Lacey Chabert vs. Alexz Johnson by The Walkin' Dude

NOTE: I'm guessing the first thought running through your head when you read the title is, 'Ooops, the Dude's finally gone out of his mind and started inventing people. Cuz I've never heard of anyone named Alexz Alexz.' Well, rest assured Alexz is a real person - and even qualifies as a celeb (FINAL DESTINATION 3). Anyhoo, if you're looking for visual reference, check out her pics on IMDB.COM. There's some pretty wacky moves in this fight, and the original story on Kim & Ginny's board included a visual reference for them on YOUTUBE.
Trying and failing to hold back a yawn, Richard Fannin drained the last bit of Cheerwine from the bottle and tossed a pile of papers aside. Kicking his feet up on the desk, the promoter was about to let loose with a belch when the intercom buzzed. Sighing, he hit the button and asked, "Hello?"

From somewhere in the lower levels of the R'lyeh Club, George Stark replied, "Sorry to bother you boss, but there's a young lady here to see you. She doesn't have an appointment, but she says it's important."

Glad for any sort of distraction, Fannin asked, "Did she give you a name?"

"Hold on." There was a pause. "Say's her name is Alexz. That's Alexz with a Z."

Fannin searched his mental rolodex, came up with an answer but wanted to make sure it was the right one. "Ask her if it's short for Alexzandra."

Another pause as Stark muttered something off speaker. "It is."

Nodding to himself, he said, "Thought so. You can send her up George, I was getting tired of paperwork anyway."

"OK Rich, she'll be up in a minute or so." Tidying up the rats-nest of papers cluttering the desk, Fannin had just finished his preparations when there was a knock from out in the hall. Standing for his guest, Rich called, "Come in!"

The door swung open and he was greeted by the sight of a slender young woman of about 5'4 with a pale complexion and a shoulder length mane of auburn hair. She was dressed in a red and black plaid miniskirt, a faded black tank top with the Nirvana logo and had large, cumbersome leather armbands on each wrist. The look was completed with equally clunky knee-high black boots. If Fannin had to characterize her look in a word, he'd go with 'Goth' but it was far more restrained (and somehow more genuine) than the hordes of teenagers that had attempted to appropriate the style. Fannin's appraisal of her took less than a second which was good because the brunette didn't waste any time in saying, "Hello Mr. Fannin. Thanks for seeing me on such short notice."

Shaking her hand, the promoter gestured her to a seat and then settled into place behind his desk. "You're more than welcome. Just don't call me Mister. Now, what can I do for you?"

Alexz took a deep breath, and then said, "I know it's a bit presumptuous, but I was hoping there might be a spot for me on tonight's card? The Indy Feds have treated me good, but I'm tired of living paycheck to paycheck. And rumor has it this place pays very well for hard work."

Fannin smiled a bit. "I'd like to think so. And I'd like to say there's a spot free tonight, but I'm afraid the card has already been finalized. The only way I could fit you in is if someone..."


He glanced at Alexz and said, "Sorry about that. I'll make this quick." Turning his gaze to the door, he called, "Who is it?"

A muffled reply, "It's Lacey, Rich. I gotta talk to you."

Not wanting to have this conversation through a door, the promoter said, "All right, come on in."

The door opened again and Fannin was joined by another brunette about the same size as Alexz, but where Alexz was slender and pale, Lacey was tanned and curvy. Leveling her gaze on Rich, Lacey opened her mouth - only to shut it when she saw the rookie. "Sorry, Rich; didn't know you had company."

Rich shrugged. "No worries. Lacey, Alexz Johnson. Alexz, Lacey Chabert."

Regarding one another with the sort of wariness that was often reserved for highly dangerous animals, the brunettes were silent for a moment. Then Lacey smiled and said, "Charmed." with a faint hint of sarcasm.

Alexz' reply was equally veiled, "Thoroughly."

Not surprised and only a little dismayed at the sudden increase in tension, Fannin asked, "What seems to be the trouble Lacey?"

Tearing her eyes away from the other brunette, she told him, "It's Kaley. She's laid low back at the hotel and not looking too good. Last message was that Straker thinks it's food poisoning.

"Nothing serious I hope?" Fannin interjected.

Lacey shook her head 'no.' "Should be back on her feet in 48, but that leaves me without a partner for our Tag Title Match tonight. Whaddya want to do?"

"We'll just reschedule,” Fannin shrugged. “I'll get Flash to have Linds and Hil cut an indignant promo before the card and push it back a week."

Lacey smiled and looked relieved. "Thanks Rich. You're a lifesaver!"

Taking note of the way Alexz's eyes had been locked on Lacey since her arrival, the promoter replied, "Don't mention it. Say Lacey, since your Tag Match is on ice for the moment, would you be up for a little singles action?"

She offered him a competitive grin, "Sure, I was already in the mood for a tussle and scrape anyway. Who ya got in mind?"

Before he could open his mouth, Alexz said firmly, “Me!" Rich didn't correct her.

Lacey arched an eyebrow, "You?"

Clearing his throat, Fannin said, "Yes. It just so happens that Alexz here is looking for a place on the roster. Now I know she's a solid wrestler, but I figure a tryout match will give the fans and the rest of the locker room a chance to decide whether or not she'd be a good fit."

Taking special care to ignore the seated brunette, Lacey replied rather pointedly, "No offense to your talent scouting skill, but how good can she be if she has to audition?"

Alexz pushed up from the chair and stepped forward, forcing Lacey to pay attention to her. Speaking in a soft, cold voice, the brunette sneered, "I'm a lot better than that shit eating grin of yours would indicate."

Despite the ice in the newcomer's tone, Lacey wasn’t impressed. Hands on hips, the curvaceous grappler replied, "Sweetie, I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but I'm one half of the Tag Team Champions. I EARNED the right to smirk and you're not gonna stop me."

Taking a half-step forward, Alexz turned her head down ever so slightly. She really didn't have to, she just wanted to make sure the other brunette knew who was taller. Voice charged with hidden menace, Alexz cooed, "Step in the ring and I'll stop you cold!"

Lacey bit her lower lip, regarding her opposition with a coy smile. "Sorry Al, I don't do mixed matches."

Alexz was unscathed by the barb. "Ohh clever. At least I have the privilege of a proper name and not just some random, girlie adjective."

Lacey’s pretty face twisted up in exaggerated hurt. Putting a hand over her heart, she mocked, "Ouch! My feelings. Keep it up Hot Topic; I eat mouthy little nothings like you for breakfast all the time."

Alexz saw an opportunity to jam the knife home and she took it. "That would explain the cottage cheese ass and the Jell-O tits. Tell me, why do they keep a dumpy little piglet like you around anyway? I don't think Kaley really needs you around for comparison - though it DOES make her look better."

At his desk, Rich was openly gaping. Had Alexz really just called Lacey a 'dumpy little piglet?' Trying to regain control of the situation, he mumbled, "Ladies I think we should all..."

Lacey raised her hand, cutting him off. To both of them (but mostly Alexz) she said, "That's OK Rich, let her talk. She won't be ABLE to later on."

The slender auburn-haired grappler stepped in a little closer until their noses were almost touching. Alexz told her foe, "My talking will be the least of your concerns. You're standing between me and a position with this company, but you won't be standing for very much longer."

Lacey brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and closed the gap, now they were nose-to-nose. Lacey spoke with the slightest hint of Southern drawl - that's how Rich knew she was PISSED - "Oh sugar, you've already got a position in this company... You're my bitch. And when I'm done with you, everyone will see you're MORE than qualified for the job."

Tilting her head to the side, Alexz chided, "Is that all you've got?"

Lacey shook her head and smiled, "Nope. I just like an audience." Stepping back, she looked at Fannin and added, "Put us on first Rich. I don't want the fans too drunk to appreciate what I'm doing to this Wednesday Adams wannabe." Then fixing Alexz with a final smirk, Lacey blew her a kiss, spun on her heel and strutted out the door.

After the champ had made her exit, Rich smiled and said rather pleasantly, "Well that was intense. You certainly wasted no time making an impression on her."

Alexz turned to him and replied, "That was only the first of many I assure you."

Chuckling, the promoter said, "Before you go to get settled in, I have to know, what do you want to use for entrance music."

"I've been using Touch, Peel and Stand as of late. I think I'll stick with it."

Nodding his appreciation, Rich told her, "Well I can't speak for the rest of the roster, but you and I are going to get along just fine. Musically at least."

Offering him a genuine smile, Alexz said, "You won't regret this Richard Fannin. Lacey will, but you won't. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a match to get ready for." She turned and a few quick steps left Fannin alone in his office.

Mulling what he had just seen and heard, Fannin hit the button on the intercom and said, "George, could you get hold of Archer and ask him to draw up a contract for Alexz. Regardless of what happens tonight, I have a feeling we're going to want to keep her around."
As soon as the last latecomers reached their seats, the announcer grabbed his mic, climbed the steel steps and entered the squared circle. "Ladies and Gentlemen of Darkside, it's time for tonight's opening match! The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, she stands 5’3”…she is one half of the Tag Team Champions… Lacey Chabert!"

Silence reigns for a few more seconds and then the distinctive opening chords to Soundgarden's Pretty Noose rolls through the R'lyeh Club, announcing the presence of the smaller, darker half of the Tag Champs. As the lyrics kick in, the curtain is pulled aside and Lacey steps out, giving the folks in Darkside their first glimpse of her in months. For her battle this evening, she’s in a simple white two-piece; a long sleeve midriff top and briefs that look like cotton, but are actually of a more durable cloth. Her togs are white, but Lacey’s pads and boots are flat black, but no one was complaining. She could wear burlap and still get a thunderous reaction. The aforementioned reaction got a lot more thunderous when she put her belt aside to peel the long-sleeved outerwear away to reveal the matching bra top beneath. Tossing the shirt over her shoulder, she picked up the belt and strutted down the ramp, slapping hands and jawing with fans on the way. Hopping onto the apron, she gave the strap to the timekeeper and slid into the ring. Turning to all four corners, Lacey offered the fans a small smile, then just shrugged her shoulders as if to say, 'Need I say more?'

When Lacey's music faded, the Announcer took a breath and continued his duties. "And her opponent, she stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall, she is making her debut with us tonight, she is Alexz Johnson!" The lights faded as the first strains of Touch, Peel & Stand heralded the rookie's arrival. After several seconds, the auburn-haired grappler stepped through the curtain to regard the audience with a stoic, detached glare. In a slightly surprising turn, it appeared Alexz hadn't bothered to change into her ring gear for she was still decked out in her mini-skirt, Nirvana tank top and clunky boots - though it should be noted that she'd traded in her leather wristbands for fingerless, elbow length, gloves of the fine mesh variety and a pair of black kneepads emblazoned with a hot pink skull and crossbones. Letting her eyes settle on the girl in the ring, Alexz started her way down the aisle.

She was a few yards from the ring when she came to a dead stop. As the guitars wailed around her, she crossed her arms over her chest, grabbed her top and slowly peeled it up and away to reveal a black vinyl bikini top. Smiling slightly as the crowd reaction increased, Alexz dropped the shirt and turned her attention to her skirt. Making a show of undoing the buttons, she wiggled it over her hips to the floor to bring a matching black vinyl bottom into view. Ready for battle, she knelt to pick up the skirt, sprinted forward and slithered in under the bottom rope. Rolling to her knees, Alexz fixed Lacey with cool, evil eyes as she silently sang her theme's signature line, “Yes I've finally found a reason I don't need an excuse. I've got this time on my hands, you are the one to abuse."

Once Lacey got the message, the spooky ingenue strutted to her corner and placed the discarded skirt neatly below the bottom buckle. A few short seconds after the announcer had quieted down and the referee finished checking them for weapons (other than the one's God gave them) the bell rang three times.

Lacey couldn't have been more ready. Given the trash Alexz had talked during their initial confrontation, it was a wonder the curvy brunette didn't charge across the ring and rip Alexz a new one, but during her partnership with Kaley, Lacey had learned a good many things and restraint was one. No need to give this skin and bones piece of crap the satisfaction of knowing she was pissed off. So Lacey merely flicked the hair out of her face and waited for Alexz to come to her. One of the Chabert faithful chimed in with, "JUGG HER UP LACEY!" and, smiling, Lacey turned and drew a finger across the top of her copious décolletage.

"She should be so lucky..." the brunette purred.

On the other side of the ring, Alexz knew she was facing an uphill battle. Not that she was worried about beating Lacey, far from it, right now her main concern was winning over the crowd as quickly as possible which meant she had to show Lacey up early and often; a task she was more than up to. Giving her armbands a final inspection, Alexz took a deep breath, let it out and stalked to the middle of the ring. Alexz was spoiling for a fight…only problem was Lacey was still in her corner. Even more infuriating, she was chatting with fans, not bothering to keep her eyes on the rookie.

Fully aware she was being baited, Alexz refused to just charge into Lacey's trap and instead posed with hands on hips and yelled, "Hey Ploppin' Flesh; you ready to wrestle or you wanna flirt up the nickel beer guy some more?"

The insult hit home, but Lacey didn't do her the courtesy of an immediate response. Excusing herself from her conversation with the fans, Lacey turned towards her rival and said, "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't see you standing there. Were you saying something?"

Rolling her eyes, Alexz fired back, "I asked if you and your blobby, doughy goodness were ready to get your ass kicked!"

Squaring her shoulders, Lacey adopted her perkiest, friendliest receptionist's voice as she replied, "Someone will be with you momentarily." Glancing back at the front row, she told the mob, "If you'll excuse me, this bitch has an ass that's in desperate need of kicking. I'm going to help her out with that." Eyeing the newcomer, the tan brunette swaggered out of her corner and stopped a foot from Alexz whom she regarded with a scornful eye. "Well, aren't you just cute and macabre all at the same time! You're like Tim Burton's prom date - stripped down to her undies. Only thing missing is a dead rat corsage…’course you made up for that with the odor so I guess you're good to go down."

Unfazed by the champ's zinger, Alexz stepped in close, blatantly chesting into the smaller brunette. "Keep talkin Lumpy, I mean, Lacey. But when that bell rings again you're gonna find that scuzzy Wonderbra of yours stuffed right down your throat."

Lacey arched her eyebrows in an 'Is that so?' expression. Pressing forward just hard enough to let Alexz feel the strength in her chest, Lacey replied, "I don't think so Al. See, when that bell rings again, you aren't going to be awake to hear it. Because by that point, your nose will be right about here..." Lacey brought her right hand up and pointed to a spot just above the swell of her breasts. Realizing she’d neglected a possibility, she added, "Or here for that matter. I'm not sure where your nose is going to fit best yet."

Then Lacey spun and slapped her butt; a statement needing no further explaination. Sick of dealing with the other brunette's threats, Alexz darted her hand out and grabbed a handful of Lacey's waistband. Before Lacey could turn around, Alexz snarled, "I don't sniff garbage Lacey. I tear it up and throw it away."

As she snarled 'away' Alexz PULLED up hard, lifting the startled brunette up on her toes with an insulting Wedgie. Wincing as the material sawed into her tender core, Lacey pulled away and then gingerly tugged her bottom back into place. Staring murderously at Alexz, Lacey opened her mouth only to have Alexz beat her to the punch, "You won't have such an easy time pulling my boot out of there."

Hands curling and uncurling in murderous rhythm, Lacey stalked forward and lashed out with her left hand, fetching Alexz a vile Bitchslap that rocked the rookie back on her heels. Savoring every bit of the tingle in her hand, Lacey sneered, "Welcome to the big time, bitch."

Quickly shaking off the blow, Alexz's eyes narrowed to slits before she replied, "Thank you Lacey. Allow me to return the kindness."

Alexz flicked out her right hand and slapped Lacey back, spinning the shorter girl's head around a good ninety degrees. Lacey hadn't even had a chance to swivel her head back around before Alexz exploded forward and initiated a rough Collar and Elbow Lock-up. Quickly regaining her senses, Lacey was surprised and mildly irritated to find Alexz was stronger than she looked. Fact is, Lacey considered herself pretty powerful for a girl her size and she didn't often get bullied around the ring, but her Gothic foe was backing her toward the corner and she didn't like it one bit!

Refusing to be shown up this early in the contest, Lacey waited until she was sure the buckles were almost at her back. Then, without warning, she planted her feet and twisted to the left as hard as she could. The sudden change in momentum was enough to reverse their positions and so it was Alexz who found herself being smeared against the buckles a heartbeat later. Pleased with how that went, Lacey wriggled her hands under Alexz's chin and pushed forward hard, forcing the slender vixen's head back at an awkward angle.

Laughing softly as she felt the rookie struggle, Lacey didn't even bother to release her hold until the ref reached 'FOUR' on his count, and even then it was a very slow break. Pulling her claws away from Alexz's chin, Lacey straightened up and waited for the ref to back away. As soon as he did, the buxom brunette stepped back in and wrapped her arms around Alexz’ head. Before the newcomer even knew what hit her, Lacey had plunged her face into the top of her cleavage and was energetically grinding her rack against Alexz’ furious face.

Grinning up into the overhead lights, Lacey kept up the nose-to-jugg contact as she chortled, "You feel that baby? Do ya? That's a champ treating you like a chump!" By that point the ref had stepped in to restart his count but it proved unnecessary as Alexz found her own way out by hammering a couple of punches to Lacey's taut belly. Grunting, Lacey backed off, but that didn't prevent her grinning when she saw Alexz gasping. Adjusting her top, Lacey asked nonchalantly, "Like looking into the future… isn't it punk?"

Feeling her breathing return to normal, Alexz stepped out of the corner and spat, "Let's see you do it again Lard Lass."

Absolutely sick of Alexz's put downs (really, who the hell could knock Lacey's looks?) the brunette sneered, "You just don't learn do ya?"

She lunged in to meet her rival's challenge. Apparently Alexz was learning though, because the instant Lacey locked up with her, the slender grappler spun her hips and tossed Lacey into the steel. Wanting nothing more than to give the cocky tag specialist a taste of her own medicine, Alexz got both hands up under the shelf of Lacey’s chin and cranked forward, bending the smaller brunette's neck back at an unwholesome angle. Much like he'd done a minute before, the ref moved in close and counted off while Alexz mashed Lacey's head back and forth. When 'FOUR' had passed, the rookie removed her hands and stepped back. But the moment Lacey lowered her head, Alexz stabbed out both hands, settled them palms flat on Lacey’s chest and SQUEEZED down tight, attacking her foe with an impromptu Breast Claw.

Grimacing as Alexz sank her talons in, Lacey grabbed her by the wrists and pried the girl's hands away. Regarding Lacey with a wry smile, Alexz licked the tips of her fingers and mused, "Just like I thought. There's always room for Jell-O."

Lacey had heard enough. Plowing forward, the curvy little juggernaut (no pun intended, I swear) tore into her lissome adversary with a flurry of quick punches that had Alexz covering up to defend herself. After a shot to the pit of Alexz' belly doubled her up, Lacey grabbed the Goth girl's wrist, planted her feet and Whipped her into the ropes. She bounced off back to Lacey who leapt into the air, tucked her knees into her chest, then pistoned them out; driving her booted feet into Alexz’ chin in a crisply delivered Standing Dropkick.

There was a soft little THUMP followed by a less quiet THUD as Alex was knocked off her feet and sent crashing to the deck. But give her credit, even though Lacey had caught her on the button, Alexz was up fast, scrambling up to get herself another piece of the other brunette. Course, Lacey was looking to get her a second helping too, and she struck first, lighting up her charging victim with another perfectly executed Dropkick. Clapping imaginary dust off her hands, Lacey got up and tapped the toe of her left boot into Alexz’ hip. "That's two in a row slut. You wanna call it a night, or go for an even three?"

Slapping the offending foot away, Alexz somersaulted backwards and popped to her feet. Giving Lacey an answer, Alexz sank into a crouch and lunged forward. More than happy to kiss Alexz’ face with her feet again, the brunette sprang off her feet and aimed for Alexz's chin, but this time the rookie stepped aside and swatted her legs down, sending Lacey crashing to the canvas in an ungainly heap. Smirking as Lacey hit the mat belly-first, Alexz said, "Time for the wrestling lesson to begin Chub-butt."

Before Lacey had a chance to get up, Alexz leapt into the air, folded her knees up under her and came crashing down with both skull and crossbones adorned pads right across the small of Lacey’s back. Lacey gasped and tried to pull away, but Alexz used her weight to keep the writhing brunette pinned in place. Easily shifting into a loose straddle, Alexz scooted up onto Lacey's back and grabbed a double handful of hair.

Pulling Lacey's head back, Alexz glared down into her face and asked, "How ya feelin' dumpy? You realized you're outclassed just yet?"

Ignoring the fire in her scalp, Lacey growled, "Fuck yoUNNNGH!"

The ingenue cut her off by slamming her face down onto the mat. Just beginning her quest to humble her victim, Alexz scrubbed Lacey's face back and forth across the mat and muttered, "I guess you're a slow learner. That's OK. Luckily for you I offer a remedial course on being my bitch." Keeping up the derogatory face-scrubbing, Alexz asked her foe, "Question One: Is your face currently covered in mat burns? If so, there's a good chance you're Alexz Alexz's bitch. Question two..."

Lacey bucked wildly, twisting onto her side to break the other brunette's mount. Scrambling to her feet, Lacey checked her face for abrasions before turning a hateful eye on Alexz. "I'm gonna fuckin’ kill you, ya bony slut."

Her body language an insolent challenge, Alexz put her hands on her hips and said, "No, no, no! You're forgetting your lines! You're the whining, over-matched priss. I'M the captivating stranger that uses morbid threats to make her points. Stick to the script dummy."

Curling her hands into wicked claws, Lacey purred, "Casting change. You're the stupid bitch that ends up begging for mercy under my ass. Take one and ACTION!"

Lacey closed in fast but it all proved for nothing as Alexz whirled around behind her and drove a hard Forearm Shiver into the back of her neck. Licking her lips as Lacey's legs almost gave out, Alexz pressed close against Lacey's back and reached around her body with her right leg so it looped around the brunette's side and between her legs, hooking Lacey’s right leg with the entangling limb. Then, using both hands, she pushed down on Lacey's head and neck, stretching the trapped grappler's torso painfully across Alexz's knee. The Abdominal Stretch was locked in perfectly and Alexz poured on the pressure, bending her victim's torso at a hideous angle.

Jouncing and bouncing the Stretch as hard as she could, Alexz cooed, "You wanna give it up jiggly? Or do you wanna get a few inches taller first?"

Shaking her head 'no' for both Alexz and the referee, Lacey grumbled, "You're gonna have to work harder than that to make me give it up."

Laughing aloud, Alexz countered, "I'm sure that's the FIRST time you've ever said that. Oh and before I forget. Question two: Are one or more of your nasty tits currently exposed to the world at large? If so, you're well on your way to being Alexz’ bitch."

Before Lacey could protest the lie, Alexz made it true; grabbing Lacey's top and yanking it down to bare the brunette's right breast to the very appreciative audience. Given that she was wrestling in little more than her underwear, it was safe to say that Lacey wasn't a prude - and she'd been topless in the ring before - but always on her terms! Fueled with a strength born of rage, Lacey let out a infuriated growl and tugged Alexz off her feet, dumping her tormentor on her butt with a modified Hip Toss.

Pausing to jerk her top back up into place, Lacey sneered, "Now you're mine scrawny."

Sprinting forward, Lacey made a beeline for her seated adversary and dipped low. Grabbing Alexz’ hair in both hands, the brunette executed a tight little front flip that brought her down on her back while simultaneously jamming Alexz’ face into the mat. Pleased with the effectiveness of the Rolling Neck Snap, Lacey popped to her feet and grinned at the crowd.

Snapping her bottom back into place, the brunette told the mob, "The next place her face lands is going to be much more pleasant."

She ran her hands over her chest, indicating Alexz's ultimate destination. Returning her attention to the flattened girl, Lacey scraped her off the mat and took hold of her wrist. Pointing her towards the ropes, Lacey whipped her into the cables and waited for her to return. When Alexz was almost on top of her, the brunette left her feet in a high jump to Leap Frog her opponent. In that, she was successful, but Alexz didn't keep moving. When she realized what Lacey was up to, she put on the brakes and did a 180 so that when Lacey came down, she landed with a thigh on either side of Alexz’ head. Things just got worse from there.

Ignoring her foe's crotch against the back of her neck, Alexz taunted, "Question three…are you currently helpless in the grip of a superior wrestler? If so, there's NO DOUBT you're Alexz' bitch."

Springing into action before Lacey could start hammering at her, Alexz took two steps forward and muscled Lacey off her shoulders and sat out hard, sending Lacey crashing face-and-chest-first into the mat with an ingeniously delivered Electric Chair Drop.

Getting her feet under her, Alexz stalked around to Lacey's head. Pulling the wounded brunette to her hands and knees, Alexz sneered, "I'm gonna kick that lumpy gourd head of yours right off your shoulders." When Lacey didn't respond, Alexz bounced off the ropes and charged back at her penitent rival. When there was only a few steps between them, Alexz hopped up and drilled both feet into Lacey's temple, paying her back for the pair of Dropkicks a little earlier in the match. Rolling to her feet, Alexz strutted over to the downed vixen and nudged her over onto her belly.

Glancing out at the audience, Alexz asked, "YOU GUYS WANNA SEE ME STOMP LACEY'S NASTY TITS?" She punctuated her question by walking toward that side of the edge of the ring, taking pains to plant the sole of her boot on the bulge of Lacey's chest. Whirling on her heel, Alexz pointed to the opposite side of the club and said, "HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS? YOU WANNA SEE HER TITS GET FLATTENED?" She walked over Lacey and again made it a point to scrub her heels on the downed brunette's rack. With the mob egging her on, Alexz strutted back to Lacey and planted both boots on the wriggling brunette's chest. Hands on her hips, Alexz purred, "You heard the people Lacey. Let's flatten those flabby sacks of yours!"

The words were barely out of her mouth when she leapt into the air and brought her feet SMASHING down on Lacey's breasts. Lacey let out a pained wail and rolled onto her side, bringing both arms up in a vain effort to protect her battered décolletage. Making a show of scraping something nasty off her boots, Alexz offered the crowd a confident smile before helping herself to a loose handful of Lacey's hair. Pulling the shorter girl to her feet, Alexz went nose-to-nose with the other brunette, Alexz chided, "Tits hurting Lacey? Don't worry. Pretty soon you won't have to worry about them at all."

Moving into place on Lacey's right, Alexz locked up the dazed girl's left arm in a loose Half Nelson and used her free right hand to cup the back of Lacey's neck. Sprinting forward, Alexz jumped up and sat out, dropping Lacey down onto her face and chest with an innovative Half Nelson Facebuster. Muscling the trembling brunette over onto her back, Alexz poured herself across Lacey's chest and hooked the far leg. Bearing down with all her weight, Alexz waited impatiently as the ref counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' Lacey got a hand under Alexz’ chin and shoved hard, breaking the count with just a second to spare.

During the burst in crowd noise, the PA system announced, "Five minutes have elapsed. Fifteen minutes remain."

Treating the ref to an annoyed glare, Alexz took a moment to tug her armbands back into place before resuming the attack on Lacey. Digging her fingers into the other brunette's scalp, Alexz dragged her squirming foe into the middle of the ring and then jerked her to her knees. Releasing half of her hair hold, the lithe rookie ran her free hand through her tangled mane, then placed it on her hip.

Savoring what she was about to do, Alexz licked her lips and muttered, "Time for you to help me earn my place, Lacey." The words were still coming out of her mouth when she JERKED back on the kneeling brunette's hair, pulling Lacey’s head back at a rough angle so that the kneeling brunette was forced to look up at her tormentor. Locking eyes with her rival, Alexz asked, "Alexz’ bitch says what?"

Still a little fuzzy after the Facebuster, Lacey walked right into the old gag by mumbling, "Wha...?"

Alexz lashed out with viper-speed and slapped Lacey's cheek, snapping the brunette's head to the side. "You feel that champ?" Alexz snarled in a scathingly disrespectful voice. "That's me showing the world how pathetic you are. Stings doesn't it?"

Lacey tried to turn her face towards her tormentor and Alexz slapped her again. "Don't look at me. You haven't earned the right." Falling into a groove now, Alexz started punctuating all her queries with hard, taunting bitch-slaps.

"Got any Hot Topic jokes now slut? (SLAP!) Maybe you wanna rag on Emo music? (SLAP!) Oh, I know! (SLAP!) Maybe you can make some Edgar Allen Poe jokes! (SLAP!) But wait, that would require more than a fourth grade education. (SLAP!) Maybe you can start bawling and Kaley will trundle her lame ass down to save you. (SLAP!) Or, if you're not feeling up to any of those things... (SLAP!) You can just stay right there and wait til I'm finished slapping all the ugly off your face. (SLAP!) I warn you though... (SLAP!) We could be here for a long, (SLAP!) long (SLAP!) time!" (SLAP!)

Still trapped on her knees, one side of Lacey's face was nearly numb thanks to Alexz’ vile barrage, but even though she couldn't feel the slaps as much anymore, Lacey would be damned if she was going to sit here and take another shot from this mouthy bitch! Blinking back tears, she waited for Alexz to draw her hand back again, then balled both hands into fists and drove a quick Left-Right Combo into her foe's navel.

Alexz grimaced as she absorbed the blows. Returning her slapping hand to Lacey's locks, the Goth beauty asked, "Still feel like fighting huh? Good I was getting tired of just looking at your face anyway. It's like Jennifer Love Hewitt as seen by Vincent van Gogh. And we're talking his surrealist phase here."

Watching Lacey draw back again, Alexz reared back and dropped to one knee, slamming Lacey’s head on the mat with a simple but effective Facebuster. Still on one knee, Alexz pulled her hands out of Lacey's hair and made a show of wiping them on the battered brunette's sweat-slick back before pushing to her feet. Ready to show her new audience why they were going to be seeing a lot of her in the near future, Alexz strolled around to Lacey’s feet and went to work; quickly but methodically.

Alexz stood on Lacey's thighs, just above the knee, then bending down, she pulled her captive's lower legs up and locked them inside her shins. At the point where most wrestlers would lean forward, grab their opponent's wrists and then fall back, pulling their victim into the Mexican Surfboard stood up straight with Lacey’s shins locked against hers. Alexz planted her hands on her hips and asked the audience, "Betcha think ya know what's coming don't ya?" When the mob replied that they did, she shook her head 'no' and said, "Wrong. But I forgive you. Watch THIS!" Alexz bent her knees and then hopped into the air with Lacey's legs still entwined with her own. A second later she returned to the canvas, crushing the other brunette's gams between the canvas and her boots. Grinning from ear-to-ear as Lacey and the guests roared for very different reasons, Alexz said, "And in case any of you blinked or looked away..." She repeated the move two more times, with each new stomp bringing a fresh howl of pain from the trapped grappler. After the third Doom Stomp, Alexz stepped off Lacey’s trembling legs and strutted around to her head. Sinking to her knees, she grabbed Lacey’s shoulder-straps and purred, "If your skinny legs can still support your ridiculously bloated upper body, I'd like you to stand please."

Turns out her request was actually a demand and she proved as much by scraping the moaning girl off the mat a second later. Directing her rival towards the most convenient corner, Alexz grabbed her wrist and whipped Lacey into the unforgiving steel. The echo of Lacey’s collision had only just started to fade when Alexz exploded forward in a dead run that put her on a collision course with the hobbled brunette. Lacey was only a few feet away, Alexz leapt into the air and brought her left knee up high, catching her oblivious foe across the side of the face with a savagely beautiful Leaping Knee Lift. Lacey's head snapped back and she stayed on her feet only long enough for Alexz to regain hers and take a step back; then her legs gave out and she fell flat on her butt with the back of her head resting against the middle buckle.

Regarding the crippled grappler with a nauseated look, Alexz taunted, "Here takes place the beating of thy hideous tart! See Lacey, if you ever went to English class, you'd know why that was funny."

When Lacey didn't answer her, Alexz grabbed the top rope in both hands and used it for balance while she brought her right foot up against the brunette's cheek. Pausing just long enough for the crowd and Lacey to realize what was going on, Alexz shoved her foot forward, not so much kicking her foe as raaaking her boot over Lacey's features. Not satisfied with a single scrubbing, Alexz reset her foot and repeated the move another four times. She was about to go for number six when the ref stepped in and started his count. Taking a step back, Alexz told him, "Don't worry, I won't need five seconds for what comes next."

Whirling around on her heel, Alexz charged the ropes, bounced off 'em and roared back towards the corner where Lacey was splayed out. When less than a foot separated her from her victim, Alexz drew back her left foot and stabbed it out, just kicking the bejeezus out of Lacey's face with the final part of the Face Wash. Pulling her boot out from the space between the bottom and middle ropes, Alexz wasted no time in grabbing hold of Lacey's ankles and dragging her into the middle of the ring. When she was sure there was no way for the other brunette to use the ropes to save her, Alexz tossed the limb limbs aside and pounced across Lacey's middle. Hooking the far leg, she nodded in time with the ref's count of 'ONE... TWO...' Lacey broke her leg free of the Cradle and flopped onto her side, ending the count.

Growling low in the back of her throat, Alexz sat on her haunches and asked, "What, you actually LIKE what I'm doing to you? And here I thought I was supposed to be the freak in this match."

More than willing give Lacey another dose, the auburn-haired wrestler tugged her adversary to her feet and again took hold of her wrist. Pointing her towards the cables, Alexz Whipped her away and waited patiently for her to return. As Lacey closed in, Alexz lowered her head, waiting for first contact to straighten up and throw Lacey into the lights with a Back Drop.

Unfortunately, first contact came in the form of Lacey's boot snapping against her forehead. She saw stars as she was knocked back on her heels - only to have Lacey step in, lace her hands behind her neck and, as physics took over, drop to the canvas taking Alexz along for the ride; yanking her off her feet to drill her face into the mat with ridiculously elevated Facebuster.

Feasting on the adrenaline surging through her, Lacey popped to her feet and screamed, "WHO WANTS THIS BITCH TO SHUT UP!?"

Most of the crowd replied with an affirmative! Lacey saw that Alexz was trying to get to her hands and feet and, shaking her head 'no', Lacey purred, "I don't think so baby. You've got second and third helpings of canvas in your immediate future."

Speaking no more, the re-energized brunette sprinted towards her foe and leapt into the air. As she stated to come down, she pulled her legs up just in time to SMASH her butt across Alexz's shoulders and mash her back across the mat. Scrambling off the prostrate girl, Lacey bounded away, spun around on her heel and dropped into an expectant crouch. As soon as the rookie showed signs of life Lacey dashed into the ropes and came charging back, and her timing was such that Alexz had been vertical for only a second or two when Lacey knocked her ass over teakettle with a Clothesline. The curvy brunette knew that she'd hit her nemesis hard, but she was also very much aware that Alexz wasn't the pushover she'd initially thought, so instead of stopping to taunt the rookie, Lacey kept heading toward the ropes on the opposite side of the ring so she could flatten Alexz with a second Clothesline on the way back.

Again, Lacey's timing worked out just fine because Alexz regained her feet a little too quickly for her own good and she was almost immediately leveled by another Clothesline from the diminutive Southern Belle. After the second one, Lacey thought about coming to a stop, but a quick glance over her shoulder showed Alexz crawling to her hands and knees, so Lacey knew there was more work to be done. Using the momentum from her last two attacks, Lacey charged back at Alexz and leapt high, snaking both legs Alexz’ neck as the gap between them shrank exponentially. Sensing the time was right, she clamped her legs shut and twisted her whole frame in tight half circle, applying the basic, but visually impressive Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors but instead of merely using her momentum to take Alexz off her feet, Lacey managed to pull her torso up and snake an arm across the back of Alexz’ neck while the scissors were still locked in.

A split second later, she popped the scissors and dropped straight back, hauling the other brunette off her feet to once again drive her skull into the canvas, this time compliments of an impressive take on the traditional DDT. Scrambling to her knees, Lacey shoved Alexz over onto her back and threw herself across the woozy girl's midsection. Wrapping up the far leg, she leaned into the cradle and held her breath as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Alexz rolled a shoulder off the mat, bringing the count to a premature conclusion.

Lacey snarled, "I'm glad you kicked out bitch. I'm not even close to through with you yet."

Pulling the spaghetti legged girl to her feet, Lacey fell silent as she spun Alexz around and wrapped her up in a tight Waistlock. Smiling wickedly, Lacey planted her feet and popped her hips, taking the rookie up and over with a German Suplex. Alexz hit hard on her head and shoulders with her legs thrown back over her head, toes touching the canvas for a moment before she slumped over onto her back. Rolling to her feet, Lacey snapped her briefs back into place, glanced at the crowd and asked, "A-Bomb?" The response was an overwhelming 'yes' so Lacey jogged to the most appropriate corner, hopped onto the top turnbuckle and spun around to face the ring, all in one sinuous movement. Several feet away, Alexz opened her eyes and saw Lacey preparing to pounce on her. Summoning her reserves, the newcomer rolled hard to her right, not bothering to stop until she'd slipped under the bottom rope and taken refuge on the floor.

Watching her intended victim slip away, Lacey just smiled and purred, "Oh honey, do you think you got away from me?" Answering her own question, Lacey climbed down from the corner, sprinted across the apron and climbed onto the buckle directly above where Alexz was resting. Looking down at her oblivious foe, Lacey cooed, "Hey Wednesday, whatcha doin' down there?"

Alexz whipped around, eyes going wide, but by then it was too late. Lacey had leapt into the void and seconds later she smashed down on Alexz like a five foot three inch missile. Alexz was torn off her feet and smeared against the thin-blue mats. She was lucky the Plancha hadn't hit in the ring because there's no way she could have beaten the three count. Peeling herself off the spattered ingenue, Lacey scooped up the wounded beauty, paraded her over to a suitable looking place and Body Slammed her as hard as she could! Alexz sobbed and arched her back when she hit the ground, but if she thought Lacey was done, the Gothic brunette was sorely mistaken. Alexz barely had time to grab her back before Lacey sank her hands in her hair and jerked her into position for another Slam. Lacey tossed Alexz down again, the Body Slam seeming to THWAP even louder through the arena.

Hearing the cheers from the crowd, Lacey grinned to the fans in the front row and touched her index finger to the side of her hip before pulling it back, pantomiming the 'oh that's hot!' gesture they all loved so very, very much. Ignoring the dull tick of the ref's count, Lacey scraped her victim off the mat and hauled Alexz over her shoulder. Looking for humiliation instead of pain this time, Lacey made a point of adding some theatrics; pinching Alexz's helpless butt in an saucy show of domination.

"I think she's already had enough, but it's just sooo much fun kicking her ass!"

Alexz just groaned and tried to squirm free, Lacey rose up on her toes and completed the trifecta. After the two previous impacts, Alexz didn't have it in her to try and roll away; she just lay sobbing and helpless on the mat.

Leaving Alexz where she'd put her, Lacey hopped up onto the apron and sauntered towards the corner of the ring. Turning to face her victim, Lacey rubbed her backside and explained, "Normally I'd hit this off the top rope, but I don't think Countess Chocula down there can handle it!"

On the heels of Lacey's joke, the Announcer told everyone, "Ten minutes have elapsed, ten minutes remain!"

As the audience cheered her on, the spunky brunette sprinted forward and leapt off the apron, coming down with the full force of her weight ass-first across the brunette's defenseless breasts. Laughing haughtily as Alexz flopped underneath her, Lacey flicked hair out of her face and chided, "You thought that was bad bitch? Wait til I actually put it in your face!" Helping herself to a handful of Alexz’ hair, Lacey yanked her foe off the mats and slung her under the bottom rope. Sliding in after her rival, Lacey scrambled to her feet and hoisted Alexz to hers. Slipping an arm across Alexz's chest, Lacey put her lips close to Alexz’ ear and said softly, "Just wondering Al, do you think you'll look all spooky and sensual with you tights buried in your ass? Let's find out."

Lacey reached around behind Alexz with her free hand and hooked her waistband. Then she bent her knees slightly and pushed up fast, nearly splitting her victim in two with a Wedgie mere seconds before she dropped forward and down, pasting Alexz to the mat with her own take on the Rock's old finisher, she called it the Lacey Bottoms. Laughing happily as Alexz quivered beside her, Lacey hooked the far leg and went for the cover. Leaning into her victim, Lacey couldn't help but smack her foe's exposed butt as the official swooped in to count off, 'ONE... TWO...' Alexz drove a punch into Lacey's forehead, ending the count just after TWO.

Her lips pursed in an exaggerated pout, Lacey slapped the back of Alexz’ head and said, "All right Sylvia Plath, you're not ready to lay down yet? I'll be more than happy to tear your head off and stick it in a Bell Jar. How's THAT for paying attention in English class?"

Not getting any appreciation for her wit, Lacey tugged Alexz to her feet and went for the coup de grace. Stepping in close to her victim, Lacey wrapped her right arm over Alexz’ left shoulder while her left arm snaked under Alexz's right shoulder, allowing the brunette to clasp her hands when they met between Alexz’ shoulder blades. Lacey was less than a second from completing the Instantaneous Facial Reconstruction (better known as the IFR) when Alexz forced her near arm up and elbowed Lacey in the side of the head. She grunted and tried to hold on, but Alexz gave her another two hard shots and the third broke Lacey's grip and left her stepping in fence-post holes; a condition that only got worse when Alexz nearly drove her boot through the brunette's navel and out her back!

As Lacey gaped in front of her, Alexz snarled, "Can you guess what I call this scene of morbid horror and depravity bitch? It's the PIG and the Pendulum!"

Alexz reached down and cupped Lacey's chin in her right hand while her left grabbed her right elbow, the preparation for a basic Swinging Neckbreaker. Things were still looking pretty simple as Alexz quickly twisted her whole body to the right, beginning the half circle that would deposit Lacey's back and shoulders on the canvas; but just as the eccentric newcomer reached the point where she should turn back to back with Lacey, she came to a screeching halt and twisted back the other way, swinging to her left. In an instant, she shot her feet out behind her and dropped straight down, jerking Lacey off her feet to drive the smaller girl face and chest-first into the mat with an Inverted Swinging Neckbreaker. Lacey hit the mat with a THUD and a groan. But in a remarkable display of durability, she was pushing to her hands and knees only a few seconds later. In a gesture that would have been generous in any other situation, Alexz helped the stunned girl regain her feet, only to immediately slam a Forearm Smash to Lacey’s mouth!

Lacey's legs gave a shimmy and she staggered back, but not far enough to draw her out of range for Alexz's next attack. Keeping pace with her retreating foe, Alexz brought her right arm up as she spun around on her heel and the instant she was facing the other brunette, she pistoned the arm forward, almost splitting her victim's chin with the eloquently named Roaring Elbow. Lacey went crashing to the canvas but if she thought being horizontal was a reprieve, she was sorely mistaken!

Looming over her wounded adversary, Alexz finally paused just long enough to pull her distended bottoms back into place across her hips. (She vaguely noted the disappointed groans of the audience, but all of that was secondary to hammering Lacey.) Wanting nothing more than to hurt and humiliate her foe in a single act, Alexz stalked over to Lacey's head, grabbed her shoulder-straps and lifted her to a sitting position. Cupping the wounded brunette's chin in one hand, Alexz glared down into her sweaty face and panted, "Retribution is a staple of Gothic writing Lacey, so let me ask you this. Can you take what you GIVE!?"

The last word was just starting to roll out of her mouth when Alexz reached down, grabbed a monstrous handful of Lacey's white briefs and YAAAAAANKED up, turning Lacey’s relatively conservative bottom into a skimpy thong. Leering into her opponent's face, Alexz saaaaawed the material back and forth several times as Lacey sobbed and tried to wriggle free; to no avail. Eventually the ref stepped in and started his count, but by then Alexz had tired of the game and was ready to move to the next round of her new favorite game, ‘Let's Torture Lacey.’

Releasing the brunette's disheveled togs, Alexz dug into Lacey’s matted curls and jerked her to her feet. Positioning herself back-to-back with the other brunette, Alexz reached over her shoulder, grabbed Lacey by the sides of her head, then pulled forward and simultaneously dropped to one knee; sending the injured grappler spilling to the canvas with a basic Snap Mare. Getting up behind Lacey, Alexz settled into a loose Martial Arts stance, then snapped her right leg out, catching Lacey between the shoulders with the top of her foot. There was a crisp little THWAP as Lacey winced and tightened up, but it didn't do her much good because Alexz dropped back into her stance and instantly let loose with a follow-up shot. After the second strike connected, Lacey reached behind her, trying to protect her abused back somehow. This was all well and good for her spine, but it left her face exposed - a fact Alexz brought to light when she fired a third kick over Lacey's head just so she could snap it into her face on the return trip. The Kick was enough to knock Lacey flat on her back, a position she got to occupy for a good two seconds before her tormentor dug a hand into her hair and scraped her off the mat.

Leading the gutshot vixen towards the corner, Alexz took possession of Lacey’s wrist, dipped her knees and sent her HURLING towards the buckles. Seeing the steel rush forward to greet her, Lacey knew she was in a no-win situation. If she turned into the charge, her back would soak up more punishment. If she kept up her current course, she'd hit the corner sternum-first, a choice that could knock the wind out of her long enough for Alexz to finish her off. Choosing what she hoped was the lesser or two evils, she spun into the charge and took the collision on her back. WHAM! The impact was enough to shake the ring and shake Lacey loose of her moorings, sending her reeling drunkenly back to Alexz.

Unable to believe her luck, Alexz locked her eyes on the semi-coherent beauty and waited for the perfect moment to strike. When it came a few seconds later, Alexz lunged in and sprang her trap. In one smooth motion she wrapped her right arm over the brunette's right shoulder and her left arm under Alexz’ left arm so that the brunette's hands clasped together in such a fashion that it looked like she was attempting to stick Lacey with her own IFR finisher. But Alexz was no copycat which was readily apparent when she sank into a tense crouch and lifted straight up, hauling Lacey off her feet in a smooth jerk.

When Lacey was as high as she was going to get, Alexz twisted her hips to the right and quickly dropped to one knee so Lacey landed with the small of her back directly across her rival's posted knee. The modified Backbreaker sent a vile spasm through Lacey's body and to Alexz, it felt like one thing...Quit! Unlocking her hands, the rookie shoved Lacey off her knee and went for the cover, taking the time to hook both legs to better ensure her victory. Impressed with the newcomer's ring awareness, the ref dropped to one knee and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' Injured back or not, Lacey had enough left in her tank to wrench free of the cover after the second tick of the count.

Undeterred, Alexz rolled Lacey onto her belly, sat down beside her head and explained her next move. "Now I know it's not wise of me to intrude on another wrestler's arsenal, especially not in my first night on the job, but I think I've modified this move enough so that Neve won't mind. Tell me what you think if you still can..."

Lacey just gurgled as Alexz lay down perpendicular to Lacey's head and grabbed the injured girl's right arm. Stretching the limb to its full length, Alexz scissored the arm between her thighs and clamped down tight. Now at this juncture, the Scream Queen would lock her hands across her victim's nose and pull back to complete the Crippler Crossface. But as Alexz had told Lacey, that would be gimmick infringement and besides, she liked her version better! With both arms free, Alexz wrapped the left around Lacey's throat and squeezed tight, trapping her chin in the crook of her elbow. Almost done, she used her right arm to cup the top of Lacey’s head and press down, applying pressure to the Sleeper. Purring in undeniable delight as Lacey's face went from flushed, to pink to beet red, Alexz reefed back on the Sleeper and the Arm Stretch as she cooed, "Go to sleep you little bitch. Go to sleep and dream of what it's like to beat me, because that's the only way you're ever going to know."

Lacey was growing frantic as the black swirls and dots passed in front of her eyes. Refusing to concede to the bitch, she used her free hand to fumble for a suitable grip on Alexz’ forearm. When she found what she was looking for, Lacey dug her nails in and yanked Alexz’ forearm towards her mouth. When she tasted skin, Lacey bit down and refused to let go until Alexz did the same. It was a long few seconds, but eventually her teeth trumped Alexz’ grip and the hold was broken. She took several shuddery breaths and was just beginning to feel human again when Alexz grabbed her by the tights and peeled her off the canvas.

Whirling the sputtering girl around to face her, Alexz lit her up with a Knife-Edge Chop that stunned Lacey enough for Alexz to scoop her up into position for a Body Slam. But instead of simply driving her bundle into the canvas, Alexz trudged to the nearby corner and slammed Lacey against the turnbuckle. A few quick movements tied the brunette's legs across the top buckle, trapping Lacey in the infamous Tree of Woe. Stepping back to admire her handiwork, Alexz dropped to one knee and grabbed Lacey’s chin. Staring into her eyes, Alexz hissed, "It only gets worse from here slut."

Then Alexz pushed her up and back, forcing the brunette's head and over the bottom buckle, leaving Lacey’s impressive chest was only inches above the barely padded steel. Soaking up the buzz of the crowd, Alex stood up, stepped onto the bottom rope, looked out into the dimly lit faces and ran a hand through her hair.


A few flashbulbs went off, but then Alexz went to work and the whole place lit up. Standing on the bottom rope, she reached over the ropes to grab hold of Lacey's wrists, then pulled up as she leaned back, using the flexibility of the ropes and the rigid strength of the steel to apply hellish pressure on the Rocking Horse Crab variant they’d come to know as The Black Parade. Openly gaping at the sadistic ingenuity of the move, it took the ref nearly ten seconds to realize Lacey and Alexz were both in the ropes. Shaking his head clear, the zebra started to count, 'ONE... TWO... THREE... FOUR...'

Alexz relieved the pressure and hopped down from the corner, leaving the ref to untangle Lacey while she basked in the 'YOU'RE HIRED!' chants coming from every fan in the club. Alexz was just about to regale them with something witty when she heard a meaty THUMP behind her, looked around and saw Lacey flat on her back in a heap.

Sighing, Alexz muttered, "No rest for the wickedly awesome," and returned to the task at hand.

Brushing the ref aside, Alexz grabbed Lacey's ankles and dragged her out to center ring where after tossing the limp limbs aside, she strutted to the corner and hopped onto the top buckle. Turning to face the ring, she crouched to await for Lacey to rise. She didn't have to wait long and as Lacey pushed to her feet, Alexz flung herself into space! Still reeling from her time in the Tree of Woe, Lacey barely had time to realize something was coming before WHAM Alexz’ Flying Shoulderblock slammed into her chest and sent her rolling across the length of the ring like a ragdoll thrown by a giant. On her knees several feet away, Alexz scrambled to her feet, raced to Lacey and went for the cover. Heartbeats later the ref was counting, 'ONE... TWO...' but Lacey lifted up her right foot and draped it over the bottom rope to break the count.

Cursing her stupid mistake, Alexz jerked Lacey to her feet, marched her out to the center of the ring and put the diminutive brunette in a Front Facelock.

Alexz snarled, "You won't get that lucky again, I promise." Snaking Lacey's near arm over her shoulders, Alexz used her free hand to grab her white bottom, then lifted Lacey off the mat - only to hit a snag when Lacey threaded a leg between hers, blocking the Suplex. Alexz grumbled and tried to lift Lacey again, but this time Lacey blasted her ribs with two short punches. Alexz sagged and now it was Lacey who clamped down on her neck, applying a Front Facelock of her own.

Before Alexz could escape, Lacey bent her knees and lifted, taking the bigger Alexz up, over and down with a Vertical Suplex. Lacey was known for a lot of things in the ring, but being a great chain wrestler wasn't one of them. Apparently this was a perception she was trying to change, because after the Suplex, she maintained her Facelock and twisted her hips to the side, getting her feet under her to bring both herself and Alexz back to a vertical base. Setting her feet again, Lacey inverted Alexz again, taking her up and over with a second Vertical Suplex. If anything, this one hit harder than the first! Still, Lacey wasn't letting go!

Getting to her feet one more time, Lacey hauled Alexz’ almost limp bulk to her feet and adjusted her grip on the out-of-it brunette's disheveled bikini bottom. With a burst of malicious glee, Lacey took the next step in the war, tugging Alexz's black briefs in a scandalous Wedgie. Chuckling as the audience roared, Lacey mocked, "Damn, some people will cheer ANY nasty old thing."

She hoisted Alexz up and held her in place this time, letting the blood rush to the rookie's head for a good ten seconds before she dropped back and deposited her on the mat to complete a TRIO of Vertical Suplexes. Releasing the Facelock, Lacey pushed to her feet and talked to the crowd while she made a little show of tugging her bottoms back into place. "All right, we've seen what the Elvira, Mistress of the Dork can do, now it's time to marvel at the beauty of a REAL highflyer!"

Coasting on a wave of applause, Lacey jogged over to the corner and climbed to the top rope. Pausing to survey her decimated landing site, Lacey raised her arms over her head in a timeless pro-wrestling gesture. As the mob screamed its approval, Lacey soared out into the void with a beautiful Frog Splash that brought the full weight of her curvy frame smashing down like an anvil across Alexz’ chest and belly. The flattened brunette flopped weakly but she was unable to roll off her back and that made Lacey very happy. Content to let the skinny tramp take every ounce of her weight, Lacey didn't bother to hook the far leg as the ref swooped in to count, 'ONE... TWO...THR-NO!' Alexz weakly rolled a shoulder off the mat, meaning her audition would go on for a little bit longer.

Dabbing a bit of sweat off her brow, Lacey pushed up off Alexz and pulled her to her feet. Going-nose-to-nose with her opponent, Lacey sneered, "You really should put a little more meat on your bones Alexz, otherwise they might break when I do things like this."

Lacey stepped in close and stood to Alexz’ right. Taking possession of the brunette's right arm, the smaller half of the tag team champs drew the helpless limb across her chest and held it tight. Without a word of warning, Lacey snapped back, taking them both to the mat, smashing Alexz's face against the mat and wrenching her captured arm at a hideous angle. Deciding it would be fun to see how much more damage Alexz's arm could take, Lacey buried her talons in the slender brunette's hair and pulled her to her feet. Using her left arm, she trapped Alexz in a simple Front Face-Lock. Shortly thereafter Lacey led her prey to the center of the ring and tightened her grip.

Grinding Alexz's skull with the Facelock, Lacey grabbed hold of Alexz’ left wrist and folded it up against the brunette's back in a simple but effective Hammerlock. Rising up on her toes, Lacey jerked up on the Hammerlock and lifted Alexz off her feet. When the trapped girl was about halfway to directly over Lacey's head, she dropped straight back, spiking the top of Alexz’ skull into the mat with something that was between an Implant DDT and a Brainbuster.

More than a little pleased with the limp way Alexz was splayed on the canvas, Lacey shoved her over onto her back and went for the cover. (And this time, she did hook the leg) In perfect position to make the count, the ref dropped to his knees and ticked off, 'ONE... TWO...' Alex bucked out of the cradle. She may have been down, but she wasn't out yet. Pulling Alexz to her feet, Lacey blew hair out of her eyes and asked, "You're a stubborn little gargoyle aren't yARRRGGH!"

Alexz lashed out with both hands and raked her claws down Lacey's face. Lacey grimaced and rubbed her eyes only to get swept up in the clutches of a furious Alexz who, staring the blackest murder at her, spat, "Rather be a stubborn gargoyle than a squealing pig!"

With her barb delivered, Alexz stepped back and whipped Lacey towards the ropes. She was just about to release her grip on Lacey's wrist when the other brunette bore down on her hand, planted her feet and pulled Alexz towards her to reverse the whip. As the ingenue closed in, Lacey spun around, reached over her shoulder and trapped Alexz in a loose Three-Quarters Facelock. (think of a Headlock applied only to the top of the head) Before Alexz could protest, Lacey bent her knees in a deep crouch then leapt into the air, soaring over Alexz’ head in a high Backflip while still maintaining the Facelock.

As physics started to pull her down, Lacey spread her legs at a 45-degree angle and sat-out hard, landing comfortably on her butt while Alexz was ripped off her feet and slammed down on the back of her head and shoulders compliments of the Standing Shiranui she'd dubbed the Purvis Plunge. Using the last of the impact to bounce to her knees, Lacey pounced across Alexz’ heaving chest and went for another cover. Tiring himself out with all these quick covers, the zebra joined her on the canvas and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Alexz rolled a shoulder off the mat at the last possible second, forcing the match to continue.

Well into the home stretch now, the Announcer confirmed what those with watches already knew, "Fifteen minutes have elapsed, five minutes remain!"

Extremely frustrated at her inability to put the other brunette away, Lacey smacked her hands into the canvas and let out an exasperated growl. Turning the brunt of her rage from the mat to Alexz, Lacey’s eyes narrowed to hateful slits as she said, "All right bitch, I've had enough of toying with you. It's time you got a taste of my ass, which I can assure you, bears no resemblance to cottage cheese."

Gripping Alexz's shoulders in either hand, Lacey held her down just long enough to scoot into a nice, high reverse straddle. When her butt was mere inches from the rookie's face, Lacey sat down, settling into a perch that was comfortable for her and downright humiliating for Alexz. Choosing her new throne's nose as the focal point of her attack, Lacey kept up a steady bouncing rhythm, making sure her feet kept the other brunette from turning her face away from the incessant, gluteal barrage. Never quite sure what to do when one of the ladies whipped out a Face Sit, the ref decided to eliminate the guess work by going straight to the source. After getting Lacey’s attention (which proved to be more difficult that expected.

The domineering vixen was really enjoying the ride) the zebra asked, "What do you want me to do Lacey? Count her out or check her arm?"

Licking her lips, Lacey slapped both hands down on Alexz’ squirming belly and answered, "Count her bony ass down!"

Needing no further instruction, the ref dropped to his knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO...' His count was interrupted by a pained yowl from Lacey who suddenly bucked off her victim and scrambled away like, well, if you'll pardon the expression, like her ass was on fire.

Lacey’s eyes were on fire too as the enraged brunette screamed, "The desperate slut BIT me!"

The official thought about making a reply but decided anything he offered would probably get him in trouble. Luckily by that point, Alexz had started to get to her hands and knees and Lacey was more interested in her anyway. Stalking over to the gasping vixen, Lacey pulled her up with a savage tug only to immediately double her over with a boot to the gut. Saving her breath for what was coming, Lacey applied a loose Standing Headscissors and placed both hands on the small of her opponent's back. With a grim but somehow playful look on her face, Lacey executed a short hop, just enough to break the Headscissors and bring her butt to rest on Alexz’ upper back. Moving fast, she threaded her legs under Alexz's arms, giving her enough traction to stay in place when she leaned down far enough to place both hands on the canvas.

At this point Alexz was standing straight with Lacey knees locked under her armpits. Enacting the hardest part of the move, Lacey pushed hard off the canvas, sending herself back up in a see-sawing sort of motion that forced Alexz to double over under her weight. As she reached the apex of her momentum, Lacey extended her arms level with her shoulders in a rough T. Holding this pose for less than a second, the innovative brunette PULLED down as hard as she could, dropping toward the mat only to curl herself between Alexz’ legs at the point of no return. This sudden shift of momentum was enough to whip Alexz backwards and off her feet, dropping the incredulous newcomer on the back of her head and shoulders to complete the Sunset Powerbomb that Lacey called the Code L. Never ceasing to be impressed by the move, the ref swooped in and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!' Apparently it wasn't impressive enough, because Alexz still managed to snap her legs together, boxing Lacey's ears to break the fall before THREE.

Shaking her head in utter disbelief, Lacey got to her feet and stared out at the crowd. In a reference that only Richard Fannin would understand, she drew a hand across her throat and yelled, "If she didn't like the cottage cheese, let's see if she'll eat Jell-O!"

Trudging over to the her decimated opposition, Lacey pulled her to her feet, wrapped both arms around Alexz’ head and pulled her face down into the top of Lacey’s cleavage, a move that the office had told the announcing team to call a 'Reverse Sleeper' - though everyone damn it as nothing more than a standing Breast Smother. Nuzzling her cheek against the crown of Alexz's skull, Lacey pulled her in a little closer and whispered, "How's that feel baby? That feel like quit to you? I think it does..."

Deep in the dark, sweating furnace of Lacey’s smother, Alexz refused to let her debut end in such an ignominious fashion. Summoning the last of her reserves, the brunette DEMANDED that her legs not desert her until she was able to escape. Searching for a way to escape, she discarded several possibilities before she settled on the right one. Truth be told, it wasn't the most honorable way to break out, but at this point, she really didn't care. Squirming to get what little breath she could, Alexz steadied her thoughts and then BAM, drove her left knee up into the apex of the ‘v’ of Lacey's thighs. Lacey let out a watery scream and suddenly it was HER leaning on Alexz for support. But she wasn't going to be there for long - not if Alexz had anything to say about it!

Tearing away from her prison Alexz filled her lungs and shoved Lacey away from her, sending the blindsided brunette reeling into the ropes. A few seconds later Lacey stumbled back towards her and that's when the rookie struck. Wrapping her arms around Lacey’s waist, Alexz locked her hands, bent her knees and pulled the other brunette in close. With no more preamble, she pushed up and executed a Backflip with Lacey still in her clutches. After a nauseating 270 arc, they dropped to the mat with Lacey on bottom and Alexz riding up top. WHAM!

The ring shook all over and the crowd roared their approval for the marriage of Belly-to-Belly Suplex and Moonsault that Alexz had dubbed the Gothic Revival. Maintaining her mount, Alex pinned Lacey's wrists high above her head and then split her legs wide with a Double Leg Grapevine. Smiling down into her opponent's dazed features, Alexz smacked her hips against Lacey's belly and purred, "You lose bitch." Unable to believe the sort of weaponry these two were unloading on one another, the ref scrambled into position and counted, 'ONE... TWO... THR--NO!' Lacey wriggled free of Alexz’ clutches and was able to shoot a shoulder off the mat.

Pushing herself into a loose straddle, Alexz shot Lacey an amused look and said, "Those silicone wonders of yours must be better defense than I thought." She punctuated the comment by slapping both hands down the other brunette's rack with a meaty THWAP! Chuckling as Lacey moaned and tried to pull away, Alexz took hold of her hair and scraped her off the mat. Muscling Lacey onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry, Alexz made a circuit of the ring so she could tell the audience, "Lacey's tits may have saved her sternum, but they won't be able to protect her ribs for at least another few years!"

As the crowd processed the joke, Alexz left her feet in a low leap and muscled Lacey up out in front of her while maintaining a tight grip on the flailing brunette. As gravity reclaimed them, Alexz tucked both knees up to her chest and waited for the landing. Seconds later, she was rewarded; landing hard on her back with a gut-churning THUMP! Alexz’ landing was mildly unpleasant but it was nothing when compared to the anguish it caused Lacey. She hit full force with her formerly taut midsection driven full speed into Alexz’ raised, tucked knees. The Double Knee Gutbuster worked like a charm and in most cases, Alexz would have gone for the cover, but she wasn't done paying Lacey back for the humiliation of the Facesit-Breast Smother.

Getting her feet under her, she stalked over to Lacey's curled up form and pulled the brunette up with a handful of tights. Scooping the injured vixen up in a second Fireman's Carry, Alexz strutted to the center of the ring and continued her running commentary. "Now that I've softened up her doughy little belly, lets see if I can't work on her posture!"

Bending her knees slightly, the rookie straightened up and pushed up with the hand that was under Lacey's chin. The smaller girl was sent up, over and down in a tight arc that ended with her back and head getting reacquainted with the canvas. Convinced that the Fireman's Carry Spinebuster had finished Lacey for good, Alexz pounced on her rival and hooked both legs. The crowd had just started to get to its feet when the count started, 'ONE... TWO...THRNO!' Alexz regarded the ref with wide, angry eyes. She opened her mouth to say something and then decided against it.

Rising to her feet, the brunette tapped the side of her head in an 'I've got an idea' gesture before heading to her corner.

Grabbing hold of the miniskirt she'd worn to the ring, Alexz quickly slipped the garment back on and snapped it into place. Fully aware of the puzzled buzz of the fans, Alexz walked back over to Lacey and told them, "Trust me, this looks so much cooler when I'm wearing a skirt." Intent on proving her point, she buried her hands in Lacey's hair and pulled her to a sitting position. Standing in front of her victim, Alexz stepped over her foe so that first one leg, and then the other had the backs of her knees snugged in tight against Lacey’s shoulders while her feet were rooted firmly on the mat just inside Lacey's thighs. With Lacey's head resting against her butt, Alexz told the audience, "Here's where the skirt comes in handy!” seconds before she tugged the garment up, and then back down, trapping Lacey's head in a makeshift mask.

Ready to start the show, Alexz slapped Lacey's back just for the hell of it and then bridged backwards, coming to rest with the both hands and the crown of her skull planted firmly on the canvas. Lacey, her head still trapped in the confines of Alexz's skirt, was nearly folded in half by the Bridging Scissors and having Alexz bouncing up and down on the hold didn't help the numbing pain creeping into her neck and back. Ignoring the cheers from the mob, Alexz worked the bridge for several second before telling the ref, "ASK HER!"

Not exactly sure how to address Lacey at this point, the official tapped her knee and asked, "You wanna give it up Lacey?"

The trapped brunette responded by pulling her hands away from Alexz’ skirt and hammering them into the auburn-tressed beauty's belly. The blows were enough to break the bridge and the rest of the hold, but it didn't do anything to abate Alexz's fury. Scrambling up Lacey’s frame, she spun around and promptly dropped her ass down on Lacey's face. Adjusting the skirt to cover the other brunette's features, Alexz wiggled her hips and hissed, "You know what that is Lacey? That's what an ass can feel like when you actually go to the gym instead of stuffing your pudgy face on opossum fritters and moonshine all day longAAAHHHHHH!"

It looked like Lacey was hungry for Alexz’ butt because she wasted no time in taking a healthy chunk out of it! Tearing the skirt off, Alexz flung it back to her corner. The time for theatrics was over, all that remained was Lacey’s destruction. Picking out the appropriate punishment, Alexz peeled her off the canvas and walked her to the ropes where she leaned Lacey back against the cables and held her in place. Too out of it to resist, the curvy brunette could only moan in weak protest as Alexz pulled her arms wide and trapped them between the first and second ropes. Satisfied Lacey wasn't going anywhere, Alexz stepped back to admire her handiwork.

Watching Lacey slowly lift her head, Alexz reached out a hand and tweaked the tip of her nose. "You're gonna be sorry you EVER put those feedbags you call tits into my face Lacey."

Words coming slowly, Lacey taunted, "When I get out of here, you'll be feeding on my tits for a long, long time."

Alexz just laughed. "I don't think so dip shit. Your floppy boobs won't be anywhere but the infirmary for the foreseeable future."

Before Lacey could reply, Alexz stepped forward, brought her claws up and yanked Lacey's white top down, baring the brunette beauty's chest for the redlining audience. With Lacey’s ample endowments exposed and defenseless, Alexz laid a hand on each and began to maul mercilessly, payback for the humiliating ordeal of having them smeared against her face earlier in the fight. Lacey's sobbing and thrashing only spurred Alexz to hurt the brunette that much more - and it's exactly what she did; clawing, squeezing, tearing and wrenching with such ferocity that the crowd couldn't help but wonder why Lacey didn't give up.

But why? The answer was because Alexz wasn't going to get away with this! No way was Lacey going to let some snot-nosed punk wander in off the streets and EMBARRASS her in front of the fans she'd earned over the last two years. Fighting through the vicious pain in her chest, Lacey managed to get her knees up just enough to plant them in Alexz's belly and push her back several steps. And even better, all the wriggling had pulled her free of the ropes! Allowing herself a split second to pull her top back into place, Lacey charged at her opponent... where she was promptly met with a boot to the gut.

Fixing Lacey with a look of poisonous contempt, Alexz snarled, "Should have stayed in the ropes Lacey."

She grabbed hold of the brunette's hair and forced her into a Standing Head Scissors. Readying herself, Alexz walked her fingers down Lacey's back and treated her foe to another rump-bisecting wedgie. After she'd amused the crowd long enough, Alexz reached down and hooked both of Lacey’s arms up over her bent form, clasping her own hands together above the small of Lacey's back. Almost done, Alexz lifted her foe up, inverting the smaller brunette with her arms still tied behind her back. Holding her up for a second, Alexz rose up on her toes and dropped forward and down, smashing the full length of Lacey's torso into the mat with a Double Underhook Facebuster that bore a passing resemblance to Natalie Portman's Star Destroyer.

Feeling Lacey go limp, Alexz released her grip on the crippled girl and shoved her onto her back. Rolling Lacey up in a loose cradle, Alexz nodded along as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!' Somehow, Lacey kicked out of the cover and flopped onto her side.

Well past the limits of her patience now, Alexz buried her hands in Lacey's tangled locks and hauled her off the mat. Transitioning her grip from hair to wrist, Alexz directed her towards a corner and sneered, "Time to send this piglet to the salughterhouse."

Intent on doing just that, she whipped Lacey into the buckles and didn't even wait for the ring to stop shaking before she took off after her. This proved to be a mistake because as she charged Lacey, the brunette ducked out of the way and lashed a foot out at Alexz’ ankles. The rookie never had a chance to get her hands up before Lacey swept her feet out from under her and sent her face first into the middle turnbuckle. Lacey grabbed Alexz’ hair, pulled her up and spun her around. Lacey snaked her right arm Alexz’ left shoulder while her left arm wriggled under Alexz's right shoulder. Locking her hands, she pulled back and fell; driving Alexz face-first into the canvas as the IFR connected for the first time!

Rolling her onto her back, Lacey hooked both of Alexz’ legs and waited as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THR-NO!'

Alexz bucked free! Muttering, Lacey grabbed Alexz by the wrists and proceeded to drag her into the middle of the ring. Tossing the captive limbs aside, she jogged back towards the corner and quickly climbed to the top turnbuckle. Spinning around to face the ring, she looked out at the mob and roared, "TIME FOR AN A-BOMB!"

With the audience cheering her on, Lacey leapt out into the void in a beautiful arc that ended with her landing ass-first on Alexz’ defenseless chest. The demolished newcomer shuddered once and then lay still but Lacey took no chances. Leaning back, she hooked the beaten blonde's legs and then pulled forward, trapping Alexz in an inescapable Matchbook Pin. Fearing for the ingenue's health, the ref wasted no time in slapping the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!' The crowd exploded in a firestorm of disbelief as Alexz shoved Lacey's bulk off of her.

Jaw hanging open, Lacey was about to scream at the official when the timekeeper broke in with, "Nineteen minutes have elapsed...ONE minute remains!"

Smiling in spite of the frustration, Lacey whispered, "That's MORE than enough time baby."

She rolled Alexz onto her stomach and then scrambled to her feet. Taking hold of the brunette's ankles, Lacey crossed and folded them against Alexz's butt in a rough X. Maintaining her grip on her prey's feet, Lacey placed the top of her head against the mat and then somersaulted forward so that her legs were right next to Alexz’ head. In the blink of an eye, Lacey had spread her legs and scissored them around Alexz's neck, then clamped them shut. Locking her ankles, the domineering brunette pulled forward on Alexz’ legs and back on her neck, bending the slender grappler into a shape sort of like a flattened out U. Lacey had just locked in her newest finisher, a move she called (for reasons known only to her) the Tenafly Viper. Grinding her thighs against Alexz’ skull, Lacey rocked the hold as hard as she could, all the while screaming, "TAP! TAP YOU FUCKING BITCH! TAP OR I'LL BREAK YOUR NECK!"

Fumbling madly at Lacey's feet, Alexz shook her head 'no' as best she could when the ref asked if she wanted to surrender. Like her opponent, she'd heard the announcer's proclamation and she doing her best to hold on, but a minute in this hold was like ten in the real world and she didn't know if she could make it. Fighting desperately to kept from submitting, Alexz clawed her hands into the mat and tried to drag herself forward but Lacey stopped all that with a few more squeezes from the scissors. Tears filling her eyes, Alexz raised her right hand and reached it towards the ropes, but it might as well have been on the moon. Unable to take the pain anymore, she lifted her hand a little higher and... the bell rang.

Lacey was sure Alexz had finally tapped so she released the hold and got to her feet only to have her celebration shattered when the Announcer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, the time limit has been reached, meaning this match is a DRAW!"

Stunned, Lacey glared at the ref and spat, "OH FUCK…NO!"

The ref just shrugged, and over chants of 'LET THEM FIGHT!' he helped Alexz off the mat.

Fighting off the pain in her neck, Alexz shoved the ref aside and went nose-to-nose with Lacey. Eyes locked, the two brunettes were silent until Lacey panted, "You got saved by the bell bitch. Next time we go, I'm not going to let a little thing like the rules stop me from jugging you out."

Too pissed off to be intimidated, Alexz fired back, "You better pray to God that Fannin doesn't give me a contract. 'Cuz if there is a next time, I'm gonna stretch you out and ride your face from bell to bell."

Suddenly aware of the refs filling the ring, Lacey realized the conversation was pretty much over. "Don't worry sweetie. I'll put in a good word for you with Rich. I want your ass to be here for a long time to come."

Smiling grimly, Lacey stepped back and moved through the horde of zebras to the edge of the ring. Watching her leave under her own power was more than a little galling to Alexz, but her mood improved dramatically when one of the refs said, "Please come with us Ms. Alexz, Rich has some papers in the back he wants you to sign."

Rubbing a hand across her face, (she wouldn't tell you if it was just sweat or the first gleam of tears) Alexz nodded and said "Lead the way." As she left the ring on a tide of black and white someone in the back started chanting and soon the whole club was ringing with 'WELCOME HOME!' And despite the pain, exhaustion and anger, she smiled. Because that's exactly what this felt like. Home.
A little later...
Despite the fact that draws are almost universally despised among fans and wrestlers alike, all things considered, Alexz was feeling pretty damned good. After she'd been ushered through the curtain, the rookie had been met by Nightscape and the photographer had told her, "Nice fight out there Miss. Now I figure you're tired and want to relax, but alas, your night is just beginning. We need you to get to the locker room and get cleaned up post-haste. Soon as you're done, we're gonna take a few pictures so you can have something on the merchandise table to sign during intermission. That copacetic?"

Having a hard time taking it all in, she just nodded and asked, "You really think anybody's gonna want something with my signature on it? I've only had one match. And it was a draw. I'm not sure if I'd want my autograph."

Scape smiled. "You leave that to me. Just wash off the worst of the battle funk and I'll make sure EVERYONE wants Alexz Alexz's autograph."

So she had agreed and after the shower (quite possibly the shortest but best she'd ever taken) the newcomer had met up with the photog in front of an innocuous brick wall in a relatively quiet corner of the R'lyeh club and snapped off a series of pictures that somehow managed to be both sexy and intimidating at the same time. After the last shot was done, Scape pointed her towards Archer and the archivist quickly took down a few notes on her history and signature spots so he could assemble a bio.

"And what do you use as a finisher?" he'd asked.

"It's a Crucifix Lift into a Brainbuster. I call it the ‘Mad Girl's Love Song’ and you can bet the first girl to take it is gonna be Chabert."

"I'll make sure she's aware of that. Now, I suppose you'd be wanting to talk with Rich again. I believe there's a contract waiting for you."

Indeed there was a contract waiting for her, and while modesty prevents your narrator from telling you the number of zeros involved, it will be enough to say that Alexz’ days of ramen noodles and the like were behind her. And if all that wasn't enough, the newest member of the roster got a huge shock during intermission. During said break, most of the girls went out to a large open room in front of the arena proper to sign autographs and sell autographs and shirts or anything else that might have their face / logo on it. When Alexz had come through the door at the tail end of a group of her new coworkers some unnamed fan had called out, "Hey, there's the new girl!" Suddenly it seemed that all eyes were on her and when they'd started to cheer her on, it had almost been too much.

Nodding her thanks, she moved through the sea of fans and took an empty spot near the end of the room. As she was getting prepped to sign things, a pretty blonde materialized from the mob and slipped into the seat beside her. Turning a quizzical glance on the rookie she asked, "Do you mind sharing a table?"

Alexz shook her head, “No. Not at all."

The new arrival smiled and stuck out her hand. "I'm Elizabeth Harnois but everybody calls me Beth."

Alexz shook her hand. "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Alexz Johnson."

Harnois settled into her chair, "I know. Loved your match tonight; too bad about the draw. I’d liked to have seen Lacey stacked up on her shoulders with her ass in the air."

"You and me both. But I'll get her next time." They were about to continue the discussion when the fans found them, so for the next thirty minutes autographs and pictures ruled their world.

When the intermission was over, Beth collected the last few bits of unsold merch and turned to Alexz. "It was a pleasure meeting you Alexz. I think you're going to do just fine here. A caution though, you've already made an enemy in Lacey and in Kaley by proxy. You might need someone to watch your back."

Alexz arched an eyebrow. "Are you volunteering?"

Harnois smiled, but her face was unreadable. "Perhaps. I have a friend who's interested in... creating a new twist on an old favorite you might say. She's looking for the right talent and she's interested in you."

Alexz was puzzled but intrigued. "Who's this friend?"

"That would be telling. If you want to know more, meet me before the start of the show next week and I'll take you to her. Until then, enjoy your first week on the job. Oh, and don't tell anyone we had this conversation. The boss is big on surprises."

Alexz was going to ask a follow-up question, but Beth was already out of earshot. Mulling the events of the evening, Alexz picked up the last few promo pics (she was going to send them to friends) and followed everyone into the staging area. As the door closed behind her, she thought, 'This is going to be interesting.'