Lacey Chabert vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by Interac 4/20/01

During her entire run on 'Party of Five' Lacey Chabert idolized Jennifer Love Hewitt who had cute boys literally hanging on her. Lacey wanted all that too, so then when she matured into her own body she intended to get all that. But all to often, Lacey still wasn't getting all the attention. In Jen's last year, Lacey had slews of people leave her to go over to Jen. After the show closed, Lacey tried a film career; and she got three starring roles. Now, she felt it was her time. On 'Entertainment Tonight' they interviewed Lacey about her soon to be released Comedy "Teen Movie" When they asked her if she was talking to Jen these days, Lacey went berserk.

"Jen, she has no talent. No ability. She lays on her back to get parts. God, did you see her in 'Heartbreakers' how bad was she. People didn't find her funny although her acting ability was laughable."

Across town, Sigourney Weaver clicked off the TV and turned to Jennifer Love Hewitt who was seated beside her.

"Well What are you going to do about that?" Sigourney asked of Jen who was in shock.

"It's a shame," Jen pouted.

"What's a shame?" Sigourney replied.

"That I'm going to have to kick her ass now," Jen said,

She stormed out of Sigourney's house, got in her car and drove over to Lacey's parents house. When she got there, she knocked on the door and the maid answered.

"Oh, Ms. Hewitt, Ms. Lacey will be so happy to see you," the maid said, apparently not having seen the 'Entertainment Tonight' segment.

"I know you don't like her," Jen hissed as she pushed her way inside. "So don't pretend you do. I'm here to beat her up, are her folks around?"

"No," the maid smiled as she closed the door. "The little bitches folks are gone for the weekend. She's upstairs in her bedroom. Want me to leave you two alone?"

"Might be for the best, then you can't get fired over this," Jen grinned.

The maid watched Jen climb the stairs to Lacey's bedroom. When Jen slowly opened the door she saw Lacey watching a video of 'Entertainment Tonight' where she had bad-mouthed Jen. She kept stopping, rewinding and playing the scene over and over.

"Well I am glad to see you enjoyed yourself," Jen said as she stepped into the room. "Did you enjoy humiliating me?"

"I knew you'd come looking for me," Lacey purred. "I seen you pull up. What do you want, a fight? I always wondered what it was like seeing you lose. I wanted to be there when you got your butt spanked, or smothered and destroyed. Now, I get to do all three," Lacey said cheerily.

She stood up and took off her robe, revealing a nude body that had matured very much since Jen saw her last.

"It must be something Fox put in the drinks on the set," Lacey laughed. "You know, all of us getting this kind of body. But I guess in your case it was the money they put in your pocket that allowed you to buy those tits."

Then, Lacey rushed Jen, hauling her down to the floor by the hair before Jen could react.

"Ah! You little bitch," Jen spat, not believing her former costar had gotten the upper hand so easily and quickly.

Lacey threw Jen onto her bed and pounced on her. She grabbed Jen by the hair and started shaking her head. In response, Jen grabbed Lacey's hair and started pulling as hard as she could. Jen was hurting Lacey since she didn't have many fights and wasn't as accustomed to this as Jen.

Lacey tried to pull Jen's hands from her hair and Jen used this distraction to push Lacey off of her. Jen rolled on top of Lacey as they wrestled on the bed. She took one hand out of Lacey hair, pulled her head up and punched her in the face. Then Jen repeated it. The two punches seemed to end the brief fight because Lacey was crying and asking Jen to stop.

Jen asked, "What was that? You want me to stop? NO. You have to learn your lesson about dissing me."

With that, Jen slapped Lacey in the face. Her head turned the side from the force of the blow. Jen stood up and dragged Lacey up with her. She still had Lacey by the hair and, with all her might, drove Lacey backward into wall. Lacey's body started to slide down but Jen didn't let her. Jen held Lacey up and kneed her hard in the crotch.

Lacey was screaming as she held her throbbing womanhood with both hands. Jen let Lacey fall to the floor, unfastened the clasp on Lacey's bra and let the bra fall to the floor. Lacey took her hands away from her crotch and looked up at Jen who stood over her smiling confidently. Lacey tried to grab Jen's ankles, but Jen saw her start to reach and stomped on her fingers. Lacey quickly pulled her hands back with a whimper.

Jen took a step back and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a pair of perfectly formed and firm young breasts. Lacey slowly got to her feet, balanced herself with one hand on the wall.

Jen huffed, "Are you ready now? That was the last break I'm going to give you."

Jen walked back to Lacey and raised her hands, challenging her to a test of strength. Lacey locked hands and pushed her body up against Jen's but Jen immediately bent Lacey's wrists back and started walking Lacey back against the wall again, pressing her breasts into Lacey's. Lacey tried to snap her head forward, but there was not enough room for a proper headbutt. As Jen continued pressing against her, Lacey could feel her breasts being flattened by Jen's.

Knowing she was destroying Lacey, Jen hip-tossed Lacey over onto the floor. She landed hard and arched her back as she reached back with both hands to try easing the pain in her spine. Lacey couldn't see what was coming as Jen, wearing a knee length skirt, slid down her panties and dropped on her in a reverse facesit.

Jen didn't want to get off sexually, she just wanted to knock out Lacey. But she wanted to have some fun doing it, so she started to maniacally squish Lacey's breasts with both hands. Then she punched and punched until they started to swell and darken with bruises. Jen could feel the fight go out of Lacey so she stopped mauling to look at the damage she'd done. Lacey's boobs were badly bruised with trickles of blood oozing from her nipples.

Jen got up off Lacey who was barely awake, picked her up by the hair and threw her back onto the bed again. Jen pinned Lacey's arms down with her knees as she lowered her breasts down onto Lacey's beautiful flushed, face.

"Lacey, you wanted to know how it felt for me all those times? Well, now, I'm gonna show you in person."

With that, she started to smother poor Lacey for minute after minute. Lacey fought as long as she could, but Jen knew the fight was over and started to laugh. After ten minutes of humiliating tit-smothering, Jen finally let Lacey go. Jen got off the bed and put her clothes back on. Then she picked up a ping pong paddle from the night stand and rolled Lacey over onto her stomach. Jen started paddling Lacey's tight, upturned ass with the paddle as Lacey cried and screamed in protest.

"Don't you ever - AND I MEAN EVER - challenge me again." Jen screamed. "I don't have time for you. If you ever even THINK about doing it again, remember this!"

Lacey was crying and screaming in pain as Jen beat a tattoo on her reddening ass cheeks.

"Yes," Lacey sobbed. "Whatever you say! Just stop! Please Jen, don't hit me any more. I'll never talk about you again. Just stop it."

Jen stopped and shook her arm which was getting tired from the heavy-duty beating she'd applied to Lacey's bare bum. She picked Lacey's head up and looked her right in the eye as Lacey cried uncontrollably.

"Leave me alone," Lacey sobbed. "You won, Jen. You won. I won't mess with you any more."

"Damn right I won," Jen said, then she nailed Lacey flush in the face with the ping pong paddle. "And don't you ever forget I always was, I still am and I always will be, better than you!"

Jen tossed the paddle on the bed and strutted out the door. As she turned the corner to the stairs, she saw the maid who hadn't left but had apparently been hiding in the hallway watching the entire episode. Jen just winked at her as the maid gave her a 'thumbs up' gesture. As Jen went downstairs and got in her car, the maid straightened her shoulders, took a deep breath and opened the door to Lacey's bedroom.

"Before I quit," the maid said as she picked up the paddle, "there's something I've been wanting to do for the last year...."