Charmed Wars (Prologue) by John J. 6/01

The celebrity gossip reporters typically picked up on all the juicy stories going on in Hollywood. They could tell you who was having an affair with who, and who was stabbing whom in the back, and so forth and so on. One major story that everyone involved seemed to have kept a tight lid on, was the intense hatred between Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano. Everyone involved in the taping of "Charmed" knew that taping would be halted numerous times each day, as each actress would rip into the other for the smallest of mistakes. They would hurl all manner of obscenities at each other during their arguments. Several times the arguments nearly escalated to the point of throwing punches.

In recent weeks, the arguments and near fights had gotten so hostile, that the reports couldn't help but take notice. The people in charge at "Charmed" tried to downplay it, but Shannen and Alyssa had gotten to the point where their hatred for each other was unmistakable and undeniable. They stopped appearing at events for the show together, and would only appear if the other was not invited. They quit even making a show at getting along.

The producers and staff called the warring actresses together and told them both, "We are all sick and tired of the constant battles between you two. It is interfering with taping the show and it has to stop. You two either learn to get along, or one of you quits the show, or we will replace BOTH of you and put two new actresses in your role. Those are your three choices. Think it over ladies." At that, the meeting was closed, not giving either actress the chance to say anything.

The next two weeks brought an escalation of the mud-slinging and name calling, with both young actresses nearly constantly stating that the other should leave "for the good of the show."

About a month after the initial meeting the two actresses were called together again and the executive producer told them, "Alright ladies, you were given the opportunity to show that you could get along together, but you haven't even tried to make any attempt at getting along. Neither of you seems to be willing to quit, but you are both very adamant the other should leave. We thought about just outright replacing you both and firing you both right now. But, since you both like to show your temper, and we know that neither of you have a problem fighting it out, we have decided to let you do just that. We are now interviewing for replacements for both of you. Once we have found suitable actresses for your roles, you each fight it out in a nothing barred catfight to keep your job. In the event that you both win, or they both win, a tag team match will settle the matter. This matter is now closed. You will both here from me, when the actresses have been hired. You may now both leave."

At that, the producers and staff left, not giving either actress a chance to voice her complaints or objections.

Alyssa glared at Shannen and sneered, "See what you caused?"

Shannen fired back, "Me? It's you too, honey!"

Alyssa laughed, "Yeah right! Exactly how many DUIs are you up to now?"

Shannen snarled, "I might have my problems. But at least I don't need to spread my legs to keep a job because I can't act worth shit!"

Holly Marie Combs got in between the two battling brunettes and separated them. She said, "OK, OK. Enough from both of you. Alyssa, go! Shannen, you go that other way. NOW! GO! Both of you!"

At that, the two beauties stormed off, still pissed.

Approximately two weeks after the second meeting, the "Charmed" group reassembled again. The producer said, "I told you two I'd find replacements for you and what you'd have to do to keep your jobs. Alyssa, we've chosen Tiffani Amber Thiessen as your replacement and Shannen, we picked Rose McGowan as yours. If either of you want to quit and submit your resignation, you have two weeks. Otherwise, two weeks from this Friday, Alyssa will fight for her job and then on Saturday, Shannen will fight for hers. If need be, on Sunday we'll hold the tag team match. Three weeks from now, we will be announcing the new fall cast of 'Charmed.' That is all ladies. I suggest you get ready to fight."

Shannen and Alyssa just glared at each and left in separate directions, not even speaking.
Part One: Alyssa Milano vs. Tiffani Amber Thiessen

The two weeks between the producer's decision that Alyssa and Shannen would fight their possible replacements to keep their jobs and the actual fight night passed in a flash. Neither brunette beauty said a word to the other during that two-week stretch. Things seemed calm, but in actuality it was very tense. The tension on the set was palpable, although the silence between Alyssa and Shannen gave a false sense of calm.

Friday afternoon about five o'clock, Alyssa left the "Charmed" set. She arrived quickly at the abandoned set that was chosen as the arena for tonight's fight. The set was a dark alley set used for filming the "Charmed" and "Buffy" fighting scenes. This particular set was chosen because it provided numerous objects that could be used during the course of the fight such as garbage cans, bottles, dumpsters and such. The producers wanted nasty fights and they knew this set would provide it. They also knew the huge bonuses to be awarded to the winners ensured the girls would go at one another hard with no holding back.

Alyssa arrived wearing the outfit she chose to fight in. She dropped off her purse, as well as a bag with another outfit that she expected she'd need afterwards. Her chosen fight attire was a tight fitting white tank top and matching tight short-shorts. She also had white high heels and white thong panties to complete the outfit, but no bra. Her full round breasts heaved and strained against the tight material with every breath the voluptuous brunette took and her nipples were clearly visible as they strained beneath the tight top.

Alyssa paced impatiently as she awaited the arrival of her rival and possible replacement on "Charmed." After several minutes of pacing, the brunette sat down on a chair on the side of the set. Nearly two hours after Alyssa's arrival, Tiffani Amber Thiessen made her entrance.

She said with a smile, "Sorry I'm late. Traffic. You know the LA freeways."

One of the executives present told her calmly, "That's fine. We understand. We'll get started as soon as you're ready."

Alyssa fumed angrily, "Hey! I've been waiting nearly two hours for this damn prima-donna slut to show up, and you act like she's right on time. She should forfeit the fight." At this point, Alyssa got up from her, and got right in Tiffani's face.

Tiffani smiled sweetly, "Don't worry Alyssa sweetheart, I'll be ready in just a couple minutes. Right after that, you'll get that ass kicking that you've deserved for such a long time now."

The executive said to Alyssa, "There will be no forfeit. Tiffani is here now, and the fight will start in just a few minutes. It's plenty of a penalty that she isn't getting any rest or down time before the fight." He turned to Tiffani and said, "Tiffani, get ready to fight. We've all waited long enough for your arrival." He motioned Alyssa to move to her corner of the set, and the brunette reluctantly complied.

Tiffani stood in front of the producers as she seductively peeled off her conservative maroon silk blouse and matching skirt to reveal a sexy bright red outfit. She had on a halter-style crop top, which revealed an abundant display of cleavage, and tight short shorts. She also had on matching bright red thong panties, bright red high heels, and no bra.

Tiffani smirked at Alyssa, "All ready. Are you all set to get that tramp ass of yours kicked, bitch?"

Alyssa hissed, "Tramp ass, huh? Well, um. Who exactly did you have to screw to get this shot at my job?"

The producer said, "OK, ladies. Enough. Since you are both ready now. Let's get started. You both know the rules. There are essentially none, except that the fight ends when one of you surrenders or is knocked out cold. Now, FIGHT!"

Alyssa raised her fists and moved in cautiously toward her rival. Tiffani matched the stance, and two brunettes approached each other slowly. The two beauties circled each other like two professional boxers looking for an opening, and the chance to strike as the distance between them shrank. They traded some ineffective jabs and hooks, as each woman tested the other. Alyssa connected with the first real punch of the fight as she landed a solid right into Tiffani's boobs. Tiffani backed away just in time to have Alyssa's fist sail right in front of her nose. Tiffani quickly took advantage of Alyssa's missed punch and countered with a right into Alyssa's boobs. The two gorgeous brunettes backed away from each other momentarily as they each planned their next moves.

Tiffani rushed in and fired a left hook at Alyssa's head. Alyssa ducked under the punch and countered with a hook to the head of her own, snapping Tiffani's head to the side. Alyssa followed up with a hard kick into the ribs. Tiffani was caught totally off guard by the kick and nearly lost her balance momentarily. She was forced to take a few steps back to regain her balance, as well as some breath. Alyssa saw her chance and charged in with a head butt as she slammed Tiffani into the wall. Tiffani was slightly dazed from the combination of the head butt and the slam against the wall. Tiffani quickly snapped out of it though as Alyssa wrapped her fingers around her neck and started to squeeze hard.

Alyssa snarled, "Give up bitch! Or I'll break your damn neck!"

Alyssa shifted position slightly so she could apply even more pressure and tighten her grip. Alyssa moved her legs as she shifted position. Tiffani brought her knee up hard and connected solidly with Alyssa's pussy. Alyssa instantly released her choke as she backed away in pain. Tiffani gulped down some air as she went after her wounded adversary. Tiffani took a couple steps forward and feinted with a punch to the head that Alyssa ducked to avoid. But in ducking, Alyssa turned right into Tiffani's kick to the ribs. Alyssa winced as her ribcage took the blow hard. Tiffani followed up with an uppercut to the chin that put Alyssa down on the concrete on her back.

Tiffani hauled Alyssa to her feet by the hair and then immediately clamped on a standing headlock. Tiffani grabbed a hold of Alyssa's shorts and tried to hoist her up into the air, but couldn't quite get the leverage she needed. At the same time, Alyssa tried to force Tiffani backward towards the garbage cans, but she also couldn't get the required leverage. The two brunette beauties locked in the stalemate for a few moments before Alyssa switched her attack and raked her manicured nails down Tiffani's thighs. Tiffani squealed in pain as Alyssa's nails dug in and left a trail of bloody scratches down both thighs.

The two gorgeous brunettes released their holds on each other and broke apart. Tiffani was distracted as she checked her legs to see how much damage Alyssa had done. Alyssa had ample time to prepare herself, and she grabbed two fists of Tiffani's hair and whacked her in the face with a knee lift. Tiffani rolled over in pain, with a trickle of blood coming from her nose. Alyssa hoisted Tiffani up into the air by her hair and slammed her down hard on top of one of the many garbage cans in the alley set. Tiffani partially slid down the garbage, her back in pain. Alyssa backed up to build up some speed, and she charged toward her unmoving rival. Just as Alyssa approached, Tiffani rolled to the side. Alyssa looked on in fear as she slammed in the garbage can at full speed. Tiffani took advantage of the situation. She grabbed a fistful of Alyssa's hair and slammed her head into the garbage can lid repeatedly until Alyssa's nose and mouth were bloodied. Tiffani tore Alyssa's white tank top off her body, leaving her topless. Tiffani wrapped the torn garment around Alyssa's neck and began to choke her with it.

Tiffani tugged down hard on the torn top she had secured around her rival's neck, forcing her down to the concrete and into a body scissors hold. Tiffani clamped her legs down across Alyssa's midriff, while she kept up the choke hold.

Tiffani taunted, "Just give up, and I won't have to hurt you any more."

Alyssa gasped, "Go to hell!"

Tiffani sneered, "Exactly the response I expected." Tiffani poured on the pressure to both her scissors hold as well as her chokehold.

Alyssa moved and rolled slightly. That gave her just enough room to pound three hard punches into Tiffani's already bruised pussy. Tiffani yelped as she rolled away from Alyssa, in pain.

Alyssa was in no position to take advantage of her momentary victory. She was more worried about getting air back into her lungs and getting her strength back again. Just a short distance away, Tiffani fought back the pain between her legs as she prepared to continue her attack. Both beauties knew that they needed rest time to get fully recovered. Both women also both knew that time also allowed her rival to recover as well.

Tiffani got herself together just a bit faster than Alyssa, though she was still in a lot of pain. Tiffani grabbed Alyssa by the arm and set herself. Tiffani whipped Alyssa toward the garbage cans, but Alyssa stopped herself and reversed it. Tiffani found herself sailing toward the garbage cans. Tiffani groaned as her midriff slammed into the steel cans. She groaned again as Alyssa charged in and splashed her. Alyssa grabbed Tiffani by her tiny crop top and forced her toward the center of the alley. Holding Tiffani in a headlock, Alyssa grabbed at her opponent's short shorts and tugged on them hard giving the girl a painful wedgie and adding to the damage to her crotch. Alyssa continued to tug until the tiny shorts gave and ripped apart in her hands. Tiffani dropped to her knees and reached down to clutch her again bruised pussy.

Alyssa grabbed at Tiffani's top and pulled her enemy up by the top, but it ripped apart in her hands. Tiffani tumbled back, and the top went with Alyssa. Alyssa moved back in quickly to continue her attack. Tiffani set herself and nailed Alyssa with a hard kick to the pussy as she charged in. Alyssa staggered back and yelped as she dropped to the concrete in pain. Tiffani grabbed Alyssa's legs as she pulled herself up to her feet. Tiffani spread Alyssa's legs wide open. As the look of fear came over Alyssa's face, Tiffani stomped her hard in the pussy. Alyssa screamed loudly as the heel connected with her womanhood violently.

Tiffani got up. She grabbed Alyssa's nipples and squeezed them hard. She continued to twist, squeeze and pull on the sore nipples, pulling her adversary to her feet against her will. With Alyssa now on her feet, Tiffani whipped her enemy into the closest brick wall, tits first. Tiffani twisted Alyssa around and held her in place with an arm across the throat. With her free arm, Tiffani tugged at Alyssa's shorts and panties, pulling them down to Alyssa's knees, restricting her leg movements. Alyssa tugged hard on Tiffani's nipples in response, and with a hard shove pushed her opponent away. Alyssa struggled as she tried to remove her now tattered and torn bottoms. She got herself partially freed before Tiffani came right back on the attack with a kick to the tits. A second kick, the time to the belly, took Alyssa's legs out from under her and brought the brunette down again.

Tiffani hauled her rival to her feet by the nipples once again, twisting and squeezing them to force Alyssa to comply. Tiffani scooped Alyssa up into the air and slammed her down hard on top of the garbage cans. Alyssa rolled off and down to the concrete. Tiffani followed her and went after her adversary. Alyssa lashed out with her trapped legs and kicked Tiffani hard in the gut, knocking her away momentarily. Alyssa took advantage of her momentary reprieve and pulled her legs loose from the torn up shorts and ripped panties that restricted her movements.

Alyssa had only just barely gotten herself free from her torn up garments before Tiffani was on her again. Alyssa tried to roll away to get some maneuvering room, but Tiffani didn't let up. Alyssa ran out of space and nearly rolled against the dumpster at the back end of the alley. Tiffani yanked Alyssa up by her sore and bruised nipples once again and slammed her against the side of the dumpster. Tiffani backed up and gave herself space for a good run. She launched herself at full speed at her rival. Alyssa rolled out of the way at the last moment, and Tiffani crashed at full speed into the steel dumpster.

Alyssa pulled herself up slowly to her feet. She knew that she had to use this opportunity to turn the tide of the battle. Alyssa fired a salvo of punches into Tiffani's lower back and then a few kicks to her already bruised and battered pussy. Alyssa tore off Tiffani's panties, leaving both beauties naked except for their high heels. Alyssa twisted Tiffani around and dug her nails into Tiffani's boobs and mauled them. She raked her nails across the once pristine mounds of feminine flesh.

Alyssa released her tit hold as she reared back her fist. Alyssa swung a big hook at Tiffani's jaw, attempting to knock out her rival, but Tiffani blocked the punch and responded with a hook of her own. Alyssa staggered, not expecting the counter punch. Tiffani went back on the attack as she pounded Alyssa's sore boobs with a flurry of punches. Alyssa backed away, but Tiffani gave chase. Alyssa ran out of room and found herself backed against the garbage cans.

Tiffani swung with a big haymaker, but Alyssa ducked under it. Alyssa clutched Tiffani and bearhugged her adversary. Tiffani responded in kind, and two beauties struggled in mutual bearhugs. Tiffani won as she hoisted Alyssa into the air and dropped her with a vicious atomic drop. Alyssa cried out in pain as her wounded pussy slammed into Tiffani's planted knee.

Alyssa dropped in pain, sobbing. Tiffani showed no mercy as she grabbed her rival by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She immediately slammed Alyssa back to the concrete and applied a surfboard hold, and then a Boston crab. Alyssa moaned in pain, and cried out, nearly knocked out. Tiffani stopped her holds just short of Alyssa passing out from the pain.

Tiffani switched her attack to a figure-4 headscissors. Alyssa offered no resistance as the choking hold nearly knocked her out yet again. Tiffani got up and admired her work, studying her rival. Tiffani sat down and planted her ass down on Alyssa's face. She tweaked the nipples and mauled at Alyssa's boobs as she ground her ass into Alyssa's face. Tiffani kept grinding her ass into Alyssa's face until her rival was once again nearly out cold.

Tiffani grabbed Alyssa by the hair and yelled at her, "Lick it!"

Alyssa could hardly even understand, let alone comply.

Tiffani yelled again, "Lick it, or you'll get your ass kicked even more!"

That got Alyssa's attention, and she immediately began to run her tongue across Tiffani's pussy lips and in and out until Tiffani moaned with pleasure and came all over Alyssa's face.

Alyssa just sobbed at this further humiliation.

Tiffani taunted, "So are you ready to admit that this is over?"

Alyssa sobbed, "Yes! You win. I give up. Please stop!"

Tiffani sneered, "And?"

Alyssa cried, "And?"

Tiffani yelled, "What about your job, bitch!"

Alyssa cried, "Yes, yes! Tiffani can have my role on 'Charmed.' I resign!"

Tiffani hollered, "That's better. Now get your pathetic ass out of my site."

Alyssa just cried and lay on the cement.

Tiffani screamed again, "I told you to move, bitch! Now, go!"

Alyssa complied and pulled herself away, leaving Tiffani and the producers behind.

Tiffani smiled at the producers as she asked, "Well, I guess I showed her! Now, where do I sign to start this job?"

Shannen walked up at that moment and asked, "So, does this mean I'm done? Alyssa got her butt kicked. She leaves. End of problem, right?"

The producer said, "No, Tiffani, not yet. You'll get to sign the contract after Shannen's fight. And Shannen, NO! Just because Alyssa lost, doesn't mean you're out of the woods. You have to fight to keep your job too!"
Part Two: Shannen Doherty vs. Rose McGowan

Shannen Doherty arrived nearly an hour late for the scheduled five o'clock start time for her fight against Rose McGowan. She wore a yellow plunging v tank top with matching short shorts, white panties and white high heels. Like all the other competitors, she wore no bra.

Rose had been waiting impatiently for over an hour for her adversary to arrive. She had already changed into her chosen fight outfight of a black tube top, black mini skirt, black high heels and matching black thong panties. She wore no bra and her legs were bare.

Everyone looked to Shannen, waiting to hear her explanation for her late arrival. Shannen asked nastily, "What the hell is everybody looking at me for?"

The producer asked in an even but irate tone, "An explanation. You are an hour late."

Shannen smiled, "An hour late for what? I told you yesterday, since Alyssa lost I consider this matter settled. I don't need to fight to keep my job."

The producer responded, "And I told you yesterday that you were going to have to fight. Either fight or you forfeit the match. It's your choice."

Shannen got right up into his face as she snarled, "Forfeit! Forfeit what? The only reason I'm here is to sign the contract for next season."

The producer ignored Shannen and her tirade and called out, "Fight!"

Shannen screamed, "Hey! This discussion isn't over yet. I didn't come here to fight over an issue that's clos...."

Shannen didn't get the chance to finish her sentence. Rose had sneaked up behind Shannen and nailed her with a hard kick to the back of the head. Shannen tumbled forward. The producers and other executives barely scrambled out of the way before Shannen came down. Rose picked up one of the chairs that the executives were sitting in and swung it at Shannen, but Shannen rolled out of the way in time, and the chair whacked into the concrete.

Rose released the chair she was holding and chased after Shannen, while Shannen continued to scramble away to gain some distance and the opportunity to ready herself. Rose refused to give Shannen either the space or time she needed, as she kept on her rival. Shannen ran out of room, and Rose cornered her against the garbage cans on the side of the alley.

Rose picked Shannen up by the hair and hauled her to her feet. Rose scooped her adversary up into the air and bodyslammed her back down again. Shannen groaned in pain as her back hit the concrete. Rose continued her attack as she hammered Shannen with an elbow drop between her boobs. Rose sprang to her feet and yanked Shannen by the hair, pulling her opponent up. Rose set herself and whipped Shannen at the garbage cans across the alley. Shannen was ready though, and reversed the whip. Rose found herself slammed against the garbage cans.

Shannen moved in quickly, but cautiously. She approached Rose from behind and rammed a combination of punches into Rose's lower back. Rose retaliated with a hard back fist across the jaw. Shannen reeled back, and was forced backpedaled a few steps. She never lost her balance though. Shannen set herself to continue her attack, only to find Rose moving in.

The two brunettes faced off in the middle of the alley, fists set, both eager to continue the fight. Rose fired a quick hook at Shannen's jaw, but Shannen easily dodged the punch. Shannen countered with an uppercut that caught Rose in the tit. Rose took a step back and reset herself. Shannen pursued and fired a hook at Rose's head. Rose blocked the punch and unloaded a counter punch into Shannen's jaw. Shannen's head snapped to the side as the blow hit home. Rose moved in fast and pounded Shannen with a left-right combination to the boobs. Shannen responded by getting Rose into a clinch. Before Rose realized it, Shannen had her in a bearhug, with her arms trapped at the sides. Shannen grunted as she squeezed and crushed Rose's ribs.

Rose struggled to pull free, but couldn't. She switched tactics and stomped down hard on Shannen's foot with her high heel. Shannen shrieked in pain and released her bearhug. Rose brought her knee up hard into Shannen's pussy. Shannen cried out in pain even louder as she dropped to the concrete. Rose yanked her hurt adversary to her feet by the hair and immediately clamped on a reverse headlock. Before Shannen could even figure out her bearings, she was already back on the concrete following a nasty DDT.

Rose continued her attack as she hauled Shannen to her feet by the hair once again. She tore Shannen's flimsy tank top off as she pulled her rival up to her feet. Rose forced Shannen against the brick wall as she mauled her rival's tender breasts. With Shannen trapped against the wall, Rose really went to work as she squeezed, scratched, mauled and even bit Shannen's once perfect feminine orbs.

Rose got a bit too cocky though, thinking that Shannen was already finished off. Rose left her defenses open, and Shannen took advantage as she pounded her knee into Rose's exposed pussy. Rose shrieked in pain and immediately released Shannen's boobs. Shannen fought off the pain and went to work fast as she grabbed Rose by the hair and slammed her face into the brick wall. Shannen slammed Rose's head into the wall several more times until she staggered back and dropped to the concrete, dazed.

Shannen tore at Rose's top and ripped it off her body. She took the torn and shredded top and wrapped it around her adversary's neck and started to choke her with it, seating herself atop Rose's midriff. Shannen pulled as hard as she could, as she attempted to knock her enemy out cold. Rose was able to maneuver around slightly. She got herself into a better position and was able to partially unseat Shannen and loosen her chokehold grip. Rose gasped and gulped down air as the pressure on her neck lessened.

An angered Shannen quickly leapt at her rival and wanted to finish her off quickly. Rose had other plans though. As Shannen charged at her, she raised her legs and lashed out, kicking the other brunette away hard. Shannen yelped as her gut connected with Rose's high heels. Rose pivoted and swung her legs, as Shannen stumbled back. Adding insult to injury, Rose swept Shannen's legs out from under her and brought her down to the concrete.

Rose pulled herself up and yanked Shannen to her knees by her hair, then put Shannen in a standing head scissors. Rose went to grab Shannen's legs and hoist her up for a piledriver, but Shannen was ready. When Rose shifted her weight, Shannen lifted herself up, pulling Rose up with her. Keeping a secure hold on Rose's legs, Shannen twisted around, giving Rose a long airplane spin, before she allowed her dizzy rival to drop to the concrete.

Shannen moved quickly to continue her attack with an elbow drop into Rose's bare tits. Rose rolled away at the last instant, and Shannen rammed her elbow into the concrete. Rose hauled her rival to her feet by her bruised arm and immediately put her into a hammerlock, further hurting her arm. Grabbing a fistful of black hair with her free arm, Rose whacked Shannen's face into a garbage can lid a couple times. Rose went back to work on Shannen's arm, converting her hammerlock into an arm twister. Shannen yelped as Rose twisted the sore elbow.

Shannen readied herself, and she quickly pivoted and kicked Rose hard in the jaw. Rose staggered back, surprised by the kick. Shannen wobbled back as well, as she steadied herself. Shannen moved in fast and grabbed Rose by the hair. She put Rose down on the concrete with a nasty knee lift to the face. Rose moaned in pain as she hit the ground. Shannen grabbed one of Rose's arms and one of her legs and pulled as hard as she could, applying a painful surfboard hold. Shannen abruptly released the hold and got up. Before Rose could react, Shannen nailed her with a leg drop across the boobs. Rose grunted as Shannen's thigh crushed her aching tits. Seeing victory right before her eyes, Shannen moved into position and sat her gorgeous ass down on Rose's face. Shannen yanked on Rose's hair, pulling her face further in, as she ground her ass.

Shannen's smile of pleasure abruptly turned in a look of pain. She screamed and pulled away from Rose, as she bit down hard into Shannen's pussy. Rose ignored her own pain and need for air as she went right after Shannen. She hammered a punch into Shannen's just damaged pussy. Shannen shrieked in pain and dropped to the concrete like a rag-doll, nearly out cold. Rose knew that she needed to continue her attack, but she couldn't. She needed to gather her strength and her breath first. Both beauties just rested motionless on the concrete for several minutes as they each gathered their reserves and worked to go after the other woman before she could do the same.

Rose pulled herself up just a little quicker than Shannen. Rose was on her feet and moving in toward Shannen when Shannen charged and tackled Rose, sending her back into a garbage can. Shannen kept Rose trapped against the garbage cans as she pounded her fists into Rose's gut and ribs repeatedly. Rose retaliated with a knee to the ribs that knocked some of the wind out of Shannen's lungs, and sent her back. Rose moved in and hammered Shannen with a hard right to the jaw that snapped her head to the side and put her down hard. Shannen moaned as she hit the concrete with a thud. Rose moved in fast and yanked Shannen's legs back and up, while squatting down on her back. Shannen yelped as Rose locked the Boston Crab hold in place. Rose leaned back as she added more pressure to the hold. As Rose leaned back just a little bit further, Shannen reached up and gave Rose's long hair a hard yank. Rose had to release the Boston Crab hold as she was unbalanced by that sudden hair pull from Shannen.

After the hair pull, Rose tumbled backward, ending up beside Shannen. The two gorgeous brunettes grabbed at each other and began grappling, as each tried to gain control and hold the other down. They grabbed at arms, legs and tits as they moved from side to side and tumbled over on the concrete. They rolled over and over as each beauty tried to gain dominance over the other. Shannen gained the dominant position after the several minute struggle. She perched herself atop Rose's tits and bounced a few times. She wrapped her fingers around Rose's neck and began to choke her. When Shannen moved in to apply move pressure to the choke, Rose reached up and raked her nails across Shannen's eyes.

Shannen howled in pain. With a quick and forceful bridge of her legs, Rose unseated Shannen. Shannen toppled forward, landing on the concrete. With Shannen still dazed from the eye rake, Rose scrambled to her feet and pulled Shannen into a standing head scissors, then hoisted Shannen's legs up and drove her rival headfirst into the floor with a nasty piledriver.

Shannen could only moan in pain as her head slammed the concrete. Rose pulled her dazed adversary's head between her thighs again, using a handful of hair, and clamped on her nasty head scissors again. Rose squeezed as hard as she could, while Shannen just gasped. Just before Shannen passed out, Rose released the scissors, and gave Shannen a reprieve. Shannen rolled away and gulped down air.

Shannen scrambled away, trying to put some distance between herself and Rose, so she could recover and get back into the fight again. Rose had no intention of giving Shannen either space or time. With a hard yank on the hair, Rose pulled Shannen back toward her. Rose yanked Shannen to her feet with a nasty wedgie, tugging on her tattered shorts and panties until they tore apart in her hands, leaving Shannen naked except for her high heels.

With Shannen on her feet, Rose pulled her into a headlock and started to choke her again. But, Rose had wasted too much time with the wedgie, and Shannen was somewhat prepared. As Rose pulled in the headlock, Shannen twisted her head and bit down hard on Rose's sore and ravaged tit. Rose screamed in pain and released Shannen. Shannen stayed close though and clamped on a bearhug. She combined the bearhug with a wedgie, as she returned the favor and destroyed Rose's skirt and panties, leaving her naked as well, except for high heels. With Rose's pussy now exposed, Shannen hoisted her rival up in the bearhug and put her down hard with an atomic drop, again damaging her wounded pussy. Rose dropped in pain, sobbing in tears.

Shannen snickered as she stood over her apparently finished rival. Rose rolled up in a ball, sobbing. Shannen moved in closer, ready to finish off her enemy. As Shannen closed, Rose lashed out with her feet and kicked Shannen hard in the pussy, then in the tits and finally in the jaw. Shannen toppled like a ton of bricks as Rose caught her totally off guard. Rose played dead perfectly, and Shannen fell for it completely. Shannen went down hard, sobbing uncontrollably.

Rose hissed as she sprang to her feet, "Next time, bitch, make damn sure somebody is finished off before you get so damn cocky!"

Rose yanked Shannen roughly by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She whipped Shannen into the garbage cans and then chased in after her with a hug splash, crushing her against the steel cans. Rose then picked her up and bodyslammed her back down to the concrete. Rose slid into position and clamped on a figure-4 headscissors, squeezing Shannen's neck and depriving her of oxygen.

Just before Shannen passed out, Rose released the hold, and then quickly applied a surfboard hold, working over Shannen's back. Rose converted that to a bow-and-arrow hold, not giving Shannen any time to react to any one hold, while continually working over her sore body. Rose flipped Shannen on to her stomach and applied the Boston Crab hold again, bending her back over.

Shannen sobbed out in pain, "I give! Please stop!"

Rose sneered, "Tough shit! I'm not done yet!"

Shannen sobbed louder, "Please! I quit! You can have my job!"

Rose said, "Shut the fuck up! I'm not done yet!"

Shannen sobbed more, "Please! I'll do whatever you want. Just stop. Please!"

Rose hissed, "Shut your god-damned mouth, or you're gonna get even worse! Now take it like a woman and shut the hell up!"

Shannen just sobbed, not wanting to further anger Rose, while Rose continued to apply the Boston Crab hold. Suddenly Rose released the hold and got up. Shannen thought it was finally over. But, Rose just switched her attack. She twisted her rival over and planted her gorgeous round ass over Shannen's face. Rose ground her butt down into Shannen's face, while pulling on her hair. Rose kept this up until Shannen finally did pass out.

Rose got up victorious and kicked at the motionless Shannen. While Rose pranced around victorious, a doctor and nurses present at the fight and went over to check on Shannen. They revived her quickly, and she began to sob again from the pain and humiliation.

Rose came over to Shannen and grabbed her hair as she said, "And don't you ever fuck with me again, or next time, you'll get a lot worse. Pack your damn locker and get the hell out of my studio!"

Rose went over to the producers and asked with a smile, "Where do I sign to start work?"

The producers said, "Hold on, Rose. You did great. But, we have a problem here. We have already talked, and we don't feel that it is the best interests of the show to replace two actresses in the same season. That could hurt ratings and then there wouldn't be any more show. Since both you and Tiffani won your fights, we'll give you the opportunity to prove yourselves. We want to bring Tiffani back next week and then we'll decide the arrangements for either a tag team match or several more one-on-one matches to settle who stays and who leaves. For now, nothing is settled."
Part Three: Shannen Doherty & Tiffani Amber Thiessen vs. Alyssa Milano & Rose McGowan

The producers of 'Charmed' held a closed-door meeting to decide the next stage in the battle to determine which actress would be replaced on the hit show. They were at an impasse since both Tiffani Amber Thiessen and Rose McGowan won their fights. Replacing two stars could be detrimental, if not fatal, to the show but, at the same time, they had to do something about the escalating tension and problems between the lead actresses.

The producers decided the fairest and simplest way would be have the two potential co-star teams fight each other so they paired Tiffani with Shannen and Rose with Alyssa. After deciding on the teams, the next decision was about rules and how the teams would tag, etc.

They decided only one team member would be permitted in the alley arena at a time. Double-teaming would be allowed only when one team member tagged the other in, but no longer than that. Teams could tag each other in and out as many times as they wanted. When one member of a team was either knocked out or forced to surrender, the remaining member had to fight against both of her opponents at the same time, facing a double-teaming situation. She had to continue to fight disadvantaged until she either eliminated one of her opponents or was eliminated herself. The team with member(s) still remaining after all the opponents are out of the fight would be the winner. Other than that, there are no rules as to low blows, dirty tactics, or other illegal actions during the fight. None of the four participants in the fight were told beforehand about who they'd be fighting or how the teams would be organized. They were just given a date and time and told to be ready to fight. The details of the fight were kept secret until fight night.

On fight night the four gorgeous brunettes were brought together in one of the offices. The producers explained the rules and teams. Everyone complained and moaned. None was certain how much support she could expect from her teammate and all four considered it a four-sided fight, instead of two teams. Alyssa and Shannen made it clear they were only interested in tearing into each other, the team aspect of the fight had no interest for them. Alyssa's and Shannen's disinterest in their teammates spilled over to Tiffani and Rose, who began to wonder how much support their teammates would be. All four women were given separate dressing rooms and told to get ready. After fixing their hair, makeup and wardrobe, the ladies filed out of the dressing rooms ready to fight.

Shannen and Tiffani wore matching bright red string bikinis and heels, Alyssa and Rose were in royal blue string bikinis and heels. The two teams went to opposite ends of the alley and got ready. Then Tiffani and Rose stepped forward to start for their respective teams.

They charged each other and locked up. They grappled, pushed and shoved as each tried to overpower the other to gain an initial advantage. Tiffani gained the first advantage when she got a firm hold of Rose, hoisted her up and bodyslammed her to the concrete. She followed up with a quick elbow drop to the tits. Tiffani bounced back on her feet and hauled Rose to her feet by her long brunette hair. Tiffani got a secure grip on Rose's hair and arm, then whipped her into the garbage cans. Rose hit with a thud and a moaned in pain.

Alyssa Milano snarled at her prospective costar, "Get your fat ass in gear, bitch! You're getting your ass kicked! Fight back! I'm not gonna carry this fight all by myself."

Rose fired back, "I'd like to see you do bet..."

Rose never got the chance to finish her sentence because Tiffani charged in at full speed and splashed her against the garbage cans. With Rose stunned, Tiffani tore off Rose's flimsy royal blue bikini top. She grabbed a fistful of Rose's hair with one hand while she slid the other arm around Rose's neck, choking her. Tiffani dug her forearm in to really started to cut off Rose's air. Rose gasped as her oxygen got cut off but she gathered herself and snapped her head back - hard.

Tiffani released the choke and staggered away, Rose's head butt worked perfectly. Rose spun around and backfisted Tiffani in the jaw, snapping her head to the side. She continued her attack as she grabbed a fistful of Tiffani's hair and smashed her head into the garbage can lid, not once, but twice. Rose returned an earlier favor by tearing off Tiffani's red bikini top. Then she went for a third smash, but Tiffani blocked and reversed it. Rose found her own head smashed into the garbage can lid. Tiffani took a couple steps back, readying herself for the next phase of the fight.

Suddenly, Rose lashed out with a spinning kick that would have connected with Tiffani's jaw seconds earlier. Instead, it sailed harmlessly through the air. Rose's missed kick left her off balance, and she staggered trying to keep her balance. Tiffani swept out with her legs and took Rose's feet out from under her. Rose went down hard on the concrete. Tiffani went for a leg drop across the tits, but Rose rolled out of the way just in time. Before Tiffani could get up, Rose scrambled over to Alyssa and tagged her in.

Alyssa charged Tiffani and whacked her with a solid knee lift to the face as she was trying to rise. Alyssa hauled her partway up by the hair and put her in a standing headscissors. Alyssa lifted Tiffani's legs for a piledriver but Tiffani struggled and squirmed so much Alyssa was off balance enough so the piledriver was only partly effective. Still, Alyssa continued her attack. She grabbed Tiffani's nipples and forced her to her feet. When Alyssa had her up, she released the nipple grip, wrapped her arms around Tiffani and clamped on a bearhug. Tiffani groaned as Alyssa poured on the pressure.

But Alyssa got careless and didn't pin Tiffani's arms. Tiffani made her pay for her mistake when she raked her nails across Alyssa's eyes. Alyssa shrieked and immediately released the bearhug. Tiffani continued on the attack as she kicked Alyssa solidly in the pussy. Alyssa cried out in pain as she dropped to her knees doubled over.

Tiffani hauled Alyssa back to her feet by the hair, swung her around and whipped her against the brick wall. Alyssa hit flat on her back and dropped to the concrete. Tiffani grabbed one of Alyssa's arms and legs and put her into a bow-and-arrow. Tiffani kept that up for a little while before she switched to a surfboard which she also kept Alyssa trapped in for a bit.

Finally, Tiffani grabbed Alyssa by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. She yanked Alyssa to the side of the alley where Shannen was waiting. She tagged Shannen in, then kicked Alyssa's legs out from under her. Alyssa went down hard and Tiffani pulled one of Alyssa's legs one way while Shannen pulled her other in the opposite direction. Alyssa howled as she was being split like a wishbone.

After a couple minutes of that torture, Rose jumped in to help Alyssa. She kicked Tiffani in the back of the head and forced her to released her part of the hold. The referee intervened and forced both Rose and Tiffani to leave the alley and return to their respective corners while Shannen went to work on Alyssa alone. She hauled Alyssa to her feet by the hair and attacked her bikini top, straining the skimpy material. After several hard tugs, the flimsy top spilt apart in Shannen's hands. Alyssa stumbled a little and lost her balance when her top came off.

Shannen quickly clamped a side headlock on Alyssa and started to pull her toward the solid brick wall. Alyssa turned her head slightly and, with her free hand, tugged at Shannen's bikini top, pulling it down and leaving one boob exposed. Alyssa bit down hard into the side of Shannen's exposed tit until she yelped in pain and shoved Alyssa away hard.

Alyssa stumbled backward and hit the wall while Shannen looked for teeth marks on her flawless skin. Angrily, Shannen charged in and tried to knee Alyssa in the pussy but Alyssa sidestepped and Shannen's knee hit the brick wall instead. She went down hard, writhing in pain and clutching her knee.

Alyssa tore Shannen's top completely off and went to work stomping her injured knee. Alyssa continued on Shannen's knee with double-toed leglocks, leg twisters and other severe moves. Alyssa flipped Shannen onto her stomach, intertwined her injured leg with her own and then fell backwards. Shannen screamed in pain as Alyssa's move nearly broke her knee. Tiffani jumped in at this point and drop-kicked Alyssa in the back of the head. She stumbled forward, dazed while Rose came charging in after Tiffani. Tiffani took one look and quickly left the fight area while the referee pushed Rose back to her corner.

Alyssa groggily pulled herself up and stumbled over to tag in Rose who immediately went right after Shannen. Rose continued to attack Shannen's knee using stomps, leg drops, and holds to really work over that injured limb. Rose clamped a bow-and-arrow hold on the damaged knee as Shannen howled in pain until she managed to kick Rose away with her good leg.

Shannen pulled herself to her feet, hobbling on one good leg, but Rose was ready for her and whipped her into the garbage cans again. Shannen hit hard and Rose charged right in after her, but Shannen ducked and Rose ended up hitting the pile of cans instead. Shannen gathered her strength, hoisted Rose up and bodyslammed her down onto the garbage can.

While Rose was recovering, Shannen used the time to try to get some strength back in her injured knee. It didn't take long for Rose to be ready to fight again. She got up and charged at Shannen. When Rose charged in, Shannen ducked and flipped Rose over her back. Rose was shocked as she suddenly found herself flat on her back with all the air forced out of her lungs. Shannen continued her attack by elbow dropping Rose in the tits a few times before she clamped on a Boston Crab hold.

Shannen tried to force Rose to surrender, but Rose grabbed a fistful of Shannen's hair and pulled until she had to release the hold. Shannen dragged Rose by the hair toward her partner. She whipped Rose at Tiffani who waited with her knee raised. Rose cried out in pain when her pussy thudded solidly into Tiffani's raised knee.

Tiffani thought Shannen intended to tag her in, but Shannen continued the fight herself. She pulled Rose over to the center of the alley and climbed on top of the garbage cans. Shannen set herself, then leaped off. Grinning, Rose rolled out of the way at the last moment and Shannen's firm young body struck the concrete hard.

Alyssa screamed to Rose to tag her in so she could finish Shannen herself. Rose obliged. She went over and tagged in her partner. Alyssa charged over and kicked at her unmoving costar and bitter adversary. Alyssa hoisted Shannen up into a piledriver then slammed her headfirst to the concrete. Alyssa picked up Shannen's legs and twisted her into a Boston Crab. After several minutes, with no reaction from the unconscious Shannen, the producer came over and declared Shannen out.

Then the producers gave the remaining fighters a few minute to rest while Shannen was carried away and checked out my their medial team. She revived in little while, but she was out of the fight.

The producer then announced, "Shannen Doherty has been eliminated. Tiffani Amber Thiessen now has to face Alyssa and Rose at the same time, by herself. OK ladies, fight!"

Tiffani came out cautiously. She definitely didn't look ready to be defeated as she prepared to face two opponents. Rose suddenly charged and although Tiffani dodged her easily she ended up trapped in a headlock by Alyssa. Tiffani stomped down hard on Alyssa's foot and she quickly released the headlock. Tiffani spun around and nailed Rose with a big kick to the ribs. Rose stumbled forward and nearly lost her balance as Tiffani grabbed her arm and then flung her toward the other side of the alley. Tiffani barely had time to jump back as Alyssa charged again. Alyssa and Rose crashed together with a loud thud in the middle of the alley and before they recovered, Tiffani grabbed them both by the hair and whacked their heads together.

Although dazed, Alyssa and Rose quickly retaliated as they both punched Tiffani in the tits in unison. Tiffani gasped in pain as the twin fists sank deep into her bulbous mounds of soft titflesh.

With Tiffani briefly shocked motionless and holding her chest, Alyssa and Rose each bent over and grabbed one of Tiffani's ankles. They flipped her upside down, hoisted her up in the air and then slammed her down on the concrete. Rose grabbed a fistful of Tiffani's long brown hair and pulled her into a headscissors, while Alyssa got up and landed an elbow drop to Tiffani's already aching boobs. Alyssa then landed a leg drop and another elbow drop to Tiffani's now red bosom. Tiffani realized she needed to do something fast or the fight would be over.

Alyssa set herself for a big splash, thinking that Tiffani was nearly done, but at the last second, Tiffani raised her knees and Alyssa's firm boobs slammed down onto her knees. As Alyssa rolled over clutching her chest, Tiffani raked her nails down the inside of Rose's thigh, leaving a trail of angry red welts. Rose screeched in pain and opened her scissors. Tiffani gulped down air as she rolled over and scrambled away from her opponents.

Alyssa didn't let her get very far, however, as she caught her by the arm and yanked. Rose jumped in and grabbed Tiffani's other arm. They pulled in opposite directions, nearly dislocating Tiffani's shoulders. With a hard yank of hair, Rose pulled Tiffani off her feet over backward and down on her back to the concrete. Rose stomped Tiffani's tits a few more times before Alyssa hauled Tiffani to her feet by the hair. Showing surprising strength for her size, Alyssa picked Tiffani up and dropped her down in an over-the-knee backbreaker. Tiffani's broken body crumbled to the concrete with a moan. Alyssa flipped her over and set herself. Alyssa took off her own bikini bottoms, then Tiffani's and planted her gorgeous ass on Tiffani's face. Alyssa dug her nails in as she mauled Tiffani's exposed crotch while she ground herself on Tiffani's face. Tiffani retaliated the only way she could, she bit Alyssa's bare pussy. Alyssa screamed in pain and jumped off ofTiffani.

Angrily, Alyssa charged at Tiffani who rolled to the side and set herself. As Alyssa approached, Tiffani flipped her over. She hoisted the stunned brunette up and tossed her into large steel dumpster, then slammed the lid shut. But just as Tiffani shut the lid, she felt a shooting pain in her thigh as Rose kicked her. Tiffani collapsed when her leg buckled and Rose moved in to open the lid and free her partner.

But with Rose reaching up, Tiffani swept Rose's legs out from under her just as she opened the catch on dumpster. Tiffani scrambled over on top of Rose and straddled her chest. Tiffani bounced a few times on Rose's tits to make her point, then wrapped her hands around Rose's neck. She squeezed as hard as she could as Rose gasped and lost her breath. Rose struggled to pry Tiffani's hands from her neck, but was too weak. Desperately, Rose raked her nails across Tiffani's eyes and finally managed to force her to break her choke. Rose choked as she gulped down air and fought for breath.

Blinking back her tears, Tiffani grabbed Rose's hair and whipped her into the garbage cans. Tiffani charged in and nailed Rose with a solid kick to the pussy. Rose whimpered in pain, hardly even able to cry out in pain without air in her lungs.

Meanwhile, Alyssa managed to pull herself out of the dumpster. She grabbed a garbage can lid and ran at Tiffani, holding the lid intending to smash Tiffani in the head with it. But Tiffani heard the dumpster lid clang shut and spotted Alyssa coming. She whipped the near unconscious Rose into her teammate. Alyssa abruptly stopped but there was a loud THUD! When Alyssa looked down she saw Rose lying on the ground out cold. Alyssa was shocked and surprised by that turn of events. Tiffani took advantage.

She charged in, grabbed the garbage can lid away from Alyssa and walloped her over the head with it. There was no break in the action this time while Rose was carried away by the medical staff to be checked. After a short time with the doctors and nurse, Rose regained consciousness. She was sore and hurt, but otherwise OK, just like Shannen Doherty. But now the two remaining women knew that it was down to just them, that if they lost that they would be off the show.

Tiffani took advantage of Alyssa's dazed condition. She swept in behind her and wrapped her arms around Alyssa's neck in a choke. Alyssa snapped back to reality when her breathing became more difficult. She threw her head back hard with a nasty head butt that dazed Tiffani and sent her staggering backward. Alyssa turned toward her and wrapped her hands around Tiffani's throat, beginning to choke her out and win the fight. Tiffani gasped as her breathing became labored but she broke free when she kneed Alyssa in the pussy.

Alyssa yelped as she backed away gasping and cursing under her breath.

Tiffani continued her attack, shoulder blocking Alyssa down and clamping her in a surfboard hold. Alyssa moaned as Tiffani increased the pressure. Tiffani worked over Alyssa's back even more when she put her in a Boston Crab. Alyssa nearly passed out, but stubbornly refused to surrender. Tiffani shifted positions again and applied a figure-4 headscissors.

Tiffani kept up the pressure and kept increasing the leverage on the hold until Alyssa cried out, "OK! Please stop. I give!"

Tiffani snarled, "Did you say something? I couldn't hear you."

Alyssa sobbed, "I quit! Please. No more."

Tiffani hissed, "I'm not done with you yet. You're done when I SAY YOU'RE DONE! Are we clear?"

Alyssa mumbled, "Yes!"

Tiffani dug her leg in a little more and poured on the pressure until Alyssa finally passed out. After she was certain Alyssa was truly out cold and not faking, Tiffani got up. The medical staff checked out Alyssa and brought her around quickly.

With the other three women watching, the producers brought over the contract for Tiffani to sign. It was a multi-million dollar five year employment contract. Tiffani looked it over, smiled and tore it up!

She threw the contract in the producers face as she snarled, "You can take your contract and shove it up your ass! Why would I want to be on this pathetic little show, on a wanna-be network. I said I could beat the shit out of all of these losers and I proved was right! Now, go take your bunch of cry-baby losers and you can all go to hell! I'm out of here!"

At that, Tiffani changed into her other clothes and left. The producers all stood around looking open-mouthed at each other, uncertain about how to proceed. They talked amongst themselves for a few minutes.

Finally the lead producer said, "Since Shannen Doherty was the first contestant eliminated and since her partner won but didn't want the job, we have no other choice." He continued, "We'll keep Alyssa Milano and bring Rose McGowan in as a replacement for Prue. Shannen, clean out your locker and pick up your final check. Rose, you can move your stuff in next week."

Before she left, Shannen pulled Alyssa to the side and said, "This has been a long time coming, bitch! We need to have a long girl-to-girl conversation to settle things once and for all."

Alyssa smiled, "Oh, I couldn't agree more. When and where should be have this 'talk'?"

Shannen smiled, "I'll get back to you. Oh, and make you tell little miss Rose, that after you and I talk she's next."

Alyssa laughed, "Fine. Whatever. See ya!"

The end.