Erika Christensen vs. Christina Ricci by Bob

The two young actresses sized each other up. It had been a long time since Erika Christensen had had a fight and she was looking forward to fighting Christina Ricci. Although Erika was four inches taller than Christina, she and Christina had similar bodies. Both had very muscular arms, and very large chests. She had heard that Christina had been a natural fighter who was ruthless. However, she was a natural fighter too and was going to tear the tiny brunette apart. Christina didn't know anything about her opponent and didn't care. Since they started filming, she’d kept her distance from her co-star knowing that the final scene would be a big catfight between she and Erika.

The director wanted the fight to look real. Both actresses were athletic and didn't mind a little rough stuff. Knowing that a real fight would look much better than a staged fight in which stunt doubles would be used and no one would get hurt, the two young stars were anxious to tear into each other. Christina especially liked the idea of a real fight because she played the villain and Erika would obviously win a fight that was scripted. Christina had had several fights and easily won all of them. She didn't know if Erika could fight, but really didn't care.

While the two actresses eagerly awaited the fight scene, they couldn't help eyeballing each other. The director could sense the animosity and realized the longer he stalled the more the animosity was building in the two young actresses. He talked as long as he could, finally sensing that the two young actresses might tear into each other before the cameras started rolling. It didn't matter to him who won because the final scenes had been written with two endings, one if Christina won the fight and the other if Erika won. Both scenes had already been filmed. Of course, for the sake of the movie a win by Erika was ideal and during shooting, he observed she was the stronger of the two.

Finally the director told his two stars, "All right ladies, it's time. Don't pull any punches. Don't worry about hurting each other. If the fight doesn't look real, we'll have to shoot the scene again so I want you two to keep going until one of you can't continue or has had enough." As he shot Christina a last look, he winked and softly said, "Good luck."

He was sure that his wishing Christina good luck would piss Erika off and make her more intent on tearing Christina apart. The two young actresses cautiously circled each other. Suddenly, Christina flipped off one of her heels, flipping it in Erika's direction. Despite being caught by surprise, Erika easily moved out of the way. Christina then flipped her other heel, striking Erika's forehead. Erika then took a couple of steps backwards. Sensing Erika's fear, Christina now had a sign that she had the advantage and decided to become the aggressor. She followed Erika, prepared to draw first blood.

As Christina continued to follow, Erika suddenly put her head down, lunged at Christina, and tackled her. Erika was now on top and was not about to let Christina roll her over. She immediately started throwing lefts and rights to Christina's face and chest. She was now pounding Christina, doing a lot of damage, and taking the fight out of Christina. Christina tried to ward off Erika's hard punches, but was unable to protect herself or fight back. It was the first time anyone had ever gotten Christina down so the pain she was experiencing was new to her and she didn't like it. As Erika landed punch after punch, Christina's face was quickly getting redder and redder. Erika continued pummeling her foe.

Because Christina was unable to protect herself, Erika couldn't help taunting her, "I thought you were tough, you wimp!"

Christina tried to cover up, but was unable to. Erika was too quick. No one had ever hit her with as many punches as Erika had and if Erika didn't tire soon, Christina was going to have to quit. She couldn't take much more punishment. Realizing she was not going to roll Erika off her, Christina closed her eyes and relaxed so that her body would appear limp. Sensing she had knocked Christina out, Erika got off her beaten foe, looked at the director and said, "I thought she was supposed to be tough. That wasn't even a workout."

As she turned and started walking away, Christina quickly rose to her feet and ran towards her enemy, tackling Erika before Erika knew what had hit her. Erika was now on her stomach and Christina was going to show Erika who the better fighter really was. Erika had taken her by surprise and although she did used trickery to gain the advantage, she was not going to let Erika up. She began punching Erika in the back. Now it was Christina who was throwing punch after punch and doing a lot of damage. She was quickly evening up the fight and having a lot of fun watching the blonde's back turn beet red. The tiny brunette loved torturing her foe. As Christina continued to throw punches, Erika started to rise to her knees. Christina continued throwing punches, expecting the busty blonde to fall to her stomach again. However, Erika did not fall. She reached back with her right arm, wrapped her arm around Christina's head, and rolled the shorter brunette off. Erika was now on top of Christina again.

Once again, Erika started throwing punches, landing six or seven hard punches. However, this time Christina was not going to allow Erika to stay on top. The young blond was too big and too strong. The diminutive brunette started kneeing the muscular blonde in the back. Christina's knees to the back were not bothering the young blonde. However, the tiny brunette was waiting for an opening. Erika had made the mistake of not locking her arms. With her arms free, Christina knew it was just a matter of time before Erika made a mistake and gave her the opening she needed. As the blonde continued to throw punches, Christina finally saw her opening and grabbed Erika's breasts. She then started squeezing and twisting Erika's tits. Erika stopped punching the brunette and grabbed Christina's wrists. She tried prying Christina's hands free, but Christina had a vice-like grip on Erika's tits and Erika was feeling the pain. Eventually, Christina started pushing Erika off and continued to do so until she was on top. Erika continued trying to free Christina's hands from her breasts, but was unable to. Christina was mauling Erika's tits and having a good time doing it.

"What did you say about me being a wimp? Looks like I'm kicking your ass."

After a few minutes of mauling Erika's tits, Christina let go and started working her way up Erika's body towards her face. Erika fought desperately, kicking and bucking for all she was worth, but could not stop Christina from working her way towards her face. After a minute or two, Christina was sitting on top of Erika's face. She held Erika's wrists. Despite being in a difficult position, Erika was determined to continue fighting. She was not about to quit or pass out. She continued to buck and knee Christina in the back, trying to knock the brunette off. Christina didn't like getting kneed in the back, but she was in control of Erika and was going to make Erika pay shortly. Despite having difficulty breathing, Erika continued to buck, somehow managing to free her hands and grab Christina's wrists. Christina didn't think anything about Erika grabbing her wrists. She was still sitting on Erika's face and was sure that Erika would be losing consciousness shortly.

Christina started bouncing on Erika's face. While she was bouncing, Erika managed to move backwards, causing to Christina to fly off, and land on her stomach. As the brunette started to move, Erika stomped down on her back. Christina screamed as pain shot up her back. Erika had given her a real hard stomp. Erika followed her hard stomp by kicking Christina in the ribs. Christina was now in a lot of pain and could not believe that Erika had recovered so quickly from Christina's last assault. Christina was also surprised that Erika was still moving so quickly. As Christina tried to catch her breath, Erika reached down and grabbed Christina's hair, yanking it hard. She continued to yank Christina's hair. While pulling on the brunette's hair, the blonde let go of Christina's hair with one hand and grabbed the brunette's tank top. She gave the tank top one quick tug and pulled it over Christina's head.

Once she lost her top, Christina suddenly became enraged. She planned to get revenge. Her goal was to rip off every piece of clothing that Erika's was wearing. She would then sit on the blonde's pretty face one more time. However, with the brunette on her stomach, she was not in any position to remove any of Erika's clothing. Erika let go of Christina's hair and wrapped the tank top she was holding around Christina's throat. Christina tried to turn onto her back so that she could fight back, but Erika increased the pressure on her choke hold. Suddenly Christina was in big trouble. She couldn't breathe. She desperately tried to rip the tank top away from her neck and out of Erika's hands. However, the blonde beauty lifted Christina to her knees, then to her feet, and finally lifted the brunette off her feet.

Realizing she wasn’t going to get her top from Erika, she tried pulling Erika's hands away. When she was unsuccessful in her efforts to pry Erika's hands loose, the brunette pulled Erika's hair, and scratched Erika's face in desperation. However, it didn't seem to matter what the brunette did, her taller blonde opponent was too strong for her. Erika continued to choke her co-star. Sensing that she had taken all the fight from the tiny brunette the blonde beauty finally let her foe go.

Free at last, the brunette grabbed her throat and sank to her knees. She was still gasping for air. Erika looked at the director of the movie. He signaled her to finish the tiny brunette off. Erika landed a kick to the small of Christina's back. Christina fell forwards. Sensing that the brunette was still conscious, Erika grabbed her by her hair, lifted her to her feet, spun her foe around, and threw a right hand.

As her punch landed, the blonde bombshell felt more pain than she had ever felt in her life. Christina somehow managed to kick the blonde in her groin. Both actresses went down. With both lying on the ground and writhing in pain, Christina massaged her sore jaw, and Erika held her injured groin. The blonde felt as if she had been hit with a baseball bat. After lying on the ground for about thirty-seconds, Christina somehow managed to roll on top of the blonde beauty. Slowly she rose slightly, landed a right-left combination to Erika's huge chest. Sensing that she was about to put Erika to sleep, Christina prepared to throw a right-left combination to Erika's jaw and chin. However, Erika grabbed Christina's long brown hair and rolled her foe off. Still holding Christina's hair, the blonde let go with her right hand and threw three devastating punches to Christina's eyes. The young brunette's eye's fluttered and finally closed.

Erika rolled off her foe and lie beside her for several minutes. Despite winning the blonde she had been in the toughest fight she had ever had. Ever bone in her body hurt. Her groin was still throbbing. She looked at her unconscious foe, shook her head and said, "You put up one hell of a fight. It could just as easily have been me lying there unconscious."

When the director said, "Great job Erika!" the dazed blonde looked at him and smiled slightly. However, when the director jokingly added, "Unfortunately the cameramen didn't shoot the fight and you and Christina are going to have to do it again," the young blonde got up and walked towards him.

When the victorious blonde was standing in front of the director, she gave him a hard kick to the balls and then screamed, "FUCK YOU!" and she stormed off the set.