Teri Clark-Jennifer Lopez-Faith Hill vs. Heidi Klum-Yamila Diaz-Elsa Benitez: Defending the Faith or 'Thrilla w/Yamila' by jermaine

As the sun rose on a clear, crisp Autumn day in NYC, Jennifer Lopez opened her eyes slowly and smiled. Today would be a special day because for the first time since she could remember, she had absolutely nothing on her schedule; no rehearsals, no early morning in a movie make-up trailer, no publicity appearances and, sadly, no parties! She had to find something to do.

J-Lo fixed herself a quick breakfast, sat down and opened the New York Post. On the cover was a picture of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill arriving at LaGuardia. The story explained the country music power couple were in town to do a husband and wife swimsuit shot for the SI 2003 Swimsuit Issue. Apparently, Tim's Dad pitching in the Major Leagues qualified them as 'sports figures'. J-Lo suspected Faith's long, shapely legs and sparkling blonde locks had even more to do with their selection.

The story mentioned SI cover girls Heidi Klum, Elsa Benitez and Yamila Diaz-Rahi also in town for preliminary test shots. J-Lo frowned as she recalled how arrogantly the bikini divas treated the people of Harlem a year before when Elsa and Yamila came to do a photo session there. She'd heard dozens of stories about how rude and stuck-up the models were to the 'little people'. It pissed her off to remember it.

As J-Lo opened the paper she saw a notice for a sold-out concert by Teri Clark at Madison Square Garden. It blew J-Lo away that a female country singer could sell out a concert venue in mid-town Manhattan, but that was New York for you.

A few years before, J-Lo made "The Wedding Planner" with Matthew McConaughey. They had a great relationship on the set, and during the filming, Matthew had taught J-Lo to appreciate good country music, about which she knew very little. She'd actually become a serious Teri Clark fan - she loved her 'tude and Teri's swagger as much as McConaughey did!

That's what I'll do, she thought. I'll contact Teri and maybe hang with her before the concert! Nobody had a better information network than J-Lo, and within five minutes she had found the number for Teri Clark's suite. The Canadian singer couldn't believe she was getting a call from a fan named Jennifer Lopez! The admiration was mutual and Teri was delighted J-Lo invited herself over before the concert.

"Hell, yea, girl. Get over here - pronto," Teri demanded over the phone. "I think Faith is cummin' over too after she drops Tim off at the Airport. We'll have a goooood time! And don't worry about tickets, I got two on the front row with your name on 'em. Hurry up."

Across town, Tim and Faith were posing for the SI camera crew while the regular SI supermodels watched from the wings. It was pretty easy to tell from the smirks and frowns on Elsa, Yamila and Heidi's faces what they thought of Faith. Actually, truth be told, they were all jealous as Hell and concerned about the cover for 2003. In this morning's Daily News, which J-Lo had NOT read, there was a gossip column referencing a Tim/Faith cover with a bundle of AOL-Warner tie-ins with TV, records, endorsements and personal appearances. If there was one thing that mattered more than anything else to the SI supermodels, it was the Swimsuit Issue cover and all three of them would have sold their grandmother to secure it.

Faith was a threat but they had a strategy to deal with her. The Hill-McGraw photo session was a huge success. The final shot was so clearly a cover photo that a blind man could see. Heidi, Yamila and Elsa were far from blind and their resentment seethed as Tim took a quick look at his watch and panicked. He was performing in Louisville that night and was cutting it close regarding getting out to LaGuardia.

While he ran to the dressing room to get into street clothes, Heidi walked up to Faith and smiled, "We've got a stretch limo waiting downstairs. It's always standing by if one of us needs it. Our driver, Pablo, knows every shortcut to the airport. Just put on a robe (she cast a lustful glance at Faith's svelte, bikini clad body) and get downstairs soon's Tim's ready. It'll be fun to get to know you two better. After all, you're almost family by now," Heidi concluded.

Neither Faith nor Tim were especially suspicious by nature, and Faith had no knowledge of the $2000 'tip' changing hands between Yamila and Pablo. All five passengers snuggled into the limo and Pablo sped off. As promised, he got Tim to the airport in plenty of time. Faith and Tim kissed at curbside, she gave him a very suggestive butt squeeze and he departed as Faith slipped into the back of the limo.

"I gotta tell you girl, that man of yours is hot!" declared Elsa, as she watched Tim enter the terminal.

"Thanks. Yeah, I admit I'm a lucky woman," Faith replied with a broad grin plastered across her fantastic lips.

"Actually, you WERE a lucky woman," Yamila said through clenched teeth. She locked the doors and pulled the window shades down as she added, "Now, your nightmare begins, Goldilocks!"

Yamila wrapped her index finger around one of Faith's blonde curls and jerked her head down rudely.

"Hey, watch it!" Faith responded, still not realizing the peril she was in.

Elsa chipped in with a nasty earring pull as Heidi slipped open Faith's robe and dug her claws into Faith's thigh.

Heidi snarled, "You and that trailer park fantasy you married aren't gonna be on OUR cover, understand?"

"Yeah," Yamila chipped in coldly. "Once we've through with you, it's not likely you'll ever show your 'new' face in public."

The limo came to a stop in front of a sleazy sex toys shop and Yamila and Elsa jumped out while Heidi stayed in the limo to keep an eye on Faith. Even so, Heidi stepped out briefly to stretch her legs and Faith acted quickly; she dialed Teri Clark's cell phone. The message was short -HELP!

Teri got the message, and the look on her face caught J-Lo's eye, so she asked, "What's wrong?"

"I just got an SOS from Faith. She should have been here already," Teri explained looking worried.

J-Lo had a brilliant deductive mind. Had her other careers not blossomed, she had the talent to be a very good detective. Within a minute, she had a pretty good idea what was going down.

"She must have hung around with those bitch supermodels. Those jealous hags will kick her ass. They can't deal with competition. Your homegirl's in big trouble, Ms. Clark."

"Well, Hell, what do we do?" the visibly upset Teri asked.

J-Lo had a determined glint in her eye as she reassured her new friend, "Don't worry. Let me make a few calls. This is MY town, remember?"

As Heidi jumped back into the limo, she saw Faith putting the cell phone back in her purse.

"Stupid cunt," she shouted. "That wasn't smart."

She threw herself on top of Faith and bitchslapped her several times. Elsa and Yamila had finished their shopping and the got back in the limo carrying several bags of 'goodies'. Heidi told them about the cell phone and angry daggers leapt from Yamila's piercing brown eyes.

"Hand it over, Ellie Mae Clampett," she demanded.

A tearful Faith readily complied and Yamila stepped outside and stomped the phone with her boot heel.

"Now then," she remarked, gazing at her coconspirators wickedly, "Let's get busy..."

Heidi restrained Faith in a painful schoolgirl pin on the back seat, while Elsa and Yamila slipped into the kinky bondage suits they'd just purchased. Yamila giggled diabolically as she removed a huge strap-on dildo from its package and secured it around her hips.

"OK, Heidi, get her bikini off and then get outta the way. It's time for Faith to come to Papa," she shouted, shaking her hips side to side which made the strap-on dildo she was wearing dance in front of her.

Yamila mounted the terrified Faith as Elsa secured her mouth with a ball gag from behind as Heidi spread Faith's long legs wide and held her ankles down. Yamila got up on her hands and knees and, with a cruel grin, assumed the traditional ass-raised position.

Stroking the vibrating plastic rod, she explained in a menacing tone, "We'll call him MR. Timmy," as the other supermodels giggled in approval.

Yamila's impish expression turned cold and serious as she reached down, spread Faith's pussy lips and drove Mr. Timmy into her trembling victim. Yamila pumped her hips as the well-paid Pablo drove the rocking limo through Manhattan, seeing nothing.

Meanwhile, J-Lo's network was getting her the information she wanted. A doorman at the SI building, had seen Faith and Tim get into the limo with the supermodels. She found the agency that handled accommodations for SI and learned the name of the hotel the supermodel's were using.

"My guess is they'll force her to go back to their suite, then fuck her up royally. Let's get over to that hotel fast."

J-Lo and Teri were wearing ordinary street clothing, so they each bought a pair of shades and a ball cap from the hotel gift shop and hid in the far corner of the lobby behind newspapers. But what J-Lo failed to anticipate was Pablo pulling up to the rear of the hotel and the models taking Faith up in the freight elevator!

The villainesses dragged the bound and gagged hysterical country singer to their suite and threw her on the bed the three of them shared at night. As a precaution, Elsa called the lobby and asked that all calls be held and a strict "DO NOT DISTURB" policy be observed. The desk attendant smiled as he hung up the phone, but J-Lo had been watching him and caught his expression. She suddenly had a hunch that the supermodels were already upstairs.

J-Lo approached the desk clerk, demanding the supermodel's room number. At first, he refused, but he was a Puerto Rican Male and she was J-Lo. It didn't take long for her to get the information she needed.

"Ready, country?" J-Lo asked with a knowing wink.

"Hell, I grew up rustling steers. How hard would a couple a pampered twits be?"

"I like the way you think, girlfriend," J-Lo replied as they strode confidently off the elevator and approached the suite, with a "DO NOT DISTURB" tag on the door.

J-Lo knocked and heard someone yell, "Go ‘way!"

Using her best working class accent, J-Lo said in a sweet, high pitched voice, "It's a dozen roses for Ms. Benitez, from a Mr. Seikaly?"

The former NBA player was Benitez' husband (isn't Lopez' command of basketball trivia amazing?!).

Sure enough, Elsa Benitez hurriedly opened the door, her face beaming with girlish excitement. Teri force fed her a knuckle sandwich and barged through the door with J-Lo right behind her as Elsa went sprawling on her backside.

"Get up, you black leather beanpole," Teri screamed, jerking Elsa off the floor by the spiked choker adorning the supermodel's slender neck.

Holding her steady, Teri cracked a savage left hook off her chin that sent Elsa reeled backward. She slammed into the sofa which tipped over backward from the impact, leaving Elsa flat on her back with her long legs sticking up in the air like two match sticks.

J-Lo heard screams from the bedroom and as she burst in, she saw Faith tied with her arms spread-eagled to the headboard. Heidi was on top of her, pounding away with Mr. Timmy strapped around her waist. Yamila stood behind her, firmly gripping Faith's ankles and spreading her long legs apart. J-Lo leapt into the air and drove her heel into Yamila's neck, snapping her head back. The brunette villainess lost her grip on Hill's ankles and fell into Heidi's back, knocking the thoroughly aroused Heidi to her knees between Faith's legs.

Faith instinctively brought her liberated legs up with her knees at her chest, then drove a stinging double kick into Heidi's vulnerable chin. Heidi fell backwards onto the still disoriented Yamila and both villainesses went rolling onto the floor where they lay writhing in pain. J-Lo took advantage of the break in the action to quickly untie Faith's arms.

"Jennifer Lo...!?" Faith stuttered in disbelief.

"No time to explain now, Babe," J-Lo snapped. "We're gonna kick some ass. Who do you want?" she asked.

"That'd be the bitch, Heidi," Faith replied firmly.

"Good choice. Me and Yamila have some issues too," J-Lo replied as she moved toward her fallen enemy's body.

Meanwhile, back in the living room, cowgirl Teri was whipping Elsa around the room like a calf at the Calgary Stampede. The Canadian singer drove sledgehammer blow after blow to Elsa's slim midsection, leaving her rival's flawless body splotchy and weakened. Teri finally dropped Elsa with a boot to the chin, then sat on her and locked on a withering thigh lock around the supermodel's bountiful breasts. Elsa's face turned red and her eyes widened as she felt the crushing pressure on her boobs as Teri pressed them back into her lungs.

"No more. Please. You win...," Elsa pleaded as her face turned tomato red.

"Damn right, I win darlin'," Teri agreed. "Now I'm lookin' for my reward."

She released her thigh scissors and got to her feet. She kicked Elsa's ribs and tits with her cowgirl boot, breaking her down physically and emotionally.

"Poor, poor, pitiful YOU," Teri declared.

She waggled her finger at the disheveled supermodel as she straddled the whimpering woman and unbuttoned her jeans. Teri dropped her pants and panties to her ankles and Elsa burst into tears, knowing full well what was coming next. Teri pinned her shoulders down with her knees as she yanked the villainess' mouth up and forced it into contact with her quivering pussy.

"Do me, Honeychile," Teri sighed as she closed her eyes. "And y'all better do me right. Understand?" Teri added ominously.

Elsa nodded a weak 'yes' as her lips parted and her tongue came flicking out. Teri cradled her head firmly so that Elsa had no choice but to do her best. Ninety seconds later, a volcanic flow of hot pussy juices spewed out of Teri's pussy and cascaded down to cover Elsa's ashen face.

Teri ripped the rope from the window curtain and used them to quickly hog-tie and then gag Elsa. She propped her bound body against the closet door and turned around to check on her friends. Teri liked the sound of what she heard coming from the bedroom. She was confident that J-Lo had taken charge and as much as she'd have loved to stay and play, she had a sold out concert that evening.

She taped a, "Sorry, gotta run.." note on Elsa's breasts and took off, carefully replacing the "DO NOT DISTURB" sign as she left.

Teri's confidence that J-Lo and Faith had everything under control was, at best, premature. As she closed the front door behind her, the bedroom was ablaze with two of the most savage and competitive catfights ever held in the penthouse suite of that particular hotel!

Yamila had dragged herself off the floor and taken the fight to a surprised J-Lo. Each stung the other with clean, crisp jabs but she'd used her favorite, 'tits first' strategy, as Yamila landed more than a dozen hard punches to J-Lo's full breasts. J-Lo's focus was Yamila's model-perfect face and she too landed several telling blows.

Faith had been much slower to recover after an afternoon of constant, disgusting sexual abuse. Her spirit burned with revenge, but her body had been weakened by the hours of abuse. Heidi quickly established a quickness and power advantage over her as she easily peppered Faith's bare belly and naked breasts with her quick-as-lightning fists. The slender blonde singer could do little more than cover up as the confident supermodel threw bomb after bomb as she forced her to back-pedal around the room.

Simultaneously, both supermodels penetrated the singers defenses as they each landed haymakers to the chin. Faith and J-Lo both dropped on their butts and rolled onto their backs with their feet in the air. J-Lo looked over into Faith's dejected eyes then, suddenly, J-Lo's eyes flared with intensity and grew brighter!

Staring into Faith's sad eyes, J-Lo asked sternly, "Aren't you sick of this shit yet?"

Faith suddenly looked revived, "Hell, yea. Let's get 'em!"

But as the two singers struggled to get their feet, they were met by savage and accurate kicks to their pussies. The two supermodels swung their legs in unison, having used the same move hundreds of times in fights with other models. J-Lo and Faith groaned and grabbed their womanhood as the supermodel villainess' wound up for a double knockout punch and swung their right fists with all their might!

But both Faith and J-Lo ducked under the punches and somehow found the strength to land telling body shots to the off-balance models. J-Lo followed with a wicked uppercut to Yamila and the advantage the supermodel had enjoyed since the fight began suddenly evaporated. J-Lo stepped into her next punch and it pancaked the supermodel's left breast sending her squealing back into the wall clutching her bosom with both hands.

Faith whipped her leg around behind Heidi and tripped the supermodel as she shoved her backwards. Heidi fell to the floor and Faith leaped on top of her. Faith was wild-eyed as she pummeled Heidi's cover girl perfect face with hard, nasty bitchslaps. Then she grabbed a handful of Heidi's hair and jerked her head up into the path of her brutal right cross. As Heidi faded, Faith went to work on Heidi's legs, using a patented Greg Valentine 'Figure Four' that quickly had Heidi crying and shrieking for mercy.

Like Faith, J-Lo was busily evening her own score with Yamila for the earlier breast attacks. J-Lo jerked the skimpy dominatrix bra off, then slapped and punched her soft tits until they were swollen and discolored. Her churning fists didn't neglect Yamila's face either, and she soon had the Argentine beauty's luscious lips busted open and bleeding. As she sensed Yamila's stamina and will slipping away, J-Lo screamed a frightening war cry as she flailed away relentlessly for a full 60 seconds. A bloody nosed and cross eyed Yamila dropped pathetically to the floor as the blitzkrieg attack came to an end.

"Uh-uh! Stay awake, bitch," J-Lo demanded. "We're not done with you yet."

She punctuated her remark with several nasty kicks to the supermodel's shapely butt.

Across the room, Faith had Heidi's long legs locked up and twisted like a pretzel, stomping her heel into the small of the supermodel's back.

"God stop! Please! I'm sorry, you win!" Heidi screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Damn right I won," a triumphant Faith extolled before releasing Heidi's twisted ankles.

Heidi offered no resistance as Faith dragged her on her hands and knees to the bed, threw her on it and tied her wrists and ankles to the four corners. Heidi’s exquisite ass was ready for more punishment and Faith reached into one of the sex shop shopping bags. After rummaging around briefly, she pulled out a brand new cat-o-nine-tails. Her eyes danced with excitement as she tore into Heidi’s firm fanny flesh until it was criss-crossed with ugly crimson welts.

J-Lo walked over and admired the country girl's handiwork, "Well, I guess she's getting the message, huh?"

Heidi sobbed in utter despair as J-Lo told her friend, "Faith, I need your help for a minute. Don't you think Yamila needs to become more familiar with Mr. Timmy's charms?"

"Oh, yeaaah," agreed a beaming Faith, who glanced with contempt into Diaz-Rahi's still crossed brown eyes.

While Faith cinched on the belt holding Mr. Timmy rigidly at prominent display in front of her pussy, J-Lo stripped out of her jeans and whisked off her panties.

In the world of female fighting, there are two weapons that stand above all others in both effectiveness and the fear they cause in an enemy - Cat Bell's thunderous thighs and J-Lo's broad bottom. Poor Yamila was about to get a face full of the latter.

J-Lo positioned her feet just outside Yamila’s biceps, then stooped forward and collected the supermodel's ankles. She pulled Yamila’s legs up and locked her ankles under her armpits, then J-Lo slowly squatted down, folding Yamila’s limber body in half as she lowered her prodigious fanny onto the supermodel's blushing face.

J-Lo wiggled her butt to get comfortable, then began to rub her prime asset on the humiliated supermodel's face. She delighted in the sensation of Yamila's nose poking into her ass crack as she moved her hips rhythmically. When she forced Yamila's ankles down further, almost to her ears, Yamila's scrumptious ass rose up in the air, her crack spreading wide and waiting.

Faith knew it was time. She walked over and put her hands on the back of Yamila’s legs, leaned forward and with a savage grunt, plunged the vibrating Mr. Timmy deep into Yamila's butt! J-Lo continued to face smother the hysterical brunette as Faith pumped her hips as she recalled each and every moment of her humiliating afternoon, trapped in the back limo and later in the bedroom.

Faith couldn’t stop smiling as she brutally pounded the dildo deep and hard in Yamila's rapidly widening asshole. J-Lo and Faith's faces were inches apart as they worked their arch rival until suddenly, overcome with emotion, Faith grabbed the back of J-Lo’s head and pulled her forward, pressing her lips to Lopez's as they shared a deep, passionate, spontaneous tongue-twisting kiss.

With the bound, gagged and cum-faced Elsa watching in horror, Faith and J-Lo finally relented, letting Yamila’s trembling body slump to the floor where she curled into a fetal position and began to suck her thumb as rivers of mascara-tinted tears rolled down her face while she sobbed uncontrollably.

J-Lo found Teri's note and yanked it rudely from Elsa's bare chest.

"Well, Miss Faith,” Jennifer said as she waved the note. “We've got front row seats if we hurry."

"Let's clean up first,” Faith suggested. “How about a nice, long hot shower for two?"

J-Lo quickly agreed and they continued to explore their newfound feelings for one another in the hotel suite’s big, steaming shower as Heidi, Yamila and Elsa lay firmly bound and listened to the grunting, squealing and slapping of bare flesh on flesh coming through the open bathroom door.

J-Lo and Faith helped themselves to a couple of the outfits hanging in Heidi and Yamila's closet, flicked off the lights and headed toward Madison Square Garden to see Teri Clark in concert, making sure they left the evil trio bound and gagged behind the door still plastered with a prominent ‘DO NOT DISTURB!’ sign. Who knows, once the after-concert party started to wind down, perhaps they and Teri and some of Teri’s rough friends would return to party some more with the stuck-up supermodels?