Catfight In The Sky by Pat
50 000 feet above the Atlantic, gliding along at more than twice the speed of sound, AIR FRANCE flight #69 continues it's smooth, uneventful voyage, the airline's "Crown Jewel" - the Concorde - reaching the half-way point of it's Paris to Montréal trip. The passengers spirits are as sunny and carefree as the vista offered to them from the sleek aircraft's windows, as they enjoy every amenity, and the comfort, usually afforded to Concorde travelers, while the efficient crew go about their various tasks, ensuring a safe trip for all.

Speaking of which, we find ourselves in the cockpit as the flight officers busily check their various instruments, this flight being "manned", so to speak, by AIR FRANCE'S top (all female) crew:

Captain Julie Payette, Pilot; Captain Sylvie Fréchette, co-pilot and Lieutenant Chantal Petitclerc, Navigator. Despite the “unisex” (masculine looking) uniforms, the three officers exude enough raw sensuality that they could, if need be, fuel this aircraft twice around the Earth. Their tight, dark-gray slacks and rank-pipped, form-fitting, white blouses and slim black neck-ties only seem to make their femininity even more obvious!

Julie: "... continue mid-flight check..."

Sylvie (peering at a few dials): "... all systems check-out okay..."

Chantal (checking-off items on a clipboard): "... nothing on radar, no notable turbulence in our flight path..."

Sylvie: "... on course, steady at Mach 2.2..."

Julie: "Roger, check completed ?"

Sylvie: "... check completed..."

Chantal: "... check completed..."

Julie (sighs): "This thing practically flies itself... you almost wonder why they bother putting a crew on these..."

Sylvie: "Yeah, but it still makes for quieter flights then when I was in the air force..."

Chantal (stretches her legs out under her instrument desk): "... and the pay is MUCH better." They share a short chuckle...

Julie: "Yeah, but I'm still thinking of going back to NASA."

Chantal: "Really ?"

Julie: "Yes... even the Space Shuttle required at least SOME piloting, and the pay there was pretty goo..."

She's interrupted by the sound of the cockpit door opening, as stewardess Laetitia Casta enters, carrying a tray...

If AIR FRANCE's officer uniforms don't "hinder" female attributes, then it's stewardess uniforms actually seem to be designed to highlight it's wearer's "forms" and, though Laetitia needs no "help" to boost her good looks, the young woman somehow manages to looks even hotter that normal within her tight, very low-cut white (short-sleeved) blouse, tight navy blue mini-skirt, (slightly) tanned pantyhose and black high-heels!

The stewardess hands each of them a cup of coffee, then slides herself between the pilot's and co-pilot's seats. Then, pressing her left hand upon her shapely hip, she leans forward, her massive orbs hanging down precariously in her blouse's "v-neck" opening, as she peers out at the orange-tinged cloud banks below...

(conversation translated from French)

Laetitia: "... oh, the sky is so beautiful from here..."

Nonchalantly turning her head to her right, Julie's gaze catches on Casta's over-showing chest...

Julie (muttering): "Oh please... how subtle..."

Laetitia (straightens up): "Quoi ?"

Julie (dryly): "... nothing..."

Not being quite as "lame-brained" as she looks or sounds, the stewardess giggles, knowing full well what the pilot has just said and "what" she'd been alluding to...

Laetitia (muttering as she heads for the door)): "... titless bitch..."

Julie (looking over to her right): "... what ?"

Laetitia (same tone as Julie had used just earlier): "... nothing... "

The buxom stewardess exits, shutting the door behind her...

Julie (muttering): "... dumb tart..."

Sylvie: "... you wonder why she bothers wearing a blouse, or even a bra for that matter, if she's going to let her jugs hang out like that..."

Casta makes her way aft, back to the passenger section, where she starts serving champagne and caviar to the passengers, who seem to "appreciate" the opportunity of getting a good view of Laetitia's pronounced cleavage as she bends to serve them, even more than the delicacies that are being offered, with the sexy stewardess keenly aware (and appreciative) of all the "attention" that is being given to her.

Laetitia then heads for the crew lounge and sits her sexy round booty on one of the white leather couches, then kicks her high-heels off... (sighing): "Oh, my feet are killing me!"

Rubbing the soles of her feet against the plush, wine-red carpet, Casta looks around the room, nodding briefly or exchanging a quick smile with her fellow stewardesses, each clad in the very same uniform she's wearing, and looking just as "flattering" on them; their gams showing more than ever when their legs are crossed as they are now...

Mitsou... Anne-Marie Losique... Annie Pelletier... and Mary Pierce...

Glancing at the latter, looking just as alluring as any of her work mates in her "appropriately designed" uniform... one's mind wonders how such a short and tight skirt can manage to stay "pinned" on her considering how massive her thighs and hips are... but, stay on, it does...

Some of them smoke a cigarette, while others have a glass of white wine (thus ignoring the airline's "non-drinking" staff rule) as Laetitia now finishes recounting her brief "discussion" with Julie just now...

Laetitia (giggling): "... oh well, I guess we can't blame the poor skank for being sooooo envious of my boobs... being flat-chested as she is..."

They all laugh (to various degrees)...

The door opens, as one of their fellow stewardesses...Mylene (Farmer) pops her red-haired head into the room. "... merde, we're running out of champagne..."

All at once (sighing) : "... again ?"

Mylene: "... yes, but I've got my hands full with the passengers right now, so... could one of you please open-up another crate, then bring a case to the kitchen ?" They all look to each other, each shrugging her shoulders with a, ‘Don't look at me, I'm not doing it’ expression.

Mary (sighing as she slaps her palms at her sides, on the couch): "OK fine... my turn... again!" She gets to her feet and shakes her head at her colleagues, sending her long, flowing blonde hair fluttering all about the sides of her head.

Mary (mutters, as she storms towards the door): "... oh Mary, you go and get it... you're the only one big and strong enough to open those crates gna-gna-gna..." She passes Mylene in the narrow aisle...

Mylene: "... sorry to put you out, but..."

Mary (barely slowing down): "... never mind... at least YOU have a good excuse..." She reaches the door at the back of the passenger section, opens it and goes through, slamming it behind her. "... not that you'd be able to lift a case of champagne by yourself anyway..." (snicker)

Getting to the storage room, she looks around... then curses loudly! Mary: "Bordel de merde... those idiots forgot to stock-up here... that means that I'll have to..." She puts her hand to her forehead and lets-out a long sigh. Muttering a few more curses, Mary then heads for the back of the storage room and, reaching a trap-door on the floor, kneels beside it (her skirt sliding well up her right thigh). Mary grabs the handle on the trap-door and tugs at it, her imposing biceps bulging as she strains...

Finally managing to pull the door up, Mary gazes down at the ladder that leads to dimly-lit the cargo hold... (scoffing): "... ha, and they call this EASY access..." Mary gingerly slides her left foot, then her long leg, through the hatch and lowers herself onto the fifteen foot high ladder before reaching out for a switch on a nearby wall and flicks it on, the cargo hold now awash with bright lighting...

She looks around at the large room, the muted roar of the Rolls-Royce Olympus #593 engines humming throughout this area of the craft, peering down at the various "islands" of crates and boxes (twelve feet wide and about feet high), separated by narrow aisles. Pierce's lovely eyes narrow on a stacks of crates, which are marked "Dom Pérignon 1967", in the far corner of the hold... "... ah!" Mary slowly makes her way down the ladder, offering a "breathtaking" view up her skirt from below...

Woman's voice with a Hispanic accent says, "... that will be far enough!"

Pierce's eyes widen as she freezes in mid-stride (seven feet from the deck) More puzzled, than frightened, the tall blonde scans the room for a few seconds before spotting the muzzle of what seems to be a semi-automatic riffle aimed upwards, right at her! The Frenchwoman arks her long neck out, trying to see who's targeting her... but all she can make out is a thick black mane and a pair of dark eyes, staring coldly at her...

Hesitating for s split-second, Mary lifts her eyes to the hatchway, but then hears the sound of a riffle being cocked-back...

Woman's voice: "DON'T... even think about it, blondie..."

Pierce stares, desperately, up at the hatchway for a second or two more and then, very gloomily, looks back downwards...

Woman's voice: "... that's better, honey..."

A tight-bodied and well-tanned Latina climbs on the "island" of cardboard boxes behind which she was standing (a few feet to Mary's right) keeping the stewardess "in her sights" at all times, as she does, then smiles at her coyly...

Gabriela (Sabatini): "... now then..."

All in decked out in black, and looking quite "lethal" in her strapless leather bra, tight, very low-cut legging, ankle boots, and short leather gloves, Sabatini waves her riffle tip at Pierce...

Gabriela: "O.K... now... VERY quietly... come down from there..."

Mary takes one stride down, then another (now about four feet over the Latina)...

Gabriela (takes a step or two towards her): "Thaaaat's it honey, keep it coming, nice and s... s-s-shit!"

Her (right) foot having slipped between two boxes, Gabriela wavers and almost falls to one knee.

Reacting fast, Mary uncoils her legs, pushes off the ladder and dives toward Sabatini, her arms stretched-out overhead!

Steadying herself back upon her feet, Gabriela barely has time to glance upwards before Mary comes crashing down perpendicularly on her, belly to chest, both women falling heavily on top of the cardboard boxes.

Realizing that her very life is at stake, Mary decides not to capitalize on the advantage she has of having Sabatini pinned under her, to instead grab the riffle away from her. And, having managed to wrestle the weapon away from the winded Latina, the Frenchwoman gets off her and, kneeling at Sabatini's side, fumbles with the riffle, grasping it and turning it around to point it at Gabriela...

Gabriela (kicking her legs): "Bitch!"

Grabbing the blonde's head and neck between her black-clad thighs, the hot-looking Latina squeezes tight, and slams Mary onto her back, making her loose her grip on the riffle which she flings a few feet away while Gabriela tightens her head-scissors on the stewardess who beats her high heels on top of the cardboard boxes at her feet, before then kicking her sexy legs up in the air, twitching the rest of her body every which way

Gabriela (at Mary's right): "... forget it Frenchie, I play this game for keeps... you don't stand a chance!"

Pressing her palms against the ground, Gabriela pushes her upper-body up to accentuate the pressure exerted by her legs on Mary, who moans loudly as she tries bridging out of the hold... trying to pry Gabriela's "Black Mambas" from around her neck with her hands.

Not wanting to take a chance on Pierce pulling out of the hold, Gabriela lowers herself back to the ground. and, lifting her right arm as high as she can, she swings it down, with a backwards hook-like motion and slams the small of her fist against Mary's arched stomach. With a loud gasp the Frenchwoman's buns and lower back slump against the ground. She tries to bridge out again, but Sabatini punches at her belly, again, then another time, then another, until the stewardess seems to be content to lie flat as a pancake on the ground, moaning loudly.

Chuckling, Gabriela keeps the leg-scissors on a few more moments and then partially releases the hold as she sits herself on Mary's generous chest, contorting Mary's face between her thighs, "You French whores are all the same; sooo good in bed and lousy as hell when it comes to the ruff stuff!"

Mary (partly muffled): "... latin... louse!"

... bucking like a wild mare, Mary kicks her knees up against Gabriela's shoulder blades, repeatedly, making her Sabatini wince ever so slightly.

Gabriela (more annoyed, than pained): "O.K... fine!"

Backing herself up on Mary, Gabriela (now sitting on her stomach) waits for Mary to kick her legs up once again and, the moment she does... she reaches back, grabs them and, pulling forward, puts the stewardess in a schoolgirl pin, Mary's firm behind now pointing directly at the ceiling while the sides of her skirt can be heard ripping under the strain!

Gabriela"... now, let me explain what's going to happen to you... IF you cooperate!"

She pulls on the hold, making Mary squirm yet louder...

Gabriela: "... this flight will be landing in Cuba, not Montréal... and there's NOTHING that you can do about it. So... EITHER you play it nice and make it easy on yourself... or... well, let's just say that I could make you BEG for death, you blonde bitch!"

As much as Gabriela's "threat" makes her blood turn to ice-water, Pierce is even more fearful that she will never taste freedom ever again if the flight's "diverted" to the hijacker's destination... and so, Mary shoots her (left) arm up, grabbing Sabatini's jaw and clenching it tight!

Mary: "... non!"

Bringing her strong legs into play, Pierce pushes them against the front of Gabriela's shoulders and the schoolgirl pin, as hard as she can, calf and thigh muscles contracting and (gradually) manages to bend the Latina backwards, Mary eventually pinning her under her legs.

Mary (pushing herself onto her elbows): "... no... I'LL make YOU beg!"

Clasping her hands together, and lifting her arms over her head, against the ground, the blonde swings her upper-body forward (in a "sit-up-like" motion), and sends a resounding doubled-handed blow to Gabriela's tanned and uncovered belly (loud "smack") then proceeds to hit her again in the same manner again, and again... and then a fourth time, Sabatini gasping loudly with each blow!

Pulling one leg, then the other, off Gabriela, Mary rolls her off, onto her belly, and pulls herself to her knees. Making her way to Gabriela's right, just as she's getting onto her hands and knees, Pierce grabs her jet-black hair, pulls her head off the ground, and puts the Latina in a side headlock, her left biceps showing the measure of force that she is putting on the now bellowing Sabatini's neck and head.

Mary: "... let's see how YOU like getting your head squeezed!"

Gabriela (slamming her left fist on the box tops): "AAAARGHHHHHHHHH!"

Mary: "Oh... don't like it ? ... here, let's try this instead!"

Inching her way slightly back, the stewardess converts the side headlock to a two-armed reversed choke-hold, pulling the hijacker up to her knees in the process.

Instinctively, Gabriela reaches her arms back and, digging both her hands in Mary's flowing blonde hair, torques the stewardess' pretty head and neck to one side, then the other...

Mary (cringed-face and wincing): "... oowwww sssssluuuuut..."

Taking one arm off the choke-hold, Mary grabs a handful of Gabriela's dark mane, then starts yanking her head, fiercely, from back, to front again and again, forcing the hijacker to let go of her hair. Mary then arks Sabatini's head and shoulders back, the Latina's chest and panting belly thrust well forward...

Sabatini: "... gggaaaaaaa..."

Mary: "Now, let's play this MY way, BITCH! You tell me exactly just how you planned to divert this flight, and maybe... MAYBE I'll... OOOFFF!"

Having just driven her elbows into Mary's ribs, Gabriela raises her arms up once more and again throws her elbows back, jamming them hard against Mary's sides, knocking-out what little air that the stewardess still had in her. Sabatini lifts her arms over her head, going for third such blow but, feeling Mary's grasp on her all but gone, she instead grabs Mary by the hair and, jabbing her firm ass in Pierce's abs, just as she pulls on the hair-grab, flips the tall Frenchwoman over her (right) shoulder with such momentum, that Pierce nearly flips over a second time after landing butt-first, a few feet ahead of Sabatini.

Looking around her, Gabriela spots her riffle about four or five feet to her right, and decides to crawl after it. Turning her head back over her right shoulder and seeing this, Mary lunges at the Latina and, only just managing to grab her ankles in time, pulls frantically at her... knowing all but too well what is likely to happen to her if Gabriela gets to her weapon, and, just as "desperately", Gabriela reaches her arms, hands and fingers to their limit... an agonizingly inch or two from the riffle, as she wriggles her body, trying to free herself from Mary's grasp. Pulling for all she's worth, Pierce starts "reeling in" Sabatini in... like some feisty marlin!

Gabriela (seeing her riffle getting further away): "... nooooooooooo..."

Having pulled Gabriela in, Mary flips her onto her back. But before the stewardess can make anything of it, Gabriela bends her knees and shoves her feet against Mary's bosom, then pushes her away with her legs, and sends the blonde on her back.

Pouncing onto all fours like a panther, Gabriela pushes her right foot against the ground and leaps to her feet, while Mary's rolling herself onto her chest, then begins pushing herself up...

Gabriela: "... here, let me help you..."

Sabatini grabs a handful of long honey-blonde hair and pulls Mary onto her feet. But, the very instant that Pierce's black high-heels are once again pressed on firm ground, the black-clad Latina uncorks a viciously hard, left-handed, back-handed slap to Mary's face, sending her reeling back a step or two, but that was only for a set-up as, now that she has Pierce at just the right distance, Gabriela spins upon herself, lifting her right leg up as she does, sending the top of her ankle-boot against Mary's left cheek, sending the blonde waltzing back a good ten feet, or so, her "mad dash" stopping only because her back slams into the access ladder.

Nearly doubled-over from that impact, Mary is quickly straightened-up by Gabriela, who sends her a (right) thigh lift, the Latina then moving in for the kill, grabbing Mary's neck and throat with, both hands, driving the blonde's already throbbing back into the rungs as she chokes her at arm's length, her black-leather gloves chafing Mary's neck and throat.

Gabriela: "I told you gnnn... easy way, hard way... now you leave me no choice!"

Mary (trying to pry her foe's hands off her neck): "... l-l-l-let go of meeeeeeeee..."

Unable to break the Latina's grip on her, the stewardess tries to return the choke-hold but, despite her stronger arms, Pierce seems to be unable to get anywhere with this, due to Gabriela having just a slightly longer reach than she does and the early start that she got on Pierce, choking wise.

Cringe-faced and wheezing, Mary reaches her hands and arms up, and grabs onto one of the ladder's rungs (about one foot over her head), with both hands, then pulls her feet off the box tops, swings her legs forward and clamps her sequoia-like thighs around the Latina's slim waist!

Gabriela: "ARGHHHHHHHHHH... NO!"

Sabatini immediately stops choking Mary (who takes a few deep, wheezing breaths) lowering her hands to the blonde's pantyhosed thighs and tries her best to pry them apart... but one may as well try to cut through a log with a nail-file and after a few more seconds of Sabatini's useless efforts, it's now the hijacker who's beginning to gasp for hair, her knees buckling.

She tries to pull away but, hanging onto the rung for dear life, Pierce pools her leg and arm muscles to their limits (and beyond), and manages somehow to pull the reluctant hijacker back in.

Mary (straining): "... gnn... you... you were saying something about MY leaving you no choice... gnnn... you... rat-faced commie ?"

Straining just to stay on her feet, Gabriela reaches her arms out, and grabs the front of Mary's blouse and, with a couple of quick tugs, she rips it wide open, exposing the Frenchwoman's generous chest, which is barely contained by her fire-red lace bra but that too is then quickly torn to shreds by the Latina...

Mary: "Bitch! ... what are..."

Mary gets her answer fast enough, as the hot-looking Latina goes to work on the blonde's 34-C's, clawing, squeezing and twisting away at them, as the stewardess moans louder and louder... but, her gloves preventing her from digging her fingernails into Mary's fleshy jugs, and not inflicting as much "damage" to Mary's tits as much as she'd need to (or LIKE!), to make her let go of her waist, Sabatini ceases her incessant groping only to then use Mary's orbs as punching bags, as she sends one "one-two" jab after another to the blonde's bosom!

Gritting her teeth, the Frenchwoman bares as much as she can... and then some, chancing that her body-scissors will make Sabatini give out, before the blows to her chest get the better of her... but, with tears beginning to well in her lovely eyes, the tall blonde lets go of the rung over her head (with a loud, disgusted moan) while keeping her legs clasped around Gabriela's waist, dragging her down to the ground with her in her fall.

But, as she crashes (right) hip-first onto the boxes, Mary's shapely legs get spread apart, just enough for Sabatini to slip out from between them But, then trying to mount the blonde, the Latina is met with a two-handed hair grab, and is yanked off to Mary's right side and, with that, the two women start rolling all over the cardboard box "island", each bucking her legs-up (Mary losing her high-heels in the process) each time she's under the other.

Vicious hair-pulling, thunderous slaps to the face, thighs and asses, as well as hard knees to the crotch are exchanged at a furious pace between the two hellcats, who's pained screams and angered howls echo throughout the cargo bay, struggling for supremacy and rolling back and forth, with their (now sweat-coated!) bodies slithering all over each other (in the process, Sabatini's tights slide down her hips, just enough to let us see the top of her "twin-peached-crevasse").

Gabriela (on top, banging Mary's head on the boxes via a two handed hair grab): "... fucking French ffffff.... aie-eeeeeeeeeee..."

Mary (pulling Gabriela's bra down and clawing at her perky tits): "Damn dirty... slut!"

Mary rolls Gabriela under her and, using the "mammary advantage" she has over the hijacker, starts slapping her breasts against Gabriela's (loud SMACK with each impact), putting her back into every downwards thrust!

Sharp moaning-gasps passing her lips with each double tit-slap, Sabatini grasps at the remains of Mary's skirt and, having easily ripped it clean off the stewardess, she buries both hands down the back of the blonde's pantyhose...

Mary: "... whore... wha-aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh..."

... having grabbed the back of Mary's fire-red lace panties, the Latina now gives it a mighty tug, pulling the sexy undergarment as high as she can, up the blonde's buttock cleavage and womanhood, then a bit further still, Mary almost "losing it" right there and then!

But, fortunately for Pierce, a few short ripping sounds are heard and the blonde's brightly colored panties come loose in the Latina's hands, the dark-clad hijacker muttering some choice Hispanic curses as she pulls the panties out of Mary's pantyhose and tosses them away.

Still, the wedgie having done "the job", Gabriela is able to roll Pierce under her and, going for the "coup de grace", she now begins to hump her right thigh against Mary's moist crotch, and rubbing her dark, rock-hard nipples on Pierce's pointed pink ones, like some sensual fencing match.

Mary (panting): "... oooh... oooh... la-aaa... latin-lezbo-ooohhh..."

Gabriela (slightly panting): "... hmm, you... you say that, but... you sound l-l-l-ahh... like you it, bitch!"

Bending her head down, she starts licking and gently biting one side of Mary's neck, then the other...

Gabriela: "... but, you... you won't like it... so much, when I'm done with... whhhhiiiith you!"

Knowing full well what is at stake here... and having gone through this very same type of "situation" during an encounter with Laetitia, over a very large tip (an "encounter" which Mary had somehow managed to emerge victorious from!), the stewardess decides to "fight back"!

... pressing her right foot on the ground, Pierce pushes her firm thigh between Sabatini's shapely legs. Then, slipping her both her hands down the back of the Latina's black tights, she digs her fingernails into her firm cheeks, spreading the apart as far as they'll go, also pulling on them as to force Gabriela's damp pussy to crush even harder against her own thigh... using the said grip to make the hijacker groin move up and down against it.

At first, the sound of tights rubbing on pantyhose can still distinctly be heard, but it is not very long before heavy panting and moaning reach almost deafening levels, the two women barely managing to roll over, one or two times again but with a much different "dynamic" than just earlier

Still, in the end, the stewardess may be as sensual a woman as there is and she may have "dabbled" with other women at times, but the Latina is just as much of a "woman" AND, unlike Pierce, she actually "prefers the company of women", as "proof" of this, we only need only see the torrid French-kiss she's now giving to the (oh, supreme irony) Frenchwoman!

... and with that, Mary achieves a high-altitude and supersonic climax which leaves her limp, under the chuckling Latina...

Gabriela: "... ha, not even that good in bed, you big dyke!"

She straightens herself up, sitting-up on Mary's slowly undulating belly and presses her left hand on her hip...

Gabriela: "Like I told you, I play this game for keeps... wimp!"

Sabatini sends a thundering slap to Mary's left cheek, and then points a menacing index to the blonde's face...

Gabriela: "But... sadly for you, that's the last game you'll ever get to play..." (she laughs sardonically, then slaps her again)

Sabatini pushes herself off the spent stewardess. Then, very slowly, as she catches her breath back, she makes her way to her riffle (about ten twelve feet away from her) on her hands and knees.

Uttering a short sigh of relief, Gabriela slaps her (right) hand down on the middle of her weapon but, at the very same time, a pantyhose covered foot (facing the same way as her) steps onto the rifle butt, then another one steps on the barrel!

With a very marked "Oh f...!" suddenly written all over face, Sabatini turns her head to the right and slowly gazes upwards at the inside of a well defined leg. But by the time her eyes reach the accompanying thigh she feels her hair being pulled, then her head and neck being yanked up and placed between these two strong thighs, who then tighten themselves all around her neck.

Gabriela: "... whaaaaaaaaa-ahhhhh..."

Mary (bent forward, pulling in Gabriela's hair): "... thanks for those face-slaps, you dumb cunt... they really helped me come back to!"

Wincing loudly, Gabriela tries to part Mary's legs apart but, unable to do so, she starts slamming her knuckles down on the blonde's toes, making her do a "tap-dance" of sorts. But Pierce quickly puts an end to this by her jumping up and down, four times, with Gabriela's head and neck still nestled between her thighs.

Opening her legs up, the tall blonde smiles at the sight of the dazed hijacker, grabbing her neck with both hands as she rolls herself onto her back, moaning, and beating her feet on top of the boxes.

For a few seconds, the stewardess seems to forget the stakes, content to just smile down, hands on her hips, at Sabatini. But she then shakes her head and quickly picks-up the semi-automatic riffle, pointing it between the Latina's glazed eyes, as she stamps her right foot down on her chest and presses down on it... with all of her 143 pounds!

Gabriela grabs Mary's ankle and starts twisting at it...

Mary: "STOP THAT! ... stop that, or I'll..."

Mary pressed her finger on the trigger... and stops herself just in time as she mutters a few choice (French) curse words under her breath...

Mary: "I'm sure that YOU wouldn't think twice about shooting ME, but I am NOT a murderer!"

Slipping her foot off Gabriela, Mary lets herself fall, ass first, onto Sabatini's belly, making her legs and arms flail up, only to then crash back down. Shoving the riffle, length-wise, under Gabriela's chin, Mary then pushes down on both ends of the weapon.

Gagging, Sabatini kicks her legs up high, as she tries pushing the weapon off her throat, but with Mary's strong arms and her being able to put all of her weight down on this choke-hold of sorts, Gabriela gets nowhere and now starts crushing and twisting away at Mary's boobs, dangling down only a few inches above her face.

Mary emits a few hoarse moans, her eyes, half-shut in pain, showing all the determination in the world... and her persistence finally pays off, a few seconds later, when a last gasp passes though Gabriela's lips as her arms fall, limp, and outstretched at her sides!

Catching her breath for a few seconds, Mary gets to her feet, and kicks her toes against Sabatini's side... and gets no reaction from her...

Mary (scoffing): "... so... you play to win, eh ?"

Using the tip of her left foot, Mary flips the Latina onto her chest and then, kneeling at her side, the stewardess removes her foe's leather bra and uses to tie her hands behind her back. Pierce then gets back up and ties the front her uniform's blouse into a knot covering her aching tits (the bottom of the blouse barely covers her rump and womanhood) she then heads for the ladder and, rifle in hand, climbs back up.

Carefully peering through the trap-door's opening and seeing the storage room is empty, she steps onto the deck and heads for the door leading to the passenger cabin.

Slowly cracking the door open, Pierce throws a quick look and, about ten feet down the central aisle, she sees... Laetitia, her blouse and (white satin) bra ripped almost clean off of her, lying on top of another woman who's now only wearing tight black leather shorts and matching boots who are kicking wildly in the air. The unknown woman's face can't be made-out because, at the moment, Laetitia has her mammoth 36-D chest pressed down on her opponent's face!

Mary (walking over to the other two, muttering to herself)): "I see that YOU have things well in h..."

In a flash, everything around Mary turns to black, as she falls heavily onto her right side... out cold!

A black-ankle-booted foot presses against Mary's shoulder and rolls her onto her back and, standing over Pierce, we see (broadly smiling) Nadia Comaneci, tapping her fingernails on her rifle's butt!

Nadia (thick Romanian accent): "Ha... I guess that YOU won't be any more trouble now... whoever you are!"

Lifting her head and looking ahead, Comaneci frowns, then takes two quick strides forward and, with a short, but efficient swing, she jabs the butt of her weapon at the base of Laetitia's neck, who never saw it coming!

The young and busty stewardess slumps forward, before rolling onto her back, eyes shut and motionless!

The woman, whom Laetitia chest-smothered almost to unconsciousness, props herself up on her elbows and looks up at Nadia...

Martina (panting): "... Komrad Comaneci... I..."

Nadia (helping her up): "... yes-yes (sighs)... come on, we have to divert this flight to the homeland..."

The two head for the cockpit...

THE END... ?