Maria Checa vs. Victoria Silvstedt - by Mika 27-Jun-99
The Playboy mansion set up a wrestling ring for some specialty wrestling matches. All the Playboy staff, investors and other chosen people were invited to this special Playmate wrestling event.

There were different types of wrestling events that were going to take place. There were 16 girls involved in a tournament, the winner at the end would win 1 million dollars and become Playmate of the year. One catch, none of the participants knew which kind of specialty match it would be or who their opponent was until they got to the ring.

The first number was called. Maria Checa came down to the ring first. The small 5'2" 95 pound black haired Latina waited quietly for her opponent with a hint of nervousness on her face. Maria wore a pink Rio cut bikini that was see through of her nipples and patch. Her opponent was announced. It was Victoria Silvstedt, the large blonde amazon. Two large blonde Amazons appeared, the other being Victoria's best friend (among other things) Anna Nicole Smith. They both were dressed in red thong bikinis. Maria's face showed a lot of fear, for she knew that if Victoria got ahold of her that she would be pounded severely. Maria knew that Victoria despises the Latin Playmates and refers to them as greasers.

Maria had a chance though. Even though Victoria had the size and strength, Maria had speed and agility and could run circles around the big blonde.

The ref called the girls to the center of the ring. He announced what type of match it was. It was to be a wedgie match. The first girl to give her opponent a wedgie that tears her bikini briefs right off wins. Maria suddenly looked very worried as a smile crossed Victoria's face. Anna stood outside the ring laughing.

The bell rang and Victoria suddenly charged Maria, Maria quickly sidestepped the charging blonde. Victoria charged again, but Maria ducked under her again. Victoria got very frustrated at the quick little Colombian cutie. Victoria went and complained to Anna. When Victoria had her back turned Maria came up and booted Victoria in the ass. It was more humiliating than what it hurt. Victoria was pissed and she charged Maria again. Maria ducked down out of the way. Victoria charged Maria into a corner, but Maria once again was too quick and ducked the large blonde and actually crawled between her legs while Victoria slammed chest first into the turnbuckle. Victoria bounced off holding her boobs when Maria dropkicked her from behind launching the Amazon back into the buckle. Victoria fell to her knees holding her boobs. Maria left the ring and climbed to the top turnbuckle and prepared to launch herself onto Victoria. Victoria slowly got up to her feet and slowed her down.

Maria tried to surprise the big blonde with a high cross body but it backfired on the tiny brunette. Victoria caught the little Latina in mid air. Victoria carried Checa around the ring horizontally. Maria looking very worried struggled to get out of that grip as Victoria paraded Checa around the ring like a trophy. Victoria powerslammed Maria Checa to the mat . Checa lay on the mat motionless.

Victoria picked Maria up by her long black hair and punched her in the face putting the little Colombian on wobbly knees. Victoria Irish whipped Checa into the turnbuckle, Checa rebounded and was picked up under her armpits and tossed into the air, as Maria fell back to the ring, Victoria grabbed Checa out of the air and turned the move into a powerbomb that bounced the little 95 pounder off of the mat.

Victoria lifted Maria back off of the mat by her hair and with one hand squeezed around her neck. Maria's eyes bugged out as she gasped for air. Victoria lifted Maria Checa high into the air with one hand and held her there momentarily before chokeslamming her down to the mat. Checa was outcold, but Victoria still wasn't ready to finish her off. Victoria Irish whipped the little brunette into the turnbuckle with such a force that Checa ricocheted off of the turnbuckle out of the ring about 20 feet from where she last hit.

Outside the ring Anna Nicole was on top of her while Victoria distracted the ref. Anna stomped Checa unmercifully outside the ring. Anna picked Checa up by her hair and whipped her hard into the outside turnbuckle that she bounced off into the audience barricade. Anna then repeatedly slammed Checa's head into the ring steps. Anna then gorilla pressed little Maria high over her head and tossed her over the top rope back into the ring.

Victoria came over to Maria and stomped her on her back. Victoria sat on Maria's back and grabbed ahold of her bikini bottoms and gave several little playful tugs as teasers. The tugs grew harder making Maria squeal and kick her legs. Victoria was careful not to rip the bikini bottoms just yet, because she wanted this to go on and didn't want to end the match this soon when she was having so much fun. Victoria grabbed Checa by the hair and sent her to the ropes, on the rebound Victoria drilled Checa with a clothesline across the chest so hard that Maria made a complete 360 in air dropping her to the mat on her back out cold. The clothesline also knocked Maria's boobs out of her bikini top.

Victoria slapped Maria's boobs back and forth a little bit before sitting on them and grabbing Maria's bikini bottoms once again and giving them a tug this time in front. Victoria pulled up hard. Maria squealed and tried to kick, but that made the wedgie worse. Victoria kept pulling, still careful not to tare the material just yet. Victoria now had pulled enough that Maria's little hairy pussy was exposed as her bikini bottoms disappeared up her cunt crevices. Victoria ripped out a handful of black pubes and threw them in the yet so far dominated Colombian's face.

Victoria grabbed Checa by her tits and lifted her in the air, then atomic dropped her. Maria bent down holding her pussy. Victoria then grabbed the front and back of Maria's bikini bottoms and lifted her in the air and then threw her hard into the turnbuckle. Victoria picked Maria up in a bodyslam position, but instead of slamming her to the mat, she instead draped Maria's legs over the turnbuckle and hung her upsidedown against it. Victoria distracted the ref again while Anna went to work.

Anna choked Maria while she hung helplessly inverted. Anna then climbed up and grabbed ahold of Maria's bikini bottoms and pulled on them giving her a wedgie while hanging upsidedown.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!" Maria squealed.

The ref turned around and Anna quickly released the small Latina. Victoria slammed Checa down and distracted the ref again while Anna grabbed Maria's legs and positioned her crotch with the turnbuckle. Anna pulled hard slamming Maria's pussy into the turnbuckle with an audible "clang". Maria began sobbing uncontrollably at the pain she felt in her pussy.

Victoria returned to Maria and picked her up in a bearhug at first, but her hands reached around into Maria's legholes and pulled up hard. The bikini bottoms got stretched really high as Maria begged for mercy. Victoria bounced Maria up and down several times by her bikini bottoms before the loud "RIP!!!!!" came. Maria's panties split in half and Maria fell to the mat completely naked.

Victoria wasn't finished though. Victoria gorilla pressed Maria Checa high over her head and dropped her crotch first onto the rope. Maria bounced off bawling holding her sore pussy. Victoria then tombstone piledrove Maria into the mat. Victoria found what was left of Maria's bikini bottoms and stuffed them in the tiny Latina's mouth. Victoria lined Maria up with the turnbuckle while Anna climbed it and jumped off flattening the 95 pounder with a big splash. Victoria climbed up and did the same thing.

Finally getting tired of what they saw, fellow Latinas Patricia Velasquez and Monica Mesones chased Anna and Victoria away. Maria's Latin friends removed the dirty panties from her mouth and tried to wake her, but it was useless. Medical personnel came to the ring and hauled Maria off on a stretcher.