Catfight Queen: Nikki Cox vs. Cat Bell vs. Charisma Carpenter) by 2xifpkd

The producers grinned at each other. Soon the final scene of the movie “Catfight Queen“ would be filmed live before them. Out of work actresses had lined up to audition for parts and in the end, three buxom athletic women had been chosen. They were sent off to train separately and had no idea of their opponents. When all was ready, a drawing was held to determine the entry order in the match and the first door was knocked on to summon the fighter.

“Ladies and gentlemen, fighting in the red bikini, ‘Nasty’ Nikki Cox!” the announcer roared. The redhead strolled out into the room and did a quick dance with her hands above her head before she slowly bent over and grabbed her ankles. “Allergist Nikki! Great spunk,” the announcer continued as he grinned.

“And her first opponent, in a blue two-piece, ‘Crafty’ Cat Bell!” Cat nervously walked into the room and quickly glanced around before her eyes darted back to Nikki. “Ladies, a third fighter awaits. You may begin as soon as I leave the room.”

“Let’s see what you’ve got bitch!” Nikki hissed as she neared the brunette and latched onto Cat’s tits.

Cat grunted as she backed up, pulling Nikki off balance, then turned and hip-tossed the redhead to the floor.

“How’s this honey?” Cat sneered as she pressed the fallen woman’s arms to the carpet and lowered her chest onto Nikki’s face.

Nikki thrashed in panic and wrapped her thighs around her attacker’s waist. Nikki cranked the pressure on the scissors and as Cat raised up to free her legs the redhead drove a fist into brunette breast. Cat grunted in pain and pressed Nikki’s arms back to the floor and reapplied the breast smother. Nikki twisted her hips and rolled Cat underneath her with the scissors still intact.

“Give me your leg slut. Yeah! How’s that feel?” Nikki asked as she pulled Cat’s leg up. Cat grunted as she pushed with her leg and broke free from the scissors hold. Nikki pounced to her feet and sent her foot into the prone brunette’s ribs. “Get up whore!” Nikki screamed as she backed off and grinned at the camera.

Cat rubbed her ribs as she slowly rose to her feet. The brunette lunged forward and trapped her foe in a choke hold. Nikki raked her fingers across Cat’s eyes and hoisted the blinded brunette onto her shoulder. As Cat thrashed her legs, Nikki leaned forward and drove the brunette into the carpet knocking the wind from her lungs. Nikki raised up and took a playful bow to the audience and covered her mouth as she pointed to Cat gasping for air on her back.

“Fighting in the white bra and blue knee high tights, ‘Wild Card’ Charisma Carpenter!” the announcer’s voice boomed over the speakers.

Charisma clapped her hands and pointed at Nikki as she came out from her waiting room. Charisma sauntered over to Cat and banged her fist into the fallen woman’s left tit as Nikki applauded and pointed as she came over and then drove her knee into Charisma’s exposed ribs. As Charisma rolled away, Nikki dropped her ass on Cat’s heaving tummy. Then Nikki raised hands over her head then slammed them down, sinking her fingers into Cat’s tender tits. After giving Cat a fierce titty twister, Nikki rose to face Charisma again.

The redhead pushed against her foe’s body , then swiftly released the pressure and hip tossed the brunette to the ground. Nikki wrapped Charisma’s arms up with a double chicken wing and thumped her right leg underneath the brunette as she secured a scissors. Nikki lifted up with her back and slammed Charisma’s face into the carpet. As the brunette groaned in protest, Nikki switched to a full nelson with the scissors.

“Let me go you bitch!” Charisma howled as the redhead forced her face into the rug.

“Sure thing slut,” Nikki replied as she raised up and slammed a knee in the small of Charisma’s back. She rose to her feet and surveyed the two battered brunettes below. Cat was rubbing her violated eyes so Nikki bent down and applied a choke hold until a slap from Cat drove her back. “Wanna play some more, huh? Get up skank!” Nikki hissed as she hair-hauled Cat to her feet and drove her fist deep in the brunette’s softening gut. Cat doubled over with a loud exhalation of air, then Nikki hammered her knuckles into the dazed brunette’s right eye. Cat flailed wildly with her right fist and it made glancing contact with Nikki’s belly.

When Charisma rose to her knees, she charged and whacked the redhead on the left tit so Nikki let go of Cat and buried her fingers in Charisma’s long tresses as she jerked the brunette down to the floor. Cat’s blindly swinging right fist thumped Charisma in the kidney and as her fellow brunette groaned in agony, Cat drove her forearm into Charisma’s ribs. Bleary eyed, Cat groped around until she felt someone’s soft tit flesh squeezing between her fingers.

Cat rolled left and shot her foot up and out; Nikki gasped as the foot slammed into her left thigh. The redhead backed away and leapt ahead as her knee slammed into Charisma’s chest. The brunette twisted and gouged at thigh as Nikki ground down on a Standing Headscissors. Cat banged her forearm into Charisma’s exposed right ribs as the redhead crushed head between her ample thighs. A punch between the shoulder blades from Cat drove the air from the brunette’s lungs as Nikki fiercely clung to the headscissors. The redhead let Charisma flop to the floor as she backed away and drove her left foot flush into Cat’s firm tummy sending the brunette writhing on her back.

Nikki followed up with a hard punch to Cat’s cunt, then a cocky hair flip showed the fans she felt good about the way this match was going!

Charisma crawled atop the fallen brunette and wrapped her arms around Cat’s neck and straddled the busty brunette trapping the aching woman’s arms at her throbbing groin. Charisma bent her arms back and untied her bra, letting the garment drop softly over Cat’s face. As Cat squirmed, Charisma dropped her moist rack on her plaintive face. Cat twisted her face to the side and wrapped her legs around the waist of her aggressor, freed her right arm and then WHAM sent a fist into Charisma’s left ribs.

When Charisma recoiled in pain, Cat freed her other arm and pulled the panicked brunette into a headlock. As Cat ground Charisma’s head into the carpet, Nikki dropped on Cat and scissored her waist. Cat grunted as she tightened her hands on Charisma’s throat, choking the grunting brunette. Charisma’s face begged for mercy as she tried to pry Cat’s fingers away.

Suddenly, her neck was freed as Nikki’s scissors demanded the attention of Cat’s hands. Cat groaned as she sent a punch to Charisma’s left temple that left the brunette limp on the floor. Cat thumped her forearm into Charisma’s back in frustration as the redhead again ratcheted up the pressure on her scissors. Cat got a scissors on her fellow brunette as she fought the pain of Nikki’s legs grinding into her legs. As the three women lay side-by-side-by-side, Nikki wrapped her arms around Cat’s chest and squeezed.

“Please stop…I give!” Charisma moaned as Cat’s strong legs crushed her ribs. Cat released her and turned her attention to the redhead who was crushing her ribs and chest.

“Ready to quit bitch?” Nikki laughed as she dug her nails into Cat’s chest.

“Let go of my tits bitch!” Cat growled at her attacker. “Just you wait ‘til I get outta this!”

Cat caught hold of her foe’s long auburn tresses and yanked. “Let my hair go or I’ll break your ribs slut!” Nikki howled as her neck bent forward.

“Your turn to cry bitch!” Cat screamed as she wrapped her hands around Nikki’s throat. The gagging redhead raked her fingernails across Cat’s chest as she tried to pry the hands from her neck. A punch from Cat sent the redhead reeling to the side.

“You’re gonna get it now whore!” Nikki snarled as she glared at the grinning brunette facing her.

“Come and get me slut!” Cat hissed as she motioned Nikki closer.

Nikki reached out and drug her fingernails across Cat’s chest freeing the right breast from it’s holster. As Cat tucked herself back in, Nikki dug her fingers into brunette’s breasts. The redhead stepped forward and swept Cat off her feet, dumping her on the floor. The dazed brunette was defenseless as Nikki landed a series of knee strikes to her chest and ribs. Nikki finished with a scissors around Cat’s chest as she leaned back and took her own top off, then ripped away Cat’s top.

“Get the hell off me bitch!” Cat sobbed as her breasts were being mashed flat between Nikki’s thighs.

“Come get somma my tits, cunt!” Nikki screamed as she wrapped her arms around Cat’s head and pulled her face deep in her bosom.

The brunette’s fingers weakly dug into Nikki’s legs as the redhead squeezed on brunette bust and tugged head into breast. Nikki released the hold and rose to her feet as she hauled Cat up and slammed her left fist into Cat’s right breast. Cat’s fingers found their way to the redhead’s throat and she gripped for all her worth. A punch to the left tit sent Cat reeling backward, arms windmilling. Nikki grabbed the brunette’s left ankle and lifted her leg in the air. Nikki wrapped her right arm over Cat’s right shoulder as she cradled the captive leg, then with a quick trip, she slammed her full weight onto Cat’s leg and then bounced back up to her feet and stood proudly glorying in the writhing brunette’s agony. Cat lay dazed on her back, her bare breasts heaving as Nikki grabbed her wrists and forced her arms down into the plush carpet.

“THIS is a proper breast smother slut!” Nikki laughed as she lowered her breasts over Cat’s defiant face.

Cat tried to crawl away and twisted her head side to side as the redhead pressed breast to face. Nikki’s pressure overcame Cat’s resistance as the brunette’s nose was trapped between Nikki’s knockers. Cat’s arms and legs quit flailing as Nikki cut off the oxygen to her head. The redhead slowly rose off her victim as Cat’s face blankly registered defeat. Nikki placed her foot between Cat’s breasts, then ground down as she flexed her biceps in a victory pose.

“Who’s the Queen Bitch?” Nikki smiled as she pressed down on Cat’s chest. “You are mistress.” Cat stammered.

“Damn right I am ! You two can fight for second place,” Nikki laughed as she strode away and kicked Charisma in the gut. “Fight or I’ll kick both of your asses!”

Nikki screamed as she bowed toward the camera.

Charisma recovered first and crawled to Cat’s sobbing body.

“Fucking bitch! You cost me the title!” Charisma howled as she stabbed her fingers deep into the soft flesh of Cat’s hulking breast.

Charisma ‘s breasts heaved as she straddled Cat’s body and Cat’s eyes bulged as she helplessly watched her foe climb atop her. Looking down, Charisma relished the beaten look in Cat’s eyes as she spun around, grabbed Cat’s ankles with both hands and then sprang back to drop her ass on Cat’s chest as she pulled the brunette’s legs up and spread them wide.

“Pleths….topp….ah….giff….” Cat mumbled as Charisma worked her ass cheeks down covering her nose and mouth, cutting off the air the brunette’s straining lungs needed so badly.

“OK, I’ll take mercy on your pitiful old body,” Charisma giggled. She stood over her beaten foe, lifted her foot onto Cat’s face and pinched her nose shut between her toes.

“You know what I want!” Nikki yelled from the side of the room, “Oh hell, never mind. I’ll go do it myself,” she harrumphed.

While Charisma waved to the crowd and headed back to her dressing room, Nikki strode rapidly toward Cat. She straddled Cat’s body, put her hands behind her neck and sensously swayed back and forth. Cat’s chest heaved as she sobbed in fear as she looked up at her attacker. Nikki just laughed as she grabbed the jiggling orbs underneath her.

“Enough! I gave up already.” Cat bawled as her breasts burned.

“Enough for YOU and HER maybe,“ Nikki giggled. “But I haven’t had enough!”

The fierce redhead slammed her right fist into the sobbing Cat’s right tit pancaking it! Another punch forced Cat to curl up in the fetal position. Nikki latched onto the brunette’s tresses and pulled her quarry to her knees, then lowered her own panties with her free hand. Cat’s eyes bulged again as her face was forced into Nikki’s crotch. She weakly squirmed and tried to turn her head, but it was slowly drawn into the gash.

Then Cat kissed pussy even as she tried to pull back and free herself from her attacker’s clutches. Nikki kept reeling Cat in until the crushed brunette was forced to wiggle her tongue in redhead’s snatch. Nikki released her left hand and raised it overhead as she let Cat’s tongue drive her toward ecstasy. An eruption of cum on her face told Cat she would soon be released. The redhead humped away as she came on Cat’s face, leaving the proud brunette sobbing as she serviced her new dominatrix. Satisfied, Nikki pulled Cat’s head back forcing eye contact.

“Time for the other side servant!” she guffawed as she spun around and pulled Cat’s face into the crack of her ass. A quick tingle within and a violent spasm from Cat let Nikki know the brunette’s tongue had gone to chocolate town. “Good girl! You can go now, it’s time for number two to show her submission,” Nikki giggled.

Nikki stalked away and pounded her fist on Charisma’s dressing room door, leaving Cat sprawled on her back, her hands clutching her heaving breasts as she awaited her new mistresses return - after which she’d doubtless be forced to endure more humiliation!