Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinsky by Mason (03-Aug-99)

In public, Hillary Clinton showed no animosity toward Monica Lewinsky, but privately, the First Lady seethed in rage whenever Lewinsky's name was mentioned. In a very large way, she had stolen something that had belonged to her, and after months of penting up her hatred, Hillary arranged a face-to-face meeting with Monica, "to settle their differences" but each one knew what was in store. They would meet at midnight, in a small apartment on the outskirts of Washington. Monica pushed open the door, finding Hillary already there, sitting in a comfortable easy chair.

"Well, well," Monica purred cattily, "I've always wondering what it be like to meet you in person."

Hillary's face wore a granite expression as she came toward her husband's former lover.

"I've been waiting for this for a long time, Monica," she said back.

Hillary extended her right hand, and Monica did the same, and their hands came together briefly.

"You didn't ask me here to talk, did you Hillary?"

"I think you know why, Monica. Its time we found out who the better woman is."

"Then lets do what we came here for, Hillary" Monica replied, pulling off her coat.

Backing up to opposite corners of the room, both women began peeling off their clothing. Hillary Clinton, now over fifty, still had a good figure, slender and toned, with very small breasts and dime-sized nipples. Monica Lewinsky, on the other hand, had shed some pounds, but was still a big girl. Her breasts were huge compared to Hillary's, pendulous globes of creamy titflesh with enormous nipples. As the two women slowly circled one another, Hillary reached down and slid her wedding ring off her third finger and slipped it onto her right hand, her middle finger, her large diamond facing up. Monica wore no rings. Both ladies squared off, the most powerful women in the world against a former intern.

"C'mon you two bit whore. You want to do this as much as I do." Hillary snarled.

Monica said in a much louder voice, "Who you calling a whore, bitch?? Come on over here see what your hubby treated himself to!!"

"Go to hell you fucking cunt!!!!" Hillary fired back.

"Why don't you come over her and make me you old bitch!!!", Monica spat back at Hillary as Hillary advanced slowly towards her.

Hillary came right up to Monica and they had heated words as they stood chin to chin.

"I'll wipe the floor with your sorry ass, bitch," Monica cried.

Hillary replied, "You and what fucking army, cunt??"

The two angry ladies stepped back from each other and started circling slowly as they raised their arms up in fighting stances, Monica threw the first blow, targeting Hillary's face, but Hillary easily blocked it and fired a left hook to Monica's face that sent the brunette stumbling backwards. Hillary charged in and started swinging wildly at Monica's head, knocking her back against a table and bending her backwards over it with a solid right to her chin. Hillary stepped back and admired her handiwork as Monica wiped blood from her upper lip off her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Is that it, bitch??", she asked as she stood with her hands ready to fight some more. Monica's answer was in the form of a kick that slammed into the right side of Hillary's ribs. As Hillary bent in pain Monica's right fist came flying around and over Hillary's attempted block and snapped the blonde's head to the side as Monica's knuckles rammed hard into Hillary's left cheek.

Monica charged forward and smashed a blow into Hillary's belly, then stepped back and straightened her out with an uppercut to the chin that staggered Hillary, causing her knee's to wobble under her.. Monica grabbed Hillary's thick blonde tresses with one hand and swung her around, smashing the First Lady onto the wall, and then tried to smash her head against it, as Hillary struggled with her. After a brief struggle she slowly started to force Hillary's head down when Hillary's fist's smashed into Monica's unprotected tits. Lewinsky cried out as her first her left breast and then her right one were given crushing blows by her foe.

Though they obviously hurt and paused her for a second, the blows failed to stop her from bouncing Hillary's face off the wall and then tossing Hillary away from by the hair, sending Hillary backwards, trying to keep her balance till she fell back and landed on her shapely ass. A trickle of blood started to run from Hillary's left nostril down to her mouth as fury filled the blonde's eyes. Monica was rubbing her right breast as she slowly stalked forward as Hillary rose quickly to her feet.

Monica suddenly charged at Hillary and tackled her down onto the hard floor, but Hillary managed to twist as they fell and it was Monica who took the brunt of the fall on her shoulder, crying out in pain as she wrapped her hefty arms around Hillary's waist and twisted her off of her. Hillary squirmed between Monica's arms then smashed her elbow down right into Monica's left eye causing Monica to release her.

Hillary wrestled Monica till she was able to wrap her legs around Monica's waist. She smiled as Monica yelled in pain as her sexy legs crushed her but good, and she grabbed Monica's head by the hair in the back and smashed her face onto the hard floor. Monica twisted in time to avoid getting her face mashed, but her ear took the hardest part of the blow and she cried out in pain.

"How's that fucking feel, you slut???" Hillary taunted Monica who was stunned from the blow.

Hillary's leg muscles were taut as she applied even more pressure to the brunette's waist as Monica's clear polished fingernails clawed at Hillary's legs, leaving long red scratches. While Monica's hands were on her legs Hillary reached around and ripped into Monica's breasts and started raking her short sharp nails across them as Monica bellowed in pain and quickly reached for her arms to stop her. Hillary slammed her fist against Monica's ear, then socked in the side of the face on the other side and had Monica stunned and seeing stars.

"Bet you don't like this too much," Hillary taunted as she latched onto each of Monica's breasts and dug her nails in deeply, bringing Monica out of her stupor and screaming in utter agony.

Monica was in deep trouble as Hillary tore into he breasts with her nails and continued to crush her sides with her powerful scissors.

Monica Lewinsky moaned in pain as she pulled Hillary Clinton's hands from her breasts only to have Hillary latch on again each time. Suddenly Monica screamed at the top of her lungs as Hillary's leg scissors became too tight and her ribs threatened to crack. Still, Hillary only loosened her legs slightly and she continued to assault poor Monica's breasts as she crushed the brunette's body. Just when every atom of oxygen was gone from Monica's lungs, Hillary unlocked her ankles and kicked the hefty girl away.

Hillary Clinton unleashed a punch that crashed into Monica Lewinsky's right cheek, stunning her as Hillary sent a right uppercut into the underside if her foe's left breast that buried deeply into the large breast before sending it on a painful upward journey. Monica gasped in pain at the hard blow as Hillary sent her knee crashing into the brunette's belly. Hillary ripped off Monica's bra and used it to start choking her rival, as she brought her knee up and into the center of Monica's breasts.

A loud moan drifted across the room after the savage knee to her breasts as Monica tore at her bra, still wrapped around her throat, Hillary looking triumphant as she again sent her knee crashing in between the cleavage of Monica's breasts. Starting to choke, Monica cocks her fist back and unleashes a punch to Hillary's cunt with all her might, but Hillary sees it at the last second and twists out if the way, taking the blow on her thigh, but loosing her grip on her foe's bra still wrapped around her neck.

Hillary grabs one handful of hair and rips back Monica's head by it, slamming her fist into her face as she cries, "You BITCH! Now your gonna find out the fury of this scorned woman!!!!!"

Hillary added another punch, this time splitting open Monica's lower lip. Blood poured down her breasts from her mouth as Monica's head came forward.

Hillary cocked her fist back again just as Monica's fist found her right breast and smashed into it right through her thick nipple, stunning her for a half second. That was all her younger rival needed as she forearmed Hillary in the face, then kneed her in the pussy, sending the older blonde onto the couch holding her hands over her pussy. Monica dove right on Hillary, taking a raking of her right breast in retaliation as Hillary's sharp nails bite in deeply, leaving some bloody trail marks as Monica covered her wounded breast from further attacks. Hillary wrapped her legs around Monica's waist and started squeezing for all she was worth again, her legs getting clawed by Monica as Hillary locked ankles and really poured it on, delighting in the moan of pain that escapes her rival's lips as she claws again at the legs that bind her.

Hillary sank her short manicured nails deeply into both of Monica's breasts and proceeds to tear them all around her chest as Monica moans in pain and rips open Hillary's white silk bra with a one handed rake of her nails.

"You're mine now, BITCH!!!" seethes Hillary. "I'm gonna make you wish you didn't have any breasts!" Hillary screams, ripping both tits up towards Monica's neck by the nipples, then tearing them downwards as her rival cried out in pain.

Hillary rams the big breasts together, Monica's face telling the story of how much it hurts. But as Hillary attempts to slam the huge breasts together again Monica's cocks back both arms and drives her fists deeply into each of Hillary's small breasts, then covered the blonde's throbbing breasts with hard scratches and cuts.

With a loud, painful scream, Hillary grudging lets both breasts fall from her fingers, as Monica's fists continue pounding at both breasts at once like she is playing the bongos. Monica just keeps the pace going as Hillary now tries desperately to defend her A-cup breasts from Monica's flying fists, adding some counter-punches to Monica's large breasts that have Lewinsky wincing in pain, but Monica continues to rip punches into Hillary's sensitive breasts while Hillary's attack on her tender mammaries is all but forgotten. As a devastated Hillary's legs snap open, Monica sends her left hand down and into Hillary's pussy, Hillary's cries reaching new highs as her cunt lips are pulled and stretched by her angry rival.

Monica pulls Hillary off the couch by her nipples, relishing her cries for mercy till she drapes her breasts over the arm of the couch and brings her elbow down onto each breast as Hillary erupts in agony and falls to the rug clutching her injured breasts. Monica stands up and enjoys the sight of Hillary rocking back and forth moaning in utter agony as she gingerly cups her wounded breasts in her hands.

Monica suddenly leaped into the air, and smashed down on Hillary's body, driving her knee in between Hillary's legs knocking her backwards in surprise and pain. Monica slammed her fist into her mouth, stunning her for a second, then drove her knee hard into her stomach doubling her over in pain. She grabbed two handfuls of Hillary's short blonde hair and pulled her across the room, slamming her head into a desk then bringing her knee up and into her chest, sending her flying backwards until the older blonde crashed to the floor. Hillary fell to her knees, moaning in pain as Monica advanced towards her with a smile on her lips.

Lewinsky reached down and grabbed Clinton by the hair, slamming her head backwards into the desk but as she pulled her head forward for another head rattling smash, Hillary uppercutted her right in the pussy with all the power she could muster. Hillary's fist drove hard and deep into Monica's groin, spreading her vagina lips painfully. While she was not knocked off her feet, Monica's face turned white and she fell back clutching her injured cunt and fell onto her ass as Hillary struggled to rise, shaking her head to clear it, she grabbed at the sides of the desk for
support as she rose.

Hillary cracked her hand across Monica's bloodied face before hauling the brunette to her feet. Although dizzy with pain, Monica went into action immediately, grabbing a handful of Hillary's hair and tossed her into the wall, where she drilled Clinton in the stomach with a hard left and then slammed the same fist into her face, knocking the blonde's head into the wall, stunning her.

Monica wasted no time as she started to punch her in the face repeatedly, knocking her head back and forth like a rag doll's from the force of her punches. Blood flew from Hillary's torn mouth as Monica punched away hard. Hillary struggled to free herself as Monica let loose a left roundhouse that crashed into the right side of her cheek, rattling her teeth as it drove her backwards. The blonde swore loudly as she crashed to the ground in a heap, unable to stop her fall she bore the brunt on her left shoulder.

Monica added some kicks to her sides, eliciting some moans from Hillary as her feet dug deeply and painfully into her kidneys and back. Monica reached down and grabbed a handful of hair in her right hand and used her left to send slap after slap at Hillary's already puffed and bruised face. Hillary was defenseless, her nose and lips trickling blood from some of Monica's blows.

Monica dragged the kicking and screaming blonde to her feet, winding her right fist up for a punch that Hillary Clinton beat her to. Hillary slammed Monica Lewinsky squarely in the mouth, knocking her head back and sent her stumbling back a step as Hillary dove at Monica and taking her to the ground with her hands locked in her hair.

Hillary ripped Monica's head around, then used her hold to position Monica between her legs , wrapping them tightly around her waist as she tore at another fistful of hair from her brunette opponent. Monica's fists pounded on Hillary's breasts and face, a small trickle of blood began seeping from Hillary's cracked nose.

Then, while Hillary was slightly stunned, Monica attacked her nipples with her nails. Hillary was brought back to reality as Monica's nails found her areola and pierced the skin as the furious blonde struggled to pull Monica's fingers from her pain-filled nipples. Each time she got one hand off Monica just latched on with the other one till the pain became to much, forcing Hillary to twist Monica around, screaming as the buxom bitch clung desperately to her nipple to her fingers were ripped away as Hillary bellowed out in agony.

Hillary locked her ankles as her leg muscles strained from the exertion, Monica moaning softly at first, then getting louder, as the blonde's leg scissors grew tighter and tighter around her throbbing waist. Hillary grabbed each of Monica's massive, firm breast in her hand and twisted both, Monica screaming in defenseless agony at the assault. She had no illusions, if she did not escape soon she never would. Monica's hand disappeared suddenly behind her as she groped for Hillary's panties then followed it up to her prize, as she tore off Hillary's silk panties before she buried her hand into Hillary's cunt and began ripping at it with her fingers for all she was worth. Hillary Clinton roared in rage and pain and began tugging both of Monica Lewinsky's breasts in her hands outwards and back, trying to literally rip them off of the brunette's hefty body.

With a cry of utter agony, the trapped Monica gave Hillary a hard clit pinch, but even that did not deter her enraged foe from her destruction of her breasts, as a battered Monica lay sobbing on her floor. But it wasn't over yet, as Monica grabbed two handfuls of Hillary's short blonde hair as she did to her and they tore each other around the room, screaming in pain and at each other until Monica was pulled painfully to the ground by her hair and the two began rolling around tits to tits.

Hillary's small tight creamy breasts and Monica's large milky white ones grinding against each other in their own little war as they continued to pull hair and add to the many strands on the ground already. Monica cried out painfully from a really hard tug that had her scalp on fire and using it to her advantage, Hillary wrapped her legs around Lewinsky's chest. Monica tried to twist Hillary's foot to escape and almost had it when her scalp again erupted in pain from Hillary's rough Hairpulling, forcing her to deal with that first. Clinton tore at Monica's dark locks, enjoying her look of pain as she relished Monica's cry of pain.

The tough brunette tried to ignore the pain emanating from her ravaged scalp and again worked on the her Hillary's feet till she finally parted the legs wrapped around her, but Hillary was able to straddle her, and now attacked her younger breasts in a crushing assault, her palms covering each silver-dollar nipple as she crushed the breasts in her hands, the flesh oozing out from between her hands as Monica's face turns white with agony. Monica tries to wrap her legs around the savage blonde's head from behind, but just missed as her foe caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and leaned forward out of range. That was fine with Monica too, who now was able to latch onto both of Hillary's small dangling breasts in front of her.

Hillary's face twisted in irritation from the assault and she tugged on both of Monica's breasts pulling upwards with all her strength till they were at there limits and forced Monica's back off the ground with a scream as she tugged them even higher. Hillary was surprised at Monica's tenacity as she let her fall back and repeated the highly painful move. When Monica refused to submit she tugged the large breasts painfully all around, her own face now twisted in a lot of pain as Monica tore at her very sensitive nipples, crushing and kneading them in her expert fingers for a few long seconds till she actually unseated a teary eyed Hillary from her and the two remained on their sides as they ripped and tore at each other's breasts and hair. Monica painfully destroyed Hillary's left breast rolling and crushing the soft nipple between her strong fingers.

Hillary tugged a red-faced Monica towards her and again wrapped her legs around her foes milky white body, locking her ankles as her legs surrounded Monica's waist and Monica tried to stifle a moan unsuccessfully, bringing a huge smile to Hillary's face. Removing her hands from both of Monica's swollen breasts, the blonde rips her head around with a two fisted grip on her hair as Monica frantically twists her foe's breasts back and forth in her hands. Hillary's sensitive breast's are getting battered bad and she reluctantly has to release her scissors as she tugs Monica's hands from her ravaged chest and rolls away.

Monica's scalp is still throbbing as she gets to her feet, still wobbly, and slowly stalks toward Hillary. Monica Lewinsky dives at the older blonde, as suddenly Hillary Clinton slams a knee to the face that sends Monica crashing down next to Hillary, stunned. Now whether it was by accident or not, Hillary takes immediate advantage and wraps her up from behind with her legs around her waist as she deftly reaches around with her left hand and latches onto Monica's left breast with one hand and a handful of hair with the right one.

Monica screams as Hillary's legs clamp down tightly on her waist and her hand crushes her left breast while tugging at her hair. Still stunned from the knee to her face, Monica is powerless in her foe's clutches as she struggles uselessly between her foe's strong legs to escape, blood dripping from her lips were the knee mashed them. Still she refuses to give up as Hillary screams at her to concede.

"Fuck You, Bitch" yells Monica as she grimaces in pain from the scissors as Hillary adds some more power to it, her leg muscles standing out like cords from the exertion of trying to all but split her foe in half.

Regaining her senses, Monica rams her elbow back into Hillary's swollen breast hard, stunning the older blonde with the surprise blow and following it up with an elbow to her right eye.

Hillary's scissors loosens up and Monica twists around and then smashes her fists into Hillary's creamy breasts till she has Hillary in agony from the fistic assault and she grabs frantically at Monica's wrists to stop her. Unable to trap either hand, Hillary manages to uppercut Monica's left breast hard, driving it upwards painfully and forcing her to lean back in pain from the blow. Hillary rams both fists onto the nipples of both breasts, driving Monica's nips deeply into her breasts, sending Monica backwards off her, yelling in agony , and she rolls away as they both glare at each other while coming to their knee's, each trying to catch their breathe.

Between gulps of air Monica screams, "So that's how you want it, you fuckin cunt, then lets have at it!!!! I'm gonna tear those little breasts of yours right off your body and hang them over my Fireplace!!!!!"

Hillary unleashes an uppercut that puts Monica on her ass in a daze. Hillary waves her to come on with her fists. Enraged, Monica barrels into Hillary. They trade some hard punches to the face and breasts when Monica drives Hillary back with some vicious blows to her breasts, Hillary winces in pain but she comes at Monica, taking another blow to her face as she plows her fist into Monica's right eye, staggering her with another uppercut that Monica never sees. Hillary erupts with lefts and rights, driving the brunette back to the wall where she pounds her belly and chest with some very hard punches as Monica tries her best to cover up.

Hillary rocks her Monica's head left and right with hooks and jabs then she unleashes a straight right that plows into Monica's undefended right breast, her face showing the pain of the blow as Hillary Clinton's fist buries itself up to her wrist. Monica Lewinsky's guard comes up to defend her breasts and Hillary bends her over with a very solid shot to her belly. The older blonde steps back and uppercuts Monica right in her cleavage, straightening her up and she sends a left hook to her face that has blood bursting from Monica's puffy lips.

Hillary pounds away at Monica with everything she has but the younger brunette refuses to fall and soon Hillary is sweating as she continues to pound away at her, a blow to her right breast followed by a stiff right uppercut has Monica reeling as she tries her best to absorb the beating till she escapes. Hillary slams a left into her kidneys and Monica takes advantage of the momentary opening to wallop Hillary in the nose, snapping her head back, as Hillary's left nostril splits wide open as blood cascades down onto her sweaty tits.

Following through with some hard blows to her Hillary's breasts and face, Monica pounds Hillary unmercifully hard. Even in obvious pain, Monica attacks relentlessly till she drives Hillary to the other end of the room and knocks her back into the corner with a right cross to the jaw that has Hillary stunned. Now it's Monica doing the pounding as Hillary covers up and absorbs blow after blow, Hillary's face twisting in pain at each punch that crashes and crunches into her swollen red breasts.

Soon Monica takes a little too long with a punch to the face and Hillary drills Monica right in the nose, breaking it with a sharp crack, staggering the younger brunette for a needed second as Hillary winds up and a left cross to Monica's swollen, sweaty breasts, followed by a right uppercut to the chin send Monica stumbling backwards trying to keep on her feet as Hillary stalks forward. Hillary goes for broke, opening up with a barrage of punches that rock Monica as the brunette feels the power of Hillary's upper body.

A left hook, then an overhand right sets Monica up for an uppercut that almost takes her off her feet. Monica clinches with Hillary desperately after regaining her balance, trying to stay on her wobbly feet, till Hillary shakes her off and slams her in the solar plexus then puts her onto the floor. Hillary pulls Monica to her feet and she suddenly charges forward, slamming her fists into both of Monica's breasts. Monica all but collapses to the floor on her knees, cupping her tenderized breasts in her fists as she moans in agony. Hillary motions for her to get up and the tough meaty brunette climbs to her feet, much to the surprise of Hillary who thought she was finished.

Hillary goes for another breast punch but hits nothing as Monica steps out of the way and then clocks Hillary in the jaw with everything she has, slightly splitting the First Lady's chin open. Hillary is stunned by the hard blow, the second one to hit her in her now bruised jaw, her strong knees actual buckling slightly as she shakes her head to get rid of the ringing in her ears and the stars in front of her eyes.

Monica gives her no quarter and begins to decimate the blonde with hard blow to each of her breasts and to her face, soon Hillary's left eye is swollen shut and her face is covered with small bruises, but the First Lady is still on her wobbly feet. Monica throws hard and powerful punches that crash painfully into Hillary's midsection, rearranging her innards as Hillary gasps and moans in pain. Monica again beats Hillary's breasts with blow after blow till she drives her into a corner and proceeds to breast punch Hillary onto her knees in agony.

Hillary cries out as Monica uppercuts her right breast , following up with a solid punch to her nose as she drops her guard, then Monica's hard fist plows into her taut stomach, really deep, almost hitting Hillary's vertebrae as the blonde doubles over. Hillary, desperate to get out of the corner unleashes a devastating left hook to Monica's face, snapping Monica's head to the side and allowing Hillary to slam both fists into Monica's left breast and belly, sending a pained Monica flying backwards onto her generous ass, her face twisted in obvious pain as she cups her left breast gingerly in her hand.

Monica bounds to her feet and charges at Hillary, her eyes blazing with rage and she clocks Hillary on the side of her right breast and as Hillary again drops her guard Monica jabs her in the mouth, and then as Hillary's guard comes up again, she staggers Hillary with a solid straight right to her chest, right into her cleavage, Hillary's face twisting in pain. Peppering her foe with short wicked punches to her now swollen breasts, Monica gets every punch she can as Hillary is falling to the floor in agony.

Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky trade hard punches, each scoring at least one shot to the head or chest of the other, Hillary fakes a jab and as Monica raises her guard the First Lady lets her have it with a flurry of blows to her face and breasts, a hurt Monica retreating back a step after the exchange. Hillary charges at the retreating brunette and catches her in the face with a quick jab, then stuns her with an uppercut that sends the left breast flying, droplets of sweaty flying off the swollen globe as Monica lets out a loud cry.

That's all the incentive Hillary Clinton needs as she lets fly blow after blow to Monica's left breast, pounding it over and over till she drives a dazed and hurting Monica Lewinsky into a corner. Monica covers up, but Hillary rams her fist upwards into her arms, knocking them up and exposing her chest and slams home the other into the center of Monica's breasts. Hillary repeats it, her face lighting up as Monica's voice turns shrill as she cries out with each blow till finally Hillary lets a outpunched Monica fall to the floor, all but breast-punched to defeat.

Hillary staggers back, almost utterly exhausted from battling it out with her husband's lover. Monica just cups her breasts gingerly in her hands as she rocks back and forth, sobbing in pain, in total pain from Hillary's savage fight-ending breast punches.

Hillary that Monica had enough, and now with a huge smile on her swollen, bloody face, Hillary turns to start putting her back on. Monica looked up, and saw that Hillary's back was to her, absorbed in her plans to finish Monica off. Monica knew she was in deep shit if she did not do something drastic- this bitch was wicked!. With all the remaining strength she could muster, she got up to her knees, reached up and grabbed Hillary by the back of her hair. She pulled back with a loud yell, and Hillary was thrust back to the carpet! Her head hit the floor with a resounding THUD! and she lay there, completely immobilized, nearly unconscious.

For a few tense minutes, both women lay on the floor quietly: Monica, trying to muster some reserve strength, and Hillary, fighting unconsciousness. Monica rose to her knees before Hillary could recover, and raised both hands in a clenched fist over her head. She brought them down hard into Hillary's unprepared belly, driving the wind and the fight out of her.

Hillary moaned in pain as Monica straddled her chest, pinning Hillary's arms under her legs. She grabbed Hillary's hair and started slamming her head against the floor. Hillary went limp. Still in pain, Monica rose slowly. She grabbed Hillary's legs and held them up and apart. She stomped hard onto her exposed pussy- not once, but three times, grinding her foot on it on the last stomp. Hillary cried out in pain and covered her ravaged crotch with both hands. Monica was starting to recover now. She kicked Hillary over, onto her belly and grabbed her legs.

"It's your turn now, you bitch!!!"

She dragged Hillary across the carpet, scraping and burning Hillary's tits on the course fibers.

Monica tired of this and turned around, still holding Hillary's legs. She squatted down onto Hillary's back, placing her in a Boston Crab.

"Owwwwwww!", Hillary cried.

Monica slid back further, pulling on her legs, pulling the spine in a painful, unnatural way. Hillary begged her to stop. Finally, Monica released her legs and they flopped to the floor. Monica slid back a little further, pinning Hillary's arms under her knees again. She allowed her butt to drop hard onto the back of Hillary's head, driving it into the floor. She repeatedly bobbed up and down on Hillary's head, until there was no resistance. She turned Hillary over, and pinned her arms to the floor over her head as she smashed her body down on Hillary's. She smiled and lowered her tits so that as she gyrated on Hillary, her tits were slapping her face in humiliating fashion.

"What's the matter, bitch?... too weak to fight me?"

She drove her knee hard into Hillary's crotch as she got up to change position. She turned around, and dropped her ass heavily onto Hillary's face, pinning her arms with her knees again. Monica positioned her moist cunt over Hillary's mouth and nose, her plump ass covering everything else and cutting off all air.

"Do you want to continue breathing, bitch!?!"

Hillary grunted her assent, and Monica stood up and put her foot on Hillary's throat.

"Now...who's the better woman, bitch?" Hillary paused, sobbed, and weakly said, "You are."

"GOOD!!" Monica thundered out. "And just so you won't forget it..."

Monica Lewinsky dragged Hillary Rodham Clinton over to the desk, wound a handful of Hillary's sweaty blonde hair around her fist anchoring her head. Ripping Hillary's head back, Monica smashed her face into the wooden desk hard, Hillary Clinton splitting wide open as Monica Lewinsky dropped Hillary's sweaty body to the floor and turned to leave.

The End