Soccer Catfight: Mia Hamm versus Brandi Chastain by Overlord 12-Jul-99

I don't know how many of you caught the women's world cup soccer game this past Saturday, but for those that did, after scoring the winning goal for the US, Brandi Chastain ripped off her jersey (she had a black sports bra on underneath) and went running around the field celebrating the victory. I thought I'd write up a story where team captain Mia Hamm is a little less-than-pleased with her teammate's exhibition, and confronts her later in the locker room:

"You think that little impromptu striptease on the field yesterday was necessary, Brandi?" Team Captain Mia Hamm asked Brandi Chastain, "'Cause I don't, and if you so much as roll your sleeves up next time, I'll make damn sure that there's going to be a vacancy for your position."

"Is that a threat, Mia?" asked Brandi, her eyes starting to blaze in anger, "Because I think you're just jealous that for once all the cameras were on me as opposed to you."

"At least I don't have to show some skin to get attention. All you did was turn our game into a Victoria's Secret ad." Mia fired back.

"Listen up Hamm" Brandi said, loudly, "If I wanna flaunt what I've got on national tv, that's MY business, and..."

"Flaunt it!!" yelled Mia, "Those fried-egg tits of yours? I've had BEE-STINGS that raised more of a bump that your..."

But Mia Hamm never got to finish, as Brandi Chastain slapped the brunette across her mouth, real hard, and Mia went stumbling back. Brandi and Mia exchange looks of pure hatred, and then each of them peels off their jerseys, Mia in a green sports bra, and Brandi in black. The two soccer players circle each other. Brandi makes the first move.

With a quick step forward, she flicks two quick jabs that sting Mia's face, then fires a right hand that thuds into Mia's ribs. Mia grimaces and backs out of range, rubbing her side. Brandi pursues her around the small locker room, but Mia backpedals, frustrating Brandi's efforts, so Chastain changes tactics. She spins and in true soccer fashion, throws a kick. It smacks hard into Mia's ribs, leaving a bruise. Chastain spins again and throws a high roundhouse kick, but Mia sees it in time.

As Chastain's meaty leg whizzes past her head and slides down her left side, Mia traps it and shoves Brandi backward. The blonde falls hard on her ass. Mia, holding the twisted leg upright, steps forward and stomps down twice on Brandi's groin, Chastain's black soccer shorts giving her no protection. Chastain screams, clutching her crotch. Mia twists violently on Brandi's foot, rolling her over and over, until Brandi has rolled against the wall. Mia lets fly a series of kicks to Chastain's crotch and thigh. As Brandi tries to cover her wounded groin, Mia hair-hauls Brandi to her feet, yanks up on her foot, raising the blonde's left knee up. Mia drives forward, slamming Brandi's knee into the wall repeatedly. Brandi curses, falls to her side holding her knee.

Mia scrambles to her feet. Standing behind Chastain, Mia grabs two hands full of Brandi's shoulder long blonde hair. She drags the woman backward, across the locker room. Stopping to rake her fingers across Brandi's eyes, Mia slams the woman's head to the floor, drops her knee across Brandi's chest. Mia again grabs Brandi's left knee and positions it against the wall an slams it repeatedly into the wall. Mia leans forward to grab the woman's injured leg. Wham! Brandi's right foot scores a direct hit on Mia nose, breaking it with a sharp crack. Mia falls backwards, blood spurting out of her nose.

Mia is holding her face, as both women slowly get to their feet. Brandi glares at Mia, hate in her eyes, her fists raised. Mia, her nose bloody and streaming down her face, moves away, circling. As Brandi stalks her on unsteady legs, Mia throws a sidekick. Her heel slams solidly into Brandi's left knee. Brandi winces and backs up. Mia moves forward and lands another kick, again targeting Brandi's left knee. Brandi's leg buckles. Chastain catches herself and, although off-balance, throws her left fist up into Mia's belly, extracting a loud "oooff." Mia is stopped in her tracks.

Brandi unloads a second huge blow that buries itself in the brunette's gut. Mia opens her mouth wide to draw in air, trying to shake off the effects of attack as she backs away. Brandi, hobbling in pursuit, manages to trap Mia against the wall. While Mia tries to cover up, Chastain hammers her foe's belly, arms and ribs with thundering power punches. Mia, in trouble, suddenly lunges off the wall, shouldering her assailant. Brandi's bad leg fails, she catches Mia with a parting shot to her ribs, but Mia is once more on the move with a determined Brandi hunting after her.

Mia spins and lashes her leg out. Mia's heel fines its mark and slams into Brandi's knee. Brandi howls and pulls away on her good leg. Mia is already charging forward. As her body crashes into Brandi, Chastain, though off-balance wraps her arms around Mia waist, pulling Mia into a bear hug. Mia grunts as Brandi squeezes her, but quickly rakes Brandi's eyes. As Brandi tries to pull away, Mia wraps her legs around Brandi's injured leg, tripping her to the floor. Mia lands on top, pressing her body into Brandi's. Mia lifts herself just enough to slam an elbow across Brandi's chest. Her hands quickly find Brandi's throat. Mia has Chastain immobilized.

Brandi's damaged leg is trapped between Mia's dangerous thighs. The brunette's big hands press hard around her throat. Brandi struggles desperately to break free. She grabs at Mia's wrists, and with a huge effort, she jerks the woman's hands from her neck, holds her foe's wrists tight. For a moment, the two women are locked in a battle of wills, their arms shaking in resistance. The strength of Brandi's arms is evident as she slowly pushes Mia body up, twisting her over.

Losing the battle of arms, Mia brings pressures bear with her thighs, working on Brandi's trapped and injured leg. Brandi holds out for a few agonizing moments, but fails. Mia regains lost ground and again shoves Brandi onto her back, pinning her arms down on the floor. Mia presses her body down into Brandi's. Mia's slightly larger (but not by much) tits, engulf Brandi's tiny ones, as Mia taunts her.

"By the time this is over those tits of yours are gonna be three sizes bigger."

Brandi gathers her strength and with a roar, slowly rolls Mia over. Mia bears down with her leg scissors, but Chastain is now on top. Brandi slips one hand free and slams her knuckles into Mia's chin. The jarring blow leaves Mia momentarily dazed.

Brandi pulls her leg free and quickly straddles Mia's waist. Brandi rips off Mia's green jog bra. Locking her fingers together, Chastain rains ax handles down on Mia's breasts. Screaming and bruised, Mia rakes her nails up and down Brandi's thighs. "Bitch," screams Brandi, backhanding Mia across the mouth, she gives up her seat, kicks Mia away and scrambles to her feet. Her hands on her back, Chastain can feel the welts covering her raw skin. Chastain favors her bruised leg.

Mia, now on her feet, licks away the blood on her lips. Her breasts throb from the beating she took but Mia narrows her eyes and moves towards Chastain. Brandi turns sideways, trying to protect the bruised limb. Mia is on offense. Mia's left leg lashes out, a high kick slams into Brandi's small breasts, forcing her backwards. Brandi has little mobility. Mia jumps and kicks out again, another high kick catching Brandi just under her breasts and knocking her backward into the corner. A third kick slams into Brandi's belly. Brandi is winded, backed against the wall with her shaky legs spread wide apart. Mia slams a kick up into Brandi's crotch.

As Brandi doubles over, her eyes open wide, Mia slams her knee into the woman's head. Chastain sags to her knees, Mia grabs her by the hair, pulls her back to her feet, shoving her back into the corner. Mia drives her knee repeatedly into Brandi's gut. Mia grabs a handful of hair and slams Brandi's head back into the wall. Her free hand rips off Brandi's jog bra. Mia grabs Brandi's small left breast in her right hand and crushes it. Chastain lets fly an agonized litany of curses, and then blind-sides Mia with a fist that crashes into the side of the woman's face. Chastain seizes Mia by shoulders, spins her around, and shoves her backward into the wall. Brandi's fists hammer away at Mia's belly, landing punch after punch. Brandi slams her elbow across Mia already swollen chest, then drives an uppercut into Brandi's chin. Mia is seeing stars. Holding the woman against the wall with her left hand, Chastain goes back to work on her belly, slamming her fist repeatedly into Mia's gut.

Brandi begins talking to her victim.

"You oughta work on your abs more, you cow"" Brandi says, punching Mia hard in her belly, then pressing her fist in more.

Mia is gasping for breath, her breasts, heaving up and down. Brandi zeros in on two new targets, attacking Mia's breasts. Chastain pumps her fists into the two soft targets like pistons, pounding Mia's breasts flat against her chest, Brandi's knuckles smashing into Mia's soft mounds. Brandi allows herself just a moment of jealous satisfaction as she surveys the damage she has done.

"Your pasty breasts don't look so good now. I'm afraid you won't be ripping off your shirt after any games." Brandi sneers, as Mia moans in pain.

Chastain resumes her relentless attack on Mia breasts, this time grabbing at each breast, twisting and pulling viciously. Brandi taunts the hard-bodied Mia.

"When I done pounding on your breasts, I'm going to beat your ass black and blue."

While Brandi's breast attack painful, it allows Mia to get her wind back. Chastain moves in close as she mauls Mia's breasts. Mia, wraps her arms around Brandi's head, lifts her legs up and catches Chastain around her waist. Mia clamps her legs tight, reaches forward to quickly bury a left hand in Brandi's hair, and slams her right fist into the side of the woman's head. Mia weight and momentum carries her forward. The women crash to the floor. Mia, maintaining her vice hold around Brandi's waist, rakes her fingers across her eye. Mia grabs Brandi's hair with her left hand and mauls her foe's breasts with her right. For nearly two minutes, Mia wears Brandi down as Chastain nearly exhausts herself struggling to break free.

Finally, Brandi twists her body violently, turning so that she faces Mia. Chastain painfully works her way to her knees, then stands, bending from the waist, with Mia legs clamped around her middle. Grabbing Mia by the hair, Brandi lifts her foe's shoulders up off the floor, trips forward driving Mia head and back down into the floor. The fourth time Brandi repeats the move, she succeeds in forcing Mia to relinquish the scissors. Brandi straddles the woman, sitting her chest. Reaching backward with her left hand, she pumps her fist into Mia belly, beating the brunette like a drum.

Chastain slips her other hand around Mia's neck and chokes her violently for a moment. While Mia is dazed, Brandi rolls her over, wraps her big thighs around Mia waist and wraps her arms behind Mia neck, adding a full nelson to the scissors hold. Brandi rolls onto her back, with Mia trapped and helpless on top of her. Brandi pours on the pressure with her legs and arms. Beginning to panic, Mia reaches backward with her trapped arms and finds Brandi's hair to yank on, but she has little use of her arms and can do little damage. Mia struggles mightily to break free, but Brandi, even with an injured leg, is too strong. Like a python constricting around its prey, Brandi takes her time and breaks Mia down. As Mia exhausts herself, Brandi seems to grow stronger, energized by Mia's moans as she crushes Mia's ribs with her mighty thighs. Brandi stretches herself out, straightens her legs so that her crossed ankles are pressing hard against Mia crotch. She grinds her heels in as Mia squirms.

Mia, in a desperate move, slams her head back into Brandi's face, bursting open Chastain's nose. Mia pulls herself free and rolls clear. Both women lie on the floor, trying to find the strength to continue. Brandi is the first on her feet. She ignores the blood that flows freely from her nose. Mia is on her knees as Brandi reaches her. Chastain grabs Mia by the hair. Mia jolts Brandi with a punch jammed up into her crotch, then Mia treats Brandi to a spade-handed, fingers-first thrust to her tone belly. Mia grabs Brandi's legs and shoves her weight forward, and Brandi falls hard.

The two women struggle on the floor, almost in slow motion. Now on their knees, Mia ducked under a right swing from Brandi and drove her fist deep into the blonde's hard belly. Brandi stepped back and Mia struck her a sharp blow to the nose. Blinking hard with the pain from her nose, Mia swung her right fist, painfully flattening the blonde's left breast. With a slight squeak of pain Brandi danced backwards, dropping her hand to her breast, warily now she circled her opponent. Brandi, her small tit throbbing in pain, attacked, and lunging forward she now smashed her fist into Mia's tit. Finding herself being crushed against the lockers, Mia threw another punch at Brandi's head this time catching Brandi hard in the mouth, blood and saliva spraying out of Chastain's smashed lips. But Chastain threw her fist at Mia, but the brunette ducked under the wild swing, and Mia hit the blonde girl hard in the kidneys, sending her staggering back. Brandi half turned to protect herself and took a right fist high on the side of her head which dropped her to the floor.

Brandi looked down at her right breast and saw that it was already looking red and tender, and she was still bleeding slightly from her cut lip. Mia darted forward throwing a left, Brandi blocked the punch and thudded home her own right to Mia's increasingly tender left breast. In pain Mia grabbed hold of Brandi and tried to throw her to the floor, and they struggled locked together for sometime before Brandi managed to break free from Mia's grip. The blonde feinted a right at Mia's chest, and as Mia dropped her hand to protect her tits Brandi slammed her left fist into her foe's eye, followed by a hard right which immediately drew more blood from her nose.

"I'm going to finish you, bitch!" snarled Brandi.

In pain and half-blinded Mia tried desperately to grab hold of her opponent again, but Brandi dodged to one side and hammered home a flurry of unanswered punches to Mia's breasts and belly. Mia's breasts were battered and bruised, and with the back of her hand wiped blood and snot away from her nose. Keen to finish the fight, Brandi attacked again drawing a fresh flow of blood from her Mia's nose, as the girl went backwards. Scorning any form of defence Brandi lunged forward and howled in pain as Mia's right fist landed between her legs.

Clutching at the source of her pain, she staggered against the row of lockers, now it was her turn to suffer as an enraged Mia followed up with a barrage of punches to her unprotected chest. Mia pushed Brandi upright and hit her twice in the face, splitting the thin layer of skin over Brandi's left eye. Unable to take the pain being inflicted on her, Brandi sagged to the floor. As Brandi fell, Mia drove her knee hard into the middle of her face, this time breaking her nose and adding to the blood and gore already covering Brandi's face. Mia returned to her corner and leaned back on the wall breathing heavily from her efforts. Brandi sat on the floor, sobbing in pain, her face a gory mess.

Mia looked at her bloody enemy and prayed to herself that the blonde wouldn't get up. She didn't think she had the strength to continue much longer herself. But, drawing on unknown reserves of strength Brandi pulled her to her feet. Mia knew she would have to finish it quickly and put all her weight behind a swinging right aimed at Brandi's jaw. Brandi swayed forward and the punch crashed into the top of her head. Squealing in agony, Mia jumped backwards, her screams bouncing off the walls. Mia's right hand was broken. Brandi, slightly stunned, wrapped her muscular arms around Mia's body and held on. The two women stood breast to breast for some time before Mia pushed herself free. Hooking her undamaged left hand into the soft tissue of Brandi's right tit, the blonde yelped and struck out, her own fist smacking into Mia's nose before they fell into another clinch. Both women had taken a lot of punishment, but they both knew that the end must come soon.

Breaking free again Mia drove her left hand deep into Brandi's breast. Brandi now stumbled backwards and Mia struck her again on the same spot, driving Brandi's dime size nipple deep into her breast. Then, without thinking, Mia punched her broken right hand on Brandi's jaw. Mia moaned out in agony as she held her smashed hand. But Brandi's wounded tit had her full attention, and even though she could have rallied and defeated Mia Hamm at this point, Chastain just held her breast and sobbed. So Mia backed up, took a running start, and smashed a high kick directly under Brandi's mouth. Brandi's body seemed to float for a moment in midair before she crashed to the floor, under what looked like a cloud of blood that had just fountained out from her smashed face. Brandi fell unconscious to the floor, and Mia looking down at Brandi laying motionless, with only the rise and fall of her breasts showing that she was still alive.

"Lets call that last shot a penalty kick, you blonde bitch," said Mia, as she began to painfully pull on her clothes and wiped the streaming blood off her face. Mia then left the completely beaten Brandi Chastain a bloody mess on the dirty floor.