Erica Chevillar vs Jessica Renee (boxing) by jjj

[Carmen Electra (CE) and Leeann Tweeden (LT) call the action from ringside] CE: Welcome fans of foxy fighting to what promises to be a great opening night of action! I'm the lovely Carmen Electra here along side of Leeann Tweeden bringing you the debut of the Extreme Foxy Combat Federation. Looking around the arena it's amazing to see how many fans came out to support the opening night, and I would like to thank you personally for attending! For those watching at home that are familiar with our last league, we promise this we be a lot different than anything you may have seen in the past.

LT: Yeah, the last league was scripted and fake... kinda like you Carmen. That federation was one got hurt, the action looked like it came from a B movie at best, and no one was humiliated. From what I am told that's all about to change...and it damn well better or this league will fold just as fast as that last one did!

CE Leeann from what I am told this will be nonstop action from the opening bell to the last match. These girls have spent the last three months in training from everything to boxing to wrestling to all out catfighting. These girls are going out there with a bonus in pay for each match they win so believe me they won't be holding anything back at all. And speaking of girls, we have some very sexy gals in action tonight and quite a few action packed matches!

LT: Carmen come on let's not sugar coat things! Last I looked there was only 3 matches scheduled for tonight...and action packed...please. I don't know about you, but personally I don't really think to highly of some of the competitors out there tonight. I mean I haven't even heard of some of the girls...where did they find em?

CE Leeann even though there are in fact only 3 matches, I guarantee that you won't be disappointed. Ahead of us are 2 boxing matches and a main event lingerie catfight...Now if that doesn't get your blood boiling nothing will.

LT Yeah well let's see how skilled these girls really are... I have heard a lot of talk, but it's time for some action! Speaking of action, are you looking for some later on tonight...I mean that dress is something a hooker would wear!

CE What...what are you talking about? This is a designer dress!

LT Hahaha what did you design it by yourself... with getting laid in mind? Let's just say it's not flattering to your figure...but then again everyone can't look like me! Fans I must say I really do look good tonight! Leeann...that slit in the dress is almost exposing your crotch...have you no shame...what kinda message are you trying to send to everyone?

CE I didn't plan on sending a message to anyone Leeann. I like this dress and I look damn good in it. Now that's enough talk about my dress and just in time because here comes the lovely Erica Chevillar to get things started as she is going to get things started in a one on one boxing match against Jessica Renee!

LT Wow Erica Chevillar!!! How did we ever sign an A list celebrity like her to this federation...that must have cost us millions to sign someone of her caliber...This federation is already getting started off on the wrong foot.

Erica comes out and the crowd goes crazy as the golden tanned California blonde knockout comes out in a sexy blue outfit. Erica was wearing a skimpy polka dot blue and white thong bikini bottom with big bow ties on both sides of her curvy hips. The matching polka dot top held her breasts snugly in their confines while pushing them up and together at the base really exposing her abundant cleavage. Erica took a second and looked around at the cheering crowd, while her heart began pounding rapidly in her chest. Even though she went through a great deal of training, this was the largest crowd by far she would be competing in front of. The blonde took a step forward in her black heeled shoes and was all smiles as she made her way down the ramp and hi fived the crowd in the front row. Erica waved and tossed her long blonde hair back over her shoulder and made her way towards the ring. Some of Jessica's fans were booing and making fun of the blonde, but she paid them little attention as she made her way up the stairs to the ring. Erica took a few seconds on the ring apron waving to fans and then slid between the top rope and the middle rope giving the crowd a hell of a view of her sexy thong covered ass.

CE Erica sure looks lovely tonight, and the crowd really seems to be behind her, I'm looking forward to seeing her in action!

LT Fake hair, fake tits, fake nails, fake tan, fake smile...sigh...yeah I can't wait to see this Barbie doll get pounded!

CE She's a stunning looking I detect some jealousy?

The referee went over to Erica and began a quick conversation with the blonde before he began lacing up a pair of red boxing gloves over her wrists. Erica got the gloves laced up and made her way to her corner when the crowd again began cheering as Jessica came out from the back.

LT Look now here comes a real woman...this could be a good match yet!

CE This should be a great match, both combatants look great and the fans are already on their feet!

Jessica Renee came out with a smile on her face and looked sexy as hell as she made her way to the top of the ramp. Jessica loved the reaction she got and looked great in her bright blue triangle bikini top that held her breasts tightly inside its confines. A matching blue skirt was around her tiny waist which the blonde playfully began tugging and pulling at much to the delight of the crowd. Jessica waved a few times and then spun around so her backside was facing the crowd, bent forward slightly and slid the material over her incredible thighs. The crowd went crazy watching Jessica twirl the skirt over her head round and round. The blonde stood proudly at the top of the ramp in her bright blue thong covered ass and matching bikini top. Her shapely thighs were accentuated by her spiky blue hi heels which really brought out the definition in her long legs. The blonde worked the crowd in the front row, jiggling her breasts around and putting on a hell of a show while Erica just looked on from inside the ring. The fans were going crazy as the stunning blonde flirted with some of the males in the first row and bent over smacking her perfect ass.

LT Now that's a real woman making a real go Jessica!

CE A little much for a boxing match...That would be a good entrance at a strip club if you ask me.

Jessica loved the attention and hi fived a few more fans before she made her way up the stairs. Jessica walked around the outside of the ring waving to the crowd which loved watching the beauty show off. After a few more seconds of walking around the ring apron, Jessica finally slid in the ring going under the bottom ring rope and starred at Erica for a few seconds not blinking or moving. Jessica and Erica just glared at one another while the referee finally walked over to Jessica with gloves in his hands. The starring contest finally ended as Jessica brought her hands up and let the referee do his job. Once her gloves were on her wrists she bounced around and began tossing punches and hooks in the air. Jessica walked around the ring for a few seconds before she made her way to her corner. The referee called the girls to the center and then went over the rules before letting the girls go back to neutral corners.

CE Well fans I'm not sure who is going to come out on top in this contest, but I will go on record as saying it should be one heck of a match...But I don't want to be indecisive so if I had to pick one I am going to go with Erica!

LT you are way off and you keep making predictions like that and you'll find yourself right back at the unemployment office. Jessica wins with a knockout...Erica can't compete with her on any level and this fight shouldn't take fact who fights in the next match? I'm writing this off as a bore that the fans shouldn't have to suffer through...Erica should just give up now and save us the time of watching this!

CE: Leeann pay attention the match is about to get underway!

The bell sounds and slowly the girls emerge from there corner, both circling each other for a few seconds until they met in the center of the ring. The crowd is on their feet cheering and yelling eager to watch these knockouts about to tear into one another. Erica's heart pounded in anticipation and she did her best to remember her training as she got her gloves up in front of her midsection. The blonde's came together and as expected they both went on the offense, though neither throwing any wild swings. The two beauties began rapidly throwing quick punches and jabs as they probed each others defense's looking for an opening. Both girls were tossing refined jabs as they were feeling each other out and trying to land a quick shot to open things up. Jessica stepped forward after blocking a quick right and delivered a hard right cross intended for Erica's left breast. Erica stepped back at the last possible second and just when Jessica's fist whooshed past her Erica fired a hard left jab. Jessica gasped as the blow caught her flush in the face, and Erica quickly followed up with a solid right cross to the stomach as Jessica's head snapped back from the jab to the face.

CE Good start for Erica, that was a hard shot to the head Jessica just took!

LT Beginners luck, don't count Jessica out just yet...I'm surprised Jessica's punch missed that huge melon dangling on Erica's chest!

The crowd was shouting encouragement to both girls; while JJJ the owner looked on with a smile from ear to ear as he knew the new federation was going to be a huge hit. Jessica groaned in sudden pain and almost doubled over from a second blow to the stomach that took her by surprise catching her flush above her belly button. Erica grained confidence with each passing second and fires another left jab this time smashing it into Jessica's right breast. Jessica winced in pain from the stinging shot and quickly brought her gloves down trying to cover up her midsection. Erica began throwing quick jabs and hooks driving the shocked blonde backward until her upper back hit the ropes. Hitting the ropes must have surprised Jessica for she lowered her guard for a split second and Erica fired a huge right uppercut. The punch flew threw the air and the wicked uppercut crashed into Jessica's chin snapping her head back sending her long hair flying outward. Jessica was clearly stunned and she was sent right back into the ropes again, bouncing off them slightly. Jessica gasped as she came off the ropes while Erica slightly smiled and began firing hard lefts and rights.

CE Wow Erica is taking it to Jessica, she needs to cover up!

LT She is baiting her in waiting for her opportunity, and those punches don't have much behind them...just watch and learn Carmen.

Jessica groaned and tired to cover up, but where ever she put her gloves Erica would deftly punch in the opposite location. As Jessica's guard came down a hard hook hit her cheek sending her head outward in response to the stinging blow. Jessica groaned and brought her glove up and Erica took advantage firing a quick right cross square into her stomach. Erica saw another opening and then began peppering shots forward slamming punches into Jessica's breasts. Jessica gasped in anguish as she was driven backward into the ropes, her midsection taking a few hard shots. Jessica hit the ropes and that's the split second when her right breast took a nasty right cross, the blonde quickly brought her guard up to protect her aching orbs. Jessica had no answer to Erica's attack as now she found herself doubled over as a left hook met the side of her head. Jessica's body crumpled forward and Erica went wild throwing jabs and crosses to the side of the aching blonde's head. A right uppercut crashed into the dazed blonde's head and down Jessica went crashing in a heap to the canvas.

CE Holy cow fans only seconds into the fight and Jessica is down on the canvas! She took some nasty shots to the face and breasts and has yet to land a punch on Erica.

LT Give her time it's still early! Once Erica's fun bags start getting hit she won't look so energetic...and oh come on now she is showboating around the ring...she is gonna get hers!

Erica put her arms over her head as she sauntered around the ring, and the crowd loved the sexy blonde's performance so far. Jessica on the other hand was stunned having no idea what the hell hit her as she sat on the mat gaining her composure. The blonde slowly made it to her knees and the ref's count was only at 4. Taking a second to catch her breath, Jessica made it up as the count reached 7 while everyone was shouting and cheering. Jessica rose and as she did her right arm draped across her breasts while her left arm was out in a defensive pose guarding her side. Jessica shook her head side to side while slowly back peddling and Erica saw this and took it as a sign that her opponent was really hurt. Erica charged forward while Jessica slowly back peddled away from her, her right arm still holding her breasts. As soon as Erica stepped up and was about to throw a punch Jessica's left arm shot from her side and flew back slamming a hard cross into Erica's stomach. The gorgeous blonde had fallen into Jessica's trap and she instantly bucked forward from the painful punch.

LT See I told you she was playing possum! Now pound the stuffing out of her Jessica!

CE That was a great ploy and now its Erica who looks to be in trouble as Jessica is sending punches flying.

Suddenly Jessica that went on the offense and her left hook barreled into the side of the blonde's head. Erica's head shot to the side and Jessica didn't let up as a stinging right cross met the blonde's right breast. Erica groaned as her breast exploded in pain while Jessica's right cross smacked into her left cheek almost turning her head around on her shoulders. Jessica followed up with a huge uppercut, this one barreling upward into the blonde's right breast. Erica winced as her breast shot upward in her shirt, the blonde to slow in blocking any forthcoming punches. Jessica stepped forward and unleashed a devastating right and left combo to Erica's head, snapping her neck violently side to side. Erica whimpered as her body was taking punches, the blonde offering no defense to the stinging barrage. The next hard right cross met Erica' head and clearly staggered the blonde beauty and down to the canvas she went.

LT I love it Erica's down and she took some hard shots to the tits...that's gotta sting those fake cowbells...I don't care how much plastic is in there!

CE I am sure it does, that was quite a display of offense by Jessica there and now it's Erica who finds herself down on the canvas in a lot of pain.

Erica's world was spinning as she lay on the canvas clearing her head. The crowd was cheering wildly as she began pushing herself up to her feet as the ref's count went on. Erica's knees were woCEly as she struggled to get to her feet, dazed and stunned her right breast aching in pain. Finally the count was at 7 when the blonde made it back up to her feet. Erica shook her head a few times and the ref came over making sure she was ok. Erica saw Jessica slowly walking around the middle of the ring and immediately charged out of her corner intent on taking off the blonde's head. Jessica knew exactly where her opponent was and squared off in plenty of time. Again the girls met in the center of the ring and began trading a flurry of blows back and forth. This time the blows were wild and they held nothing back as hard crosses and jabs flew as both beauties took a fair share of shots. Stomachs and breasts were slammed by the sudden flurry of punches until Jessica suddenly stepped up and cinched with her blonde opponent. Before the ref could separate the girls, they continued to throw quick punches at each other's stomachs and breasts. The ref stepped up and finally Jessica broke the clinch but as she did Jessica drove a hard right cross square into Erica's tight stomach.

LT There we go we're seeing some action now...about time!

CE Both girls are showing little regard for their own safety... instead they are slugging it out with one another in the middle of the ring!

Erica groaned in pain but was quick to retaliate with a right cross of her own that flew through the air and slammed into Jessica's right breast. Jessica's mouth dropped in surprised pain as the stinging shot caused her to raise her guard giving Erica an opportunity to advance. Erica threw a flurry of jabs and crosses that Jessica was able to block, but then a stinging jab got through to the side of her head. Jessica was surprised by the blow, and her guard weakened ever so slightly. Erica stepped up and kept pressing as a left cross found Jessica's stomach, followed by a right jab to the breast. Jessica was back peddling as a right, left, right, to her stomach took the wind from her. Jessica of course dropped her guard down to block any more shots to her belly and Erica's left cross barreled into Jessica's left breast. Jessica groaned in pain as the blonde continued her attack and slammed punches home.

CE Great back and forth action so far and these two beauties are really giving it there all.

LT Yawn... were in for a long night if that's the best Erica can do...I'll apologize now fans! See Jessica is at a clear disadvantage not having that huge plastic coating on her breasts!

CE Again fans I apologize for my partner's ignorance. Both girls' are showing signs of the brutal fight as their bodies are glistening in the arena lights coated with sweat.

Jessica weakly tried to defend herself but Erica began firing stinging jabs and crosses into her midsection and breasts. Jessica brought her arms together in front of her chest and Erica slammed Jessica's head to the side with a nasty right cross to the chin. Jessica's knees buckled but somehow the blonde stayed on her feet. Erica peppered her head side to side with a left cross and a right jab causing Jessica to bring her gloves up. The crowd loved the action as Erica quickly changed targets and slammed another stinging right hook into Jessica's left breast. Jessica's mouth dropped in agony as her breast took another hard left cross. Erica's arm flew back and smashed into Jessica's right cheek as the blonde beauty was going down to the canvas in a heap.

CE Another knockdown! Jessica is down for the count and not moving!

LT Come on Jess get back up, this fight...or sorry lack thereof, can't end yet! And look Erica is showboating around the ring again...she is gonna get hers...its called karma!

Again Erica raised her arms above her head, shaking her incredible ass side to side really getting the crowd into it. Erica loved it as she starred at Jessica who lay lifelessly on the mat. Jessica struggled to rise and collapsed to the mat, the count was at 5 and things didn't look good for the blonde. Erica however, continued shaking her ass and sauntering around the ring walking right in front of the ref. The ref was forced to break his count and told Erica to get back to a neutral corner, and that few seconds delay may have cost Erica. The ref went back over and continued his count at 7, Jessica put everything she had into rising and by the count of 9 she was shakily standing on her feet. Jessica held the ropes for support and Erica quickly charged forward.

CE I hate to say it, but you may be right...I think the fight would have ended, but Erica got in the way of the ref's count.

LT I love it a rookie mistake by a wanna be superstar gives Jessica another chance. That blonde bimbo is gonna pay for that mistake I guarantee it!

Erica began to throw huge wild swinging crosses and uppercuts. Jessica bent her arms and put them together weakly in front of her face and tried to protect herself from the sudden onslaught. Erica reared back and literally jumped in the air firing a roundhouse right that barreled into the temple of the dazed blonde. Jessica's head shot wickedly to the side, her guard dropping instantly and her head swimming with dizziness. Erica's left cross again flew forward and caught the blonde flush in her aching left breast. Erica refined her punches and began peppering quick jabs and hooks into Jessica's pulsing left tit. Jessica's mouth hung open in a silent scream for when she got her gloves over her breast, her face was mashed with a right cross. The blonde's knees buckled again, and Erica never let up. Erica bent low and fired a roundhouse right cross that crushed Jessica's face sending the blonde beauty spinning lifelessly around. Jessica stumbled backward and awkwardly fell back right into the ropes. Jessica took another shot and tripped in her heels managing to fall right through the top and middle rope, her midsection being supported against the cable. Jessica's body was dangling on the ropes and Erica came forward and began kicking the blonde in the thighs and ass. Jessica groaned as kick after kick slammed into Jessica's backside.

CE I don't believe it!!! Erica is kicking her out of the ring!

LT Ref disqualify her! This isn't boxing! That fucking blonde bitch is cheating!

The ref and the fans were stunned as the beaten blonde was kicked from the ropes and fell awkwardly to the arena floor. Jessica got her gloves up just in time to break some of the impact but now she lay lifelessly on the hard concrete. A small trickle of blood dripped from her right nostril from the devastating roundhouse right. Her left breast was pulsing as she lay on the floor while the referee quickly slid between the ropes and went down to the floor. Again Erica celebrated, dancing around the ring, gloves over her head. Jessica took a half of a minute before she began crawling up to a sitting position on the cold arena floor, while some of the crowd shouted encouragement to the battered blonde. Because she was kicked through the ropes, the referee wasn't counting her out, and if Jessica was able to go on the match would continue. Jessica took another minute to gain her composure, the blonde already feeling her left breast swelling from all the punches. The crowd got to their feet as Jessica made it back up to a standing position and appeared to be climbing back in the ring, ready to continue the fight.

LT Now that's the mark of a warrior, Jessica was kicked out of the ring and she is getting back in there ready to go! I wouldn't want to be in Erica's shoes right now, Jessica has a look of rage on her face.

CE I give her a lot of credit that was a nasty fall she took to the floor and for her to go on says a lot about her determination!

Jessica crawled between the ropes, and Erica was on her the second she climbed in. Jessica's face grimaced as again Erica slammed her left breast with a hard right cross. Jessica fought through the pain and surprised the blonde by instantly countering with a hard left hook of her own to Erica's left eye. Erica's head shot to the side, and her guard dropped slightly and the enraged Jessica kept up the attack slamming a quick cross into the blonde's stomach. Erica gasped and tried to get her gloves back up, but Jessica started to throw quick left and right combos. The first smacked into Erica's exposed belly, then the next set slammed her head. Erica was driven back to the ropes and tried desperately to block Jessica's sudden onslaught. Erica weekly shot her right out smacking Jessica's left breast again, but Jessica continued to swing away. Erica's knees buckled as a hard right slammed her right breast, followed by a jab to the stomach. Jessica stepped up and drove a huge roundhouse left hook right past Erica's outstretched glove, slamming into the blonde's right eye. Erica groaned as her nose took a nasty haymaker and then the sexy blonde went down.

LT This could be the greatest comeback ever!!! Erica is down and lifeless!

CE What a shot Jessica landed on Erica's face, things don't look good for Erica who isn't moving at all!

Erica lay on the mat in a heap and the gorgeous blonde's nose dropped a few droplets of blood on the canvas. The blonde shook her head trying to clear the ringing sound and then began to use the ropes to pull herself up. The ref continued counting and the blonde was finally on her feet as the count reached 8 staggering to an upright position. The referee checked on Erica and then signaled for the fight to continue once he was satisfied she could continue. Erica was pissed and came firing off the ropes and took the fight right back to Jessica. Jessica was stunned as the first quick jab slammed home in her tight stomach. Jessica and Erica began trading jabs and hooks into each other's midsections, going back and forth. Punches flew wildly through the air and moans and groans filled the arena. A stinging jab landed into Jessica's aching left breast, and a week jab hit home into Erica's nose. Jessica suddenly screamed in pain as a clear shot crushed her left breast against her chest bone, tears glazing her beautiful eyes. Jessica spun around, her gloved hand holding her pulsating breast which was rapidly swelling. Erica began slamming punches wildly into Jessica's body, the first couple hitting home and then Jessica spun back around. Jessica screamed in rage as she began throwing wild haymakers and uppercuts. The first two flew wildly through the air, but the third caught Erica's head before she could get out of range. Erica flew backward stunned tripping into the ropes, her arms draping over the top rope leaving her midsection wide open.

LT Here we go Jess pop those melons and let's end this...I love it Erica's midsection is left completely wide open!

CE Erica needs to cover up Jessica hurries over and slams a cross into Erica's breast and Erica's head rolls side to side in pain!

Jessica began sending huge uppercuts into the base of Erica's breasts sending the delectable targets firing around the confines of the sexy blue top. The blonde stunners face contorted in agony as she fought to get her gloves up as her right breast took a crushing uppercut, almost sending the pulsing breast flying out of her top. Jessica was wildly firing hooks and jabs pepping the blonde's aching breasts with hard stinging shots and finally Erica's gloves covered her aching chest. Erica's magnificent chest took at least five straight shots before she was able to get her gloves up, and tears coated her eyes. Jessica changed gears and right hooked the blonde to her head and then gave her a left cross to the nose that sent the blonde beauty back down to the mat.

LT That's got to be it! Erica's melons were just peppered by a barrage of blows and now she's down and out!

CE It's going to take a lot for her to get back up, that was a heck of a pounding Jessica just gave out

Erica's heeled feet kicked the mat weekly as droplets of blood hit the canvas as they trickled down out of her nose. The blonde's breasts pulsated from the stinging shots they took, and vaguely Erica was aware of the ref's count. The blonde looked to be out, but tried pulling herself up, the crowd screaming encouragement. The count was at 9 and somehow Erica staggered up to her feet. The referee wasn't convinced that she could go on, but after a few seconds waived for the fight to continue. Jessica wasted no time and dashed forward sending hard shots into the blonde's aching stomach and breasts. Erica grunted with each blow and tried to mount a defense but found herself being driven backward into the corner. Lefts and rights flew, and most of them landed into the busty girl's tight body, Jessica was just wildly swinging looking to end the fight here and now.

Trapped in the corner Erica tried to cover up somehow but Jessica just sent a nasty right cross to her face and then a hard left hook into her breasts. The aching blonde cried in pain as her right breast took a hard cross and then Jessica's left found her temple. Erica's knees buckled as her midsection took the next shot, followed by a left and a right cross to the head. The crowd was screaming as it looked like the fight was over, Jessica sending another jab catching Erica's nose flush on. The blonde's head flew back in agony, her breast taking another hard cross. Tears coated the gorgeous blonde's eyes, and Erica was almost out on her feet and fell forward cinching with Jessica. Erica was desperate and leaned heavily on her opponent trying to clear the aches and pains filling her body. The ref came over and suddenly Jessica went straight down to the canvas screaming in pain and kicking her feet on the mat. A gloved hand feverishly massaged her aching crotch, but the ref had no idea why.

LT Disqualify that bitch right now!!! Ref stop the fight....Carmen did you see that...that was a blatant knee to the crotch!

CE I um...actually no I didn't see the knee but fans now it's Jessica who is down on the mat, but Erica looks like she was put through the ringer!

The ref never saw Erica's desperation move, and as the girls cinched Erica brought her kneecap slamming upward into Jessica's crotch. Jessica rolled on the canvas holding her gloved hand over her aching crotch, while Erica was leaning on the ropes having no fight left in her. The ref had no idea what to do, or what happened as he looked around the ring, and then went over to question Erica. Erica paid no attention to the ref, instead just fought to stay on her feet as her body was pulsing with pain. Her breasts ached, and her nose was bright red and every few seconds blood would drop out trailing down her chin. Jessica was furious and began tearing at the strings on her gloved hands with her teeth and in seconds her right glove was laying on the mat. Jessica had little trouble getting the left glove off and the enraged blonde ripped her gloves off. Jessica was seeing red as she sprung up and charged forward her nails ripping into Erica's long hair.

LT Catfight!!! Catfight!!! I love it... here we go...Jessica is going to beat the shit out of Erica!

CE The ref has to do something! Erica still has her gloves on and can't defend herself as Jessica is ripping into her!

Erica shrieked in pain as Jessica seemed intent on ripping every hair from her scalp. Erica's head was ripped side to side and the crowd was going crazy, the ref still not sure what to do. Erica's gloved fist weekly hit Jessica, but the blonde paid no attention instead just pulling and tugging wildly at Erica's long hair. The referee called for the bell awarding Erica the match as a resuBB of a DQ, but Jessica could care less. Erica's heeled fit kicked at the canvas and finally the referee came running over and tried to pull Jessica off the aching blonde. Jessica's hands were wrapped tightly in Erica's hair and as the referee pulled Jessica off Erica was dragged off the mat and pulled to an upright position by her hair. Jessica was screaming at Erica and still ripping the aching beauties head side to side as the referee tried to dislodge her hands from Erica's long locks. After a few seconds the referee pulled Jessica's hands from Erica's hair and Jessica seemed pissed indeed. Erica however was a mess and lay on the mat as Jessica was still screaming and yelling at the referee who still had here restrained. Erica pushed herself up off the mat, only to crash right back down. The blonde was aching and her head rang as she looked up and saw the referee holding Jessica in his arms.

LT Well don't look now but things are about to get interesting, here comes Crissy Moran from the locker room with a chair in her hand...I can't wait to see how this plays out!

CE Oh no! This won't end well...Erica is still on the mat and lying in the center of the ring and the referee has his hands full with Jessica!

Some of the fans began cheering as Crissy came out in a pair of jeans and a tight half cut pink shirt. The brunette had a determined look on her face as she made her way down the ramp, ran around the side of the ring and graCEed a steel chair. Some of the security guards around JJJ were about to go down and stop the interference, but JJJ called them back. He knew the fans wanted to see action and wasn't about to deprive them of seeing this. Crissy slid the chair under the bottom rope and then jumped up on the apron and slid into the ring. Jessica saw her friend enter the ring at the same time the referee took notice. The referee literally tossed a stunned Jessica to the side and went right for the chair. Crissy was a step quicker and snatched the chair from the referee's outstretched hands. Crissy brought the chair back and in one fluid motion sent it right into the referees head knocking him down in a pile right next to Erica.

LT Now this is action! I love it Erica is going to get what she deserves for cheating! See winners never cheat and cheaters never win. Erica may have won the battle but she is about to lose the war!

CE Leeann this is sick! The referee is out cold and Jessica is right back latching onto Erica's hair pulling her up to her feet...someone needs to help her!

Jessica ripped Erica up to her feet, and Erica was only vaguely aware of what was going on around her. With two handfuls of long blonde hair Erica was held in place and then began squirming as she saw Crissy and the metal chair. Crissy waited as Jessica tried to hold Erica still, but the blonde suddenly began trashing and bucking realizing what was forthcoming. Erica's body went side to side and Jessica ripped back on the blonde's hair from behind. Erica shrieked as her scalp exploded with pain, her midsection completely left wide open as her head was pointed up at the ceiling. Erica's incredible body glistened with sweat and Crissy stepped up with the chair cocked back. The arena seemed to quiet as the chair flew forward and then smacked into Jessica's rib cage. Erica somehow desperately threw her body around in a circle, taking Jessica whose hands were in her hair, along for the ride. Jessica's midsection took the shot square on and she crumpled to the mat holding her aching ribcage.

CE I don't believe it fans, Erica couldn't have planned that any better if she wanted to! That chair was intended to flatten her chest and the blonde somehow avoided disaster!

LT What the hell...I hope Jessica's not hurt! What did Crissy do?

Crissy swung the chair through the air wildly again and almost connected with the back of Erica's head, but the blonde hit the canvas and rolled under the bottom rope. Crissy dropped the chair and went over to Jessica who was rolling side to side holding her ribcage. Crissy couldn't believe what she did to her friend and Jessica appeared to be injured by the vicious shot. Erica almost collapsed to the ground and held the ring apron, the fans around her cheering and screaming for the blonde beauty, as she watched inside the ring making sure she was safe for the time being. The referee still lay on the mat and Crissy was still tending to Jessica who was lying on her side screaming in pain holding her ribs.

LT Jessica looks bad...I can't believe Crissy missed her target...what a turn of events!

CE Erica needs to get out of there...that chair is still in the ring with Crissy!

LT Who cares about Erica...that bitch is on her feet standing while poor Jessica is crumpled in a heap inside of the ring!

Erica pushed off the ring apron and her body wanted to crumple to the arena floor, but the blonde put everything she had into making her way back to the dressing room. Erica stumbled forward and put a glove up to her pulsing nose and almost fell over in pain. The blonde stumbled forward stayed on her feet while the fans were giving her an ovation for her hard fought victory. Erica weekly smiled and kept up her hurried walk to the back, but luckily Crissy was still tending to her friend in the ring. Jessica was finally kneeling and her hands were ruCEing her aching midsection. Erica was back in the locker room and finally Crissy turned around looking for Erica but was far too late. Crissy turned her attention back to her friend and helped her to her feet, and Jessica's hands never left her aching rib cage.

CE That could have ended badly for Erica who narrowly escaped a huge disaster!

LT That did end badly are you blind! Poor Jessica may have a broken rib or worse!

CE Well she got what she deserved! That chair shot was meant to hit poor defenseless Erica who was being

LT (interrupting Carmen midsentence) Erica should be the one on the mat right now...what a horrible way to end a horrible match...that better not be the precedent for future matches!

Jessica was helped up the ramp and a lot of the fans were booing and yelling as Crissy paid them no attention. Jessica was holding her ribs the whole way up the ramp and the blonde didn't look good as she struggled to stay upright. The fans loved every second of action, and most even applauded Jessica as she made her way up the ramp in a slow pain filled walk.