Cat's Quiet Night Out: Cat Bell vs. Victoria Principal (w/Charlize Theron) by TNT

"Pour me another glass of wine, blondie!" Tall, beautiful, busty brunette Cat Bell snapped to her lovely blonde dinner companion with a mischievous smirk.

Charlize Theron quickly picked up the expensive bottle of wine, leaned across the table so far her small, perky breasts nearly slipped out the top of her dress as she carefully poured the delicious nectar into her 'friend' Cat's glass."I'd better pour it;" Charlize grinned. "You don't want to exceed your limit and exert yourself by lifting too much, you 'Softie' you," Charlize chirped, hoping to light a spark that might ignite a forest fire.

A few hours earlier, Charlize had called long-time rival Cat and invited her to one of the most exclusive private restaurants in Hollywood. Highly skeptical of the unexpected gesture, Cat accepted only after making Charlize do some fancy 'footwork' to convince her the blonde was sincere about a temporary truce. After Charlize had 'passed the test' the two women got dressed and headed downtown. The delicious meal was winding down and the warmth and good feelings caused by the wine were having a most delightful impact as the two 'friends' engaged in verbal sparring.

Charlize teased Cat about becoming lazy and soft and Cat was getting quite miffed. Charlize stared at the gorgeous brunette, drinking in her beauty like a heady wine. Like Charlize, Cat was wearing a tight, low-cut dress, pantyhose and heels. Aside from the dress color, the only major difference in their appearance was hair color - plus the obvious difference that Cat's dress was a couple of sizes bigger, mostly to accommodate her huge breasts. These breasts had always been a point of undisguised jealousy for Charlize - and one that never ceased to give Cat enormous pleasure! In fact, it was the reason she'd carefully chosen to dress as much like Charlize as she had, so that no one who saw them doubt her 'superiority' in the boob department.

"Gosh, its warm in here, why don't you let me help you out of that dress," Charlize suddenly snarled. "Maybe this'll help cool you off, bitch!" Charlize growled as she tossed her glass of wine at the busty brunette, soaking Cat's face and the front of her dress!

As the liquid streamed down her bosom and disappeared into Cat's cleavage, two thick, rock hard nipples sprang to attention, poking out the wet fabric even more prominently than they had when dry. Cat screamed as Charlize backhanded her, nearly knocking her chair over backward as Charlize grabbed the front of her soaked, clinging-to-the-goods dress and yanked it down to expose a damp bra. In a flash of lust, Charlize's hungry hands grabbed and Cat's bra came off as the blonde dug her fingers into Cat's huge, firm delicious breasts. Charlize's fingers had just found the two hard, dark brown nubs of flesh when....

"Excuse me Miss, your dessert," Charlize gave a start, her hot little fantasy ending as she was snapped back to reality.

"Er, ummm, uhhh, er, give 'Softie' the big piece," Charlize cackled, blushing slightly. "She wants to stay soft, fat, slow and stupid."

she giggled aloud as the waiter set the larger piece of sweet mouthwatering goo in front of a steamy, anger flush-faced, Cat.

As the waiter scurried away, Charlize smiled, struggling to pull her eyes away from Cat's massive chest and the erect nipples that threatened to poke holes in the front of her expensive silk dress.

"Oh, relax Ms Bell, I'm just teasing you," Charlize said as she saw Cat's eyes narrow and her lips purse angrily. "But if you really want to show me you aren't soft, there’s a suitable opponent for you right over there," Charlize said, nodding to a table across the small dining room.

"Hmmmm, which one, they both look like they'd be a lot of fun; easy pickings," Cat purred. "I could take either without breaking a sweat," Cat snapped after giving the two women a good long look.

"Your choice, sweetie," Charlize shrugged. "But I bet that busty one would kick your ass in a heartbeat."

"The busty one? What kind of a smartass comment is that? They're both busty," Cat quipped as she put a forkful of dessert in her mouth, followed by a big draught of her dessert wine.

"Guess the choice just got made for you, creampuff," Charlize chirped as she looked over and saw one of the women get up and leave the room.

"What? You think I'd start trouble inside the restaurant?" Cat said incredulously. "No way; we'll dance in the parking lot," she added, thinking that a fight in a restaurant was totally bizarre - exactly the kind of perverse pleasure the twisted Theron loved!

"Do it now; I dare you!" Charlize whispered. "What, are you scared or just too soft?" Charlize taunted. "And by the way, this says you won't, or CAN'T!" Charlize's voice was low, raspy, lusty, sarcastic and challenging as she pulled out a wad of bills; big bills with big numbers.

"What the hell?" Cat said, her beautiful eyes widening as she stared at the stack of bills as Charlize laid them on the table. "OK, you wait right here; I've got some business to tend to," Cat said as she slid out of her chair and turned towards the unsuspecting buxom beauty across the room. "And Charlize, don't you dare touch my dessert unless you want to be punished again," the tall brunette said with a warning wag of her finger as she headed toward her gorgeous prey.

Charlize watched Cat's ass sway as she moved slowly and deliberately across the room with a feline gliding stride. The lovely blonde smiled as she looked around at the quiet diners engaged in their petty conversation, enjoying a delicious quiet meal. They were in for a real gourmet treat! She looked at the waiter who was standing in the corner with the restaurant owner who Charlize had given a substantial amount of cash in advance to cover any damages. Just then, she saw a drop-dead gorgeous woman slip quietly into the room from the street. Several others noticed her as well they might, she was a knockout; the perfect blend of beauty and hard body. She glanced at Charlize and winked.

"Hmmmm, 'Softie' is really gonna have her hands full tonight," the tall South African beauty mused as she watched Cat approaching her lovely target. "And so am I!"

"Victoria, look out!" the newcomer screamed a warning.

"AIEEEEEE!" Victoria Principal screamed as Cat lunged, buried her fingers in her luxurious hair, jerked her to her feet, pulled her away from her table and delivered a blistering backhand to her beautiful face. "Uhhhhhhh!" Victoria groaned as her head snapped back, her face stinging from the vicious open-handed slap. Seconds before, Victoria had been enjoying a quiet meal, patiently waiting for her companion to return; now she was in the middle of a surprise battle, trying to clear the cobwebs from her brain thanks to Cat's powerful slap and the expensive champagne. "What the hell? Take that you bitch!" Victoria screamed, making a quick recovery and swing at the gorgeous brunette who'd rudely launched an unprovoked attack on her.

WHAP! Whoosh. THUD! "Uhhhhhh..." Cat easily dodged Victoria's incoming fist, brushed her arm aside and launched her own fist that smacked into Victoria's taut abs with an erotic THUMP! Victoria groaned and her pretty face grimaced as she sucked air. Cat smiled and delivered her hardest bitchslap in some time. As she flew backward, Victoria yelped just before smashing into and then tumbling over a table, landing on her butt on the floor with her luscious long legs waving in the air from under a tight short skirt in a most delicious way as Charlize saw one of Victoria's high heels pinwheel through the air into a corner.

Cat looked down at her fallen victim, drinking in her stunning beauty. Victoria's face registered pain, shock, surprise and anger. Her tight white blouse had lost its top button in the skirmish and now gaped open enough to reveal Victoria's overstuffed white lace bra. An erect nipple pushed against the sheer tight white silky blouse which combined with Victoria's heaving, gasping for wind, the rapid rise and fall of her magnificent chest and her gorgeous long legs still bent like a pretzel in her spread-eagle position made a most erotic sight.

"Guess, I'm not such a 'Softie' after all, huh bitch?" she said loudly and confidently, with a broad contented smile.

Cat's words were directed at both Charlize and Victoria for as she shifted her gaze from the fallen Victoria she saw Charlize was standing, clapping, hungrily licking her lips - and laughing! Lucky diners were thoroughly enjoying the action, taking in every delicious bite of catfight sweetness. Charlize tingled with excitement, knowing Cat mistakenly thought this test of her womanly combat skills was over but they were only just beginning. The appetizer had barely been tasted; dessert was a longgggg ways away and many delicious gourmet delicacies were yet to be delivered and savored.

"Eyahhhhh!" THUD! "Uhhhhhh...AIEEEEEE!" Victoria's savage angry battle cry barely reached Cat's ears before her hard fist smashed into Cat's right kidney, sending fiery bursts of pain up and down her spine while her other hand reached for Cat's hair.

"How dare you attack me, I'll teach you, you bitc...Arggggh! Uhhhhh!" Victoria's irate words got cut off mid-snarl by Cat's elbow as it smashed back into her left breast, flattening the large firm mound on her ribcage. "YIEEEEEE!" Victoria screamed again as Cat grabbed her arm and jerked it hard, pulling her forward as Cat dipped down low and drove her shoulder into Victoria's belly, straightening up swiftly to toss the off balance redhead backward over her, sending Victoria head over heels to the floor.

"Ugggggh!" A low, groaning, gasp signaled major waves of pain coursing through Victoria's body; her gasp a barely audible protest as Cat grabbed her by the hair, snatched her back to her feet, grabbed the front of her torn blouse and ripped it wide open with a motion that left the two women chest to chest with Cat's arms spread wide apart. A loud collective gasp came from both the crowd and Charlize as Victoria's magnificent chest sprang into full view.

"Come on, fight," Cat taunted her dazed opponent.

Victoria quickly moved to accommodate her, snarling as she launched an attack of wild punches, roundhouses and what looked to be hooks. But she telegraphed each one and Cat easily blocked them all, then countered with several firm snaps to Victoria's ribs and stomach. Victoria's face went through a range of emotions from fury, to anger to red-faced frustration!

"Eyahhhhh!" Victoria shouted another savage cry and charged Cat.

THUD! "Arggggh!" THUD! "AIIIIIIIEE!" Cat answered with two solid punches, one to each lovely breast. The impacts shot the full pleasure mounds upward, pushing the top half of Victoria's dark areolas over the edge of her bra. The crowd, including Charlize, cheered the erotic sight as Victoria grunted and groaned from the two blows, stopped in her tracks and then staggered back with her arms raised to shield her pride and joys. "Eyaaaahhh!" Lesson one still unlearned; lesson two about to begin as Victoria charged again. This time Cat faked a punch to her chin and when Victoria's arms flew up to protect her face....

THUD! "Uhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhh...Noooooooo...." Cat's' lightning quick fist sledgehammered deep into Victoria's stomach.

Cat stepped behind the gasping beauty and wrapped her arms around her just below her bulging breasts in an erotic, crushing reverse bearhug. Victoria's angry screams soon turned to groans, moans and then gasps as Cat squeezed lifting the struggling beauty up and off her feet. Victoria's legs thrashed and kicked wildly as she struggled; her huge breasts bulging out the top of her bra.

"Go on and squirm; struggle," Cat hissed in her ear. "I'm enjoying every minute of this; how about you Vicky?"

"Damn you....bitch, I'll...kill you," Victoria gasped between her bucks and squirms.

Cat looked over at Charlize who was clearly beside herself with excitement and lust. The tall gleeful blonde watched every move both 'Softie' and Victoria made. She wanted very much to go help Cat; to enjoy the fun with her as she saw the lust in Cat's beautiful, confident eyes and Victoria's tired, frightened, but still defiant eyes.

"What now dear Charlize, any requests?" Cat shouted, tiring of her captives groaning and squirming.

A wicked, mischievous lusty smile came to the tall South African lovely's face as she pursed her lips and slowly mouthed two words that made Cat grin and struck terror in Victoria's heart, "Strip her!"

Victoria gasped as she felt Cat tighten her crushing hold, then felt her thumbs and index fingers hook the front center of her bra. A quick twist of her wrists and the front clasp of the bra came open. Cat shook Victoria just enough for her two huge beautiful milky white breasts to find complete freedom. The crowd cheered and Charlize felt faint. She quickly sat down, staring at the newly freed and wildly bouncing treasures. Victoria's face was beet red, both from embarrassment and the pressure Cat's biceps, shoulder and back muscles were applying as her muscles bulged beneath her dress as she tightened her grip. Victoria gasped, her vision blurred.

WHUMP! "Uhhhhhh." RIPPPPP! "Noooooo." RIPPPPP! "AIEEEE."

Cat suddenly released her gasping, whimpering captive, letting the luscious topless beauty drop to the floor. Then, like a tigress, Cat pounced. In a flurry of erotic action, Cat tore Victoria's skirt off, then went to work ripping her pantyhose to shreds. Intense embarrassment fired Victoria's adrenaline and strength into action as she frantically tried to escape Cat's determined assault. She barely made it to her feet where she tried desperately to block Cat's talons shredding her pantyhose as they began to attack her beautiful breasts with their thick, erect, nipples with pinches, squeezes and stinging slaps.

"Nooooo...pleaseeee!" Victoria screamed as Cat caught her by the hair and delivered blistering slaps as she wrestled her backward and down, bending her over a table. Cat grabbed her breasts, raised her knee and pressed it down onto Victoria's pubic mound.

"Anything else Charlize?" Cat yelled, raising her voice to be heard over Victoria's screams.

"Yeah, finish her! And you better hurry, creampuff!" Charlize laughed. “Your dessert’s getting cold!”

"Yeah right! But what's your rush?" Cat said with a smile as she cocked her fist and aimed it at Victoria's perfectly positioned upturned chin. "Eyaaaaaaah!" Cat's jaw exploded in pain after a loud, savage surprise yell that seemingly came out of nowhere, reverberated in her head as she staggered back.

"Don't mess with my girlfriend, lady!" an angry raspy voice snarled.

As Cat's lovely backside slammed into a nearby table, she quickly glanced back at Victoria who was out cold, her lovely topless body spread-eagled on the carpet; her hard nipples pointed skyward, her long beautiful widespread legs covered with scratches and only a few tattered shreds of her sheer pantyhose that stubbornly clung to the firm sensuous flesh. "At least I took her out easy," the busty brunette thought, calling on her inner resources and commanding herself to get up and fight this new foe.

"C'mon Softie, don't be a wimp, get her!" Charlize's sweet - but strangely irritating voice - filled Cat with steely determination as she looked around to see who her surprise attacker was.

"All right! Now, this's gonna be fun; a bit tough maybe, but a real pleasure," Cat thought to herself as she stood up, brushed herself off, balled her fists and with a throaty growl, moved in hard and fast to settle with Kathie Lee Gifford who had come to rescue her dining companion, Victoria!

WHOOSH! "Uhhhhhh!" WHOOSH! "Uhhhhhmpfh!" Cat swung hard but her new rival ducked and the brunettes fists hit nothing but empty air! Cat's busty rival returned fire with equal speed, equal force and equal anger. WHOOSH! The grunt that followed acknowledged the intense frustration of narrowly missing such desirable targets.





The angry name calling, the sneers, the snarls, that taunts fired up both busty beauties to the boiling point and brought the crowd - including Charlize and her beautiful friend - to their feet.

"This could go either way, Charlize; maybe she's too old, too soft - or maybe she isn't," the tall blondes' busty newcomer friend whispered in her ear. Charlize moaned as she felt two hard nipples drilling into her back through the wispy thin dress her friend wore. A long strong arm wrapped around Charlize's waist as sweet warm breath caressed her ear. "If she loses, you know what I'm here to do, right, babe?" the lusty voice whispered as hungry lips teased Charlize's ear lobe, awakening a thousand and one tingles.

"Of course, but what if she..."


"Take that you arrogant witch!"


Charlize watched with pleasure as Cat "Softie" Bell drove a well-placed punch deep into Kathie Lee's belly. RIPPPPP!

"Nice, really nice," the tall South African beauty gasped as Kathie Lee's face flushed when Cat ripped open her tight low cut dress revealing her black lace bra. Kathie Lee snorted as she landed a punch on Cat's chin that snapped her head back, then grabbed the front of Cat's dress and pulled, ripping it down the middle and returning the favor.

"Black must be the color of choice tonight," Charlize chirped her eyes focusing on the four huge lovely black-clad breasts. "Yeah go for 'em," she cheered as she saw Kathie Lee's hand reach out, latch onto Cat's bra strap and yank it down hard. The strap stretched and stretched until Cat blushed as her full left breast popped up half revealed, the erect nipple peeking over the lacy cup's rim.

"YEOW!" Kathie Lee yelped as a punch to her face was her reward.

Raising her hands to her pain, Kathie Lee left herself open for another solid punch, this one slammed into her ribs sending the busty beauty staggering back until her thighs hit the edge of a table.

"Thanks for the invitation sweetie," Charlize's companion whispered as she reached up and cupped Charlize's firm breasts. "Small, but oh so ripe and firm," the lusty voice purred as strong, skillful fingers slipped under the loose flimsy dress and captured the blondes stiff nipples and went to work!

"Mmmmmmm, don't get too may be needed elsewhere," Charlize forced herself to say as she watched Kathie Lee and Cat exchanging punches and blistering slaps. Alas, somehow Cat had managed to cover her "treasure" completely once again, pausing to hook her thumb in the strap and pull it back up over her shoulder. Charlize was pleasantly surprised to see how evenly matched the two big women were and she had a hard time deciding who she really wanted to win; her longtime enemy Cat or the bitchy, arrogant, self-centered Kathie Lee who - it seemed - was losing steam.

WHAM! "Argggggh.." A hard fist broke through Kathie Lee's defenses and landed on her chin. Another came in hard and low, sinking into her belly below her naval. Cat moved in, clamped on a painful faceclaw and drilled another punch, this to Kathie Lee's ribs as she slowly pushed her back down on top of a nearby table. CRASH. BANG. BOOM. Glasses and tableware flew everywhere, as Kathie Lee's arms flailed wildly. To everyone's delight, Cat flagged down a nearby lucky waiter, grabbed a pitcher of ice cold water and poured it on her head, face and slowly drizzled it on her chest.

"Uhhhhhhhmpffh!" the busty ex-talkshow host yelled and groaned as the icy liquid met hot supple skin; the air turned blue as angry curses filled the air. Cat was all smiles as she tossed the empty pitcher aside, delivered several stinging backhand and forehand slaps to her rivals pretty face, grabbed a double handful of wet reddish brown hair, jerked Kathie Lee to her feet and socked her in the jaw snapping her head to the side.

"Some of my friends called me Softie, tonight; what do you think Kathie Lee? Think I'm soft?" Cat snipped as she jerked her opponents head back with a hair pull and then in one smooth classic catfight move, grabbed Kathie Lee's bra in the middle and pulled down.

"Nooooo...." Kathie Lee screamed as her bra stretched, stretched some more, then snapped in two and her huge beautiful breasts bounced free, the thick nipples fully erect from the ice cold water.

"Oh myyyy," Charlize chirped her beautiful eyes wide as saucers. "'d better," she said, her voice barely audible, chuck full of passion as she leaned back against her friend....and into thin air! Her friend had gone, moving rapidly, her delicious, luscious hard and sexy feminine body gracefully gliding fast through the excited cheering crowd. Charlize blushed a dozen shades of pink as she nearly fell on her ass, stumbling and staggering backward until she finally caught her balance. "Yeah, kick her ass! Do your duty, kick softies' ass!" she muttered.

Definitely stunned by the icy cold water, in a world of hurt from Cat's skilled and painful attack, but as mean and determined as ever and mad as a wet hen, Kathie Lee snarled curses at her lovely brunette opponent. She lunged towards Cat, her hands moving incredibly fast, her fingers tightly curled into tight fists.

WHOOSH...WHOOSH! WHAM! WHAM! Cat took two steps back as the angry tornado hit her full-force. A hard fist found its mark, landing solidly on Cat's mouth, cutting her lip.

"Why you stupid bitch," Cat shouted as she returned a flurry of punches, two of which found their intended targets. Kathie Lee yelped, gritted her teeth, reached up, grabbed for the loose part of Cat's bra.

"Argggggh!" Cat yelled in pain as Kathie Lee tore her bra cup down, and fired a punch into the beautiful exposed breast, her third knuckle inverting the erect nipple.



Both Amazons groaned as each threw their arms around the others' neck and pulled in hard and fast.

WHUMP! The sound of two magnificent chests crushing together filled the room.

"I'm gonna crush you, squeeze your breath out," the two promised each other as they snarled. Long strong arms pulled, biceps and shoulder muscles stretched and tightened as the two grunted and groaned, each trying to force a submission.

"Uhhhhhh," Kathie Lee moaned, her lovely face formed a most agonized, yet sensual grimace as she felt Cat's strong upper body and arms go to work skillfully. Cat had interlocked her fingers and drove her thumbs and knuckles into her rivals lower back and spine. Kathie Lee snarled and gasped as she felt Cat's rock hard nipples battle hers in a sensuous battle unseen by the excited onlookers.

"You're going down, Gifford," Cat snarled as she felt Kathie Lee's muscles give just a bit, and heard another gasp.

"Like hell, bitch!" Kathie Lee snarled as she squeezed Cat hard, repositioned her thumbs to dig the sharp nails deep into Cat's tender cheeks.

"Argggggh!" THUD! "Uhhhhhh....what the hell? AIEEEeeeeee..." Cat's yelp of agony was followed by a sickening THUD!

Cat had summoned her strength and leaned her head back, then suddenly snapped it forward in a brain numbing head butt to Kathie Lee's forehead. Just then, Cat groaned in surprised agony as her scalp erupted in fiery pain as she felt her self being brutally yanked away from her despised rival.

"Yeah, get 'em…get 'em good!" Charlize was beside herself with glee as she watched her hired hero, Cori Nadine grab Kathie Lee's hair and angrily jerk her off of and away from Cat, spin her around and treat her beautiful, angry and totally surprised face a wicked bitchslap.

"Ahhhuhhhhmph!" Kathie Lee's combination scream, yell and shriek stood both Cat's' and Charlize's hair on end as they watched with satisfied smirks as Cori calmly walked over to the topless beauty who had landed in an incredibly erotic sprawl of arms and legs in a corner.

"Upsie-daisy, you feisty mouthy bombshell," Cori cackled as she grabbed Kathie Lee's arm and a handful of wet hair and yanked her to her feet. CRACK! Another slap, much gentler this time warmed the side of her lovely preys' face. Two open palmed hands flashed upwards giving two beautiful breasts and thick erect nipples a stinging slap. THWAP! THWAP!

"AIEEEEE! Uhhhhhh...Nooooo, leggo please.... my boobs, my boobs, legggo...OUUUCCCH!" Kathie Lee screamed like a banshee as Cori grabbed her full breasts, cupping them and squeezing long, slow and hard! Her strong fingers captured the erect nipples, pinched, twisted and then crushed. A long perfectly muscled leg flashed outward and upwards. Kathie Lee's' beautiful eyes widened, then rolled.

"Nightie-night sweet stuff!" Cori snarled as she quickly released her groaning rival, pulled her forward, slipped behind her and executed a perfect sleeper hold. She held Kathie Lee in a most erotic position until she felt the luscious body relax. She shot out her leg, maneuvering it so it was most beautifully displayed through the long side slit of her sheer tight short dress. Kathie Lee's eyelids fluttered, then shut as she slowly slid to the floor, leaning against the leg.

"Haaa, hoooo, hotttt, its really hot in here, somebody please get me some water," Charlize gasped, her face feeling only a bit more flushed than the rest of her body as she watched her friend finish off the woman whom she'd thought could assuredly bring Cat" to her knees.

Cori walked slowly, determinedly towards Cat who was slowly coming out of the trance that had overpowered everybody.

"Hey you! Yeah you, Softie; Cat Bell! Now its just you and me babe and you're going down, honey!" Cori snarled as she marched resolutely toward Cat. Her gorgeous busty, muscular, perfectly-proportioned body moved to its own sensual rhythm as she glided across the floor as if on a cloud. As Cat's beautiful steely eyes stared at her approaching opponent, her hands moved quickly to her loose bra; fumbling frantically.

"Crap, this things about totally useless," Cat moaned as she slipped off her torn dress, kicked off her remaining heel, balled her fists and took a defensive stance. "I’m no softie," she shouted. "I'm taking this big boobed, muscle-bound bitch down and then I'll have a few words with Blondie herself."

"KEIAIAYH!" Cori's bloodcurdling karate yell startled Charlize and by the time she came back to earth her friend was in the middle of a full assault on Cat. They exchanged punches and blows like two skilled boxers in the ring and, fortunately for both, each deflected the others' blows as well.

"Enough of this already," Cat shouted as she blocked an incoming and feinted a high punch, then shot her leg out in a kick-boxing move. Cori yelped as her shin burst into pain and she swung wildly. Cat ducked under Cori's flailing punch and connected with a solid hook into Cori's ribs.

"Bet you think I'm a softie, too? Think again," Cat snarled, aiming and firing another punch. This one Cori blocked as she ducked, then came up and landed a solid left just under Cat's ribs.

"Umpppfh!" Cat groaned as an incredibly hard shoe slammed into her knee and it buckled. Cat's hands dropped ....instant mistake....instant realization of mistake but too little; too late! Cori's hands flashed out and up; fortunately not for the purpose of a knock out - but a flop out! Cat screamed and the crowd and Charlize gasped as Cori grabbed the busty brunettes bra and yanked down, setting her two big beautiful breasts bouncing free! Their twin erect nipples were treated to an instant painful pinch by the laughing Cori as she moved in close.

"Yeah babe, you may be a Softie, but some of you is still hard," Cori laughed as she drove her knee up into Cat's pubic bone.

"Uhhhhhh!" Cat gasped wide-eyed with pain, her body numbing at the mind-boggling pain. In desperation, Cat grabbed the front of Cori's dress and held on as her knees unhinged. The erotic sound of sheer fabric yielding to a rival woman's determined fingers filled the crowd and Charlize with glee as Cori's' beautiful breasts spilled out in full view. 'No need to wear a bra,' Cori had earlier thought and the crowd was duly grateful for her consideration of their pleasure!

"Get up hon, we're not done *talkin'* yet," Cori chirped, as she wound her fingers in Cat's dark hair and jerked the gasping brunette to her feet, stood her up and treated her full breasts to a wicked forearm smash, then sent Cat sailing backward with a very unwelcome kick to her belly button. Cat still held onto Cori's dress and as she flew back, it was ripped it from the muscular beauties' lovely body and landed in the lap of a lucky bystander as.Cat hit the floor flat on her back. Cori dove across the room to land full force on Cat's belly. Cori's heels went flying as she leapt, wearing nothing more than her tiny panties. To Charlize the sexy action seemed to be moving in slowwwww motion and she smiled with delight as she watched her muscular busty heroine straddle Cat's waist, reach up and grab onto and clasp her rival's huge full breasts with both hands.

"Yeah, crush 'em good," Charlize said, scarcely realizing her own fingers were squeezing thin air incredibly hard and fast.

"Argggggh! AIEEEEEEEE!!!" Cat bawled, tears filling her brown eyes as Cori dug her talons deep into the soft flesh of her breasts.

"Feel good, sweetie?" Cori taunted, squeezing her rivals huge pleasure mounds tenaciously as she leaned forward snarling, then smiled as she continued her verbal taunting. "This is so much fun," Cori laughed. "You know who sent me, right? Your dear, dear friend, Charli..." WHAM! "Unnnnhhh..." Cori's' mind went blank as the right side of her face exploded. Cat's desperately flailing arms and frantically groping hands had found a heavy ash tray. Her hand flashed upward and Cori gasped in pain! A powerful pelvic thrust, a full body twist and Cori flew off Cat sideways, landing hard on the floor. Cat was on her feet in a New York minute, firing well-placed snap kicks to Cori's' legs, stomach and ribs.

"Now get up bitch, lets see who the real Softie is!" Cat snarled as she wrapped her arm around Cori's throat and used a handful of hair to jerk her to her feet. Cat pounded punches to Cori's stomach and ribs, then spun her around and drilled a perfect uppercut to her chin. Cori's luscious body snapped erect a her head rocked back, her arms rising rapidly toward her face. "So stupid, these muscle babes," Cat muttered as she slammed her fist into Cori's tight abs.

"OOOOF!" Cori groaned as she doubled over. Cat grabbed her by the hair and pulled her face down fast, right into the knee she fired up under Cori's chin!

"Nice boobs too, sweetie," Cat chirped as she reached down and cupped the bent over beauties' full breasts. She squeezed the perfect full, firm breasts as hard as she could, crushing her rock hard nipples with her fingers. Then she grabbed another handful of hair and straightened Cori up, positioning her head just so, her lovely vulnerable chin jutting upward as she drew back her fist. "Any last words, Ms Hard Body, er, uh, I mean Ms Softie?" Cat purred.

BONKKKK! "Uhhhhhh."

"Hey, what the hell are ya doin'?" Cat snarled in surprised disgust as a heavy tray whistled through the air smack into Cori's forehead with a resounding impact. Cori's beautiful eyes rolled back in her head as she staggered.

"You're a worthless're fired, doofus," came the angry and all-to-familiar but incredibly sexy voice that filled Cat with anger.

"How dare Charlize steal the fun of dealing the final blow to the muscle-bound interfering smart-ass Cori broad?" Cat stared in stunned angry disbelief as Charlize grabbed the dazed Cori by the hair, fired several punches to her face as she backed her up against a wall. Cori bounced off the wall, then toppled over and crashed face down on the floor between Kathie Lee and Victoria Principal.

"Dammit! How dare you interfere, Theron! I was about to finish her - and have some fun too," Cat snarled.

"I just bet you were. Softie!" Charlize grumbled, rolling her eyes. "Probably gonna smother her with those big boobs, huh lezzie girl?" Charlize taunted as she licked her lips, smiling as Cat's' face slowly turned red from the neck up. If there was one thing Charlize knew, it was how to push Cat's buttons to ensure the gorgeous brunette got angry and embarrassed. She studied Cat, seeing her cut lip, the bruises and most of all she studied her lovely, battered and almost naked body. "Gosh, you're a bit winded, ya must be really out of shape, huh Softie?" Charlize teased, noting Cat's short, rapid deep gasps for air and her beautiful heaving chest. She moved a bit closer. "Lucky for you, I stepped in to save you,” Charlize said. “Cori would've pounded you silly, then stripped that lazy, soft, mushy, out-of-shape body of yours buck-naked," she teased.

"Why you stupid, conniving little blond bitch!" Cat screamed, spittle flying from her lips. "YOU set this whole thing up! I'm gonna kill you for that!" she yelled, her beautiful sensuous lower lip curled in anger.

"C'mon my pretty little soft, cuddly kittycat; MEOW! Uhhhhhhh..." Cat lunged, her speed amazingly fast, and drove a sledgehammer fist deep into the beautiful blondes stomach, pretty much ending her taunting! Charlize gagged even as the front of her dress was being torn open! RIPPPPP! TEAR! RIPPPPP! The crowd watched as Cat was all over the beautiful blonde, punching, slapping and ripping her dress to shreds before stripping it from the tall leggy blonde's body. "Uhhhmpppfh!" Charlize groaned as Cat tackled her and drove her to the carpet.

"Next time wear a bra honey, it might give these perky little titties at least a little protection," Cat snarled as her fingers pinched, twisted and mauled Charlize's breasts and those famously ultra-sensitive nipples!

"Now this is why I love dining out in Hollywood," one observer exclaimed.

"Yeah, like this happens every night...this is a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle," another chuckled.

"Once like this is more than enough....oh, lookit 'em go at it!" a beautiful redhead shouted.

"Ouch, stop that Charl...OWWWWW!" Cat shrieked as she stopped slapping and punching to pry Charlize's nails from her boobs. Charlize laughed, her face sporting a full smirk as she dug her nails in viciously while she got her long legs wrapped tight around Cat's waist. Cat screamed again, her nipples being slowly crushed by her skilled rivals thumbs and forefingers, but the real pain was in her ribs as Charlize locked her ankles and tightened her scissors. "Please, uhhhh… my ribs, you're crushing… uhhhhh… breaking them… uhhhhhh," the brunette gasped. Cat had forgotten how strong Charlize's dancer legs were and now the blondes heel was slamming into Cat's tender pubic mound, sending blinding numbing pain throughout the brunettes' lovely body. "Nooooo, not that, pleaseeee!" Cat shrieked as she felt Charlize’s long fingers slip under her pantyhose, capture a tuft of thick, lush bush and give it an excruciatingly, painfully hard pull.

"Admit it sweetie, you are a real Softie," Charlize taunted as she crushed a nipple with one hand and attacked her captives' southern territory with the other. "My dear, dear Cat! As you can see, having a hard body...well, it isn't all its cracked up to be. In fact, if you look over there you'll see having a deliciously hard, attractive body can mean you'll become a real Softie!"

“AIEEEEEEE….NOOOOooooooooo….” Cat looked off to the side when she heard hard-bodied Cori's scream and saw Victoria and Kathie Lee double-teaming her hard body with delight; taking turns mauling her beautiful breasts, pulling her hair and clawing at her hard rippling abs.

"Such a Softie!" they laughed in unison as they began to enjoy their lovely captive's 'hard body'.

"OK, I give..." Cat groaned. "I admit I'm a softie." Charlize gave the nipple one last hard pinch, then her eager lips lowered and engulfed the tender sensitive nub, her talented tongue flicking the tender tip as her teeth nipped and pulled; bringing Cat instant pleasure and arousal.

"Uhhhhh, such a sweet, sweet softie, uhhhhhhmmm…" Charlize murmured, feeling pretty good about her plans for the rest of the evening.