Clashin' Angels: Farrah Fawcett vs. Cheryl Ladd by TNT

"What the hell are you doing here?"

Farrah's voice was shrill, angry and mixed with a bit of anxiousness as she unconsciously raised her hands to cover her breasts, forgetting she already had put on a tight T-shirt. Her beautiful eyes glanced furtively between the beautiful unwelcome, unexpected intruder and the long empty benches of the locker room. Everyone had left but she had hung around after a long afternoon playing tennis and swimming to talk with the other celebs and socialites sharing the plush surroundings.

"I hear you've been saying nasty mean things about me. I don't appreciate it Farrah and I expect you to keep your comments to yourself. I'm your replacement, hon. YOU blew it, YOU know it. You're OUT and I'm IN…deal with it BITCH!" Cheryl's pretty face grew dark, her demeanor meaner as she approached Farrah who had slid off the bench; slowly inching towards her.

"Listen, Cheryl, sweetie, you don't even come CLOSE to my CLASS; you're a shy, stupid girl with a pretty face. Do you see me huh? Look at ME!" Farrah pointed her finger at herself "AND look at THESE! See 'em? Guys fall over for these, they'd kill to even look at these!" Farrah sneered, her beautiful face contorted with anger and her luscious lips pursed erotically as she ran her tongue slowly over her lips as her fingertips fondled her erect nipples that were pushing hard against her bra and T-shirt. “MMMMmmmm," she moaned, imitating one of her ardent male fans drooling over her famous ‘nip poster.’

Farrah closed her eyes as she haughtily continued to tell her new replacement about her fame, fortune and fabulous body. Eyes closed, in love with herself, she was making a lot of mistakes. First, she had no idea what Cheryl's intentions were and second, she under-estimated her nemesis' strength. Cheryl stared at Farrah. She was beautiful, such gorgeous frosted hair, lovely face, legs, thighs, firm full breasts and oh yes; thick, erotic upturned famous nips. She wondered how sensitive they were to pain, whether she was as vulnerable to it as she was. She'd had already gotten into it with both Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith on separate occasions and both had beaten whipped and then stripped her every time! Jaclyn had brought her to submission attacking her nipples, it hurt like hell. The only thing even the slightest bit good about that fight had been how the lovely brunette made her feel afterward. She felt her nipples stiffen and a warm glow come over her just thinking about it.

"I deserve the position, you don't! Remember, you're SECOND BEST!" Farrah concluded.

As she opened her eyes, she started, feeling a bit anxious as she saw Cheryl's beautiful but angry face just inches from hers. Cheryl's breasts suddenly pushed against her.

"Ummmm…," she groaned as she felt two hard nubs, as hard or maybe harder than her own, pressing into her breasts.

Cheryl's nipples were maybe harder, but not as big. "I'm still the QUEEN...I'm better," Farrah told herself as she suddenly gave the other blonde a hard shove that sent her stumbling backward.

"Why, Farrah, how rude, I thought you'd be glad to see me," Cheryl laughed.

She tried to sound cool, collected; inside she was a ball of raw nerves, she'd heard Farrah was a mean, nasty dirty catfighter. She heard stories of how she fought beaten and stripped Stephanie Powers, Linda Evans, Dawn Wells and Barbara Eden. She had been beaten only once (other than Jaclyn and Kate) and that had been by Pam Grier who had stripped Farrah at a nightclub and then paraded her naked body in front of all the patrons as she took her into a back room for even more 'fun and games.' She wished she could have heard the whole scoop about that fight. She shuddered to think of herself fighting Pam and what Pam might do to her, but then again, maybe Pam would do some stuff that Jaclyn did to her after she had whipped her in that fight.

"Aren't you dressed oh, so pretty, Cheryl, you hot little babe?" Farrah taunted. Cheryl did look Fantastic! Her long luscious silky blonde hair had just been done; her makeup was perfect. She wore a low-cut silky colorful blouse, short tight skirt, nude pantyhose and heels; hardly the best outfit for a catfight.

"She's gonna be so much fun to strip," Farrah mused. Farrah's left hand dropped to her waist, she tugged at her short tight gym shorts, squeezed her tight ass cheek, admiring her firm body, her right hand had balled into a fist. She felt ready, a bit horny for some reason ,but more than ready to put her dumb-ass replacement into la-la land.

"Just so you know Farrah honey, the dude at the front desk is gone, so is the manager and I know the owner so I have connections and friends , just like you. Only I don't have to sleep with 'em like you do, you hot little horny blonde bitch!" Cheryl was snarling by the time she finished her "bring it on" speech and started to slip out of her heels; knowing from painful experience heels aren't the best footwear in a catfight.

"Whoops...uh!" WHAM! CRASH! Cheryl lost her balance as she removed a heel; Farrah charged, executing a perfect football "hit" lifting her off her feet and smashing her hard into a locker. "Uhhhhh...OHHHHH!" Cheryl moaned and grunted as hard fists slammed into her stomach again and again.

"Gosh you're so easy," Farrah laughed as she stepped back and laughed at the lovely blonde who rubbed her sore gut and looked so unpleasantly surprised. "Ha look at you, what a pussy," Farrah laughed, pointing.

"YIEEE....OWWW!" Flames of pain zipped from her finger to her shoulder joint. "OW! Leggo! Ughhhh!"

Cheryl had grabbed her finger and bent it back sharply, wrenching the overconfident blondes hand, wrist and arm at the same moment as her knee drove up and smashed into Farrah's crotch.

"OWWW! My nodes…my nodes! Ya busted my nodes," Farrah's frantic nasal cries bore witness to the damage of Cheryl's hard punch.

"Oh quit whining bitch," Cheryl hissed. "I don't' see any blood, do you?" she slammed her elbow down hard into the doubled, over Farrah's lower back. Farrah dropped to her knees still holding her nose with both hands.

"My oh my, is the great Farrah crying?" Cheryl snarled as she jerked her rivals head back via her hair, she looked into the hurting Farrah's tear-filled eyes. "Most think I can't fight. Well, after tonight you may change your mind, ever here of karate and fight schools, I'm pretty smart you know?"

Hours and hours of private secret instruction Cheryl had endured she did like to fight when she wasn't scared. She had even studied catfighting from a private secret friend. Her friend though would always end the lessons with such wonderful massages, her instructors body was almost as luscious as the one kneeling in front of her.

"RIIIIPPPPP!" the sound of one tight T-shirt being ripped off of one luscious blonde by another lovely blonde filled the locker-room.

"Damn you, I'm gonna get you Cheryl," Farrah snarled.

"Why Farrah, I never thought you wore bras," Cheryl mocked. She stared at the dainty white garment; the cups were fine lace, much too fine to wear to a gym. "You really are proud of those bumps," she hissed as she reached for the front of the bra.

THUNK. Farrah shot up and her head smacked Cheryl's chin, sending numerous brightly colored flooding her vision as pain coursed through her. Cheryl grunted, Farrah rubbed the top of her head, the numbing pain was worth the effort, Cheryl had dropped to the floor in a daze.

"Cheryl honey, if you wanna beat me you just gotta be more careful," Farrah buried her fingers deep into luscious golden hair; with a snarl and a heave she lifted the dazed angel to her feet. CRASH! Cheryl's back erupted in pain as she was slammed hard into a locker; her lower back pressed painfully into a locker handle; she squirmed.

"Let's see what ya got angel," Farrah snarled as she grabbed the front of Cheryl's blouse and tore it open sending buttons flying.

"Ughhhh...UHHHH!" Cheryl moaned as Farrah grabbed her breasts and squeezed the full mounds viciously, almost twisting them out of the sheer beige cups.

"How'd ya like this, huh, Cheryl? Anybody ever done this to you before? Maybe Jaclyn or Kate, huh?"

Cheryl shrieked in agony as Farrah continued her titty torture, breaking her bras shoulder straps, peeling her bra cups down slowly and mauling her breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples as she raised her leg and crushed and ground her knee into her pubic mound.

"Oh, wait, lets see, yes, I remember now, you wanted to fight me today, yes you wanted to kick my ass, you thought you could find me and beat me up, well you found me, Cheryl dear but you AIN'T fighting me and you sure as hell AIN'T beating me are ya, you stupid second-best blonde bimbo?"

A vicious head-butt, a painful double nipple twist; a punch to the lower stomach and Cheryl slowly sunk to the floor, a hurting, groaning, but oh so lovely, mess.

"Next time, you'll think twice before messing with the BEST, huh, girl?" she sneered, she grabbed Cheryl's limp arms raised them and placed her hands on her full breasts. "Feel em, Cheryl" these are the best boobs and by far the best nipples. Don't ya wish they were yours? Well, just sit there and think about it while I go party. Bye you stupid blonde angel and say hi to Charlie for me."

Cheryl stared at the departing Farrah through her blurry eyes. She hurt so bad, how could she have blown it?

"Oh crap, I forgot my purse," Farrah slammed to a skidding stop, the tires on her flashy sports car almost melted into the pavement as she peeled back toward the club. "Strange,” she thought. “I’m sure the door locked behind me.” No lights were on. “Poor Cheryl, she must have left already. Well, it sure was fun beating the snot out of my replacement." She eyed her gorgeous reflection in the mirror. She hadn't even bothered to put on the torn shirt on and had been driving around in her shorts and bra. "Could've gotten a ticket...nah, just a warning...if that. All cops , even the women, would do ANYTHING to get a look at my 'pride and joy' and these fabulous, famous, nipples. I think I left my purse right over ther...."AIIIEEEEE!"

Major, no MAJOR pain exploded into her body from someone or something lurking in the dark shadowy room.

"Remember me? Too bad you forgot your stupid purse bitch!" the sore angry Cheryl was now all business; her sore body, her big mistakes, her carelessness had morphed into careful analysis, an encouraging call both to her fight class instructor and the secret catfight instructor. It was go for broke and "take no prisoners" time. A hundred fists (so it seemed) attacked Farrah, painfully connecting with her head, face, stomach, ribs, breasts and legs. A strong arm wrapped around her neck and she gasped, grunted. Yes it was Cheryl, her perfume was quite tantalizing, or was that another smell? "You're mine now Farrah and you're gonna know it by the time we're done talking".

"UHHHH!" Farrah groaned as she struggled to get away as a hard knee pressed painfully into her thigh. Pressure was building against her throat; her right breast was on fire as strong fingers pinched her erect nipple painfully through her bra; two firm breasts, their hard nipples seemed to dig into her back.

"Nooooo! Let go...stop plea...ARGH!" Farrah's protest and plea turned into an agonized groan then a gasp as the hold turned into a choke hold. Wham.

"Wha...what? UHHHHH!" the bright lights, the head and jaw, pain.

"Why Farrah, it's about time you woke up, have a nice nap?" Farrah looked around, Cheryl was standing beside her looking smug, angry, confident. She tried not to show it, but she did admire her replacements beautiful body; Cheryl was topless, her beautiful breasts though bearing ugly scratches and welts were fantastic. "But her nipples don't come close to mine," Farrah thought.

"I know you think yours are the best...well now we'll see," Cheryl snarled.

Farrah felt her face flush, how the hell did Cheryl know what she was thinking? (Hint, punched out catfighters often say what their minds think)

"Get your sorry ass up and lets fight now for real," Cheryl snapped, as she took a strange unique defensive stance. "What the hell is that?" Farrah giggled as she jumped to her feet. She was eager to beat this bitch and get on with her evening.

"Take a decent stance Cheryl here I come," Farrah gave Cheryl a chance to really get ready, then lunged.

"WHOA YEAHHHHH!" Farrah found herself flying head over heels, her upturned tush smashed into the wall, her legs pointing skyward flew apart. THUD.Pain, pure, exquisite pain exploded in her crotch as Cheryl's hard foot smashed between her legs. Her two feet felt like they were being torn from her legs as Cheryl wrenched her ankle joints unmercifully then smashed her crotch three more times.

"NOOOOO!" Farrah yelped as Cheryl grabbed her by her bra's shoulder straps and jerked her up. Amazingly, her bra stretched but didn't break, but the cups snapped back hard, half covering one breast but leaving the luscious nipple exposed. Cheryl took aim, her third knuckle hit the nub squarely.

"Yep…yours are sensitive just like mine," Cheryl chirped as Farrah's scream almost shattered her eardrums.

Cheryl's fist slammed into Farrah's jaw three times before a vicious hair-pull sent her head smashing into the wall. Farrah dropped to her knees and a kick to her ribs sent her flying. Cheryl watched and waited as Farrah started to crawl slowly, then faster.

"Gotcha," Cheryl shouted as she grabbed Farrah's legs, then her shorts and pulled them off the fleeing screaming original angel, leaving her in sexy French-cut cheek revealing panties.

"No please...I give...just let me be please? You're the angel now," Farrah moaned as Cheryl angrily pulled her backwards by her legs, Farrah's breasts rubbed against the carpet; her bra was barely covering her treasures as Cheryl yanked her to her feet and delivered several hard slaps.

"Still don't think I can fight, Farrah? Maybe I can change your about this?"

Cheryl feinted a punch to Farrah's face; Farrah weakly, slowly raised her arms for a block; Cheryl dropped down and fired a vicious punch deep into Farrah's gut. Farrah grunted and sucked air.

"My, my, the great and mighty Farrah Fawcett, all bent over sucking air, how cute," Cheryl cackled. "Wouldn't your fans love to see this, or maybe better THIS?" She grabbed Farrah's bra and yanked it hard, stretching it, holding the stretch then stretching and jerking some more until the bra broke under the stress. Farrah screamed as Cheryl shot a perfect uppercut to her chin snapping her head back.

"Uhhhhh! OFFFFFHHHH!" Cheryl grabbed Farrah by the boobs, squeezed the mounds hard and backed her slowly into a wall. "My, oh my, these nipples are nice thick, hard see how they jut. Yeah, I bet guys really love these, huh? Did you use these to become an angel, huh?" Cheryl snarled as she pinched Farrah's nipples so hard that her fingers hurt. Farrah's face was turning from bright red to pale white, she felt weak, too weak to scream.

"Oh gawwwwd....pleaseeeee stop," Farrah's desperate frantic pleas were barely a whisper. Her beautiful eyes were filled with tears.

"OK, time to switch, you've had enough of that for a while I gues...AIIIIEEE!" Farrah's new scream was so loud Cheryl stepped back and smiled as her fingers tightened the excruciatingly expertly applied pussy claw. Seeing and heeding her captives plea for mercy she had switched tactics. The top of her hand pressed against her captives pubic mound, the silky pubes felt quite erotic. Farrah's squirming and whimpering gave evidence that Cheryl was a fast learner in the study of applied catfighting techniques. She wondered if they actually gave certificates or diplomas for this kind of thing, it was fun. Soon Farrah was begging, pleading for mercy again.

"Am I the best fighter Farrah, eh?"

"Yes, YES, oh gawwwwwd yes, let go, please Cheryl?"

Cheryl snapped a headbutt into her rivals forehead, then released her, ripping off Farrah's panties as she dropped into a lovely sobbing heap. Cheryl slipped out of her skirt and torn pantyhose, licked her lips, reached down grabbed Farrah by the hair and jerked her to her feet.

"Just one more question Farrah, or should I say QUEEN FARRAH! A humble newcomer like me should demonstrate proper respect for the greatest."

Her mocking sarcasm stopped with a vicious backhand that sent Farrah reeling backwards. She lunged, grabbed Farrah by the throat and pulled her into a most tight bearhug; four luscious breasts smashed together; she wrapped her arms around Farrah's upper back; she had trapped her arms at her sides. She squeezed hard and Farrah groaned. She felt Farrah's erect nipples give in against her own smaller but harder nipples. She leaned her head back; "Look at me Farrah...look at me!"

Farrah looked up, her eyes gave testimony that she was defeated, ready to concede.

"Uhhhh, I give...I give," Farrah moaned as she felt her back creak.

"You give yes, but who's the best? Who's got the best know Farrah, the best TITS?"

Farrah's eyes perked up, she seemed to get life back somewhat. "Me, me... MEEE! I've got the best boobs!" she said, barely able to get the words past her lips.

WHUMP! “Wrong answer, bitch!” Cheryl angrily hooked her leg around Farrah's, took her to the floor, jumped on her waist and went to work slapping her face, pulling her hair, slapping punching twisting her breasts and huge nipples until Farrah was again pleading. Cheryl stopped her attack, grabbed Farrah's breasts at the base and squeezed as hard as she could, forcing her two famous nipples to jut out to the max. Then Cheryl cupped the left breast in both hands as she leaned down and sucked the nipple into her mouth, clamping down between her pearly whites.

"Ouchhhh...OKeeee you do! You have the best...I give," Cheryl held the hold for a couple of minutes; Farrah sweat bullets, being two scared to whimper, to talk, to beg.

"Stand up loser," Cheryl demanded. She liked the word loser, especially when applied to the great Farrah. Four punches, two to each breast, brought Farrah to her second recognition of who the winner was. "Now its your time to give a little honor, a little recognition. Do it well or you WILL lose a couple of very precious things tonight Miss Loser Farrah!" A solid punch to Farrah's chin, a hair-pull brought Farrah's bowing submissive head to Cheryl's lovely chest. "Pay homage....double homage loser," she snapped and Farrah's lips quickly engulfed her hard erect pink nipple.

Cheryl moaned. Farrah didn't need a lot of encouragement as she honored the new angel on the block with her lips, her tongues her words. "Gosh, I am really, really sensitive right there," Cheryl gasped; as her body filled with tingly lightning and she began to shake. "My nips are now the best; I AM the Queen...Harder, harder! Suck harder slave FARRAH!"
Rematch: Cheryl Ladd vs. Farrah Fawcett by TNT

"My, my, this place must really be for losers," the arrogant nasty words came from the beautiful blondes lips, flew across the room and penetrated deep into the sexy blondes heart for whom the evil messengers were intended.

Farrah Fawcett looked over to see her uppity spiteful replacement Cheryl Ladd. She bit her lip, tried hard to ignore the righteous anger bubbling up in her heart. She was still angry that she had been replaced in her starring Charlie's Angel role, especially by such a gal as Cheryl Ladd. She didn't know Cheryl but she knew about her; her arrogance and her uppity self-conceit. How she pretended to be so innocent, but really knew she was beautiful and loved to flaunt her beauty. What a babe to be taught a lesson, a good lesson, the female-to-female kind of teaching.

Both Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson couldn't stomach her. They had each gotten into a brief name-calling, face-slapping, hair-pulling skirmish with her. They wanted it to continue, to really go at it, but alas, the darn security guards and set people. They each had told Farrah how awful she was; innocent, pretty on the outside; haughty, arrogant and mean on the inside.

"You'd better leave this place, my dear Farrah, go make another hot poster or something, I don't want you hanging around here, this place is for us real angels. The new "in" crowd-get lost," Cheryl raised her hands and with a "shooing, get out of here motion," offered up a snarling sneer to the lovely Farrah. Farrah stared at the bikini-clad blonde beauty. She looked around, strangely the other guests had disappeared. Only she and "smart-ass" remained.

"I don't have to leave, this place is still open to me even if it is supposed to be exclusive to us angels. Hell, I'm still an angel, bitch." Farrah continued.

She pulled down her tight t-shirt-her erect nipples pushed through the thin gray material. She rubbed the moist cocoa-butter lotion into her gorgeous long legs, tossed her head, her beautiful frosted blonde mane blowing sensuously in the California breeze. She was at the beach house-only a few select guests could be there at one time; the huge pool was a refuge for the "angels" on weekends and after lengthy energy-draining shoots of their popular "Charlie's Angels" series.

Cheryl was there almost all the time. Farrah who had been depressed and angry since losing her starring role had decided to drop by and enjoy the wonderful amenity that was still her option if she chose. The few guests that were there earlier had left one by one. Farrah was soaking in the sun and earlier had sunbathed topless. When she put her tee back on, everybody left. Cheryl had slipped in quietly, spotted Farrah and began the smart-ass comment routine hoping to humiliate her. She couldn't stand competition, especially one so beautiful as Farrah.

"C'mon Cheryl you arrogant bitch, lets settle this like women," Farrah challenged as she stood to her feet motioning her rival.

Cheryl jumped to her feet; she adjusted her bikini as she approached her blonde counterpart. She looked gorgeous, her tan was coming along nicely. She couldn't wait to pound Farrah, to slap her, to strip her, throw her in the pool and yes, maybe even drown her.

"Yeiahhhh" Cheryl lunged at Farrah, grabbed her hair; Farrah returned the favor burying her fingers deep into Cheryl's silky long blonde hair. The two pulled each others beautiful blonde manes viciously, their long luscious legs did their own battle for control; shuffling, shifting, stretching, straining to gain the edge and maybe send the other into the pool or at least knock her off balance. Cheryl's full breasts bulged out of her bikini top.

"Uhhhhhh! Ohhhhh…ahhhhh!" the two grunted erotic groans and moans as they battled for control; in a sudden calculated lightning fast move, Farrah broke Cheryl's hold, grabbed her arm, twisted it and wrenched it behind her back.

"Ughhhhh, you bitch, you has-been…let me go," Cheryl hissed as she squirmed.

"Never, I'm gonna make you pay; make you beg; make you kiss my feet," Farrah snarled; she couldn't believe the growing rage she felt; still twisting Cheryl's arm behind her she reached up grabbed her in a chin lock and bent her backwards; she looked down at Cheryl's bulging breasts.

"My boobs are much better than your firm little peaches, my boobs and nipples are famous," she snarled. She marched the screaming blonde to the pools edge.

"Does the DIP wanna take a dip?" she laughed.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" the cold water engulfed the screaming blonde; Farrah threw her into the deep end; Cheryl panicked, came up for air, and swam towards the shallower end. She surfaced in shoulder-deep water, looked around. Farrah had disappeared.

"Where'd the slut go?" she asked herself aloud.


"The slut's right here! Hi bitch, lets take a dive, shall we hon," Farrah's words barely registered before Cheryl's scalp exploded in fire and she felt herself pulled underwater. A fantastic underwater struggle ensued as Cheryl tried desperately to surface but felt angry fingers yanking at her silky wet hair and strong legs wrapped around her waist. Two sets of angry twisting, squeezing pinching fingers slipped under her bikini top and clamped down onto her nipples which exploded in pain as Farrah twisted and pinched ferociously. Amidst the pain and ferocious attack, her muscles stretched as she tried desperately to surface to suck precious air.

"Glurgbhhh! Grwrrrmbh!" Groans of pain and agony and screams for air bubbled to the surface as the two lovely blondes fought furiously underwater; one attacking the others face, breasts and nipples, the second flailing arms, elbows, legs trying to do enough damage to end the attack on her and escape.

A hard elbow smashed back hitting Farrah directly in the left breast causing her to release one of her rivals breasts. Cheryl frantically dug her nails into her attackers other hand; Farrah released her hold; Cheryl surfaced gasping gulps of precious air. She moved towards the buoy rope marking the shallow end.

"ARGHHHHH" two strong arms yanked at her feet, Farrah had made a quick recovery and pulled Cheryl under; this time she grabbed her rival around the waist, one hand applied a painful crotch claw. Strong fingers digging through the thin bikini bottoms fabric, the other hand returning to a firm breast, the fingers twisting, pinching the erect nipple.

"Damn! Ouchhhh! Must break frAIEEEEEE!" screams not uttered aloud but echoing through her frantic mind. Cheryl was desperate. She grabbed for a Farrah's leg, a miss, another grab, got it…a desperate stretch, the foot, with all her might Cheryl wrenched the foot, twisting both ankle and foot painfully.

Memo to Farrah, no matter the pain, do not open mouth to scream while underwater. The gorgeous blonde attacker gasped, sputtered as her mouth and nose filled with water. Her hands released their sensitive tender captives. Fortunately Cheryl needed air worse than her; she released Farrah's foot as she broke the surface and sucked air. Farrah followed suit, gasping, coughing, rubbing her eyes that were burning from the strong chlorine.

The sounds of her attacker's coughing, gasping for air and pained groaning seemed to give new energy to Cheryl; she spun around grabbed Farrah by the hair jerked her forward and punched her hard in the face. A vicious hair-pull and a downward push, she held the flailing squirming Farrah underwater, finally jerking the gasping moaning beauty out; she jerked Farrah's head back viciously via her hair and clamped her fingers onto her breast-squeezing the firm mound hard through the soaked t-shirt, her fingernails digging in deep. Farrah squealed in agony. Cheryl felt the hard thick nipple press against her palm. It seemed to be growing a bit with each painful squeeze. She chuckled. "Gosh, I'm squeezing such a famous tit," she sneered.

"Damn you Cheryl, I'm gonna k…glurmmmbbb….glurmmmmbbb"

"Not talking too clearly today are we?" Cheryl laughed as she held her rival under the water for a second time; bubbles-desperate bubbles from a flailing blonde beauty-surfaced-the dunking lesson was repeated two more times-leaving Farrah quite weak, wobbly and vulnerable. Cheryl gave her a hard push; Farrah went backwards into the water, gulping, groaning, forgetting the wise memo she had made to herself concerning not yelling and going into the depths at the same time. Gasping, sputtering, coughing she made her escape heading for the buoy rope and the shallow end; her hands just about on the rope-she felt her pain in her scalp and a hard pull on the back of her t-shirt.

"NOOOOO! UGHHHH!" Cheryl grabbed her-had this pretty but weak blonde bimbo gained strength or was she just losing hers? Angry fast fingers yanked at her t-shirt-jerked it upward-she felt the drenched gray material engulf her face-blind her vision-incapacitate her arms-all was gray; her chest exploded in pain-her nipples were aflame; "Such beautiful boobs-firm-round-and such big hard nipples-is this why your fans loved you-gosh Farrah-ever think about showing off these big grapes-maybe in a poster-how about in a wet t-shirt?"

Cheryl's taunts and teasing were accompanied by excruciatingly painful nipple pinches pulls and twists-Cheryl pinched the thick hard nubs between her nails-causing the lovely Farrah to scream, shriek and squirm in total agony. "Oh gawwwwwd-Cheryl stop it pleaseeeeeee".

"Farrah, hon, I thought you were gonna have me begging for mercy? What's wrong, you're getting your pretty butt - or should I say your pretty jugs - beaten by a wimpy blonde who was YOUR replacement," Cheryl cackled.

She wrapped her arms around Farrah's ribs, squeezing hard-relishing the fact that her rival was now squirming, pleading, her incapacitated arms moved helplessly high above her head. She shoved Farrah forward, pushed her down just far enough to force her tender breasts to mash against the rough rope.

"Damn you bitch," Farrah bawled but her protest turned to screams when Cheryl worked her fingers into her shorts to tug her pubic hair. "AIEEEEE! I give! I give….stop it! Leggo…puhLEEEzeeee?"

Farrah couldn't believe she was giving up-to such an arrogant wimp.

Elated and beside herself with joy that she had actually beaten another woman, Cheryl gave a final tug at Farrah's erect nipple and pubic hair.

"So glad to hear you say I'm the best-the victor-and so much better than you, Farrah girl," she chirped. She playfully grabbed Farrah's t-shirt and pulled it off freeing her rival up as well as rendering her topless. "You are really pretty," Cheryl said as Farrah turned to face her; her gaze zeroed in on Farrah's beautiful breasts and the erotic thick perfect upturned nipples. She sighed as she watched her own hands as if being moved by an unseen force reach up, gently cup her rivals breasts and begin to caress and tweak the hard nubs. Farrah moaned, smiled.

"Yes, I guess you are the best-the best at catfighting-you got the best body," Farrah said, the slightest hint of mischievous mockery in her voice.

Cheryl said, "Are you making fun of me?"

"Why no, Cheryl dear, why would I make fun of you-such a gorgeous knockout blonde bombshell-after all, every gal in America has a poster of you in her bedroom," she taunted-Cheryl flinched as Farrah reached up and tugged at her bikini tops thin shoulder straps-she tugged just enough to begin to expose the blondes nipples. She reached up, pinched the stiff nubs firmly-Cheryl groaned with mostly pain, some pleasure.

"You beat me fair and square in the fight thing-but what about the other contest?" she chuckled as she returned her hands to her side.

"And just what contest is that?" Cheryl asked-she was getting angry enough to go at the uppity, taunting Farrah again.

"Why the test of strength-everyone knows you're a true weakling-that I am much, much stronger-I mean-I DO HAVE the best body-the most muscle-the ultimate sexy hard body-the other angels know it, Charlie knows it-everyone knows it."

"That does it-I'm tired of your attitude-how do we do this thing-this contest-this test of strength?" Cheryl snapped; her face was turning red with anger; she readjusted her bikini to cover her lovely breasts-she found herself just inches from Farrah-pointing her finger hard into her chest-between her breasts-she bit back the impulse to grab Farrah's boobs and twist them hard.

"Okay then-IF you want to do this-it'll prove who's best-who the real woman is-Hold up your hands-spread your fingers."

Cheryl raised her hands, spread her fingers-Farrah did the same-"Pay attention, blondie-follow my instructions-if you know how to do it-it is simple-but you just may have a hard time figuring it out" Farrah's comments were designed to anger Cheryl-the strategy was succeeding-the two were standing in water just above their waists.

"Place your hands on mine-lock fingers like this; when I say Go-we try to force the other to give-or down into the water-got it?"

The two blonde beauties locked fingers-their arms pointing out and upwards.

"Ready, set, go!"

"Uhhhhh! OHHHHH! Aahhhh…"

The erotic sight of two gorgeous blondes locked in a test of strength; one topless the other in a bikini that barely contained her beautiful firm breasts, grunting, groaning and moaning in most sensual guttural tones as they battled for control-small splashes of water-as beautiful long legs maneuvered underwater. Cheryl was soon in trouble as her back, shoulder and arm muscles were at full tension. Farrah at the peak of physical condition was enjoying the contest immensely; every gorgeous muscle tightened as she slowly forced her lovely blonde rival down. Then she suddenly lunged forward and pulled her rivals arms out to the sides, her full bare breasts smashing into Cheryl's!

"Uhhhhh…ooooh!" Cheryl moaned as Farrah's firm mounds smacked into hers and she felt Farrah's hard thick nipples stab into her breasts, pushing her smaller nipples back into her breasts, inverting them! "Gawwwwd you're strong," Cheryl gasped; not sure her words were audible. Still, she groaned and moaned as she felt her angry opponent forcing her slowly down as her knees buckled under the weight and power of Farrah's body.

"GOTCHA!" Farrah exhaulted as she heard Cheryl scream when she went completely down. She released her fingerlock-an angry Cheryl rocketed to her full posture and swung her fist at Farrah; Farrah ducked barely escaping the angry punch; her own fist smacked into Cheryl's chin snapping her head back.

"Sore loser are we, Cheryl honey?" Farrah shouted.

Cheryl shook her head clearing the cobwebs and lunged at Farrah again; Farrah's leg hooked the attacking blondes and down she went, gulping water, like the experienced catfighter she was Farrah put the moves on her lovely rival.

"Nooooo, gasp, cough, no!" Cheryl gasped, sputtered and protested as she surfaced feeling eager fingers tug at her bikini string, untying the knot, ripping the top off and quickly wrapping it around the now topless victims throat. A hard tug backwards, two eager hands cupped Cheryl's full breasts; the tall slender blonde screamed, kicked, squirmed and tried desperately to pry Farrah's squeezing, twisting, clawing talons from her beautiful breasts.

"Kinda like milking a cow on my Uncles farm," Farrah taunted as she moved Cheryl to the buoy rope, milking and mauling her breasts with each forward step. The dangling strings of the bikini made an excellent binding for Cheryl; she screamed frantically, her neck and head were quickly bound to the rope; her wildly kicking legs naturally rose to the surface. Farrah grabbed the legs pulled them together and suddenly reached out to grab something, it was her own t-shirt.

"Hmmmm, gonna be creative, Cheryl. A good catfighter's always creative. You may wanna note that in your pretty little blonde head. Gotta feeling you're gonna have lots of fights, not with me of course, but maybe the other Angels." (Her prediction came true many times over as Cheryl fought, was beaten, stripped and humiliated by every "Angel" on the series at least once - more often by Kate Jackson who took upon herself the pleasurabel role of being Cheryl's personal tormentress!)

Farrah grunted as she ripped her wet t-shirt to make a rather convenient binding which she used to tie Cheryl's ankles, then moved her long bound legs over.

"Yes, how nice; gonna tie you to this ladder, convenient for me and the ones who find you, don't want you to drown, you pretty little smart-ass bitch," Farrah felt quite content and happy, but not yet completely satisfied.

She slipped next to the bound beauty who had to keep your head up a bit to keep from gulping water. "You are quite pretty, though not as pretty as me, Cheryl." She cupped Cheryl's breasts, leaned forward and kissed each nipple. Cheryl moaned, Farrah twirled her tongue around the nub, then began to suck. "Damn you, stop it Farrah….please stop?"

Cheryl wasn't sure how to appeal to Farrah-with threats or pleadings-she gasped with each tease, hungry kiss and suck. Farrah smiled mischievously as she slid her hand slowly down Cheryl's tight abs, then underneath her bikini bottoms-she tugged at her captives silky pubes. Cheryl moaned with embarrassed pain.

"Turnabout's fair play, especially in catfights and all female conversations understand, angel girl? Just ask Charlie."

"Yieeeeeee!" Cheryl shrieked as her groin exploded in fiery heat. Through blurry tear-filled eyes she saw Farrah hold up a handful of light colored fluff. Suddenly in her agonized daze she realized just what the "fluff" was.

"Winners always strip losers naked, at least in this game," Farrah snarled as she grabbed her rivals bikini panties and tore them off.

"Whoops, I just remembered what time it is. I've gotta run, don't worry Cheryl dear, you'll have company very soon."

Farrah gave her whimpering frightened naked blonde rival a kiss, two painful nipple pinches and a quick humiliating crotch-claw/squeeze before jumping out of the pool, changing into her evening party clothes and exiting the wonderful exclusive beach house.

"Oh, girls, I left you a special treat…enjoy," she laughed as she jumped into her hot red sports car and addressed the two lovely gals who had just arrived.

"Wonder what kind of a treat she left us? I can't wait to find out," Kate Jackson told a puzzled Jaclyn Smith.