Catfight Mania #2 World Title Match. Charlize Theron vs. Angelina Jolie by Canadianlou

To call this the most anticipated world title match of all time would be an understatement. Champion Charlize Theron, a powerful Amazon of a woman, had taken on all comers to this point without a hint of fear. It didn't matter their size or reputation - or even their experience; she’d been more than willing to face them - and kick their ass! In her most recent conquest, she managed to beat sinister sexpot Rose McGowan, and not only did Charlize triumph, she trumped Rose at her own game, engaging the alabaster superstar in a vicious sexfight and coming out on top!

Charlize has overpowered opponents, out-wrestled opponents and out-boxed opponents…but until Rose she had never out-fucked an opponent! It sounds crass, but it's true. Charlize took on the impenetrable fortress that is McGowan, and in an act of unbelievable personal strength, withstood a brutal onslaught and sojourned on to victory. Then afterward, she ceremonially mounted Rose's face while contemplating her inevitable future opponent.

With all that in mind, however, there was something Charlize doesn't want to admit. Deep down inside, beneath the pride and past the determination, lays a strong and unshakable fear…one that has hindered her as a competitor since the day she first laced up her wrestling boots. The fear that someday she might lose. While losing itself doesn't scare her - great athletes all know losing is a part of winning - it's the aftermath that keeps Theron awake nights! Vivid haunting images of watching herself being ravaged and denigrated - and worse, by millions of people. When she closes her eyes, Charlize Theron sees her long limbs being twisted and contorted against her will; her nether regions invaded, poked, probed and fondled with no ability to protect herself. And worst of all, feeling her dignity being taken by another person. This is a very natural fear, no one would like a hated rival to subject them to torture and humiliation, but in Theron’s eyes the thought of this happening to HER - to the “Golden Goddess” - well, that would just be catastrophic!

All actresses, models and singers who enter the squared circle know the risk and almost all of them, without fail, have eventually found themselves in compromising positions. Some were forced to submit verbally, even having their sobs of submission broadcast live over the PA system. Some had been stripped nude to be paraded by their conqueror for the delight of gawking onlookers - or even forced to endure prolonged fondling by once fawning fans who turned on them in their darkest hour. Others had been pressed against the victresses most intimate regions, then forced to perform sexual acts against their will. It comes with the territory, because while shame and humiliation is always a possibility, the other side of the coin is success, fame and fortune - the things non-celebrities wish for. The risk is inherent, but the benefits are unrivaled.

Charlize Theron knows all of this and, at times in matches, she too has been stripped and had her bared body groped by lecherous opponents - and even fans. Indeed, in Charlize’s early career she was often far too familiar with her opponent's vaginas and assholes! Then she was simply Charlize the Model from South Africa, but now she is Charlize Theron, Oscar Winner! A box office force - and the reigning, undisputed, world champion!

Since entering the film world and becoming a national presence, Charlize has been not just unbeatable, she's been dominant! Her power and size make her a threat to any woman in the ring, while her beauty and acting skills make her a threat to any actress on screen…and the object of fantasy and desire for her fans worldwide - both male and female! It had been her reputation that secured her roles she could never have gotten earlier. Many experts claim it was the gold belt around her waist that sealed the golden statuette in her hand at the Academy Awards. Now, all that she has worked so hard to achieve could vanish in an instant!

Charlize has a fear, of the one person in Hollywood who possesses the means to make her deepest anxiety real! Angelina Jolie is the toughest actress in Hollywood…and she might well be the toughest actress in the world! Hell, she COULD be the toughest woman in the world; actress, singer, dancer, stripper, model or housewife! Certainly Angie’s record speaks for itself and the trail of bodies she’s left lying in her wake reads like a who's who of cinema and TV. The simplest way to boil it down is - Angie fights like a man. She shows no mercy and expects none! Jolie goes out to hurt opponents and she can - and will - take liberties with them if given half a chance. Deep down, most women don't want to destroy their opponents simply because they may have to work with them someday. They will take a win - extracting a little humiliation to get their name out there - but they don't go to the extreme of risking permanently ending an opponent's career. But Angelina Jolie does! She will pin her victim and twist their arms and legs into positions of intense discomfort, then while she has them at her mercy, psychologically pick them apart until they never want to fight again. Frilly girls need not apply!

Don't believe it? Ask Cameron Diaz. Diaz challenged “all comers” at Catfightmania and in just a few short minutes, she got dominated worse than she’d ever been in her career…then later that night she tendered her resignation. Why? Because once Angie hurts a woman, once she turns her into a helpless and hapless little girl, Jolie pulls out a massive heavyweight dildo she calls ‘The Black Panther’ and has her way with her. The Black Panther is too big for recreational use and once Angie straps it around her waist post-match she proceeds to fuck the bejesus out of any unlucky woman who can’t escape.

Visions and thoughts of ‘The Black Panther’ has kept Charlize up at night because merely the thought of being raped by Jolie's "fuck stick" is enough to turn her stomach to jelly. And no one can blame her. ‘The Black Panther’ is not only an instrument of physical torture but also one of emotional destruction that is capable of humbling all who feel it. To lose to Jolie is bad; to lose a title to her is worse; but to lose AND get raped by Jolie is unthinkable.

When Charlize beat McGowan she gained a certain amount of leverage. By besting a top contender, she established credibility the way other people establish financial credit. Now, Charlize was cashing in! Theron-Jolie was an epic confrontation but Charlize knew there was a good chance she was not only going to lose, but under no uncertain circumstances if that happened she was going to be on the receiving end of the ‘Black Panther.’ So when Charlize signed for the match she included a couple of stipulations. First, Angie could NOT use the ‘Black Panther’ on her during the match. And should Angie win and decide to throw a post-match hump-a-thon, Angie would be stripped of the title. Either way, Charlize figured, the worst that would happen is she’d lose the title, but at least her body would be spared.

Angie, when she read Charlize’s stipulations, was livid. Her fondest wish had been NOT to beat Theron and take her title - although it was something Angie fervently wanted to establish her own bone fides as a fighter - what she really wanted was the opportunity to drill Theron in front of thousands of live fans and millions more watching around the world on PPV. But she’d been outsmarted and now, not wanting to appear a coward, Angie agreed to Theron’s stipulations simply to get her hands on Charlize at long last.


Lou Dipi was finally going to enjoy the fruits of his labor. After painstaking negotiations - and millions of dollars in fees and advertising - he was going to witness his ‘dream’ main event; a match clearly the biggest single contest anyone could construct. Combine that with an evening in which he’d already crowned a new Intercontinental Champion in Britney Spears; created a rivalry for the 21st century between Katherine Heigl and Jessica Biel; held a ‘coming out party’ for Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff as two superstars for the future and finally seen the rise of the previously disappointing Jessica Simpson as a dominant force. One could say Lou was poised to make a fortune!

But don't tell that to Lou right now because the stocky man, full of piss, vinegar and half a bottle of bourbon, was ranting about the referee situation. After miscues at Catfightmania, Lou decided to appoint a troubleshooting referee - namely the powerful Shannon Elizabeth whose ability to exert herself physically when necessary made her a force in the ring. Throughout the night, Shannon had held her own in tough spots but after the semi-final match she’d been blindsided by a sex-starved Elisha Cuthbert and smothered into dreamland. Now, with no referee and no way to handle the situation, Lou stormed out of his exclusive balcony.

Lou was on the hunt for anyone who could fit into Shannon’s zebra striped shirt! Finding a referee on short notice wasn’t going to be an easy task, however, especially since he needed someone who wasn't afraid to interject herelf physically in a major match between two mega-superstars. His first thought was simply to go check on Shannon, but he knew all too well that both competitors saw how easily she went down for Cuthbert. Lou decided to scan the crowd, hoping to find an actress who was a spectator.

Lou pulled out his phone and called master control. "Herb! Herb, shut the fuck up and listen. I need you to find someone in the crowd for me…an actress, someone big and tough enough…but who isn't on my bad side."

"Yes sir!" Herb scanned the crowd using one of his remote cameras, and it finally settled on the stunning Jessica Alba who was attending in hope of scouting the competition in case she decided to sign with Lou. "I see Jess Alba, sir…in the 4th row."

"Get someone over there! Bring her to me!" Lou barked. A few minutes later, Ms. Alba entered Lou's arena office flanked by her personal bodyguards and staff. "Glad to see you came as a pack. Hope you all paid full price for your tickets."

"What do you want, Lou?” Jessica snapped curtly. “I already told you; I haven’t made up my mind about signing a deal with you yet. And I won't until after I see how you handle this match."

"I know sweetie, but I need a favor,” Lou sighed, spreading his arms in a pleading gesture. “As you know, doing a favor for me means I'll be obligated to do a very generous favor for you in return."

Red-faced, Alba sputtered, "I AM so not sucking your di..."

"NO!” Lou interrupted. “Not that sweetheart. Not tonight anyway,” he leered as Jessica rolled her big brown eyes. “Y’see, I need a referee for my main event. Someone impartial but tough…AND who has no allegiance to either competitor."

"You want ME to ref the title match?" Alba was incredulous.

"Yeah. Sure," Lou grinned.

"And why should I do this?"

"Because this is the biggest match of the decade. Because it will put you front and center in front of a huge and influential audience. Because..."

"I want a twelve percent increase on my offering price!" Jessica purred, knowing she had Lou by the short and curlies.


"And a match in Catfightmania #3," she added while she had the advantage.


"Now,” Jessica continued. “I’ve seen the way you handle things; run-ins, sneak attacks and deception. I don't want that! I want an opponent I can absolutely destroy without any worries about her fighting back or someone jumping me from behind. I want you to give me the most pathetic loser in your bunch so I can show Hollywood I'm ready to be a player. You give me that and you've got a referee."

"I have just the girl," Lou said. Apparently, today was not a good day to be Rachel Bilson that's for sure.
Now that Lou had the referee was set, it was time to get down to business. Both fighters were informed it was time to get to the ring and both women's camps prepared them for battle.

Charlize was getting her final rubdown before she slipped on her red bikini and strapped on her title belt. Her trainer gave her a last-minute pep talk, reviewing the strategies she’d been practicing nonstop since signing the contract. Lastly, she pulled out a small key chain, a gift from her first acting coach, and kissed it for luck. It had never failed her! Charlize followed the parade of press from her dressing room toward the ring and her date with destiny.

Angie's routine was slightly different, however. First, she tied her hair in a very tight bun, ensuring that it wouldn't get in her eyes or be available to Charlize for leverage. Next, Angie pulled on her black leather bikini, taking extra care to tighten the straps until she could feel the material meld with her body. Finally, she picked up a cloth bag, handing it to one of her seconds, then after a last check in the mirror, she stepped out the door of her dressing room. On her way to the ring, Angie passed an open door and heard shouting and hollering. Naturally curious, she stopped and peeked inside to see Paris Hilton berating Tara Reid for her loss earlier.

"You are so pathetic," Paris said in her usual disinterested tone. "I mean, a fucking KID choked you out. You’re like the saddest thing I've ever seen!" As she ranted, Paris looked up and saw Jolie at the door. "What do you want…freak?"

A smile crossed Angie's face. "Nothing, sweetheart," she said in a sinister tone. "Guys, hold up!" Angie's posse stopped as the Oscar winning actress stepped into Tara’s dressing room.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Paris demanded, bristling as she planted her hands on her hips and thrust out her jaw. Angie walked right up to Paris. When they were face to face, she grabbed Hilton's cheeks and forced a kiss onto the heiresses puckered lips. Paris struggled to get away but it was no use. Tara, still reeling from her match, knew she wouldn't be much help so she just sat and watched until Angie shoved Paris back onto her couch. While Paris wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, she glared daggers at Jolie. "Who the hell do you think you are?"

Angie reared back and delivered a roundhouse kick to the gawking Reid. Tara hit the floor and it was at that moment Paris knew she was in deep trouble.

"I’m a woman who does whatever she pleases. You have a problem with that?" Not wanting to face the same fate as her charge, Paris shook her head ‘no.’ "Good. Then I want your underwear."

"Excuse me?" Paris gulped. Angie took this as a sign of disobedience, so she took one step closer to the sitting and shivering Hilton. "Wait! Hold on! Hold on! OK, I'll do it..I’ll do it." A terrified Hilton reached under her skirt and pulled down her $90 thong. She held the garment out as an offering to the intimidating Jolie.

"No!" Angie said in a cold, emotionless tone. "I won’t touch that filthy object. Roll your panties into a small ball and put it in your mouth. Then close your mouth so the thong is completely inside. I’m going to go to the ring to win a very important fight and when I come back, I’m going to find you. IF you’ve taken that out of your mouth, I’m going to do a lot worse things to you than I did to your flunkie. Understand?"


"Don't answer. Just do as I say and you won't get hurt!" Paris rolled up her underwear, and with a look of disgust, put her panties into her mouth. She then closed her lips, ensuring that the material was completely enclosed behind her teeth. "Good. We may now proceed." Angie left the dressing room and made her way to the ring, confident that she would make good on her promise.

"Ladies and gentlemen, let me first introduce the referee for this title match. She is the star of ‘Fantastic Four’, ‘Dark Angel’ and at Catfightmania 3 she will make her debut against Rachel Bilson…she is the ‘Dark Angel’ herself, Missssssss Jesssssssssica Allllllba." Jessica waved to the fans with a broad smile, knowing that in a few short months, she would be competing for these juggernauts of Hollywood.

"And now, the participants in the main event of the evening. One fall for the Championship of the World First, the challenger….an Academy Award winning actress for ‘Girl, Interrupted’ and she’s the star of the ‘Tomb Raider’ franchise…currently the number one ranked contender in the world…MISS Angelina JOOOOOolie."

Proud and confident, Angie Jolie strode towards the ring sporting her trademark sunglasses. Dark glasses that hid her reflecting pool eyes. She ignored the booing crowd, the throngs of people who hated and feared the dominant and cold superstar, because she wasn't there to please them. She was there to make a statement. That statement was that she was the greatest combatant in the industry today. Jessica Alba approached the star, checking to make sure she didn't have her ‘Black Panther’ on her. As she approached, Angie calmly raised her arms to let her check for the banned item.

"Be gentle, don't you get me all riled up before the fun starts," Angie said in a low, sexy, throaty, purr.

Blushing, Jessica did a quick pat down and concluded Angie didn’t have anything hidden on her person. As Alba walked to the center of the ring, Angie looked down at one of her personal assistants and when she held up the cloth bag. Angie grinned and nodded.

"And her opponent…the undisputed world champion…Best Actress Academy Award winner for her role in ‘Monster’, the star of the recent box office smash hit ‘Aeon Flux’…CharlizZZZZe TheRRRRRRRRroN!"

The crowd sprang to their feet as the winsome South African ‘Golden Goddess’ burst through the curtain. As Charlize waved to her adoring fans, she never took her eyes off Angie and when she reached the ring and raised her leg to start up the steps, a shiver ran down her spine. This was going to get ugly, she thought. And she felt there was a very good chance she would never wear the title belt again.

As Charlize climbed between the ropes Alba, in an effort to appear impartial, gently ran her hands over Charlize’s body just ensure she didn't have any illegal weapons concealed in her red suit. Once satisfied, Jessica called for the title belt which she was handed by Charlize’s second. She held up to show to the world what was at stake, then handed the belt to the ring announcer and signalled for the opening bell.

DING! DING! DING! The crowd erupted at the sound, knowing that the waiting was over. Both women felt the electricity of the arena and knew it was time to get down to what they were there to do, fight. They met in the center of the ring and decorum went out the window as both ladies began to pound on each other, throwing punches in an attempt to overcome the other. Jessica, knowing that using fists was illegal, bravely interposed herself between the two wildly swinging women in an effort to halt the infraction.

Alba slapped a hand on each woman’s chest, then spread her arms, pushing them apart - but both kept swinging around her despite the increased distance and the referee standing between them. Finally they both yielded, neither wanting the match to end in a double disqualification in the opening minute. They turned to face each other and locked up in a Collar and Elbow Tie-up. The taller Theron had a big advantage in this hold and despite a lot of back and forth pushing, Charlize slowly muscled Angie back into a neutral corner.

"Thought you’d be tougher!" Charlize taunted as she held Angie pressed with her back against the turnbuckles.

When Alba came over and demanded a clean break. Theron was more than happy to oblige - but not before she copped a quick feel of Angie's bulging right breast. The crowd jeered and whooped at the sight of the normally reserved Theron taunting Angie who was clearly not amused. Angie hitched up her top as she walked to the center of the mat, looking for another tie up.

"Remember," Angie whispered. “You grabbed ME first. You started it and goddam it, I'm going to finish it!" The women tied up again in the center of the ring, and again Charlize forced Angie backward into the corner.

"You remember," Charlize taunted. "I grabbed you first..." she released the hold and grabbed Angie's left breast, "...and second."

Jessica quickly pushed herself between the two, hoping to quell any brawling until both were out of the corner.

"You’ll regret that, bitch! Very soon, you WILL regret that!" Angie screamed and again offered to tie up.

The confident Charlize again accepted, this time a Test of Strength as they locked arms. Again, Charlize began to force Angie back into the corner, but this time Angie wrapped her ankle around Charlize's leg and, with one swift motion, tripped the blond Amazon. Charlize leg folded and she crumbled to the mat with Angie on top. Once in the dominant position, Angie grabbed one of Charlize's legs and twisted, flipping her over onto her stomach, then she locked in a Front Face Lock.

Charlize's left leg was bent back up to the small of her back and her neck was being pulled backward, closer and closer to her foot as her body was being pulled into a reverse C. The shock of the sudden drop combined with the intense pressure on her back, leg and neck was causing quite a bit of discomfort for the blonde Amazon.

"Aaaaggghhh!" Charlize groaned as Angie's locked hands hauled back hard on her chin.

"You started this!" Angie hissed, her voice not more than a whisper as she planted her free foot on the mat and pushed, adding more leverage to the debilitating hold. Charlize flapped her hands wildly, hoping to snag the rope or the referee or somehow to wriggle free. "Now tap DAMMIT!!" Angie demanded, hoping to end the match quickly.

"Noooooo!" Theron screamed defiantly, unwilling to relinquish her beloved title so early in the fight.

Angie shifted position, rolling up onto Charlize’s back to increase her pain. She kept her hands locked under Theron’s chin while using her body to keep Charlize’s left leg folded up and trapped against Theron’s curved spine. The added weight was too much for Charlize who was considering submitting. Then Angie began to bounce up and down, driving Charlize's own boot into the small of her back…literally kicking her own ass! Not seeing any way to escape, Charlize opened her mouth to submit but as soon as she opened her mouth, Angie's hand slipped inside and so she bit down on the straying digits.

“OWWWWWCH….DAMN YOU!” Angie immediately released the hold, realizing that the title wasn’t worth the loss of a finger or two. She admired Charlize's toughness but it also meant she would have to take special care with her. Breaking a weak girl was easy, but breaking a tough girl was FUN.

Charlize sat up holding her aching back with her left hand and rubbing her neck with her right. But Angie didn't rest on her laurels and she grabbed Charlize by the hair and her bikini bottom and yanked her to her feet. Before Charlize could react, Angie scooped up the taller blond up, turned and Body Slammed her back to the mat. The incredibly display of power wasn’t lost on an intimidated Jessica Alba!

After slamming Charlize, Angie dropped across her back and slipped one arm around Charlize's throat from behind, putting her in a simple-yet-effective Headlock. The hold made breathing very difficult and Angie made sure to lean all her weight on Charlize, ensuring that every gasp of air would exhaust her even more.

"This is already over," Angie whispered in Theron's ear. “Normally, I’d just finish you now..." She began to tighten her grip, "...but you groped me. I warned you not to but you did. So now you will suffer..." The words echoed in Charlize's head, and suddenly her latent fear began to resurface. Angie extended her tongue and began to flick it on Theron's unguarded cheek. She first lightly dragged the tip from her eye down to her chin, then back up the same path. Then Angie extended her whole tongue and, like paintbrush, she coated Charlize's face with her saliva...almost like a dog marking its territory "I taste fear - for that you will pay."

"You won't win..." Charlize said as she tried to pull Angie's arm down from her neck.

"I already did," Angie said as she started to kiss Charlize's rapidly reddening face.

Charlize began to struggle, but it only increased Angie's joy and excitement. The futile movements of the damned! Angie reached around with her free hand and put one finger just below Charlize's trapped neck, then slowly raked just that one finger from her neck all the way down to her belly button. The sensation sent shivers up and down Charlize's spine. Then, the inevitable happened. Angie opened her hand and placed her palm on Charlize's left breast. Slowly and deliberately, she pressed her palm down against the red cup covering Charlize’s firm little boob, the pressure flattening the mound until the round mound nearly disappeared under her hand. Then with a smirking grin, Angie began to slowly twist and turn the hand left and right, grinding the mashed breast with the rhythm of her movement. Finally, as Charlize wriggled and squirmed helplessly, Angie closed her fist, squeezing Charlize's tit until the flesh oozed between her spread fingers.

"Your breast is very soft," Angie said breathily. “But not for long. C’mon an cry for me, baby. Lemme hear you moan for me."

As soon as Angie stopped talking, she clamped her fist on the tit with all her might, crushing the fleshy mound in a tight grip that made Charlize unintentionally comply with her command.

“ARRRRRRRRRRGH……unnnnnnnhhhhh!” Charlize let out an anguished cry which was followed almost immediately by a distraught moan. Angie rocked backward, pulling on Charlize’s neck as she tried to cut off the oxygen to the blonde’s brain. Charlize waved her arms, bucked her hips and thrashed her legs like a fish out of water but everything she did only burned more of her depleated oxygen and wasted her rapidly fading energy.

"Do you gi..." Alba started to ask, but she stopped when she saw Angie shaking her head.

"She doesn't submit. I won't let her! Do NOT ask her again." Angie’s icy glare was enough to keep Jessica at bay. Alba wanted nothing to do with the challenger.

When Angie tired of squeezing Charlize's perky breast, she abandoned both her Breast Claw and Headlock which seemed highly questionable considering Charlize was trapped and neutralized and far from the ropes. But Angie had a strategy and it was clear she didn't want there to be any doubt in anyone’s mind about her total dominance.

Charlize was hurt and disoriented; her head pounding from a lack of oxygen while her left breast was throbbing after the less-than-gentle mauling at the rough hands of Angelina Jolie! The one positive was that Charlize was still awake and far from finished. She shook the cobwebs from her brain, hoping to get some momentum going her way.

Angie knew Charlize was both resourceful and tough and she decided not to let the blonde get to her feet so while Charlize was just sitting up, Angie dropped to her knees behind Charlize and slapped on a tight Full Nelson. The sitting position was a unique way to lock the move on, but it gave Angie maximum leverage for as she locked her hands behind Charlize's neck, it forced Charlize's chin down into her own chest. The move served another purpose, and that was to demonstrate her complete control. She folded Charlize’s body forward, compressing her diaphragm and making breathing difficult, then she began to shake her back and forth. Charlize's arms flapped and waved with each of Angie's movements; the rocking slowly wearing Charlize down while the hold didn't require much of Angie's seemingly boundless energy.

Earlier that evening, Carmen Electra had put a similar move on Lindsay Lohan, but the friction caused by the rubbing of Lindsay's back on Carmen's pussy made the lusty star forget her intent in an attempt to satisfy her own sexual urges. Angie's discipline and focus ensured SHE wouldn't fall into the same trap! Angie’s blank, expressionless face meant no one could read her mind so nobody realized the joy she felt; the pleasure she was getting from man-handling this big blonde “Amazon.”

Charlize was helpless. She’d never been handled so easily and and she wasn't taking it well. She was near to panicking; her heart racing and her mind foggy. She knew she was losing and realized there was no way to escape as Angie had stretched her to her breaking point. This Full Nelson was going to be the straw that broke the camel's back. But Angie wanted to add insult to injury and her psychological attack resumed.

"I KNEW I could beat you!” she whispered in Charlize’s ear. “I just didn't know that it would be THIS easy. You didn't give me the fight I desired. I should just let you submit and take my belt. Give me one reason to keep fighting, please! I’m begging you, give me a reason to keep fighting!" She released the Full Nelson, shifting her arm so her left hand grabbed her right wrist which left her right hand free. She used ot to slowly tickle the back of Charlize's neck and that sensitive region sent new tingles down Charlize's spine that caused the champion’s body to involuntarily respond with a slow shiver. "Good, you're still awake!" Angie purred, turning to wink at her assistant at ringside.

Angie grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back while increasing pressure with her arm; in effect, forcing Charlize’s neck down while pushing her face out. Charlize’s face was exposed and the audience got a good look at the expression of a champion in pain. Involuntary tears streamed down her red cheeks and her mouth gaped as little squeaks of pain escaped at an ever-more-rapid rate. Then, in an uncharacteristic mistake, Angie gave Charlize an opening. After tiring of pulling the blonde hair of her trapped victim, Angie tried to change her grip. For a split second during the switch, the door was wide open for Charlize's escape and she thrust both arms forward, popping them free of the painful Full Nelson.

Charlize instinctively flung an elbow back, catching Angie flush on the jaw. Two more elbows slammed into Angie’s face and Charlize was free!! She rolled away to the side, leaving Angie trying to collect her wits. Charlize was to her feet first, finally able to fight back. She watched Angie getting to her feet and just as she came upright, Charlize caught her with a running Clothesline. The move slammed Angie to the mat, but she bounced right back up…only to be knocked back to the mat by another, harder, Clothesline as Charlize came rebounding off the ropes.

Charlize turned and crouched, wagging her fingers as if to say, "Bring it on!"

Angie was more than happy to comply. She lowered her shoulder and tackled the blonde to the canvas where they both began the cliché rolling around on the mat. They rolled dangerously close to the edge of the ring several times, and inevitably, both of them rolled out under the bottom rope, taking the long fall to the thin padded cushion on the hard cement floor. Even the SMACK of their bodies couldn't slow these two hellcats down and they each grabbed the other's hair, pulling for all they were worth.

It wasn’t until they rolled up against the metal security railing that, as if by some unspoken truce, they both let go and got back to their feet. But as soon as they were up, the charged again and this time Charlize went low. In an inspired bit of improvisation, she ducked low and back flipped the charging Angie over her head. WHAM! Angie hit the floor hard and her back and neck took the brunt of the impact. Charlize, realizing she was being counted out, rolled back into the ring to break the count.

As soon as she regained her feet, however, Charlize had words with referee Alba, "What the hell are you doing?"

"My job!” Alba snapped angrily. “They told me to count and I counted. You should worry about Jolie and leave the refereeing to me!"

"Don't be an idiot!" Charlize protested, giving the referee a shove.

While the two ladies bickered in the ring, Angie was plotting outside the ring. She crawled in pain over to her entourage where one of the members of her crew handed her the now infamous cloth bag. Angie grabbed the sack and hid it under the ring steps, then hobbled up the stairs and climbed back into the ring where she was greeted by the champion. Charlize drop-kicked Angie, slamming her back into the turnbuckle where she slumped with her arms draped over the top ropes.

"This looks familiar," Charlize said as she reached out and grabbed Angie's breasts and giving them a rough squeeze like she was checking tomatoes in the grocery.

Not wanting to make the same mistake she’d made before, Charlize decided to abandon taunting and go for the assault. She snapped her knee up, slamming it into Angie's rock hard abs. “WHUFFF!”

Three shots to the stomach brought out the first signs of pain from Angie - whose face until now had been expressionless - each one driving more air from Angie's lungs. Then, with a devious smile, Charlize powered her knee up again, but instead of Angie’s belly, this one colliding with Angie's pussy and that one finally broke Angie's silence.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHoooooooooooooooooo…” The actress let out a howl of pain as she doubled over with her ass wedged tight between the middle and top ropes. Charlize stepped back and charged, turning sideways as she drove an elbow into the valley between the heaving breasts of the wheezing brunette. Angie’s ass bounced off the middle rope and as she came down she landed with her ass on the bottom turnbuckle. While Angie slumped over moaning in pain, Charlize turned around, bent over and backed up, shoving her ass in Angie's face. The move, something she copied from pro wrestling on TV, was vulgarly titled a "Stink Face". Normally a playful maneuver, it was hardly an effective attack but Charlize leaned back hard, grinding Angie's face deep into the seat of her panties, sliding her ass up and down Angie's nose.

Angie's head was trapped between the turnbuckle and Charlize's butt and she was unable to catch her breath. Charlize tired of the painful butt slamming, so she simply leaned back and scrubbed it back and forth across Angie's face a few times, dishing out a hearty helping of humiliation. Few people ever tried to humiliate Angie - one of the most feared fighters in the business. Most knew that it would be repaid ten-fold, but Charlize didn't care. She wanted a picture of her ass on Angie's face on the cover of every magazine and for weeks she’d fantasized about the headline accompanying the photo.

Unfortunately, in her excitement and with her somewhat dazed conditon, Charlize forgot who she was dealing with. Angie was hardly enjoying her intimate time with Charlize's ass and when she decided playtime was over, Angie wrapped her arms around Charlize’s waist, locked her wrists just below the belly button, opened her lush lips and bit down on the ample flesh being forcefed her!

“AIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE….” Charlize screamed, protesting as her fabulous ass was treated like a chew toy. She tried to pull away, but Angie had a secure grip on her waist and wasn't about to let go! "Oh gawd! She's biting me! Jess, she's biting my ass! MAKE HER STOP!" Charlize pleaded as she tried to squirm free.

Jessica strode over, looked down, and did in fact see Angelina biting her. "But that would be a disqualification. I can't end this in a disqualification, can I?" Jessica replied with an evil little smirk that showed she was enjoying seeing the haughty blond who’d pushed her getting some payback.

"Bitch!" Charlize screamed as she lunged and tried to grab Alba. Her attempt failed in its goal, but it did manage to free her from Angie’s assault on her rear. Once out of the corner, Charlize rubbed her sore butt cheek to relieve some of the pain while behind her, Angie grabbed the top ropes and pulled herself to her feet where she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and plotted her next move.

When Charlize turned around to face Angie she was met with a hard kick to the gut. Charlize gasped and doubled over, making it easy for Angie to grab her hair and pull her head between her thighs, setting her up for a Piledriver. Savoring the moment, Angie held the champ bent over with her head between her legs and waited, letting Charlize think about her predicament, hoping the fear would help weaken her.

Then Angie grabbed the back of Charlize's bra and released the hook. As Charlize reached up to grab the cups and hold them over her breasts, Angie reached over her back, grabbed two healthy handfuls of Charlize's bikini bottom and yanked! Not only did she give the champioin a nasty wedgie, she also exposed her cheeks which showed a perfect circle of Angile’s teeth marks. Once she had Charlize’s bottom securely in her grasp, Angie heaved and fell backward, power driving Charlize's head straight down into the mat.

When Charlize’s head was spiked into the canvas she was momentarily unconscious and as her long body flopped over her arms fell and her top went flying away. The dazed blonde lay on her side, completely unaware that her perky breasts were hanging out. In fact, in that moment she didn't even know she was in a wrestling ring. All she knew was that her head hurt, her vision was blurred and something was jammed up the crack of her ass.

Angie pulled the helpless blonde to her feet, holding her bent over with a handful of hair, pausing to give several cameramen at ringside the opportunity to take pictures of Charlize bent over with her arms dangling limp on either side of her soft, jiggling bare breasts. Then Angie tucked Charlize’s head under her arm, swung her leg up and then dropped back with a DDT. Once again Charlize's head slammed into the mat, her body bounced once and lay still. The blonde “Amazon” champion was unconscious at the feet of Angelina Jolie!

Jessica Alba dropped to her knees, ready to make the three count to give Angie the title. Charlize was unable to do anything except lie still while Angie pinned her for three seconds…hell, Angie could have pinned her for ten seconds or twenty if she wanted. Theron’s erstwhile fans were already beginning to accept the brunette as the new champion, even looking forward to her first defense. Everyone it seemed was ready - except Angelina Jolie!

"Aren't you going to pin her?" Jessica asked, confused as to why Jolie was just sitting next to her victim and hadn’t covered her.

"No!" Angie said abruptly.

"But you won."

Angie looked up at the referee, "I haven’t won until I say so. For what she did; the bitch has to suffer…and she WILL!"

"Yeah, you said that before. Just finish her so I can get the fuck outta here," Jessica huffed. “I’ve got to get with Lou and finalize the terms for my first match!”

Angie got to her feet and walked over to Alba. "I'm sorry hon, am I boring you?"

Jessica looked deep into Jolie's eyes, and suddenly realized she was in waaaay over her head, "’am…"

"Because I would just as easily finish YOU before I finish her. Would that not bore you?"


While the argument raged above her, Charlize had been regaining consciousness. While her mind was pudding right about now, she still had the heart of a champion. For reasons inexplicable to even her, she was back awake and getting to her feet. Angie was berating the referee, her finger jabbing Alba's impressive chest with each point she wanted to make. Charlize saw her opening and she knew she had to fight. She’d finally figured out that fighting Angie with her usual arsenal wouldn’t get the job done. So, like the impromptu sexfight with Rose McGowan, she decided to adapt her fighting style. But first thing's first. She reached back and picked the wedgie out of her ass. SNAP!

"If I wanted to, I could just..." Angie's threat to the referee was interrupted by a Charlize’s low blow; an uppercut catching Angie squarely between her thighs. For the second time in the fight Angie’s tender pussy had been hammered and she dropped to the mat clutching her womanhood and rolling around in pain.

"Ahhhhh. That felt great!" Charlize said as she dropped and pinned Angie's arms under her legs. She pulled off Angie's top, believing one good turn deserves another, and when they were exposed she grabbed Angie's nipples; pulling up and stretching both tits with undisguised malice…and probably a little jealousy! "I'm going to rip these things off," she said through gritted teeth.

Angie looked up, but instead of crying in pain, she smiled. "I've had rougher foreplay, blondie. Now get your hands OFFA my tits." Charlize was shocked, so she decided to squeeze harder. "OK, now you're annoying me!" Angie said. Displaying gymnastic flexibility, Angie raised her legs and snaked them around Charlize's neck. Then, in one swooping snap of her lower body, she yanked Charlize off her and trapped her in a scissors hold. "You are pathetic. You won't quit, but you're still pathetic."

Again, Angie had Charlize at her mercy! Charlize arched her back as her hands pressed against Angie's python-like legs, trying to push them away from her neck. But all her struggling was to no avail and now Angie had decided to make this move count. She reached down Charlize's naked torso, her fingers fluttering and circling until she found her target - Charlize's exposed and hard nipples.

"Now, let me show you how you pinch your opponent's tits," Angie announced to the fans at ringside.

She began to pinch, pull and twist the sensitive nubs and Charlize was soon screaming in pain as her notoriously sensitive rosebuds were pulled and twisted into positions that caused her unspeakable anguish.

"This is nothing," Angie said, "I've done this to women in bed. And I've done it harder. And those girls never claimed to be champions. You say you’re a champion? You’re no champion, Charlize. You're a worthless little whore who can't even take a little fun." She looked down Charlize's long body until her eyes beheld Charlize’s unprotected pussy which gave her another idea. "Yummmmm." She released her grip on Charlize's breasts, which brought a sigh of relief from the South African…relief that disappeared when she felt Angie's hand at her waistband.

"!" Charlize gasped, her hand slapping at Angie’s.

"Sorry, but it has to happen. Your orgasm will be a symbol. It will show all who challenge me that I will control them. I have controlled you physically and mentally, but now I will control you sexually. To make you suffer the greatest pleasure against your will. To force you to experience the most personal of actions in front of countless people. I want you to fight this. It will make the victory all the more sweet."

Charlize couldn't hear most of Angie's crazy rant because Angie's thighs were clamped around her ears blocking out all the sound. All she knew was that hands were pulling down her panties, and that something terrible was about to happen. She knew something terrible was about to happen when Angie slithered a snake-like finger between the swollen labia of her womanhood and she felt the first tickle of her clitoris. Charlize bucked her hips frantically, but all that accomplished was to make it easier for Angie! The single finger was soon joined by a second, then a third. And once she had penetrated the “Amazons” defenses, Angie's skilled and well-practiced expert touch became apparent to everyone! As they watched in rapt bemused wonder Angie’s forearm muscles corded and her elbow raised and lowered with the steady fingering, Charlize's legs stopped thrashing and her butt slumped to the canvas. Then after a few more thrusts, her hips began to jerk involuntarily as they began to move in syncronicity with the steady motion of Angie’s demanding hand.

"That's it,” Angie hissed at her writhing opponent. “Go with it, embrace the feeling. Let it wash over you. In a few moments, it will all be over." Angelina purred soothingly as she pumped and thrust her fingers in and out of Charlize, knowing that every thrusting massage of the blondes erect clitoris pushed her closer to an unwanted climax…and defeat!

The sensations Charlize was experiencing at both ends were intense! The pressure on her neck was becoming too much to handle, and the invasion of her pussy was pushing her slowly but inexorably toward an unwelcome and uncontrollable orgasm. She had to do something fast or her title - and her pride - would both be lost. Throughout the contest, she'd been trapped in positions that seemed inescapable, yet she’d somehow pulled through. Perhaps the fact that she was being caught in these holds in the first place was a sign she didn't deserve the title. Maybe Angie WAS better. Even if she broke free, she'd just get caught again and again until she was eventually beaten. Tapping out now may spare her the indignity of cumming in public under the fingering of the better woman. She began to look around, hoping to make eye contact with Alba. Wanting to signal her submission.

"You're holding out longer than I thought,” Angie chuckled. “I'm impressed. But it’ll all be for nothing. Give in, let go. I promise your ‘reward’ will be worth it."

"Mmmmm....n...ugh…oh..." Charlize gasped between moans caused by her rapidly building pleasure. Every fiber of her body cried out ‘submit’ but her pride wouldn't permit it. She picked a spot above the ring and struggled to focus on the banner hanging above the arena. It helped somewhat and from that she drew her strength. She reached forward despite the pain it caused her neck and grabbed Angie's wrists, then tried to pry the woman's hands from her body. Angie was shocked by the resistance but was undeterred. Angie continued her slow three finger manipulation, doubling her efforts to drive Theron to a debilitating and humiliating in-ring orgasm.

"You're just making the inevitable climax a little more difficult," Angie laughed.

"Get...unnnhh…your…uuuhhhh…fingers…uh…uh…uhhut...of...mi…mi…me..." Charlize babbled, her pulling on Angie's wrist only increasing the friction of the brunette’s fingers on her clitoris.

Finally, however, Charlize managed one mighty wrench and she ripped Angie's stroking fingers from inside her. But that still meant she had to free herself from the scissors hold at her neck and Angie might still get her hand back in and finish what she’d started. Keeping a firm grasp of Angie's wrist, Charlize began to pull on the ‘Tomb Raider’ star, hoping to budge her from her current position. Charlize tried to bridge her long body while continuing to tug at Angie's arms. After several tries, she felt Angelina's legs grip loosen slightly. She gave a quick buck and her body slipped free!

"You DO know you've only delayed the inevitable, right sweetness?" Angie said as she shook her arms to loosen them up.

Charlize struggled to her feet and for the first time realized she’d somehow lost her bikini and was stark naked. Embarrassed, her first instinct was to cover up and her right hand dropped to cover the golden fleece between her legs as her left whipped up and across her bare bosom. Unfortunately, there was little time for modesty when in the ring with a wildcat and Angie was already up and checking Charlize’s physical condition. She’d been trapped in the scissors for a long time, which meant her neck was probably weakened. And certainly after the long stimulation, she was probably feeling a powerful urge to satisfy her lust.

Angie was like a lion stalking a gazelle but no one had told Charlize SHE was the gazelle! Despite everything she’d been through, she was still willing to fight. Angie charged full speed to tackle her, but Charlize leaned back and raised her leg, sticking her boot up and letting Angie’s chin run right into it. Angie rocked back on her heels, stunned but still upright. Then Charlize bounced off the ropes and drove her shoulder into the deep valley between Jolie's breasts, dumping the brunette on her ass. Once she had her down, Charlize wasted little time securing her and she pinned Angie in a full body Grapevine; her legs controlling Angie's, her arms pinning Angie's and her body pinning Angie's as she lay on top of her face to face. Charlize was at last in the dominant position!

"Well hello," she said as she hovered above Angie. "Bet you didn't see THIS coming, did you? See, I'm bigger than you; I should've used this sooner. Now you're the one whose helpless."

"All right, you've got me. Now what?" Angie hardly sounded intimidated by the reversal of fortune. And in truth, every passing moment gave her that much more time to come up with a new plan.

"When you were in control, you went right in trying to fuck me. I didn't appreciate that. I think we should take it slow, don't you?" Charlize leaned in and planted a kiss on Angie's full, ripe lips. "Ummmmm, soft. I like that."

"I hope you're enjo..." Angie started to say, but her words were muffled when Charlize planted another kiss on her pouty lips. While kissing, Charlize began to rub her breasts on Angie's and after only a few grinds Angie's nipples begin to harden.

"Someone's enjoying herself," Charlize grinned.

"Of course, dear,” Angie purred sexily. “You're a lovely woman, and you ARE trying to seduce me. Why not lay back and enjoy it?"

Charlize realized she needed to go big or go home so she abandoned her cute act and got down to business. Her loins were still aching from Angie’s strong fingering and she decided to use it to her advantage. She began to press her bare pussy on Angie's still covered one, rocking back and forth to stimulate her.

"Well, this just got a hell of a lot more interesting,” Angie cooed happily. “Too bad it won't work."

"Come on, Ang,” Charlize hissed. “I assume anyone who’s been fucked as many times as you would be ready to go by now."

"I have self control. Hell, even flat on my back I can beat you with little effort."

"Nice talk from a coward."

"That sounds like a challenge!” Angie growled. “Get ready to cry for me!"

"You couldn't do it before and you won't do it now!" Charlize grunted as she banged her pussy against Angie's, each impact punctuated by a wet THWAP. Charlize was intent on clearly demonstrating her dominance over the twisted brunette.

"I didn't really care before, but now you've made me angry." Angie grumbled as her body began to slowly undulate; the less-is-more approach she’d developed over the years; one that rarely failed! While Charlize’s loins pounded her like a jackhammer, Angie’s body slithered and slipped like a python. Almost instantly, Angie felt moisture from Charlize's pussy soaking through her own damp panties. "I see this won't take long," Angie chuckled.

Charlize blushed. "Speak for yourself. I could go all night," she snapped.

"No, you can't,” Angie laughed aloud. “I'm no Rose; not some amateur pretending to be an expert. I WILL make you cum, then when you are too weak to defend yourself, I’ll satisfy my urges the way I enjoy doing it." Angie looked as calm as a cucumber while Charlize’s face was flushed, her brow sweating and her chest was heaving with her rapid panting. Angie planted her feet and pushed her pussy up under Charlize's, lightly rubbing it as she rotated her hips in a satisfying pattern; her crinkly, wiry pubic hair carving its way through the soft fur coating of the blond “Amazon’s” naked pubic mound. "Look at my face Charlize. You know it's over. Just stop what you're doing and try something else - before it’s too late."

"Fuck you!” Charlize screamed. “You're about to explode and you want me"

"Yes?” Angie replied calmly. “What is it? I want you to…what? Blow your top?" Charlize squeezed her eyes shut against the pressure she felt building. She felt what was about to happen but she couldn’t admit it - even to herself! "See, now I'm fucking you?” Angie chortled smugly. “Feel…THAT?” she asked as she bucked her hips up, applying pressure to the blonde’s ‘hot spot.’ “Can you feel me controlling your body? You’d better let me go soon or you're gonna regret it."

"…." Theron kept shaking her head, denying what they both already knew - she was almost done. She'd ridden to the top of the roller coaster and it was at the pinnacle, about to take that long, wild, careening drop into the abyss…and Charlize was just along for the ride!

"Hold on...just...hold on..." Charlize murmured softly, reassuring herself.

"Shit!” Angie snorted, sounding almost disappointed. “I thought you'd be good at this; I mean after all the time you spent with your girlfriends at the Porn Star Fight Club. But you’re just common. You're white trash! Now I want you to feel like trash when you cum for me." Angie pulled her hips back for a second which confused Charlize. "Here, try again,” Angie shickered. “I'll even play by your rules. I'll quit trying to let you orgasm; so try me again. I won't even struggle. Do what we both know you can NOT do." She relaxed, letting Charlize use her as a humping post. Charlize, seizing the opportunity, ground her box down hard on Angie’s in an attempt to force her to orgasm. Charlize grunted and groaned, pounding her pussy against Angie's in the hope of kindling a fire where none burned.

"You can't do it. Just admit it. I own you. Remember that when this is all over," Angie teased.

"Come…ugh…on…dammit…come on..." Charlize muttered as she fought to make Angie finish. But Angie just lay limp, letting her hump, knowing the attempt was draining whatever was left of Theron's energy and her juices.

"We done yet?" Angie asked, feigning a bored yawn.

"I…I will…make you…mine..." Charlize grunted.

"No, you won't. Oh for fuck's, let ME end this charade!" Angie suddenly thrust up with her pussy and aftger a few short, hard grinding rubs, she had Charlize teetering on edge of an orgasm. "When you release as I know you will, I want you to know you are nothing but a slut who can never beat a real woman like me. Now let GO!" Angie growled.

"I whoan...I won't...I wooooooooooooooo…" Charlize couldn't hold back any more! With a loud groan and a sob, her love lava spilled out in cascades over Angie’s loins, soaking the crotch panel of the brunette’s panties. Charlize, drained at last, slumped and lay limp on top of Angie. Grunting, Angie wedged both hands between them, cupped them under Charlize’s sweaty breasts and heaved. The sweaty, panting Oscar winner slithered off of Angie, slipped down on her side and lay in a heap where she landed.

"Jessica, I won't need you any more! Get out!" Angie snapped curtly as she sat up and wiped the sweat and Charlize’s juices from the front of her body.

"Excuse me?" Alba asked, unsure what she meant.

"I don't care about the belt! Not now anyway. I can take it whenever I want now,” Angie explained. “This isn't about the title; that’s just a meaningless piece of gold! I want the world to see ME mounted on top of the supposedly best, and the only way to achieve that is with my 'Black Panther' - to literally fuck her over while I figuratively fuck over her ‘invincible’ reputation. She'll still have the title, but she’ll be a paper champion. Now leave the ring, because I don't want you to try to stop me. You might get hurt in the process!"

"Hey, just pin her. Please. I'll let you do what you want afterward,” Jessica pleaded. “Just pin her."

"Jessica," Angie said with a hand on Alba's shoulder reassuringly, "I don't like you much. So leave or I will MAKE you wish you had left!"

After waiting a second, Angie brought up her knee and hammered it into Alba's cunt. As Jess bent over, mouth gaping wide as she sucked in air, Angie hit her with her patented DDT - knocking Jessica Alba out cold! Angie used her foot to roll Alba out of the ring, then she reached under the ring apron and pulled out her cloth bag. She opened it and pulled out the 'Black Panther', holding it up for all to see. The device was a comically large fake penis, and Angie took great joy in using it on her victims. It had retired Cameron Diaz, and - hopefully - it would retire Charlize Theron. Angie took her time strapping it on, ensuring it wasn't going to slip off mid-coitus. Then, she prodded Charlize with her foot, hoping to stir the dazed blonde. Charlize was enjoying her post-orgasm moments but soon the pleasure faded away as Angie jabbed her with her foot again. When Charlize turned over, she saw the figure standing over her…a dominant woman; a powerful specimen with flowing dark hair, a woman with perfect breasts and a woman with...a penis?

"Oh shit!" Charlize gasped as realization dawned and she tried to scramble away on all fours.

"No, sorry, this has to be the way it ends," Angie snapped as she grabbed Charlize's ankle and dragged the protesting blond out to center ring. "You can keep your cheap piece of tin title; all anyone will remember about tonight is this!"

"You can't do this!" Charlize screamed, still trying to pull herself away. "You'll be banned for life.” Then she whimpered, “Puh….pleeeeeese?"

Angie threw back her head and laughed, her unravelling dark bun falling about her shoulders. "After I fuck their champion and turn her into a blubbering fool? Hell, I'll be more in demand than I am now! This pathetic promotion will have to back a Brinks truck into my stop stalling and start crying!"

Angie pinned Charlize down, reversing their roles from moments before. That pin had ended with Angie bringing Charlize to orgasm in a fair fight. This time, however, the odds were clearly in Angie's favor! She reached down and gave Charlize's pussy a quick stroke, then with an animal grunt, Angie dug her toes into the canvas, tightened the muscles of her thighs and lunged forward as she powered the brutal sexual toy deep into Charlize. Once it was securely wedged tight in her pussy, Angie began to hump and pump, slamming the fake plastic prick in and out of her wriggling, sobbing victim.

"You're being treated like a whore, not a champion. You're being demeaned by the better woman. What do you have to say for yourself now…champ?"

"'m begging...."

"Oh, I can hear that! But I don't WANT you to beg...I want you to feel you suffer two orgasms at my hands. I control your fate...I control your body...I control YOU!"

Angie continued to ram the Black Panther deeper and deeper to the point where Charlize couldn't take any more. Charlize pushed desperately against Angie's thighs, trying to force the device out of her but her previous orgasm and the brutal pace of the match had drained her strength. Angie knew she was done; she knew she was done. Charlize resigned herself to the reality that she had to lay there and allow herself be screwed like a cheap prostitute.

"No..noooooo…no .more..." Charlize couldn't speak coherently anymore as her body shuddered and she let loose a violent orgasm. As the aftershock of her climax faded, she closed her eyes and slipped into a deep coma-like slumber. Angie paused, then decided to continue thrusting the device in and out of Charlize well past the necessary limits. Finally, she withdrew the device, gave it a long, langorous lick, then tossed it back into her canvas bag.

"Mmm, tasty." She grabbed Charlize by the back of her head, shaking her awake. Charlize slowly opened her eyes, only to find she was face-to-face with her superior. "I tasted you,” Angie grinned. “It’s only fair you get to taste ME next!"

"Noooo…..." Charlize mewed weakly, in no condition to prevent Angie from removing her panties and straddling her.

"I want you to savor the moment…to feel honored. You get to satisfy the uncrowned champion of the world. I don't expect you to do it willingly, but in the end you WILL DO IT! I want you to fear me from now on…remember who twisted you however I wanted to…remember who made you climax against your will…remember who fucked you into submission...remember who is better than you...remember ME!"

Angie slid forward, mashing her pussy on Charlize's model pretty face, then she scooted up higher, dropping her ass and pussy right on Charlize's face. After a quick rotation she was set with Charlize's nose wedged in Angie's ass and her lips squeezed tight just under Angie's spread pussy lips.

"Now, lick or I’ll MAKE you lick!"

Charlize never believed she would ever give in to a situation like this. Losers like Rachel Bilson and Alexis Bledel when faced with this situation were more than willing to stick out their tongues to satisfy their conquerors, but Charlize was the champion and champions do NOT do that!

"I'm waiting..." Angie prompted.

Charlize dug down deep, finding what was left of her pride, and she spat out a barely audible, ""

"No!" Angie corrected her. "I'll screw YOU!"

Still, Angie was impressed that Charlize wouldn't give in to her, but that didn't mean she was leaving the ring without getting off. She swiveled around again, this time wedging Charlize's button nose in her pussy as Angie grabbed a handful of golden hair and pulled her face up between her spread legs.

Angie not only knew how to suppress her orgasms, she had also learned long ago how to call them up on demand. She began to pump and thrust her pussy violently, a stark contrast from the way she had responded to Charlize's earlier attempts to stimulate her. Jolie was capable of being delicate or rough - but when she's straddling a loser's face she loves making the girl feel every jarring movement. Charlize couldn't breathe with her mouth and nose both covered by the dominant Angie. It was only a matter of minutes before she would slip into unconsciousness - but not before Angelina left her a parting memory.

"Here we go champ, here comes your victory." Angelina laughed. She released her pent-up sexual frustration over Charlize's red face, giving a low moan of satisfaction when she was finished. "I guess you COULD make me cum after all...champ!" Angie laughed as she rolled out of the ring, grabbed Charlize's title belt and laid it on the naked chest of the unconscious blonde “Amazon”. Charlize still had her title, but it was clear to everyone that the real champion was Angelina Jolie!!
After the last match, Lou Dipi was backstage talking to Jessica Alba. She wanted to pin Lou down about her first match for his organization and she’d been apologetic, fearful he was angry at her over her inability to control Jolie.

But Lou just laughed at her. “Mad? Hell no! The match was a half hour ago and I’ve already gotten three calls from girls demanding a title match with Theron! The mystique of that “unbeatable Amazon” has been shattered and now they see her as vulnerable. These women are like sharks circling; they all want a bite of that big blonde before it’s too late to build a rep as the one who took her title! I tell ya, life is sweet!”

“But who are you going to give ME?” Jessica whined petulently, staring at the signed contract in Lou’s hand and wondering if she’d made a big mistake signing it.

“I dunno, probably Bilson,” Lou grumbled. “But right now, I gotta sort out several competing offers for Theron. You know things are going right when your champ gets raped in the ring, still has her title and women line up around the block wanting a piece of her…and I mean that literally!”