“Catherine The Great” by legman
There was an electric feeling running through the small arena as nearly 1,000 rich and quite fortunate men were on hand to watch the long awaited crowning of “Catherine the Great.” Three of the world’s sexiest Catherine’s – be they with a C or K – were scheduled to compete in a brand of physical combat that would prove one to be superior to the other. The best of the best featured the young rising television star Katherine Heigl, television’s sexiest Marine lawyer, Catherine Bell, and the Oscar winning actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

They would be matched against a trio of Victoria’s Secret super models known as “The Angels” which included the statuesque Gisele Bundchen, the busty and curvy Heidi Klum and the seasoned leader of the group, Stephanie Seymour - owner of an undefeated record in this unusual brand of catfighting.

The contest took place in an enlarged wrestling ring, one large enough for the six women to square off in three hand-to-hand. The objective was to render your opponent so helpless that she can be dragged to a ring on an adjacent six-foot high platform and deposited on a mat in the middle of it. The first woman to drop her foe on the wired mat and set off a buzzer would be declared the winner. For the Catherine’s, the first one to slam an Angel on the mat would be crowned as “Catherine the Great.” The Angels, though, could spoil the coronation by battering ANY ONE of the Catherine’s and putting her on the mat first which would disqualify ALL the Catherine’s, forcing a search for three new candidates for “greatness.” For the Catherine’s, this loomed a challenge every bit as stiff as the private parts of the men in the arena watching the contest.

Stephanie Seymour, in particular, would be most difficult; her long sexy legs were lethal weapons, unrivaled in delivering a savage karate kick or a crushing scissors. The unchallenged leader of the Angels, it was a role Stephanie cemented by defeating two of the most cantankerous supermodels, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks, in a 2-on-1 handicap match that ended when Stephanie grabbed the heads of her two demolished foes and slammed them together with a sickening thud.

She was also known as “Super Stephanie” after she whipped WWE diva Stephanie McMahon, leaving the poor wrestling princess a crying, wailing mess after she stripped Vince’s little girl’s clothing and pummeled every inch of her body before she wrapped those long, gorgeous legs around the diva’s midsection and brutally crushed her ribs. Even worse, after the evil Ms. Seymour ripped off Ms. McMahon’s bra, she laughed uncontrollably while she viciously squeezed her super-sized melons until the beaten Diva passed out from the pain. Stephanie McMahon’s torn stockings, like those of ever other woman “Super Stephanie” faced, wound up as trophies on the wall of the supermodel’s bedroom - a spot well known by the fight circuit’s matchmaker thanks to the bedroom favors she bestowed on him in exchange for being paired with the perceived weak link of the Angels’ three foes.

The excitement was reaching a crescendo as the time arrived for the contestants to enter the ring. The first was Katherine “Kat” Heigl, tall and deliciously busty with beautiful blonde hair. Whistles, howls and erotic moans greeted the “Roswell” and “Grey’s Anatomy” star as she paraded down the aisle in her version of the skimpy attire all of the women would be dressed in. Kat’s fighting outfit consisted of a gold bra that left little to the imagination and gold thong brief that left her pubic area provocatively exposed. Attached to the thong were garters that held up a pair of shimmering nude stockings on her long legs. High stiletto gold heels put the exclamation point n her attire, accentuating her perfectly shaped limbs.

Once Kat reached the ring and began parading around, the Marine Hymn began to blare over the public address system as Catherine “Cat” Bell strode into the arena. Cat wore the same items as Kat only in white, plus a military cap on her head. As the short-haired brunette entered the ring, she, too, twirled around so that everyone could drink in her fabulous body. She stopped when she came eye-to-eye with the other woman in the ring. Both were nearly identical in size and build right down to their chests which also seemed evenly matched. Had this battle been just between them, men surely would have paid thousands of dollars to watch the epic blonde vs. brunette battle between two heavenly divas.

“You and your silicone tits are going down, bitch,” the JAG star said cattily as she took off her hat and tossed it into the crowd.

“Screw you, Private Slut,” Kat shot back. “These babies are real,” she said, fondling her tits and driving the crowd wild. “You’ve got enough plastic in YOUR udders to make credit cards for everyone in the house!”

It looked as if an enraged Cat was about to spring on the blonde, when they were interrupted by the sounds of “All That Jazz” that came off the PA. Both of them - and the rest of the audience - turned their attention to the aisle where Catherine “Cath or CZJ” Zeta-Jones making her entrance. Cath was moving confidently toward the ring, erotically sashaying her hips to keep the audience’s attention on her. She was dressed in red, wearing a similar bra and thong as the other “Catherine’s” but her stockings were different; instead of thigh-highs Cath had shinny red tights that covered her legs, hips and round bottom. They were woven into the thong to avoid the slightest hint of a waistband. Her heels were as high as the others, yet hers were tap dancer’s shoes and they gave off a loud clicking noise as she strutted down the aisle.

Springing on to the ring apron, Cath slowly swung a leg through the middle rope, giving everyone in the audience time to study the shapely outline of her perfectly toned gams. Knowing all eyes were on her, CZJ shook her butt for the appreciative crowd as she bent and slithered sexily into the ring. Then she stood and shook her hair so the lovely black satin locks fell in cascades over her surprisingly muscular shoulders. A devilish smile appeared on her painted lips as she walked over to the other two women, her heels making a loud (click, click, click) sound.

“Evening, ladies,” she purred. “Ready for a little workout?”

“Well, I thought they’d ave the best for last,” Kat Heigl sneered. “But they just saved the scrawniest for last.”

True CZJ was smaller than her rivals, but she stood just as tall as them in terms of arousing men. Her body was also full-figured with a large bosom, hour-glass figure and sexy legs that were shaped by a God.

“Why the tights, slut?” Cat asked. “Afraid those cottege cheese thighs are too meaty - or flabby - to handle something as sexy as these,” she added, slowly caressing her sheer white stockings.

“Oh my dear little has-been,” Cath retorted. “Since your silly little TV show has been canceled you’ll have plenty of time to learn what really makes a woman sexy. I’m a dancer, bitch; a dancer wears tights to showcase ALL of her incredibly strong and sexy legs. Only whores and hookers wear stockings like you two!”

“You’re calling us hookers,” Kat said with fire in her eyes.

“Well,” Catherine Zeta replied with a smirk. “If the stockings fit . . .” but before she could finish her taunt, the loud speaker once again blared…

Gisele Bundchen was introduced and strutted into the ring, wearing an outfit identical to Kat It didn’t take long for the two women in gold to move within inches of each other and began talking trash about what was about to happen. Next, Heidi Klum came bouncing in wearing white, signaling she would be slugging it out with the busty brunette from “JAG.” Finally, a loud roar went up as the Queen of the Angels, Stephanie Seymour, sinously slithered to the ring. Wearing an arrogant look, Stephanie strutted the aisle like a catwalk, totally oblivious to the lusty cheers going on around her. Like Zeta-Jones, Stephanie was dressed all in red and, like Cath, she too swiveled into the ring in a way that gave her legs maximum exposure - though her shiny red stockings that made them impossible to ignore!

As Stephanie advanced toward Cath scores of men were drooling over her spectacular body. Unlike Zeta-Jones, her stockings her thigh-highs that were attached by silk straps to a skimpy lace garter belt. At nearly 5’11”, she was almost 3” taller than CZJ and her breasts, while gigantic for a supermodel, were slightly smaller than the Hollywood actresses. Yet if you wanted a reason to stare in disbelief at her bosom, you could find it in her glittering, bejeweled bra which was encrusted with more than $1 million worth of diamonds. Stephanie was definitely dressed to thrill!

“Well, look at the little runt I get to destroy,” Stephanie said in a haughty tone to Cath, titling her head downward to emphasize the difference in height between them. “Too bad we didn’t meet in the ring a few years ago, before that ‘Chicago’ movie. Maybe after I kicked your ass, the producers would have given ME the role of Velma. Not only would I have won an Oscar, but I’d have sold millions more DVDs to men who wanted to pause the movie and jerk off at the sight of the world’s sexiest woman.”

“Is that so?” Cath relied.

"Oh, it’s so…SO, pip-squeak!” Stephanie said. “You can’t compare that flabby body and chicken legs of yours with the ultimate fighting woman.”

“You’re so right, dearie,” the Welsh Witch replied. “There’s no comparison between us. You’re an over the hill ex-super model and I’m Hollywood’s hottest and sexiest star. Oh, and don’t flatter yourself, slut, every man in this audience knows my body and legs make you look like an anorexic school girl. I’m really going to enjoy ripping those cheap stockings to pieces. You’ll learn not to get in the way of “Catherine the Great.”

“You’re going to be the one who learns her place and that is on the canvas when I victoriously plant this sexy right leg of mine on your flattened chest. Got that, bitch?” Stephanie said.

Cath responded by kicking up her left leg over her head, then reaching up with right hand and grabbing it by the ankle. Giving the audience an incredible view of both her sculpted leg and exposed crotch, Cath maintained her balance and grip on her leg as she resumed her verbal salvos.

“Don’t hate me, slut, because those toothpicks you call legs can’t match these sexy gams that have millions of men wildly stroking themselves every day on the Internet and in front of their TVs,” Cath said. “Just enjoy the view now because once the bell sounds all you will see is a red blur while I kick the crap out of you and destroy those overpriced rags you and your fancy lingerie company call stockings.”

“Yes, the sound of the bell,” Stephanie said through tightly clenched teeth. “I can’t wait to begin, Cindy!”

Stephanie then turned away and walked to the center of the ring where Cindy Crawford was bringing a new bra for Stephanie to wear in the impending battle. The super model’s tactic was to drive the crowd into a frenzy by going topless for a while as she would take off her million dollar bra in the center of the ring for all to see and then slowly don a lacy replacement.
Stephanie was reaching behind her to unlatch the bra when she heard, “Oh, Ms. Slut. Why don’t you let me do that.”
“What?” Stephanie shouted as she turned around and saw the red-clad Cath strutting toward her (click, click, click)

“How about a little sporting challenge?” the brunette star said. “If I kick your butt and strip your chubby little body of the bra and ripped stockings, I get to keep both. I’m sure all the guys would rather see me rip that bra off than have you unhook those sagging sacks of silicone.”

“And when I win, bitch?” Stephanie growled.

“In the ever so highly unlikely possibility that you do indeed win, well, you mentioned winning an Oscar. Why don’t you look over there.” Stephanie peered out into the crowd and saw Zeta-Jones’ actor husband Michael Douglas holding up his wife’s Oscar. “You beat me and you get my Oscar as well as something I could auction off for more than a million dollars in this room…my dazzling tights,” Cath said. “I win and I get your bra and the stockings. Deal?”

“Hmm,” Stephanie said. “My bra is worth far more than that cheap metal trophy of yours, but since there’s no way a shrimp like you could outfight a warrior like me, and it would be a nice addition to my trophy room, why not? What have I got to lose against a weakling like you. It’s a sure thing.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of myself, skank,” Cath teased. “You’re going down, big time.”

“I cannot wait to crush you like a gnat,” Stephanie said. “Gentlemen, sound the bell. It’s time to FIGHT!” In an instant the bell sounded and immediately the three sets of women began circling around the ring. Gisele and Kat paired off and wasted little time in raining blows down on each other. So did Cat who quickly began to drive Heidi back under a bombardment of flashing fists. Cath and Stephanie, however, just stood and glared at each other showing their contempt for the other.

“I know my tights are so dazzling and shinny that they’re blinding you,” Cath said, “but I thought you came to fight. I hope you’re not just going to stand there like an air-head model.”

“Oh no, slut, I didn’t come just to stand around,” Stephanie snarled, “I came to do THIS!”

The super model then lashed out with her right hand, pouring all of her strength into a blow that was directed for Cath’s face.
There was a smile on Stephanie’s face as her blow drew closer to her foe. She was certain it would devastate the smaller brunette and thought to herself that this fight was going to be so easy for her. Then a look of shock gripped the brown haired beauty’s face. With a swift brush of her arm, Cath caught Stephanie’s closed fist in the palm of her hand and held it in place, about a foot away from her body. Stephanie tried to push her hand forward but couldn’t budge Cath’s hand as a surprising solid bulge of muscle shot out from her biceps. Instinctively Stephanie then launched a swift kick at the still smiling Cath, targeting her ribs. But before it could reach the actresses’ exposed mid-section, Cath’s other hand reached out, grabbed onto to her ankle and brought Stephanie’s forward moving leg to an instantaneous halt.

“Whaaa,” a stunned Stephanie said.

“I believe you meant to do this,” Catherine said with a sly grin as her leg powered forward, the toe of her high heels blasting into Stephanie’s ribs and generating a cracking noise as a pained look fell over the model’s face while she screamed in pain, “AAAH…OOWW!”

Cath quickly let go of Stephanie’s fist and leg as the super model’s arm fall down to her ribs, trying to cover the bones that Catherine had just shattered. As Stephanie tried to comprehend what was happening, she saw a fist hurtling toward her face like a bolt of lighting.


Cath rocked Stephanie face with a hard right. As her foe reeled backward into the ropes, Cath then tore into her with a left to the side of the face and then sent her hair flying backwards with a powerful right that smashed into her eye. As the force of the blow hurled Stephanie back into the ropes, she quickly bounced forward as Cath grabbed her by her long hair.

“Why don’t you get a close-up look at my gorgeous tights,” the sexy actress said as she jerked Stephanie’s face down and then lifted up her red-clad knee and smashed it into Stephanie’s face.

“Oow…oow,” Stephanie moaned as she wobbled on unsteady legs and tried to wipe away the blood that was beginning to run from her nose.

“Aren’t my legs lovely, dearie,” Cath said. “The men all seem to think so. Don’t you guys?” Loud cheers of approval rose up from section of the crowd as Stephanie continued to moan.

“Ow, my nose, my ribs, my face,” Stephanie wailed.

“Aw, my poor cheap slut,” Cath said, stroking her index finger under the swaying Stephanie’s chin. “Did little Catherine Zeta-Jones hurt you? Maybe THIS will make you feel better!” Cath snapped her leg forward, catching Stephanie under the chin and lifting her into the air. “Then again,” she purred, pressing her hand against her mouth and feigning surprise. “Maybe it won’t!” As the airborne Stephanie sailed across the ring, Cath raised one hand above her head and waved to the crowd while she sensuously licked the index of her other hand and then ran it down her thigh. “Szzzz,” she said, mimicking the sound of red hot steel meeting up with cold water. “These tights are smoking, guys.”

Stephanie saw none of the celebrating in the middle of the ring as she flew high into the air and then passed over the heads of the two sets of battling woman at the other end of the ring. Sensing something was happening above them, all four women stopped fighting and looked up to see Stephanie approaching like a plane heading toward a runaway. Their jaws dropped as the leader of the Angels sailed into the ropes, twirled around them and came to a halt with the ropes wrapped around her extended arms.

“Ow . . . ow … aaa ,” Stephanie continued to cry.

“Oh my!” Gisele said, not believing what she was seeing. The supposedly unbeatable Queen of the Angels was a wreck; hung in the ropes with the only signs of life her heaving chest and bobbing head as she kept jiggling up and down in the ropes while Kat and Cat stood looking at the decimated woman. Suddenly, both went flying to the canvas thanks to a shove to their shoulders.

“Out of the way, bitches,” Cath said, strutting through the newly created space between them. “Fighting woman coming through.” (click, click, click)

The loud clicking of Cath’s heels resonated through the building she walked toward her prey. Many of the aroused males in the crowd were unable to contain their loads of sperm as they gazed at the battered woman and the incredibly busty and curvy woman in the dazzling red lingerie that had whipped her.

A radiant smile beamed on Cath’s face as she reached her helpless foe. She looked down at the suffering mess of female flesh, chuckled a few times and then extracted Stephanie from the ropes and tossed her into a corner. Sagging against the corner, Stephanie was still groggy and unable to see clearly as the world seemed to be spinning around her.

But then she heard a sound that sparked a panic attack. (click, click, click) As dizzy as she might have been, Stephanie was alert enough to know that the clicking of Cath’s heels meant the woman who had so thoroughly punished her was rapidly approaching.

“Please, please, Catherine, no more,” Stephanie whimpered. “I’ve had enough.”

“You know, honey,” Cath said. “In most cases I would be content to accept such a pathetic surrender from a poor overmatched bitch like you. But you were a very nasty and arrogant lady before the bell rang and it’s my duty to teach you some manners.”

“No, please,” Stephanie moaned.

“HEY! Don’t interrupt,” Cath said, slapping Stephanie across the mouth to reiterate her displeasure with the brown-haired model. “Now you actually seemed to believe you had sexier legs and thought you could put runs in my tights? Well, dearie, a dancer takes her legs very seriously, She loves to show them off to appreciative men like the ones in this audience. And it irks her if someone actually brags about her legs being sexier, as you made the mistake of the doing. So let me show what happens when a dancer’s legs meets up with a model’s legs.”

“No, no, please,” Stephanie begged.

“Sorry, but it doesn’t go too well for the model,” Cath said. “As I’ll demonstrate,” She lashed out with a side kick that smashed into Stephanie’s thigh and produced two distinct sounds. One was the shrill scream that came from Stephanie mouth as she recoiled from force of the blow and the sharp pain of Cath’s high heel digging into her flesh. The second was a loud rrrrrrrriiiiiip that signaled Stephanie’s stockings were no longer intact. “Ah, don’t you love the sound of stockings being ripped,” Cath said. “It’s so invigorating. As long as it’s someone else . . . like you. Tee-hee-hee.”

“OW, my leg!” Stephanie said as she slowly reached down and rubbed her thigh, feeling both a bruise and a gaping hole in her silky red stockings. “My stockings, you, you, ripped them,” Stephanie pouted petulently.

“I see I can’t pull over your eyes, has-been,” Cath said. “And while we’re at it, I wouldn’t want the other leg to feel left out.”
The brunette warrior then kicked out with her other leg, landing another direct hit that produced the same two sounds as before: a scream and an even louder RIIIIIIIIIIIIIP! “Now you have a matching pair,” Cath said. “Thanks to ‘Catherine the Great’.”

“OWW…OW…OW!” Stephanie moaned as she slowly leaned forward, prevented from falling only by her right arm that was folded over the top rope.

“Hmm, it seems like I pretty much kicked the crap out of you but I feel like, I’m forgetting something,” Cath said. “Oh yes, that’s it.”

The brunette wheeled toward the defenseless model and struck her with a vicious karate chop to the belly. Stephanie’s head shot forward as her body bent in half from Cath’s latest painful attack. It looked as if she was going to crash face first to the canvas, but then the brunette reached out, grabbed Stephanie by the bra and jerked her back toward the ring post. As the taller woman flew in one direction toward the torture chamber that was the corner, her bejeweled bra stayed in Cath’s hands.
As Stephanie smashed into the ring post the crowd became even louder as they looked out and saw that the thrashed woman was now topless.

“Looks like I have a new trophy for my collection,” Cath said, looking down at the sparkling bra. “Though I could use a few more,” she said coyly turning around and winking at Kat and Cat.

Putting the bra over her shoulder, Cath reached down and with both hands grabbed a hold of where Stephanie’s stockings had been torn. With a strong and quick tug of both stockings, Cath ripped both stockings off Stephanie’s legs, doing it so quickly and with so much force that it spun Stephanie around like a top. Cath couldn’t help but laugh as her rival slowly came to a stop. The pain she was feeling from CJZ’s bone-crunching blows was now being mixed with dizziness. Stephanie had no idea of where she was as she moaned and fell into the ropes.

Bad as she had looked minutes earlier, Stephanie was in even worse shape now. Her body was limp. Her eye was growing more swollen by the minute and her sweaty, mangled hair look like a wet floor mop. Her body was filled with bruises and all that was left of her clothing were her thong, high heels and few shreds of her stockings that weren’t ripped off her feet. Her once long and luscious legs, which were adorned in red at the start of the fight, now wore a different color: black and blue with a few traces of red from cuts opened by Cath’s sharp heels. With her regal facial features glowing, Cath proudly looked over her handiwork as behind her the other four women, who hadn’t moved barely a muscle, watched in disbelief.

‘How could she do that to Stephanie?” Heidi muttered. “NO one can outfight her; it’s impossible!”

With the two Angels in front of them preoccupied with watching Cath and Stephanie, Cat and Kat had an opportunity they weren’t about to pass up. Knowing they would have to dispatch the other Angels quickly in order to defeat C