Lacey Chabert vs. Christina Ricci by bbb4 12/18/00

Christina waits casually in the ring for her evening "appointment" with Lacey Chabert. Bright lights burn over the canvas ring, and coated steel cables forming the ropes around it, giving off a warm glow that heats the otherwise chilly and deserted arena. The lights that would normally illuminate the audience have been left dark, making the ring a brightly lit star in an other wise pitch dark room.

Stretching against the ropes, she enjoys the pleasant burn in her shoulders so much that she slips her sweat shirt off and drops it to the thinly padded concrete floor beside the ring. The cotton shirt underneath follows, and disappears into the darkness that envelops the well lit ring. She quickly peels off her running shorts and tosses them aside. She runs her hands down her huge breasts, feeling the giving flesh softly ripple under the over matched polka dot bikini.

"Titty smother tonight," she mutters to herself. "I'm gonna boob choke the little bitch until she passes out."

Her hands next glide over her soft tummy, one hand down the front of her bikini and one hand down the back.

As she caresses her wide, creamy buns, she thinks to herself, "Facesit would be nice too....a little butt smother. Hmmmmmm. What to do?"

Feeling a pleasant shiver as she touches her firm pubic mound, she decides, "First one, then the other."

Leaning against the top rope, she stares idly into the darkness in the direction of the only door into the arena.

Wishing she had a watch, Ricci mutters, "Ten minutes, then I am outta here."

As if her thoughts were heard, the door opens and a small woman's shape passes from the well lit hallway, into the dark gym.

In a voice dripping with sarcastic sweetness, Christina instructs her younger opponent, "Lock it behind you, don't want anyone to see what am going to do to you tonight."

She giggles wickedly, as Lacey passes through the darkness and into the lighted area. As Lacey slides under the bottom rope, she looks across the ring at Ricci.

"Sorry, had to pick up a bikini on the way over here.....unless you just want to go with out."

Ricci smiles, seeing the string bikini under Chabert's warm-ups. Ricci quickly slips out of her top, allowing her truly huge tits to swing freely. The fleshy mounds swing low on Ricci's squat frame and her large, dark nipples swell and stiffen quickly. Ricci quickly sheds her briefs, stepping out of them, and tossing them on the apron near her discarded bra. A neatly trimmed vertical patch of pubic hair is perfectly centered in the indiscernible bikini line of her surprisingly pale skin.

Lacey slips out of her sweat jacket and quickly undoes her bra. Her twin peaks are also impressive, not large as Ricci's melons, but jutting and firm, crowned with her erect nipples. Compared to Christina's milky tits, Lacey breasts are solid and tan. She begins lowering her cutoff sweats, but suspiciously casts an eye toward her now nude opponent.

As she peels the shorts off, Lacey snidely comments on Christina's breasts, "Whoaaa....Maybe we ought to keep the tops on - those things might fly back and hit you in the eye or something."

Christina starts walking toward Chabert.

Ricci gives her opponent a snide smile in return, "You're gonna need a maternity bra when I'm done squeezing your tits. Now get outta that bikini and come here."

She hold her hands up for a test of strength, challenging Chabert to meet her in the center of the ring.

Chabert obliges, swiftly untying the knot on the side of the string bikini briefs. The small triangle of cloth slips off and drops to the mat. Lacey smiles as she crosses the ring to meet her opponent. Christina stands her ground as Lacey circles her once. Ricci's eye's fall down Chabert's mouthwatering curves, past her tremendous tits, and down to her pubic mound. The small tuft of brown curly hair is centered perfectly in a small triangle of pearly flesh. Christina smiles cruelly as she imagines violating Chabert's privates, forcing her to cry out her submission.

Sensing Ricci's lascivious stares, Chabert passes a modest hand over her mound and screams, "Dirty bitch! Don't even think about it."

The two look eye to eye, Christina's green eyes burning into Lacey's doe brown eyes, staring straight through the younger girl. Although only an inch taller at 5'3", Ricci has a significant weight advantage over the 100 pound Chabert. Ricci feints toward the shorter girl, setting her huge breasts in motion, and causing Chabert to dodge away from her.

Slapping herself in the chest, Ricci taunts the smaller girl, "Come on! Quit dancing around, let's do it. Tit to tit, bitch. You and me. That's what we came here for, so quit trying to dance away."

The two finally square off, and go for the test of strength.

Christina wisely uses her weight advantage to gain the upper hand on the younger Chabert, but Lacey holds her own after backing up a few steps. The two crash into each other, as Ricci gets her wish, and their mammaries crash into each other. While Ricci concentrates on bending back Lacey's wrists and forcing her to the mat, Chabert keeps her head down, rubbing her stiff nipples into Ricci's softer, larger ovals.

Christina seems to be getting the worse of the exchange, grimacing each time Chabert's stiff tips brush over her sensitive nipples, roughly brushing her teats and areola. The contest of wills drags on, but Lacey's forced smile and Christina's wincing pout tell the story. Ricci finally releases her grip on Lacey's wrists, and is backed toward the corner.

Chabert presses her advantage, punishing Ricci with two knee lifts to the belly before backing her all the way into the corner. She carefully places Ricci's hands over the top ropes before burying her knee between Christina's pasty thighs. Ricci's knees buckle at the excruciating blow, and she hangs lifelessly in the corner, looking like she would like nothing better than to throw up on Lacey. Lacey has other plans, however and bends at the waist to deliver a racking shoulder block to Ricci's abdomen. Each rib rattling blow comes with some advice.


The pain in Ricci's face grows greater with each punishing blow, but Christina's eye's nearly pop out of her face when Chabert lowers her shoulder and buries it between Christina's thighs. Ricci is clearly shocked that the young rookie is so quick to attack her privates and start a "dirty" fight. But the shock only lasts a second as she feels Lacey's fingers prying her legs apart. Ricci tries desperately to cover her womanhood, but Lacey's quick fingers penetrate Ricci's defenses and enter her most private spot.

Ricci lets out a low moan as Lacey begins to work her back and forth, thrusting and withdrawing her fingers in a quick rhythm. Ricci no sooner begins to feel the pleasant burn of Lacey's work before she reaches both hands around Chabert's face and rips her claws across the eyes. Lacey screams out and falls to her knees, but Ricci is too weakened to power her way out of the corner.

Her vision blurred, Chabert manages an ill aimed shot at Ricci's crotch that ends up smashing into the Goth Girl's belly button, wreaking nearly equal damage. Still facing the cornered Ricci, Lacey bends lower, rubbing her eyes, trying to clear the fuzz from her line of vision. With the low blow, Ricci staggers forward onto Lacey's sweaty back, but Lacey keeps up the pressure, ramming her weight into Ricci's midsection and crushing the darker girl into the turnbuckles. Ricci has finally had enough and slowly drags her nails across Lacey's slick back.

The long red welts are echoed in Lacey's squealing cry of agony. She drops the one knee, her arms clinched around Ricci's waist like a tired boxer. This turns into a major mistake on Lacey's part as she is paid back with a kneelift to the face that leave her sprawled spread-eagle on the mat, wondering which way is up. Panting in exhaustion, Ricci still needs no further encouragement. Clutching her bruised ribs, she is too weak to do anything other than drop a knee into Lacey's exposed mound. The younger girl has never faced a tough girl like Ricci and the crotch shot catches her completely by surprise.

The two girls lie on top of each other, both crushed by the amazing devastation dealt in only the first few minutes of the match. Ricci slowly climbs to all fours, then to her knees, her pendulous breasts hanging and bumping into her arms. She turns away from Lacey and grabs the ropes in the corner for support, hauling herself up slowly. Far too slowly it seems. Chabert makes it to her knees in time to return the back rake, trawling her talons down Ricci's lower back and butt in exquisite revenge. She leaves her mark from Ricci's kidneys, all the way down to her bare ass. Not satisfied with the flesh already under her fingernails, Lacey starts a new path of destruction, raking her nails ever so slowly down Christina's ribs, earning another series of wailing moans. With Ricci too stunned to fight back, Lacey stands up and digs her fingernails into the armpits of the Gothic Girl.

"'re all sweaty," whines Chabert as she continues to explore Ricci's underarms with the points of her nails. "You smell too...."

Not liking having her hands in Ricci's sweaty armpits, Lacey wastes no time grabbing some hair and dragging her opponent's face across the top ropes a few times, returning the earlier eye rake with a vengeance. She follows on with a series of devastating knee lifts to the butt and hamstrings.

With Ricci facing away from her, moaning loudly in the corner, Lacey reaches under and takes her first handfuls of Ricci's treasure chest. Grabbing the warm, sweaty flesh, she squeezes Ricci's assets unmercifully, earning a wailing moan from Christina. She fills her hands easily with the damp mammaries, squeezing first the left, then the right, releasing each tit to refill her greedy hands.

Lacey continues to squeeze blindly, feeling the damp flesh ooze between her fingers, following each of Ricci's baleful cries with a resounding, "MMMMmmmmooooooooo! Milking the cow!"

While painful and extremely humiliating, Lacey is hardly the first girl to squeeze Christina's breasts. In fact, she's not even close to the first, or even the best. While she winces in pain with each milk strangling titty squeeze, Christina is actually playing possum, allowing Lacey to believe that she is really causing more damage than she really is. Lacey closes, feeling the yielding flesh of Ricci's nipples against her palms with each squeeze. She presses her tits against Ricci's back, the stiff nips poking against the smooth, sweaty flesh of her opponent's mid back.

So enamored is she with groping Ricci's assets that she misses Ricci lifting her foot and stomping down on her toes. Chabert shrieks in pain, but Ricci only digs the heal of her vinyl wrestling boot further into Lacey's aching foot. Lacey finally earns some separation by pushing Ricci chest first into the buckles. Ricci is a tough customer, able to take any titty torture this little whore can deal out.

She wheels around quickly and couldn't wish for a better view. Lacey is bent over at the waist, massaging her wounded toes, completely unaware of Ricci's recovery. Christina takes a step forward and wedges Lacey's head between her legs in the classic piledriver position. Ricci is reinvigorated by Lacey's pathetic slapping of her thighs and ass, and her weak cries, begging for her release.

"Lemme go you whore...AAAHHHHhhhhhhhaaaa...," Lacey cries as Christine squeezes her gourd between her thighs.

Lacey's long brown hair hangs low as Ricci flexes her legs, her previously soft ass hardening like two anvils. Lacey screeches in pain as she head is crushed between Christina's thighs.

Smiling again, Ricci leans forward to whisper in Lacey's ear, "When you squeeze a girl's tit," she confides, "always go for the nipple."

Reaching down to Lacey's dangling mammary, she pinches the erect teat between her finger's. Lacey's pained cries are renewed as her stiff tit is twisted to the left and then the right. After tenderizing Lacey's firm breast, Ricci quickly lifts Lacey and delivers a text book piledriver, ramming the younger girls head into the mat with all the weight of both girls behind the blow. Lacey crumples to the mat, completely limp, her eyes blankly staring at the ceiling.

"YES!" exalts Ricci, pumping her fist once before pushing Chabert's slumping form away from her. She grabs the semi conscious Lacey by the hair and takes her in a front facelock, which she quickly turns over into a perfect swinging neckbreaker.

Mocking the nearly unconscious girl, Ricci puts her hands at the side of her face and whines, "Come on Lacey, have some fun...."

Taking Chabert by the hair again, Ricci climbs to her feet, taking the lithe brunette with her. Behind her she hears the squeaky opening of the only door into the arena, but as she turns, she only sees a rectangle of light as the door slams closed again.

"Who's there?" asks Ricci, her eyes probing the impenetrable dark around the arena.

Turning slightly, at a small noise, she asks again, "Who's there? Can't you see we're....uhhhh....busy here."

There is no answer. Ricci looks into the darkness, allowing her opponent gathers enough steam to belt her in the belly with a weak upper cut. More irritated by the flimsy blow than hurt, Christina stands the younger girl up and goes tit to tit in a standing bear hug. She then hefts the smaller girl up and turns, diving on top of her in a crushing breast to breast power slam. Still a bit agitated by the unknown presence in the arena, Ricci looks around but sees no one. As Lacey begins to stir under her, Ricci returns to the business of destroying and humiliating her foe. Ricci climbs to her feet, taking a handful of Lacey's raven hair in her hand. She jerks her hand from side to side, wobbling the younger girl's head, screaming at her.

"So, you thought you were big enough to fight with the big girls...grab my tits....stick your filthy little fingers in me.....Well, it's time you learn how the big girls put a hurt on the little girls."

Rolling slightly to position herself, she asks, "Have you ever been breast smothered?"

Maneuvering the weakened Chabert into position, Ricci presses her sweat soaked mammaries into the youngster's face, enveloping her features.

"Your tits aren't nearly big enough, but mine fit your face just fine. What do you think? You can never practice rubbing your tits in someone's face too much...."

Christina continues her work, shoving her arms together to increase her cleavage, pressing Lacey's face, pulling her hair and forcing her to suck some titty. Ricci releases Lacey for a moment, allowing her to get a lungful of air before slapping the clammy flesh back into the youngster's face, beginning the smothering all over again. Ricci allows her new plaything another breath as she rolls off the panicked teenager. Chabert lies nearly motionless on her back as Ricci climbs to all fours and slowly makes her way to down toward Lacey's feet. Lacey suddenly takes in a deep breath as she feels Ricci caress the inside of her thigh, lovingly rubbing her hand down the soft, white flesh.

As she rubs Lacey's leg, Ricci smiles menacingly and adds, "Don't worry Lacey, we'll come back to this area in a while. I'm in no hurry....You shouldn't have made me wait."

A step over toe hold is the next in Ricci's arsenal of debilitating holds. She grabs Lacey's foot and delivers a quick knee drop to the younger girls spread legs, to soften her up. Chabert groans and rolls to one side, holding her wounded womanhood. Ricci steps through Chabert's still spread thighs and drops her weight onto Lacey's left leg, bending it downward and inward.

As she leans forward into the hold, Lacey clenches her eyes closed and grits her teeth her teeth in pain. Christina sees a golden opportunity so she reaches down and grabs Lacey's bouncing breast by the nipple, pulling on the stiff circle of dark flesh; tugging it first to the left, then the right. Lacey howls in agony, but Ricci only laughs, releasing the brunette from the leg lock and picking her off the mat by the hair.

Christina grabs the younger girls flaccid legs. Spreading them, she steps through them and cinches them up into a figure four leg lock. As Ricci falls back, Chabert rises straight up, crying out at the top of her lungs as her leg is bent and twisted.

Ricci calmly continues her lesson in wrestling holds, explaining, "Well, Lacey.....Can I call you Lacey?....This is what's called a figure four leg lock. Your knee and leg are crossed and one is bent up and the other.....Are you paying attention?"

Lacey is rolled half way onto her belly, clawing desperately at the canvas, trying to make her way to the ropes, dragging Christina weight behind. Tears stream from her eyes as she makes her way, inch by inch, Ricci torturing her legs all along the way. Finally she manages the ropes, and yanks herself over to the apron, dragging Ricci's dead weight behind her.

"That's really good, Lacey. You made it all the way to the ropes..."

Leaning back, she wrenches her opponent's legs again, earning another pained wail from the brunette teenager.

Sitting up with the help of the ropes, Lacey reaches down to untangle her legs from the torturing leg lock but Ricci too sits up and casually brushes Lacey's tries aside. She finally tires of trying to snap Lacey's shin and works herself free from the figure four.

Christina leans forward and whispers, "That'll be the only time anyone ever LETS you outta one of those."

Showing startling acceleration, Lacey yanks her self out of the ring and onto the apron, before lowering herself onto the mats at the ringside. Ricci slowly follows her wounded prey, and upon reaching the floor, carefully kicks Lacey in the back of her injured knee, sending her crashing to the mat in a heap of naked flesh.

Ricci reaches down and gently strokes the youngster's twat, informing her, "I said we'd come back here."

She rubs the opening softly, bringing out some of Lacey's juices, and rousing a low growl from Lacey. As soon as Lacey is properly prepared, Ricci digs her fingers into the opening, again stroking the teen slowly, bringing her along at a snail's pace. Lacey begins to sit up, feeling the growing warmth between her legs. Ricci increases the pace, ramming her fingers home, as Lacey's head drops back in ecstasy.

"First time, huh?"

Chabert's face flushes but Christina isn't sure if it the embarrassment or the pleasure. Lacey's gentle rocking motion begins to match Ricci's thrusts until the two have reached a harmonic frequency, Lacey's crotch rising to meet each of Ricci's penetrating thrusts, until the inevitable happens. With a lurid howl, Chabert explodes into Ricci's hands, spewing her womanly fluids all over the mat and Ricci. Smiling at how easy it was to bring Lacey under her power, Ricci wipes her offending fingers and hands on the mat, wiping away Lacey's love juices. Chabert has collapsed back to the mat in utter exhaustion, coated in a heavy sheen of sweat. Her bare breasts wobble slightly as her heaving, raspy breath calms down to a mere pant.

Ricci spreads her legs again, deliberately crossing her ankles and then pinning them down with her knees. With Lacey now reclining on the mats, her legs spread Indian style, Christina begins pressing down on the inside of Lacey's thighs, forcing her knees apart in a move designed to split the youngster's thighs wider and wider. Chabert moans loudly and puts her hands on her inner thigh as she begins to fell the less pleasant burn, but as Christina keeps adding pressure and Lacey's legs are driven further and further apart, her moans turn to screams. Lacey sits up to face Christina, grabbing the inside of her thighs. She sits face to face with her tormentor, screaming as Christina stretches her crotch, opening her thighs extensively.

"This is what I call the butterfly. I learned it in Japan. The Japanese know lots of ways to hurt you ... Are you listening?"

Lacey desperately reaches forward, grabbing Christina's tits and squeezing them. As she moves toward Ricci's saucer sized nipples, Christina warns her ominously, "DON'T!" but Lacey's despair leads her to pinch the dark flesh, twisting the stiff areola and teat in her fingers.

Ricci winces in pain as her prizes are pulled and twisted. She slowly pulls one hand off Lacey's knee, relieving the pressure on her strained groin, only to put it between Lacey's thighs and cunt rake the younger girl. Lacey's eyes bulge in pain as she is given her first cunt rake, but Ricci follows it up, letting her fingers do the walking again. Chabert is reduced to tears and doesn't even react as Ricci reapplies her butterfly stretch. As Ricci presses downward, she feels a cool breeze against her sweaty back.

"Don't you think she's had enough?" asks a voice behind her.

Ricci snaps her head around in time to see Neve Campbell behind her, but not in time to stop the chair Campbell smashes against her back. Ricci is still seeing stars as she is hoisted up off the ringside mats and body slammed on top of the folding chair. Without any air to be found, Christina can only watch as Neve helps Lacey to her feet and then into the ring. Neve then returns her attention to Ricci who is just regaining her strength after the shocking chair shot and subsequent body slam.

Neve grabs a handful of the busty brunette's hair, bringing her up slowly, rubbing Christina's face against the purple spandex workout shorts and bra she is wearing. The hard flesh of Neve's thighs and stomach are followed by the pillowy softness of her bosom.

Whispering, so that only Ricci can hear, she adds, "Feel that, ya little whore? I'm gonna sit on your face..."

Neve turns the smaller girl around and tackles her, driving her hard into the edge of the ring apron. The edge of the apron catches Ricci across the kidneys, driving any remaining air out of the nude brunette's lungs. Face to face with Neve, Ricci looks into her seething brown eyes, before slowly collapsing to the ring side mats. Neve drags her up again, repeating the face rubbing maneuver, before depositing Christina on the ring apron.

"Lacey, come here and drag this trash bag into the ring."

Lacey walks over to her fallen tormentor, and grabs two handfuls of damp hair and drags her into the center of the ring. Neve follows Ricci onto the ring apron, and leans against the top rope, like a coach watching her fighter workout.

"Pick her up and slam her," orders Neve.

Lacey obediently grabs Ricci, hoists her into the air and falls on top of her in a powerslam. Ricci groans in agony as her back in pounded against the hard canvas mat again.

"Now, rub your tits in her face," commands Neve still leaning on the top rope.

Lacey hesitates, looking over at Neve before rotating her body and beginning to stroke her sweaty melons into Ricci's face, grinding her sticky tits into Christina's face. She buries Ricci's face in her cleavage, grabbing a hold of two handfuls of hair to keep her down.

"Harder, press them into her face. Choke her," commands Neve without a trace of emotion.

Lacey continues her work, smothering Ricci with her ample chest.

As Christina struggles and battles for air, Neve reprimands her student, "Hold her! Hold Her!"

Lacey proves a good student and Christina's struggles fade rapidly until Neve smiles and says, "Enough....we don't want to finish her yet."

She climbs into the ring for the first time and commands Lacey to, "Get behind her, hold her in a full nelson on her knees."

Lacey quickly hefts the busty brunette onto her knees and positions herself behind her. Still coughing and gagging on Lacey's tit sweat, Ricci is easily detained in a full nelson. Neve too kneels in front of Ricci. She reaches out and gently caresses the tip of the brunette's breast, getting an immediate rise from the soft teat.

"Lacey, if you're going to finger a girl, you have to .....warm her up first..."

She takes Ricci's nipple in her mouth, and concurrently presses her hand into Ricci's crotch. Christina lets out a stifled groan as she is manipulated by Neve's expert fingers and tongue. Before taking the other breast in her mouth, Neve continues to instruct.

"You can't just stick your fingers in the first opening you find. You have to work your way into a good .....position."

Pressing more insistently against Ricci's mound, Neve beings to feel Ricci's excitement. She expertly sucks Christina's other nipple, working the small brunette into a frenzy, as evidenced by the warm, stickiness in her groin. Neve leans back and sees the fear in Christina's eyes as she presses a little harder and finally inserts two fingers into Ricci's womanhood.

Leaning forward, she whispers to Lacey, "I think she's ready! Hold on tight..."

She begins stroking and plunging her fingers into Ricci's now lubricated love spot.

She again whispers into Ricci's ear, "This is gonna be the best you ever had..."

Christina begin bucking her hips and trying to free herself from Lacey's grip, but the growing burn in her groin begins to sap her energy and her concentration. Neve keeps the pressure up, speeding and slowing in response to Christina's facial expression and panting moans. After a solid minute or so, Ricci's tone begins to rise and Campbell's pace increases to keep up.

Soon Christina's hips are bucking to a new rhythm, one controlled by her opponent's probing digits. Christina's wider hips and fleshy butt slap against Lacey's tight abs, until she too joins Ricci's cadence. Reaching a crescendo, Ricci finally erupts, screaming and cursing and begging and pleading and screaming some more.

When Neve finally withdraws her finger, she says, "She's done, Lacey, you can let her go."

Christina falls forward, catching herself on one hand, the other massaging her tingling groin. Neve pushes the brunette over on to her back and stands up.

Neve points at Ricci, lying helpless on her back, and tells Lacey, "Face sit."

"But she already rubbed me and ....well...I already...." Lacey answers.

Taking a much lighter tone than before, Neve flashes her beautiful smile at the youngster, "Come on Lacey, this is the fun part."

As she pulls her exercise shorts down around her knees, she smiles again and adds, "Come first."

The new tone in Neve's previously commanding voice seems to comfort the teenager, as she smiles a devious smirk, "I always wanted to...." as she straddles the nearly unconscious brunette.

"You mean....You've never...Not even..." asks Neve, somewhat surprised.

She giggles girlishly, further putting Lacey at ease.

Lacey blushes, cutting off further questions with a simple, "No, not until just now"

She slides forward, feeling Ricci's soft milky tits slide under her nude bottom and rub against her womanhood as she giggles and slithers into position, asking, "Like this?"

"You got it...just start rubbing a'll get the feeling in a few seconds and then you'll know what to do."

Neve pulls her tights down, revealing a dark purple thong beneath her workout shorts. More importantly, her hard thighs and exquisitely toned ass are revealed. She sits on Ricci's belly, just behind Lacey, just as the teen begins to hit her stride, thrusting and pumping her hips, grunting with each lunge, her eyes tightly closed.

Neve kneads Lacey's tightly bunched shoulder muscles, massaging her sweaty student as she approaches climax, "Come on Lacey, relax, let it flow...."

But the brunette explodes in a howling scream as she cums all over Ricci's face, pulling her opponent's hair into her groin, forcing Christina's face deep into the maw between her legs. She finishes her work with a large explosive thrust, burying Ricci's face completely in her groin. Lacey rolls to the side, dismounting the red faced Ricci, completely exhausted by her second performance of the day.

Looking up at Neve through languid eyes, she says, "That was the best..."

Neve smiles, and a little more excited her self, begins swabbing Ricci's face using her gym shorts, blotting up the smeared makeup and Lacey's love leftovers. She stands quickly and sheds her thong, positioning herself for a reverse face sit. She gives her now bare pubic patch one loving stroke before kneeling down in front of Christina. The beaten brunette is just beginning to show signs of life as Neve slaps her around a bit.

"Bring me your water bottle," Neve says to the still languid teen.

Chabert climbs to all four and crawls over to the corner. She digs a water bottle out of the bag and slides it across the mat to Neve before crawling back. Neve squirts some of the water into Ricci's mouth, which immediately brings her back around, coughing and spitting. Looking up and seeing Neve, bare from the bra down, she quickly tries to squirm out from under Neve's pinning knees, but Campbell has her secured.

Looking over to Lacey, Neve explains, "I like to start out a bit slower..."

She silently lowers herself onto Ricci's face, muting her cursing as she struggled to free herself. Christina fights, throwing her feet in the air in an effort to kick her way out from under the facesitting Canadian.

Neve only rolls her head back, and gently closes both eyes, murmuring, "Ooooohhhh... mmmmmm.... yesssssssss..... It's almost better when they struggle."

Imperceptibly at first, Neve begins to thrust her hips forward and backward, her trim patch of dark pubes resting squarely on Ricci's chin. As the warmth in her groin spreads a bit, she begins to pump a little more feverishly, her well toned ass now rising and falling slightly with each grunting drive. Neve begins to vocalize a bit, rumbling and growling as she impales herself of Christina's facial features.

As her fervor increases, Neve leans forward and fills her hands with the hot, sticky flesh of Ricci's perspiration saturated breasts, squeezing and kneading the pliant mammaries in her hands as she approaches the summit of her ride. As the first waves of orgasm begin to sweep over her, Neve's eyes pop open and her mouth forms a rigid "O" shape. She draws in deep, filling breaths, wringing the last drops of pleasure out of her ride as she summits in a screaming, howling orgasm. She descends the other side of the orgasm, still catapulting her crotch into Christina's now unconscious face, screaming and cursing.

Her sports bra soaked in perspiration, the Canadian climbs off of Ricci, leaving the devastated brunette coated in her juices.

She looks over at Lacey, now smiling broadly, and asks, "You ready to go? I think she's done, and I don't want to be around when she wakes up."

Neve leans over and grabs her sodden sports shorts and thong, commenting, "I don't think I'll be wanting to wear these any time soon."

Lacey collects her bikini, and then grabs Ricci's polka dot swimsuit.

"No....leave that here. You didn't take Christina out, so you don't get a bikini to hang on your wall yet."

Lacey shrugs her shoulders, and drops the useless bikini on Christina's dozing body. Before climbing through the ropes, she splashes some water on Ricci, making sure she is stirring before hurriedly disappearing into the darkness with Neve.