Maria Checa vs. Liz Hurley by Ze (10-23-2000)

Liz Hurley and Maria Checa had met at a party. Maria had been attracting a lot of attention from the men (and some women), including Hugh Grant. Liz had reacted badly to this.

She took Maria aside and told her to, "Keep your pathetic little body out of my boyfriends face."

Maria had responded by saying that her "pathetic little body" seemed preferable to Liz's ugly alternative. At that Liz had challenged Maria to a fight, in private. Maria agreed.

They met in Liz's London flat. Maria wore a black bra and panties, with a matching pair of platform heels. Liz was dressed in a silver mini dress and calf length silver boots.

The two girls circled each other and then began to strike out with swift kicks and punches. Each woman's counter move was equally effective, and no damage was done. Maria was much smaller, but Liz was wary. This went on for several minutes until they finally both realized that this was not going to get them very far. The fight moved up a gear. They charged into the centre of the room and tore at each other's clothing. Little Miss Columbia managed to get her fingers inside the front of Liz's dress, at the top, tearing open the front but it had little effect on the lovely English actress.

Little Maria was at a distinct size disadvantage and in the melee it didn't take long before Liz Hurley floored her with a well-placed punch to the ribs. Maria fell to the carpet but, although hurt, the pixie from Columbia showed her spunk and jumped right back in the fray.

"You big bitch," shouted Maria Checa as she drove in low and threw a punch that slammed into Liz Hurley's stomach.

The tall English beauty groaned but held her ground, quickly recovering her breathing, and gamely returning the punch, catching little Maria in her gut, lifting her off her feet. Miss Colombia realized that she was being out-gunned, and it took her longer to recover each time she was rocked by Liz's fists. The little Latin beauty suddenly sprang at Liz Hurley, grabbing her shorn dress right down the middle. Now it was causing Liz problems so she quickly removed it completely before she became entangled in it. While she was distracted the tiny Latin took full advantage.

The clever little pixie wrapped her left leg behind the taller Miss England, and tripped her to the canvass with a swivel-kick. Liz's long arms and legs tumbled in a whirl as she was toppled. Quickly Maria dove on top of her bewildered opponent, straddling the bigger woman and pinning Liz's arms under her legs. Taking her opportunity, Maria grabbed two hands full of hair and banged Liz Hurley's head against the mat repeatedly. Liz desperately tried to reorganize herself, but her eyes were beginning to glaze over. She seemed to be on the verge of defeat. Maria pressed her right elbow across Liz Hurley's throat. The larger girl choked while her petite opponent dominated her, slapping her pretty face, splitting her lip and bloodying her nose. Liz was almost overcome, but not quite. Desperately she heaved with all her strength.

Despite Liz's dazed and weakened state the little Colombian actress was thrown across the floor like a child, exposing Maria's greatest problem, that she was lacking strength and weight to take advantage of the good situations that her wit and speed sometimes brought her. She landed in a chaotic sprawl of arms and legs, but fortunately for her she was not hurt.

Bleeding Liz struggled to her feet, furious. Maria had only just got up when Liz slipped her arms around Maria's elfin waist and grabbed her in a bear hug. Liz squeezed tighter and tighter lifting Maria off the floor. Maria groaned, kicking her delicate legs helplessly in the air, caught by her foe in a vice-like grip. Liz lifted her effortlessly off her feet and then put her over her shoulder. Finally Liz Hurley pushed Maria right over sending the little lady crashing down to the floor behind her. Miss England's superior strength and power was beginning to tell as she grabbed Maria's hair and yanked the dazed brunette to her knees. Still seething with anger at what this much smaller girl had done to her Liz Hurley wrenched Maria's head backwards and slammed a fist into Maria's left eye, making it swell and blacken instantly. Roughly, Liz Hurley hauled the smaller girl to her feet once again.

Still holding the Colombian beauty's hair with her left hand, the English Queen slammed her right fist into her weakening foe's silky stomach crushing it, and then drove a knee into the her crotch, pushed her head down and slammed her knee into it launching her backwards. The little Latin lady was laid out flat on her back, her tanned arms and legs in disarray. Liz quickly seized her now trembling foe by her hips and ripped her panties off. Maria was now broken, all the fight taken out of her. In her dazed state she realized now that she was being comprehensively overpowered. The superior English Queen would destroy her if she could not escape. Otherwise she faced total destruction and humiliation.

As her panties were torn from her ankles she rolled over onto her stomach and crawled away as fast as she could, fleeing her conqueror. But Liz easily caught her. As Maria, now panicking, crawled away on all fours, Liz straddled the Colombian's back and dropped herself down onto Maria. Now Maria could not move forward under Liz. Her arms and legs trembled with effort for a brief moment before her diminutive frame buckled under Liz's weight, and poor Maria was flattened to the floor. Maria struggled with all the strength she had left, lost in the terror of what Liz might now do to her, but she could not move.

Now their positions were reversed, but whereas Maria had lacked the muscle and power to take control of Liz when she had the opportunity, Liz had strength and power to spare now that she had Maria beneath her. Maria struggled desperately to escape from under her more powerful foe, but her beautiful body was too slight, trapped between Liz's firm thighs. Liz rested on Maria, recovering her breath while the Latin pixie scrabbled and struggled, her strength draining away in futile effort. Liz looked down on Maria's slender back and long dark tresses, smiling at her dominance of the devastated beauty beneath her. She knew what it was like to be humiliated by a bigger, stronger woman, but now she intended to enjoy her chance to dominate.

The clasp of Maria's bra lay exposed on her back and it was a simple matter for Liz to remove it. As she released it Maria begged, "Please Liz, please don't hurt me. You've beaten me. I'm not fighting any more. Please don't hurt me."

Without speaking Liz raised herself slightly, enough to roll over the surrendering Colombian. As Maria was rolled onto her back her slim legs fell apart, and her soft arms fell beside her head. It was an unconscious display of submission. More consciously, Maria did not resist when Liz gently removed her unclasped bra. Maria laid spread beneath her opponent, her defences dismantled, while Liz looked down on her conquered enemy.

"I'm not going to hurt you," said Liz. "But I am going to make you pay for your flirting! Little girls like you really should be more careful if you're too feeble to handle a real woman!"

"Please!" whimpered Maria pleadingly, tears beginning to roll down her pretty face.

But Liz was not listening. She had already begun the final stage of her humiliation of Maria. Her long fingers began to gently caress Maria's naked breasts. Maria did not resist. Liz was not hurting her and all she wanted to avoid was being hurt any more. Her arms remained resting beside her head on the floor. Liz was free to do as she pleased as the beaten girl between her firm thighs sobbed in her disgrace.

Liz stroked and caressed gently and expertly. Maria's breath became short. She began to arch slightly under Liz. Maria's breath became quicker. Liz smiled and fought back derisive laughter as Maria, with no thought of her shame, implored her to stop. Maria twisted and writhed and gasped, her slender arms trembling beside her. Her face was now a confusion of humiliation and bliss as she tried to resist Liz's degrading purpose.

Finally Maria was rocked by devastating convulsions as Liz stripped poor Maria's remaining shreds of dignity. Finally she was shaken by uncontrollable waves of pleasure from within her devastated body, and she cried out in a heady mixture of degradation and unbridled rapture. The English Queen rode the little Colombian princess beneath her, totally satisfied by her complete victory, smiling as poor Maria lost all control over her rebellious body.

As Maria's pain and pleasure subsided, Liz stood up and went to shower, leaving Maria gasping for breath on the floor. When Liz had finished she returned to her front room. Maria was sobbing quietly and gathering her clothes. Liz went over to her and grabbed her around the throat, lifting Maria's pretty, tear-stained face up towards her.

"If you ever find yourself at a party with me, or even any room with me I think you'd better leave quickly, or I might decide to lead you off into a quiet corner and do something like this again. OK!"

"Yes," whimpered the terrified little Latin princess, who at that moment would have said anything to keep the English Queen from her.

Still grasping the poor girl around her throat Liz marched her backwards towards the front door, which she opened. Maria looked up at Liz terrified lest she do something else to hurt her. Liz pushed Maria sharply backwards sending Maria naked and sprawling across the hallway floor. Leaving the door open Liz quickly gathered up Maria's things that she had dropped, threw them out in to the corridor and closed the door.