrictions (nothing illegal nor anything that could result in serious harm or death). Elisha figured that there could be worse things to keep her occupied for a month than Britney Spears as her servant, so she agreed without concern.

About that hitting rock bottom. During the match as expected, Britney was beaten from pillar to post and Elisha, and everyone else, sensed her victory was only moments away. Until the punch! One punch changed everything. Britney, in an act of desperation, had hid a roll of quarters (an old pro wrestling trick dating back to the old NWA territories of the 1970s) in her fist and proceeded to belt Elisha right in the kisser, knocking her unconscious - all unbeknownst to the incapacitated referee. A three count later and Elisha was obligated for a month of degradation and humiliation.

While most of the details of the 30-day slavery are confidential (one clause in the contract specified no video-taping), some reports leaked to the press. Elisha spent most of the day caring for Britney's children, then in the evenings she was summoned to Britney's bedroom can use your imagination. With Britney and Kevin on the outs for most of the 30 days, Elisha was invaluable in keeping Britney "satisfied."

Now, the road that these competitors took is inconsequential. Whether or not they are happy or well trained or even prepared mentally, they are going to meet. Its not because they want to, it's because they have to. One has to silence the last giant of an industry she has sworn to destroy. One has to climb the top of the mountain to prove her worth to herself and her fans. And one just wants to stop being involuntarily fucked by a giant plastic penis.

Lou Dipi had left his deluxe luxury sky box at the conclusion of the last fight. In it, Jessica Simpson and her less-than-impressive tag partner Rachel Bilson double-teamed an overwhelmed Natalie Portman, and in the end Jessica had once again subjected Nat to a severe spanking and then forced her own teammate's face in to her intimate region. Lou wasn't happy with the match. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the ending - any red blooded American would - but he was pissed that Heather Graham (Nat's partner) didn't show up.

"Who am I firing?" he shouted as he barged into his master control room.

"Well, sir..." his producer started.

"Shut the hell up, Herb, or it'll be you. Don't we have people who...oh, I don't know...check to make sure the goddam talent shows up?"

"Yes, of course, but..."

"Herb, I'm serious, one more word and you'll need to print resumes. Do we at least have an account for all of the other people on the show?" Silence. "Herb! Do we have an account? OK, you can talk now."

"Yes, sir. All of them are here and..."

"I don't need a life story. What I do need is to have competitors who are advertised to appear you know actually appear. It isn't that fucking demanding! Also, since I'm up here, Herb, make sure we get a camera on Elisha the whole time. Make it camera F, that camera's usually just shooting the ring post anyway. I want to see what shit Britney makes her do, and I want our viewers to catch every goddamn moment."

"Yes sir."

"Herb...just do it."

Lou slammed the door of the master control booth and proceeded down the long hallway back to his beautiful lair, his luxury sky box. But, before he could get back to his comfy chair and dine on his expensive finger food, he was forced to deal with the commoners. To deal with his "talent". Price you pay for leaving your ivory tower.

"Lou!" he heard a feminine voice calling.

"Crap," he thought as he recognized the southern twang.

"Lou, I think we need to talk." He turned to see the frame of Jessica Simpson. She was still in her skimpy bikini, the flushed look on her face could be attributed by the skillful actions of Rachel Bilson's tongue.

"For you, sweetheart, anything," he said as he gritted his teeth, risking shattering his caps from the pressure.

"I think that after what I did out there that I should get the winner of the Britney/Eliza match. I want a nice gold belt to go around my waist." She slowly moved her hands across her waistline, demonstrating where the belt would go as well as draw Lou's eyes to her thinly covered crotch.

"Ye...yes, absolutely," he said, transfixed by the sight in front of him.

"Thank you sweetheart," she said with a bright smile as she hugged her slimy boss.

Lou doubled his walking speed, hoping to avoid any more incidents. Unfortunately, he walked right by an open dressing room. "Mr. Dipi!" a voice shouted, slightly muffled.

"Shit!" He turned in the open dressing room door and saw find Rachel Bilson, an ice pack pressed right into her jaw. "What can I do for you, beautiful?"

"Mr. Dipi," she whimpered, her words muffled by the ice pack. Lou moved it away from her mouth and Rachel pouted, "Mr. Dipi; are you going to do something about what happened out there?"

"I already did, dear."

"What did you do to her?"

"I gave her an Intercontinental Title shot."

"But she..."

A smile crossed Lou's lips and the shrill whine of her voice trailed off. "Yes?" he asked solicitously.


"What?" he said, unable to suppress a smile at the recollection of Rachel flat on her back.

"…you know."

"I don't. Please tell me everything dear."

Tears began to form in Rachel's eyes. The thought of what happened to her was still a fresh wound, as only twenty minutes ago she was under Ms. Simpson.

"She sat on my face."

"I know."

"Then why did I have to tell you?"

"Because its fun, and I rarely have fun in this job."

"That was mean."

"I know. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I signed you to a contract."

Rachel looked shocked.

"I'm sorry I wasted a roster spot, one that could have been filled by many skilled fighters, on someone who makes it a habit to find herself flat on her back with her nose up someone's pussy. You're a loser. A jobber. A nobody. I don't want a nobody on my roster."

"Please..." Rachel said, her doe eyes locked right on Lou's two pieces of coal.

"I'm going to re-negotiate your contract. From now on you're off my regular roster."

"No, don't fire me, I'll do anything..."

"I know you will. I'm not going to fire you. Instead, you're going on the b roster. The lower roster. You are going to be the girl that I feed to talent. You are going to face every new superstar I bring in. Every phenom. Every destructive force that wants a cake walk. You are going to be face-fucked by a whole new level of talent. If you survive this, or even more surprisingly if you actually win, then I will remove you from the list. Hell, you score a win and I'll give you a title shot. Until then, you can either train for the fights of your life or prepare for a long and storied career as a human vibrator."

Lou slammed his second door of the night and barreled through until he reached his box. He grabbed a bottle of bourbon and a glass and started pouring - he wouldn't stop until the two women were introduced. Thankfully for his liver, he didn't have to wait too long.


"Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is for the Intercontinental Title. First, the challenger who is is being accompanied to the ring by her slave Elisha Cuthbert…one of the highest grossing recording artists of all time. She is Miss Britneeeeeeeeeeey Speeeeeears. SPEARS!"

The curtain pulls back top reveal Ms. Spears, who is decked out in a very elaborate costume, akin to what she would wear on stage in a concert. It was a blue leather pantsuit; the material clinging to her dancer's frame like the shell of an M&M. Her right hand was waving to her few but vocal fans, while her left hand held a leather strap. Attached to the end of that strap was a collar worn by Elisha Cuthbert. In additon to the leather collar, she was earing a comically virginal white bra and panties; her simple attire a stark contrast to the outfit of her "mistress" whose dominatrix-lite costume was so over-the-top that it was hard to take her seriously.

Britney strode down the aisle, soaking in the imaginary adulation from the crowd, most of whom couldn't stand the singer's underhanded tactics and cowardly fight style. Meanwhile, her pet Elisha was busy trying not to make any eye contact with anyone in sight. The last time the fans saw her, she was buried in Britney's snatch, forced to satisfy the overrated pop sensation after Ms. Spears attained her tainted victory at Catfightmania. Now, where most people once saw a true competitor, they now saw a submissive disappointment; a testament to squandered talent. However, what most of them don't realize is that Elisha's failure to comply with the stipulation would have gotten her blacklisted her from the industry, forcing her to move back to Canada where she’d be lucky to get work as a secretary or store clerk. Honor among thieves is still honor.

As Britney entered the ring, she put her arms out, a silent command for her "assistant" to remove her garments. Elisha unfastened Britney's top, revealing a more fighter-friendly bra. Elisha then unzipped Britney's intricately done-up pants to uncover a snug bikini bottom.

Once undressed, Britney turned her attention back to Cuthbert, "Listen up slut!" She tugged on Elisha's degrading leash. "I hate you and you hate me. I'm sure you'd like nothing better’n to cost me my title so any threat I levy against you won't matter. You're tough, I'll give you that. You've taken everything I can do to you and you're still walking. So I'll cut you a deal. You still have six days left on your sentence. If I win tonight, I'll set you free now. But cost me my shot and you’re gonna suffer six days of the most inhumane treatment I can think of. Its your choice," she said as she not-so-subtly adjusted Elisha's breasts. Then, without removing her hands from her chest added, "Choose wisely." She punctuated that with a hearty squeeze that made Elisha utter a soft moan of pain.

"And her opponent…the reigning Intercontinental Champion…she is Elizzzzzzzza DUUUUUUUUshkuuuuu."

Eliza didn't wait for her laser-light show, which Herb and his crew had spent weeks assembling. Instead, she just barreled down the aisle, tossed her belt on the timekeeper's table and charged her opponent. Britney didn't even have enough time to turn around before Eliza was on top of her. Eliza had sandwiched Britney into the corner, peppering her with lefts and rights. To make matters worse, Elisha hadn't made it out of the ring yet, and she was trapped between Britney and the turnbuckle.

Eliza's punches were wild and furious. While not striking as precise as she would like, her windmill approach to fisticuffs was still generating more hits than misses. Her clenched fists struck Britney in the head, and as soon as Ms. Spears would cover her head, she was subjected to body shots. Shannon Elizabeth, the more than capable referee, began to admonish Eliza for the use of the illegal punches, but nothing seemed to penetrate Eliza’s ears. Finally, Elisha came up with a solution. She grabbed the top rope and pushed herself off, the momentum sending Eliza and Britney flying. Elisha slid out of the ring while Britney and Eliza tried to gather their wits.

It didn't take Eliza all that long to clear the cobwebs, as she sprung to her knees and tackled the dazed blonde. The hit was worthy of a linebacker, but Eliza didn't spend all that long patting herself on the back. Instead, she had secured a position on top of Ms. Spears and had again decided to throw lefts and rights at Britney's mug.

"Welcome to my ring!" she shouted as she beat a rhythmic pattern into Britney’s covergirl face.

Shannon had again seen enough and she began to count Eliza down to disqualification. Once she reached four, Eliza pulled back, only to start all over again. Finally, not seeing any other option, Ms. Elizabeth again physically inserted herself in a contest. She wrapped her arms around Eliza's waist and pulled her off of Ms. Spears.

"Listen up, I've had too many people try this shit tonight. When I tell you to break, you fucking break! Understand?"

Eliza stared right through Shannon. "Do I need to remind you what happened on the 'Jay and Bob' set, bitch? Or do you need another ass kicking?"

"Fuck you!"

"You want to start now?" Eliza was right in Shannon's face, looking to fight all comers here tonight. "I'll knock your fucking horse teeth out right now."

"Why don't you focus on kicking her ASS?" Shannon replied, pointing to the dazed Spears.

"Fine. But if I see you try to pull any favoritism bullshit just because I made you cry, then I won't be afraid to pinch those oversized nipples again. Got it, girlie?"

Eliza approached the sitting Spears, delivering a lightning fast kick to Britney's lower back. Spears fell back to the canvas, staring up at the intricate lighting structure on the ceiling. Eliza dug her hands into Britney's hair and pulled the singer up to her feet. Once she was standing, Eliza whipped her into the ropes. Britney bounced off and came running forward, only to meet an elbow to the chest. The impact sent Britney down with a serious thump. The ricochet added pain to her already hurt lower back, while the elbow opened new avenues of discomfort in her chest and lungs.

Eliza didn't wait long. She cocked back her elbow and drove it right between Spears' canyon, striking the vulnerable breastbone with devastating accuracy. Spears shot up, trying to get lungs in her air, only to again be greeted with a kick to the back. The dazed look and disheveled hair told the story, Britney was outclassed already and things were going to get a lot worse.

"This is so damn boring," Eliza sighed as she stalked her prey. "If you're not even going to put up a fight, why the hell should I even be here?"

Having posed her question, Eliza lifted her right leg and dropped it right across Britney's throat. The leg drop was Hogan-esque, and Britney was now gasping for air to fill her already depleted lungs. "I could do this for a few seconds, a few minutes or a few hours," Eliza continued as she again cocked back her elbow, measuring for another elbow. Once she was satisfied with a suitable target, she dropped her pointed arrow right into Britney's stomach. "I wanted you to be a challenge," Eliza said as she looked for her next move, "because I guess I built you up so much in my head." Eliza rolled the hapless singer onto her stomach, hoping to inflict more pain. "But I guess you're just like everyone else I've faced," Eliza placed her right foot in the square of Britney's back, and then once she secured Ms. Spears' arms, she pulled back on them, stretching the poor girl while driving her boot deeper into the already strained back muscles. "Well, you're not like everyone," she gritted as she continued to tug, "because some of them fight back."

"Aaah!" Britney screamed as her body was being pulled apart at the seams. "Ohh!!! Stop!!!"

"Ask her," Eliza demanded as she twisted her ankle, adding a new dimension of torture to the hold.

Shannon bent down, putting her ear dangerously close to the unbearably loud screeching, and asked, "Do you give?"

"NOOOOOO….ooooohhhh!" Britney’s answer achieved a new decibel level of howling, blood curdling, screaming.

Finally, growing tired of the hold and the strain on her own body, Eliza dropped Ms. Spears, allowing her to crumple into a limp pile on the floor. "I was getting bored anyway," she said as she walked to the ropes, hoping to stretch out a crick in her back.

The liberated Spears didn't know where to turn her attention first. Her sore shoulders? Her stinging chest? Her demolished back? Unfortunately, she wouldn't even get the chance to make a decision, because she felt something tugging at her feet.

Eliza grabbed hold of Britney's ankles, and in an attempt to humble the millionaire, she began to drag her prey around the ring, clearly demonstrating her complete dominance in this current situation. Once she had swept the entire mat with Britney's stomach and breasts, she flipped the girl onto her back, so that they were now again face-to-face.

"Hey, how are things going down there? In case you weren't sure, you're not doing so great."

Eliza secured her grip on the ankles and then slowly turned Britney back onto her stomach, in the process locking in an airtight Boston Crab. However, rather than simply rock back and let the hold do the work, Eliza decided to slow it down and make Britney think about it. First, there's the thought that she's trapped. Once that set in, she ever so slightly lowered her body, waiting for the first waves of pain and anticipation to caress Britney's subconscious. Then, once Britney had a grip on the pain, Eliza sat down fully, resting her ass on Britney's. The second their bottoms touched, Britney began to thrash like a bass that had been tossed onto a boat deck. She clawed at the ground, hoping to climb towards the ropes. She tried to push her body up, hoping to alleviate the pressure. She started to cry, hoping that it would all be over soon.

"How are we doing back there?" Eliza asked as, for the first time of the night, her sinister and beautiful smile appered.

Eliza started to bounce up and down on Britney's ass and lower back, her full chest heaving in the black bikini that encased it. It was only a matter of moments before Britney would tap out, and this would all be just another payday. Cuthbert was beside herself! If Britney lost then it meant another six days of watching babies, cleaning dishes and licking pussy. She needed to do something - fast! She looked around hoping something would spark an idea. Once that thought died a painful death, she just decided to get on the apron and hope that Eliza was as bright as she was. Using the ropes for support, Elisha hopped up onto the apron, right in Eliza's line of sight. With Shannon distracted by Britney's wailing sobs, the referee had no way of seeing Elisha.

"Hey, let her go or I'll make you let her go!"

"How? By going down on me the way you do to this slut? Seriously, how did you lose to her?"

Elisha leaned forward, realizing that she could reach Dushku if she straddled the rope properly. "I lost the same way you'll lose, bitch!" Elisha gripped the rope with her right hand and used her flexibility to extend her left hand, swiped forward to catch Eliza right in the face. While the claw was more akin to cheesy ‘catfights’ it was nonetheless effective. Elisha hopped off the apron, and despite a less than graceful fall, was successful in her attack. Eliza released the hold, clutching her face in pain.

Spears flopped to the mat like a limp dishrag while Eliza staggered around the ring blinded like a hobo who'd had one too many. Shannon didn't understand exactly what happened, but she had a pretty good idea! However, much like in a court of law, hearsay does not a case make. Eliza’s blind swipes hit nothing but air, while her other hand furiously rubbed her eyes in the hopes of relieving the pain. Britney, meanwhile, was lost in a fog of discomfort. Her back was completely useless, now a mangled mess of knotted up tissue.

For Britney’s sake, she had someone looking out for her. "Hey! Hey! You gotta get up!" Elisha was shouting semi-encouraging words in an attempt to rally Britney, a task that was becoming more and more of an uphill climb. Elisha kept slapping the mat, hoping to focus her fighter on something besides the pain. "Listen, push past the throbbing! Just forget about it. Just focus on getting to the ropes, getting to your feet and beating the crap out of Dushku!"

Britney opened her eyes for the first time in a while. They had been welled shut by the thousands of tears that had streamed from her exhausted ducts, and through the haze she was Elisha. Then she saw how close she was to the ropes. Finally, in a sing of surprising resilience, she reached out and pulled herself up by the taped cables in front of her. One by one, she tugged and tugged, until she was finally up to her feet. She was up and ready to fight, the simple triumph of standing upright sending adrenaline coursing through her veins. She could do this. Britney turned around to face her blinded foe.

As she turned, she saw Eliza. Unfortunately, she saw Eliza's clothesline too. In the eternity that it took for her to get to her feet, Eliza had cleared her vision and was poised to strike. The thunderous shot sent Britney flying backward over the top rope and her body crash-landing on top of a stunned and shocked Elisha Cuthbert.

The pile of blonde hair and flesh was interchangeable; you couldn't tell where Britney's limbs ended and Elisha's began. Eliza chuckled at the Stooge-like calamity at her feet but rather than go outside and risk a double-team, she simply enjoyed her front row seat for the show. Even Shannon let her guard down to feast on the sad and funny performance as the two dazed blondes tried to stand and both their attempts seemed to contradict the other's.

Finally, the girls got their feet. Britney shook off the crash landing and set her sights on Eliza who was leaning on the ropes, holding them open for her ne'er-do-well opponent. "Come on in, sweetie, time for the fun."

Britney made a snap decision and slid under the bottom rope, catching Eliza off guard. Then, once in the ring, she grabbed the second rope and jerked it upward, catching Eliza square between the legs. The crowd let out an audible gasp as the steel cable bit at the minuscule clothe covering separating it from Eliza's womanhood. The ‘Buffy’ star clutched at her pained midsection as she slid off the rope, collapsing on the mat in unbelievable anguish.

"Yes sir, the fun is about to start," Britney announced, finally enjoying the match for the first time. Spears circled her hurt foe, and based on what just transpired, it was clear that in order to win, she needed to fight dirty. Thankfully, fighting dirty was the one thing she did well. Ignoring the aches and pains of her tortured frame, Britney secured Eliza's ankles. It was a familiar position; the only difference was the role reversal. That and where Eliza wound up going with a Boston Crab, Britney had other designs for the dominant spot. "Did that hurt you, darling?" Britney asked in mock sympathy. "Did your steal-vice pussy get a little jolt? That's nothing compared to THIS!" Britney then stomped her foot right onto the exposed region, sending more pain coursing through Eliza's frame.

Eliza didn't let out the expected loud cry - which for the first time in the match might have shown her vulnerability - instead it was a silent look of pain and focus. But that didn't dissuade Britney in the least. "Gosh, that was mean. Shannon, even I think that was a little cruel," Britney said, tilting her head to accentuate her faux pity. "If you thought that was bad..."

Britney dangled her foot again over the region, starting dead into Eliza's eyes. However, Eliza wasn't pleading for mercy, instead what Britney saw was a look of defiance! "Do your worst," she whispered, knowing the repercussions.

"Okie-dokie!" Britney responded with a gleeful smile. She then slammed her boot into Eliza's pussy again, this time leaving her foot there. Then, in a show of complete lack of humanity, she lifted up her other leg so that all of her weight was baring down on that one foot, and that one foot was pressed right into Eliza's vagina. Eliza’s mouth was silent, but her eyes couldn't deceive Britney. Her cruel tormentor saw a single tear escape her eye, and Britney watched with sadistic joy as it trailed down her cheek. "Ask her if she quits!" Britney demanded as she twisted her ankle, the same way Eliza did to Britney's back.

"Do you..."

"Mmm...noo...." Eliza weakly replied, the strain in her voice was music to Britney's ears.

"Come on, even you can't take this!" Britney screamed, doubling her efforts to damage her opponent Eliza's eyes narrowed, and despite what could only be indescribable pain, she seemed focused. Britney continued to twist and turn her leg, hoping at this point to inflict nothing short of permanent damage. Then, just when she thought Eliza would break, Eliza surprised Britney and the world by bucking her captor off with a simple thrust of her pelvis.

Spears went flying backward, getting surprisingly impressive height right before she finally landed on her back. Which now, without the surging adrenaline, reintroduced her body to blistering pain. Britney was lying on her stomach as her back began to spasm. Eliza was lying on her stomach, clutching her wounded crotch. Shannon began her ten count.

Elisha pounded furiously on the mat, hoping to again revive Spears from her pain cocoon. "Get up! Come on! You've got her!"

Neither girl was moving at six, or seven, or even eight. Finally, Elisha decided to act and she slid into the ring. Shannon was so distracted by the brazen action that she had lost count. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"Stopping you from making a huge fucking mistake," Elisha answered in a matter-of-fact tone. "You count them down then there's no winner. If there's no winner, there's going to be a riot. You already had a no-finish in the tag title match. You want one here?"

"Well no, but..."

"Then shut the hell up and let ‘em fight."

"Fine," Shannon said, deciding that ignoring an infraction was better than inciting pandemonium. "But since you're not in the match..." She grabbed Elisha by her blonde tresses, spun her around and flung her over the top rope, "...stay out of my ring!"

With that settled, the waiting game began. Eliza stirred first, choosing to ignore the pain and focus on leaving with the belt. She formulated a plan of action. Her primary goal would be to neutralize Elisha Cuth...

"Where the fuck’d ‘lisha go?" she asked, unaware she was recovering from her unwelcome freefall over the top rope. "Hey Shan, you take care of her?"


Eliza took that to mean that Cuthbert was sent to the back, so plan two can go into effect. She walked over to Britney and scooped her up in an impressive display of strength. Then, once she had Spears secure in her arms, she executed a textbook Backbreaker. While the move was effective, the name wasn’t entirely accurate. There was little to attack. Britney's back was already so hurt that any excess damage wasn't even going to register. She deposited Spears on the mat and deciding that enough damage had been done, she wanted to finish things once and for all.

"I've waited a long ass time to do this to you..." Eliza hissed as she reached down and unfastened Britney's top, releasing her holy bounty. Britney' tits were the benchmark for young starlets and Eliza had them within inches of her grasp. She took a moment to admire the impeccable pair of mammaries capped by perfect-size pink areolas and flawless nipples; as if carved by the great Michaelangelo himself. In a way, Eliza almost felt guilty about ravaging them. Almost. She dug in without a care in the world; grabbed and groped the sweet flesh with cruel intentions. First, she squeezed for all she was worth, treating the twin round mounds like stress balls after a long day of work.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Britney screamed as her boobs were being crushed in the palms of the champ's hands.

"These things feel great!" Eliza screamed, as she changed her tactics from simply squeezing to a more rhythmic shaking, slamming them together like two pool balls. Britney continued to scream in anguish as her breasts were being taken apart systematically. Her bounty of joy was about to be reduced to ugly sacs of fat, and she was helpless to respond.

Britney was, but Cuthbert wasn't! She had finally gotten to her feet and was now looking to get revenge on Shannon Elizabeth. More importantly, she was looking to ensure her freedom once and for all which meant she would have to stop Eliza’s tit torture of Britney. Again, Elisha climbed to the ring apron, only this time she was hoping to get noticed.

"Hey bitch!" she screamed. Both Eliza and Shannon turned around. "No, the bitch in the zebra stripes! Get over here!"

Shannon got up and walked over to the protesting woman, hoping to silence her once and for all, "Get off the apron. I don't have time for this."

Once she stopped talking, both girls heard another siren call from Britney who was being subjected to some serious nipple torture. Eliza was simultaneously pulling one and pinching the other, enjoying the alternating squeaks and gasps, depending on which breast she did what to.

"Oh, you'll have time." Elisha reached back and slapped Shannon in the face.

"I could disqualify you for that!"

"You won't," Elisha snarkily replied with a smirking grin.

"No, but I'll do THIS!" Shannon grabbed on to Elisha's bra strap, hoping to strip the girl and shut her up. Elisha's smile didn't vanish, because Shannon had stepped right into her trap. Once Shannon had a secure grip on her top, Elisha jumped back down off the ring apron. Shannon couldn't let go in time and as her body was jerked forward, her throat caught on the top rope. The impact snappedher head back and sent her crashing to the mat. With Shannon incapacitated and writhing in pain unable to breathe, Elisha was free to secure victory in the way that best suited her.

Dushku could care less about what was going on behind her. She was so into torturing Britney's breasts that nothing could pull her away. After crushing them, smashing them and pinching them, she had leaned down and started biting! By this time, Spears was pleading with Eliza to stop, begging her to release her toothy grip.

"I'm not letting go…(bite)… until you quit….(bite)…until you admit that I’m…(bite)… the superior woman. Until you..."

That was the last word she got out before Elisha nailed her in the back of the skull with a steel folding chair. BWANG! The loud sound echoed throughout the building, but it was masked by the unsatisfied cries of the thousands in attendance sick of Britney's antics and less than enamored with what was clearly about to transpire.

"I did my part, now finish her off," Elisha told Britney as she revived her Mistress.

"My boobs...she hurt my..."

"Yeah, whatever. Just focus and do what you have to do to win."

"Oww! My boobs!" Britney screamed as she held her prized bounty.

"Fine, I'll do it my fuckin’ self!" Elisha walked over to the fallen Dushku and began to stomp her.

The chair shot had done the job and Eliza was on Dream Street with no end in sight, and Elisha wanted to sew up the victory. She picked up the lifeless form of the ‘New Guy’ star and set her up for a DDT. Once she tucked Eliza's head under her arm, she drove the brunette's skull right into the canvass. Sure that Dushku could no longer defend herself, Elisha decided to help herself to a little fun. She tore off Eliza's black bikini in relatively quick fashion, leaving the proud champion a bare-assed helpless victim. After a quick grope of Eliza’s unencumbered tits, Elisha slithered out of the ring and waited for the dazed Shannon Elizabeth to wake up.

Britney was finally done throwing her breasts a pity party and decided it was time to end the fight and take the belt…a belt she didn't deserve and the win she didn't earn. It took a second person, a ref bump and a chair to get her near the finish line; all she had to do was cross it!

"Well, time to take my belt," she announced as she rolled the semi-conscious Dushku onto her stomach. "Wait, where did your clothes go? You're all naked. I guess that means it's time to return the favor." Britney knelt, pinning Eliza's shoulders under her kneesm then took two healthy handfuls of Eliza’s breasts and began to knead the flesh like two lumps of fresh dough. "You're going to cry for me," Britney said, knowing this would lead to the inevitable conclusion.

Eliza, however, wouldn't give her the satisfaction. Even though she was too weak to fight back, she wouldn't let Britney think she’d broken her spirit. "Just finish this!" she begged, knowing that even after the chair shot and the DDT Britney didn't have what it took to beat her.

"Fine bitch!" Britney hissed as she looked down at Eliza's tired face. "Get ready, baby, because a real woman is about to set up shop on your cute little nose." She wiggled Eliza's proboscis and the helpless Dushku knew what was coming. Her title reign was coming to an end. Her undefeated streak was coming to an end. And her dignity was coming to an end. She slid forward, her panty-covered crotch mere inches from Eliza's face. As it came closer and closer, Eliza knew that she wanted to stick it to Britney, even if she was going down a loser.

"You didn't earn this," Eliza said with a defiant smile. “You didn't beat me and you didn't earn my title. I will come back and I will end you..."

Britney clapped her hand over Eliza's mouth. "Shut up. Hey, I know something that'll keep you quiet." She reached down and peeled her briefs away from her crotch, exposing her pussy to the cool, fresh air. Eliza looked up and saw it mere inches from her face, and for the first time ever, she felt like crying.

"Oh fu..." Britney silenced Eliza as sheh slid forward and let her spread pussy engulf Eliza's mouth. Eliza got a full taste of Britney and she did NOT appreciate it. Britney scooted forward, grinding her full weight on Eliza's face; her knees locked on either side of Eliza's skull.

Once Britney was positioned properly, she was ready to go for a ride! Eliza's nose slid into Britney's pussy like a coin in a piggy bank and as it stimulated Britney's sensitive clit, the Pop Princess began to bounce up and down like she was on a bucking bronco. Eliza found herself unable to breathe with her nose wedged tight in Britney’s pussy and her mouth covered by her conquerors ass. Panic set in and she began to writhe and buck frantically, her hands slapping the mat furiously which Shannon took as a submission.

Shannon quickly called for the bell and as it rang, Elisha ran to grab the Intercontinental Title belt. The bell meant that she was now free but it meant something else to Eliza - that she was finally beaten. Beaten by someone who she had bested throughout the contest. She had been robbed; cheated; and now she was getting face-fucked! The tolling bell meant Britney was now a champion - her return to glory complete!

"We won!" Elisha screamed as she ran around the seated Spears, proudly brandishing the gold title belt.

Britney didn't look up, she simply picked a spot on the wall and focused as she gritted her teeth and pursed her lips tight. "" she groaned as she gyrated a little faster on Eliza's face. Britney was past the pain in her back, embracing the pleasant warm feeling welling up between her legs. Eliza had given up all hope of rescue; realizing she was at the mercy of...of all people...Britney Spears…bubblegum pop sensation…a joke in her eyes.

Shannon Elizabeth, had seen enough. "All right, get off!" Shannon screamed, pointing to Eliza’s face.

But Elisha Cuthbert, looking for revenge, swung the heavy belt and blasted the ‘American Pie’ star flush in the face. As Shannon crashed to the canvas flat on her back, Elisha took advantage of the opportunity and climbed on top of the fallen ref, planting her derriere on the actresses blank face.

"Told you not to mess with me!" Elisha growledas she seized the moment to be on top for the first time in (ironically enough) 24 days. It didn't take long for Elisha to settle in either because the horny little blonde climaxed after only a few seconds of slow, steady grinding.

Britney, however, was trying to prolong her experience for as long a ride as she could get! "Hope…you're…enjoying,… yourself," she panted as she grabbed two handfuls of Eliza's hair, really jamming her face deep into her rotating crotch. She scrubbed and rubbed Eliza's features in all areas of her pussy, hoping something would trigger a release. Then, she saw the title belt lying on the floor. The gold…HER gold…and at that instant Britney erupted…spilling her hot love lava down in a steaming cascade onto Eliza's beautiful face.

Only after she climaxed did Britney roll off of Eliza’s spread-eagled body, crawl over and pick up her belt, holding it clutched it to her bruised bosom as she muttered, "I did it. I did it! All by myself, I did it!" Then she crawled over to the camera at ringside, held her golden title belt up and said into the lens, "Hey Simpson! Here’s the title, come and get it…if you can!"

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