Anna Nicole Smith vs. Selma Hayek + Maria Checa by HlywdCatft

Anna enters the ring first wearing a red skimpy bikini that can barely hold her tits in. The two Latin babes Playboy playmate Maria Checa and Salma Hayek enter next. Maria is wearing a hot pink thong and Salma is wearing the purple thong that she wore in From Dusk Till Dawn. Anna immediately charges the two Latin Hotties and lifts the two girls in each hand by their necks and then choke slams them down to the mat. Salma and Maria are both motionless.

Anna whips Salma over the top rope by her hair and focuses on the Playmate Maria first. Maria is picked up and body slammed. Maria already crying and begging like a little girl is picked up by her long dark hair and kicked in the crotch. Maria is then press dropped neck first across the top rope. Anna picks Maria up by her hair again and pulls off her bikini top and laughs at the small Latina. Anna leans the sobbing Maria against the turnbuckle and begins pounding her tits. When Anna feels she is done she whips Maria across the ring by her hair, leaving Maria laying ring center crying.

In the meantime Salma Hayek recovers and climbs the top turnbuckle. Maria notices her and gives the buckle a kick causing Salma to fall crotch first on the top rope. Salma falls to the mat gripping her pussy crying. Anna picks Salma up by her bikini bottoms and sends her to the ropes. Anna charges Salma and clotheslines her so hard she almost decapitates the small Latina with a clothesline that spins her 360 degrees. Anna picks Salma up by her long black hair and yanks off Salma's top bringing out Salma's equally huge breasts. Anna throws Salma's top into the audience. Anna lifts Salma in the air by her breasts while twisting them.

"OOWWWWWW!" cries Salma. "You are destroying my breasts, please stop!!!!!!"

"Shut up you worthless little Bitch!" responds Anna before slamming Salma's crotch on her big knee. Salma falls to the floor face first moaning while gripping her sore snatch. Anna gets on Salma's back and pulls Salma's thong deep into her crack.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!" cries Salma "Stop please!!!!! It hurts!!!!"

"I ain't done with you!" shouts Anna. "You will be my pinata!"

Anna sits Salma up and lifts her high in the air by the front and back of her thong. The purple velvet material disappearing up Salma's pussy, her lips popping out on both sides with patches of matted down black pubic hair.

"Noooooo!!!" OWWWWW!" begs Salma. "Please put me down!!! You won!!"

"You want to go down?" asks Anna. "OK"

Anna slams Salma down to the mat hard leaving the Mexican beauty motionless limbs spread. Anna slowly peels Salma's thong bottoms out of her crotch and tosses it to an audience member in the front row.

Anna returns to Maria Checa and strips her of her bikini bottoms and throws them in Salma's face. Anna picks Maria up in a bodyslam position and hangs her upside down against the turnbuckle, her legs draped over the top buckle. Maria is helpless as Anna fires a couple of punches into her pussy bringing out squeals from Maria. Anna grabs Salma and pulls her over to the corner Maria is in by her ankles and until she is almost positioned by Maria. Anna leaves the ring and upside down Maria fears what is about to happen.

"No please Anna don't do this!" cries Maria.

"Lights out you little cunt!" says Anna as she pulls Salma sweaty snatch firmly against Maria's face. Within seconds Maria is passed out.

Anna returns to Salma and picks her up. Maria gorilla presses Salma over her head, one of Anna's hands holding Salma's tit, the other buried in Salma's thick dark bush. Salma is so disoriented she begins begging Anna in Spanish. Anna drops Salma crotch first on the top rope. Salma bawls her eyes out still sitting on the rope. Anna grabs her by the ankles and pulls her across the rope giving Salma major rope burn. Anna pulls her to the turnbuckle and positions Salma on the buckle. Anna climbs it and powerbombs the small Mexican to the mat. Salma is out cold, her limbs spread wide giving the fans an excellent shot. Anna pins Salma with one foot on Salma's right tit. Anna jumps down to ring side and yanks the bikini bottoms back from the fan. Anna reenters and knocks the still out cold Maria off the turnbuckle and lays her out next to Salma and slaps her awake.

Anna takes off her top and sticks Maria's face between her tits and soon smothers the Playmate back into unconsciousness. Anna takes Maria's bikini top and hog ties all of Maria's limbs together. Anna then takes her own top and does the same to Salma. Anna rubs Salma's thong bottoms around and in Salma's pussy and sticks the bikini bottoms in Maria's mouth. Anna repeats the same process with Maria and sticks Maria's bottoms in Salma's mouth. Anna leaves the two motionless brunettes in the ring in need of paramedics.