NCWL: “The Charmed Ones” (Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano) vs.
“The Smallville Girls” (Allison Mack, Kristin Kreuk, Erica Durance) by bigfan

The giant screen comes on, and Cheryl Ladd is standing with Allison, Kristin, and Erica who are all wearing cut-off jeans and tee-shirts. She asks, “You three have a chance to make history tonight becoming the first 6 woman tag champs. How do you all feel?”

Kristin glances at her partners, then speaks for the trio, “Like you said this history in the making and we don’t want to be the trivia question answer as the first losers.” Allison and Erica nod in agreement.

“You have a size advantage, does this tip the scales in your favor?” Cheryl asks.

This time it’s Erica who answers. “No, we beat ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and they had the size advantage. The ‘Charmed Ones’ beat the ‘Vegas Vixens’ and Molly Sims and Nikki Cox were both bigger than any of the Charmed trio.”

Cheryl asks another question, “You have all had singles success, why step away from that to chase this title.”

The other two women step back and let Allison field this one. “We’re not giving up our singles wrestling, but none of us where willing to pass up a chance like this.”

The Smallville Girls then walk out, leaving Cheryl standing alone for a few seconds and begins looking around. She turns to someone off camera asking, “Are they coming?” Cheryl turns around looking. Then walking into the interview area is Kaley Cuoco. Cheryl looks confused as the Charmed One’s new co-star stands smiling in front of her.

Cheryl asks, “Are your co-stars coming?”

Kaley rolls her eyes before replying, “No, they are getting ready to beat the shit out of those three skanky cunts.” She holds her nose. “I can still smell their funk. I bet it’s that Ho-bag Allison I smell.” Kaley scrunches her nose and waves her hand in front of her face, then pulls the mic back. “You can be sure the ‘Charmed Ones’ are taking the titles tonight. After that, I’m going to get Allison in the ring, she can’t keep running from me.”

Cheryl asks the young blonde, “So, you think Allison is running from you? I usually don’t make predictions, but Allison would crush you Kaley.”

Kaley looks shocked, “I can’t believe you said that! We’ll see what you think after tonight.” She shoves Cheryl as she brushes past her.

In the ring Loni Anderson checks the ring while Donna Mills begins the introductions. “The next match is for the new Six Woman Tag Team Title.” Fans cheer, though most look confused thinking this would be the main event. Donna lets the noise settle down then the Theme from Smallville begins playing. The big screen shows highlights of the Smallville girls win over Charlie’s Angle’s. Donna introduces, “The first team is known as ‘The Smallville Girls’ let’s hear a big welcome for Allison Mack, Erica Durance, and Kristin Kreuk!”

The three young women walk out arms high waving to the crowd. They come down the ramp giving fans high fives. They go around the ring greeting fans all three are wearing cut off jean shorts and bikini tops Allison’s is white, Kristin’s is a dark blue, and Erica’s is red. They roll into the ring and gather in a small huddle in their corner where Kristin is giving a pep speech. “We’re tougher, stronger, faster, and we’re going to win this match.”

Allison adds, “Remember; quick tags. It doesn’t matter who we trap in the ring, we’ll wear her down.” Then they put there hands together in the center of the huddle and scream in unison, “LET’S GO!”

They separate and begin their stretching and at that moment, the theme to “Charmed” comes over the sound system and the big screen now shows the highlights of the ‘Charmed One’s’ victory over the ‘Vegas Vixens.’ Smoke billows up on the stage as the Charmed One’s come up from under the stage riding on a lift. All three are wearing see through black silk robes, and black panties.

Donna cries out, “Their opponents, ‘The Charmed One’s’…Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Alyssa Milano!” As the Charmed One’s stroll to the ring Donna concludes, “The winner of this match will become the first ever six woman tag champs!”

When the lift stops, the three ‘witches’ begin a slow stroll to the ring. They reach the ring apron they drop the robes in unison. As one they slide on their bellies under the bottom ring rope keeping watchful eyes on the Smallville girls. The ring seems crowded with the six competitors and Loni and Donna, Donna’s exit does nothing to help. The women all remove their outfits and both teams huddle discussing last-minute strategy.

DING! DING! DING! Loni signals for the bell, and four members of each team step out of the ring. First up for ‘Charmed’ is Holly and as Erica and then Kristin step out, she’s left to face Allison from ‘Smallville’. Allison and Holly move to the center of the ring where they lock up in a classic collar and elbow tie-up. After a few seconds of turning in circles, Allison manages to power Holly backward into a neutral corner, slamming the brunette into the turnbuckles. Loni calls for the break, so Allison holds her arms up, arching her back and thrusting her bosom into Holly’s.

Holly yells, “Get off bitch!”

Allison purrs confidently, “We don’t have to take shortcuts against you.”

She steps back and Holly takes the shortcut Allison was talking about - she throws a short hook punch that catches the blonde on the right ear. Allison’s hand covers her ear in a reflex, leaving her body wide open to Holly’s foot which slams into the blonde’s stomach. Allison backs away coughing, trying to catch her breath while Loni warns Holly. Holly doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the warning wraps Allison in a side headlock dragging her towards the wrong part of town for Allison.

Rose and Alyssa are clapping and yelling, “Bring her here!”

As they close in Allison slams her forearm into the small of Holly’s back. With the headlock loosen Allison shoves Holly forward sending the brunette crashing into Rose. Holly’s and Rose’s head collide with a crack. Rose falls to the floor and as Holly bounces back Allison shoots an arm up between Holly’s legs. Holly’s arms wave in the air as she is rolled up by Allison. The matchbook pin only gets a one count as Holly kicks out.

Allison warns Holly, “Cheating already? It’s going to cost you.”

Holly ended up kneeling smirks, “This is a title match girly, winning is all that matters.”

Allison nods her head smiling taunts, “Well at least you realize the only way you can win is to cheat.”

Holly stands and charges trying to catch Allison off guard. With almost no effort Allison scoops Holly taking her over in a powerslam. Holly’s face shows the pain of the slam her hands go to the pain in her back. Allison takes advantage of Holly’s arms being out of the way. Allison gives Holly what amounts to a pink belly. Allison’s hands slap Holly’s soft belly with loud cracks. Allison uses Holly’s belly as a drum, then finishes up with a big SLAP that she reaches back to put a little extra into! Allison stands up and heads towards her corner, leaving Holly writhing on the mat holding her reddening belly.

Allison slaps Kristin’s extended hand, and as Kristin steps through the rope she tells Allison, “Good Job!”

Kristin shoots across the ring to the downed Holly while Erica leans over, puts a hand on Allison’s shoulder and tells her, “Way to get us started!” Allison nods, taking deep gasps of air, they turn to watch Kristin tear into Holly like a wild woman! She grabs two handfuls of Holly’s dark mane and begins slamming her head off the mat. Loni instantly warns Kristin who jumps up and backs off, but then she starts forward again. This time, Loni steps in between Kristin and her prey, warning her, “I WILL throw you out of this match if you don’t lay off the hair!”

While Kristin glares angrily at referee Loni, Holly has crawled toward the sound of Alyssa’s voice as she’s yelling for help. Kristin runs to try and intercept the impending tag, but she arrives just a second too late as Holly lunges and SMACK, slaps Alyssa hand. Kristin quickly backpedals toward her own corner with Alyssa chasing her.

But Alyssa stops short when she realizes how deep into the enemy territory Kristin has retreated.

Alyssa taunts, “You afraid little girlie?”

Kristin, blushing, moves slowly back to center ring, then replies, “Let’s go cunt!”

The expected lock up between the two never happens as Alyssa knees Kristin low in the belly. Alyssa stays on the offense, hooking Kristin under the arm and hip tossing Kristin over. Kristin lands on her back and Alyssa stays on her, hooking Kristin under the armpits and pulling her into a seated position. Alyssa digs her fingers into Kristin shoulders at the base of her neck. Kristin grimaces in pain, Alyssa knead her fingers increasing the pain.

Alyssa gives Kristin some advice, “It’s only going to get worse. Imagine this claw on a more *sensitive* area.”

Kristin cries, “Aaaahh! Screw you.”

Alyssa releases Kristin only to blast her in the back as Alyssa hits a dropkick right between Kristin’s shoulder blades. Alyssa crawls over saying, “You had your chance!” Kristin just groans in response. Alyssa gets back to her feet and walks to Kristin’s legs picking up her left ankle. Alyssa drags Kristin into the Charmed One’s corner where she signals to Rose and they make the tag. Alyssa tells Rose, “Let’s do it!”

Rose nods and bends over picking Kristin up by the hair. Rose then fires Kristin off towards the ropes. Alyssa takes off towards the opposite rope. On her way back Kristin is lifted by Rose as if she was about to deliver a spine buster. Rose doesn’t slam her down, but Alyssa comes flying back and leaps clotheslining Kristin as Rose pulls on her legs. Kristin crashes to the canvas with Alyssa’s arm across her chest. Rose is still holding her legs while Alyssa pushes herself up by pushing down on Kristin tits. Rose lets Kristin’s legs fall, then gives the brunette a quick stomp to the crotch. Kristin jerks upward off the mat, one hand holding her head, the other her crotch. Rose and Alyssa high-five as Alyssa heads out of the ring.

Rose taunts Kristin, “Let’s see how tough you really are!” She pulls Kristin up into a sitting position, grabbing both wrists Rose locks in the surfboard hold. Kristin cries out once from the pain, then an angry look comes over her face. Rose turns to Loni, “Ask her! I think Kristin may want to quit.”

Kristin screams, “Fuck you cunt!”

Rose pulls harder on Kristin’s arms, but can’t get the scream out of Kristin she’s looking for. Rose drops Kristin’s arms letting the young brunette fall to her side. Rose falls on Kristin locking her in a headlock. Rose slaps at the top of Kristin’s head taunting her, “I heard you were a tough chick. No one pushes you around huh?” But Rose’s taunt may have come a bit early as Kristin slips out of the headlock; reversing it into a hammerlock on Rose. She moves the hair out of her face with here free hand, exposing her red, sweaty cheeks as she puts her knee in Rose’s back and pulls on the hammerlock while sucking in air.

After catching her breath, Kristin finally replies to Rose’s taunting, “You have a rep of being a tough girl too. Let’s see.” She puts a hand on Rose’s head and continues to hold the hammerlock. Kristin raises her legs up and drives her knee into Rose’s shoulder. After three more Kristin stand over Rose and begins stomping on Rose. Kristin’s only stops her assault when she has kick Rose into the ropes. Kristin turns heading to her corner. Kristin tags Allison in who looks over to Erica.

“Get ready!” Kristin yells. “Bring her over.”

Allison nods, but as she turns back to Rose, the downed woman fires a fist into the blonde’s unprepared belly. Allison’s eyes widen as she doubles over, Rose’s goes after a sweeter target next. Rose’s right comes up and slams into Allison’s hanging left breast. Allison drop to her knees, one arm across her stomach the other hand holds her sore boob. Rose gets to her feet and goes to make a tag.

Alyssa is the one she chooses, telling her partner, “Get her over here, Rose!”

Alyssa slaps Rose’s ass as she passes her. Alyssa is on Allison quickly setting up for and delivering a DDT to the Blonde. Allison stunned is hauled up to her feet by Alyssa. Alyssa takes Allison’s arm and whips her into the Charmed One’s corner where Holly and Rose both latch on to an arm holding Allison in the corner. Alyssa has a broad smile as she moves into quickly working over Allison’s torso. Alyssa fist work over Allison breast, stomach, and ribs. Loni is yelling for the ‘Charmed One’s’ to release Allison, but then she turns and catches both Kristin and Erica entering the ring.

Alyssa turns to taunt the other two ‘Smallville’ girls, “Yeah come on; save your friend and get disqualified. Just hand us the belts.” Kristin and Erica are both yelling at Loni to turn around. Behind the ref Holly has an arm around Allison’s neck choking her. Rose has reached over and is mauling Allison tits. Loni is insisting that Kristin and Erica leave the ring. Alyssa continues to try and get under the skin of Kristin and Erica, “We’ll send what’s left of Blondie back to ya.”

Realizing the only way to help Allison is leaving the ring Kristin and Erica step through the ropes. When Loni does turn back around Allison is slumped in the corner her face bright red and tears run down her face. Alyssa moves back to get the action going and keep Loni from asking any question. Alyssa pulls Allison up by the wrist. Alyssa turns her back on Allison, but reaches back hooking her arm around the blonde’s head. Alyssa flips Allison over with a snap mare. Alyssa covers Allison pushing her forearm into the side of Allison’s head. Loni gets a two count before Allison kicks out. Alyssa leaves Allison face up on the mat going over and tagging Holly in.

Alyssa yells at her partners, “Quick tags! Get in, hurt her and get out.”

Holly follows instructions, dragging Allison up and scooping her sending her back to the canvas with a bodyslam. Now Holly covers placing her hands on both of Allison’s tits. Allison kicks out at two again. Holly doesn’t follow up, but turns and tags Rose in. Rose gets Allison up and hits a spine buster. Rose goes for the pin, but she hooks Allison’s leg. Loni gets close to three this time and jumps up signaling that Allison has kicked out in time.

Keeping the pattern going Rose tags Alyssa in. As Rose and Alyssa trade places Rose says, “Fuck this little bitch! She doesn’t get out of the ring without submitting.”

Both Alyssa and Holly nod in agreement as Allison remains curled up in pain in the center of the ring, her eyes blinking slowly; seemingly unable to focus. Alyssa moves over to Allison hooking her under the arms to get Allison to her wobbling feet. Holing Allison upright Alyssa sets up for a suplex, but Allison catches her in a small package.

Loni hurries into position and start the count but Alyssa kicks out at two. When Alyssa gets to her feet, the anger is clear on her face. Allison is on all fours in front of the irate woman. Alyssa draws her leg back kicking Allison in the gut sending her rolling across the ring. Too late Alyssa sees her mistake as the kick sends Allison into her own corner within range of Erica’s outstretched arm.

Erica is screaming at her partner, “Come on Allie, just slap my hand!”

Allison is hurting, but still has her wits about her and reaches up making the tag. Erica jumps into the ring charging Alyssa, Alyssa holds her ground. Erica gets the first blow in a forearm shot across Alyssa chest. Erica follows with three more that drives Alyssa back into her own corner. Alyssa hangs in her corner, but Erica attacks Rose. Erica’s foot shoots through the ropes catching Rose in the gut. Rose is knocked off the ring apron into the security railing. Erica pounds a forearm into Holly’s chest knocking her to the floor below too.

Erica’s momentum is stopped then as Alyssa knee drives into Erica’s gut about the belt line. Erica turns her cheeks puffing she staggers away. Alyssa follows her hurt prey, then drops to a knee and brings her arm swinging up between Erica’s legs. Erica’s knees buckle and knock together as her crotch explodes in pain.

Alyssa grabs Erica by her ponytail pulling her head back taunting, “Welcome to the match.”

Alyssa slips her head under Erica’s left arm, while locking her arms around Erica’s waist. With a snap of her hips and a grunt from Alyssa she takes Erica over in a belly to back suplex. Landing on the back of her head Erica groans and shakes her head trying to clear it. Alyssa goes to her corner where Holly and Rose have returned to. Both seem eager to get their hands on Erica.

Alyssa slaps Holly’s hand and tells her, “Same plan…different cunt.”

Holly rolls Erica on to her back and, looking down at her, mutters, “Now, there some titty you can dig into!”

Holly sits on Erica’s belly and begins mauling her ample boobs until Erica is crying out loud in pain. Holly adds bouncing her ass on Erica’s stomach to the pain she’s causing Erica who - with her arms trapped - resorts to bringing her knees up and hammering them into Holly’s back. A second blow to the back gives her enough room to free her arms and she grabs Holly’s arms and rolls her off. Erica rolls over on top of Holly, pounding her fist into the brunette’s belly to take her breath away.

Then Erica gets to her feet and stomps Holly’s stomach as she walks over the Charmed One. Holly’s body folds around Erica’s foot as Erica’s full weight comes down on Holly’s belly button. Erica steps off Holly and keeps moving down toward Holly’s feet. She picks up on Holly’s left ankle and laughs, “Scream for me bitch!” as she begins to kick the back of Holly’s thigh and her round ass.

Then Erica stops her attack, dropping Holly’s leg. Holly has given into Erica’s request by screaming with each kick. Erica heads to her corner and gives her crotch a rub, showing it’s still bothering her. She tries to tag in Kristin, but Allison intercepts her hand preventing her from making the tag.

Erica and Kristin question her, but Allison is stubborn, “I know what I’m doing dammit! I want payback.”

Kristin tells her partner, “OK, well get it, and then come back and tag ME in!”

Allison waves her hand signaling that she heard. Holly is crawling towards her corner, Allison grabs her ankle to stop her. Holly rolls to her back and kicks out with her legs pushing Allison back. Holly rolls back over and lunges, clipping Rose’s out-stretched hand. Rose comes in slowly, but as soon as she’s through the ropes, she charges Allison.

But Allison is ready for her and she catches Rose in her feared finisher, a bearhug! Rose gasps at first as Allison grinds Rose’s ribs. Allison lifts Rose’s feet off the mat. Allison carries Rose to a neutral corner driving her back into the turnbuckles. Allison drapes both of Rose’s arms over the top ropes, then with a clear shot, she connects with an open handed SPLAT across Rose’s heaving tits.

Rose’s jaw drops and her mouth gapes open, but no sound comes out. Allison pulls Rose’s arms away from her chest, hanging them back over the top ropes again, giving everyone a look at the red welt already appearing on Rose’s very pale breasts. Allison pushes back on Rose’s chin as she brings an overhand SLAP down on Rose’s left tit.

Loni has been telling Allison to move out of the corner without having any success so now Loni begins counting. Allison use the count to it’s fullest as she kicks Rose in the gut several times until Loni’s count gets to “FOUR!” before moving back toward her own corner.

Allison looks at Kristin smiling, “I feel better now!” Then she tags Kristin in.

Rose is still sitting in the corner where Allison left her and Kristin grabs her by the wrist, lifting her pulling Rose out into the ring. With a quick movement Kristin takes Rose to the mat applying a crippler crossface. Seeing Rose is in real trouble both Holly and Alyssa jump into the ring.

Allison and Erica are in just as fast, like they expected this to happen. Allison ‘spears’ Holly, taking her out of the ring to the floor. Erica and Alyssa begin trading punches, some of which would be illegal catching each other in the face. Since Alyssa and Erica aren’t the legal women in the ring, Loni isn’t paying attention to them; she’s on her hands and knees watching Rose.

Loni asks Rose, “You want to submit?”

Rose can’t speak very well and it comes out, “NHUU…”

Alyssa stuns Erica with a right hand on the chin, allowing her to scoop the bigger woman and body slam her. Then she turns to save Rose but Erica grabs her ankle and trips Alyssa. Erica crawls on top of Alyssa while Alyssa is getting to her hands and knees trying to escape and reaches around her chest, grabbing both of Alyssa’s orbs in her clawing fingers. Loni, still checking on Rose, is trying to make sure Kristin’s hold stays on Rose’s chin and not her throat. Loni asks Rose but she still refuses to give up.

Kristin look at Loni says, “Wow you may have the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen.”

Loni looks down at her large breasts which are all but falling out of her referee’s shirt. Kristin giggles and pulls back even harder on her submission hold. Outside the ring Allison has Holly up on her shoulder hold her like a sack. Allison runs and slams Holly with a running powerslam. Allison gets up and turns back to the ring to see what’s happening. With her attention on the ring Allison doesn’t see Kaley Cuoco coming down the ramp. Kaley coming up from behind Allison locks the unsuspecting woman in a Dragon Sleeper.

Kaley pulls Allison down across her knee in a backbreaker. She continues her attack kneeling beside Allison and applies a pussy claw. Allison is almost out already weakly tries pulling Kaley hand away. Kaley drives her other elbow between Allison’s tits.

Just then, Michelle Trachtenberg comes running down the ramp and Kaley sees her coming and ducks out through the crowd. Michelle takes off in pursuit of Kaley. Rose’s normally pale face is now a mix of red and purple. Loni gets no answer or sign from Rose so she reaches over, lifting Rose’s free arm. It drops to the mat THUD.

Kristin screams, “YEA!” as Loni raises the arm again letting it fall. THUNK! Alyssa ignores her own pain, pleading, “Rose, get up Rose!” Loni raises Rose’s arm a third time and again lets it fall THUMP!

Loni signals for the bell, ending the match! Kristin drops the unconscious Rose and Erica pushes up off Alyssa! Erica and Kristin hug and begin celebrating. Then the realize Allison isn’t in view anywhere. Erica and Kristin look over the ropes, and finally find Allison lying next to Holly. Allison’s hands are wedged between her thighs. Erica and Kristin jump down checking on Allison. After a few seconds, they get Allison upright.

Erica asks, “Did Holly catch you?”

Allison shakes her head no, “Kaley, that bitch! I’m going to track her down.”

Kristin puts an arm around Allison’s shoulders saying, “Not tonight; tonight we celebrate!”

Allison nods her agreement. Then the theme to “Wonder Woman” begins to play over the sound system as Lynda Carter comes out carrying three belts. She’s wearing a normal dress suit and white blouse that she’s left unbuttoned to prove she still has the same great tits as before. Lynda walks to the ring and climbs the steps. Walking over to the far side of the ring Lynda calls for a microphone. The “Smallville Women” climb back into the ring.

Lynda says, “I’m here to award these belts to you after this great match.” She holds the belts up, presenting one to each of the team. Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum come down the ramp and Tom throws tee-shirts to each of the women.

Michael says, “Put some clothes on, the fights over!”

Allison pulls the shirt on quickly, while Kristin and Erica look at them before pulling them on. On the front they say, “We Kicked Your Ass” and on the back, “We are the Champs”

Allison laughing asks, “You couldn’t bring us bottoms too?”

Tom answers, “These’ll cover what they have to.”

Holding the belts above their heads they walk around showing them off to the fans. Strapping the belts around their waists they head to the rear with Tom and Michael to continue the celebration.

In the back Allison is in the shower when she hears someone say, “Knock, Knock” and she whirls around, whipping the water out of her face. She sees Michelle standing there and relaxes some. Allison reaches for her towel, but Michelle grabs it out of her hand.

Allison asks, “What do you want?”

Michelle gets a hurt look on her face saying, “Is that anyway to talk to someone who saved your ass - or I should say, your pussy.”

Michelle continues, “Kaley got away. Just remember, you owe me.”

Allison smirks, “I don’t owe you shit. You did it because you hate Kaley almost I much as I do.”

Michelle laughs, “No, I hate her MORE; and don’t think tonight changes anything. If you get in my way…I will go through you.”

Michelle tosses the towel in Allison’s face and by the time Allison gets the towel off her face, Michelle is gone!