Julie Strain vs. Maria Checa by HlywdCatft

I got to sit at the announcer table for the annual Playboy vs. Penthouse match. The ring was all set up and the numbers were about to be drawn. No one knew who was facing each other as of yet until the numbers were drawn for each match.

The first numbers were drawn and the first to come down the aisle into the ring was the tiny Latin Playmate Maria Checa. She came down the aisle waving to her fans who were cheering her, but you could tell she was quite nervous not knowing who her opponent was. Maria was wearing a white half T that said Latina Power on it and tight short jean cutoffs. Maria took off her shorts to reveal a tiny white thong bikini bottom that showed off her nice ass cheeks and were see through of her black pubic patch. Maria's fans cheered.

Her opponent came next to a bunch of cheer's from the Penthouse fans. It was Julie Strain. She came to the ring in a black thong. Making this match look symbolic with Maria in white and Julie in black.

This was definitely a mismatch. Julie stands at 6'1", Maria is only about 5'1" or so. Maria's barely over 100 pounds and Julie's probably got about 40 pounds more on her. Maria really looked scared, she didn't seem to want to be here now.

The bell rang, and Maria quickly attacked Julie not wanting the larger woman to get the first hit. Maria sent punches into Julie's stomach but Julie just laughed at the little brunette who only came up to her tits. Maria ran to the ropes and charged at Julie and attempted to tackle her but Maria bounced right off of her onto the mat. Julie looked down and laughed at the perky little Playmate. Julie tried to clothesline Checa but Checa ducked and headed for the ropes.

Maria climbed the top turnbuckle as Julie approached her. Maria jumped off with a high crossbody but was stopped midair when Julie caught her. Julie carried the little Latin cutie around the ring. Maria's legs kicked about trying to free herself from Julie's grip. Julie slammed Maria down over her knee in a back breaker. Julie held Maria over her knee with one hand pushing down on Maria's chin, the other on her thigh trying to break her in half. After about a minute Julie let Maria fall to the mat in a pile.

Julie picked Maria up by her hair and punched her in her little tight stomach five times then sent her to the ropes, Julie gave Maria a superkick that dropped the little Latin to the mat in a heap. Julie Irish whipped Checa into the turnbuckle, Maria ricocheted off of it hard only to be met by a clothesline that spun her around in air leaving her laying on her chest.

Maria was picked up by her thong and bodyslammed and then whipped again into the turnbuckle so hard that Maria tumbled into it head over heels and fell out of the ring. As Maria fell out, the back of her T-shirt caught the turnbuckle and was literally hanging the little Latin by her shirt, cutting off her air. Maria began kicking her legs wildly but that only made things worse as she cried for help.

Julie left the ring and pulled Maria by her legs right out of her shirt. Maria was wearing no top so now her titties were in view to all. Julie sent Maria back in the ring and reentered herself.

Maria was on her knees begging Julie to stop the match and that she couldn't go on, but Julie grabbed Maria in a two arm chokehold and lifted her high in the air. Maria trying to beg some more fell on deaf ears as she was thrown hard into a turnbuckle. Julie threw Maria into the center ring on her chest and grabbed the back of her thong while sitting on her back and pulled on it hard burying Maria's thong deep into her pussy and ass crevices. Maria squealed in pain.

"Please Julie you're hurting my pussy please stop!!!!" cried Maria.

Julie lifted Maria by the back of her thong and walked her around the ring by it. Julie picked Maria up and hung her upside down over a corner turnbuckle and then grabbed Maria by her thong again. Maria was getting a wedgie again while upside down, Maria could do nothing but bawl.

Julie then dumped Maria off the turnbuckle and pulled down Maria's moist bikini bottoms that stuck to her clit. Julie held them up to her nose smelling Maria's sex all over the thong, and began to get aroused. Julie rolled Maria onto her stomach again and began spanking her ass. Maria did nothing but cry as her ass got beat red from the spankings.

Julie stood Maria up so everyone could see her nude body and her narrow band of pubic hair on her neatly trimmed bush. Julie gorilla pressed the tiny Latin over her head and dumped her outside the ring, Maria landing on my table in front of me ass up unconscious. Julie grabbed Maria's thong and rubbed it in my face.

"Ever smell Latin pussy?" asked Julie to me.

Julie then rolled Maria onto her back

"Actually you get to smell it up close!"

Julie took my face and rubbed it in Maria's sweaty crotch. I never thought that I would get the privilege of getting my face rubbed in a Playmates pussy, maybe I was in for more of this tonight with the other girls. Julie threw Maria back in the ring and sat on her chest flattening her boobs and grabbed out handfuls of Maria's pubic hair as she screamed in pain.

Julie threw Maria over her shoulders and climbed the top rope. Julie dropped Maria in a top rope tombstone. Maria was out like a light lying on her back, limbs spread, her boobs thrust in the air.

Julie took Maria's thong and rubbed it in Maria's snatch back and forth getting some more of Maria's pussy smell and juices on it. Julie then began to slowly caress Maria's boobs with her tongue making the unconscious girl's nipples hard. Maria burst into orgasm onto her own thong bikini bottoms that were rubbed against her pussy while still unconscious.

Julie took off her own top to loud cheering and then dropped her bottoms and sat on Maria's face. Julie held the thong up to her nose inhaling Maria's pussy juices and burst into orgasm all over Maria's pretty face. Julie took her own thong bottoms and stuffed them in Maria's mouth as the unconscious girl was left for medical personnel.

Before she left the ring she took Maria's T-shirt that said "Latina Power" on it and rubbed it through Maria's snatch and ass and put it back on Maria. As Julie left the ring she tossed me Maria's formerly white thong bottoms for a souvenir. I knew this would be a great night.