Maria Checa vs. Anna Falchi by NewGUY 05-May-00

Anna arrives with Alessia Merz in a limo at the specially made ring inside an underground parking structure. The ring was an octagon twice as big as the squared circle and it had turnbuckles and ropes at all eight corners and sides. The ring is surrounded by people outside of the cage around the octagon. Anna is wearing a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and a pair of shoes. She took off her shirt, shoes and jeans. She will start the match off naked! Damn she fine!

Then the audience turn their attention away from the ring to look at a limo that screeches in to the parking lot. Coming out of the limo is Maria Checa and Catherine Zeta Jones. Maria enters the ring and she takes off her yellow dress to show us her yellow bikini bottoms and her luscious tits (they are not the biggest, but their great).

Maria steps up to Anna, and she is wearing high heels, to see Anna eye to eye (actually, she needs 10 inch high heels for that to happen). The special guest referee steps in wearing a black and white striped bikini.

It is Jenny McCarthy.

Anna says to Maria, "You bitch! You requested her, didn't you?"

Maria says, "No, I didn't. Now, know your role and shut your mouth, so that I can kick your ass, you Italian whore!"

With that said, Maria slaps Anna and Jenny calls for the bell to start the match.

Maria gives Anna punch after punch to Anna's body. Anna is not phased at all by the punches and she punches Maria in her face. Maria spins backwards and lands on her face. Anna had punched Maria so hard, that Maria fell out of her high heels, and when Maria got up, she had a hard time staying up.

Anna picked Maria up by her tits and threw Maria across the ring. Anna picked Maria by her hair and whipped her to the ropes. On the return, Anna grabbed Maria's crotch and right tit and picked her up again. Anna slammed Maria down on the mat hard. Maria bounced up about a foot off the mat. Anna stood Maria up by her hair, grabbed the sides of Maria's bikini bottoms and she pulled them up. Maria is in the air screaming her lungs off, and the screams are echoing in the parking lot. Maria is about a foot off of the ground. The bikini bottoms are all up in Maria's pussy and ass.

Maria doesn't think it can get worse than that, but it does. Anna starts to shake Maria up and down, trying to rip the bikini off of Maria.

After two minutes of shaking up and down, the bikini rips and Maria is left totally nude in the center of the ring. Anna starts to walk around the ring, waving to the crowd who is mostly cheering Anna now.

Maria is crying and crying. Maria tries to get up, but she can't. Then Maria looks to her right and she sees her high heels next to her. She gets up and picks one up.

Anna is too busy to notice that Maria has gotten up. Maria charges at Anna with the high heel. Anna notices Maria running at her and just as Anna turns around, Maria plants the heel of her high heel in Anna's cunt. Maria wanted it somewhere else, but that place is better for her high heel.

Anna screams, and she pulls out the high heel immediately. Anna backhands Maria across her face, and she flies backwards. Anna holds her cunt while she tries to walk to Maria. Maria is on her back, and Anna plants her foot into Maria's cunt. Maria sits up to hold her cunt, but Anna kicks Maria in her left tit. Maria is on her back again, and then Anna jumps straight up, and she lands with a knee into Maria's cunt.

Then Anna picks up Maria by her tits and she throws Maria to the turnbuckle. Maria tries to fight back as she kicks Anna in the cunt - five times! Anna tries to hold back the pain as she starts to slap Maria's tits over and over again. Anna stops and rubs her pussy while Maria rubs her tits.

After a minute or two, Anna composes her self and she picks up Maria and puts her on the top turnbuckle. Anna does a superplex off of the top turnbuckle. Anna gets up and she picks up Maria. Maria is barely able to standup. Anna does not stop at all. Anna just keeps going and going.

Anna runs to the ropes across the ring and she returns. Anna puts her shoulder up. Maria sees what is going to happen, and she backs up until she has her back to the ropes.

Maria ducks and she pulls down the top rope as Anna dives at Maria with her shoulder. Anna flies out of the ring and she hits the cage (the cage is about a foot away from the ring).

"Oooooohhhhhhhhhh," is what can be heard from the crowd and the ref.

As Anna bounces off the cage, she hits her head on the edge of the ring hard, and she stays in between the cage and ring. Anna seems to be out, but she starts to move a little bit after a few minutes. Maria is still in the ring on her back.

"Come on, you can do it," Alessia says to Anna.

Anna finally gets back into the ring and she is going to finish off Maria. Anna picks up Maria and she throws her like a rag doll towards the cage. Maria bounces off, and Anna catches Maria in her arms and body slams Maria to the mat. Anna spreads both of Maria's feet, and then she drops both fists at the same time into Maria's pussy. Maria is now out of it.

As Jenny raises Anna's hand, a car comes screeching in.

Anna says, "Boy are they late."

Jenny says to Anna, "No they are on time." Then Jenny says, "Here is your winner, Anna Falshit."

Anna says, "It is Falchi, you stupid ass bitch!"

Jenny doesn't even look at Anna, she just walks away.

Anna says to herself, "They're on time? What does she mean by that?"

Alessia enters the ring to celebrate with Anna by beating up Maria, but they can't. Catherine is also there, and she enters the ring.

Both Italians walk up to Catherine.

Anna says, "It's your turn, bitch."

They advance toward Cat, but Jenny runs up behind the Italians and tries to clothesline them both.

Both Italians stumble forward, but they don't fall. Instead they turn their attention on Jenny and they both clothesline her. Jenny flips 360 degrees in the air before she hits the floor.

Before the two Italians attack Jenny again, Pamela Anderson, who had just gotten out of the car, jumped into the ring and onto Alessia. Pam punches Alessia in the back of her head over and over. Anna goes over to help Alessia, but she is clotheslined by Jeri Ryan who has entered the ring as well.

While all four girls are on the floor wrestling, Cat helps Maria up and helps her to the limo.

Jenny gets back up, and joins Pam's fight against Anna. Jenny holds Anna's arms while Pam punches Anna in the cunt.

On the other side, Jeri and Alessia struggle for power on the floor.

A third person has left the limo, and now enters the ring.

It is Cindy Crawford and she grabs Alessia's arms.

Jeri pulls down the straps of Alessia's dress, then pinches and twists Alessia's tits. They drop Alessia on to her back

Jeri continues her work while Cindy goes to work on Alessia's pussy. Cindy took off Alessia's panties, and pulled up her dress.

Cindy drove punch after punch into Alessia's cunt, then Jeri took off her T-shirt, and smothered Alessia's screams.

Alessia was out.

In the other beating, Jenny took off her shorts and panties, and demanded Anna lick her until she had an orgasm. After Jenny started to have an orgasm, Anna had to eat it.

Then Cindy told Anna, "You better tell your other friends and other Italians that we are to stay and we will not let you, or the Latinas push us!"

Anna said, "Italians are not pushovers! We will not lose to you or anyone else! Italians are the strongest in the world, bitch! And you better not forget....aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!"

Cindy cut Anna's words short when she stomped as hard as she could on Anna's pussy.

The four ladies left the two Italians on the mat.