Good Medicine: Julie Lynn Cialini vs Stacy Sanches by kit

Opening the front door was like opening an oven. The heat and humidity swirled around my head and had me gasping for breath, and it did nothing but make my headache even more aggressive. Already I had popped four Advil, and had I not been under 'deadline' at work, I would've phoned in.

All day it felt as if my head was going to split wide open. It was one of those blinding headaches that you just sometimes wake up with. Like the ones I have after a night of hard boozing, but I hadn't boozed.

Around 1 p.m. I finished my project, and by 2 p.m. I was on my way home. All I could think about was nice, hot shower and a cool, soft bed.

As I pulled into my driveway, I saw my neighbor, Stacy, outside in her driveway washing her black Trans Am.

"Mmmmm," I moaned aloud. "What a fox! I'd like to fuck the shit out of her."

Stacy was an absolute hottie! A hardbody. A brick house. Whatever you will.

At 42, I was twice her age, and she made me yern for my younger days. I'd say she was about 5-10 and 130 pounds of pure perfection. A Latino by origin, Stacy had long, brown hair that was permed and kinky with tight curls and loops. The little pink bikini top she was wearing barely held in her young, ripe 34c breasts, and her long, bronze legs seemed to run on forever out her short, faded cut-offs. Her fucking shorts were cut so short that the front pockets showed against her succulent thighs and her shapely 36" ass hung half out the back.

The cool air of the house felt great. I took a deep breath and already I was thinking I was feeling better. At least the swollen head in my pants thought so. Stripping down to my boxers, I went into the kitchen and poured myself a tall glass of ice water and popped a few more Advil. Standing at the sink I could see Stacy washing her car. Mmmmm, would I like a piece of that!

I was recently divorced and renting a quaint little two-bedroom house in an older (but nice) part of town. In those older neighborhoods like mine, the houses were built closer together, so Stacy's driveway was almost directly under my kitchen window.

Standing there, I sipped on the ice water and massaged my growing member. Watching her stoop and bend and lean over was like seeing perfection in motion. I licked my lips at the sight of her tart nipples poking against her top. I'd give almost anything to fuck her brains out. And although I'd talked with her a time or two, it was clear she wasn't the least bit interested in me.

"Bitch," I mumbled as she polished her wheels. "I've got something for you to polish."

About that time Julie wheeled into the driveway and got out of her cherry BMW. She got out, and out and out. At 5-11 and around 126 pounds, there was a lot of woman to get out. Like Stacy, Julie was also a fox. Not quiet as racked (34b would be my guess) as Stacy, Julie had a prettier face, and hair more to my liking. It was a beautiful, light brown to almost dark blonde mixture of thick, long locks. And her ass and legs were to die for. Oh, she had a nice, tight looking 35" butt, and the longest, silkiest legs a man could ask for. And she had told me once that she was 23, but I didn't have a chance with her either. At times Julie and Stacy both could be cold and somewhat snobby. Back in my days we called girls like that 'prick tease'.

Julie and Stacy were roommates. Or at least they used to be. But for the last two weeks or so, I hadn't seen Julie around. I mean not at all. It wasn't uncommon of them to spend the night out, or have some guy spend the night with them, but I hardly ever went more than a day or two without at least seeing their cars. But my guess was that something had happened between them, or that Julie was now living with a boyfriend. Either way, neither girl seemed to pleased to see the other.

"What the hell do you want?" I was just able to hear Stacy ask.

Julie said something that I couldn't hear as she got out of her car.

"Oh no you don't!" I heard Stacy raise her voice.

"Like hell!" Julie said. Then she said something else that I couldn't make out.

By now Stacy had moved between the house and Julie and had the garden hose in her hand. I heard her say something about some money Julie owed her. Something about a bill.

From my angle, I could see their profile. And what a profile it was. Julie was wearing a white sleeveless shirt tied up under her breasts (I'm sure it was made that way) and a pair of little, white shorts, allowing every inch of her long, luscious legs to show, and a bit of her hot ass to drip out of the back.

"Fuck you, bitch!" said Julie as I was definately able to hear that.

As she said that, Julie tried to move around Stacy, but Stacy peddled back, cutting her off, and then spraying her fully with the hose.

"Yikes!" squeeled Julie, her front getting drenched from about the chest down.

Stacy said something as she hosed down her old friend, and I'm sure it wasn't pleasant. Julie shrieked again as she turned and scampered back to her car.

"Now get the fuck outta here, bitch," I heard Stacy order. But I could sense (as could my cock) that Julie wasn't about to turn tail and run. At least I was hoping she wouldn't. It had been since high school that I'd seen a good ol' fashion catfight, and seeing these two long-legged foxes fight would be a real treat. For a few seconds nothing happened. Both girls just stood there staring at each other from about 20 feet and I stood at the kitchen sink staring at them.

"Get her, Julie," I whispered, almost as if I didn’t want them to hear. "Fight her; fight the bitch!" Not that I was for Julie, I just wanted to see these two babes lay into each other. The prospects of all that hair being pulled, faces slapped and fighting on the grass was driving me nuts!

"You fuckin' bitch," Julie said, as my ears strained to hear thru the thin window pain. "I don't believe you just did that."

She was talking with her hands, and clearly referring to the fact that she was wet from getting the hose turned on her.

"You'll get more of the same, bitch, if you don't leave," Stacy said.

Julie seemed stunned, and Stacy looked pleased with herself that she’d gotten that reaction. "You're a real fuckin' bitch," I heard Julie say. "A real fuckin' bitch."

Stacy took a few steps forward. "Bitch, you wanna do somethin' 'bout it?"

"Yes!" I spoke up. "Fight her. Fight her. Fight her," I encouraged Julie.

"Maybe I do, bitch," said Julie, bowing up to her.

"That's my girl," I muttered, my member really turning hard.

"Then let's go. C'mon, bitch," said Stacy, waiving her arms around, and the hose.

"Put down that hose, bitch, and I will" said Julie, stepping away from her car and almost circling Stacy.

"Make me, slut," said Stacy, firing off a squirt that hit Julie in the waist.

Julie squealed and jumped back. "Bitch!" she shouted, charging, and taking a blast of water in the head and shoulders. Stacy peddled back towards the carport, still spraying Julie as the brunette tried to fight thru the water.

"I'll get you, bitch!" shouted Julie, her hands and arms up in front of her face as she waded in.

"C'mon, slut!" Stacy yelled, with Julie now almost on her.

Throwing down the hose, Stacy lashed out with a slap that popped Julie across the left cheek. It was a nice, crisp pop, all palm, and Julie's head turned sharply. Stacy tried to slap her again, but Julie leaned back, and caught only the graze of Stacy's fingernails down her right cheek.

"Bitch!" Stacy yelled, swinging with another slap.

Julie blocked this one, but Stacy kicked out with her left leg and slung her shin into Julie's hip, knocking her sideways and almost to the ground.

"C'm on, bitch," said Stacy, backing slowly up, but bracing herself in case Julie attacked. "I thought you wanted to fight."

Julie straightened up, and pushed her long, damp hair past her shoulders. I just hoped that it wasn't over as she had a look of surprise in her eyes. "Fight her. Go get her, bitch."

"You fuckin' bitch," said Julie as she started to circle Stacy. "I'm gonna scratch out your fuckin' eyes."

"Good. Then c'm on, slut," said Stacy, circling with her in a semi crouch.

"I don't know what I ever saw in a whore like you," said Julie.

"Me? You're the one that's a whore, bitch. You'll lay down with anybody," said Stacy as they stalked each other.

"Yeah, right, bitch," smirked Julie. "like you don't spread for every Tom, Dick and Harry."

Fact was, in the few months that I had lived by them, I'd seen both girls with several different guys. Seems like the place was always crawling with horny guys, and I couldn't see that either was too picky about who they screwed. Which was one reason why I couldn't understand why I wasn't able to score with either of them.

Julie went on. "I'll bet your pussy is so blown out a guy has to strap a board across his ass to keep from fallin' in."

"Oh sure," spat Stacy. "David didn't need a board." I don't know who David is or was, but by Julie's expression I guessed they used to date.


"You heard me, bitch," bragged Stacy. "He said you were a dead fuck; that I was MUCH better."

"OK," nodded Julie, her ire rising. "I fucked Tony." Now it was Stacy's turn to be shocked.

"That's right, bitch," boasted Julie. "Three times."

"You're a fuckin' liar!" shouted Stacy, clearly very angry.

"Sure I am, bitch," said Julie. "Then what about that lightening bolt tatoo above his big dick."

"Oh you mother-fucker!" Stacy yelled, lunging with a vengeance.

Julie held her ground as both girls traded blistering slaps across the face. Julie blocked Stacy's next one and then landed a smack of her own. Stacy's long curls flew around her face, but she responded with a nasty backhand that knocked Julie up against the garage under the carport.

As Julie sailed back, Stacy was right on top of her. Julie grunted as her back hit the wall, and I could see Stacy's face go down on her chest as her right hand went between her legs.

"Aaaaaarrrrggggggg!!!" screamed Julie, as one of her tits was surely getting bitten and her snatch squeezed.

The attack didn't last but for a few seconds (but I'm sure long enough for Julie) as Julie pulled Stacy off by the hair.

"Oooowww!" wailed Stacy, her knees bending under the pressure as her head was violently snapped back.

Swearing, Julie came off the wall on her toes, twisting Stacy's head. Stacy grabbed a handful of Julie's long hair and pulled her head sideways just as she was able to turn her face across the underside of Julie's arm and bite it.

"Fuuuuuuuuck!" cried Julie as the soft flesh was gnawed.

Julie jerked her arm loose as Stacy quickly rose up and grabbed her by the hair with her other hand. Shoving Julie back against the garage, Stacy swore as she thumped the brunette's head against the wood. Julie barked and jerked back on two fists of Stacy's hair. Both girls then came off the wall yelping as they doubled over and pulled on the back of each other's long, thick hair.

To me, there's not much more erotic than seeing two hot babes with their hands buried past their wrists in each other's hair. And Julie and Stacy didn't disappoint. I grew even larger seeing Stacy's brown grapefruits swing under her pink bikini top, and Julie's left lemon was hanging halfway out and bouncing up and down. For several grueling moments, the two girls stayed bent over at the waist, pulling hard on each other's hair as they staggered and swayed on bent, flexing legs.

"Oooooowwww! Le' go my hair, bitch!" cried Stacy.

"Oooooowwww! You leggo, bitch!" Julie echoed.

Neither gave in to the other as they swung 180 degrees and tore out a handful of each other's big, beautiful hair.

"Oouuch, bitch," moaned Julie as she and Stacy broke apart and stepped back.

"Shit," I heard Stacy mutter, rubbing her head. I had cracked the window for better audio, and now I could clearly hear them.

"Had enough, slut?" asked Julie, massaging her scalp.

"Me?" exclaimed Stacy. "I'm the one winnin' here, bitch."

"Oh, I don't think so, bitch," said Julie. "What do you call that?" she asked, pointing to Stacy's hair on the ground.

"Well, what do you call that?" asked Stacy, then pointing to Julie's hair next to it.I just love it when girls talk during a catfight!

"Well maybe you'd like to have more down there," said Julie, stepping forward and reaching slowly for Stacy's hair.

"Maybe you would too," said Stacy as they shoved their hands deep inside of each other's hair and grabbed on. The next few moments were insanely hot as I stroked my cock and watched them methodically exchange hard tugs and pulls. Moving in a slow circle, Stacy and Julie winced and cursed as they seemed to take turns making the other's knees buckle and bend.

"Oouuch! Bitch."

"You slut! Oooww!"

"Uuunngg! Cunt."

"Oooww! You whore."

To me it was perfect. Lots of hair. Long legs. Breasts swinging. Beautiful girls.

Moving out from under the carport, Stacy and Julie pulled each other slowly to the ground. First they went to a knee. Then both knees. Then finally they yanked each other over and went to the grass. For a few seconds their long legs battled to get around the other's waist until they finally coiled up hip to ankle. They grunted and called each other names as they went into a slow, sexy roll back and forth. With their faces covered by hair, I could hear them wincing and hissing as their long, lovely bodies now fought on all fronts.

Running their hands in and out of each other's hair the girls rolled towards my backyard fence and almost out of my line of vision. From their carport to my fence was a grassy space of about 12-15', and the bushes lining my fence was now blocking my view. Quickly, but silently, I hurried out the back door and approached my bushy fence line. I could clearly hear them grunting and huffing as I got down on all-fours and looke thru the shrubs and bushes. My first sight was their legs. And what a sight it was. Their long limbs were flexing and showing off their thigh and calf muscles as they strained and squeezed on each other. I saw Stacy's fine ass slightly jiggle under her tight, short cut-offs. Julie then rolled on top, giving me a great glimps of her fine, foxy ass as their hips butted and rubbed together. I could also make out the outline of their pussies as their shorts were riding up the lips. For a second or two they touched and chewed on each other and then moved away. Just the very thought of what was inside almost made me cum.

"Uunnngg...fuckin' cunt," I thought Julie moaned.

"You slut...ooww," the other one grunted.

Looking further up, their boobs were still covered, but definately fighting as I just caught sight of their faces turn across each other. Their curled lips seemed to brush together as their noses bent across. It was hard to tell with all the long, tussled hair in the way.

Stacy rolled back on top, then Julie, and then Stacy again.

"I fuckin' hate you," said Julie, pulling back hard on Stacy's hair and trying to get her left leg around her hip.

"I fuckin' hate you too, bitch," Stacy said as she drew back her right fist and pumped it into Julie's ribs.

"Oooommmpphh!" grunted the brunette, her body flinching in pain. Then Stacy lowered her face over Julie's left breast, and a second later I heard a scream. I wondered if Stacy's teeth found bare flesh because the boob had been hanging halfway out. Bucking and kicking and pulling Stacy's hair, Julie got Stacy off her tit but took a punch in the face for it!

"Fucker!" Stacy shouted as she threw the blow. For a second I thought Julie was knocked out. From my position it was hard to tell how good the blow was, but it did make a nice popping sound.

"Slut!" sounded off Julie, tearing back on a big fist of Stacy's hair as she got her legs around the Latina’s waist. Stacy squealed at the vicious hair pull and grunted at the sudden pressure on her waist. "Bitch! Take this!" shouted Julie, balling up her left hand and nailing Stacy in the face.

With Stacy's head pulled back, her face was totally exposed and an easy target as Julie's fist caught her flush above the jawbone. Swinging again, Julie clocked Stacy with a blow just under the jawbone, knocking her sideways, but still trapped between Julie's squeezing, scissoring legs. Still swearing and on the attack, Julie pulled hair with her right hand as her left now went for Stacy's right jug. Down came the top and out popped the tit as Julie squeezed it once and then pinched the areola.

"Aaaaarrrrrrgggggg!! Mmmmyyy t-i-t!!" wailed Stacy, getting some revenge dished out to her.

"I'm gonna twist...oooooowwww!" Julie now howled as I saw Stacy's right hand go inside of her white top.

Julie's legs opened, freeing Stacy, and together they pulled on a fist of hair as they rolled over still squeezing a handful of boob. Standing up, I moved over to the next bush and was able to see more clearly thru it. Still pretty concealed, I wasn't worried about being seen as I knew their focus went no further than a few inches from their eyes. With their legs locking, unlocking, and locking time and again, Stacy and Julie battled back and forth in one spot pulling hair, shouting and swearing, and mauling each other's tit for several moments.

"Oooowwww!! Leee' gggoooo!" cried Stacy, pinching Julie's nipple as her tit was catching a set of sharp nails digging in.

"Fuuuuuck!! Mmmmyyy nnnnnnipple!!" screamed Julie as her soft, pink bud was turning blue between Stacy's thumb and forefinger.

Stacy rolled on top and tore open Julie's top completely as she tried to straddle her. At this point Stacy's right tit was completely out and her left one just barely hanging on behind the cup.

"Ge' oooofffff!" ordered Julie, now throwing a left/right combo into Stacy's torso.

"Uuuunnnggg!" grunted Stacy as a blow slammed into her right ribs. "Oooommmppphh!" she groaned again as her left tit was now punched out and flopping up and down.

Falling off to the side, Stacy tried to roll clear, but Julie caught her by the back of the hair and pulled her between her legs.

"Get back here, bitch!" yelled Julie, yanking Stacy's hair. "I'm not done with you yet," she growled, snaking her long legs around the Latina's tan belly. How quickly the tide can turn in a catfight when one girl hates the other. Less than two minutes ago, Stacy seemed on the verge of victory, and now it looked like she was on the brink of defeat as Julie hit her with two left fists; one in the right tit and the other under the right eye.

"I'm gonna tear these bastards off," Julie snarled, taking both of Stacy's tits and slamming them together and then digging in with her nails, and all the while squeezing with her legs.

"Ooohhh ggggawd..ooooowwww...ppplease!!"

Julie kept right on dishing it out as Stacy scratched at her hands and wrists, finally freeing her right breast after several intense seconds. But the pain instantly returned as Julie fired off two left fists that smashed the orb flat. Stacy's eyelids fluttered, and I thought she was surely done for. But to my surprise, Stacy suddenly grabbed the top of Julie's hair with both hands and violently shook.

"Fuuuuuuuuck! Fuuuuuuuuck!" cried Julie as her brain rattled in her head and her legs opened up from around Stacy's waist. Ripping out a handful of Julie's hair, Stacy jerked her into a headlock and gave her a good punch in the mouth, pulping the upper lip.

"You fuckin' cunt," Stacy swore, then latching on to Julie's left areola and twisting the shit out of it.

"Yeeeoooowweee!" wailed Julie, prying at the hand and trying to get to get her head free from the hold.

Doubling up her left fist, Julie slammed a pair of blows into Stacy's ribs, forcing the Latino to let go of her nipple and headlock. Falling against Julie's left shoulder, Stacy bit down hard. Julie screamed in pain and raked her nails down Stacy's side. Stacy flinched and let go of her bite as Julie leaned forward and took a bite out of her right shoulder.

"Aaaaaarrrggggg!!" cried Stacy, running a set of nails up Julie's spine.

Julie cried out, and then they both took out another bite again on each other's shoulder.

Now I'd seen some girls fight before, but it was a long time ago, and it certainally wasn't anything this intense or violent. Watching these two babes literally going at it tooth-n-nail as they bit and scratched each other was driving me crazy. As far as I was concerned, the fight was dead even and the winner (if there even was one) wasn't going to look any better than the loser. I couldn't imagine this thing lasting much longer, if it didn't stop here first.

Yanking back on each other's hair, Julie and Stacy rolled up on their knees crying. From my view of their profile, I could see a steady stream of tears running down their cheeks as they whipped each other's head in all directions. And although they were crying and covered with various scratches, bites and bruises, they never looked more lovely than they did when they drew back and slapped each other across the face. It sounded like simultaneous gunfire as their open palms hit the soft flesh of their cheeks.

POP! Julie's head spun as Stacy slapped her again.

POW! Stacy fell back on her hands as Julie slapped snot bubbles out of her nose.

Grunting deeply, Julie lunged forward and bowled Stacy over on her back. With two fists in Stacy's hair, Julie began to beat the back of her head against the ground as she straddled and sat down on her hips.

"You...fuckin'...spic! I...fuckin'!" shouted Julie, with each head beat she inflicted. I could almost hear Stacy's brain clanging around as the back of her skull thudded dully on the ground. She was kicking with her legs and trying to scratch Julie's wrists and arms as she grunted and groaned and yelped with every thump of her head. Balling up her right hand, Julie socked Stacy across the chin, and it was a good knuckle-to-bone connection as the Latino's eyes rolled white.

"Fuckin' bitch!" Julie yelled down at her, reloading and putting that right fist across her lips this time. Julie's fist drew blood as both of Stacy's pretty, soft lips were smashed open and flat. Not fully realizing (or not caring), Julie grabbed both of Stacy's tits and clawed them, and then stretched them out by the areolas. Not completely knocked out, Stacy barely squirmed beneath Julie's body. Yes, she screamed, but it was one of those quiet, hoarse screams that barely goes above a normal tone of voice. She held Julie's wrists, but hardly tried to pull her hands off as her legs slowly scooted up and down on the grass; however, her head turned quickly from side to side as the blood from her mouth began to run down her face and into her hair.

"...nnoo...nnoo...mmmore...pppplease Julie...ppplease," Stacy sobbed and mumbled with a bloody voice. Julie stopped stretching out Stacy's nipples, but did keep her hands on them, giving them a firm milking. With her head dangling down, Julie said nothing as the tears from her eyes landed on Stacy's tears and ran together with them. I could tell she was vastly relieved, but not because she had won, but rather that it was just over. Throwing back her head, Julie let her long hair hang down her back as she collected her breath, yet still held firmly to Stacy's boobs. "...pplease, no more," sobbed Stacy, I'm sure praying that it was over.

"Okay, bitch," panted Julie looking down at her; her long hair hiding her face. "But I owe you THIS."

"Nnnooo! Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!!" screamed Stacy as Julie sank her teeth around her left areola. I came in my boxers. Suddenly I didn't have a headache any longer.