Lacey Chabert vs. Allison Mack by The Walkin Dude

It was only a few days before Christmas and the residents of Hobbs End Vermont were in high spirits. The weather was cold and snowy, but not so heavy as to keep folks from carrying out their Christmas plans, the kids were out of school, and most of the town's denizens were taking the last few days before the 25th off, enjoying a well deserved long weekend. And to top all that off, the Women's Wrestling league was having its last show of the year at Pickman's Studio, the towns only watering hole. The wind was howling outside of Pickman's this evening, but no one inside was complaining. The heat was in good working order, the alcohol was flowing freely and the action in the ring had been hot enough to stave off even the most bone numbing chill. It was getting on around 11 o'clock and the crowd was working themselves into a frenzy, getting ready for the night's Main Event.

The last show of the year was being Headlined by two amazing young ladies, one a well established talent, the other an undefeated rookie on a hot streak. The former was one Lacey Chabert, an energetic brunette whose high flying style and charismatic presence had won her more than a fair share of fans. Her opposition was the blonde rookie Allison Mack who had made a name for herself very quickly, bulldozing her opponent's with innovative power moves and crushing submissions. She had most recently gained attention ffrom most fans when in a match with fellow blonde Beverly Mitchell, Allison had cracked three of Beverly’s ribs with her Bear Hug Finisher en route to a submission victory and industry insiders were already tossing the deceptively powerful blonde's name about in title contender discussions within Fannin's promotion. Finally it was time for the evenings ultimate battle and, upon stepping into the ring, the announcer wasted no time.

"Ladies and Gentleman, it's time for the main event. Introducing first, she stands at 5’ 3”, she is Lacey Chabert!"

Cake's ‘Short Skirt. Long Jacket’ thrums to life as Lacey emerges from the back. The small brunette is all smiles as she bounds to the ring, clapping hands with her fans on the way down. For this battle, she has chosen an orange bikini top and black bikini bottom, with a stylized LC inscribed on the back in an orange shade matching the top. Her pads are black with orange trim and her boots are shiny black with orange laces. Her dark hair falls freely behind her shoulders and she brushes an errant lock of it from her face as she climbs into the ring, then going to her corner, she climbs to the second rope and throws up her arms, giving the audience an exuberant pre-match pose. Eventually she hops down and turns toward the entryway to await her opponent.

Resuming his duties, the Announcer exclaims, "And her opponent, rookie who stands 5’5”…she is Allison Mack!"

Shinedown's ‘Fly From the Inside’ blares through the club as Allison dramatically flings the curtain open and steps through the opening. Like Lacey, she too is sporting a big grin as she heads down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans, and generally enjoying the thrill of being in her first Main Event. Allison is clad in a lavender sports bra and matching lyrca shorts that give a wonderful view of her muscular thighs and legs. Her boots and pads are the same lavender, going nicely with her pale complexion and the slightly shaggy look of her pale blonde hair. Climbing to the ring apron, she steps through the middle rope and poses for the audience one more time before settling down in her corner.

As the bell chimed, both young women came out of their corners, making a beeline for center ring where they didn't waste any energy on chit-chat, immediately locking up in a classic Collar and Elbow tie up. The blonde and the brunette pushed and shoved against the other, each feeling out the power of her opponent in this early encounter. Allison and Lacey stayed locked in this clinch for perhaps fifteen seconds with neither making any discernible process. Finally, Lacey pulled away and began to circle Allison again.

Eyeing the blonde as she kept pace with her, Lacey said, "You've got some hype behind you Allison. And I guess some of it must be true, cracking Beverly's ribs like that. No easy feat. But I've dealt with hype before. I'm gonna run rings around you and then put ya down for the three. Consider it an early Christmas present."

Keeping pace with her dark haired opponent, Allison replies, “I'm not responsible for the hype and I'm not responsible for Beverly's ribs. She was just too stubborn to give up. And you think you can run rings around me? All I have to do is catch you once and then you're not going anywhere Lacey. All the high risk moves in the book won't save you when you're trapped in my Bear Hug."

Lacey appeared unfazed by Allison's confidence and, lunging forward, she locked up with the blonde in another Collar and Elbow Tie up. Face to face with Allison, Lacey offered an opinion, "You're way too slow to catch me Ally. And even if you did, what're you going to do? You've got me now and can't do shit!"

With that she broke the clinch and quickly stepped back. Circling the blonde, Lacey held up her hand and motioned for Allison to come get her. Mildly irritated by Lacey's tactics, Allison lunged forward, meaning to take the smaller brunette in another clinch. Lacey hand other plans though and at the last second she went low, scissoring her legs out and tripping the blonde up with a Drop Toe Hold. Allison hit the mat hard, but popped up fast, whirling to face the waiting Lacey. Not giving up that easily, Allison charged again, and result was the same. Lacey took her down with a second Drop Toe Hold and Allison ended up face down on the canvas. Pushing herself to her knees, the blonde slapped the mat in frustration and stood up, facing Lacey again. She locked eyes with Lacey, whose face was somber, but whose eyes were glinting smugly.

"Bravo!" Allison said.

"Thank you," she replied. "Ready for an encore?"

But instead of words, Allison replied physically as she surged foreword, intent on not letting Lacey escape. To her credit, the brunette changed her tactics as well, lunging forward to meet the blonde and hooking an arm, meaning to toss Allison over her hip with a deep Arm Drag. But Allison was ready this time and as Lacey tried to pull her the compact blonde dug her feet in and stayed planted. With Lacey standing awkwardly in front of her, Allison grabbed the brunette's wrist and yanked her forward. At the same time she extended her other arm and smashed it into Lacey's chin, flooring the smaller girl with a Short Arm Clothesline!

Lacey's head smacked the back of the canvas when she hit, but she was up quickly, ready to face the blonde again. Allison was also ready and before Lacey could muster a counter the blonde rushed in and leveled her with another Clothesline, this one taking Lacey across the chest. This time the brunette stayed down a bit longer and Allison used the opening to her advantage. Standing at Lacey's side, the blonde bent her knees before leaping high into the air, crashing down chest first on Lacey's stomach to drive the wind from her. Standing Splash having connected beautifully, Allison hooked a leg and went for the first cover of the match but the referee only slapped the mat for the second time when Lacey powered her way free.

Allison was first to her feet and she pressed her attack, bring Lacey up by a handful of dark hair. In the same motion, she slung one hand over the brunette's shoulder and threaded the other between her thighs. With no discernable effort, Allison hoisted Lacey off the mat and held her in front of her. Gripping the brunette tightly, Allison slowly turned around in a circle, letting the audience know that she was indeed quite capable of catching the elusive Ms. Chabert.

Taking the time to do a little taunting of her own, Allison addressed her captive, "Told you I could catch ya. And there's nowhere to run when I've got ya tied up Lacey."

Not waiting for a reply, Allison, fell forward, pan-caking Lacey's body between herself and the mat. The smaller brunette gasped and rolled away, clutching her abused middle. Allison rose to her feet and closed the distance between her and her victim. Bending down, she hauled Lacey to her feet again and set her up for a more traditional over the shoulder Body Slam but before the blonde could slam her again, Lacey bucked hard and floated free, landing behind the temporarily confused Allison.

Before Allison recovered, Lacey leapt off her feet and drilled both booted feet into the back of Allison's skull with a beautiful Standing Dropkick. Allison uttered a surprised little cry and collapsed to her knees, both hands holding the back of her head. With her rival incapacitated, Lacey shot forward, bouncing off the ropes in front of her kneeling foe. Mere feet from her target, the brunette dropped low and nailed a second Dropkick, this one catching Allison square in the mouth. The impact sounded like a vicious slap in the small club and the audience groaned as Allison was knocked off her knees and sent sprawling.

Knowing that she had to hit the more powerful blonde as fast and hard as she could, Lacey ran the ropes again, charging the downed Allison at top speed. Leaping high, Lacey extended one wonderfully toned leg and smiled with satisfaction as she brought it crashing down across the back of Allison's head. The blonde flopped on the mat, flipping over onto her back. Entertaining the possibility that her blitzkrieg attack had stunned Allison long enough to put her away, Lacey went for the cover, hooking the blonde's far leg. She bore down hard, but the blonde tossed her off right after the ref counted 1. Not deterred, Lacey grabs a dual handful of Allison's blonde locks, bringing the blonde to her feet. Looking directly into her opponent's face, Lacey said forcefully,"You're not the only one who knows how to use a Body Slam Allison. Observe."

Waiting no more she scooped Allison up and held the blonde aloft for just a moment before slamming her down hard. Allison's back arched when she hit the mat and she rolled away from the brunette, rubbing the injured area. Lacey let the blonde roll away, electing to stalk her from afar. Moments later, Allison rose to face her and that's when Lacey sprang into action. Charging the blonde at a dead run, Lacey leapt and scissored her legs open. As the toned limbs went around Allison's head, Lacey snapped them shut like a vise and fell backwards, taking Allison off her feet with a perfect Hurricanrana. Lacey landed with her butt on Allison's chest, the hapless blonde pinned to the mat in a School Girl Pin. Hooking one of Allison's legs, Lacey leaned forward, hoping to end the match right there. But much to her chagrin, Allison was able to kick out right after the two-count.

Getting to her feet, Lacey backed up and waited for Allison to stand. When she was rewarded, the brunette lunged forward and leapt, going for a second Hurricanrana. Like it's predecessor this one was prefect in execution and landing, but after that, things went sour. When Lacey reached back to hook the blonde's legs, Allison scissored her legs up and across Lacey's shoulders. Simultaneous with that action, Allison wrapped her hands around Lacey's thighs and pushed up. With a startled cry, Lacey was pushed roughly backward, while Allison sat up. The brunette heard the ref counting and Lacey almost panicked when she realized it was her shoulders that were down. Collecting herself, she pushed up as hard as she could and successfully broke the blonde's makeshift Sunset flip, right after the ref had counted two. Shaken by Allison's counter, Lacey rolled away and pushed herself off the canvas.

Circling the recovering blonde Lacey thought, "I'll have to be more careful about that. She's not just power moves. That complicates things."

Allison got to her feet and smoothed her hair back. Locking eyes with the brunette from across the ring, it was Allison's turn to bring her hand up, motioning for Lacey to bring it on. Smiling slightly at her foe's pluck, Lacey moved forward and tied up with Allison in another clinch. This time there was no stalemate as Allison immediately grabbed a hold of Lacey's wrist and whipped her hard toward the ropes. As the speedy brunette came within reach, Allison ducked low, meaning to throw Lacey into the lights with a Back Body Drop. But Lacey was not so easily dispatched and she nimbly leap-frogged the blonde, heading toward the ropes again as Allison quickly recovered from her surprise.

Bouncing off the ropes, Lacey was still several feet from her foe when she launched herself, flying at Allison with an explosive Cross Body Splash. But like her foe, Allison was not easily duped and as Lacey flew towards her, she braced for the impact, planting her feet and spreading her arms wide. Lacey flew into Allison's grasp and the blonde clamped down, holding the surprised (and temporarily helpless) brunette in front of her. Knowing she had to come up with a way to keep Lacey grounded, Allison paused long enough to whisper, “Gotcha" before bringing Lacey up and then down, slamming the brunette's exposed ribs into her bent knee.

Lacey gasped as fire raced through her ribcage, but the expected awkward impact with the mat never came. Instead she was held tightly by the blonde and lifted up again, before being smashed down across Allison's knee for a second time. Again, Lacey grimaced and hoped to be released, but the blonde was going for the trifecta and she hit it, bringing Lacey up one more time before driving her down in a third Rib Breaker. Lacey finally hit the mat and she lay still, clutching weakly at her assaulted ribs. The audience cheered Allison's power and the blonde's destructive ingenuity and the roars grew even louder when Allison knelt behind Lacey's downed body and pulled her to a sitting position.

In position to lock her hold in, Allison stepped forward, planting her right foot in front of Lacey's spread legs. With her right arm she grabbed Lacey's head and pulled it back, securing the brunette's chin in the crook of her elbow. In the same motion she looped her left arm around Lacey's left arm, pulling back hard. Pulling back with both arms, the results were immediate and obvious. Lacey thrashed as Allison's combination of Abdominal Stretch and Dragon Sleeper put insidious pressure on her neck and already abused ribs.

Hearing her opponent suffering, Allison flipped hair from her eyes and said, “Nowhere to go Lacey. Ready to give up?"

Through clenched teeth, the lithe brunette responded, “I'm not going to make it that easy for you Allison." With that clear, she began twisting and squirming wildly and she eventually succeeded in wrenching an arm free. Acting mostly on instinct, she hammered some punches over her shoulder and connected with the blonde's cheek. Allison saw stars and she fell back, knocked on her butt as she rubbed her face This would have been a great opportunity for Lacey to attack but unfortunately for her, she was too preoccupied with massaging the aches out of her stretched middle than taking her foe down and by the time she had sufficiently recovered, Allison was also on her feet and ready to go once more.

Angered at being tossed around so easily by the blonde, Lacey temporarily abandoned her hit and run style, instead electing to face the blonde head on. She charged Allison and came out swinging, firing quick punches to her rival's face and chest. She connected with several shots before Allison managed to block one and respond with several of her own; one, an especially well-placed Haymaker, cracked off the brunette's jaw and she stumbled back, her head spinning. Allison gave no quarter and she lunged forward, scooping the smaller woman off her feet and tossing her over her shoulder.

Carrying Lacey around the ring like a sack of potatoes, Allison hissed, “This is gonna be a hard landing Lacey. I'd hold onto something if I were you."

Not letting the brunette respond, Allison ran forward before slamming herself down and forward, drilling Lacey into the Canvas with an Over the Shoulder Running Power Slam. The brunette cried out in agony at the impact of the slam, and the audience seemed to believe the match would be over when Allison went for the cover. Well the count was a close to 3 as you can get, but it wasn't 3. Lacey managed to roll her shoulder up just before the final slap of the mat. Allison sat on her knees next to the reeling Lacey, a bit aggravated she hadn't been able to put her away. Sighing, she pulled Lacey up and whipped her to the ropes but Lacey put on the brakes and managed to reverse the momentum, instead Irish Whipping Allison into the ropes while she ran off in the other direction; bouncing off the ropes to gain momentum.

As the two hurtled toward one another, Lacey went back to her own playbook, leaving her feet and nearly decapitating the bigger Allison with a Flying Clothesline. Allison hit the mat hard, but she shook off the blow quickly and scrambled to her feet and, still close to her dark-haired adversary, responded with a standing Clothesline of her own. But her recent success had given Lacey new energy and she ducked, leaving the blonde to stumble past her. Not wasting a second, Lacey hooked Allison in a tight Rear Headlock and sprinted forward, several strides, then leaped in the air and came down hard on her ass, smashing Allison's face into the mat with the Running Bulldog. Hearing the hard SMACK of Allison's face against canvas, Lacey popped to her feet and shouted exuberantly!

After being on the receiving end of the blonde's assault it appeared she was back in the match. Pulling Allison to her feet, Lacey hauled her towards the ropes, positioning her foe so that her back was to the crowd. Cinching the bigger girl in a tight Front Face Lock, Lacey hauled Allison up over her head, apparently going for a Vertical Suplex; but instead of falling backward, she took two wobbling steps forward and tossed Allison down face first. The helpless blonde landed gut first over the top rope and dangled there, then tipped over to stand weakly outside the ropes on the ring apron with her upper body still bent over the top rope. Knowing that Allison wasn't going anywhere, Lacey ran to the corner and scrambled up onto the top turnbuckle in one smooth motion. The crowd roared as Lacey turned to face her hung up foe; knowing when the small brunette went up top, interesting things always followed.

Taking a moment to bask in the crowd's adulation, Lacey beamed and yelled, “Ally's just too slow to hang with me. She needs to learn that speed kills. And so do I!"

Then she soared off the top rope towards her victim. In a brutal display of ingenuity, Lacey extended the leg nearest the blonde and brought it down hard across the back of Allison's neck. The Guillotine Leg Drop snapped the blonde's neck across the top rope while simultaneously bringing her back into the ring in a most undignified fashion. The agonized blonde could only gag and moan and Lacey shoved her onto her back and went for the cover. The ref's hand was coming down for the final time when Allison powered her way free!

Surprised but not frustrated, Lacey dragged Allison to the center of the ring before going to the corner and ascending the turnbuckle again. Pausing just a moment to steady herself, she spread her arms and tensed her legs before leaping off the top in a beautiful front flip. She landed comfortably, her back smashing into the blonde's heaving chest. Allison let out one tortured gasp and then lay still. Knowing the Swanton Bomb had connected perfectly, Lacey unhurriedly hooked a leg and waited for the ref to count. Unbelievably, Allison once again managed to get a shoulder up before “three!” This time, Lacey WAS surprised; it wasn't often anyone survived the Swanton. Looking at the ref she angrily motioned a slow count, but the ref stood firm and the match continued.

Standing over Allison's decimated form, Lacey put her hands on her hips and one foot on the small of the blonde's back, then said, “That was pretty amazing Allison. I don't remember the last time somebody kicked out of that. But you're not safe. I've got plenty more ways to put you away. Like THIS for instance!”

Standing at Allison's side, Lacey bent down, grabbed the blonde's legs and crossed them before bending them back and forcing them against the blondes' butt. Lacey knelt with both knees against Allison's back and with one hand she held her captive's feet in place while she reached back and slipped the other under Allison's chin, cupping it tightly. With her hold in place, Lacey pulled back hard, falling to the mat on her back and lifting Allison up, bending her painfully over her bent knees. The Bow and Arrow hold paid immedite dividends as Allison began to squirm and groan trying to escape!

Adding a little jolt of her knees to increase the pressure Lacey asked, “Are you gonna give or do I haveta snap your back?"

Fighting the pain of the hold, Allison grunted, “You're gonna have to do better than this if you want to break my back.."

Lacey didn't take to the flip reply too well and she doubled her efforts, trying her best to force the submission. But Allison was true to her word and she didn't submit. Instead, Allison managed to get a good grip on the brunette's hand and wrenched it away from her chin. Once free, Allison rolled away, trying to work the kinks out ofher back. Lacey, instead of pursuing her, decided to give Allison the time she needed, going to the top rope again and waiting patiently as the blonde slowly rose to her feet. When Allison turned toward her, Lacey pounced; coming off the top rope with a Double Ax-Handle. Tragically, the move would not connect, because as Lacey descended, Allison side-stepped and extended her arm as she exploded upward and damn near took off the brunette's head with a Mid-air Clothesline.

The crowd groaned along with Lacey as she hit the mat and lay moaning, unable to do more than gasp as she gently rubbed her damaged cranium. Allison wasn't doing that great either; her desperation counter had taken a lot out of her and she simply knelt next to the blonde trying to catch her breath. After a few moments, she rose to her feet and pulled the unresponsive Lacey up as well.

Holding Lacey’s hair to keep her from falling, Allison critiques her performance for the crowd, “Lacey's pretty good at flying, but needs work on her landings! Let's see if I can give her a little more practice." Hauling the discombobulated brunette to her, Allison ducked and wrapped both arms around Lacey's thighs, clasping her hands right below the brunette's ass. At the same time, she rose up onto her toes, lifting and holding Lacey aloft. Once she'd raised herself as far as she could, Allison drove forward and down, slamming the full length of Lacey's body viciously into the mat with a Spinebuster! The brunette's head bounced off the canvas and she lay moaning as Allison stood over her. Again speaking to the crowd, Allison chirped, “Well, that wasn't too good; so maybe we better try again!"

The multitude roared as Allison brought Lacey to her feet and stood behind her. Bending the brunette over, Allison reached her right arm through Lacey's legs and grabbed the brunette's dangling left wrist, pulling it back between Lacey's thighs. At the same time Allison hooked Lacey's right arm with her left and pulled it back hard, twisting the brunette awkwardly. Allison held this position momentarily, looking for all the world like she was about to apply some bizarre Abdominal Stretch variation but instead, she pulled up with both hands; bringing Lacey up off her feet and positioning her stomach over Allison's shoulder. In the blink of an eye, Allison shifted her grip so that one arm looped over Lacey's back and the other held her head in place. As soon as her second hand hold was secured, Allison slammed herself forward and down, driving Lacey HARD to the canvas with the Pump Handle Slam. Lacey hit the mat with an unforgiving THUD and lay spread-eagled as Allison rose over her; the dominant blonde soaking in the admiring roar of the crowd.

Once again talking with the crowd, Allison heads toward the corner and says, “She just doesn't seem to be getting the hang of it! Well, if she doesn't want to practice HER landings, I'll brush up on MINE!"

Climbing to the top rope, the compact blonde surveyed her foe for just a second before leaping off the top rope, only to come crashing down on Lacey's exposed chest, flattening her with a textbook Frog Splash. Lacey let out an agonized exhalation and tried to roll onto her side, but Allison held her in place, hooking her leg and going for the pin. The referee knelt to make the count and he had almost reached 3 when the brunette weakly rolled a shoulder free. A frown creased Allison's face as she rose from the squashed brunette. Looking to repeat the success of her previous move, Allison went to the corner a second time and ascended, pausing only a second before soaring down with another Frog Splash.

If it had connected, the move would surely have spelled the end for Lacey, but at the last second, Lacey rolled clear and Allison slammed full force onto the unyielding canvas. She let out one pained groan as she folded in on herself clutching her ribs. Feeling rather than seeing Allison hit the mat, Lacey took a few seconds to collect herself before wearily pushing up from the canvas. Approaching the blonde from behind, Lacey pulled the bigger girl up and cinched in a tight Waist Lock.

Her chin on Allison's sweaty shoulder, Lacey whispered, “Shoulda stuck to your game plan, babe; now I'm gonna DRILL ya!"

She planted her feet and popped her hips taking the blonde up and over with a German Suplex. Allison hit hard on her head and shoulders, her legs thrown back over her head, toes touching the canvas. When Lacey connected with the suplex she didn't hold the bridge and she didn't let go. Taking a deep breath, she rolled to her feet and brought Allison along for the ride. Not sparing a moment, she popped her hips again, spiking Allison with a second German Suplex. The impact was no less for Allison and she moaned when Lacey brought her up again, then sent her back down in a third German Suplex. When the third Suplex hit, Lacey bridged and she bridged hard, meaning to hold Allison's shoulders down for the count as the audience counted along with the ref. Alas, they were both disappointed when Allison broke free of Lacey's grip and got her shoulder up as the referees hand was falling for the third, and last, time. Getting to her feet, Lacey was beginning to experience what the blonde had felt earlier. With a determined look on her face, Lacey bent and brought Allison to her feet.

Standing before the dazed blonde, Lacey hissed, “Stay Down!" before planting a boot in Allison's gut. With her foe doubled over, Lacey scooped her up holding her victim like she was going for a Body Slam. Instead, she hooked one arm across the back of Allison's neck and lowered the blonde's feet until they were touching the ground. Now the blonde was trapped in a Dragon Sleeper, but even that wasn't Lacey's plan. As soon as Allison's feet had touched down Lacey dropped to her butt, slamming her rival's head, neck and back into the canvas with her modification of the Reverse DDT. With Allison down and not moving, Lacey went for the cover again, hooking both legs this time. And again Allison kicked out before the three.

Irate, Lacey popped to her feet and got in the ref's face, "What’s your problem? That was ‘three’ dammit! Did she pay you off?"

The ref looked nonplussed by the brunette's rancor, simply responding, "Maybe instead of arguing with me you should just hit her again."

Biting back a retort, Lacey whirled around and stalked over to Allison. Kicking the blonde onto her stomach, Lacey went to Allison's feet and stood on the blonde's thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive's lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first stage of her hold complete, she bent further and grabbed hold of Allison's wrists, one in each hand. Holding her prey tightly, Lacey pulled back and fell until she was on her back on the canvas, Allison tied up above her. With the Mexican Surfboard firmly in place, Lacey gave the hold a tug and demanded surrender.

"Give it up Allison! There's no way out of this hold and I can keep you here as long as I want."

Shaking her head wildly ‘no’ Allison yelled, "No chance Lacey. I'd rather….ARRGHHH!"

Her retort was cut off as Lacey gave the hold another violent jerk. Lacey bounced her victim in place, the Surfboard, stretching Allison to the breaking point. But in her exuberance to wrench the hold, Lacey inadvertently pulled too hard and her hand slipped from Allison's. Hold broken, Allison collapsed awkwardly on the blonde, knocking the air from Lacey. Stunned but not hurt, Lacey managed to kick Allison away from her and get slowly to her feet. Waiting for the blonde to rise, Lacey crouched in anticipation, ready to take her down with another powerful move. When she saw the whites of Allison's eyes Lacey charged her and sprang, meaning to lock her legs around Allison's head and toss her with another Hurricanrana.

Her legs had just clamped shut around Allison's flushed face, but when Lacey pulled back, Allison held her fast. Suspended on the blonde's shoulders, Lacey tried to wrench free, but Allison had other plans! With her hands still wrapped around the brunette's thighs, she lifted Lacey up and then fell straight back driving her face and chest into the mat. Lacey cried out and lay limp on the mat, quietly sobbing while Allison sat up and tried to get her breath back. Shaking the dizziness from her head, Allison got to her feet and stalked over to the downed brunette. Grabbing a handful of Lacey's damp hair, the blonde pulled her to her feet.

Staring into Lacey's glazed eyes, Allison said, “No more flying for you baby. The only time you leave the mat is when I pick you up off it!"

Looking to make good on her threat, Allison stood beside Lacey. The blonde bent at the waist and looped one hand between the brunette's legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Panting with the effort, Allison lifted Lacey off the mat, the brunette draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the insidious Torture Rack. Listening to the audience applaud and Lacey shriek, Allison walked around the ring, displaying the bent brunette for all to see. Bouncing up and down to add pressure to the hold, Allison yelled, “WATCH THIS!"

Bending her knees she surged upward releasing her grip on Lacey's chin while shifting hold on the brunette's legs As Lacey fell, Allison wrapped both arms around the brunette's thighs and sat down, landing hard on the canvas. The effect was to turn the Torture Rack into a modified Sit Out Powerbomb, Lacey's head, shoulders and back bouncing off the canvas, even while Allison held her in place. The crowd roared it's approval for the innovative maneuver and they counted along with Allison as the ref counted Lacey down. But this time it was the brunette who defied the count, kicking free at the last possible second.

Again, Lacey kicked free and Allison couldn't believe it! She’d thrown just about everything in her arsenal at the brunette and still she wouldn't stay down. Getting to her feet, she wedged Lacey's head between her thighs, in position for a more traditional Powerbomb. Circling her arms around Lacey's slick waist.

Breathing hard, the blonde whispered, “I don't want to hurt you Lacey but I will if I have to. Just do us both a favor and STAY DOWN!"

Not waiting for her reply, she hoisted Lacey up onto her shoulder, the small of the brunette's back resting there awkwardly. Keeping her grip tight, Allison ran a few steps and fell forward, dropping Lacey full force into the mat with a kind of Inverted Power Slam. Lacey screamed in pain and curled into the fetal position, but Allison gave her no quarter, forcing the agonized brunette onto her back as Allison went for the cover. When Lacey kicked out at 2 and 7/8, even the ref couldn't believe it! The crowd was in shock, both at Allison's high impact offense and at Lacey's ability to soak up such a devastating amount of punishment. Breathing hard, Allison just sat next to Lacey and looked shocked. Logic said the brunette shouldn't be able to do what she was doing, yet she was! The incredulous look left Allison's face, replaced by a flat, cold look.

Dragging Lacey to the center of the ring, Allison set her up for a second Powerbomb. Locking up the brunette's waist again she hoisted her high into the air. But sadly, the blonde was about to receive a nasty shock. In the split second when she was sitting on Allison's shoulders, Lacey grabbed hold of the blonde's head and pulled down with all her might. Caught off guard, Allison was jerked off her feet and had her face slammed painfully into the mat, courtesy of Lacey's desperation Facebuster. The brunette's fans screamed their approval as their heroine showed that she was still in the match. Rising shakily to her feet, Lacey looked at the crowd and offered a pained, yet determined smile.

Bringing Allison to her feet, Lacey roared to her fans, “Time to put her AWAY!"

Over the roar of the audience, Lacey whipped Allison toward the ropes and charged. With the blonde hung up in the corner, she was easy pickings as Lacey rocked her with a Dropkick in the corner. Getting to her feet, she didn't let Allison fall out of the corner, instead grabbing her in tight Front Face Lock. Spinning around so that her back was to the corner, Lacey lifted herself up so that she was sitting on the top turnbuckle. Pushing off, Lacey twisted around almost 180 degrees as she fell back, spiking the top of Allison's head into the canvas with a sick Tornado DDT. The blonde lay sprawled on the mat as Lacey shoved her onto her back, going for the cover. And still Allison would not stay down, getting an arm up microseconds before the three count. Now it was Lacey's turn to sit beside her downed foe, frustrated tears running down her face, trying to figure out how to win the match.

Finally standing up, Lacey wiped the tears from her face and stared down at her rival, "I don't know why you won't stay down. But I'll drive you through the ring if I have to."

When Allison only moaned, Lacey went to the corner, climbing to the top much slower than she normally would. Facing her downed opponent, she looked out to the crowd and made a circling motion with both hands, her signal for the 450 Splash. Taking a deep breath, she launched off the top, completing one full rotation and another quarter one as she descended on the blonde. At the last possible moment, Allison got her knees up jamming them into the brunette's gut and sternum. Lacey uttered one loud, shocked groan and then rolled limply off the blonde laying beside her and rubbing her ribs.

Convinced that both ladies were too exhausted to continue, the ref began his count, quite sure that he would reach 10 without incident, ending the match in a draw. He had reached “NINE” when both the blonde and the brunette got to their feet ever so slowly with only a few feet separating them.

Allison and Lacey locked eyes; and taking in deep, gulping breaths, Lacey said, “That hype following you around…you earned it!"

Allison nodded slightly and responded, “You're pretty hype worthy yourself. Ready to finish this?"

Lacey nodded and lunged forward, locking up with the blonde in a sweaty exhausted clinch. Grabbing Allison's wrist, Lacey tried to whip her into the ropes, but the blonde reversed the momentum and pulled Lacey into her. Faster than most people blink Allison looped both arms around Lacey's waist and locked in a Bear Hug. The crowd came to its feet when Allison secured her hold, most aware that her Bear Hug had finished all her previous opponents. And although Allison wrenched the hold and jerked Lacey from side to side, the brunette wasn't ready to become a statistic just yet. Bringing her hands up, she clawed ferociously at the blonde's face, screaming in pain and desperation. Lacey's clawing paid off as Allison was forced into releasing the hold and stumbled back a few steps.

Knowing now was the time to act, Lacey stumbled forward and stood to the blonde's right. Springing into action, she slung Allison's right arm over her shoulders and used her left arm to secure a grip on the back of the blonde's head. At the same time, she slipped her left leg in front of Allison's right leg. Then she pulled Allison back as far as she could before thrusting herself forward, slamming Allison down face first into the Canvas with an Inverted Russian Leg Sweep. Hearing the blonde's forehead crack off the canvas, Lacey surged to her feet, powered by nothing more than adrenaline.

Going to the corner a final time she climbed to the top and roared at the top of her lungs, "TIME TO DROP AN A-BOMB ON HER!"

The ‘A-Bomb’ was Lacey’s finisher; a move that entailed leaping off the top rope and simply smashing down ass first on her opponent's chest. If the ‘A-Bomb’ connected, the match would be emphatically over. Finishing her war cry, Lacey jumped off the ropes, hurtling butt first toward the downed blonde. But tragedy struck as Allison rolled clear, leaving Lacey to slam her ass into a vacated stretch of unforgiving canvas. THUD! The impact was incredibly loud, but Lacey's shriek was even louder, the tiny brunette clutching futilely at her mangled tailbone. She was still holding her damaged derriere when Allison hauled Lacey up by the hair and whipped her into the ropes, then set herslf and waited for her to come stumbling back.

When the brunette came close enough, Allison lunged forward, wrapping an arm across the Lacey's chest and positioning another on her back. In the same instant she spun her hips, jumped and then fell to her knees, driving Lacey full length into the canvas with the Twisting Sidewalk Slam she called, “The Deadline!" Lacey slammed into the mat with a sickening CRASH and just lay there not doing anything. But Allison didn't go for the cover! Instead, she pulled Lacey up and stood face to face with her.

Seeing victory in her grasp, the blonde whispered, “No escape this time Lacey" as she wrapped her arms around Lacey, trapping her arms to her sides. Lifting up, Allison squeezed with everything she had, her Bear Hug finally locked in place. Sweat was pouring off both young women as Allison tightened the hold and leaned back, bending the brunette to the breaking point. To her credit, Lacey fought the hold for longer than most thought possible, squirming and twisting, trying to get a hand free. But for every move she made, the blonde countered by squeezing tighter and it became harder and harder for Lacey to fight the pain. After an especially rough squeeze, Lacey’s body simply collapsed, her sweaty head on Allison's wet shoulder.

With the last little bit of her energy, Lacey croaked, "Lemme go Allison…I submit…you win!"

Allison let the hold go immediately and gently lowered her captive, not just dropping her. This was a kind gesture, but ultimately in vain because she collapsed on top of Lacey as soon as the brunette's feet touched the mat. The blonde rolled off onto her back where the ref raised her hand and declared her the victor. Both she and Lacey stayed down for quite some time before finally getting slowly to their feet to a standing ovation.

The two combatants faced off in the center of the ring and after a moment of silence, Lacey slowly offered her hand, "You were the better woman tonight. Good fight."

Allison extended her own hand and slowly took the brunette’s, telling her, “It's not like you didn't make me work - hard - for it. This is the closest match I've ever had!."

Lacey pulled her hand away and smiled, “It was close. And it’s just ONE MATCH. Tomorrow will be a totally different story!" Her dark eyes glinted with confidence as she spoke and the blonde smiled at the implication in her comment.

“Anytime you wanna go, just say the word. I have no problem hugging you again."

Lacey's smile widened, "You'll have to catch me. And nobody catches me twice!" Then she turned and headed through the ropes, moving slowly up the ramp toward the locker room.

Allison watched the tenacious brunette go and thought, "I beat you once Lacey; and I'll gladly prove I can do it you, or anyone else." Then she too pushed thoughts of the future from her mind to bask in the warm glow of her hard-fought victory!