How Angels Earn Their Wings by Kit 14 Nov 00
The original cast for "Charlie's Angels" was supposed to be, Courtney Cox, Heather Locklear and Julia Roberts. But when Cox and Roberts declined saying that the movie was too "cheesy," Locklear was dropped and they decided to go for a younger cast. Dozens of young actresses showed interest but studio executives, the director, writer and producers all had their own ideas as to who should star. After weeks of debating, the possible cast was narrowed down to ten lovely ladies. All were invited to a "casting party" at the director's home to mingle, audition and prove why she should be chosen for a role.

Drew Barrymore, Neve Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Heather Graham, Elizabeth Hurley, Lucy Liu, Jennifer Love-Hewitt, Denise Richards, Alicia Silverstone and Catherine Zeta-Jones showed up that Saturday afternoon to vie for parts. It was a hot afternoon around the pool and the friction growing between some of the actresses was even hotter as they mingled, read scripts and flirted in their bikinis.
Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone were no strangers to each other when it came to competing for the same roles, as were "Scream Queens" Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Drew and Alicia had already fought each other twice, each winning once; while Neve and Jennifer had battled once with Neve coming out on top. Jennifer had also lost a spat with Denise Richards as well.

Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham had a catfight broken up while Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones had exchanged words a few times, but nothing had come of it, so far.. Lucy Liu was the only one without a rival, but she wasn't without experience when it came to fighting other actresses.

As the party wore on, so did the tension. The girls were growing sick of each other, and the "brass" was becoming more and more divided on which three of the ten should be chosen.

Finally, all hell broke loose.

The director was talking with Drew and Alicia. It seems he wanted them both in the picture but the girls didn't want to star opposite of each other.

"She's a bitch," declared Drew pointing her finger in Alicia's chest.

"I'll have no part of any movie that she's in," Drew said as Alicia slapped her hand away.

"You're the bitch, you cheap drunk slut," snapped Alicia giving Drew a shove.

"Fuckin' bitch!" shouted Drew as she got her balance.


The echo could be heard all across the backyard as Drew slapped Alicia across the cheek, turning her head and nearly knocking her down.

"I'm gonna finish you once and for all!" yelled Drew as she grabbed two handfuls of Alicia's hair and yanked her upright.

"Ooooowwee!" cried Alica as Drew shook her head and gave her cheek another taste of her palm.

Seeing her friend in trouble, Denise Richards ran to help Alicia.

"Let her go, bitch!" demanded Denise as she grabbed Drew by the hair from behind.

Lucy Liu was on Denise in a flash. Nobody was going to pick on her friend during a fight. She tackled Denise to the grass, but as it turned out, she did Drew more harm than good. As Denise was going down, she still had a handful of Drew's hair.

"Fuuuuccckkk!!" screamed Drew as her roots were torn from her head, causing her to lose her advantage over Alicia.

Lucy and Denise rolled like a pair of wildcats across the lawn, shouting and cursing as they pulled hair and slapped each other about the body. Alicia had regained her senses and she and Drew went toe-to-toe in a slap fight.

Cameron Diaz and Catherine-Zeta Jones had been reading the script for the writer when Lucy raced past them and knocked Catherine into Cameron. The blonde and brunette fell to the ground arm-in-arm and started shoving and swearing as they tried to get up.

"You fuckin' bitch," swore Cameron. "Lookit my bikini."

Her left cup had been torn from the strap leaving her breast bare. Before Catherine could respond, Cameron tore off her black bikini in revenge as Catherine got to her knees.

"You bitch!" shouted Catherine as she reached for Cameron's top.

Cameron blocked her with one hand and pulled her down next to her by the hair with the other. Their catfight was now on as the writer stepped back and watched.

When the commotion started, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Neve Campbell were across the pool from each other. Their eyes locked and they made a bee-line for each other around the pool. They came together cussing and wailing. Hard slaps were exchanged as they moved away from the pool's edge and onto the grass.

Since the Austin Power movies, Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham had been feuding. Elizabeth felt she should've starred in the second movie while Heather was jealous because she heard Mike Meyers preferred working with Elizabeth over her. Heather was also envious because most people preferred the first movie over the second, something that reflected negatively against her. As Heather stood cheering on Cameron and Catherine, Elizabeth attacked her from behind.

"I'll show you who's the better actress, bitch," said Elizabeth as she grabbed two handfuls of the blonde's long, curly locks.

"Yeeeoooowww!!" squealed Heather as she was slung around the yard in circles by the hair.

"You slut!" said Catherine as she rolled on top of Cameron and straddled her waist.

Catherine tore down the rest Cameron's top as the blonde bucked and tried pulling her off by the hair. Cameron squealed like a pig as Catherine latched onto her pink nipples and pinched them.

"Aaaarrrgggg!!" cried Catherine as her hanging bare breasts felt Cameron's fingernails rake across them.

Neve had a handful of Jennifer's long hair in one hand as she gave her ass a wedgie with the other. Jennifer cried out as her bikini hiked up her butt and her head was tossed around on her shoulders.

Elizabeth slung Heather to the ground, tearing out a wad of golden hair in the process.

"I'm gonna kick your fuckin' ass now, you blond bitch," said Elizabeth putting her foot up Heather's shapely ass.

Heather rolled along the lawn as Elizabeth chased and kicked after her. Twisting around on her back, Heather lashed out with her foot and knocked Elizabeth's legs out from under her. The brunette landed hard on her ass and moaned as the vengeful blonde pounced on her.

Lucy, Denise, Drew and Alicia were all rolling and wrestling nearby. All four girls were all topless and clawing at each other's bodies. Red welts could be seen popping up along their breasts, backs, arms, thighs and faces. Denise found herself underneath Lucy.

"Eeeeoooowweeeee!!" cried the trapped actress as Lucy sat on her waist scratching at her round mounds of flesh.

Drew and Alicia had a fistful of hair and a handful of tit as they slowly rolled over and over each other in the direction of Lucy and Denise.

"Bbbbiiiittccchhh! Ooooooo!!" cursed Alicia as Drew twisted and pinched her tender areola.

Drew felt Alicia's nails dig and turn deeper in her swollen right tit.

"Aaaaarrrrgggg!!" cried Drew.

The backyard was filled with screams and cries of pain as well as shouts and curses of revenge. All ten actresses were locked in mortal combat with a rival that was bent on destroying her looks and career.

Lucy Liu was getting the better of Denise Richards. Drew Barrymore and Alicia Silverstone were fighting even. Jennifer Love-Hewitt had turned the tide against Neve Campbell. Elizabeth Hurley was tearing out Heather Graham's hair by the handfuls, and Cameron Diaz and Catherine Zeta-Jones were working over each other's tits as Cameron now sat perched atop Catherine. Drew and Alicia rolled close to where Lucy sat on top of Denise with her claws buried in her tits.

"Oooooo...gggaaaawwwddd!! Mmmmmy tits, mmmmy tits!" cried Denise with tears pouring from her eyes.

In a desperate attempt, Denise slugged Lucy across the mouth, sending her reeling sideways into Drew and Alicia. Lucy and Drew banged heads hard, causing both to see stars for a few moments as Denise rubbed her raw tits and Alicia rolled to her knees holding a tit and rubbing her scalp.

Catherine bucked beneath Cameron as the two gritted their teeth and squeezed each other's tits as hard as they could. The pain on their faces told the story as their hands and fingers flexed back and forth on the flesh in them.

"Yoooouuu...bbbbiiiitch!" shouted Catherine as she doubled up her right fist and started slamming it into Cameron's belly.

"Uuuugghh! Uuummmph! Ooooof!" groaned the blonde as she rolled off doubled up and holding herself.

On their feet, Jennifer was upper-cutting Neve with rights and lefts to the jaw and chin. Blood oozed from Neve's mouth as she gurgled from the punches and back-peddled.

Elizabeth had Heather pinned facedown on the grass and was bouncing her ass up and down on the blonde's shoulders. Heather moaned as her tits flattened out across her chest with each and every bounce. Elizabeth was stretching the blonde's head back with a handful of hair, while she administered a spanking to Heather's sweet, tight, little ass. Heather was begging and pleading for mercy, but Elizabeth would give none of it as she pulled out more hair and blistered the ass raw.

"You slant-eyed slut," said Alicia as she grabbed Lucy by the hair and slapped her across the face with a backhand.

Looking for revenge, Denise rolled in the direction of where she knocked Lucy off, but found Drew instead. Grabbing Drew by the back of the hair, Denise pulled her towards her.

"Oouuch!" squealed Drew, turning and pumping a fist into Denise's belly.

Denise doubled over moaning. Drew jerked her head up by the hair and popped her across the jaw with a her fist. An uppercut had Denise's eyes rolling back in head and another fist turned out her lights as she fell face down on the ground.

Lucy and Alicia struggled to their feet. Each had a handful of hair and was slapping away with the other. Neve Campbell came crashing between them, causing both to lose a lump of hair as she fell to her backside knocked out.

Jennifer latched onto Lucy's hair and slung her around to face her as Alicia watched Drew polish off her friend Denise. Jennifer and Lucy laid siege to each other in a hair-pulling catfight as they danced around the lawn shaking and jerking each other back and forth. Drew and Alicia doubled up their fists and took to fist fighting.

Catherine had Cameron's waist scissored between her strong, shapely limbs as the girls lay facing each other pulling hair and either slapping or scratching each other across the cheek.

Elizabeth left Heather on the ground with a lobster red ass and a bleeding scalp as she joined Cameron in fighting Catherine. Elizabeth pried Catherine's legs open as the blonde reached down between her bikini bottoms and clamped onto her cunt. Teaming up, Elizabeth and Cameron worked Catherine into a crying fit as they mauled her tits and pussy equally hard. Lucy and Jennifer were doubled over holding a handful of the other's hair and pulling on a nipple with the other.

"Eeeeooooowwwweeee!!" cried Jennifer and Lucy as their nipples were pinched, pulled and rolled between the other's fingers.

Alicia and Drew were trading stiff jabs and wild hooks as they rocked each other's head and buckled knees. Alicia's left fist peeled the hide from Drew's lips as the knuckles went by and Drew's fist watered Alicia's eyes and bloodied her nose as it connected flush on the tip of the nose.

With Catherine out, Elizabeth and Cameron looked at each other. Jumping to their feet they went for each other.

"Bitch!" shouted Elizabeth lunging. "Uuuugggghhhh!!" she moaned as she was lifted to her toes by a crotch-kick that caught her squarely between the legs.

Cameron's right hook to the jaw sent Elizabeth to the ground dazed and confused. Cameron yanked off the brunette's bikini top and then grabbed the front of her bikini bottoms and jerked.

"Yeeeoooooowwww!!" screamed Elizabeth as her pussy was suddenly filled with her red bikini.

The blonde cursed the brunette as she stood on her hair and grabbed ahold of her perfect pink nipples. Elizabeth wailed out as Cameron pulled back on her tits. The brunette arched her body as she dug her fingernails into the blonde's wrists. Cameron let go and slapped her across the face as she plopped her ass down across her waist and started pounding the back of Elizabeth's head into the ground by the hair.

Drew's fist snapped Alicia's head backwards, and the uppercut that followed slammed her jaws shut causing her to bite her tongue. Alicia was now bleeding heavily from the mouth and nose as Drew continued to connect punches with pin-point precision until she laid out Alicia flat on her back.

Jennifer had Lucy in a headlock and was hammering punches into her face. Lucy's nose was busted and her left eye was puffing and turning blue as Jennifer punished her. Lucy was pulling back on Jennifer's hair with one hand and scratching at her right tit with the other. But it wasn't until Lucy clamped her hand to Jennifer's pussy did she achieve any success.

"Aaaaarrrggg!!" cried Jennifer as the claw-like grip was applied.

Jennifer let Lucy go, and both ladies staggered away from each other.

Cameron ripped out two chunks of Elizabeth's soft, silky hair and then turned her attention elsewhere. Reaching behind herself, Cameron twisted her fingers through the brunette's curly pubic hairs with her right hand as her left hand gripped down on Elizabeth's right tit.

With tears streaming down her face, the brunette screamed for mercy as Cameron plucked on her bush and squeezed her tit.

"Get the bitch!" shouted Drew as she grabbed Jennifer from behind and held her.

Lucy staggered towards them and started punching wildly into Jennifer's upper torso. Even though the blows were half-hearted, Jennifer was in no shape to absorb them. Her tits hung sadly from her chest as Lucy used them as targets. With the pain too great, the lovely Jennifer passed out and slumped in Drew's arms. Drew let her drop to the ground as she and Lucy leaned over and took deep breathes.

Elizabeth was also passed out. She went numb when Cameron lowered her teeth on her left tit and bit down on her areola while still pulling out cunt hairs from her pussy.

Drew, Lucy and Cameron all looked at each other.

"Let's get her," said Lucy.

Cameron shook her head, "You stupid bitch. Look around. It's just us three. We made it!"

The two friends then realized it and laughed. They walked over to Cameron and the three of them joined together in a group hug.

Everyone suddenly realized they were looking at the cast of the new "Charlie's Angels" movie. And the rest, as they say, is movie history!