China Chow vs. Rose McGowan by Jackflash

Everything had been wiped away in a single night! Rose McGowan had been one of the most feared women in Hollywood because of her catfighting prowess. And success as a fighter had done wonders for her career. Things were perfect. But then, her Achilles Heel had been discovered.

It all began when Fairuza Balk arranged for China Chow to attack Rose at a party. McGowan managed to beat China, but not before Balk noticed something that had gone undetected by others. To test her theory, she herself challenged Rose to a fight then and there.

What Fairuza had realized was that Rose seemed to lose focus and strength whenever her breasts were attacked. Balk figured McGowan's ample chest must be overly sensitive. If so, that would be the key to beating her. Focusing her assault on the brunette's bosom, Balk accomplished what no woman ever had before...she beat Rose McGowan!

Now, the secret of Rose's weakness was revealed by all, virtually eliminating her as a catfight threat. All an opponent had to do was keep hammering her breasts and Rose would be rendered helpless before long.

After some months of dwelling on the problem, however, she thought that she may have found a solution. What Rose needed to put her solution to the test was an opponent. Reenter China Chow.

Understandably, Rose harbored a grudge against the English girl for the role she played in "outing" her weakness. Rose wanted nothing more than to get her hands on the beautiful Eurasian and teach her the folly of crossing her. For her part, China was more than willing to fight Rose...she wanted to avenge the loss she'd suffered and she relished the thought of putting Rose out of catfighting once and for all.

The battle was arranged as the "entertainment" for a party at the beach house of one of Hollywood's leading cinematographers. When China arrived, she began to move throughout the throng, engaging in gossip, sipping imported champagne and in general thoroughly enjoying being the center of attention. Rose, on the other hand, kept to herself with a small group of her closest supporters...not once did she take her eyes off of Chow. Tonight, she was the hunter, and she was sizing up her prey.

Finally, the time came. The spectators arranged themselves so that the two combatants had a wide circle in which to wrestle. They kicked off their shoes and cautiously began to move closer to one another. China wore black leather pants and a white spaghetti string silk top; Rose a black mini-skirt and a baby blue satin blouse.

As they neared, China eyed Rose's firm breasts and smiled. She made no effort to disguise her strategy. Finally, when they were close enough to touch, China struck first, throwing a fast punch to her rival's left breast.

Rose winced, but didn't seem in any undue discomfort. Undaunted, China threw another punch, but this time, Rose caught her wrist and twisted her arm. The pressure forced China to double over and Rose took advantage of her position to thrust her knee into the brunette's jaw.

China's head snapped up and back, but her momentum helped her pull her arm from Rose's grip. Angry, China threw herself at Rose and the pair fell to the plush carpeting and began to roll and tumble across the floor, each trying to gain the advantage over the other. China concentrated her attack on Rose's breasts with little apparent success. In the meantime, Rose executed a more diverse offensive which was taking a toll on China.

Growing desperate over the seeming failure of her attack, a frustrated China finally grabbed Rose's blouse and, with an animalistic growl, tore it from her chest. That revealed the secret of Rose's resistance to China's attack...a heavy-duty sports bra, which blunted her punches and clawings so that Rose wasn't overwhelmed!

China seemed confused for a moment, but the self-satisfied sneer on Rose's face shocked her back to full understanding. Her secret revealed, Rose literally invited China to continue to futilely attack her protected breasts, offering no defense as Rose put her all into a new attack of her own.

And it was an attack that demonstrated once again why Rose had been so feared as a catfighter! She literally had her way with China; everything she did was perfect and China had no defense capable of halting the onslaught. Spectators who looked into Rose's eyes saw she was completely swept up in the majestic bloodlust. Unfortunately, that also meant she wasn't paying full attention to all that she should have. That offered China one small sliver of hope.

Rose had China in a bearhug, her sinewy arms wrapped tightly around her body that was fast going as limp as a ragdoll. In desperation, China began to claw at the back of her tormentor's bra, hoping to undo the clasps. After long moments of fumbling, she succeeded!

With renewed vigor, China raked her nails across Rose's eyes. The sudden pain caused her to release China and stagger back to clear her vision. Momentarily blinded, she suddenly realized that something else was wrong as well, but at first, she didn't realize what. Then, her eyesight restored, Rose looked up to see China smugly standing and twirling a bra on her index finger. Rose looked down to see her breasts hanging free and exposed. Then panic set into her eyes!

She desperately tried to shield her breasts, but the Asian's attack couldn't be thwarted. China punched, squeezed, slapped and clawed Rose's tender bosom as Rose felt her strength draining away as her body was overwhelmed by pain. Grunts soon became mewls and whimpers as the embattled brunette slowly sank to her knees, her arms dropping until they hung limp at her sides.

The sneer on Chow's face made it clear that there would be no mercy. Firmly grabbing each of Rose's breasts, she began to knead the flesh the way baker works dough. Rose's head swooned and she moaned, but her body was prevented from falling by China's death grip on her malleable breasts.

Finally, unable to endure the punishment any longer, Rose said in a sobbing whisper, " more...I give up...!"

But China just smirked as she replied, "Oh no, little Rosie. You don't get off that easily!"

Then, with a sinister laugh, she tightened her grip until Rose let out a piteous howl and her body went slack. Her unending agony had finally overwhelmed her senses and she had, mercifully, fallen unconscious.

China let Rose's beaten and battered body drop to the carpet. As she planted one foot on the mauled bosom of the vanquished Rose McGowan, China Chow raised her right fist and pumped it in the air as a sign of her complete and total victory over a woman many had considered the toughest in Hollywood.