Charlotte Church vs. Jennifer Ellison by Harry

Charlotte, the one time ‘Voice of an Angel,’ adjusted her top for the umpteenth time as she looked herself up and down in the full length mirror. Her mobile telephone began to chirp and she picked it up to see the text message confirming her opponent was about 10 minutes away from the 5* hotel in London’s West End. She sat on the edge of the bed, exposing her black thong had there been anyone else there to see as she slide on her black over the knee stretch boots doing her best not to rush.

Since making the transition from child star who sang classical music to TV presenter and rock chick with a reputation for partying and young men she had been in fights; it was almost inevitable in the night clubs of Cardiff with her reputation and lifestyle. But this was the first fight organized and arranged with a rival celebrity; not that she was scared but she was nervous. She and the blonde she was to meet had been bitching and trading insults for weeks before a challenge had been issued. It had been a surprise to Charlotte that it had come to this, but she’d accepted in flash, without considering the implications or consulting her management team who labored so hard to carefully craft her image. With her sportsman boyfriend in training, Charlotte had slipped away to London almost unnoticed to have herself pampered and made up in the facilities available in this hotel.

Her boots on, she reached behind her to make sure that the laces were done up, and then checked her earrings and finally her black bustier that emphasized her well developed cleavage and short skirt. With a deep breath she picked up her mobile telephone and bag before walking out of the hotel room, shutting the door. She then crossed over the corridor and into the room that had been selected as the arena slipping in without a soul having seen her. Everything was as arranged; room cleared of much surplus furniture, a large bed and curtains drawn, with on the side a bucket of ice with champagne and two glasses. As she poured herself a glass her mobile chirped again to tell her opponent was in the building. Charlotte gulped and sipped her champagne while she waited, the butterflies in her stomach becoming more noticeable. A further text from her opponent wanting confirmation that she was in the room put her at ease, as did her short bitchy response.

So that when the door opened and in stepped Jennifer, the blond soap actress turned singer, Charlotte glared malevolently at her younger Welsh opponent. Jenn was wearing velvet and leather black above-the-knee boots, a short dark skirt and a long sleeved, hooped top that ended just below her full breasts to show off a large, silver, navel stud. Her long blonde hair was expensively styled so that it was held in place with a band and draped over her shoulders.

At that moment Charlotte saw Jennifer as what she’d always seen her as - a rival bitch! It probably wouldn’t have surprised her to realize that a very similar set of thoughts were running through Jennifer’s mind at the same time. The blonde sneered at Charlotte as she walked over, poured herself a glass of champagne, then strode toward the far side of the room, casually bumping the Welsh woman, eliciting a hissed “slag” from the brunette singer. Jennifer ignored it; she’d been in this situation many times in the past few years! She put her glass down on the table, turned to face Charlotte, then slowly and deliberately started to take off her rings and earrings, eyeing Charlotte intently as she started to do the same, tossing her discarded jewelry next to her mobile and bag.

Finishing first, Jennifer drained the last of her champagne and provocatively walked back past Charlotte swaying her hips. “Feel free to leave anytime Charlotte,” she hissed in her sing-song scouse accent. As she passed the young woman, Jenn casually spat on her exposed chest above her breasts, then smirking put her glass down. She kept on smirking as she heard Charlotte call her a “blonde slut,” - but Jenn stopped smirking when she felt a wet splat of the young singer’s response on the back of her neck. Jennifer realized she was going to have to fight on her hands when she spun to face Charlotte’s look of determination and her flexing fingers.

“So you want a fight, do you slag!” snarled Jennifer, a statement not a question.

Forming her hands into claws, Charlotte snapped back, “Bring it on Jenn, I can be as nasty as you!”

Charlotte mirrored the blonde’s stance as the two young women circled slowly. But the spell was broken in seconds as they threw themselves at each other, intent only on sinking their fingers in the other’s expensively-styled hair. Their bodies hit SMACK as they pushed and pulled one another seeking and advantage. Jennifer managed to wrench Charlotte’s head back by the brunette’s shorter hair trying to swing her around. But in retaliation the blondes head was being shaken from side to side as they stumbled about across lush carpet.

Holding the young Welsh woman’s head in place with one hand Jennifer now used her left hand to deliver some slaps across her already flushed face and occasionally across her bare shoulders and upper arms. Charlotte tossed back a barrage of verbal insults bringing one of her own hands down and pressing it down on the blondes face, spreading her fingers wide so the she could push her rivals face back. Jennifer tried to bite at Charlotte’s palm but couldn’t quite reach, but she did lose her bearings of where she was in the room.

Jenn stumbled back against a table and felt her self being pushed back and stretched, her booted feet almost off the ground. Thinking on her feet she brought both hands to bear on Charlotte’s ample breasts that were already straining inside her top. The shock of being grabbed in such away and the blondes’ fingers sinking into the top of her breasts caught the brunette by surprise and she squealed with shock. But before she could react meaningfully she was now the one to be being pushed backwards until she collided at an angle with the bed. As she fell back onto the bed her right leg slide up between Jennifer’s pushing her skirt upwards revealing thigh flesh but not causing any pain or damage.

“You dirty, fuckin’ Welsh slag!” snarled Jennifer as Charlotte lay there before her letting go to deliver some painful slaps before grabbing the front of Charlotte’s designer bustier to shake her up and down accompanied by the sound of straining material and a barrage of crude insults.

Not that Charlotte took this attack without a struggle, thrashing and writhing about. Her right leg went up pressing against Jennifer’s expensive, but insubstantial, g-string, which caused Jenn to close her legs to lock it in place. But that didn’t allow Charlotte to reach up and grab Jennifer’s much longer blonde hair, pulling her head down a handful at a time as her hands clawed their way upwards. Jennifer let out a series of squeals and muted groans at the punishment to her trademark long hair before firmly planting both of her hands on the Welsh singers ample chest, her fingers discerning that - like her - Charlotte was braless. As the fingers pressed into thin material squeezing Charlotte squealed and groaned with the shock of this attack and no little pain. Her first reaction was to pull harder on Jennifer’s blonde hair, but even when several strands were pulled free there was no relief. So deciding to fight fire with fire Charlotte pushed her hands upwards to clamp her clawing fingers into Jenn’s substantial breasts, her nails piercing her thin, multi-colored top.

The two young women squealed and hissed as they struggled and rolled on the edge of the bed. Jennifer pushed her right hand up over Charlotte’s face trying to claw and push the Welsh woman’s head back, stretching her neck while her other hand hooked into the black bustier and pulled hard. The result was inevitable, and with a loud tearing sound the item ripped open and away, almost splitting in two, to reveal Charlotte’s ample, pale breasts and hitherto unseen nipples. Charlotte shrieked loudly and unmusically and brought up her free foot trying to use her boot heel to stab into her opponents flesh while simultaneously she squeezed as hard as she could. Jennifer shrieked and sought to protect herself, but doing so allowed Charlotte, with no little effort, to use her legs and she twisted them round so the blonde ended up on the bed with the Welsh woman atop, her sweaty breasts swaying pendulously. Charlotte’s moment of triumph was short lived as Jennifer managed to deliver a stinging open handed slap to a hanging breast that left it glowing bright red.

“You fuckin’ slag!” screeched Charlotte as she sank both hands in the Liverpudlian’s blonde hair and proceeded to bounce and press her head off the bed causing her hair band to fall away. Now it was Jenn’s turn to scream as she felt slightly nauseous from the violent motion. Her first instinct was to try and pull the hands out of her hair, but as she saw Charlotte’s flushed leering face above, a more basic desire overtook her. She pushed both hands up, grabbing Charlotte’s uncovered, and ample, breasts and squeezed and pulled and pushed them with all her strength so that the flesh oozed between her widely spread fingers. An attack of this ferocity was new to Charlotte and she instinctively tried to back off, but was trapped by their entwined legs. As her face went white she unleashed a barrage of frenzied slaps, claws and punches on Jennifer’s face and upper body, leaving several red marks across the blondes face and ripping her top open so that it peeled away like a banana. Jennifer was panicked by the animal like fury of the attack and sought to protect herself, to only some affect, but still managing to land some blows on Charlotte’s now bright red breasts, before opening her legs (no sniggering please!) and unceremoniously shoving the Welsh woman away from her.

It was with no little relief that Charlotte stagger backwards until she backed into a cabinet against the wall. Her first reaction was to soothe the burning pain in her breasts and she was horrified when she caught sight of their state in a mirror. Jennifer meanwhile paused for a few moments to catch her breath before pushing herself up and onto her feet. As she did so, her once expensive top slide away like a second skirt around her waist to expose her own pale, glowing, pink-nippled 32DD’s.

“I’ll fuckin’ kill you, you scouse bitch!” shouted Charlotte, her anger driven to new heights by the damage she had received. This had now gone beyond her previous experience of some swiftly broken up brawl.

“Try it bitch and I’ll scratch your eyes out - and worse slag!” retorted Jennifer, who now longer cared the cost (physical and lost work) that it would take to defeat her Welsh opponent. Having spat her bile she moved to rush her dark-haired opponent. Charlotte pushed herself away from the cabinet and collided with Jennifer, breasts mushrooming together, her hands pulling at long blonde hair, sending strands falling away. Jenn’s response was initially to pull Charlotte’s hair hard, then in a change of tack, her nails ran down her exposed back and she grabbed the short skirt and pulled and heaved hard, lifting her enemy off her feet.

The main affect of this was that Charlotte’s flimsy skirt ripped all the way to the waist before falling away; a secondary affect was their breasts were free to grind and rub painfully, eliciting unladylike grunts from the pair. It was only as Charlotte’s feet hit the ground again that she realized what had happened, when despite her own fierce pain, Jenn started to claw her arse and thong. This was a new experience as a celebrity when the skimpy material was yanked cruelly upward, disappearing into the folds of the Welsh woman’s smooth pussy. She gasped and dropped her hand as if to find some relief, but instead she began to drive short punches into the blonde’s belly.

Jennifer continued jerking and yanking Charlotte’s black thong while her other hand would SLAP and SCRATCH Charlotte as they leaned into each other like two boxers in the last round of a fight. Charlotte managed to land a blow directly into Jennifer’s ostentatious navel stud, pushing it in hard, resulting in a string of obscenities and groans.

“I’ll rip it out bitch!” Charlotte hissed maliciously.

This had always been a fear of Jennifer’s in a fight and it galvanized her! She grabbed Charlotte’s hair and yanked her head back hard, letting go of her thong. Before the relief of her threat working hit home, Charlotte screeched at a new pain as Jenn’s fingers slide down into her thong and began to claw and pinch her tender flesh. In less than ten seconds, her screech became a scream. She frantically began trying to seek relief as she pulled blonde hair with one hand and clawed at Jennifer’s skirt with the other, desperate to hurt the blonde in the same way she’d been hurt. In her frenzied fight, Charlotte spat in Jennifer’s face and on her torso before sinking her teeth into her left shoulder.

“Fuckin’ animal!” yelped Jennifer as she felt the teeth sink in.

But it didn’t deter her from her crotch attack nor from using her other hand to hurt Charlotte. They swayed and staggered about both perspiring and hurting, albeit Charlotte more so. Despite being blinded by pain, Charlotte managed to rip open the top of the blonde’s skirt. As she broke off her bite, sobbing and with tears welling, yet still intent on inflicting cruel and intimate pain, Charlotte felt the pain in her crotch rise to a new intensity. Like a blinding flash her legs gave way and she dropped on her back. There was a second, maybe twos relief from the attack, but as she opened her eyes she saw Jennifer’s booted foot pressing down on her crotch and the pain returned.

Charlotte quickly screamed out her submission and surrender before collapsing crying in pain, humiliation. The next few minutes passed in a dream like blur. She was aware of a panting, cursing Jennifer stomping about, occasionally pressing her boot down on her or spitting on her. There were some strange, unnatural clicks that only added to her confusion.

After what seemed an age she weakly tried to crawl out of the room, not caring if she was seen or what that might mean. She had only moved a short distance when she heard a curse, followed by her hair being pulled back and up. When she opened her eyes she saw that Jennifer was behind her holding her hair with one hand the other using her mobile telephone to take pictures (the clicking sound) of her battered sweaty body; not that Jennifer looked all that much better with her hair in tatters (when she next appeared in front of a camera it was with a new, much shorter, do), sweaty and make up running.

“You might think you’re some kinda bitch in Cardiff, slut,” hissed Jennifer in a tired but hateful voice. “But now you know what a REAL bitch can do! If you ever fuckin’ challenge me again, I’ll do even worse…slut!”

Charlotte tried to say something but nothing came out and the last thing she remembered was being pulled by her hair...

When she finally came to some hours later, Charlotte found all she had on was her boots and there was a damp thong covering her face. The full extent of her humiliation wasn’t apparent until she got back to her room, checked her mobile phone and found a series of pictures had been emailed to her, obviously by Jennifer! Her humiliation was driven home a few days later when she received a full printed set of the pictures (a mobile phone’s worth) in the post. Despite the shame and humiliation - or perhaps because of it, to say nothing of the physical damage - Charlotte desperately wanted a chance to get revenge against Jennifer Ellison!