Charlie's Angels: Lucy, Drew and Cameron vs. Demi Moore by TNT

"Arghhhh! Nooooo!" SPLASH! Gurgle, gurgle, bubble bubble!

"You need an attitude adjustment you Asian bitch," Demi Moore snarled as she pushed the lovely Lucy Liu's face under the water. Lucy's arms flailed frantically, the tall beautiful brunette smiled wickedly as she relished this moment.

"Nice fountain, beautiful scenery, kind of erotic, don't you think?" one guest of the fancy restaurant said to his friend as he watched the forty year old beauty trying to drown her lovely companion.

Demi and Lucy had met in the luxurious restaurant lobby; exchanged words, insults and threats. Lucy and her fellow Charlie's Angels, Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, were supposed to meet Demi at the restaurant to settle some issues; mainly the 'Angels' jealousy over Demi hogging all the publicity about their new movie. Lucy had arrived early and now she wished otherwise as she frantically held her breath as the icy water chilled her silky skin and thoroughly drenched the top half of her tight, low-cut, black dress.

"UHHHHH! GASP! COUGH!" Lucy sucked in the precious air filling her aching lungs as Demi pulled her head out of the water with a vicious hair-pull.

"Thought you were supposed to be tough hon," Demi snarled as she turned the gasping Lucy around, raised her arm and prepared to introduce her fist to the lovely Asian's face.

WHAM! "I'm tough too, bitch!" Cameron Diaz snapped as she sent a hard punch to Demi's lower back.

"UGHHH!" Demi grunted as she released her drenched captive and Lucy fired a fist to Demi's gut. The punch was solid but not too powerful as Lucy was still gasping for air. Still, the fist sunk in, then bounced off the brunettes tight six-pack abs. Despite her pain, Demi fired an uppercut to Lucy's chin that snapped her head back, sending her falling back into the ice cold fountain with her dress at her waist and her shapely legs sticking straight up in the air.

"I just love this place!" a lucky passerby remarked as he stared at Lucy's legs, thighs and other revealed assets as she thrashed in the water.

"That wasn't very nice," Cameron hissed as she grabbed a fistful of Demi's dark hair and pulled her forward. Demi's heel broke and she lost her balance just as Cameron's hard shove sent her reeling sideways where she crashed into another beautiful woman.

"Gosh, I didn't know you were so clumsy, Demi," Drew Barrymore said as she landed a well-aimed foot to the brunettes belly. The sharp pointed toe proved to be far more effective than Lucy's punch and Demi grunted as she dropped to her knees gasping.

"Lets get her!" Drew and Cameron shouted in unison.

They rushed forward, each grabbed a handful of hair and together they jerked Demi to her feet. The long slit at the side of Demi's gown parted to reveal a long, lovely, perfectly muscled leg. She staggered, still dazed by the painful blows and her broken heel making her unsteady as she was hauled toward a large door. The special party room folks froze as two lovely ‘Angels’ pulled the screaming Demi through the door.

"Wow, this place really does provide great entertainment, angelic catfights," a surprised partier exclaimed.

The half drunk guests in the private room exchanged comments as they watched the three continue to battle, oblivious to their surprised audience.

"We're gonna kick your smart-ass, Demi you nasty bi...YEAHHH! AUGHHHH!" Drew failed to complete her name-calling as Demi's fist smashed into her jaw sending her backward over a small table; head over heels with her short dress riding high enough to give onlookers a nice view of her ‘scenery.’

"Wow, just like the movie! Demi’s hot AND she can really fight!" one excited fan shouted.

SLAP! “Uhhh!” PUNCH! “UNNNHHH!” The blows, the moans, repeated over and over as Cameron and Demi traded punches and slaps. But it was Demi who got dirty; after a hard backhand to the tall blondes face she nailed the angels firm left breast with a hard punch, her knuckles smashing directly onto Cam’s erect nipple.

"Wish you'd worn a leather bra, don’t you, you blonde bitch?" Demi snarled, as Cameron yelped in pain. RIPPPPPP! Demi grinned with satisfaction as she tore Cameron's tight silky blouse open exposing a pair of firm breasts without any support. "Did that hurt Cam dear?" Demi cackled as the blonde cupped her breast, taking an involuntary step backward. She looked at her skirt and thought, "Hmmm! Wrap-around, that should come off easy!" she thought as she reached for Cameron’s skirt.

"Take that honey!" Drew yelled as her foot slammed into Demi’s right leg.

“AUGGGH!” Demi groaned and her leg exploded in excruciating pain where Drew’s stiletto heel stabbed like a dart.

Demi spun around, barely avoiding Drew's incoming fist which she felt ruffle the air next to her cheek.

"Too bad you missed sweetie," Demi scoffed and her own aim was much better. The force of Demi’s punch snapped Drew's lovely head back. “UHHHH!” Drew groaned as Demi's knee came up hard and deadly accurate between her legs; the point of her knee impacting on the sheer panties and splitting Drew’s labia like a hot knife slicing through butter.. Demi grabbed the rapidly sinking Drew's full breasts in two strong hands and her long fingers dug deep into the soft orbs.

"So you're the one with the tits!” Demi laughed. “Well, how's THIS feel you bitch?" the angry brunette snarled as Drew's lovely face contorted in pain and her beautiful eyes filled with tears.

"YEEE-AHHHHH!" An ear-shattering shout got everyone's attention as the door flew open and in stormed an angry and soaking wet little Asian angel. Demi looked up but decided Lucy wasn't an immediate threat so she lunged for Cameron and they locked fingers to begin a test of strength. Demi quickly gained control using her hard-body - and a nasty kick to the tall blondes shin. WHOMP! Demi ran Cameron back into a wall and a head-butt left her in a world of pain. UHHHH! Cameron gasped as Demi again used her knee, smashing it up into Cameron’s pubic mound with the same devastating effect it had had on Drew. Demi grabbed the groaning blonde by her breasts, squeezing the firm mounds viciously as she pushed Cameron upright on the wall.

"Enjoying it blondie?" Demi snarled and planted her lips on Cameron's, leaning forward to press her breasts into Cameron’s. "I get the idea you enjoy this, huh?" Demi snickered as her nipples stabbed into Cameron's hard nubs making Cameron groan.

"Isn't this fu...?" Demi never got to finish her question for FUN took on a new meaning as two explosions detonated in her back taking her breath away. Demi gasped as her scalp burst into fiery pain... "What the hell?"

The angry and hurting Demi felt herself pulled off balance, spun around and this time she didn’t duck in time. A hard powerful fist slammed into her nose. CRUNCH! Amazingly, no nose, bleed - just a world of hurt and many colorful stars.

Lucy took a step back, snarled and said, "Now Demi, its my turn! No, maybe it’s all our turns, to get the spotlight." She was almost laughing as she delivered a hard snap-kick to Demi's crotch. Payback really is hell! She gasped and started to fall backward but someone caught her mid-fall as two arms wrapped around just under her breasts. UGHHHH! UHHHH! Though still in pain, Cameron summoned all her strength as she squeezed Demi in a powerful bear-hug, her breasts and stiff nipples jutting into Demi’s back.

"UHHHH! OHHHHH!" Demi gasped.

"Oh yeah, its our turn now!" Drew snarled. "Hold her, Cam! So you want to talk about tits?" Drew snickered. "So do I! You looked at mine, now lets see yours," RIPPPPPP! Demi's eyes filled with anger as the expensive designer gown tore open freeing her big beautiful treasures.

"Nice!" all three Angels said in unison.

Drew fired a punch into each mound, then gave the groaning brunette a hard backhand that split her lower lip.

"Squeeze her good and tight, Cam," Lucy ordered and Cameron was happy to oblige. Demi groaned, her spine creaked and Cameron's face turned red as she squeezed even tighter. Demi felt her feet lift off the floor and one heel came off.

"Lets have some more fun," Lucy cackled, pointingto a long table.

"No! What are you doing?" Demi groaned.

"Shut up bitch," Drew snapped as she drove a punch low into Demi’s belly.

But with a quick burst, the big brunette broke free of Cameron's grasp and landed a slap to Drew's surprised face as she pushed past her. Lucy leaped like a tigress, grabbed Demi's hair, jerked her head down and THUD! Her knee to Demi’s face made the brunette yelp in pain. With Lucy’s fingers buried in her hair, Demi was at a huge disadvantage when Drew and Cameron joined in and all three girls wrestled Demi down onto the table.

"Lets strip her," Cameron yelled, as if they needed instructions!

The three angels went to work, stripping Demi down to just a thong, one heel and a pretty pearl necklace. Cameron and Drew each took possession of a full breast. Cameron’s other hand pulled Demi’s luscious dark hair as she mauled one breast and Drew tormented the other breast while her other hand applied a painful stomach claw.

"What, oh what, should I do?" Lucy giggled; her hands caressing Demi's beautiful face as she leaned in to gave the writhing big brunette a hard, passionate, forceful kiss. Then Lucy tweaked Demi’s nose and purred, "I think I can find something more interesting than this,” as she pinched Demi's nose and yelled, "Honk-honk!"

Demi moaned, squirmed and then pleaded as Lucy ran her hand slowly down the brunettes beautiful body, "No, please!"

Hard hair pulls, harder breast squeezes and nipple pinches produced only silence as Demi's lovely face produced beads of cold sweat while Lucy's fingers slipped, slid and fluttered down between her breasts, over her heaving stomach making their way inexorably to her neatly trimmed pubic mound.

"Nice! Oh so very, very nice," Lucy cooed as she ran her fingers lightly over the gentle curve, her spread fingers combing the wiry thatch of dark hair as the room full of partygoers watched in silent anticipation.

"ARGHHH! YEOWWWW!" Demi groaned as Lucy closed her fist and yanked her pubes. But very soon the tall warrior’s groans of pain became moans of pleasure as Lucy’s skillful fingers worked their magic and she brought the Angel’s captive to the very brink of climax; once, twice, three times….and each time she backed off and waited. Every gorgeous muscle in the brunette Amazon’s tense body pleaded for sweet release and Demi surrendered her pride as she gasped, moaned, whimpered, pleaded, begged with Lucy for heavenly release..

"You need to cool down, you nasty bitch," Lucy hissed as the three ‘Angels’ pulled the panting Demi to her feet.

They took turns slapping, pushing her around and spanking her butt. The moaning lovely was roughly tossed around, her hair pulled, her full breasts squeezed, her long hard nipples pinched, her pubes tugged, and oh most definitely that lovely ass was slapped and swatted by all three of them! Finally, the three Angels took their tall mean gorgeous and thoroughly humiliated; embarrassed brunette devil back out to the fountain and threw her in.

"Guess you did get ALL the attention tonight," they laughed in unison as the partygoers who had all poured out of the room to watch the finale applauded the show.

"We can finish this sometime in the future, right girls?" Lucy chirped, "There oughta be a ‘fitting climax’ to every good event!"