Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone: Clueless) vs. Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon: Legally Blonde) w/Andie Anderson (Kate Hudson: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days) by Oberon

It was no secret at UCLA that Cher Horowitz and Elle Woods disliked each other. And Andie Anderson hoped to catch the two of them together sometime. Cher and Elle seemingly had been rivals from the moment they entered UCLA as juniors, immediately taking to competing with each other for the unofficial title of campus queen. Both L.A. residents, one from Beverly Hills, the other from Bel Air; they had never become acquainted until their debut here. Their backgrounds were equally well-to-do and reeked of affluence and popularity, but their upbringing and social circles formed their attitudes of the world around them, which was equally instrumental in forming their rivalry as the need to compete over which of them had the most toys in their lives and was thus worthier of becoming the center of attention at college.

Both were involved in campus activities designed to benefit the students at large, but for Elle's part it was about actively recruiting those who shared similar interests, while to Cher it was a means of achieving social status through involvement. This was another source of friction that simmered between them as they doubted the other's reasons for their involvement. The incentive they felt to compete began during a metaphysics class they were both signed up for the first semester they attended, then was reinforced in a fashion design class.

In the former case, a difference of opinion led to a debate between the other students in the room, with the teacher stepping in and directing its course in search of common ground between the two opposing points of view brought up by the classmates from Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The two had clearly different ideas in mind even though the professor recognized they both sought to transcend the boundaries of their public image and prove they could excel at the subject as well as anyone else. But with the debate that took place in light of their disagreement, there were bad vibes over who had more support from the class and ultimately the professor. The actual discussion that happened concerned dualism versus neutral monism, with Cher taking the position that mind and matter are separate and equally real concepts and Elle maintaining that mind and matter spring from the same concept.

The disagreement that bolstered the resolve of both women was far more socially trivial, coming up during fashion design class when they clashed again over whether skirts should end at the mid-thigh or higher up on the hips. It was Cher who then made a disparaging remark about the appeal of Elle's legs (Elle was wearing a pink skirt reaching down to her knees as opposed to Cher's shorter red skirt), to which Elle responded by raising her skirt a bit as if mocking the length of Cher's skirt, but it was obvious between them that Elle did it to show up her rival by showing off her shapely thighs. From then on it had become a may-the-best-woman-win contest between them to see who could become the most popular on campus.

Before long UCLA was abuzz with their rivalry, since they competed over everything at every opportunity. Their popularity and circle of friends, their grade point averages, the myriad activities they arranged for other students to come and watch, the charities they supported, how much money they raised for said charities, the amount of recognition they received for their efforts. They flaunted their affluence at every opportunity that arose, going on shopping excursions and returning with monstrous amounts of extravagant trinkets to impress the other students. They as often flaunted their sexuality and fancy clothes while on campus, heading to class dressed in ensembles that commanded notice from everyone, designer bags hoisted casually over their shoulders, at times strategically showing skin to win the support of male onlookers as well.

Eventually they joined rival sororities in their bid to outdo one another. Once word was out they sought to join a sorority, every sorority on campus instantly clamored to recruit them, knowing full well their backgrounds and track records. Finally each woman joined two respective sororities, as they had to since it seemed unthinkable what might happen if they were able to join the same house. Their joining two different sororities served to augment their differences and their resentment of the attention the other got from their fan bases. Elle was considered a people's heroine, being much more outgoing and eager to offer advice or pointers to just about everyone who asked, which included many of those people that Cher's close knit circle of friends looked down upon as social misfits. Cher appealed to the bitchier, more stuck-up students on campus who considered themselves better than everyone regardless of the equal time they put into their institution of learning.

Although neither of them ever verbalized their mutual dislike, it became obvious whenever they passed by in the hallways. In the moments of tense silence that seemed to settle around the general area whenever they were in close proximity, the air surrounding them would grow thick with malice that felt tangible but regardless never surfaced outwardly. During these moments they simply flaunted their customary attitudes and moved on without speaking, regarding the other as if she was hopelessly out of her league. Elle beamed a broad smile and Cher rolled her eyes as if she was walking past a bug she'd just narrowly avoided stepping on. That was it between them, but anyone nearby knew they had a bone to pick, and with the joint activities held on campus by two or more fraternities and sororities, it was a matter of time before a confrontation occurred between them. And when it did, it seemed likely their facades would drop and the fur would fly.

Hailing from New York, and not caring much about popularity in the first place, Andie Anderson watched all this from the sidelines, growing increasingly fascinated with the constant competition between them and the animosity-filled vibes they shared when they saw each other. A major in journalism and a minor in anthropology, she had a particular interest in their ever-increasing rivalry to the point where she wondered what would happen if their paths crossed with an opportunity for it to boil over into a verbal conflict, and perhaps something more from the way they occasionally glared at each other. She decided she would have to watch for something like this to happen, since she'd an idea in mind that may prove interesting to both of them. One night alone in her room, she found her thoughts wandering to the possibility of the two rivals taking her up on her offer, and in the midst of her fantasizing she almost didn't notice her hand stealing to her naked crotch and rubbing while her other hand massaged her hardening nipples until her orgasm.

As it turned out, Andie's chance would come within the month. It happened at a wet T-shirt contest that was put on for charity by the rivals' respective sororities, one Andie attended after hearing both women would be competing tonight. She arrived late, without making a grand entrance, so as not to call any attention to herself. It was important for her experiment that it was proposed and carried out in secrecy. When she arrived the contest was already underway, and all eyes were on the women on the stage in bikini bottoms of different colors and a variety of T-shirts with icy cold water being poured on them to accentuate the contestants' nipples through the thin fabric they wore. When she got close enough to the stage to get a better view of what was happening, she saw Elle and Cher up there, being announced as two of the finalists in the contest. They stood a few feet apart from each other, not sharing one word, but Andie picked up on the bad vibes they sent exchanged as they got ready to come forward again.

It was Elle's turn to come to the front of the stage first. Her white cotton T-shirt was cut just enough so the patrons could see the edge of her navel above her pink string bikini as she moved forward, stopping just short of the edge of the stage. But all attention was shortly fixated on the front of her shirt as the water was generously poured over her chest, stiffening her nipples and the surrounding aureole as she squealed in shock at the coldness of the water, her lips hanging open in a smile that was as inviting as it was adorable. Grabbing the lower half of her T-shirt and twisting the excess water from the fabric, Elle flattened the shirt across her pert breasts so everyone could see her nips poking out from under the material as she smiled broadly and playfully bent, writhed and undulated, impressing those who wanted to see her win first prize.

When Cher was called she strutted arrogantly forward, brushing past Elle with a condescending sneer as she immediately set out to do her Bel Air-based rival one better in the seduction department. Her movements were stiff and contrived in comparison to Elle's natural, flowing motions as she posed and preened for her male supporters through the water being poured onto her shorter cutoff T-shirt, squatting and turning around to bend over and show the thong of her red bikini as it disappeared between her ass cheeks. Caressing her slender thighs, Cher moved her hands to her breasts, fondling them through her own white T-shirt, the only thing on her mind being stealing first prize from Elle Woods as she basked in the cheers from all the dudes who wanted her to walk away victorious. Capping off her performance by turning to bend over a second time, she slapped her ass with her left hand, the slap reverberating over the accompanying music.

When this part of the contest was over, the emcee called them both to the foot of the stage, asking the audience to give a cheer as loud as possible for their respective favorites. The camps of patrons who arrived to watch their favorite win was relatively even, and it took the emcee a few tries to encourage the supporters of each contestant to make a louder noise for their favorite. Elle's and Cher's people clamored to be heard as the two finalists onstage goaded them on by swaying and posing seductively for them. Andie just stood and watched in fascination that these two women could inspire such fierce competition with large groups of people. Finally, by just the slightest variance in noise, first prize went to Cher. A mixed reaction came as Elle's fans believed their girl gave a sexier show, but Andie knew Elle wasn't too disappointed by the outcome. From Cher's expression, however, Andie suspected she might rub things in when she and Elle were alone.

Sneaking backstage and coming across the white-shirted rivals, witnessing their animosity boiling over, Andie decided to give them her proposal. They stared each other down, Elle's narrowed eyes looking into Cher's condescending glare. Cher, who stood maybe four inches taller, made an obvious effort to intimidate Elle by trusting her breasts outward as she spoke. Unimpressed, Elle stood her ground, pushing her own breasts outward in response. Before long, they were glaring into each other's eyes as neither was willing to back down. Their breasts, still partly visible through the damp fabric of their T-shirts, strained against their confinement so Andie could perceive the nipples pushing through. What she had in mind would surely come as a surprise to them as she was still a complete stranger at this point, but for some reason she suspected neither of them would want to pass it up. Already she was close enough to hear the words they exchanged.

With each insult they traded, their expressions hardened, with more attitude creeping into their voices.

"Despite that, I won tonight because I showed more skin," Cher sneered haughtily, running her hands along her sides until they reached her hips. "Maybe you should have tried to be more like me, like dress in a thong or something."

"Which would've catered to your ego, huh?" Elle snapped back, slapping her own ass. "I'm Delta Nu, and us Delta Nu's are above showing our butts in thongs. Besides, if this was a Hawaiian Tropics contest I'd have kicked your butt tonight."

"Tell that to the guys who came to see me," Cher retorted hotly, moving a step closer. She grew more condescending and arrogant, hoping to intimidate Elle. "Face it, babe, you were outclassed by a girl who can outclass anyone."

"Named after a diva who can outclass you on a bad day? You flatter yourself," rebounded Elle as she moved a step closer "The day you can outclass me at anything, sweetie, is the day I decide I should get liposuction to be more like you."

"Well, what about you? Named after a magazine I read in high school." Cher pressed her tits into Elle's, her nipples pushing into her from a few inches above. "And girl, you could use liposuction. You hips are wider than my dad's butt."

"That was a real intelligent comeback. My hips are just fine, thank you very much. And like the guys who came to see me thought, my legs happen to be much more inviting than yours." Elle lifted her leg and glided it along Cher's outer thigh.

By this time, Andie reached them. Clearing her throat when she sensed their bad vibes fast reaching a fever pitch and it seemed they'd tear into each other right there, she opted to interject something into this "conversation," wanting to diffuse the situation before it escalated into a knock-down, drag out in lieu of pitching her idea to them.

"Excuse me, but I think I have an idea where this is leading," she announced coyly, with mock nervousness

Facing the newcomer, Cher maintained her condescending demeanor. "What's it to you?" she snapped, the edges of her mouth turning down in disapproval at Andie's arrival. "Mind your own business, mop-head. This is between Elle and I."

"I can see that," Andie replied evenly, unfazed by Cher's remark. "But I'm sure that campus security doesn't want a fight on their hands. Besides, assault charges wouldn't look very good on your resumes."

"What's the point you're trying to make?" Elle asked, knowing Andie had their number but unsure what her stake was.

"If you guys want to fight," Andie offered amiably, smiling to let them know she was no threat, "maybe you can help me out with something. I'm writing a paper on how the competitive spirit pertains to typical university life.

"So?" Cher spewed hotly, but Andie suspected her bravado was cover for her rising interest in this proposal.

"So," Andie explained, "here's the deal; it's a one-time offer. You guys can use my room to have it out if I can use the fight as a reference. I assure you, your names'll be kept in confidence, and there's a hundred bucks in it for the winner."

"Fine with me," Elle agreed, unflinchingly facing Cher as she resumed trying to stare Elle down before she blurted out, "Two hundred bucks!" as if she chose this moment to voice her hidden interest.

Andie smiled at the abrupt outburst of enthusiasm. "One-fifty," she corrected, sealing the bargain. "Now that that's out of the way, let's head back to my room."

They entered Andie's room about half an hour later after Elle and Cher showered and dressed to leave the student center where the wet T-shirt contest was held. There had been little conversation on the way back to Andie's dorm other than an occasional question about how far her living arrangements were and if anyone else would be there when they returned there. For the most part, Elle and Cher ignored each other with the exception of an occasional sidelong glance of ill will and anticipation for the event to come. They discovered there was nothing to concern themselves with when they got back as far as if anyone would be there to see them return. Hardly anyone was in the hallways when they came to Andie's dorm, as tonight was Saturday and most of the residents were still out for the night. This seemed to suit Elle and Cher perfectly, as an unspoken consensus was among the three of them to keep this impromptu get-together a secret among them since that was their post-contest agreement.

When they turned down a hallway on the basement level, walked halfway down and reached her room, Andie pulled her keys from her purse, unlocked the door and walked in first, flipping the light on as she walked toward one corner, throwing her purse next to a chair and sitting down. Elle entered last, following Cher inside and graciously closing the door behind them. Clearing her throat to get Cher's attention, she looked her directly in the eyes as she locked the door, as if saying she was every bit as enthusiastic about their physical contest as Cher was, and she wasn't in slightest intimidated about the prospect of fighting her with no available means of escape. Their eyes met for the first time since they left the wet T-shirt contest, blazing with the dislike that began in metaphysics class; then Cher gave Elle a haughty sniff in response to her confident gesture. Sharply turning her back to Elle with her customary attitude, Cher turned to Andie, breaking the silence that had permeated her dorm room with thick, intensely tangible energy with their entrance.

"So we're here now. What are the rules?" she demanded, her tone of voice suddenly becoming eager and all business.

Andie was getting settled into her room when Cher posed the question, and tilted her head to answer "First," she intoned quietly, "I think you'd both agree we can't have you fighting wearing expensive designer clothes. They would doubtless be reduced to thin, unidentifiable strips of cloth, judging by how you've been looking at each other on the way back." Andie let her expression break into a disarming smile at the mental picture of this happening. "No, I think you ought to have it out in bikinis." Motioning to the dresser a few feet away, she went on. "And I'll tell ya girls what else; I'll even let you pick one out each from what I got in my top drawer. I think you'll both find something you like."

Elle looked around the room at that, eyeing a dressing partition near the closets. "Where can we change?" she asked, already having an idea what the answer would be but wanting to be sure anyway.

Andie's smile broadened as she pointed in the direction Elle had looked by the closet. "Right behind there," she offered. "I won't tell about that either," she promised heartily. "After all, we're all ladies here, right?"

Elle shrugged as she decided to go first. Brushing past Cher, she raised her chin to answer Cher's icy glare, heading for Andie's dresser. Opening the top drawer, she rummaged inside for a few seconds and pulled out a hot pink bikini. Holding it up in the light for a moment, she tossed it casually over a shoulder and headed for the partition, ignoring Cher's arrogant stare as she disappeared behind it and began removing her expensive designer clothes. Sniffing disdainfully again, Cher went through Andie's drawer, looking for a skimpy ensemble she could wear to outdo her rival, finding a red number with a thin strip of thong in the back that much resembled the bikini she wore to the wet T-shirt contest. Elle stepped out from behind the partition soon after, apparently satisfied with the snugness of her bikini, checking the back to see if it covered enough of her derriere. Her nose in the air, Cher brushed past Elle and ducked behind the partition, removing her clothes in quick eagerness to don her bikini. Sliding it on, she anticipated another chance to outdo Elle.

Stepping out when her bikini was on, Cher carried herself with more of her superior attitude, locking eyes with Elle again. For a time they faced each other, staring hard into one another's eyes, each woman sizing up the other's half-naked body, searching for any weaknesses they could exploit. After some tense moments had passed, Elle broke the silence. "As Cher said," she asked Andie, "what are the rules for this little shindig of ours?"

"Just one," Andie explained, "and that is there are no rules. That means anything goes; there'll be no such thing as a dirty tactic. You keep fighting until one of you submits... or passes out, whichever comes first. You both okay with that?"

Looking around the room again, Elle determined her surroundings were spacious enough so she and Cher wouldn't crash into anything and damage any furniture in the heat of their battle. Only a nearby bed was all that seemed a hindrance. "Sure," Elle conceded, knowing she'd have to fight hard if she wanted to win. At the same time she'd decided she might not mind the prospect once things got underway as she absorbed the sight of Cher's superior expression.

"Agreed!" Cher exclaimed, her intonation as hard as her expression. Straightening her slender body as tall as she could to intimidate Elle, she raised her chin arrogantly, intoning, "I'm looking forward to tearing your ass to shreds, girlfriend!"

"Come and get me, then," Elle challenged her, backing up a step so she could keep an eye on Cher. "Let's see if you fight as well as you run your mouth." Andie settled back in her chair to watch the impending contest, eager for it to start as the two rivals squared off, circling warily. After a few moments of circling, carefully watching every move the other made and taking stock of each other's perceived strengths and weaknesses, Cher stepped briskly forward and shoved Elle, hard, with both hands. Falling back a couple steps, Elle came back and shoved Cher hard enough to knock her off her footing. Stumbling and almost losing her balance, Cher clenched her teeth, stepped up and shoved Elle even harder, her palms slamming into the downward swoop of her breasts. Catching her breath, Elle shoved Cher, ramming her palms into Cher's tits, head on. Cher let out an inadvertent squawk, her hands reflexively reaching up to massage her breasts.

Recovering, Cher loosed a wild scream, bolting toward Elle. Her arms were outstretched, her fingers spread as if going for Elle's hair or perhaps her eyes to start things off. When she came within striking distance, Elle reacted quickly, crouching and using her legs as pistons as she met Cher's charge. She kicked Cher in the ankle to use her own inertia against her. Bending lower as Cher tripped and fell forward, Elle rammed her head into Cher's solar plexus, lifting up and flipping the taller woman over her head and down to the floor.

Cher uttered a loud "UNGGHHH!" and fought to catch breath as Elle straddled her face, twisting the fingers of both hands into claws and plunging them into Cher's soft stomach. Cher grunted and steeled her gut as Elle twisted back and forth in vicious half-circles. Screaming hoarsely, Cher reached up to rake Elle's back starting with the base of her neck, leaving red scratches in their wake. Cher reached to scratch her again when Elle slashed her heel into Cher's chin with a loud CRACK that reverberated in Andie's spacious room.

"UHHHHHHHHH!" exclaimed Cher as her head was knocked against the floor, her mind invaded by chirping blue jays. Seeing Cher dazed by the impact, Elle pressed her advantage, straddling her face again and renewing her efforts to claw at Cher's stomach, causing Cher to reflexively kick her legs, her feet catching Elle's tits through her bikini. Falling back with a long-winded "UNNNNNNNNFFFFFFF!" Elle forced herself to stay upright, fighting the waves of pain caused by Cher's feet slamming her breasts. Feeling Cher's outstretched hands reaching toward her generous blonde tresses, Elle abandoned her efforts to smother and claw Cher, opting to wrap her legs around Cher's throat and lurching forward. Cher gagged as Elle's thighs squeezed her windpipe, kicking her own legs around Elle's upper torso, locking her ankles and kicking out again. Losing her balance, Elle was thrust forward, her head striking the floor with an impact that dazed her as Cher twisted and rolled on top. With a loud "UNNNNNHHHHH!" she strangled Elle, who rolled Cher to the bottom again.

They fought for the dominant position a few seconds before they somehow became entangled from each other. Lying underneath Elle's curvaceous body, her face at level with her crotch, Cher lifted her legs, trying to wrap them around Elle's waist. But Elle sensed it coming and deftly reached behind her to grab Cher's ankles before she could secure them one over the other to complete the maneuver. "Nothing doing, bimbo," Elle growled, turning to glare back at Cher as she sat up, "you're not keeping those legs of yours around me, not that they'd hurt me much anyway."

"I'll show you how bad these can hurt you, slut!" Cher growled back, her eyes blazing with malice as she kicked free of the groping fingers seizing her ankles, slamming her legs around Elle's hourglass figure and pushing outward to propel Elle's face down to the floor. Thinking quickly, Elle broke her fall by stretching her arms outward, steadying herself even as Cher crossed her ankles and kicked out again, expelling a sharp huff of breath from Elle's lungs "UUUHHNNNHHHH!" She gritted her teeth against the compression her waist was being subjected to, expelling another breath as Cher's long legs squeezed her curvaceous midriff, kicking viciously to uproot her from her stubborn position with her palms pressed firmly on the floor. Elle slithered her legs backward as she fought to remain upright, wrapping them around Cher's neck. Elle added to this by pushing her asscheeks into Cher's mouth and windpipe, reducing the screech originating from Cher's esophagus to a muffled rumble as her backside rested snugly over her air passages.

Again Cher extended her legs outward, twisting to the side and rolling over, wrenching her head from Elle's ass although her neck was still caught between her shapely, determined thighs. Elle yelped in surprise as she connected with the floor with a loud WHUD and tried wrenching herself free of Cher's grip when her long legs uncoiled themselves from her waist. Quicker than she could react, Cher's legs slammed around Elle's throat before she could pull away, bending at the knee and crushing her cheeks as they strangled her. They rolled around on the floor some more, taking turns kicking their respective scissor locks tighter until Cher broke the stalemate, leaning forward and sinking her teeth into Elle's right ass cheek. Elle yelped again and lifted up before Cher has a chance to bite harder, rolling on top of the dishwater blonde and pressing the crack of her ass into Cher's nose until the scissors around her waist loosened and finally opened.

The moment of respite that Elle experienced was shortly gone as Cher quickly regained her breath and suddenly jumped her, knocking her to the floor. Moving up quick, looking down on Elle's flushed face, Cher planted her red-thonged ass into her. Elle's face disappeared in between Cher's ass cheeks as the dishwater blonde smirked and began to do a seductive bump and grind, rubbing her backside into Elle's mouth and nasal passages. As the shorter woman kicked out, shapely legs and curvy waist undulating like a maddened snake to get out from underneath Cher's slender frame, Cher positioned herself by placing an open palm on Elle's stomach and lifted up, pressing her crotch into the area where her ass had been rubbing and grinding into her.

"Smell my pussy, bitch," Cher taunted, looking down condescendingly into Elle's narrowed eyes as her crotch pressed harder into her face. "This is what a real woman smells li....URRRRKKKKKKK!"

Cher's words were rudely cut off as Elle brought her legs up, slamming them as hard as she could around her throat, and using the strength in her soft-looking but muscular thighs to force Cher from her perch and down to the floor. Scrambling to prevent Cher from recovering and mounting another attack, she reared back up on her knees and crawled to the side to watch as Cher forced herself to her own knees. Spinning around as Cher leaped toward her, Elle slammed her back into Cher's chest, flattening Cher's breasts against her back muscles as she reached behind her, grabbing the back of Cher's neck and flipping her over her shoulder and down to the floor. As the dazed Cher felt the waves of her derriere striking the floor, Elle maintained her grip on Cher, applying a sleeper as her curvaceous legs wrapped around Cher's slender waist.

"I wouldn't know 'bout that," Elle growled at her caught rival. "But it seems you're rather familiar!"

"Don't YOU wish, shorty!" snarled Cher with her customary arrogance as she writhed to escape Elle's clutches.

Horowitz' slender limbs flailed uselessly on the floor as Woods' ankles crossed one over the other, and the first waves of the scissors began from behind her, one heel coming to rest just above her crotch. Lowering her head and leaning into the chokehold around Cher's neck, Elle poured energy into the scissors, breathing evenly with each extension of her limbs and tightening of her arm around Cher's windpipe. Secured firmly by her left arm nudging her fist in the crook between her bicep and forearm, the tight grasp Elle established on Cher's throat suppressed the groans wrenched from her gut by the stocky legs sandwiching her midriff. The scissors was all the more painful by Elle's calves pressing into her, supported by her crossed ankles. Seeing the firm grip this established on Cher's body, Elle stretched her legs, releasing a deep breath.

The muscles bulging under Elle's deceptively soft looking skin thrummed hungrily as her legs retracted and stretched out again, crushing Cher's waist as her hips swiveled and twisted for better purchase. Feeling the squeezing pressure mounting around her waist and ribcage, Cher groaned again, bucking and rolling her lower body with renewed fervor in her efforts to wrench herself from the legs coiled around her. Choking for air as Elle's arm retracted and flexed, hindering the flow of oxygen, Cher moved with agonizing slowness, trying to twist her neck to the side so that her open mouth would be on the same plane as Elle's bicep, searching a position to bite her way out. When Cher's teeth brushed along her skin, Elle pulled away and flexed again, re-establishing her advantage and squeezing down hard with her legs.

Cher sputtered as another pulse of Elle's bicep and forearm pulsed around her windpipe. Swiveling her hips as Cher tried to squirm free of the scissor lock, the shorter spitfire curled both her legs at the knee, pressing her inner thighs and calves harder into Cher's sides, suppressing the writhing motions of her lower body. Elle's warm breath flowed onto her temple, heating her skin as she leaned farther into the chokehold, grabbing the back of Cher's head to increase the pressure she exerted. Twisting a handful of dirty blonde hair in her fingers, Elle pushed her throat into the crook of her arm when Cher tried to lower her head to sink her teeth into Elle's forearm again. Turning a shade of red from the lack of oxygen, Cher replaced her sputtering with a long-winded screech of frustration at being firmly trapped in Elle's clutches.

"UUUUURRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHH! Can't breathe... bitch!" Cher screamed through clenched teeth, her crushed waist convulsively bucking and thrusting as if the movement could shake off Elle's encircling legs.

"Stop squirming, you conceited skank, or I'll crush your ribs into sawdust!" Elle admonished from under Cher's thrashing body, flexing her formidable thigh muscles to press them harder into Cher's sides, suppressing another reflexive bucking movement. Alleviating the pressure that her tight scissors put on her, Elle released another long-winded breath that sailed lazily onto the side of Cher's face. On the heels of that expulsion of air came a tighter squeeze of her legs.

"Oh, you like breathing in my ear?" Cher spat, forcing the words through her clenched teeth and Elle's crushing legs as she persisted in struggling despite the dominant Elle's warning. "You must think you're turning me on!"

"It wouldn't surprise me, considering how easily you agreed to this," Elle admitted sardonically, channeling energy into compressing Cher with more leg pulses that punctuated her taunts. "Does THIS turn you on?!"

"I'll rip your legs off an' strangle you with them!" Cher screamed defiantly in between harsh grunts, her waist bucking again to resist the pressure on her ribs. "Then I'll shove 'em sideways up your fat ass!"

Gritting her teeth again as another pulse of the curled legs around her midriff pressed into her sides, crushing her ribcage, Cher halted her frenzied kicking and tried pressing her heels on the floor to give herself leverage. Finding purchase, she pushed upward with her feet, somehow managing to lift Elle's ass off the floor as she maintained the tight scissors around her. Flexing the choke around her throat, she bore down on her trapped rival, stretching so her inner thighs compressed her waist even tighter, her crossed ankles aiding the inertia of the squeezing hold. Cher found her derriere slammed into the floor, legs splaying as Elle redoubled her efforts to crush the life from her. She made another effort to extricate herself, pressing her inner thighs around Elle's crossed ankles while planting her feet back on the floor and pushing up again.

Once more Elle found her delectable ass lifted from the floor as Cher pushed herself up by her feet, arching her back as she leaned back, trying to bear down with her weight and push Elle into the carpet underneath her. The choke around her throat quivered and trembled as Elle's center of gravity was thrown off; she was repositioning her arms when Cher leaned forward to plunge her front teeth into the forearm that had been exerting pressure on her windpipe. Elle let loose a startled "AAAAAHHHHHH!" as Cher's jaws worked the thighs choking the wind from her lungs; encouraged by this Cher pushed herself higher, twisting her body to the left and right against the squeezing pressure on her sides. With a throaty "UNGH!" Elle kicked the scissors around Cher's midriff tight as possible, thrusting the trapped woman down to the floor as she reset her legs and squeezed down tighter. But Cher saw her opportunity to escape as the choke loosened.

Dragging her nails downward along Elle's shapely thighs, Cher squirmed to pull herself from the scissors, stomach and hips bucking and thrashing wildly in her exertions. Her jaws clamped down hard on Elle's forearm as her hands went from clawing Elle's legs to slamming her closed fists into the sensitive tissue surrounding her kneecaps, then digging her fingers into the spaces on either side of the bone. Sensing she was about to lose her advantage, Elle flipped over so that she was on top of her taller rival, but Cher used this momentum to counter flip, ending up atop Elle again. Her struggles growing more fervent, Cher lifted up in the smallish space allowed by the loosening scissors around her and slamming her ass into Elle's groin repeatedly, savoring the groans these movements elicited as she finally opened a wide enough space in the scissors to pull herself from Elle's clutches, but not without a maximum effort as she felt Elle trying to reset her legs.

"Forget that, cunt," Cher snarled, sliding her back to pull her waist out of range of those probing legs. "I won't allow you the carte blanche of squeezing me again! But let's see if I can split you in half!"

"I don't need carte blanche from the likes of you," Elle snapped back as she moved her legs up to where Cher's waist was a few inches higher. "I'm keeping you right where you are"

Feeling Elle's inner thighs gliding along her hipbones and then her ribcage, Cher decided to test what Elle had just said in addition to using her height advantage as she reached behind with her left arm, catching the shorter woman under her in a windpipe-crushing headlock, sliding up just a little to reposition herself and get her right arm involved in the action, securing her left wrist behind her forearm. Leaning into the choke, she flexed her arms around Elle's throat, pressing into her windpipe to prevent air from escaping her as she sat up, yanking Elle with her while her ass was still firmly planted on her crotch. Cher yelled from the strain she threw into her grip as Elle screeched almost in unison with the sound. She tried grabbing for a handful of Cher's long, straight hair, but Cher jerked the choke tighter in response, growing like an enraged lioness as she pressed Elle's face into her side. Although firmly trapped, Elle was not too willing to concede the advantage to her rival. Finding her waist out of range, she coiled her legs around Cher's thighs to prevent them from kicking.

Gaining some momentum from the odd grapevine she now secured on Cher's thighs, Elle reached around the taller body on top of her, clenched her hand into a fist and plowed it home, right into the underside of Cher's gut. Cher grunted as Elle's fist connected, but she refused to relinquish her grasp on Elle's throat, pulling in tighter as if to show Elle that her efforts to retaliate would be fruitless. But it she expected Elle to feel daunted by the maneuver, she would learn otherwise as Elle grew more determined to come out on top. She balled her hand into another fist, slamming it into Cher's stomach harder this time as her legs remained wrapped around Cher's slender thighs to prevent them from propelling Cher into a better position to compound her advantage. Gagging and fighting not to cough as the headlock around her tightened more Elle forced another pained grunt from Cher with a third blow to her gut, but with each passing second she could feel more air being pushed out of her with the ever-tightening headlock, so she opted instead of another punch to fight fire with fire.

Uncoiling her legs from around Cher's thighs, Elle wrapped both arms around her midriff, grabbing her wrist with her other hand and yanking harshly inward with all the upper body strength she could allow herself to muster without being drained by the increasing strength of the grasp on her throat. Lowering her head as far as the choke would allow, she channeled much energy into crushing Cher's slender waist in her grip, her stocky upper body working to pour brute strength into the bearhug. Angered by this sudden turn of events, the taller dishwater blonde lifted up to her knees, pulling Elle with her as she wrenched the headlock with a loud grunt, shifting her body to roll Elle to the floor underneath her. As she executed this movement, Elle pulled in on the bearhug, causing Cher to lose balance and fall on top of her. Elle wrapped her own arm around Cher's throat while her legs managed to find their way around the slim waist they sought to ensnare earlier, applying a bent-at-the-knees scissors with her thighs crushing one ribcage, her calves crushing the other.

"Get off me!" Elle demanded in a choked voice as her arm flexed and tightened around Cher's windpipe, insisting on being released from the tight arms squeezing her throat. "If you don't let me out of this, I swear I'll take your head off!" In response, Cher released her right arm from her left wrist and raked her nails along Elle's eyes, blinding her in an effort to escape the shorter woman's retaliation. Elle whipped her head back and forth in fierce motions, choking and fighting to pull herself free. Her legs repositioned from bending at the knee to stretching across Cher's lower abdomen and the small of her back. Yanking the chokehold tighter, she managed to plunge her teeth into Cher's forearm, pulling free and pouring energy into simultaneously compressing Cher's waist and throat.

Andie watched all this in rapt fascination! Right from the moment they began circling, Andie sat in her chair and paid close attention to everything that was going on through all the abuse they exchanged back and forth. Though she had witnessed her share of fights at school, Andie had never seen such a close-quarters physical battle with a burning will to win on the part of both participants as was going on right in front of her at the moment, and she found that it excited her in ways she hadn't suspected it would. Keeping her eye on the extreme scrap that was unfolding before her with increasing animosity and kinetic exertion, she settled back deeper in her chair to ensure that neither Elle nor Cher would notice what she was doing, slowly unbuttoning her blouse with one hand while caressing her thigh with the other. In a few moments, she was stroking her hardening nipples, first one, then the other, then back again as her first hand moved progressively upward past her crotch and to the lip of her flimsy shorts, fingering the top of them indecisively.

Deciding to get payback for the headlock Cher inflicted on her, Elle took a deep breath and stretched her legs as far outward as they'd go, thigh muscles pushing into Cher's yielding stomach from the front as the pressure mounting from behind pushed gust after gust of air from Cher's lungs with each convulsive shake Elle's shapely limbs kicked tightly around her. Sputtering and screeching in anger at having the tables turned on her when just a moment ago she had Elle where she wanted her, Cher fought like a wildcat to drag her own body out from the dual constrictions her thin frame was now being subjected to. Elle managed to keep her arm wrapped around Cher's neck as the dishwater blonde whipped her body to the side, grinding her body between Elle's legs so she found herself looking into Elle's eyes instead of staring into the floor with those strong legs compressing her waist. Grunting a series of guttural sounds as Cher pushed herself to her knees and tried bearing down with her weight, Elle pulled her closer, opening her legs a crack and slamming them closed.

An instant later Elle cried out louder as Cher seized a generous handful of platinum blonde hair, yanking her head backward while her mouth sought a bikini-cupped breast, teeth clamping down on her nipple through the smooth fabric. The cry escalated to a scream as Cher bit down harder and Elle's legs retracted to allow space between them, then slammed against both sides of Cher's ribcage with an audible slap as Elle's inner thighs impacted on Cher's bare skin. As the fingers groping Elle's hair yanked her head back farther, Elle grunted and shook her shapely limbs around Cher's ribs while pulling tighter on the headlock and grabbing a lock of Cher's tresses with her free hand, twirling the hair around her fingers and wrenching from one side to the next with the dual purpose of forcing Cher to relinquish her bite and to give her a taste of the fire that erupted in Elle's scalp from the hand twisting and pulling at her own hair.

Remembering her last effort to use her taller height as an advantage, Cher made an attempt to push herself to her feet so she could try establishing better leverage to keep Elle on her back, but Elle growled again in determination to keep Cher exactly where she was, shaking her legs around Cher's waist with increased fervor as she released the hair she grasped and moved her hand to the front of her rival's face as Cher let out a drawn out groan at the squeezing pressure her body was undergoing. Soon it was the sound coming from Cher's esophagus that wound up into a scream as Elle's nails raked across her eyes. Her pained breast freed by Cher's jaw unhinging to allow the scream to tear itself loose, Elle breathed a sigh of relief, unwrapping her arm from her neck to grab both of Cher's wrists which were descending upon her face. Legs kicking, she rudely shoved Cher into a sitting position while keeping the scissors locked tight around her body.

"Don't even think of grabbing them again," snarled Elle as her legs tightened with another harsh kick around Cher's waist, accompanied by a guttural UH! of strain. Her face twisted in fierce concentration as her legs bulged and squeezed.

"I'll rip 'em off your chest, bitch!" Cher yelled back, twisting her wrists around to wrench them from Elle's tightly grasping fingers, her own fingers curling and grabbing the upturned tits sticking up at her.

Elle pealed forth another scream as Cher twisted and pulled at her tits, loosening her legs around Cher's waist and kicking them under Cher's chin, heel-first. Using the inertia of the movement, Elle pushed out viciously, still screaming as Cher fell on her back, pulling Elle's tits with her for an instant before her pink bikini top became unhinged, exposing the scratched nips in the process. Having just enough time to be momentarily surprised by having her breasts suddenly exposed in front of two women, Elle was forced to react when Cher came after her again, quickly slamming her legs around Cher's throat. Cher immediately took to a vicious session of scratching and clawing at Elle's thighs as she reared on her knees, pushed forward with Elle lifted from her back to the crown of her head from the floor, then was bent painfully backwards with her legs getting the worst of it as Cher screamed to be released. "Unhook 'em or I'll twist 'em off, cunt!"

Cher pushed harder, bending Elle's body the wrong way so that Elle was forced to relinquish the scissors more out of an act of reflex than of yielding to her threatening demand. As her legs dropped loudly to the floor, Cher jumped on her back, grabbing her with one arm around the neck and pulling her torso backwards. Her jaw setting with clenched teeth, Elle was forced to suppress a groan and then a scream that would have ripped its way from her as Cher proceeded to rake nails across her bare breasts. The nails clawing her exposed tits left fresh scratches as Cher snaked her arms under Elle's pits, securing her arms above her head as she rose to her feet, smiling sweetly at the suppressed groans that came from Elle as she dragged her rival to her feet, then fell on her ass, taking Elle with her as her slender legs encircled her waist tight. Seeing Elle immobilized for the moment, Cher assaulted her tits again, pinching her nipples and clawing the flesh around them, saying, "If only the guys back at the student center could see you now, getting your ass kicked!"

"They would see you talking too much," Elle elected to add for her, seeing her head was now free despite the searing pain of Cher's nails digging their way her breasts. "And trust me, I'm not done with you yet. Watch!"

Before Cher could react, she was caught off guard as the back of Elle's head rammed into her nose, causing Cher to see stars as Elle's hands stole down to her legs. Pushing their way between Cher's inner thighs and her own sides, she firmly gripped the muscles pressing into her bare skin in an effort to alleviate the pressure they put on her ribs as Cher moaned in a guttural tone of voice and worked to maintain her squeezing grip. Upping the ante whenever Cher poured her energy into keeping the scissors locked on her, Elle steeled herself against the increasing agony of Cher's fingernails clutching at her sore breasts, sliding her hands underneath the crushing thighs pressing in from either side of her, gripping the muscle in back of her legs to force the scissors apart, her hands exerting more and more pressure from mental toughness as well as physical resilience, eventually gaining enough space to wriggle out from between those legs. Thrusting outward as her hands moved up to her breasts, she kicked her leg, slamming her heel into Cher's groin when she finally managed to pry those torturous fingers loose from her tits, spinning around more quickly than Cher could assimilate happened and trapped Cher's oral and nasal passages between her scratched, sweat-dampened breasts.

"I want you to see up close what you did to me," Elle taunted as she smothered Cher, who in turn began to writhe and flop around like a fish out of water. "It was very impolite of you to remove my top without my permission, and anyone who knows me knows I don't like impolite bitched like you, stripping me and leaving my boobs all scratched up."

Twisting her head aside enough to hurl back a response unhindered by the breasts smothering her, Cher yelled back, "It's a disgrace for me to be stuck in between your stiffly nipples. I'm supposed to outdo you, remember?"

"That's too bad, babycakes," Elle intoned as she repositioned her tits over Cher's mouth again, "because you are about to be disgraced big time!" She smiled sweetly as she leaned into the breast smother, sliding her legs back to grape vine Cher's legs in back of her thighs. "I don't get why you should worry; no one except our 'employer' is here to see us."

With that, Elle pushed her tits farther into Cher's face with a convulsive thrust, sliding her legs down behind the backs of Cher's knees when she tried kicking her legs out to wrap them around Elle's waist, shaking her breasts back and forth to cut off more of her breathing. The breasts covering her mouth and nose muffled Cher's screams, but Cher increased her furious struggling to slip out from underneath, hands reaching around Elle's hourglass figure to slap her ass cheeks and dig her long, sharp fingernails into them. Crying out sharply with each slap and clawing maneuver, Elle bore down with all her weight, shaking her lower body while her legs maintained the grapevine. Pulling Cher's hands away from her derriere, Elle harshly slapped them away, and after some flailing and thrashing, Elle repositioned her stocky legs, pinning Cher's arms to either side, locking her ankles together behind Cher's back when she tried arching her way out. Grabbing Cher's hair with one hand, she slipped her other arm around the back of Cher's neck to keep her head from whipping to the side.

Cher's muffled screams came louder, vibrating on contact with Elle's bare breasts as her legs kicked in a spread eagle position. "I'm awfully sorry, I didn't exactly catch that," taunted Elle as she continued shaking her tits in Cher's face.

Cher's lower body whipped off the floor, almost flipping Elle over her head and to the floor. Elle slid up along her, freeing her arms and giving her the barest moment of respite as Elle's breasts left their perch on Cher's face. Coming close to hyperventilating, Cher cried out again as Elle moved up enough to plant her rear end on her rival's face where her breasts had just been blotting out everything else. After pinning her wildly swinging arms above her head, Elle pushed her weight onto the sweaty countenance beneath her. She inched back and sat squarely underneath Cher's neck, pressing her inner thighs against Cher's flushed cheeks to keep the squirming woman from undermining her balance. Determined to escape the horrible smother almost to the point of desperation, Cher attempted bringing her legs up to ensnare some part of Elle's semi-nude body with them. It took a handful of tries before Cher's ankles crossed over Elle's face, forcing Elle to release Cher's pinned wrists and seize hold of Cher's ankles to prevent her from completing the scissors.

At this point, seemingly by some miracle, Cher somehow twisted her head aside to scream at the smiling spitfire perched atop her. "Fucking bitch! I can't breathe! I'll break your neck with MY legs, whore!"

"Such heinous language from such a prim, proper little lady," Elle snapped. "You didn't think I could give as well as I get; now that you're learning otherwise you're mad at me for pouring your own medicine down your throat. Talk about ungrateful, but you know what happens to people who lack gratitude."

"I'll show you ungrateful, Elle, you muff-munching reject from a lesser Bev Hills!" Cher was screaming her throat raw, her face twisted into a grotesque rictus of malice, frustration and embarrassment. "You thought losing the T-shirt contest was bad? Wait and see! You'll beg for me mercy tonight and before you know it, everyone will know about it!" Twisting her head again to prevent that delectable ass from smothering her, Cher shrieked, "You will be SO humiliated!"

"Save the bravado, hon," Elle snapped, leaning forward to stretch her legs above Cher's head as she slid forward again and ground her ass into Cher's face. She managed to hold this position for a drawn out moment until Cher, who was building a single burst of adrenal energy, thrust Elle from her perch astride her head with a violent whip of her lower body, forcing Elle to her back in a lesser position to resist as Cher wrapped her legs around Elle's throat from behind. Her thighs compressing her neck as her calves pressed into her face, she crossed one ankle over the next and squeezed as tight as possible, hands slapping Elle's naked stomach and breasts, then grabbing on her nipples and tweaking them, alternating between pulling them out and twisting them this way and that. The cries that were fighting their way out from Elle's throat were blocked either by the legs around her neck or her clenched teeth, that is until she saw a chance to strike back!

"You... like touching my boobs... don'tcha?" Elle sputtered through the leglock around her with a great deal of effort. With catlike quickness on the heels of that, Elle thrust a heel under Cher's chin, extending her leg to apply pressure to one side of her throat. Defying the tides of pain washing over her and receding again from the assault on her nipples, she reveled in the choked cries that emanated from Cher's throat as she slammed her legs around Cher's head. The fingers grasping Elle's nipples reflexively pulled on them before slipping and falling away as Elle used the momentum gained by her legs to force Cher onto the floor, moving the scissors down to Cher's neck. Securing the ankles behind her head, she poured on the pressure, as Cher furiously began working at Elle's legs with those fingernails again.

Elle responded in kind by clawing the thin, strong thighs choking the wind from her with her own formidably catfight-ready nails. Compounding on this by grabbing her ankles to work the scissors apart, she twisted at random toes while giving her ankles similar treatment. The exchange went back and forth for endless minutes until a stalemate formed between them. Realizing this, Elle broke it by sinking her teeth into an ankle, pulling the leglock apart with a vicious tug from both hands. This accomplished, she hammered Cher's stomach in a savage rain of fists and palms, suppressing the hoarse cries from escaping the trapped woman between her own leglock. After taking in enough wind to allow her to speak, Elle punctuated her retaliation: "All those Egg McMuffins must have taken their toll, huh? Can't keep those legs around me." Pulsing her legs tighter, she continued, "I'll beg for mercy and everyone will know; isn't that what you said?"

"You'll still beg for mercy, cunt," Cher promised, the words forced out between grunts dripping with venom so tangible it felt like it was crawling out of her mouth. "And I will take great pleasure in telling everyone I forced you to!"

"Don't count your chickens yet," Elle admonished, moving her hands upward along Cher's chest again as she spoke. "They haven't all hatched yet. I still have some more 'medicine' to administer to ya." Grabbing Cher's boobs through her top and squeezing, Elle went on: "You got a chance to feel me up; I figured that now would be as good a time as any to return you the favor!" That said, she tightened her fingers, squeezing Cher's tits as an introduction for what was to come next as a squeal of pain and surprise came from Cher's lungs. Her actions graduated from breast squeezing to breast twisting and pulling as Cher furiously squirmed between her legs, crying out and screaming in protest. She lifted her legs in yet another attempt to wrap them around Elle and apply a devastatingly tight scissor lock but Elle moved out of range by lurching forward, channeling her weight on Cher's caught boobs as she resorted to more boob squeezing.

Cher's legs kicked again as she bucked her lower body, trying to wrap themselves around Elle's torso. Her bikini top came loose, partially exposing the breasts underneath them as Elle had grabbed her tits to prevent herself from being thrown off. Discarding the flimsy material, Elle spun in a deft motion, resting her ass on top of the dishwater blonde's flushed face while returning to her persistent breast mauling. To stifle the screams pealing from Cher's throat, Elle hiked her bikini creating a makeshift thong and commenced a slow, seductive bump and grind on Cher's face, painstakingly abrading her ass into her nose and mouth. "What was it you said earlier?" Elle was taunting Cher over her muffled cries as she ground her ass a little harder and faster into her face. "Oh yeah. Smell my pussy, bitch. Is that it?" She chucked at the remembrance. "Ever smelled a pussy like this before? Smells good, doesn't it?" To accentuate her taunt, Elle ground herself harder into Cher's face with a sharp, convulsive stroke that elicited another muffled cry that thrummed on her ass.

Yet again Cher's legs kicked desperately upward, seeking Elle's torso. They almost found their mark when Elle grabbed a hold of her ankles, spreading her legs spread-eagle and leaning back, pressing down on Cher's face with all her weight. A long-winded scream came from under Elle's derriere as she did this, turning to smile into Cher's wild eyes as if to say she could scream all she wanted. Keeping a grip on Cher's ankles, Elle slithered forward, her ass leaving Cher's face. As she gasped and sucked in oxygen, Elle planted her ass on Cher's sore, sweaty tits, bouncing up and down on them, flattening one boob each under an ass cheek as Cher coughed and moaned, reaching up to grab a hold of Elle's hair while trying to voice her protest through the strangled cries coming from deep inside her throat. "Get... off my tits, bitch!"

But Elle seemed to be reaching her element and wasn't willing to give up her advantage so easily. Noticing Cher reaching for her hair she released her ankles and fell to the side, wrapping her legs around Cher's torso to flatten her tits under her right thigh. Unhindered by Elle's backside, Cher screamed louder than ever, agony and rage mingled in her scream as her tits were crushed into her chest. Elle firmly established the scissors by settling one ankle behind the other and pouring on the pressure, shifting and resetting her legs with a low grunt every time Cher tried to kick out from between her thighs. As Elle began to suspect those screams would soon become a steady stream of crying, she released the "breast scissors," moving up along Cher's prone body to wrap her legs around Cher's neck, grabbing Cher's left wrist when her arm lashed out, aiming for her groin or crotch. Bending her right leg around Cher's windpipe, she bent her wrist slightly, increasing the pressure as she used this inertia to bend Cher's torso, arching her upward as another scream ripped from Cher's throat.

Elle increased the inertia she used to bend Cher the wrong way, stretching her upper torso each time she tried to escape and squeezing until Cher's face turned a shade of purple from lack of breath and it appeared as if she was going to pass out. But then, releasing Cher's arm, Elle loosened the scissors to allow Cher some oxygen intake, inching forward as Cher drove her fist into her lower gut a few times. Releasing a short series of grunts, she flipped Cher over onto her face so that her breasts were crushed into the floor, her ass sticking up in the air. Flashing a trademark smile as she loosened her legs around Cher's neck and reset the leglock around her waist, facing Cher's thronged ass. Raising her right arm while she steadied herself with her left elbow, Elle intoned in mock parental authority, "You've been a naughty girl, Cher," her tone resembling an old spinster who'd just caught a schoolgirl cheating on an exam. "I think you need a sound spanking!"

Leaning into the scissors, Elle took to tanning each of Cher's ass cheeks, alternating between one and the other as Cher resumed her frenetic thrashing to escape, salting and peppering the reverberating slaps on her backside with a persistent mantra of, "BITCH! BITCH!! BITCH!!!" peppered in turn with long groans from the legs crushing her midsection. "Perhaps a less revealing bikini would have been a better idea, Cher, don't you think?" Elle taunted as she rained more slaps on Cher who groaned again and writhed to break out of the tight scissor lock. To add to the pain of the spanking, Elle twisted her fingers and plunged them into one cheek for each hand, twisting back and forth with her hands as her fingernails tore into the tender flesh of Cher's ass. Pushing herself up by her hands, Cher arched her back and tried wriggling from Elle's legs, interrupting herself with a thick grunt or a guttural moan whenever Elle kicked the leglock tighter around her slender waist.

"LET... UUUNGHHHHHH... GO!" Cher screamed at her rival. "BITCH... UHHHHHH! I'LL... UH!... MAKE YOU... OHHH.. SORRY... AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" Her words degenerated into a drawn out scream with another pulse of Elle's legs.

"If only everyone at the student center could see you now, being SQUEEZED between my legs!" Elle taunted, kicking another harsh constriction of her stocky limbs. Smiling, she returned Cher's earlier taunt as the crushing persisted with no sign of letting up. "Maybe I'll tell everyone I squeezed you so tight, I made you shit your thong!"

Elle was in the process of rolling Cher onto her back to exert more pressure on her stomach, when the dishwater blonde suddenly lashed out with both legs, slamming her derriere on Elle's nude, scratch-laden breasts and wrapping her thighs around her neck. Elle grunted in surprise as Cher squeezed down brutally, arching her back to bend Elle's torso and thus breaking her leglock wrapped around her waist. Holding her leglock firmly in place, Cher glared arrogantly into Elle's eyes as she removed her bikini top the rest of the way, whipping Elle's stomach with it as she shifted position, straddling Elle to wrap her legs around her midsection and coiling the discarded bikini around Elle's neck, twisting the ends of the garrote in her clenched fists to increase the pressure. In retaliation, Elle raked her nails all over Cher's face, leaving scratch marks in her cheeks and across her nose. Ducking out of range of Elle's fingers, Cher kept the bikini top in one balled fist, and with the other peeled her thong from her ass, sliding it past her thighs and calves and tossing it aside.

Uncoiling the bikini top from around Elle's throat, Cher slid forward, grabbing double handfuls of Elle's hair to secure Elle's face between her legs as she ground her pussy into Elle's nose. "How about smelling my pussy NOW?!" Cher screamed, her voice thick with vengeance. "Maybe I'll make you eat me out after I've made you submit - UNGHHHHHH!"

Cher's words were abruptly choked off as Elle coiled her legs around her from behind, forcing herself to sit up as she nailed the dishwater blonde with both hands driven into her unsuspecting gut The blow knocked Cher on her back, but her legs were still coiled around Elle's neck. Cher applied pressure while twisting Elle's calves to break the scissor lock around her own throat, pushing herself to a sitting position as she pressed her pussy into Elle again, covering her face with her moistening snatch. "Just think if all the guys could see my cunt smother your face!" she bellowed as she rubbed the wet folds of her pussy into Elle's nostrils, forcing her to take whiff after whiff. "Smell my pussy, bitch," Cher snarled at her, once again glaring arrogantly into Elle's eyes as she bore down, pressing her snatch into Elle who squirmed furiously, her legs trying to wrap around Cher's chest, her fingers clawing her legs. Cher grabbed Elle's ankles and bore down again into her, using her legs as leverage to increase the pressure of the facesit, balancing herself so there would be no escape.

Regardless, Elle thrust her lower body, squirmed left and right, and tried thrashing her legs free so she would be able to launch a counterassault against the dominant woman on top of her. She dragged her head to one side, hoping to sink her teeth into one of the thighs blotting out the room's light, but Cher tightened her fingers in Elle's generous hair to hold her in position, bumping and grinding again to rub her pussy into her face. Love juice from Cher's moistening pussy stained her skin, making her gag as tears of pain dripped down her cheeks. But Elle was far from crying as she redoubled her efforts to squirm out from under Cher's crotch, even though it was becoming more apparent to both of them that her energy was quickly fading away. After long moments of suppressing Elle's struggles, Cher smirked haughtily to herself, sure the fight was hers by now, and that Elle's last sight before passing out would be the wet pussy smothering her face.

Then, quite unexpectedly, Cher heard a loud moaning coming from directly behind that startled her from thoughts and her pre-victory celebration. Turning around to locate the source of the moan, keeping her crotch firmly planted on Elle's face, she realized with shock and horror that the forgotten Andie, who'd been watching the whole time had removed her blouse to expose her distended nipples, peeled her shorts past her thighs and was rubbing herself through her panties!

Disgusted by the sight, Cher briefly turned back to look down at Elle, seeing that she was almost beyond fighting back, In the next few moments that followed, Cher rose and headed for the masturbating Andie, grabbing her hair as she leaped onto her lap. Hurling her to the floor, she screamed, "You dirty bitch! I'LL give you something to play with yourself about!" as she hoisted her ankles up to her shoulders much as she did to Elle, and covered Andie's face with her moist snatch.

Now it was Andie's turn to register shock on her face as Cher attacked her. The attack had caught Andie without warning; as such she was unprepared to deal with the same treatment being inflicted on her that Cher had been inflicting on Elle a few moments ago. Cher was enraged that Andie had taken the liberty to feel herself up during the fight, and she wanted to teach the horny slut a lesion in a big way. Toward this end she bumped and ground on her face more fervently than ever, her ass rubbing up and down, back and forth, over and over again, slowly robbing her breath and smothering her into an unconsciousness she instinctively seemed to know would be every bit as humiliating for her as it would be for Elle. Seeing Andie was likewise on the verge of submission, or perhaps unconsciousness, Cher lifted up just enough so Andie would be able to hear, yelling at the top of her lungs: "I WON! I WANT MY MONEY! DO YOU HEAR ME, BITCH?! I WANT MY-"

"CHER!" thundered an all-too-familiar voice from directly behind her, very angry and vehement.

The sound of the voice demanded not to be ignored. In another eruption of shock, Cher turned to locate the source of her name being called out, beholding Elle Woods standing on shaky, slightly wobbling legs, glaring hard into Cher's eyes, all of her characteristic sweetness and humor now completely absent from her demeanor. "Your problem is with me, not her," she intoned calmly, bending down to quickly remove her own bikini bottom. Straightening back up, Elle flung it away from her, where it landed on the bed, and spoke a simple challenge to her rival: "Let's finish this!"

"You want to finish this naked?" Cher asked Elle, almost incredulously, rising from an obviously relieved Andie who forced herself to her knees and crawled to the side of the bed, doing her best to wipe the dampness from her flushed face.

"Are your eyes deceiving you?" Elle quipped sarcastically. "You saw me take off the lower half. Shall we keep fighting now - or would you rather lay down and let me pin you? Either way, I'm gonna kick your ass, honey."

As if in response, Cher walked soundlessly toward Elle who stood ready for anything she had in mind, her eyes blazing as the distance between them was closed. She shoved her backward, almost knocking her into a nearby desk, but Elle came back and delivered a devastating slap to Cher's face that caused her to lose her balance and pinwheel onto the bed as Andie quickly got out of the way, anticipating a vicious conclusion to this fight. Elle pressed her advantage, lunging at her rival who reared up on her knees and reached for her hair. Elle slapped her again, taking a slap to her face from Cher that she barely felt; a moment later they were exchanging wildly thrown slaps and punches between each other, slashing with hands twisted into human talons, occasionally hurling punches that connected with naked skin with resounding THUDs. In a few more moments they were punching and slashing exclusively, fists slamming into exposed flesh and nails clawing at anything within reach, leaving more bright red scratches and welts. Hands tugged and yanked at long tresses as screams reverberated throughout the confined space of the room as the two women became wild, savage she-cats.

Cher suddenly surged forward, trying to pin Elle to the bed, but Elle was ready for her, twisting around and slamming her back into Cher's oncoming chest, using the inertia to throw her headlong into the nearby wall, catching Cher's taller frame as she rebounded. Growing at her rival, Elle slammed a bearhug around her slender waist, pulling brutally inward, leaning into Cher's sweaty chest as Cher threw her head back, crying out from the pressure Elle exerted on the base of her spine. Elle grunted with the strain the bearhug placed on her sore muscles, but squeezed harder, sliding her legs over Cher's as the dishwater blonde tried to encircle them around Elle's waist in retaliation. Elle pulled the bearhug tighter, leaning back to increase the pressure on Cher's spine, and again Cher threw her head back, this time letting out a long-winded scream as her body was crushed in Elle's unaffectionate embrace. Elle's teeth were gritted, her face turning red from the strain on her muscles as she squeezed and squeezed Cher's slim torso in her bulging arms. Then she gasped in startled surprise as Cher suddenly wrapped her own arms around Elle's upper torso, crushing their breasts together in the process.

The inertia of Elle's bearhug caused their bare chests to press together more tightly as Cher's arms pinned Elle's arms to her, inadvertently tightening Elle's grasp. Cher barely noticed it, however, as she was throwing a considerable amount of energy into squeezing Elle's body just as she herself was being squeezed. The only sounds in the room were the rustling of their legs along the bed sheets, the heavy breathing of both rivals as they incessantly sought to out crush one another and an occasional squeal or cry of pain during the moments when the mutual bearhug became too tight for one of them. A louder scream escaping her lips, Cher reared her head back and tried to slam a headbutt into Elle's face, but Elle lowered her head so Cher's nose connected with the top of her head, grunted and squeezed harder still, wrenching a long cry from Cher's throat. Their chests were pressed so tightly together it appeared as if they were crazy glued that way, their breasts were mashed together and ballooning between them, Elle's tits mushrooming and engulfing Cher's smaller boobs. Cher noticed this and screamed in hate and frustration, compressing her arms around Elle, who in turn crushed her tighter.

They were beyond words now as they threw their energy into the fight, not wanting to waste it on unnecessary words. Lifting up to her knees, Elle surged forward, pinning Cher beneath her as she somehow managed to inch her way upward, slithering up far enough to mold her boobs over Cher's face again as she shifted the position of her bearhug. Lowering her tits onto Cher's face, she flipped over, wrapping her legs around Cher's lower torso and stretching them so there would be no way for Cher to escape. Elle wrenched her arms out from under Cher's, wrapping them around her head to keep her in between Elle's tits, her legs retracting and squeezing again, her breasts muffling screams from Cher that would otherwise have been earsplitting. Elle's teeth were gritted harder than ever in her efforts to crush the fight from Cher. The veins stood out on her temples, her face turned another shade of red from pouring all of her available strength into her compression's.

Suddenly, Elle let loose with an earsplitting shriek of her own as Cher somehow managed to force her hands between her legs at the base of the scissors and had taken to digging her nails into Elle's pussy. Reflexively, she kicked her legs tightly around Cher's body, trying to force her to release her snatch. In response Cher plunged her nails deeper into her; another scream pealed forth from Elle's windpipe, threatening to shatter glass as it increased in volume and pitch. Rolling them off the bed, Elle fell on top as Cher's head connected solidly with the floor. Removing her arms from around Cher's head, Elle forced her hands between Cher's attempted scissor lock and used her fingernails to rip and tear the tender folds of Cher's womanhood. Now it was Cher's turn to let loose an earsplitting shriek as Elle counter-assaulted her pussy, leaning over to sink her teeth into Cher's breast, chewing on the engorged nipple like a ravenous wolf feasting on its prey. Cher shrieked again louder this time, as she continued clawing Elle's pussy in retaliation. Elle's scream competed for the higher pitch as she lowered her head again to gnaw Cher's other breast, digging her nails deeper into Cher's pussy.

They thrashed and rolled to and fro on Andie's bed, biting breasts and clawing pussies, their screams overlapping each other and reaching a horrible crescendo of noise as Cher and Elle steeped up their vicious assaults. Howling in agony and suppressing another scream, Elle bit down again on Cher's inflamed boob, keeping one hand on Cher's cunt while with the other she raked and clawed Cher's tit in brutal three-quarter circles, enjoying the piercing shriek this elicited as they rolled end over end on the bed, seeking an advantage as it became clear that whoever was lucky enough to establish an advantage first would take the chance to make that advantage work for her, to emerge victorious.

By sheer luck, it was Elle who wound up on top of her rival, her breasts enveloping Cher's face as a knee found its way in between Cher's open thighs. Pressing her advantage, Elle wrapped an arm around Cher's head as her other hand twisted and clawed an agonized breast, hopelessly smothering Cher's nose and mouth with her own agonized breasts. Her knee instantly took to ramming its way into Cher's unprotected snatch, connecting with resounding THUDs as Cher desperately squirmed with fading energy to escape, growing desperate as if she knew that Elle was on the verge of victory. Grunting a savage guttural grunt, Elle convulsively thrust her breasts into Cher's trapped face in tandem with the knee shits she gave Cher's sore pussy and the brutally harsh twists and turns she inflicted on Cher's breast. Whipping her body back and forth in her effort to smother Cher into unconsciousness, she hardly noticed as Cher was forced into dreamland.

Finally lifting up when she saw Cher wasn't playing possum (although that was likely impossible at this point), Elle leaned against the wall, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. After her rapidly heaving chest finally settled down, Elle managed to glance over at Andie, who in spite of being attacked by Cher, was so incredibly taken with the sight of the rivals taking their fight to a erotic level that she wasn't just rubbing herself through her panties anymore but had removed them completely and was now masturbating. Unlike Cher, Elle seemed to know just how Andie felt right around now since the constant physical contact between herself and Cher had awakened similar stirrings in her as well. Elle's eyes locked with Andie's, silently asking a question just between the two of them. For Andie's part, she already had a desire for the kind of physical contact she and Cher had during their fight, and Elle was practically throwing herself at her now.

It was too good to be true, Andie decided as she gave Elle an almost imperceptible nod, giving herself one more stroke as she welcomed the approaching blonde who helped her to her feet, then leaned back on the bed and stroking her own sore womanhood a bit as she watched Andie crawl on the bed and on top of her to join her for this erotic, private and very mutual encounter.

"Allow me to help you with that," Andie intoned in a low voice as Elle began to finger herself harder, lowering her head down to Elle's pussy.

"Not yet," Elle whispered, smiling sweetly again as she removed her hands from her crotch, seeing something in the horny stare of the woman inching her way down to her womanhood that excited her. Gently guiding Andie back to face level with her, she added, "Come over here first," with the barest haste in her tone, signifying she was as eager for this as Andie was.

Returning Elle's sweet smile, Andie kissed her, gently at first, then more passionately as she saw Elle was enjoying being kissed by another woman. They began to tongue-wrestle, sucking face as Andie lowered herself onto Elle as if getting ready to have sex with a man. Elle's fingers glided lazily along Andie's sides, peeling her blouse off to free her breasts, then they moved downward, reaching for her ass until Andie grabbed her wrists, lifting her hands above her, pinning them to the bed. She leaned in close, staring deep into Elle's eyes, kissing her and easing her tongue into her waiting, hungry mouth while grinding her tits and stomach into Elle's prone chest. Blonde hair mingled with blonde hair as the kiss intensified and grew more fervent, their movements rolling Cher's unconscious body off the bed and down to the floor, which they hardly even noticed.

Breaking the kiss but keeping Elle's wrists pinned to the bed, Andie announced what she had in mind in between deep, heavy breaths of desire, "I'll tell ya what! I'll help you relieve all that nasty sexual tension the fight with Cher built up inside you; then you can tongue-lash me. That sound good to you?"

Overcome with desire, excited by being held under Andie's dominant body after she overpowered Cher Horowitz (who was still passed out on the bed nearby), Elle could only nod and release a deep breath of her own, as mesmerized by the eyes looking passionately into hers as she lowered herself to plant another lingering kiss on her lips, deliciously rubbing their bodies together. Andie slowly worked her way past Elle's neck and to her breasts where she stopped and proceeded to lick the hard nipples sticking up to greet her descent, sucking them lightly and teasing them with her wet, rolling tongue. Elle shuddered and gasped to catch her breath as Andie stimulated her, growing bolder and increasing the speed in which she pleasured the squirming blonde underneath her, rubbing her own breasts against Elle's stomach. Her hands slid down Elle's arms a little as her focus was on the breasts she took in her mouth at different intervals. Elle kept her wrists above her head and stretched her hourglass figure like a cat, allowing Andie to work her magic on her as much as she wanted.

"Don't stop!" she breathed heavily, stretching herself out again to allow Andie freer access to her body. "Feels good...."

"It's about to feel a whole lot better," Andie intoned in a lower voice than before as she rubbed her naked breasts against Elle's as she slid her hands along Elle's arms and sat up, struck with a sudden thought. Turning and reaching to an alcove alongside her bed, she retrieved a medium-size bottle of baby oil. "A whole lot better," she repeated, flipping the cap open and turning the bottle over, emptying a generous portion of the contents into her open palm.

Placing the bottle close by, she spread the oil in her hands on Elle's chest, gingerly kneading her breasts while taking care not to upset the scratches in them. Working her way outward, covering every inch of her chest and stomach, she was readying herself to spread the excess oil on her own chest when Elle signaled with her eyes toward the bottle. Picking it up with a wicked smile crossing her face, Andie turned it over and squeezed the plastic in the middle, her other hand spreading the growing slickness all over her tits and midriff, rubbing more on her hips and thighs before leaning in to grind her breasts against Elle's slippery chest for a while, moving slowly down to the area between her legs where she rubbed her oily tits on Elle's labia and clit.

Elle breathed out more heavily than before at feeling Andie's slick tits grinding themselves into her throbbing womanhood, squeezing her eyes closed at the sensation. Before long, she was squirming with delight as Andie removed her tits from a pulsating blonde slit and licking at the outer edges with her tongue, then plunging it inside, caressing her ever-moistening clit teasingly with the tip, then licking hungrily, enjoying the taste of Elle's puss and the scent that arose from her as Andie worked her more expertly than she herself thought she'd be able to. Apparently all those lesbian porn flicks she'd rented and watched in private had paid off, she decided as the increasing volume of Elle's pleasured moaning grew progressively louder and louder. Eventually spiraling upward into cries and screams of ecstasy as Andie's persistent tongue massaging her snatch pushed her closer and closer to the brink of orgasm, Elle's oral feedback at being eaten out almost threatened to shatter Andie's eardrums as she came in an earth-shattering howl, burying her fingers in Andie's golden locks to help in the pleasure she received from her new friend. When the waves of her release subsided, Andie sat back against the wall.

"Now it's your turn to shake my body all over," she cooed sexily, spreading her legs and beckoning Elle to come hither.

Crawling over to where Andie sat against the wall, Elle picked up the bottle of baby oil and poured more of the contents on Andie, spreading it on her chest, her legs and around to her ass. Andie didn't seem to mind as Elle did the same with her own body then descended to playfully rub their bodies together, sharing the same breathing rhythm as their legs entwined with each other, thighs slipping and abrading as their nipples brushed lightly, then ground together as Elle slid forward to kiss Andie passionately. Their tongues clashed and fought for dominance as their bodies slid and ground harder together. At Andie's invitation, Elle slid down and pleasured every inch of her body, taking her breasts into her mouth, running her wet tongue along her stomach, licking the backs of Andie's thighs and calves on her way down to her feet where she took to sucking each toe individually, taking one digit into her mouth at a time and sliding her tongue into the spaces between. The lady sure knows what she's doing, Andie thought to herself as Elle stimulated her toes and worked her way back up to the snatch between her legs, diving in to taste the moistening pink much as Andie had done with her pink.

"You must really love pink, don't you?" Andie teased Elle, throwing her head back and breathing out as Elle's tongue went to work on her pussy, licking her like a real pro. "Where'd you learn to please a woman so well?" she breathed again.

"At Delta Nu," Elle admitted, looking up with a smile that combined sweetness and wickedness. "Now, relax and let me tongue-lash you!"

"Please do," Andie begged as Elle returned to her womanhood. The last coherent words she could form before everything after came in moans of ecstasy were, "God, Elle, you're so fuckable;" having enjoyed the cunnilingus for long enough she now hungered for more. Muttering something that sounded like "Lift up," she guided Elle up to face her, positioning herself and her friend so that their pussies were touching. As if on autopilot, they began to hump and grind one another with rising fervency, their naked, oil-soaked bodies grinding together harder and harder as they fucked like neither woman had done with a man before. Faster and faster their bodies slid together, their snatches generating an increasing amount of friction until, their screams of absolute pleasure intermingling, they came simultaneously, bodies stiffening as if unable to move a fraction of an inch. When their mutual orgasms finally subsided, they lay wordlessly in bed, hands caressing naked skin.

"So," Elle asked Andie when they knew it was almost time for Elle to go, "have I given ya enough to go on for your paper?"

"And then some," Andie answered enthusiastically, kissing her. "You'll have to dress in the ladies' room after showering," she continued, "so no one suspects you were here with me." She plainly wanted to guard Elle's rep as well as her own. "If you want, you and I can shower together before you leave. Besides that," she hinted, allowing some mischief to creep into her voice, "maybe the next time we meet in secret, I can try kicking your ass!"

"Ya never know, but I have to admit it's an intriguing thought," Elle conceded, adding cheerfully, "That shower you suggested sounds good to me too!" Preparing to gather her things, Elle took stock of her clothes and her other possessions. "Oh, there was one more thing," Elle added as she remembered something, "you can keep the money you promised. You've already given me something much more valuable!" Grabbing pen and paper, Elle scribbled a short note she handed to Andie. "I just thought I'd pen something about girls who gloat over certain wet T-shirt contests," Elle explained, indicating Cher who was amazingly still passed out on the floor alongside the bed. "We can leave it with her when she wakes up in the shower room!"

Elle's note read: