Lacey Chabert vs. Alexandra Paul by Raccoon

This story lets you, the reader, choose the path the action will follow. After the opening section, choose one of two alternative paths to reach the conclusion. The story begins in "The Party" and from here you choose to follow "Chabert Wins" or "Paul Wins." Then the stories converge agin in "Years Later" after which you can select either of two finishes.
The Party

It's the mid 90s. The cast and crew of the two shows Party of Five and Baywatch had finished a special crossover episode where the Salinger family had traveled to the coast on a vacation.

It was the final night of this special project and the cast and crew had gathered for an informal party in a beach house. The weather was nice and the food was good and the general atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed.

There was commotion on the verandah where Alexandra Paul had just slammed David Hasselhoff's arm down on the table in an arm wrestling match, "-she beats me every time no matter what I do!" Hasselhoff was exclaiming.

Alexandra, dressed in jeans and a tanktop, laughed and flexed her arms for all to see. David's arms were bigger, but lacked the definition and firmness of Alexandra's arms. Despite the loss there were no hurt feelings; Alexandra and David were good friends after all.

"So who is next?" Alexandra said putting her arm on the table and looking around. It was clear that she enjoyed the attention she was getting when she beat guys in armwrestling.

The guys looked away, there was no point in arm wrestling Alexandra - they had done so before and they had all lost. The girls were not just interested, it wasn't their thing. It was good enough for them that one of the girls on the cast was able to beat the guys...even if it was tomboy like Alexandra.

Lacey Chabert was fascinated by this. A woman beating the Knight Rider? She made her way to the table and sat down on the opposite side of Alexandra.

"You're really strong," she said, "You must train a lot."

"I do," Alexandra said, "it's a way of life for me. Do you play any sports?"

"No...not really. I don't know many sports where being small would be an advantage," Lacey said.

"Well I'm tall but I'm horrible at basketball so you can't just go by height. You could be good at any number of sports. Naturally size matters, but I know a lot of small women who are fast, fit and strong. For example, there is no reason why you couldn't be nearly as strong as I am."

"Really?" Lacey asked happily. She bit her lower lip and looked like she wanted to say something.

"What is it?"

"Would you arm-wrestle me?" Lacey said smiling sweetly.

Alexandra smiled, "Sure, why not."

"But I want to do it for real, I don't want you to let me win."

"I promise," Alexandra replied with a laugh. Alexandra was going to give Lacey a feeling of achievement by allowing her some initial success. "Maybe I'll allow her succeed better than David," she thought, "Then after a 'hard' struggle I push her hand down." Alexandra wasn't competitive - winning wasn't everything, but it would serve no one to let the girl win.

"OK, are you ready?"

"I'm ready." Lacey flexed her arm; since she was wearing a blue sweater not much could be seen. Alexandra did however think that she saw a small bulge before Lacey put her arm down on the table.

People started to gather around the table. Alexandra, almost 180 cm tall (5'10"), dwarfed Lacey who at this time was over 20 cm shorter (5'1"). They had some difficulty to get a good grip with the great difference in arm length. David Chokachi started the match when both contestants nodded that they were ready. The onlookers begun cheering; most were cheering for the young challenger.

Continue (below) to either "A. Chabert Wins" or "B. Paul Wins"


A. Chabert Wins
The match was over. It had lasted only four seconds.

"Wow!" Alexandra gasped, "You beat me!" It took a few seconds before Alexandra realized that she had lost. She had lost to a tiny girl half her age!

The verandah had fallen completely silent; no one could believe the outcome. All eyes were locked on Lacey's small hand that was still holding Alexandra's larger hand against the table.

Alexandra's mouth suddenly dropped open and she looked around in exaggerated disbelief, "My god," Alexandra said, "this kid is strong!" There was laughter as people slowly realized that Alexandra had let Lacey win. Only Alexandra knew the truth.

"Well done," Mathew Fox said and tapped Lacey's shoulder.

Lacey pouted "You *promised*!"

"No really, you beat me," Alexandra said with a strained smile, "I didn't stand a chance!"

"I don't believe you," Lacey said and let go of Alexandra's hand. She suddenly smiled, "I forgive you if you agree to have a rematch in the future. Hopefully I can then offer a better opposition."

"Of course," Alexandra said and watched in disbelief as Lacey left the table.

Attention quickly turned elsewhere and Alexandra was left alone on the patio. She was devastated; it didn't matter that no one else knew the truth it was enough that she knew. She could not understand how the small girl had managed to slam her hand into the table in a few seconds. That just wasn't possible!

It was later in the evening, Alexandra was standing with Neve Campbell and Kelly Packard; Lacey was chatting with some other people on the other side of the room. Suddenly Lacey turned her head and their eyes met. Lacey had again that incredibly sweet smile on her lips. Her smile widened and she winked. She then turned her head and continued to talk with her friends.

Alexandra almost dropped her glass as she realized that Lacey knew...five minutes later Alexandra was sitting in her EV driving home.


B. Paul Wins
The match had already continued for several minutes - and it was not going as Alexandra had planned.

For three minutes Lacey's small hand had stubbornly refused to move an inch. Alexandra was in a state of disbelief; the girl could not possibly be this strong! The only positive thing in the situation Alexandra could think of was...well, she couldn't think of anything!

Alexandra's beautifully muscled arm was visibly shaking; the bulging bicep getting admiring looks from the people around the table. Now Alexandra could see an obvious bulge in Lacey's arm, despite the sweater, and that arm was getting at least as much admiration as Alexandra's arm.

Alexandra grimaced, and those closest to the table heard a low guttural growl...and Lacey's hand began slowly moving towards the table.

Slowly. Very slowly Lacey's arm was going down. Alexandra looked at Lacey who was obviously straining now. Lacey's hand was almost touching the table when Lacey gritted her teeth and to everybody's surprise the hands stopped moving. And not only did the descent stop - Lacey managed to move Alexandra's hand upwards.

"No!" Alexandra gasped. She was terrified because she felt like she had no more reserves. All she could do was to take advantage of her superior size and weight. She almost broke the rules but eventually she managed to push Lacey's hand to the table. Normally, the opponent's hand was slammed down with force... this match had ended very differently.

Alexandra was completely wasted, she was breathing heavily and she was actually shaking. Realizing that people were watching she decided to overact. "My god you're strong!" she said, "Incredible...I could barely beat you!" she said with an exaggerated look of surprise on her face.

"No I'm not!" Lacey giggled. "You were toying with me!"

There was some laughter from the onlookers. "Good, they’re buying it," Alexandra thought and sighed with relief. It looked like everybody, even Lacey, believed that Alexandra had been acting...putting on a show. She looked at Lacey who was smiling happily. "You put up a good fight, though," Alexandra said, not noticing she was massaging her aching right arm with her other hand. Then added in a matter-of-fact tone, "No really. You’re quite strong for your size. Who knows, in a few years... if you train hard enough… you may even beat me."

"Cool," Lacey said, "Thanks! Maybe we'll bump into each other in the future and we can have a rematch!"

"I look forward to it," Alexandra said and felt a shiver going down her spine.

"Good job, Lacey!" Scott Wolf said as Lacey got up from the table. They disappeared together into the house.

The arm wrestling match with Lacey had profoundly shaken Alexandra. Sure, she had won but it had been too close. She could no longer enjoy the evening so she made up an excuse and left early.


Five Years Later
Alexandra parked her car on the gym's parking lot. It was a gym that many celebrities frequented mainly because it kept those damned paparazzi away. Not that they were precisely hounding Alexandra...not in the same way as they harassed many 'A-list' actresses. Last week she had seen Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel working out in the gym and she wanted to get to know them better...maybe one would be there today. She checked that she had everything she needed in her gym bag before leaving the vehicle, then as she walked between the parked vehicles she went through her program in her mind. Lost in thought, she turned the corner of the building and bumped into someone hard.

"Whoa!" Alexandra lost her balance and took a tumble. "I'm *so* sorry," she said getting quickly up on her feet. "I was completely lost in my thoughts. Are you OK?" She looked down at the cute brunette she'd run into and the girl exclaimed, "Alexandra! Alexandra Paul! Remember me, Lacey...Lacey Chabert! We met years ago."

Alexandra stood in stunned silence. Lacey Chabert! Of course she remembered her! In fact, she had nightmares about Lacey Chabert! "Hi! Of course I remember," Alexandra said with faked enthusiasm. "How are you?"

Alexandra saw Lacey's mouth move, but she didn't hear a world the young woman said - she was simply enthralled by this apparition of beauty. Lacey had grown, well, she was still short but she had added a few inches of height. The most notable 'growth' had occurred elsewhere...simply put, Lacey had acquired a more 'womanly' figure. Her breasts were not on an absolute scale big, but on a girl of her size, they were big. Back in the past, Alexandra remembered they had been equally flat-chested, now Lacey's breasts simply dwarfed Alexandra's.But that wasn't all! The girl...young woman... had clearly buffed up. Sizable, well-defined muscles were clearly visible on her arms. Tantalizing abdominal muscles could be glimpsed under the hem of her T-shirt...and even though she was wearing jeans, it was clear that considerable muscles were underneath.

Suddenly Alexandra realized that Lacey had stopped talking and was looking at her. "Uh, you... look great!" she finally said, "Really great!"

"Thanks," Lacey said, obviously appreciating the compliment, "So do you!" Lacey wasn't lying, while Alexandra had been ogling Lacey, Lacey had done the same. Alexandra was wearing a black Adidas sport top, blue jeans and running shoes. Her shoulders were as wide and well-developed as she remembered. Her arms were beautifully sculpted... but maybe not as big as they could be considering how tall Alexandra was. Her chest was as flat as five years ago; Lacey smiled as she noted that Alexandra's nipples were hard and pointing forward on her petite breasts. A sexy six-pack adorned her abdomen. All in all Alexandra looked tough and really fit. Never the less, adding some mass would not hurt the lanky, tomboyish woman.

For a moment they just stood there silently eyeing each other. The situation became awkward when they realized what they were doing.

And then it happened, the question that Alexandra had feared, "Remember your promise?" Lacey said.

Alexandra went pale, she remembered very well what happened in the beach house, "...yes."

"So, are you ready for our rematch?" Lacey asked smiling a sweet smile that made Alexandra feel funny.

"Uh...yeah, I guess," she said cautiously. Inside her head she was screaming "No! No! NO!"

"Shall we go inside," Lacey asked indicating the gym. “Or would you rather we go somewhere more ...private?"

Choose either "C. Chabert: In the Gym" or "D. Paul: Alexandra’s Home"


C. Chabert: In the Gym
Lacey and Alexandra entered the gym. It was surprisingly empty; Alexandra could only see a few women running on the treadmills and an employee reading a magazine. This was not a problem for Alexandra, on the contrary, the less people there were present the less people would know if things went bad...

And Alexandra had reason to believe that things might not go in the best possible way for her. She remembered how strong Lacey had been five years ago and back then she had been just a kid. Now the girl looked tougher, a lot tougher in fact! So from Alexandra's point of view it was a good thing that the place was practically empty.

"There's an armwrestling table in one of the smaller rooms in the back," Alexandra said and lead Lacey past the large open areas that were filled with various training contraptions that Alexandra had always though looked more like torturing devices.

They passed a door that was slightly ajar; from inside strange sounds could be heard. Both Lacey and Alexandra stopped and looked inside. In the room Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba were engaged in a furious wrestling match.

Both of the Jessica's were wearing tight workout clothes and they both looked...stunning! Alexandra couldn't take her eyes of their athletic bodies as they rolled around on the floor. "Wow!" she gasped.

"That looks like fun!" Lacey said, her eyes big with wonder.

"Yeah," Alexandra said imagining herself in the place of either Jessica.

The two Jessica’s kept wrestling for several minutes. For Alexandra and Lacey, who stood as paralyzed in the doorway, this was a real treat - they got to see the two sexy women and their trained bodies in poses that people would pay thousands of dollars to get a glimpse of.

Eventually Alba pinned Biel to the mat and the match was over. Alba got up and took a victory pose flexing her both arms. Alexandra was both surprised at the outcome of the match and the size and definition of Alba's arms. She had always thought that Alba was extraordinarily beautiful...and sexy, but she had never noticed how well-developed her muscles were.

"Hey, it looks like we have an audience," Alba said when she noticed the two drooling women at the door.

"Oh, sorry, we'll be on our way-"

"No-no, come in, "Alba said and helped Biel up on her feet. "I've seen the both of you here before and always wanted to come over and talk with you."

"You know me?"

"Of course," Biel said, "we know both of you."

Lacey looked at Alexandra as they entered the room, "Maybe we could wrestle instead. That looked like so much fun!" What do you say?"

Alexandra liked to arm-wrestle, it was her forte. All the 'wrestling' she had ever done involved her boyfriend/husband and the bedroom... But Lacey was right, that looked like fun... "I don't know," she said hesitantly, "Have you wrestled before?"

"No," Lacey chirped happily.

"Maybe this would be a good idea," Alexandra thought. "Sure, let's wrestle!" she said.

"You're going to wrestle her," Alba said to Lacey, "Are you insane?"

"This is just for fun," Lacey said, "besides losing to Alexandra is not something to be ashamed of."

"You're right, but an opponent your own size would make it more fun for both," Alba explained, "Alexandra is quite big if you haven't noticed..."

"Biel's bigger than you," Lacey said looking at the quite muscular Biel.

"Welllll," Alba laughed, "Biel's a pushover...but OK."

"You win if you pin your opponent to the mat…" Alba grinned. "…like I pinned Biel. Or you get her to submit,” she smirked. “…like Biel submitted to me."

"I didn’t submit!" Biel grumbled, giving Alba an angry look - but not doing anything about it.


Alexandra crouched as Lacey got close; her mind working overtime as she tried to come up with a plan to take Lacey down quickly. She realized the fear she felt was due to the strange events back in the beach house. It had been an anomaly - she knew her own strength, she had nothing to fear from Lacey! To get rid of that unreasonable fear she had to face the girl. And now she would show the girl her place...

Alexandra and Lacey circled each other. After a minute of nothing else it became clear that neither knew exactly what to do. Lacey raised her hands, gesturing for Alexandra to do the same. She locked hands happily in the Test of Strength, knowing that in this kind of struggle, she had the advantage.

"Oh no, she shouldn't do that..." Biel whispered to Alba. "She's smaller and probably quicker; she should use that to her advantage."

Alexandra towered over Lacey as they locked their hands in the test of strength. "Yeah, but she will learn." Alba replied. “Look at her," she said in awe - indicating Alexandra.

"Always admired her athleticism," Biel replied, then stopped mid-sentence when Lacey forced the bigger woman down. "What the…?"

All of Alexandra's fears had come true! She was being overpowered by Lacey Chabert! She tried to disengage but the smaller girl held fast to her. Desperately Alexandra tried to push back but her muscles were outmatched. Alexandra screamed in pain and anger as Lacey forced her down on her knees. From that point forward, Lacey was completely in control. Shocked, Biel closed the door so Alexandra's screams wouldn’t bother the other patrons.

Lacey tried to copy some of the maneuvers she had just seen Biel and Alba do but more often than not she failed. She quickly stopped even trying and only used her obviously superior strength to put Alexandra into holds of her own device. When it became clear that she had nothing to fear from Alexandra Lacey began talking with the other women, asking their advice.

"Put her face down," Alba said, "Good! Then hold her torso down with your right hand...grab her leg with your left and bend it back. Then move her arms back..."

Alexandra screamed in pain as Lacey kept bending her body every which way. She had yielded already and now she was begging for mercy. Her pleas went unnoticed. Lacey continued to squeeze, stretch and bend the weaker woman as she saw fit.

"...that way you can control your opponent with just one hand and use your other hand to..." Biel instructed.

" humiliate your opponent even more by slapping her face or you can cop-a-feel," Alba added, "Not that there's much to feel," she added, staring at Alexandra's flat chest.

Lacey giggled, "But if I do THIS! And THIS! With both hands free - I can do both at once!" She slapped Alexandra's face with one hand while the other hand caressed Alexandra's breasts. Alexandra was crying openly. True, she was in pain, but it was the humiliation that was the worst part of her ordeal.

"...and if you have the strength you can now easily lift her up-" Biel fell silent as Lacey lifted Alexandra up over her head.

"What now" Lacey asked, holding the larger woman up on straight arms.

"I think you don't need any advice from us..." Biel laughed in astonishment.

Not knowing what else to do Lacey slammed Alexandra's body to the mat.

"No. No, please!" Alexandra begged rolling on the floor, "You have won already!"

"Not yet," Lacey said and advanced, "There's still a few things I want to try. It's not every day I get to manhandle the beautiful and sexy Alexandra Paul!"

Alexandra panicked and began crawling to Alba, "Please…help me…stop her!"

"I think they’re enjoying this as much as I am!" Lacey said as she grabbed Alexandra's ankle and dragged the screaming Baywatch babe back to the center of the mat.


D. Paul: Alexandra’s Home
"This is my home," Alexandra said as she opened the door to her house. Lacey stepped in; Alexandra sighed and followed, closing the door behind her. Alexandra was less than enthusiastic about all this - the events five years earlier had made a dent in her self-esteem. What would happen if she lost to Lacey now?

Alexandra could not back away from the promise she had made in the beach house so when she bumped into Lacey outside the gym she had agreed to the rematch. She had suggested to Lacey that it would be better to do it in privacy back at Alexandra's home as it wasn't far way. Lacey had had nothing against this as long as she got her rematch. Alexandra had shown the way while Lacey followed in her own car.

* * *

Alexandra dropped the keys on a table and watched Lacey move around in the living room. She had a funny feeling in her stomach and she noted that her heart was beating faster than usual. She flushed as she realized that it was that cute girl in her living room that was the cause of this.

"This way," Alexandra said and they walked through the house. One of the rooms downstairs had been transformed into a small gym with a treadmill, a stationary bike and a few other diabolical exercise machines.

On one side of the room there was an arm wrestling table. Originally it had been Alexandra's boyfriend Ian - who she had only recently married - who had bought the table and introduced Alexandra to arm wrestling. Ian quickly lost interest in arm wrestling as the girlfriend proved too strong. But Alexandra liked it and continued with the 'hobby'.

Alexandra looked nervously at Lacey. Lacey had already walked up to the table and was eagerly waiting for Alexandra to do the same. It was funny, but Alexandra felt intimidated by this small girl.

* * *

Thirty seconds isn’t a long time, but in an arm wrestling match it’s an eternity. In that time neither Lacey's nor Alexandra's hand had moved from their starting position. This worried Alexandra beyond belief. She knew she was good at arm wrestling, she didn't just rely on one technique, she knew them all which allowed her to change technique even within the same match. In addition to her skills she had several other beneficial factors like long arms, hand grip size, strong shoulders and of course her massive strength. She was considerably taller and heavier than her opponent and yet...

Alexandra was amazed at the strength the small girl displayed and the size of her arm muscles. She could not be sure, but Lacey's bicep appeared bigger and better defined than her own! Alexandra gritted her teeth and pushed... but to no effect. And worst of all Lacey appeared as she wasn't even trying. Alexandra was looking at Lacey's face for some sign of weakness...doubt...fear...anything! But all she could see was a shy, but strangely confident smile and those beautiful brown eyes.

But appearances can be deceiving because soon Lacey's hand began moving towards the pin position. With a final surge of power Alexandra slammed Lacey's hand to the table.

A wave of emotions washed over Alexandra; joy, anger, relief, desire...She was physically so wasted that she couldn't even speak. After a moment she smiled and looked at her decimated opponent. She wasn't one to brag, but this time she could not help but flex her arms and smile widely. "If you want to feel how powerful muscles feel," she said with a wide grin, "Go ahead!"

Alexandra felt like she had been zapped with low-powered taser when Lacey touched her biceps. Obviously in awe, Lacey caressed her arms and her shoulders for a while before sitting down again.

"Yo…'re quite strong," Alexandra stuttered. She was trying to sort those strange feelings that she felt whenever she looked at Lacey or she touched her. "May I...?"

Lacey flexed her arms and Alexandra reached for them with shaking hands. She could hardly believe the hardness... the form... the size of Lacey's biceps. Steel hard, exquisitely shaped and...larger than Alexandra's! Alexandra was speechless.

If she hadn't won the arm wrestling match she wouldn't have dared to do what she did next, "What would you say about a wrestling match?" Alexandra's heart was beating hard and fast as she waited for the reply.

Lacey's face brightened, "Really? Now? Here? YES!"

It took several seconds before Alexandra could speak again. "This room is too cramped and... and there are too many sharp corners on these machines..." She appeared to be thinking even if she already knew what she would say next. "I think the bedroom would be the best place - there's a lot of room in front of the bed and the mat is thick and soft." Alexandra could not wait to get her hands on Lacey's body... She wasn't sure which she would prefer more, pinning Lacey or being pinned by her.

Alexandra had wrapped her thighs around Lacey's neck from behind. She crossed her ankles and begun squeezing. This was one of the moves that always finished a match between Alexandra and her husband. Never, ever had Ian broken free. In fact, Ian had never 'won' one of their playful wrestling matches.

Alexandra could feel Lacey's hands grope her body whenever she got the chance. Of course Alexandra couldn't get mad because of this as she was doing the same...besides she liked the feeling of Lacey's hands on her body.

Lacey's hands moved up and down the sides of Alexandra's if looking for a weakness or maybe they were just feeling the powerful muscles beneath the jeans... Lacey tried to reach for Alexandra's ankles but could not quite reach them. Then something unexpected happened, Alexandra saw and felt Lacey's hands slip between her legs and in one swift maneuver Alexandra felt her legs being forced open. Once free, Lacey quickly rolled up on her feet and turned around. She grabbed Alexandra's legs and pulled up hard, throwing Alexandra's legs over her head. Alexandra ended on her knees in praying-like position. Before she could raise her head, Lacey fell down on her knees and put Alexandra's head between her thighs.

Now it was Alexandra's head that was between Lacey's thighs...and no amount of prying and pounding got her head free. All the while, Lacey kept flexing and unflexing her thighs causing tremendous pain to poor Alexandra. The older woman fumbled around with her hands, wandering to Lacey's firm butt and her extremely powerful thighs. Alexandra was proud of her own thighs, shaped by years of running, biking, swimming and strength training. She had trained for more years than Lacey had lived...but that hadn't helped when Lacey had pried her legs apart. And now Alexandra was unable to do the same.

A moment later Alexandra's hands had found their way under Lacey's shirt...even in her current predicament Alexandra had to stop her struggle for a appreciate the firm stomach that her nimble fingers had found. Lacey, noticing what Alexandra was doing stopped trying to crush Alexandra with her thighs and let the older woman continue her exploration. Alexandra cursed that she could not see the obviously beautiful abs in her current situation but she could most definitely feel the six-pack. She was disheartened as she was almost certain that Lacey's abs were better defined than her own.

Alexandra's hands moved upwards...and found Lacey's breasts. Firm and perky enough not to require a bra, Alexandra noted. Then she got an idea, grabbed the breasts and squeezed with everything she could muster...and it work! Lacey screamed in pain and fell back releasing Alexandra's head.

The younger woman climbed on top of Alexandra, squeezing Alexandra's torso with her legs and pinning her arms on her chest. Alexandra was getting tired. After the initial, more aggressive wrestling, they had agreed to tone down the action a bit, make it more playful. Despite this, both had done their best to prove their superiority over the other. Now almost an hour later the end was near...

Alexandra was giving everything she had, but she just couldn't break Lacey's hold. And she was so tired... and Lacey appeared as fresh as a daisy! Alexandra was close to burst into tears! For a second their eyes met; Lacey saw desperation in Alexandra's eyes while Alexandra's saw only confidence in Lacey's. At that time Alexandra yielded. Almost.

"It's not going to happen," Alexandra thought. Finding reserves she didn't know she had Alexandra broke Lacey's hold and threw the girl off her. Both girls got on their knees on the bed, looking at each other they grabbed each other's hands. This time Alexandra overpowered Lacey with surprising ease and forced her down on her back. Alexandra quickly straddled Lacey and pinned her hands against the pillows.

Lacey struggled wildly but this time Alexandra didn't have problems to keep her down. After a moment Lacey resigned to her fate - she could not throw the larger woman off her. Alexandra was breathing heavily.

"Silly girl," Alexandra said panting, "did you really think you could defeat me? Did you really think you're stronger?"

"I did," Lacey said. "I trained hard for this..." she looked sad and made a few half-hearted attempts to get her arms free and when she failed, sighed, "I should’ve known better..."

Alexandra let go of Lacey's wrists. "Don't feel bad," she said, starting to relax. “You did far better than most! Even Charlize couldn’t escape me."

Despite her two victories today Alexandra wasn't overjoyed. Both matches had been close, too close. Not only that, during the last hour Alexandra had had ample opportunities to explore Lacey's body and what she had found out saddened her: Lacey had bigger and better defined muscles! Alexandra's only consolation was that size and definition didn't equal to strength as she had proven.

"So what are you going to do now?" Lacey asked running her hands on Alexandra's thighs. She smiled that sexy smile she knew few could resist.


It was morning when Lacey began to stir; let out a contented sigh and opened her eyes. She smiled remembering where she was. She turned her head and saw Alexandra still sleeping. The larger woman was behind Lacey, her arms wrapped around Lacey's waist, her legs entangled in Lacey's. Lacey could feel Alexandra's fingers move in her sleep as if caressing her abs. Despite how good it felt...just lying next to Alexandra, Lacey carefully slipped out of Alexandra's embrace. She got up and gathered her clothes from around the room. Her jeans were in the bed under Alexandra, her shirt was on the sneaker was near the door...the other nowhere to be seen. She looked for a while but gave up when she didn't find it and took Alexandra's sneakers instead.

"Souvenirs," she thought, looking at the slightly too big shoes. “But an excuse to come back…to return them." Lacey looked at the naked Alexandra who was still sound asleep. "You're such a nice person," she said running her hand up and down Alexandra's lithe body, "and you have such a wonderful body." She gave Alexandra's shoulder a kiss before she left.

As she walked to her car, her phone rang, "Hi. Yeah, I'm just leaving. No, it was...wonderful! More than I'd imagined. Yeah. No, she "beat" me. Hah-ha. Of course not. Yeah I let her win - I had to. I think she would’ve cried if she lost. Really, she was rather pathetic. I guess she's strong, but the way she looks I would have imagined that she's *really* strong. I don't know. She's twice as old and almost twice as big and yet... No, first we arm wrestled. I'd have beaten her easily but I let her win when I saw the look on her face. You should’ve seen her face when she realized she couldn't even budge my arm. Then we wrestled in her bedroom. THAT was fun. No, she was worse, I’d say helpless. I think I could’ve beaten her with my arms tied behind my back. Yeah...I let her pin me. On the bed. What? No, I'm not going to tell. NO! You have such a dirty mind! I have to go now. See you soon. Bye!"