6th Circle of Hell by The Walkin’ Dude
Silencing the capacity crowd at Pickman's Studio with little more than a glance, the Ring Announcer brought the mic to his lips and began, "Ladies and gentlemen of Hobbs End, it is time for our Main Event of the Evening. The following contest will be for the Intercontinental Title, and as you can see, it will be fought in the SIXTH CIRCLE OF HELL!" He paused to let the mob pop at the mention of the hexagonal ring that was being assembled before their eyes. He continued, "This match will be conducted under ‘elimination rules’ - the final competitor who has not pinned or submitted will become the Intercontinental Champion.

Introducing first…she stands at 5’3” inches tall…Selma BLAIR!” ‘Stricken’ rolled through the speakers and the fans went nuts, either cheering wildly or booing vehemently depending on their feelings for the slender brunette. The song crunched along for about twenty seconds and then Selma was there on stage, standing silhouetted in the entryway and watching everything with a calculated yet somehow sardonic stare. Looking out at the audience, the brunette’s lips curved up in the tiniest of smiles and then she was moving down the ramp toward the ring. For her latest shot at singles gold, Blair was clad in a simple black 2-piece bikini with blue accents that looked almost like gas lamps viewed through a heavy fog. Her shoulder length black hair fell loose on her shoulders and her boots and pads were a simple dark blue. Approaching the ring apron, Selma hopped up onto the ring in one feline motion and in the next instant she had vaulted over the top rope and landed in the center of the ring. Staring at the crowd stoic detachment, Selma went to her corner and turned towards the entryway, silently awaiting the arrival of her opponents.

Selma’s music had barely faded when the Announcer continued, "And her opponent, standing at 5’4”, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce… Scarlett Johansson!” ‘Remedy’ by Seether pulses through the confines of the Studio as Scarlett stalks through the curtain and down the aisle. For her war with the other pretenders, the voluptuous strawberry blonde vixen is clad in a simple two-piece black bikini with matching knee and elbow pads. Her boots are a simple matte gray, a basic but appealing look for an equally appealing fighter. Striding to the ring, Scarlett enters the ring with a walk that’s not quite a swagger and goes to her corner, patiently waiting out the rest of the theatrics that would precede the slaughter.

Right around the halfway point now, he took a breath before exclaiming, "The next participant stands 5’7”… I give you… Michelle Trachtenberg!” The distinctive opening to ‘Little Sister’ washes over the crowd and Michelle breezes through the curtain shortly thereafter, allowing the capacity crowd their first look at her. Standing atop the ramp, Michelle was a sight to behold. Her limber, sinewy form was clad in a simple 2-piece teal bikini that stood out in perfect contrast to her pale complexion. Her ring gear was rounded out with matching teal knee and elbow pads and white boots that came up to just below her knees. Giving the mob a quick pose, Michelle flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and started towards the ring, moving with a competitive bounce in her step as she slapped hands with the folks at ringside. Reaching the apron, she slid under the bottom rope and popped to her feet, regarding the other two women with a wary glance before strutting to her corner.

Afraid of losing his rhythm, the announcer barely paused before launching into the fourth intro. "Coming down the aisle standing 5’4” inches…they call her the Hellcat…Kristin KREUK!” ‘Beautiful Disaster’ announces Kristen’s arrival as the lithe brunette strolls through the curtain. The fans in attendance know that Kristin’s one of the most vicious competitors in the league, often bending or downright breaking the rules to secure a win, but despite her heelish tendencies, they can’t help but cheer her. If you were a fan of good wrestling, you couldn't boo talent and she had that in spades. As per custom, Kristen was wearing her requisite two piece red bikini with black pads and boots while her long black hair hangs back loose on her shoulders. She approached the edge of the ring and slid slowly inside. In the hexagonal arena, the Hellcat slide gracefully to her full height and walks to an empty corner to await the last two competitors.

"And the final challenger…she stands 5’6” tall… allow me to introduce… Billie PIPER!” The distinctive guitar riff of AFI’s ‘Miss Murder’ rolls through the speakers and the patrons Pickman's Studio roar their approval as the One Woman British Invasion breezes through the curtain. For her first trip inside the six sided ring, Billie was clad in her typical ring gear, a simple black bikini with a small Union Jack insignia emblazoned on the right hip. Keeping her eyes locked on the women already in the ring, Piper sauntered up the steel steps, leapt over the top rope and landed in a confident little pose all in a single graceful motion. As her music began to fade, Billie climbed onto the middle rope and raised a hand high overhead, the sigil she always threw up before the start of a match. Grinning back at the fans mimicking her movements, the blonde stepped down from the ropes and turned her gaze to the entryway. Everyone that had seen her first title opportunity in England a month or so back knew who she was waiting for.

More than glad to be done with his role in the match, the announcer took a deep breath as he brought out the Champ. "Ladies and gentlemen…last but certainly not least, standing 5’5” tall…the CURRENT and FIRST EVER Intercontinental Champion…it’s my pleasure to present... ALLISON…MACK!" ‘Fly From the Inside’ begins to pulse through the tightly packed space just as Allison pushes the curtain aside and hoists the belt high over her head. As per usual, the blonde is sporting a big grin as she heads down the aisle, slapping hands with her fans, getting herself mentally prepared to face down five incredibly tough challengers. But the pressure of competing in the circle hadn't changed her fashion sense any. Allison had chosen her typical lavender bikini, an outfit that showed off both her powerful legs and phenomenally strong upper body. Her boots and pads are the same light purple, going nicely with her pale complexion and the bobbed cut of her blonde hair. Reaching the edge of the ring, she climbs in through the middle rope and poses for the audience one more time before handing the belt off to the official and settling into the last unoccupied corner.

When the music died out and none of combatants moved to leave the ring, the official just shook his head and sighed. He could already tell that this was going to be far from enjoyable. Glancing towards Allison, he pointed to her and said, "You're call champ, who goes in first?"

Mack shrugged and answered, "Doesn't matter. Whoever's got the guts to step up first, I suppose." He cringed, that wasn't going to make it any easier.

Luckily, help came from an unexpected source when Scarlett stepped forward and said, "Bring your fat ass to the middle of the ring and I'll gladly put you down Allison."

Throwing the other blonde a grin that was mostly snarl, Mack replied, "Ladies and Gents, it looks like we’ve got a winnah!"

Happy to have the night's first problem resolved, the official shooed the other four participants back to their corners before strolling to the middle of the ring. After a quick nod to the timekeeper, the bell rang and he motioned Scarlett and Allison towards one another. Pretty face set in a grim, determined glare, Allison forward with one goal in mind. Humble and destroy Scarlett Johansson. And do it in such a way that the arrogant blonde would STAY humbled and destroyed when she was done. On the other side of the hexagonal ring, Scarlett's expression was the exact opposite of the champ's. Where Mack looked like she was ready to chew glass, Johansson was sporting a coy little smile, a grin that said, 'Everything’s playing out EXACTLY as I want.'

Whether or not this was actually the case or not remained to be seen, but it was undeniable that Scarlett and Allison were on a collision course and that was good enough for the fans. As the two curvy blondes closed in on one another, the roar of the mob went up several decibels, they'd been waiting for this one for a long time. When they were less than three feet from one another, Allison and Scarlett sank into tense crouches, held the position for a heartbeat and then lunged forward to engage in a Collar and Elbow Lock-up... which Scarlett promptly avoided. Displaying remarkable agility, Johansson dipped under Mack's clutching hands and whirled around to face the champ.

When Alli faced her, Scarlett grinned and started sauntering backward. Smirking, she said, "Why should I embarrass you so soon? I've got a plan for you Allison Mack. Until then, you and your little Limey friend can get reacquainted." Scarlett turned to Billie Piper and slapped her rudely on the shoulder. "Get in there and do your thing English. I'll deal with you later."

Having to work very hard to not slap the smug look right off the American's face, Piper growled, "Ya must think yer pretty clever Scarlett Johansson. But all I see is cowardice. If Alli doesn't finish ya off, I'll be glad to scrape up what's left." Not waiting for a reply, Billie stepped through the ropes into the ring and, setting her sights on Allison, dropped into a crouch and said, "'ere we are again Alli."

Smiling, the champion replied, "Looks like you brought some friends this time Billie."

Piper started to circle as she snarled, "They're no friends of mine; they're just distractions. We both know this is about you and me."

Mack's smile got a little bit wider, "It's a shame I have to beat you first then, isn't it?"

Now it was the Briton's turn to grin. "Nobody beats me twice Alli, not even you."

Then the blondes burst into motion, lunging at one another to Lock-up center ring. Unlike Scarlett's ploy, there was no feigning involved; the two rivals met head-on with a meaty THWAP! They wasted no time in applying the Collar and Elbow Lock-up and after several seconds of fruitless pushing and shoving, Billie shifted her grip and managed to wrap an arm around the back of Allison's neck. In a flash she transitioned to a Side Headlock, doubling the champ over to grind her skull with Piper's forearm and the point of her hip.

Arms quivering with tension, Billie watched Allison's face turn red and said, "Ya beat me in front of my countrymen the first time we met Alli. Tonight I return the favor."

She was about to clamp down on the champ's head even tighter when Mack brought both arms up and placed them against the small of her back. With nothing more than a hard shove, Allison broke the Headlock and sent Billie stumbling into the ropes. Momentarily caught off guard, Piper quickly smoothed out her run and after bouncing off the cables, headed back towards the American with the point of her shoulder aimed directly at the other blonde's sternum. Interestingly enough, Allison had the same idea and seconds later, the blondes collided with a dull THUD. Normally a Shoulderblock from Billie Piper or Allison Mack was more than enough to put an opponent on her back, but in this case, each lady was only staggered back a step or two.

Regarding her challenger warily, Allison said, "I thought you hit harder than that."

Dark eyes tossing sparks, Billie replied, "Allow me ta refresh yer memory." Billie went sprinting back towards the ropes.

Deciding that it would be rude not to join in on the fun, Mack charged in the opposite direction and bounced back just in time to meet Piper on her return trip. Again, two brawny shoulders met with a slapping THUD and again, the two rivals shuddered but did not go down. Unable to suppress a smile, Billie tilted her head to the side and asked, "Best of three then?"

Mack nodded. "You know it."

For the third time in less than a minute, the two blondes ran to opposite sides of the six sided ring while the other four competitors watched closely. This time though, when Allison and Billie closed in on one another the Briton didn't lower her shoulder. Instead, she extended her right arm and lunged forward, catching Allison flush across the chest with a hard Clothesline. Alli let out a stunned grunt as she was finally knocked off her feet. But Billie knew she couldn't celebrate yet. Being in the ring with the champ before had taught her a few things and she meant to put those lessons to good use.

Positioning herself near Mack's head, the One Woman British Invasion sank into a tense crouch, then leapt upwards, extending both legs out in front of her at the apex of her momentum. When gravity brought her down, she landed gam-first across Allison's throat, rocking the champ with a picture perfect Leg Drop. Moving with a speed born of retribution, Billie rolled to one knee, buried her hands in Allison's hair and pulled them both to their feet. Relinquishing her grip on the American's locks, Piper slipped an arm through Allison's thighs while the other snaked over her shoulder. With little more than a sharp intake of breath, the challenger hoisted Allison off her feet and inverted her, holding the wriggling girl in position for a Body Slam. Holding Allison in position, Billie turned to Scarlett, locked eyes with the smarmy blonde and said, "I'm going to put her down clean. You aren't going to have that luxury." Johansson just sneered.

Billie rose up on her toes and completed the Slam, drilling Allison into the canvas. Feeling another set of eyes burning into her, Billie glanced over her shoulder and glared at Michelle Trachtenberg. Pointing an insolent finger at the lissome brunette, Billie smiled and added, "That goes DOUBLE for you sunshine." Leaving Michelle to fume in silence, Piper tugged Allison back to her feet and steadied her before going back on the attack. Grabbing Mack by the hair, Billie pulled her in close and said, "I'm sure ya 'aven't forgotten what these feel like, but just in case..."

The British vixen released her grip only to turn away from the champ and twist back into her to DRILL her forearm under Allison's chin with a scintillating European Uppercut. Mack was rocked up on her toes, but she didn't go down, which meant Billie got to hit her again! Resetting her feet, Billie waited for just a second and then unloaded a second shot, putting all the power of her hips behind this one. There was another meaty THWAP and Allison's legs shivered, but she still didn't go down. Shaking her head, Billie blew a strand of hair out of her mouth and muttered, "Third time's the charm I guess." She was about to complete her trifecta when Allison ducked, drove in low and wrapped both arms around her waist. Before Billie could even register surprise, Mack rose up on her toes, held the position for a second, then dropped to one knee, slamming Piper down crotch-first across her posted knee. Billlie's jaw dropped open and she tried to voice a watery scream, but it seemed as if the Inverted Atomic Drop had taken her voice as well as her ability to move.

Luckily, Allison helped her out by grabbing the Briton's wrist and whipping her towards the ropes as hard as she could. Just when Mack should have been letting go of her opponent, she planted her feet and JERKED Billie back towards her. Releasing the other blonde's wrist, Allison welcomed her in with open arms, wrapping up Piper in a chest-to-chest embrace.

Staring hard into her opponent's stunned face, Allison hissed, "I don't care how many challengers there are Billie, that belt belongs to ME."

Piper tried to respond but Allison cut her off by torquing her hips and tossing the British babe nearly three-quarters of the way across the ring with an Overhead Belly-to-Belly Suplex. And as luck or physics would have it, Billie slammed into the mat mere inches from a patiently waiting Selma Blair. Smiling, the slim brunette reached down and slapped Billie on the shoulder. "I'll take it from here Twiggy. You just rest for a while."

Piper just groaned, so Blair grabbed the top rope in both hands and waited for Allison to regain her feet. The moment the blonde was vertical, Selma lunged and sprang up onto the top rope, then exploded forward, hurtling through the air toward the recovering blonde. Allison had enough time to register that someone was coming her way, but had only made it halfway through her turn before Blair smashed both boots into her chest, a Springboard Missile Dropkick.

Mack was knocked off her feet and sent rolling the full width of the ring. Sadly, she didn't end up near enough to the others to tag out. Waiting impatiently while Allison struggled to her feet, Selma regarded the other competitors with a smirk and said, "After several minutes of non-stop boredom, I guess it's up to me to show you hacks how a real champion moves when she's in this ring. Pay attention now, there'll be a quiz later."

Turning her attention back to the wounded blonde, Selma bounced off the ropes and surged back towards her adversary. When she was still several feet away, Blair left her feet and whirled towards her victim, looking to take Alli's head off with a Spinning Heel Kick. In this endeavor she was almost successful, for while the kick DID connect, it DIDN'T take Mack off her feet. In fact, the powerful blonde was able to wrap Selma up in a loose but effective Cradle and remain across the blonde's chest. Breathing hard, Allison stalked to the center of the ring with her squirming bundle and waited just long enough to shoot a look at the others that said, 'This will be YOU soon enough.'

She rose onto her toes, then dropped straight to the canvas, squashing the brunette flat with a makeshift Power Slam. Resting on her haunches, Allison stared down into Selma's pained face and asked, "What's that you were saying about how a champion moves in this ring Selma?"

The blonde pulled her victim to her feet, easily trapped her in a Standing Headscissors and wrapped her arms around Selma’s waist, setting her up for any number of vile possibilities. Bending her knees, the champ added, "You should have stuck to bothering Sarah and other girls your size. At lest they couldn't break you in half" Allison lifted up, gutwrenching Blair up into position for a Powerbomb. In the instant before she splattered Selma on the mat, however, the brunette clamped her thighs around the blonde's head and locked her ankles and gave a quick, hard twist of her hips. Selma tugged back and Allison was whipped off her feet, sent sprawling compliments of the Hurricanrana.

Popping to her feet, Selma shook out the cobwebs. She knew she had to move fast and that she could beat girls with Mack's power, but she didn't dare risk dragging it out longer than was necessary. Vowing that she'd never let another title slip through her fingers, Blair stalked over to Allison and pulled her to her feet. Whirling around behind the discombobulated blonde, Selma wrapped her hands across Mack's face, making sure to lace her fingers tightly against the blonde's chin. Stepping in close, Selma sneered, "I'll bother anyone I damn well please Allison, and that includes your thick, muscle-headed self."

The taunt was still hanging between them when she hopped into the air and tucked her knees against Allison's back. When she landed on her back a moment later, Blair arrived in relative comfort while the champ was nearly bent in two across her knees, compliments of the brunette's Lungblower. Incredibly, this vertebrae-demolishing maneuver didn't keep Allison down more than a few seconds and she was back on her feet only a second after Selma; though truth be told, she was a little more wobbly!

Although impressed by the blonde's stubborn tenacity, it didn't stop Selma from moving in for the kill. With no wasted motion, Selma reached forward, grabbed a handful of Allison's hair and bent her awkwardly back, nestling Mack's chin in her armpit to trap the helpless girl in a neck-wrenching Inverted Facelock. Holding Alli prone in this position, Selma took long enough to chide, “Looks like you leave the party first Allison.”

Selma twisted her body around so that she was now standing in front of Allison with the gutshot blonde’s chin resting on her shoulder. Not holding this position for more than a second, Selma jumped and sat out, landing on her butt, while simultaneously jamming Allison's chin into the point of her shoulder with the modified Stunner she called ‘The Whistler.‘

Mack's head snapped painfully and the force of the landing actually stood her up on her feet for a second. The crowd held its collective breath as she stood on spaghetti legs, then simply fell flat on her back, laying unmoving except for the slight quiver running up and down her spasming right leg. Surveying the wreckage of the champ, Selma pointed to the nearest turnbuckle and told the crowd, "GONNA FINISH HER OFF NOW!" Riding a wave of applause, Selma jogged over to the buckles and hopped up into place. She was in the process of turning to face the ring when she felt a hand slap her knee.

Looking down she saw a grinning Scarlett Johansson and heard her say, "Thanks Selma, but I've got this one."

Scarlett slid through the ropes without another word, but Selma wasn't going to be robbed that easily. Grabbing the blonde by the shoulder, Selma whirled her around and demanded, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Unperturbed, Scarlett replied, "I'm finishing her off. Get outta my face before I do the same to you!"

Blair would be damned before she'd take that sort of order from an empty-headed blonde and she let Scarlett in on that fact by slapping her as hard as she could. "What're you gonna do now Scarlett?" the brunette taunted.

Wincing, Scarlett knew that every second she wasted with Selma was another second she wasn't embarrassing Allison. Looking to remedy the situation, the blonde let out a low growl and grabbed a double handful of Selma dark locks. Straightening up, Scarlett glanced toward another old rival and smiled. Stalking toward Kristin's corner she purred, "Here you are Kristin, trash for some trash!" She flung Selma through the middle rope into Kristin's belly and both slender brunettes went tumbling to the floor where, a moment later, Scarlett heard them snarling and screaming at one another - music to her ears!

And even more importantly, the oblivious official had turned his attention to separating the pair, leaving her alone with Allison and the other two idiots. Hoping and praying that Michelle and Billie's lust for the gold would overpower their obnoxious moral code, Scarlett headed for her empty corner to retrieve the secret weapons that would spell the end of Allison Mack's title reign. Moments after she'd uncovered her ill-gotten gain, Scarlett spared a look over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being observed. Honestly, it couldn't have been more perfect. The ref was still on the outside trying to separate Selma and Kristin, Billie and Michelle were totally absorbed in the brunette's brawl and Allison was just starting to get to her hands and knees.

Suppressing a triumphant snicker, the blonde filled her right hand with all the baby powder it could hold. The stuff might not really hurt, but it would sure as hell distract the bitch long enough for Scarlett to remove her from the equation. Stalking around behind the recovering champ, Scarlett waited until Mack had regained her feet and then let out a low, taunting whistle. Allison instinctively spun towards the source of the noise and that's when Scarlett flung her hand toward the champ's face.

She was less than a second away from letting the cloud loose when Mack's hand shot up and clamped down on her fingers in a deathgrip. Breathing hard as she watched the powder slowly sift out of Scarlett's fingers, Allison offered the other blonde a vicious little grimace as she said, "Gotcha, you cheating cunt!"

Her expression neutral, Scarlett replied, "I guess you did." THUD!

Allison never saw it coming! Totally preoccupied with the powder in Scarlett's right hand, she failed to notice the brass knuckles adorning the blonde's left hand. Mack had just a second to note a dull glint of metal flashing towards her face and then Scarlett's hideously augmented Uppercut caught her under the chin and the champ's usually strong legs turned to water in an instant. Amazingly, Mack didn't go down immediately. She staggered around in a drunken swoon and lurched away, but she didn't go crashing to the deck. Unable to believe the girl's tenacity, Scarlett quickly tossed away the handful of powder and charged after the crippled champion. Going for economy instead of flash, Scarlett stepped in behind her foe, snaked an arm through her legs and instantly dropped to her knees, tugging Allison onto her back and into a tight Roll-up. Leaning with all her weight on the wriggling blonde's haunches, Scarlett helped herself to a healthy handful of tights just to be safe and screamed, "HEY ASSHOLE, GET IN HERE AND DO YOUR JOB!"

On the outside of the ring, the official had just finished pulling Selma and Kristen apart when he heard the blonde's missive. Sighing heavily, she scooted under the bottom rope, checked Allison's shoulders and then slapped the mat, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

Mack managed to get her shoulder up a split second AFTER the ref had counted her down, but it didn't matter. The bell rang twice and no matter what happened next, the fans were guaranteed seeing a NEW IC Champion. Rolling to her knees, Allison glanced at the ref with stunned, incredulous eyes and mouthed 'Two?' The zebra shook his head and said, "It was three Allison. Please leave the ring."

The former champ was about to say something else when Scarlett interrupted her. "You heard the man, loser; get outta the ring before I throw your pathetic ass out!"

Mack's head swiveled around to lock on Scarlett and in the instant before Scarlett could finish smoothing out her trunks, she saw the outline of the knux. Everything became frighteningly clear in those few seconds and suddenly, Allison was in the grip of a rage like none she'd ever felt before. Ignoring the drone of the referee, Allison’s words came out as a sibilant, hateful hiss, "You bitch...."

Scarlett opened her mouth to taunt the fallen champ but she was cut off when Mack exploded forward and wrapped both arms around her waist. Before Scarlett could get her hands up, Alli had powered them to the edge of the ring and she didn't stop when they reached the ropes. Both blondes went tumbling through the ropes and hit the canvas with a dull SPLAT that went virtually unheard over the roar of the crowd.

Being on the bottom, Scarlett took the worst of the landing though it didn't take long for her eyes to clear. But when they did, she found herself staring into Allison's furious face. Not yet realizing the depth of the trouble she was in, Scarlett tried to push Allison away, muttering, "Get off me you crazy bitUNNNNGHHH!"

Mack drove a heartless Forearm down into her victim's face, silencing her momentarily. Peeling away from the flattened girl, Alli buried a hand in Scarlett's hair and tugged her to her feet. It was about that time that the ref slid outside to intervene, but when he laid a hand on her shoulder, Mack shoved him aside, sending the hapless zebra reeling into the barricade. Focused on nothing but Scarlett, Allison took possession of the stunned beauty's wrist and nearly tore her in two with a simple Knee Lift.

As the air rushed out of Scarlett's lungs, Allison pulled her up straight and whispered, "You stole my title Scarlett. It's only fair that I take something from you..." Trailing off, she stepped back, planted her feet and whipped her prey the full length of the aisle. Even in her dazed state, Scarlett saw where she was headed and tried to stop it, but her momentum was to great and seconds later she hit the steel steps with a God-Awful CLANGBANG that sent her sprawling up and over the unforgiving steel to land evilly on the thinly padded concrete floor. Groaning aloud, Scarlett fought down the pain in her knees and was starting to get to her feet when a shadow fell over her.

"Look at me Scarlett!" Unable to help herself, she turned towards the noise only to be met with a short, stiff Boot to the Forehead. For the second time in as many minutes, she was sent sprawling head over heels, coming to rest just in front of the announcers table. Barely able to speak around the anger that was coursing through her veins, Allison looked out to the crowd and yelled, "I MAY NOT WALK OUT OF HERE WITH MY TITLE, BUT BY GOD, I'LL GIVE YOU SOMETHING TO REMEMBER ME BY!" She pulled Scarlett to her knees and forced the other blonde's head between her thighs. Turning to face the table, Allison regarded Dru and Flash with a frighteningly calm look before she advised, "You guys might want to step back." The broadcast team didn't have to be told twice and they quickly vacated their seats while Allison wrapped her arms around Scarlett's waist.

Already tabulating the fine in her head, Allison muttered, "It'll be worth it." She hoisted Scarlett off her feet and into the stall position for a Powerbomb. Ignoring the proximity of Scarlett's center to her nose, Mack hooked the waistband of her victim's tights in either hand and lifted up even higher, adding a few extra inches and an ignominious wedgie onto what was coming. Sparing the audience a final glance, Alli murmured, "Fuck you, Scarlett!" Then stepped forward and SLAMMED her through the table. It gave way with a splintery CRASH and then the crowd was chanting 'HOLY SHIT!' as Allison stood over the trembling, twitching wreckage of Scarlett’s nubile body.

Hands clenched into tight fists, Allison went along quietly when the hoard of refs swarmed over her and started leading her towards the back. Not too long after, they got Scarlett onto a stretcher and wheeled her to the back as well. Most of them were pretty sure the blonde was OK, but Fannin had a policy about stuff like this - better safe than sorry. Just as Scarlett was disappearing through the curtain at the top of the ramp, the four remaining contenders were starting to step through the ropes when the official rolled back into the hexagonal ring and held them back. Calling upon the limited powers bestowed to a pro-wrestling referee, he pointed to Michelle and Kristin and called, "You two, in!"

Not having to be told twice, Michelle and Kreuk climbed through the cables and approached one another warily. Circling at a safe distance, Kristin offered her opponent a taut smile and said, "Ya know, I just remembered, the last time I saw you, I had just drilled your face into the mat with the Beautiful Letdown."

Thoroughly unimpressed by the Hellcat's recollection, Michelle fired back, "And the last time I saw YOU, Neve had just tied ya up and left you to crawl buck-ass naked across the ring. That really made up for my headache."

Kristin’s eyes were smoky-green embers as she replied, "And shredding your fucking face is going to make up for having to listen to you talk."

Rolling her eyes, the auburn-haired vixen challenged, "Bring it on Hellpussy. If you couldn't beat Scarlett, you sure as hell can't beat ME!"

That was all the encouragement Kristin needed and she thanked Michelle for it by lunging forward and engaging the taller girl in a hard Collar and Elbow Lock-up. After several seconds of fruitless pushing and shoving, Kreuk shifted her weight and buried a tidy little Knee Lift just above the line of Michelle’s trunks. She grunted and staggered back, giving Kristin all the room she needed to leave her feet and wrap both thighs around the taller girl's head. A single twist of the hips later and Krisitn had flung Michelle off her feet and sent her rolling across the ring with a Hurricanrana.

But Michelle had spent the last few years training with Sarah Michelle Gellar and one of the first things the Slayer had taught her was how to roll with an opponent's offense. With very little effort, the tumbling grappler shifted into a loose roll and popped to her feet. Whirling to face the shorter brunette, Michelle smirked and asked, "Tell me, do you have any moves that actually work?"

Infuriated at being dismissed so openly, Kristin scowled and answered, "I certainly do." To prove her point, the Hellcat charged at her waiting adversary and was promptly greeted with the sole of Michelle’s boot CLAPPING off the side of her face. Kristin saw stars and stumbled back, but Michelle didn't let her get far. Reeling the wounded brunette in, Kristin purred, "Here's how a Hurricanrana should be done."

She left her feet, locked her thighs around Kristin’s neck and tossed her to the mat with a 'Rana of her own. Scrambling to her feet, Michelle was pleased to see Kristin still on her back, but that was a condition she easily remedied by grabbing a handful of hair. Marching the woozy Hellcat to the middle of the hexagonal battleground, Michelle pointed her towards an uninhabited side of the ring and Whipped her into the ropes. Setting her feet, Michelle waited until Kreuk drew within striking distance and then lashed her right foot up in a wide, swooping arc that was more reminiscent of ballet than wrestling. Beautiful as the Spin Kick was, it proved useless because Kristin ducked under the blow and whirled around to stand behind her foe. As Michelle regained her balance, Kristin grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around and quickly muscled the taller brunette up onto her shoulders in a Fireman's Carry.

Strutting around the ring, Kreuk grinned from ear-to-ear as she said, "Congratulations Michelle. You get the honor of being the first loser I eliminate from this match." When Michelle tried to object, Kristin pushed up, sending the lissome beauty up off her shoulders only to fall face-first to the canvas in front of her opponent. Kreuk added to the misery of her descent by dropping to one knee and waiting patiently as Michelle landed belly-first on the posted joint. Laughing quietly as the Gutbuster did its nauseating work, Kristin got to her feet, grabbed her foe by the ankles and dragged her into the center of the ring. Flipping Michelle over onto her belly, Kristin said, "This next move should look especially good on a lanky, scrawny bitch like you, but I guess we should let the audience decide."

Kristen turned around so that she was facing Michelle's feet, then bent Trachtenberg's right leg at the knee and crossed it across the extended leg to create a rough 4 shape. Grabbing the straightened left leg in both hands, she placed one foot on Michelle's legs where they crossed and fell back, pulling the limber brunette's legs and lower body up off the mat at a hideous angle. The Hellcat landed on her shoulders beside her foe, pulling and pushing the twisted legs simultaneously, while also putting tremendous pressure on Trachtenberg's lower back. Michelle groaned and pounded at the mat as she suffered in the Black Vise, a move invented by Ashley Scott, but more recently appropriated into the Hellcat's arsenal. No matter who came up with it, the Black Vise was still a very effective weapon in Kristin's hands as was plainly evidenced by Michelle screaming and crying as she tried to fight out of the hold.

Knowing that there was really only one way out of the Vise, Michelle slammed her palms down on the canvas and pushed up as high as she could. The increased pressure on her spine almost forced the tortured brunette to submit right then and there, but before the pain got too unbearable, she placed the top of her head flat against the canvas and pushed up a little more. As soon as she felt her skull leave the mat, Michelle tucked her chin into her chest and pulled forward hard. With the added height, she was just able to roll out of the terrible curve and drag her way to the ropes.

Grabbing the bottom cable and holding on for dear life, Michelle demanded, "LEGGO MY LEGS BITCH!"

Mildly aggravated, Kreuk tossed the sinewy limbs aside, but she made up for it by tweaking her foe with a rude pinch of her rump. Laughing as Michelle squirmed, Kristin said, "All right, you can have your skinny useless legs back, but your ASS belongs to me!" As Michelle started to get to her feet, Kristin stepped in close and grabbed the taller brunette's right ankle. Folding her leg, Kristin pressed Michelle’s heel into her butt cheek and amended, "Actually, I'm NOT done with your legs yet, they're too much fun to hurt."

Brushing off Michelle's escape attempts, Kreuk used her free arm to secure a loose Waistlock on her opponent and then lifted up fast, dragging Michelle off her feet (well, foot, in this case) only to drop her down a second later with the added unpleasant bonus of smashing her folded leg shin-first across Kristin's waiting knee. The aptly named Shinbreaker sent a bolt of lightning racing up Michelle's leg and even though she struggled and writhed, it wasn't enough to get Kristin to relinquish her grip on the auburn-tressed grappler's ankle. With a little bit of doing, Kreuk was able to pull Michelle back up, even though she was balancing on just one foot.

Grinning smugly as Michelle hopped awkwardly before her, the Hellcat threatened, "I think I'm going to twist off your fucking knee and send it to Scarlett as a warniNNNNGHHH!:

Her message got truncated quite nicely when Michelle leapt into the air and used her free foot to smack Kristin across the face with an Enziguiri from out of nowhere. Grunting as she hit the mat, Michelle brushed her discomfort aside so she could continue heaping it on Kristin. Pouncing on the downed Hellcat, Michelle jerked her to her feet and snarled, "I had your lame ass beat last year Kristin and you know it. It might have taken a while, but now I finally get to prove it to you and the rest of the world."

Michelle lowered her shoulder and lifted the smaller girl into a Fireman's Carry of her own. Walking slowly around the ring, Michelle looked out at the crowd and shouted, "Kristin can't even get something like a Fireman's Carry right! Thank God I'm here to show her the proper way to get things done!"

She bent her knees and then pushed up hard on Kristin’s thighs. The other brunette's body was tossed up and over in a tight arc over Michelle's head, coming down as if for some modified Death Valley Driver, but instead of merely sitting out, Michelle dropped to one knee, letting the back Kristin's neck slam into the posted joint as she descended to the canvas. The effects of the impressively modified Neckbreaker did quite a bit of damage to Kristin’s neck and skull, as was evidenced by her pained scream and generally frantic flopping.

Not even close to done with the Hellcat yet, Michelle snagged the back of the wounded girl's crimson briefs and hauled her to her feet. Snuggling in close, she trapped Kreuk in a tight Front Facelock, and set her feet like she was preparing to plant her with a DDT. But in the midst of her fall to the canvas, Michelle raised her free arm and brought her elbow smashing down on the back of the Hellcat's neck. The elbow strike combined with her momentum didn’t so much pull Kristin off her feet as yank her straight down face-first into the mat. She hit with Michelle’s elbow deep in the back of her neck which certainly didn't make the landing more comfortable. Michelle had just given Kristin a taste of the Finishing Touch, a move introduced by another participant in the match, Selma Blair. And the slim brunette didn't waste any time in letting Michelle know what she thought of the appropriation.

"Stop stealing my moves you unimaginative dope!" Selma protested from her corner.

Brushing a strand of hair off her face, Michelle rested her hands on Kristin's back as she said, "But I do them so much better!" Ignoring Selma’s flipped bird, Michelle spun around so that she was kneeling over Kristin's head. Scooting back a little, she leaned down and looped her arms around the Hellcat's head and right arm, tying her up in a Kneeling Front Facelock. Spreading her knees at a wide angle, Michelle scooted her legs back and leaned forward, putting the vast majority of her weight on Kristin's head and upper body. Pulling up hard on the Facelock, the brunette waited until Kreuk began to struggle before she compounded the smaller brunette's misery by jerking her clasped hands back and forth across her opponent's chest. Leaning down and pulling up at the same time, Michelle kept up the painful maneuver for nearly fifteen seconds before she cooed, "Wanna start mewling kitty?"

Growling hatefully, Kristin replied, "Go screw yourself!"

Preparing for her next move, Michelle replied, "Self gratification is for losers like you Kristin. Champions are content to do things like THIS!"

She flipped her whole body forward and landed on her toes, putting diabolical pressure on the Hellcat's neck and upper body with the Flipping Chancery. Yanking back on Kristin’s neck with everything she had, Michelle arched up in the bridge as far as she could, but for all the torture she was pouring onto the other brunette, Kristin would not give up her spot in the match. In fact, it was Michelle herself that gave Kristin the opportunity she needed to escape the Facelock. With Michelle's balance already questionable thanks to the height of the bridge, Kristin needed to do was rock back and forth a couple times and she was able to wrench free of the taller brunette's grip. And to be honest, the string of undefended fists she smashed into her opponent's temple probably didn't hurt her chances either.

Finally free of the torturous predicament Michelle had put her in, Kreuk quickly rolled several feet away from her adversary and clutched at the back of her head, trying desperately to dull the murderous throb that was creeping in at the base of her neck. Frustrated that the Hellcat had been able to wriggle free of her submission, Michelle shook off the fog in her head and rolled to her feet. Marching over to the downed brunette, she hoisted Kristin to her feet and took hold of her wrist. Directing her towards an empty side of the ring, Michelle Irish Whipped her toward the cables as she took off in the opposite direction.

As the rivals sped towards one another, each stumbled across an idea that they were sure would help turn the tide of battle in their favor. Unfortunately, it was the same idea and when they left their feet to carry out the Flying Crossbody Splashes, they connected in mid-air with a sturdy tummy-on-tummy THWAP that sent both to the canvas with all the grace of a dropped rock. Laying next to each other in a groaning, moaning tangle of limbs, Michelle and Kristin slowly rolled away from one another and as luck would have it, toward the two remaining competitors in the match.

A few seconds later, the breathless grapplers felt slaps on their shoulders as Billie Piper and Selma Blair rejoined the action. Hopping over the top rope in a graceful vault, Selma sauntered towards her blonde opposition and said, "Hiya English! You finally ready to tangle with a great wrestler?"

Regarding her calmly, Billie fired back, "Well I was, but then Scarlett rolled 'er up with a 'andful of tights."

Actually impressed with the quickness of the reply, Blair let out a low chuckle and mused, "Oh, you'll do just fine. C'mon then, I have to beat your ass before that lame floating train shows up to bus you back to Hogwarts."

Rolling her eyes Piper lunged in to meet the slender brunette's charge, and much to Selma chagrin, had no problem plucking the smaller woman off her feet to sling her into position for a Body Slam. Fully aware of Selma's ability to counter damn near any move with any other move, Billie didn't hesitate to rise up on her toes and then drill the gamine phenom into the canvas as hard as she could. When Selma's back arched, Billie couldn't help but take advantage of the offer and she leapt off her feet only to come crashing down with the point of her elbow casting a shadow across the brunette's naval. Sadly, the effects of the Body Slam weren't enough to keep Blair paralyzed very long and she proved as much by rolling aside a split second before Piper could stick her with the elbow. The curvy blonde went crashing into the vacated canvas and let out a low grunt as she rolled away to nurse the wounded joint.

Recovering her bearings faster than most, Piper got to her feet and stalked over to where Selma was still sprawled out prone on her back. Or at least, Billie THOUGHT she was sprawled out prone on her back. But Selma proved the blonde quite wrong, because as Piper leaned down to grab hold of her, the brunette rolled back onto her shoulders, tucked her legs up against her chest and then shot them out, locking her ankles around Billie's neck. Before the Briton even knew what was going on, Selma planted her hands on the mat and twisted hard to the right, throwing Billie to the mat with a jury-rigged Hurricanrana delivered while she was still on her back.

Springing to her feet, Selma mugged for the crowd and explained, "I figured since you'd seen all the ham-and-egger's take their turns doing boring old versions of the 'Rana, you might actually want to see one executed with style and finesse."

The audience cheered again and Blair was about to respond when a voice from behind her countered, "ACTUALLY, they were cheering my speedy recovery, but I guess there's no 'arm in letting ya delude yerself for a few more seconds."

Billie grabbed Selma by the shoulder, whirled her around and buried a boot in her belly. With the lithe American highflier doubled over, Billie had little difficulty in wrapping Selma up in a Front Facelock. With Selma’s near arm flung over her shoulder and with a sturdy handful of brunette togs, Billie bent her knees and lifted straight up, pulling Selma up over her head for a no-frills added Vertical Suplex. As it turned out, some frills might have helped the blonde, because as she was hauling Blair into position, the brunette slithered out of her grip and landed nimbly behind the baffled Brit. In the blink of an eye, Selma drove a heartless Forearm Shiver into the small of Billie's back, shimmying her legs just long enough to let Selma go back on the offensive.

Neatly molding herself to Billie's back, Selma slapped a Half Nelson on Piper's right arm before using her left hand to capture the English vixen's right wrist and pull it tight across Billie's windpipe, cinching in the Cobra Clutch. Choking as much air out of the bigger girl as she possibly could, Selma pressed her lips to the blonde’s ear and taunted, “Due to Scarlett's rather ignominious exit, some folks feared we might not see this move tonight. Luckily, I'm here to pick up the slack."

She rose up on her toes and jerked herself down to the canvas. Both wrestlers hit the canvas hard, but Billie got the worst of it; she landed flat on her back, her unprotected jouncing off the mat a few times thanks to the Cobra Clutch Russian Leg Sweep Selma called 'The Sweetest Thing.'

Billie was still quivering on the mat when Selma somersaulted onto her shoulders, rolled to her feet and leapt over the blonde's midsection in a dainty little one-footed hop. Her foot had been in contact with the canvas for less than a second when Blair bent her knee and then leapt up, performing an odd looking front flip variation that brought her crashing down belly first across Piper's chest. The Standing Shooting Star Press might not finish a lot of girls off, but that didn't stop Selma from going for the cover and it didn't stop the crowd from counting along, 'ONE... TWO' Billie kicked out, ensuring her continued participation in the hexagonal ring. Voicing a mildly irritated grumble, Selma got to her feet and impatiently waited for the blonde to regain her verticality.

Hands on her hips, Selma chided, "C'mon Mrs. Peel, I've seen you and John Steed fight your way out of tougher situations. Or maybe you're actually the Tara King of the bunch?"

Billie drew a sharp breath and growled, "Oh 'ell no."

Whirling to face her tormentor, Piper exploded forward and lashed out her left arm, trying to shut up the obnoxious brunette with a stiff Clothesline. Sadly, Selma had seen this possibility and she was prepared for it. Moving with the fluid grace that was a trademark of her in-ring style, Blair ducked under the clumsy blow and spun around to face her adversary. As Piper started to correct herself, Selma whirled around in a circle and on her way back around she lashed her right foot out at Billie's temple, catching the unsuspecting blonde with a wicked Spin Kick.

Piper uttered a clipped groan and went down like a felled tree. Always pleased to observe the results of her handiwork, Blair put her hands on her hips, shook her head in disappointed fashion and said, "Sigh. Here I was thinking I was fighting Diane Rigg and instead, I get Linda Thorson. It's just not fair. Oh well, at least I can put you out of your misery easily enough."

Strutting over to Billie's head, Selma helped herself to a double handful of the blonde's hair and tugged her to her feet. Trapping the woozy Briton in a tight Side Headlock, Selma took the time to grind Billie's temple into the point of her hip before bending her knees and pushing straight up, sending her launching into the air with Piper's skull still in her grasp. When her momentum started to falter, Selma kicked both legs straight out in front of her and simply waited, allowing gravity to pull her back towards the canvas. Right about the halfway point, the weight on her head got to be too much for Billie to withstand and she was yanked off her feet and driven face-first into the mat compliments of the ridiculously elevated Bulldog that Selma hadn't gotten around to naming yet. No matter what it turned out to be called, the move splattered Piper's face all across the canvas and flopped her over onto her back. Draping herself across the helpless expanse of blonde abdomen, Selma hooked the far leg and cooed, "Thanks for the memories 'guvna!"

Ignoring Selma's terribly bad faux Cockney accent, the ref swooped into position and slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO...' But Billie wrenched her leg free, bringing the count to a screeching halt.

Sighing for real this time, Selma muttered, "I TRY to give you an easy way out and you insist on pissing me off. Fine, I guess you get to be the first Eurotrash yutz I spike with the Blair Raid."

Selma grabbed Billie's tights and pulled her to her feet. Quickly transitioning to a grip on the blonde's wrist, Selma stepped back and whipped her foe towards the ropes. But just when the brunette should have been letting go of her foe's wrist, Billie clamped down even harder and planted her feet. Next thing Selma knew, she was being JERKED forward into the waiting boot of a righteously pissed off Billie Piper.

Stepping in close as the air rushed out of Selma, Billie snarled, "God girl, don't you EVER shut yer bloody gob?"

She wrapped her arms Selma's waist and lifted up fast, jerking the diminutive brunette over her head with a Gut-Wrench. But instead of falling back to complete the Suplex, Billie dropped to one knee and swung Blair back the way she had come; slamming Selma down on her bent knee. Smiling happily as the American retched against her knee, Piper tightened her grip on Selma's midsection and got back to her feet. Demonstrating remarkable strength for a girl her size, Billie lifted Blair in the air, spun her around in a dizzying 270-degrees and then dropped back to one knee; giving the small of Selma's back the same treatment her ruptured gut had been privy to. Rolling Selma off her thigh, Billie got to her feet, surveyed the situation and said, "Ya know Selma, yer much more agreeable when you're not talking."

Pleased that the brunette's newfound silence continued unabated, Billie took a few steps back and then sprinted into the ropes. Her back had just touched the cables when she felt a hand reach out and lightly slap her on the shoulder. Slowing her progress, Piper glanced over her shoulder just in time to see Kristin Kreuk hopping onto the top rope. Sparing the infuriated blonde the briefest of glances, the Hellcat purred, "Don't fret Piper. I'll be shredding you soon enough."

When Billie started to answer, Kreuk just leapt off into the void, soaring through the air in a beautiful arc that ended with her landing with her outstretched right thigh directly across Selma's throat. The Guillotine Leg Drop more than lived up to its name; given the boneless way that Selma was flopping around, a lot of fans wouldn't have been at all surprised to see the brunette's head go rolling away. Luckily, Blair was still in one piece, but that joy was short-lived as Kristin immediately scrambled across her chest and went for the pin. Nodding in approval at the gutsy way Kreuk had tagged herself back into the match, the ref dropped to his knees and counted off, 'ONE... TWO... THR--NO!'

Selma rolled a shoulder off the canvas. The Leg Drop might have hurt, but it certainly wasn't enough to keep her down. At least not yet anyway. Feeling re-energized thanks to her wait on the outside of the ring, Kristin quickly buried her hands in Selma's sweaty locks and scraped her off the mat.

Directing her gaze to the impatiently waiting Michelle, Kristin asked, "Do you remember how THIS feels cutie?" right before she trapped her victim in an inescapable Front Facelock. Making sure there was no way Selma was going to wriggle free of her clutches, Kristin grabbed a big handful of Selma's briefs and heaved the groggy brunette up overhead. But when the time came to fall back for a Vertical Suplex, she deviated and instead dropped straight down; drilling Selma’s skull into the canvas from several feet up with a diabolical Brainbuster.

Selma's head hit the mat with a murderous THUD and she immediately rolled over onto her side, whimpering and cradling her battered melon in both hands. Catching her breath, Kristin thought about locking in the Kreul Intentions or maybe the Beautiful Letdown right then and there, but she decided against it. As enjoyable as it would be to finish off Selma in style, she was painfully aware that there were still two other ladies in need of subjugation and she didn't want to exhaust her reserves earlier than she had to.

Settling on a tactic that was both simple and painful, Kreuk slid around into place behind her victim and went to work. With a hardworking smile on her face, Kristin extended a leg to either side Selma's head and pulled the brunette’s head up slightly so that the back of her skull was resting against the Hellcat's tummy. Curling her right leg up so that the crook of her knee was cradling Selma’s chin, Kristin shifted her left leg so the back of that knee was pressing down tightly across her right ankle.

Once the Figure Four Headscissors was locked in, all Kreuk had to do was apply pressure - and she wasted no time in doing exactly that! Hopelessly entranced by the sight of her thighs crushing Selma's face, the Hellcat planted her hands on the canvas and rocked up and down, adding extra pressure to the hold.

Brushing a few errant strands of hair behind her ears, Kristin added some more pressure to the breath-stealing submission and asked, "Why in the hell did Sarah ever sweat YOU? From everything I've seen so far, you're softer and more helpless than Scarlett ever was. You might be a trifle more pleasant, but that doesn't really mean anything in here." She punctuated this statement by giving Selma's noggin another hard squeeze.

Gurgling and growling as the Hellcat stole her breath, Selma burned enough air to fire back, "She sweat me because no matter how good she thought she was doing, I was ALWAYS one step ahead. You're about to learn that too."

Kristin opened her mouth to reply but all that came out was a startled shriek because Selma had managed to twist her head to the side and sink her fangs deep into the meat of the other brunette's thigh. Howling her outrage, Kreuk held onto the scissors for a little bit longer, but she had no intention of letting this bitch draw blood so she reluctantly released the submission and scrambled away. It didn't take long for the burn in her thigh to subside, but even as it was fading, the hatred in her heart was growing stronger. Filled with grim purpose, Kristin walked down her gasping adversary (who was at the moment trying to crawl her way toward Michelle's corner. That Selma would try to take refuge from the star student of her greatest enemy just showed how much trouble she was in) and savagely yanked her to her feet.

Forcing the shuddering cruiserweight into a tight Standing Headscissors, Kristin burned a hole in Michelle as she said, "I hope you're the last one left. I've been wanting to tie you in a knot for so long now."

When Michelle held her tongue, the Hellcat bent her knees and hauled her prey skyward, lifting Selma into position for a Powerbomb. Not bothering to hold Blair in the stall position, Kreuk simply SLAMMED the other brunette down as hard as she could, shaking the ring with the force of her landing. The instant Selma’s shoulders were on the canvas, Kristin bent her knees and executed a tight little front flip that brought her into a perfect bridge with Selma's wriggling legs still in her grasp. Pouring all her strength into the Jackknife Pin, Kreuk nodded in time with the ref as he slapped the mat, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!'

Selma brought both hands slicing up and she slammed them into Kristin's ribs, breaking the count at the last possible second. Flying past exasperated to full on, volcanic stage pissed off in the span of a few heartbeats, Kreuk shoved her way to her feet only to drop to one knee and plunge both hands deep into Selma's hair. Dragging the woozy brunette out to the center of the hexagon, Kristin jammed Selma’s head between her thighs, trapping her in a rude Standing Headscissors. Staring out at the sea of faces, the Hellcat slashed her thumb across her throat, signaling the end.

"TIME TO LET THIS BITCH DOWN GENTLY!" she told the redlining mob.

Returning her attention to Selma, Kristin wrapped both hands around her victim's waist, bent her knees and then hoisted her off her feet, snapping the other brunette into the stall position for a Powerbomb that would actually turn into the hideously elevated Facebuster she called The Beautiful Letdown. In an unforeseen bit of irony, Selma was indeed let down, but not in the way Kristin had envisioned. With her thighs framing the Hellcat's head, Selma’s senses returned and she started hammering short, wild punches into the Kristin’s forehead in a desperate bid for freedom. The effort paid off and after six or more shots, Kristin's grip loosened enough for Blair to wriggle free.

Landing in a tight crouch in front of her foe, Selma straightened up and thanked Kristin for her time with a wicked Toe Kick to the Hellcat's gut. As Kreuk battled for air, Selma wrapped her arms around the gagging vixen's waist and taunted, “Wanna know why I beat you tonight Kris? Because when it was all on the line, you missed and I didn't." Selma bent her knees slightly and then executed a tight front flip that culminated in her spiking the crown of Kristin's skull into the mat with the Flipping Piledriver known as The Blair Raid.

The vicious force of Selma’s amazing finishing maneuver was able to stand Kristin up on her feet for a second before she collapsed in a boneless heap, face-down on the canvas. Unable to suppress her smirk, Blair scrambled over to Kristin and rolled her onto her back. Wanting to make sure the Hellcat remembered who beat her, she straddled her waist and grabbed both wrists, pinning them high overhead. Staring down into Kristin's dazed face as the ref swooped in, Selma purred, “I wonder who I'll beat next, Missus Bean or the diet Slayer?"

Her musing was cut off as the official ticked off, 'ONE... TWO... THRE-NO!' A concussive roar brought all the fans in Pickman's Studio to their feet because in that single act, Kristin Kreuk had joined Sarah Michelle Gellar as the only woman to break the Blair Raid.

Trying very hard not to belt the zebra upside his oblivious dullard's face, Blair took hold of Kristin's shoulder-straps and peeled her off the mat. Grabbing the seemingly boneless Hellcat by the wrist, Selma leaned in close and whispered, "Guess I didn't spike you hard enough the first time loser. No worries though, I'm betting even your thick head won't be able to survive a second Raid."

Wanting to put a little more sauce on the delivery this time, Selma stepped back and whipped her victim into the ropes. Kristin stumbled back, Selma booted her in the gut and wasted no time in applying another Standing Headscissors. Unfortunately, Kristin wasn't the legal woman any more. See, Selma was so focused on putting the Hellcat away that she didn't notice Billie Piper stepping away from her corner to slap Kristin on the shoulder when she bounced into the ropes. As for Kristin, she might have felt it, but at this point she was too brain-addled to notice much of anything. The ref noticed though, and that was what mattered most. As Blair was wrapping her arms around Kristin’s waist, a soft voice called out, "Oh Selma..." Eyes going wide, the brunette looked up and WHAM nearly had her chin driven through the back of her head via Piper's expertly placed Super Kick.

Selma's grip on Kristin fell away, allowing her to stagger back a few steps before she found herself scooped up on the clutches of an extremely motivated One Woman British Invasion. Walking her victim down, Billie reached out and snagged her foe's left wrist with her right hand. Acting quickly, Billie pinned Selma's arm behind her back in a Hammerlock. Holding the limb in place, she reached around Selma’s back with her left arm and took the captured wrist in her left hand. Piper used her freshly liberated right arm to reach down and grab the brunette's left leg, just behind the knee.

After taking a deep breath, Billie bent her knees and picked Selma up off the mat, lifting the brunette until her crotch rested against Billie's navel with her legs loose the Briton's hips. Beaming at the crowd cheered her on, Piper let go of Selma’s knee and snaked her right arm across the back of Selma's neck, pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock. With the hard work behind her, Billie rose onto her toes, executed a smooth half turn and sat out hard, landing on her butt with Selma still in her lap. The return-trip to the mat was not nearly so pleasant for Blair as her Hammerlocked arm was nearly torn out of its socket and her head was bent down and forward at a hideous angle with the point of her chin disappearing into the top of her cleavage. The moment they landed, Piper released her holds on Selma and the brunette sprawled backward, stretched out on the mat between Billie's legs. Wrapping both arms around Selma's thighs Billie leaned all her weight forward and counted along with the ref as he called out, "ONE... TWO... THREE!"

The U.K.O. had struck again and this time it had claimed Selma Blair. Not sparing the beaten brunette a second look, Piper surged to her feet and went after Kristin who hadn't been able to leave the ring yet. Tugging the Hellcat to her feet, Billie spun the spaghetti-legged girl around, blasted her with a European Uppercut for good measure and cooed, "Since you're already 'ere, why not stick around a while kitty?"

Before Kristin could protest, Billie had Hammerlocked her arm, hooked her leg and lifted her into place on the blonde's sturdy hips. Turning towards Michelle as she slapped on the Front Facelock, Billie locked eyes with the auburn-haired beauty and said, "Just cutting through the treacle, love." Then she sat out for the second time in as many minutes, giving Kristin a more dubious distinction, that being the first girl in the promotion to eat a Blair Raid AND a U.K.O. on the same night!

Knowing the Hellcat was out cold, Billie shoved Kristin’s legs away and quickly straddled her waist, hooked the lissome wrestler’s limp legs and pulled back, lifting her tight butt straight up into a tight Matchbook Pin, Piper’s eyes never left Michelle as the ref again counted, "ONE... TWO... THREE!" The bell rang to signal Kristin's elimination and the addition of her name to Billie's personal ledger.

Slowly getting to her feet, the British Bombshell took a few steps back, only to Michelle into the ring with nothing more than a wiggle of her fingers, "Just you and me now Michelle." Doubly thrilled not just to be back in the ring, but to finally have a shot at the girl who had embarrassed her at the end of the Final Surrender Match, Michelle eased through the ropes and waited patiently while the official rolled Kristin from the ring.

Finally alone with her rival, the brunette licked her lips and told Piper, "I've waited five long months to get my hands on you Billie. It's worth it though, I get to beat you for the gold that should have been mine in the first place."

The blonde just offered her a wry smile. "You're going to wish ya'd waited a little longer Mish. That belt is mine, and I'll gladly show ya why."

Sinking into a low crouch, Michelle stalked her adversary and answered, "Please do. I've been looking for a good laugh."

By then their fingers were nearly brushing and Billie didn't bother to reply, she simply lunged forward and wrapped the slender grappler up in a hard Collar and Elbow Lock-up. The clinch remained a stalemate for several seconds, then Piper shifted her grip and she was able to thread an arm through Michelle's legs to hoist her into position for a Body Slam.

Michelle wasn't taken so easily though, and despite her frustration at not being more involved in the match up to this point, it did give her the benefit of being fresh and she proved as much by wriggling free of the blonde's grip. Landing on her feet behind the Briton, Michelle balled her right hand into a fist and smashed it forward, catching Billie in the liver. Piper sobbed and almost went to her knees, but Michelle helped her back up with a handful of tights. The generosity ended there as she followed it up by bending Billie backwards, forcing the blonde's chin into the crook of her armpit to secure a tight Inverted Facelock.

Clasping her hands tights to keep Piper from squirming out of her looped arms, Michelle glared down at the exposed curve of her opponent's belly and sneered, "THIS is for jumping me after my match..." Without warning, she dropped to one knee, slamming Billie down across the posted joint in an oddly delivered, but no less effective Backbreaker. Straightening up, she blew hair out of her eyes and continued, "THIS is for thinking you're better than me..." She dropped down again, giving the moaning blonde another session over the broadest part of her thigh. Standing up again, Michelle reefed back on the Facelock as she finished, "And THIS is just because I can't stand looking at your little punk face!" She sat-out hard this time, joining the back of Billie's head and shoulders to the canvas below with a more traditional Reverse DDT.

Finally pulling her arms away from Billie's abused pate, Michelle sat up on her haunches and laughed as Piper tried to roll away. Securing a smug handful of the blonde's briefs, Michelle tugged her back in and asked, "Where do you think you're going Billie? We've got so much catching up to do!"

Michelle grabbed hold of Billie's shoulder and thigh before pulling the breathless blonde around to face her. Muscling Billie off the canvas a bit, Michelle slipped her legs around the Brit's waist and then locked her ankles. Setting her hands on the rough surface of the mat, Michelle took a deep breath, lifted her butt off the ground and proceeded to squeeze the Bodyscissors with all the force she could muster, ruthlessly crushing and constricting Billie's sturdy middle between her toned thighs. Sneering happily as the color rushed out of Billie's face, Michelle worked the hold like a champ, alternately tightening and relaxing her grip to keep Piper's gut in constant agony. Locking eyes with Billie, Michelle loosened the Scissors just enough to allow her to rub her thighs back and forth across her victim's compressed tummy, not letting the blonde forget for even a second just who it was that was cutting her in half. Clamping the Scissors tight once more, Michelle rocked up and down on her palms as she said, “Give it up baby. Give it up right now and I may not sit on your face."

Hating the smooth confidence she heard in the brunette's demand, Billie glared into her face and panted, “I'm sorry, were you actually going to start squeezing sometime today? Because if not, I'm just going to finish you right now.” Before the incensed brunette could reply, Billie curled her left hand into a tight fist and drove it into Michelle’s belly, pounding Michelle over the navel repeatedly in an attempt to make her release the Scissors.

Soaking up Piper's fistic assault as best she could, the auburn maned beauty sank back to the canvas and brought her hands up. Forming the right into a loose Claw, she snarled, “If you aren't feeling the squeeze, maybe the claw will be more to your liking."

Still absorbing the punches to her stomach, Michelle leaned forward and jabbed her middle and ring fingers into the blonde's mouth, slipping them under Billie's tongue and pressing down viciously to lock in the Mandible Claw. The explosion of pain in her jaw was almost enough to get Billie slapping the mat in surrender, but a part of her refused to give the brunette the satisfaction. Knowing she only had a limited amount of time before the Scissors and Claw rendered her totally useless, the British babe changed the focus of her punches from Michelle's belly to her jaw. Teeing off on Trachtenberg's chin as forcefully as she could, Billie had to bang four violent potshots off Michelle's face before the brunette's dual holds finally slipped away.

Spitting her rival's fingers from her maw, Billie untangled herself from the other grappler and tried to create some breathing room, but Michelle had recovered faster than expected and she intercepted the blonde with a handful of hair before she could get too far. Scraping her victim off the mat, Michelle said, "No escape Billie. No escape until you quit or get a taste of the Trachtenberg Special." Continuing to focus on the blonde's head, Michelle slammed a knee into Piper's belly and trapped her in tight Front Facelock.

Steadying her nerves, Michelle bent her knees in a deep crouch and then pushed straight up, lifting her whole body high off the mat. Using all her concentration to maintain her balance, the brunette held herself several feet in the air, body fully extended and nearly parallel to the mat. Now at this point in the show, she'd normally swing back down and sit-out, dropping Billie face-first into the mat to complete the DDT. However, Piper had another idea about the finish, one she put into motion by bringing both hands up and placing them against Michelle's exposed abdomen. Handhold in place, Billie executed a wobbly little turn and sat-out herself, breaking Michelle's grip and in the process slamming her down onto the mat with a Sky High (a Lifting Sit-Out Powerbomb variation) delivered from out of nowhere.

The ring was still shaking when Billie realized the brunette's shoulders were down and she was in the perfect position to go for the cover. Pouncing across Trachtenberg's midsection, Piper hooked the far leg and bore down tight as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO...' Michelle wrenched her leg free, breaking the cradle and the count with a second to spare.

Breathing hard, Billie got to her feet and allowed Michelle to do the same. Regarding the brunette with smoldering eyes, Piper flashed her a taunting smile. "For a groddy little wanker, ya fight pretty hard."

Nonplused, Michelle fired back, "So do you. For an irritating, Eurotrash bitch, I mean."

Bringing up both hands in a brawlers stance, Billie cooed, "Sticks and stones love."

Responding in kind, Michelle closed in and whispered, "I don't need any weapons to break you down Billie."

The moment they were close enough, the fists started flying and for the next thirty seconds, the hexagonal ring was home to slugging that looked more at home in some ancient Frontier Saloon. Eventually, a rousing Michelle Uppercut clipped Billie under the chin and the Briton was rocked back on her heels. This was all the opportunity Michelle needed. Letting loose with a snarling war cry, she sprinted at Billie who had just started to regain her bearings when Michelle left her feet and lashed her left foot out. If the Enziguiri had connected, it might have taken Billie's head off, but luckily for her, the blonde sensed the strike coming and ducked just in time to let Trachtenberg's boot go soaring harmlessly overhead. The brunette landed on her belly with a dull THUMP and now it was Piper's turn to take advantage of the situation.

With absolutely no wasted motion, the blonde sprinted to Michelle's head, grabbed a double handful of hair and jerked her to her knees. Forcing the American's head between her thighs, Piper lifted Michelle upside down, putting her in position for a Piledriver. Working as fast as she could without getting sloppy, Billie unclasped her hands, leaving her right arm to hold the brunette inverted while she snaked her left arm between Michelle's thighs, reaching downward and rejoining her right hand to reapply the Waistlock. With her grip locked, Piper leapt up and sat out, spiking the top of Trachtenberg's skull into the mat with a vile THUD! Judging from the boneless way the slender vixen slopped over onto her side, the Cradle Piledriver had lost none of its potency and for that Billie was glad. A little sad that she wouldn't be able to U.K.O. the annoying slag, Billie threw herself across Michelle's midsection and hooked her far leg with her right arm. Dropping into position as Billie made the cover, the ref and the crowd began to count, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!' Michelle rolled a shoulder off the mat, and the roof of Pickman's Studio came a tiny bit closer to coming off.

Slapping the mat in frustration, Billie pulled Michelle to her feet and spun around behind her. Snuggling in close, she locked the taller girl's arms up in a neck-snapping Full Nelson and clamped down tight. Letting her lips brush lightly against Michelle's ear, Billie purred, "This may not be the U.K.O. but it should be more than enough to end your championship aspirations."

Billie bent her knees and exploded straight up, lifting Michelle off her feet in what looked to be the beginning of a Full Nelson Slam but at the apex, Piper released her grip and with a nimble twist of her hands, spinning Michelle around so that the brunette was facing her. Grasping Michelle’s shoulders just as gravity started to exert it’s inexorable downward pull, Billie dropped straight back, taking Michelle for a ride until she hit face-and-chest-first with a Reverse STO from several feet higher than usual. The crowd leapt to its feet for this move with no name (Later on that evening, Piper would post a message on Fannin's website dubbing her new toy 'The Empty Child.') and cheered mightily as Piper kicked the limp bulk of Michelle Trachtenberg over onto her back. Taking no chances, the blonde hooked both legs and leaned all her weight on Michelle's shoulders as the ref counted, 'ONE... TWO... THRENOOO!'

Once again, Michelle demonstrated that freakish power of will that allowed her to keep coming back no matter what it was that her opponents threw at her. Sitting on her butt, Billie ran both hands through her hair and caught her breath. Truth be told, she couldn't BELIEVE that Michelle was still up and kicking after all that punishment. Shaking her head in dumbfounded amazement, the blonde muttered, "All right, the U.K.O. it is then."

Helping herself to a generous handful of Michelle's togs, the blonde hoisted her victim to her feet and pulled her in close. Hammerlocking the brunette's arm behind her back with no preamble, Billie did take the time to lean into Trachtenberg's face and whisper, " 'ow sad is it to get beaten twice for a title you've never even been able to strap around your waist?"

When Michelle didn't answer, Billie bent down to hook Michelle's leg. THAT'S when Michelle responded! As Billie was reaching for her knee, Michelle made it easier on her by blasting her leg up, Knee Lifting the unsuspecting blonde in the forehead. Piper grunted but she didn't release the Hammerlock, so Michelle drilled her twice more; the last finally pried Billie off her. But as the Brit was staggering away, Michelle reeled her back in with a Double Handful of Hair.

Holding the stunned girl close, the brunette purred, "I was gonna ask you the same thing."

The words were still hanging in the air when Michelle brought a Knee Lift up between Piper's thighs. Through talking, she slipped a hand through the blonde’s thighs and then scooped Billie up, as if going for a basic Body Slam. Holding her inverted, Michelle positioned her head between her thighs and said, “I'd just like to take this moment to say..." She sat out, dropping Piper head-first to the mat with her version of a Michinoku Driver, the Trachtenberg Special. Grinning beatifically as the Brit suffered through the aftereffects of her finisher, Michelle looked down and smiled, “...KISS MY ASS BILLIE!"

Not wanting to deny Billie the opportunity to follow through on her request, Michelle scooted forward and sat down; bringing the full weight of her flawless, heart-shaped rump to bear on the blonde’s upturned face. As soon as the Facesit cut off her air, Piper started to thrash - something Michelle was prepared for. She slipped her booted feet up on either side of Billie's head to keep her from wrenching free of the humiliating Smother. Happy to prolong Billie's humiliation, Michelle leaned forward just a bit and slapped her open hands on the blonde’s exposed belly. Kneading the sweat-tacky flesh, she began a slow Bump and Grind on Billie's nose just as the ref swooped in to count, 'ONE... TWO... THRENO!'

Michelle had gone for embarrassment and not economy in her cover and that would have been fine had Billie actually been unconscious. But the blonde wasn't, and as the official's hand came down for the final time, Piper opened her jaws and took a big ol' bite out of Michelle’s backside! Screeching in surprise and indignation, the brunette scrambled away from Billie's teeth and quickly investigated the red, crescent shaped welt that was developing on her left cheek. Pretty face lost in a storm cloud of rage, Michelle shook her head and snarled, "That... is... it!"

Stalking over to a penitent Billie, Michelle snatched a savage handful of the blonde's hair, YANKED her to her feet and marched her towards the corner. Throwing Piper back-first against the buckles, Michelle wriggled in close, wrapped up Billie's waist and lifted her into position on the top buckle. Using Billie's shoulder to keep herself steady, Michelle climbed up to the middle rope, then tugged Billie to her feet, forcing the blonde to stand precariously on the top rope. Moving gingerly, the brunette forced her victim into a Front Facelock and slowly, slowly joined her on the top rope. Maneuvering Piper into place for the Superplex, Michelle slung Billie's near arm over her shoulder and grabbed a handful of tights. Psyching herself up for the lift and CRASH that was sure to follow, Michelle told her foe, "You didn't wanna kiss my ass? Fine, I'll just break your back." She had just started to lift when Billie tensed up and punched her in the gut!. Michelle let out a stunned 'OOFFF'!

She wanted to fight back, but she was more concerned about not losing her footing. That proved to be a moot point a moment later when Billie slugged her again, putting a noticeable quiver into her legs. Wriggling free of the brunette's clutches, Billie grappled with Michelle and told her, "Congratulations love, even in losing, ya find a way to make the 'ighlight reel. If I wasn't the one beating you, I MIGHT be jealous."

Before Michelle could reply, Billie drove her head forward, Headbutting Michelle between the eyes. Michelle slipped and almost fell, but Billie held her in place. When she was sure the brunette wasn't going to take the tumble, Billie reached down and grabbed her opponent's left wrist with her right hand. Moving as fast as she dared, Piper pinned Trachtenberg's arm behind her back in a Hammerlock. Holding the limb in place, she reached around Michelle's back with her left arm and took her wrist in her left hand. Her face pursed in concentration, Piper used her recently freed right arm to reach down and grab the brunette's left leg, just behind the knee. Fighting through all her aches and pains, (not to mention a mild case of vertigo) Billie bent her knees and lifted Michelle off the turnbuckles, positioning the brunette so that her crotch rested against Piper's navel with her legs loosely Scissoring Billie’s waist.

Unable to hide a smile as the 'YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME' roar rumbled through the crowd, Billie let go of Michelle's knee and snaked her right arm across the back Michelle's neck, pulling her head down into a tight Front Facelock. Set-up complete, Billie straightened up and muttered, "If THIS doesn't deserve gold, nothing does."

She bent her knees and leapt out into the void. Every single camera in the arena went off as Billie and Michelle soared towards the canvas and the heart-stopping WHAM of their landing was all but swallowed out by the second 'HOLY SHIT!' chant of the evening. All things considered, Billie felt pretty good after the Top Rope U.K.O. connected. Sure, her butt was kinda numb, but she was still in control of her faculties, which was more than she could say of Michelle. Pulling her legs away from the decimated brunette. Billie scooted up her Michelle’s body and put the V of her crotch inches from Michelle's blank face. Leaning down, sweat dripping on Michelle’s oblivious features, Billie told her, "I'll save the better version for when yer awake Michelle."

Then Billie settled into a terribly snug Front Facesit that had Michelle's mouth and nose wedged deep in the blonde's center. Adjusting to the feel of her new throne, Billie raised her right arm high overhead and counted along with everyone else in Pickman's Studio, "ONE... TWO... THREE!" This time the roof did come off and as ‘Miss Murder’ started up and the announcer proclaimed, "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, YOUR WINNER AND THE NEEEEEEEW INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, BILLIE PIPER!"

No longer trying to hold back tears, Billie maintained her perch on Michelle's mouth just long enough for the ref to hand her the belt. Strapping the gold around her waist, Billie glanced down at Michelle and told her, "This is as close as you're ever going to get love."

Then she was on her feet and basking in the wild applause of the fans. After several celebratory circuits of the ring, the triumphant blonde gestured for a mic and when the request was granted. She turned toward the entryway and said, "First off, I want ta thank everyone for their support. This is my first title and I promise all of ya that I'l make ya proud to have me as yer champ. I also want ta thank Richard Fannin for bringing me ta the fans in the States, all the folks in the office that believed in me, oh, and I especially want ta thank Michelle Trachtenberg for being such a comfy place to rest my tired arse."

She paused for a moment as the crowd noise increased.

Smile fading, Billie continued, "But now that thanks are done, I 'ave a message to deliver. Scarlett, ya thieving troll, I don't know what ya did, but I know ya aren't woman enough to pin Alli Mack as fast as ya did. Next time we cross paths, I'll be glad to finish the job she started tonight. And Allison, I know yer listening girl, so pay attention. Ya don't want to 'ear it, but this gold is mine now. Any time ya need that fact re-enforced, just track me down. I won't be 'ard to find. Ya beat me once Alli, but it'll never 'appen again."

With both Scarlett and Mack on notice, Billie tossed the microphone down and saluted her fans one last time before limping out of the ring and heading up the ramp to begin the first night of her Championship Reign.
Later on that evening...
Holding the bar doors open for his companion, Richard Fannin stood to the side and let Kristen Bell breeze out into the hall. Falling into step beside the diminutive blonde, the promoter said, "Thanks for coming along tonight Kristen. After what went down in the ring, I figured Alli could use all the moral support she could get."

Flashing the promoter the smile that irked and fascinated fans by the thousands, Bell replied, "No sweat boss, we were going out tonight anyway, I guess now it'll just be more somber than expected."

Nodding in agreement, Fannin added, "Well, we'll try to give her a shoulder, or an ear or... now that I think of it, those are the only appropriate ones."

Stifling a snicker, Kristen continued down the hall and replied, "Not that I mind your company or anything Rich, but don't you normally take the new champ out to dinner? What's Billie going to think?"

"Yeah, that's my usual plan, but I already talked to Billie and she’s cool with it. Besides, it's not like Arch, Dru and Flash didn't jump at the chance to fill the void left by yours truly."

Treating the young man to a light punch on the arm, Bell chided, "You're a smooth dude, Richard Fannin. So tell me, when do I get my congratulatory comestibles?"

Rolling his eyes, Fannin countered, "When are you going to win a title?"

Not easily flustered, Kris said, "When are you going to give me a shot?"

"Tell ya what, soon as you do something better’n a double count-out or time limit draw against Sarah Carter, I'll see about getting you a title shot."

Kristen stepped in front of him and jabbed a finger into his chest. "I'll tell you WHAT, the next time that skank ponylashes me, I'm gonna get the clippers and give her the same treatment I gave Na..." she trailed off suddenly as if she had just remembered what she was saying.

Fannin arched an eyebrow. "The same treatment you gave...?"

Quickly regaining her composure, Bell answered, "Nothing. The same treatment I DIDN’T give anyone."

Continuing their progress down the hall, Fannin opened another door for the blonde and asked, "Are you sure you didn't have anything to do with Natalie's aerodynamic new do?"

Not willing to give her secret away so easily, Bell reassured him, "Spontaneous total baldness isn’t uncommon among the brunette and cowardly, Rich. Natalie happens to be both... at least she used to be. Switching gears, what are you going to do about the IC Title?"

Rich shrugged his shoulders. "There's nothing TO do. Despite the questionable elimination of Allison and the non-elimination of Scarlett, Billie beat three top tier talents to win the belt and she did it clean. I'm not going to take it away from her; she deserves to wear the gold."

Silent for a moment, the blonde said "True, but she didn't pin the reigning champ and you KNOW that's going to eat at her. Surely you aren't going to let this thing just fade away with so much unresolved?"

Fannin shook his head, "In a few weeks I'll announce a series of three singles matches involving the same six girls. The three winners will meet in a Triple Threat match with the title on the line. I may throw a gimmick in too, just for fun."

Mulling his announcement, Bell said, "Sounds good."

"Thanks, I thought so too."

Quiet descended for several seconds as they took the stairs that would lead up to the locker room. Just as they were stepping out of the stairwell, Kristen asked, "Well?"

"Well what?" Fannin asked her back.

Kristen looked at him like he was dense. "Well what are the three matches? You can't just say there's going to be matches and not tell me the pairings."

Slightly exasperated, Fannin muttered, "Sheesh, where'd the mystery in this business go? It'll be Allison against Selma, Scarlett against Kristin and Michelle against Billie."

"Surprised you didn't put Allison against Scarlett or Billie, especially given what's happened between them."

"The blood between Scarlett and Alli has gotten real bad, real fast. I know it probably won't work, but I want to at least give them the opportunity to cool down. As for Billie and Allison, that's practically a Dream Match in my book, but I don't want to spoil it by giving it away too often."

Interested to note the sort of analytical mind-set the promoter slipped into when discussing the cards, Kristen remarked, "Point taken. Speaking of dream matches, there's been something I've been meaning to ask you."

Fannin kept moving towards the locker room doors and then realized the blonde had stopped in her tracks. Looking over his shoulder, he walked back to her and said, "Shoot."

Biting her bottom lip for a moment, Bell said softly, "Do you think I can beat Sarah?"

The promoter nodded 'yes' almost at once. "Sure. You've already tied her several times and she hasn't beaten you either. I'd say you're just one 'No Time Limit' Match away from hanging an L around her neck.

Bell shook her head 'no.' "Not Icy Sarah. Slayer Sarah. Do you think I can beat her?"

Fannin grimaced. "Ohhh..."

Kristen's face fell. "I'll take that as a no."

Now it was Fannin's turn to shake his head. "I didn't say that Kristen, you're amazing in the ring, it's just... Sarah is... well, Sarah's..."

"A little more amazing?" Kristen finished his sentence for him.

He sounded almost apologetic as he answered. "You'd give her a hell of a fight, no question. But right now, I'd say it's her hand that's raised after the bell."

"Don't take this the wrong way Rich. But I'm going to bust my ass to prove you wrong."

Heartily glad to hear her say that, Fannin said, "I look forward to..."


Several feet in front of them, something heavy slammed against the doors of the locker room, knocking them out of true for a moment before closing again.

Startled out of her reverie, Bell muttered, "What the hell…?"

Cringing, Rich answered, "The down payment on a new door I'm guessing."

The words were barely out of his mouth when there was another bone jarring THUD and this time the doors didn't hold. The relative silence of the hall was shattered when a screaming, snarling blonde whirlwind of Allison Mack and Scarlett Johansson came roaring into view. Instantly regretting letting Stark go home early, Fannin told Bell, "Kris, you hold Alli; I'll grab Scarlett."

Not at all thrilled with the prospect of trying to contain a rampaging Allison, Kristen groaned, "Sure boss. Then I'll go stick my hand in a blender."

Closing in on the warring rivals, Fannin sighed and replied, "Just try OK?"

Sneaking in behind the former champ, Kristin nodded and asked, "All right. Now?"

"NOW!" On the promoter's signal, he and Kristen waded into the fray and attempted to pry the enemies apart. Rich, having no urge to get slapped with a harassment suit had a slightly more difficult time of it, once he snugged an arm around Scarlett's waist, it wasn't too hard to tear her away from Mack's scrabbling fingers.

Almost oblivious to the promoter's interjection, Scarlett continued to reach for Allison as she screamed, "YOU FUCKING BITCH! YOU COULD'VE BROKEN MY BACK!"

Trying her damnedest to step through or around Kristen, Mack roared back, "YOU STOLE MY TITLE! YOU'RE LUCKY YOU'RE EVEN CONSCIOUS!"


Moving closer and closer to Scarlett despite Bell's best efforts, Allison growled, "YOU'RE DEAD SCARLETT! AS SOON AS I GET MY HANDS ON YOU, YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!"

Swiping at the air in front of Mack's face, Scarlett sneered, "WHAT'S HOLDING YOU BACK SLUT? THE MIDGET?"

Ignoring Scarlett's barb (she could Bitchslap Scarlett later) Kristen directed her next comment to Fannin. "Rich, if you were going to try and defuse this, now would be a REALLY good time to start."

Finally able to get a word in, the promoter demanded, "CALM DOWN Calm down the both of you!"

Drawing a deep, shuddery breath, Allison muttered, "She started it."

Hissing at the other blonde, Scarlett spat, "I'll finish it too."

Tugging Scarlett back a few more steps, Fannin said, "Enough! Both of you know better than this! Fighting up here is pointless, there's not even a camera crew here to capture anything."

Pulling free of Rich's grip, Scarlett adjusted the edges of her top and countered, "I don't give a shit. All I want is Squishy over there and a clean shot at the Intercontinental Title."

Allison brushed Kristen aside, "Bitch, you try to step through me and you won't even get CLOSE to the IC gold."

Rubbing his temples, Fannin shouted, "FOR THE LAST TIME, SHUT UP!" Glancing back and forth between the blondes, he continued, "Both of you will get what you want, but you'll do it on MY terms. If Allison can beat Selma and Scarlett can beat Kristin, the two of you will join Billie or Michelle in a Triple Threat match for the title. Until then, keep away from each other. Understand?"

Scarlett nodded once. Fixing her gaze on Mack, she purred, "You better pray that Selma takes you down. Because if you get through her, I'll beat you to within an inch or your life."

Licking her lips, Allison smiled, but there was nothing pleasant about the expression. "And you better pray Kristin sits on your face again. Because if she doesn't, I'll cave it the fuck in!"

Fearing another outbreak of violence, Fannin stepped between them and said, "Scarlett, I'm going to stand here while you walk in the other direction. Allison, you're going to let her. If you two so much as blink at one another, all deals are off. Clear?"

Scarlett's typical arrogant smirk made it's first appearance in several minutes, "I've had enough fun torturing pudgy for one night." Before Allison could reply, Scarlett spun around on her heel and stalked off down the hall.

Watching Scarlett's exit, Kristen finally allowed herself to draw a breath. Slapping Mack on the shoulder she asked, "Feelin' better now Alli?"

Mack's face was stoic for a moment and then it crumpled. Letting out a lone sob, she sagged against Kristen and said, "It shouldn't have ended that way Kris. I could've beaten them all, I KNOW it."

Wrapping an arm around her friend's shoulders, Bell spoke soothingly. "I know Alli, you don't have to prove anything to me." She turned to Rich with a look that said, 'You gonna say anything dope?'

Stepping in, Fannin added, "Losing sucks, Alli; you've gathered that by now. But it's not the end of the world. So you don't have the belt right now, but as of tonight you're the front runner to be first ever two time IC Champ."

Allison looked up at them and when she did, her eyes were free of tears. "Thanks guys. It means a lot to me."

Kristen's snarky grin came out of hiding. "Hey, I can afford to be nice, Fannin's buying the drinks tonight."

Offering up an exaggerated sigh, Fannin mused, "Of course I am. Now, you ready to begin the healing process?"

Allison laughed, "THAT began as soon as I slammed Scarlett through the announcers table. This is already stage two."

Grateful to see her smile again, Fannin stepped aside and said, "OK then, let's go grab a table of our own. Preferably one that's still intact."

Leading the way, Kristen joked, "Always so boring. Why do we keep you around anyway?"

The banter continued as they headed down the hall to the stairs leading toward the third step of Allison’s healing process.