Geri Halliwell vs. Mel C. by Carlos 5/5/01

MTV had an idea for a special concert. They wanted the former Spice Girls perform on the show. It was pretty much common knowledge by now, the Spice Girls had become the 'New New Kids on the Block.' All the girls had gone on to try different things and solo projects, but they all knew it wasn't working. When each of the girls had been informed of the concert Emma, Victoria, Mel C. and Mel B. all thought it was a neat idea. They loved the thought of getting back together, even if for one night.

All of the girls knew, however, that Geri was still intent on her solo career; that her pride would prevent all of this from going through. Geri, however, was thrilled at the chance to do the concert. She viewed it as a last chance to perform with her ex-band mates - and hopefully - to overshadow them. If she could stand out at their reunion concert, it'd show she had carried the group to stardom by herself and this knowledge would give a huge boost to her lagging solo career.

Geri also had an ulterior motive! For the entire time the band had been on the road together, she'd been forced to listen to Mel Chisholm talk about how hard she'd worked developing her body and how she often made these statements at the expense of Geri. The things Mel said struck a nerve and had actually driven Geri to an eating disorder for a time. She'd since recovered and taken up dance and yoga and now she wanted to show Mel who REALLY had the tightest body.

MTV put the girls up in a penthouse suite which they would share for the entire week.

Emma, Victoria, Mel B. and Mel C. all arrived early since they wanted to spend the time together. They were all on friendly terms and they partied for a couple of days before the topic of Geri even came up. They were still pissed at her for derailing their cash cow and they weren't going to soon forget either. They agreed, however, if Geri showed up they'd put the past behind them - at least for the remainder of the time they had to be together. Later that night, they were having yet another party when Geri showed up. They couldn't believe what they saw. Geri appeared wearing only a sports bra and a pair of shorts that would - it would be generous to say - covered her ass. More accurately, it was simply a thong with a couple of loose flaps.

Geri circulated, mingling with the invited guests and glorying in their gaping stares at her 'new body.' The four other girls couldn't take their eyes off Geri. They were all shocked by the buff condition she showed up in. Geri had lost the baby fat -the target of Mel's ribbing while they were together - and replaced it with washboard abs and sculpted, muscular legs. Even if the girls had wanted to take their eyes from Geri, they couldn't. They all knew Geri was a very cocky girl and now that she had the body, she fully intended on showing it off. Every guest she talked to commented on her body and she was more than willing to pose with them for photos and even let the men feel up her new and improved form.

It was pretty apparent she was NOT there for a show with the group; she was here to show herself off. Deciding it was time for someone to take the leap and talk to her, Mel C. was chosen and walked up to Geri to say hello. Geri answered her rival with a less than congenial roll of the eyes and the guest Geri was chatting with noticed tension between the two. He slowly walked away as to not get involved in the middle of a catfight.

"What the hell is your problem?" inquired Mel.

"I think it's pretty clear," sneered Geri. "You're jealous of my body. You haven't been able to take your eyes off me since I got here. You're so damn jealous because everyone's falling over themselves complimenting me on my new physique. You can't stand it your former 'chubby' girl now has a tighter, stronger, hell a better, body then you. You're yesterday's news dearie."

"Whatever," Mel finally said, huffily blowing Geri off and turning her back on her former band mate.

"Oh yeah!" screamed Geri. "Cummon, lez go!"

With that, Geri slammed her arm on a nearby table in arm wrestling position.

"You must be kidding. I don't want to hurt you OK, just stop," Mel said as she started to walk away.

"I knew you were a bloody chicken shite gob," Geri boasted.

Mel had had enough. She didn't want to do this but she had to bring Geri down to Earth or it would be impossible to live with her the rest of the week. "OK, it's your funeral!"

Mel put her arm up and clasped hands with Geri. She wanted to force Geri to change her mind one more time so when she clenched Geri's hand she squeezed it with a bit of pressure. She hadn't even used half of her strength, but she heard an audible moan come from her smaller opponent. She knew she had this in the bag - and so did Geri! Geri wished she hadn't done it, but it was to late to back out now. Her pride had gotten the better of her and she told Mel to count to three.

"All!" exclaimed Mel.

Geri was straining with all of her might to get the larger girl's arm down, but Mel's arm didn't move and she hadn't even tried yet. Not wanting to completely embarrass Geri by playing around with her, Mel slammed her arm down to the table, raised her arms and strutted away the victor.

"Hey wait a minute," called Geri. "OK, you won that but my abs are my strongest body part. Hell, they easily put yours to shame."

Rapidly tiring of Geri's "pride" Mel turned around and stated that she didn't feel like doing this anymore. But it took only a little prodding by Geri to appeal to Mel's ego and she quickly agreed to do whatever Geri wanted. Geri had to prove her abs were harder than Mel C's legendary abs.

"How about a belly-punching contest?" Geri inquired.

"What? I punch you then you punch me until one of us quits, that's it?" Mel asked.

"Sounds good to me," Geri nodded. "Let's do it."

"OK, you take the first punch," Mel offered her smaller adversary graciously.

"Well, if you insist," Geri accepted quickly.

Mel prepared herself for the blow. She put her hands behind her head and flexed her abs, showing off her perfect six-pack. Geri was again questioning her challenge, but pride got the best of her again. She lined up and nailed Mel just above her navel. Mel was fine from the blow, but she staggered back two steps to gain her balance. The other Spice Girls jumped to catch her.

"What's wrong Mel? You so scared of little old me you need those bitches to hold you up?" Geri crowed.

"Clear the room," commanded Mel with a wave of her arms.

The other Spice Girls and spectators all left the room. Now just the two girls were alone in the room and Mel was bent over trying to catch her breath for her turn. Geri prepared for her punch as Mel had. She put her hands behind her head and flexed her abs showing the newly cuts that had been formed. Geri hadn't quite developed perfect six-pack abs like Mel but there were four clear cuts in her abs that even impressed Mel.

"Wow, that's impressive Geri," applauded Mel. "But you should've realized you aren't quite there yet."

She landed a solid punch right on Geri's navel that left her stunned. Geri had underestimated how hard Mel hit. She was bent over at the waist gasping for air. Mel asked if she wanted to quit, but Geri told her she was still number one, in a sense.

Geri knew she had to do some damage with her next shot. Mel once again tensed her body, preparing for another shot. Geri lined up and hit her in the exact same spot the last punch had landed. Mel bent over at the waist for a couple of seconds, took a couple of deep breaths, then straightened herself and just smiled right at Geri.

Geri was suddenly afraid. She'd given Mel her two best punches and Mel smiled at her. After Mel's first punch she was feeling pain and she knew it was only going to be worse after this turn. She flexed her abs again and Mel once again hit her flush on the navel. Geri went down on the floor, seemingly pleading to get any air into her lungs.

"I don't want to hurt you, Geri. Please stop this nonsense," Mel begged.

"Set up for the punch," Geri snapped as she got to her feet.

Mel did as Geri said. She knew this silliness was going to end soon with her on the better end of it, so she was willing to do what Geri wanted just to end it as quickly as possible.

Noticing that her efforts were becoming more and more futile, Geri decided she had tired of this contest. She was able to get the larger girl to bend over after each shot, but only for the few seconds it took Mel to catch her breath. As Mel set up for the next punch from Geri, she flexed her abs as she had done before - this time adding a little bit of a bicep flex to intimidate her smaller rival. Geri wanted revenge on Mel for her comments about her body while they were on the road. She knew, however, that she had no chance in hell of winning this contest. Since there were no spectators, there was no reason she shouldn't quit playing by the rules.

Again, Geri's punch hit the spot she'd targeted on Mel's stomach. Mel did her usual routine; bending over to take a couple of breaths. However, this time when she bent over, Geri jumped her and put her into a piledriver. Geri got the larger woman of off the ground and devastated her with a vicious piledriver. Mel was out cold while Geri fell to the ground still trying to recover from the beating her abs had taken and caught her breath.

Geri finally got up after taking what seemed like forever to recover from the punching contest. She walked over to the kitchen and got a tall glass of water. She came back and sat Mel up then got on the floor right behind her. Once she was behind Mel in a position where she was comfortable, Geri splashed the water in Mel's faced. This brought her back to consciousness. Before she could even think about where she was, however, Geri grabbed her arm and wrenched it back into a hammerlock. Geri threaded her own arm into Mel's arm and turned the hold into a crossface chickenwing. Mel began to thrash around in this extremely painful hold. It felt like her arm was being ripped out of her socket.

Mel began to plead, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why? Why you little bitch. You made all those fat jokes about me constantly poking and prodding me. Do you know how that felt bitch? That drove me to an eating disorder. You put me through hell and now it is just time for me to return the favor," Geri answered.

"God Geri I am so sorry I did not know you felt that way, but please stop this. I said I'm sorry."

"You're sorry," Geri said sarcastically. "You put me through four years of hell and you expect it to all be forgotten because 'you're sorry'"

Geri released the hold and Mel grabbed her shoulder. Geri started to rain kicks into Mel's famous abs. Each was punctuated by a cough or gasp from Mel after each blow.

Geri let up for a second and Mel took the chance to roll onto her stomach to try to give some protection to that area but it only gave Geri another chance to inflict punishment. She stood over Mel, jumped up and landed right on the middle of Mel's back. Then she went directly into a camel clutch.

Geri quickly had Mel crying her eyes out. She was really wrenching back on Mel's neck and had emphasized the impact of this move by tightly squeezing her powerful dancers thighs against Mel's ribs. Not only was Mel being stretched and broken in half, she unable to draw air into her body. It wasn't long before Mel passed out again from the combined pain and suffocation.

Geri had thought maybe if she punished Mel enough she wouldn't have to worry about her again. But then she reminded herself of all the pain and suffering that resulted from Mel's comments so she delivered a kick square into Mel's cunt. Mel was shocked back into consciousness. Geri sat down on Mel's stomach and Mel looked up at Geri with tears in her eyes not knowing what Geri had in store for her until Geri began to tug on Mel's tits.

"Look at these puny little things," Geri laughed. "My God, after all that work that you did on your body you never realized that without tits nobody gives a shit about you? Well, you know what? I'm going to prove what a good friend I am and help you out there, baby."

"No! Please don't," Mel sobbed, but it was already too late.

Geri grabbed each of Mel's nipples and started to yank as hard as she could. Then she squeezed the nipples as well while she yanked them. Mel could only sit there and take her punishment, knowing she had no energy in her to try and buck Geri off of her. Besides, even if she did, there was no way she could defend herself now.

Geri had different thoughts going through her head. After all the punishment she'd taken at Mel's hands, now she had her at her mercy and this was intoxicating. While this was crossing Geri's mind, it was becoming apparent to Mel as well. Geri's nipples had become rock-like and there was wetness showing through the front of Geri's thong. Geri couldn't deny that the physical exertion and outright dominance of a foe that she shouldn't hold a candle to was getting to her in the best possible way.

Geri had come to the conclusion that she wanted Mel to endure the ultimate humiliation so she got off her knowing that Mel wasn't going anywhere and proceeded to strip her everything she was wearing.

Mel knew what was coming next, but all she could do was sob and hope Geri would have mercy on her but Geri had very different ideas. She kicked Mel's legs apart and pushed two fingers into Mel's pussy. As Mel squirmed uncomfortably, Geri rubbed her former band mate, working her fingers in and out like she'd done it for years. She used her thumb on Mel's clit which helped get her revved up quicker and quicker.

By this point there was no denying that Mel had surrendered to Geri completely and was just along for the ride. She began to buck her hips and grind along with Geri's magic touch. Mel could only lay there for what seemed like an eternity but just as she was about to break through with an orgasm - Geri stopped!

Geri didn't want to end Mel's ordeal just yet. She wanted to demonstrate how she was able to control Mel at will and this was just the beginning. As Mel slowly came back down from her near ecstasy, Geri began to work her magic fingers once more, slowly pumping them in and out of Mel's juiced up pussy. Up and down, in and out, working around her clit, but this time there was a special surprise for Mel. As Geri continued to work her devilish will on Mel, she moved her pinkie up and suddenly jammed it into her opponent's tight ass.

It not only brought a primal moan from her now sweat-drenched plaything, but Mel lifted her hips and arched her back. She was posed with her back arched, her ass lifted and her perky little chest pointing high in the air. Geri's fingering seemed to paralyze Mel, she was unable to move but could still feel everything Geri was doing to her. A deep blush of shame slowly spread over Mel's entire body as Geri continued fingering until she exploded in the most powerful orgasm she'd ever had. Mel was horrified at herself for allowing Geri to do this to her, but she couldn't deny Geri had done something to her that she honestly wished would never have ended.

Geri had proved she could control Mel using only four fingers, but now she had to solve a problem of her own, the juices that had been welling up inside of her were bursting to get out. There were only two things that she could do; either face sit Mel and get off that way or go for pussy humping on the assumption that since she was going to get off anyway, she might as well prove she can get Mel off again as well.

Geri lay on top of the taller girl and lined up her pussy head on with Mel's. Due to Mel being so much taller, Geri found that when their pussies aligned, her head was only slightly higher than Mel's tits. Geri actually liked the thought of this. She began to pump her pussy into Mel's cunt, at first just making them touch but then gradually increasing the pace and going faster and faster until it was more just rubbing than hitting. Geri could feel her juices flow so she took advantage of her position and began to suck on her sex-toys tits.

Mel was getting recharged again as well and began to rock in rhythm to Geri's rubbing of their pussies. Mel moaned with ecstasy at the expert tonguing Geri was giving her nipples. Mel was getting overwhelmed with the sensations from both her tits and her pussy and it was more than she could take! Mel exploded in another orgasm and then passed out. Geri had not finished, however, and she continued to rub her pussy faster and faster on Mel's unconscious body.

"Uh..Oh...uh, uh, uh, oh God, YEAHHHh!"

Geri got off and then collapsed beside the body of her unconscious foe. After a while, Geri recovered enough that she wanted to play some more, and another kick to the cunt brought Mel sobbing back to the world of the living.

"Oh, uh, yeah, that was fantastic, remind me to do that again sometime," Geri chuckled to her groggy victim.

Mel could only respond with grunts and moans. Utterly embarrassed at the humiliation she'd suffered, Mel still couldn't deny the overwhelming sensations of pleasure Geri's manipulation had given her.

"Listen bitch, you ever talk about me again an' I'll come back. By the end of it, I assure you, you'll be a C cup and you'll be soaked in a pool of your own juices - and mine, again," Geri threatened. "Bye beautiful," she said giving Mel a slap on the cheek as she stood up.

After Geri dressed, she opened the door to leave but discovered the other Spice Girls and all their guests had remained to listen at the door to find out the final result. They were astonished when a sweat-drenched Geri emerged and they saw the quivering, naked body of Mel C spread out on the floor, her sweat-slick body covered in sticky residue.

Geri calmly walked up to Emma, Victoria and Mel B., paused and told them, "Remember girls, what happens to one ex-Spice Girl can happen to another."

As Geri strutted away, the Spice Girls rushed to their fallen comrad. When they stood her up, Mel C. couldn't look her sisters in the eye. Not only had Geri taken her sexuality as she pleased; she'd also stolen her pride and dignity. Mel hung her head as she stumbled toward the shower in shame.

Emma, Victoria, and Mel B. were suddenly very afraid. They knew Mel C. had been far and away the best of them physically - and Geri had destroyed her! They couldn't imagine what she'd do to the weaker ones in the group when their turn came - and they were sure it would.