#1: Lorrie Morgan vs Tanya Tucker by Clyde 1/8/02

Tanya Tucker had a party at her house with several well known guests. One was Tanya's old friend Lorrie Morgan. As the party came to a close, Tanya finaly made it over to Lorrie for the first time.

"Hi Lorrie, sorry I haven't talked to you all night, but I couldn't seem to get a moment," said Tanya cheerfully.

"You realy know how to throw a party Tanya, it was nice to get out of the house and unwind a little," replied Lorrie.

"Well the party doesn't have to end so soon Lorrie, Tanya smiled as she put a hand on the blondes arm. "Why don't you hang around for a while after everyone else leaves and we can do some catching up."

Lorrie flashed her beautiful smile and quickly agreed. After a few more drinks the two lovely ladies were realy getting involved in their conversation when Tanya changed the subject.

"My god Lorrie, how do you stay in such great shape, your legs are so perfect, it makes me sick," joked a somewhat tipsy Tanya as she ran her hand over Lorrie's thigh.

"Yes the years have been good to me Tanya, but you're no slouch yourself," the slightly buzzed Lorrie complimented as she playfully ran her fingertips lightly over Tanya's stomach. "You still look 24. Hey, can I tell you a secret?" asked Lorrie.

"Sure Lorrie, I wont tell," answered Tanya.

Lorrie leaned over as she whispered, "I've always secretly wondered who'd win a wrestling match between us," said Lorrie who was asking to see what kind of response her question would get.

"Oh, that's easy," Tanya smiled. "I'd stomp a mud hole in ya and walk it dry," added Tanya doing her best Stone Cold Steve Austin impression though she was smiling and giggling as she said it.

"Oh really? So, do you wanna find out....Tanya?" asked Lorrie, more to the point this time.

"Hee-hee. You better believe it Lorrie girl."

With that both women rose and moved the furniture out of the way, then pulled off their boots. With a smile, Lorrie adjusted her bra strap, making her firm breasts dance inside her party dress. Tanya glared as she ran her fingers through her long blond hair, fluffing it to give her an incredibly sexy look.

But as they closed to engage with each other, Tanya stumbled losing her footing and fell right into Lorrie with all her weight. Lorrie was caught off guard and off balance and both crashed to the floor. Luckily for Tanya, Lorrie was on the bottom and she broke Tanya's fall. Unfortunately for Lorrie, Tanya really crashed her and the impact knocked the wind out of her.

Tanya tried to take advantage of her clumsiness as she straddled Lorrie, grabbed her arms and pinned them over hers head. Grinning, Tanya lowered her full breasts on Lorrie's face, smothering the short haired blond. Lorrie was still dazed from the fall and her condition wasn't getting any better with Tanyas big tits covering her face.

Lorrie started to get frantic about her lack of oxygen, kicking her slender legs, planting her feet and trying to raise her hips to buck Tanya off. But Tanya held her arms tightly as she jiggled her breasts in Lorries face, if for nothing more than humiliation.

As Lorrie's struggles ebbed, Tanya released Lorrie's arms and sat straddling her breasts, crushing Lorries prize mounds of flesh as she repinned Lorries arms with her knees.

Tanya smiled down smugly at Lorrie and sighed, "I guess this isn't how your fantasy ends, is it? Well hon, in MY fantasy this is where I put my sweet little baby to sleep."

Tanya clapped a hand over Lorries mouth and pinched her nose shut, watching the sexy blondes eyes widen in panic as she screamed into her palm. Lorrie was just about out before Tanya finally relented and removed her hand. It wasn't until Tanya had started to get off of Lorrie that she realized too late the blonde had been faking.


Lorrie let fly a double ax-handle to Tanya's sweet, soft, unsuspecting Belly. Tanya doubled over and tumbled headfirst off Lorrie clutching her washboard belly. Still Dazed, Lorrie managed to roll over on Tanya as, this time, it was Lorrie pinning Tanya's arms above her head. As Lorrie sat on Tanya's chest, ripped off her shirt and pulled off her bra, exposing her opwn amazing breasts.

"Girls, meet Tanya's face," Lorrie laughed as she fell forward and covered Tanya's surprised face with her breasts.

Tanya didn't realize how large Lorries breasts were and as they covered her face they seemed even larger still. Just as Tanya started to scream, Lorrie's breasts covered her mouth, muffling her cries.

Tanya bucked and squirmed for a few minutes, but to no avail. Lorries breasts were to huge and Tanya was smothered beneath the creamy sea of tit flesh generously provided by Lorrie. Soon Tanya's squirming and thrashing stopped and Lorrie sat up to pull her monsters off her victim.

Tanya was out like a light. Lorrie still felt the effects of the alcohol which was only increased by her exertion and the excitement of their contest. With a soft sigh, Lorrie passed out right there on top of Tanya.

When they awoke the next morning, they found they were sprawled in the middle of the living room floor wrapped in each others arms. Neither was quite sure what had happened, why they were in the middle of the floor or why they were undressed. Lorrie quickly scrambled off of Tanya, turned her back on the redhead and hurriedly put her shirt back on. Tanya couldn't help but gaze at Lorries beautiful breasts as she thought, "Boy, I sure would like to taste those."

Tanya didn't realize she already had a taste of Lorrie right on her tongue.

#2: Terri Clark vs. Martina McBride by Clyde 1/6/02

Country Singer Terri Clark had been given a break by Martina McBride, the opportunity to open several shows for the country diva. But after watching her, Martina wasn't impressed. Martina was venting one night to Terri's guitar player, saying she thought Terri should try to be more feminine on stage and play more to the male audience.

"She always wears that stupid cowboy hat and acts like a clown out on stage instead of trying to act like a lady," sneered Martina. "I wonder if she even owns a dress or skirt, I've only seen her in blue jeans and Ts. If she's not careful, people will think she's a man, or worse, some kinda lesbian."

The Guitar players eyes widened at Martina's comments as Terri had just walked in the door and overheard Martina. He quietly moved to the back of the room, as Martina's attention changed from him to Terri.

"You have a problem with me and the way I do things Martina?" Terri asked coldly.

Backtracking, Martina said, "Not really. I just think you'd look really nice in a dress. You'd drive the guys crazy, that's all."

"Well, Terri said, cocking her leg and planting her hands on her wide hips. "I guess maybe I want to please ALL my audience, Martina, not just guys. And as for that 'clowning around' I do on-stage, that's called having fun and when I'm having fun, so are the people fans," said Terri, who was struggling not to lose her temper.

"You're right Terri, I had no right to try and change the way you do things," said an apologetic Martina.

"No problem Martina, we all have our opinions," smiled Terri.

She turned to walk out, but as soon as her back was turned, Martina jumped on the taller girls back, wrapping an arm around Terri's neck and choking the unsuspecting singer.

"Uuuuuuhhhhhhh!" was the only sound Terri could get out as her legs wobbled and she dropped to her knees.

Martina really turned on the pressure, yanking Terri's head back, then shoving her forward as she rode her to the ground. Terri landed with a thud and Martina stepped up her attack, landing a kick in ribs. Terri grunted and moaned out loud in pain as she tried desperately to cover up.

But Martina was relentless as she sat on Terri's back and put her in a camel clutch. She locked it in tight, stretching the sexy black-haired singers and neck back to the limit.

"One thing you better learn, missy," Martina hissed. "As long as you're MY opening act, you do what I want. I'm the boss and now you're gonna learn that the hard way butch," Martina snarled, making reference to Terri's mannish appearance.

Terri was in agony as she felt Martina's soft hands stretching her and pulling her to the limit of her ability to take pain. Martina flipped her beautiful soft brown hair back out of her eyes as she leaned back to put more pressure on Terri. Then, Martina let the hold go then proceeded to pull Terri's T-shirt off, exposing her large breasts.

"First thing were gonna do, is get you out of these nasty rags you call clothes," Martina hissed. "Then I'll dress you the way I want you dressed. Something to get a rise outta the guy in the crowd. You're supposed to be a 'warm-up' act, after all."

Martina had stripped Terri down to her panties within seconds. She rolled Terri over and sat on her belly. Martina smiled as she reached down and started to play with Terri's huge breasts.



Martina loved slapping another woman's tits and Terri's were monstrous. She was smacking and swatting as she listened to the bigger girl squeal with each slap.

"That's it," Martina gasped, her eyes wide with excitement. "Scream for me you little slut, scream out my name and beg for mercy!"

Martina was so preoccupied slapping and fondling Terri's tits, she never saw Terri's legs come swinging up behind her. In a second, Terri had trapped Martina's arms with her legs and sent the gorgeous Martina spinning over onto her back. Terri rolled over and pushed Martina down on her back and straddled her chest, pinning her arms under her knees.


Terri sent a stinging left across Martina's face and the diva howled in pain. Terri stood up, grabbed Martina by the ears and pulled her to her feet. Terri shot another left into Martina's soft belly that doubled her over. Terri reached down, grabbed a thick handful of Martina's hair and jerked her back upright. Martina squealed as Terri scooped her up and threw her onto a nearby table. Terri spread Martina full length on top of it, then jumped on the table.

Terri straddled Martina and started raining lefts and rights down on her until she could see her adorable little boss was just about unconscious. Terri hopped off the table and found some rope. She draped Martina's legs over the side and tied them to the table legs. She did the same with her arms off the opposite side of the table.

Martina was now totally helpless and at Terri's mercy. Terri stepped back and grinned, the she ripped Martina's blouse open to expose her small, perky breasts. Terri grabbed both nipples and pulled and twisted until tears were coming from Martina's eyes. "Pllleeeeaaasssseee....... Sssttttoooopppppp," Martina wailed.

Cruelly gripping one of Martina's nipples, Terri got in her face and said, "I'm only gonna stop until you agree to let me do my shows my way. And you stop hassling me about it. You agree sweet....heart," said Terri, giving Martina's nipples a twist with each of the last two words.

"Yes, yessssss," Martina shrieked. "I agree! Do whatever you wanna do. I wont say another damn word about it... ever," cried Martina.

Terri gave Martina's nipples one last yank, and then leaned down and put her face within an inch of Martina's. Her lips where just a hair from Martina's as she ran her hand down between Martina's legs, pushing her dress out of the way and worked her fingers under the waistband of Martina's panties.

"And there's one more thing I want to tell you.... baby doll," said Terri seductively. "You're right about me, I am a lesbian and now I'm gonna make you my bitch"

Terri forced her tongue between Martina's lips and into her mouth, giving the diva one of the most passionate kisses she'd ever had. Then she shoved two fingers into Martina's pussy and fucked her until Martina shook with an orgasm. When Terri pulled her fingers, she wiped them over Martina's lips, letting the blue eyed beauty taste her own pussy.

"I'll see you after the show tonight, Martina," said Terri with a knowing smile.

Terri left her helpless new girlfriend tied to the table. Luckily for Martina, Terri's guitar player had seen everything and she came over to untie the humiliated star and help her off the table.

As she took Martina back to her dressing room, the girl smiled and told her, "I'm glad she overheard that. Maybe now she'll leave me alone for a while."

When she was alone, Martina thought, "She actually looks pretty sexy in those T-shirts and jeans now I think about it."
#3: Jodee Messina vs. Faith Hill by Clyde 1/3/02

Jodee was working late one night at her recording studio with her part time producer and good friend Tim McGraw. They were wrapping up after everyone else had left the building. Jodee was sitting in her chair, when Tim came up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders.

"You sounded great today Jo. I can't wait to hear the final tracks"

"Thanks Tim, you're a sweety," she said putting her hand on his.

"Why don't we go celebrate?" suggested Tim who had more than celebrating in mind.

"I would, but I'm pretty tired," replied Jodee. "Think I'll just head on home."

"Well, how about we just go into the lounge and celebrate there," offered Tim. "It's got a couch, I can lay you out on that," he added, being a little more forward with what was on his mind.

"I just wanna get home," Jodee said nervously. "And you probably should to. I'm sure Faith's waiting on you."

"Nah, she's already asleep," he said with a dismissive wave of his hand. "Sides, I'm ready for some action. C'mon Jodee, she'll never know," Tim pushed a little harder.

"You're gonna have to count me out and if you continue, I'm gonna tell Faith what you're up to!"

As Jodee pushed herself away from Tim and started to get her stuff, she heard, "What are you going to tell me?"

It was Faith Hill.

"Hi Faith, I didn't hear you come in; just get here?" Jodee asked, suddenly feeling very uncomfortable.

"Yep, just got here. What's going on here with you and Tim? I thought you guys were just recording some stuff together but it looks like there's a lot more going on than that," said a not-so-dumb Faith.

"Nothings going on, we, uh, I mean, I was just getting ready to leave," stammered Jodee.

Tim leaned over and whispered in Faiths ear, then high tailed it out the door. Jodee was surprised he left so abruptly, but then noticed the way Faith was glaring at her.

"Why'd he leave without even saying goodbye?" asked Jodee.

"Oh, I think you know why," Faith hissed. "He told me everything; how you were hitting on him and trying to blackmail him unless he did you in the lounge. Hell, Jodee, here I thought we were friends. Damn girl, you're nothing more'n a little slut and home wrecker," fired back Faith.

"NO! You got it all wrong Faith. Tim was the one hitting on me! I was trying to leave before it got out of hand," pleaded the sexy redhead.

"Yeah, sure. He told me you'd say that," Faith snarled. "You better listen and listen good bitch. If you ever come near Tim again, I'm going to shove my foot so far up that fat ass you'll taste my shoelaces when you floss, you sneaky bitch!" said the gorgeous blond, trying to sound as threatening as she was capable of.

Jodee couldn't contain herself, what was once a nervous situation turned silly. Here she saw one of the most beautiful women she'd ever known threatening her over her low-down, cheatin', no-count husband. Jodee burst out laughing.

"What the hell's so funny....bitch?" Faith demanded, her voice more feminine than tough sounding which only made Jodee laugh harder.

"What?" Faith huffed. "You don't think I can kick that slutty ol' ass, that it?"

The beautiful blond moved close to Jodee and shoved her.

Struggling to control her laughter, Jodee put her hands up and pleaded, "I'm sorry Faith, I really didn't mean to laugh but you are one of the most UN-tough people I know. I can't help myself."


Faith swung as hard as she could and slapped the beautiful redhead.

"How's that feel you little redheaded stepchild?"

Jodee's laughter suddenly turned to anger and she snapped. The muscular redhead had had enough of Faith's abuse and accusations. She kicked the slender blond right in the gut, making her howl out as her body folded over double. The vicious redhead grabbed Faith by the back of the head as she raised her knee into Faith's gorgeous face.

Jodee yanked the blondes hair, pulling her up straight so she could see her face. Trembling, Faith covered her face with both hands. Jodee didn't waste a second. She pinned the blond against the wall and started pounding her soft belly as hard as she could. Faith's legs quickly gave out and she slid down the wall and collapsed in a heap at Jodee's feet.

The wild redhead reached down, pulled her up by the ears and shoved Faiths head between her legs. She lifted Faith up in piledriver position, then dropped to her knees and drove Faith's sweet blond head into the unforgiving floor. Her lean body crumpled to the floor, helpless and unconscious. But Jodee wasn't done. She scooped Faith up and slammed her down into a backbreaker, then held her body sprawled out over her knee for a few minutes. Faith howled in pain as Jodee repeatedly slammed her fist into her midsection, making the blondes body jerk and convulse with each punch.

Finally, Jodee shoved her off her knee and watched Faith fall to the floor writhing in agony. Within seconds, Jodee had totally destroyed one of country music's most beautiful and talented singers. And still she wasn't done! Jodee reached down, and yanked off Faith's skirt and ripped off her shirt. Just like that, she had the sexy blond stripped down to bra and panties.

Faith was begging, "Please Jodee, you win. I won't bother you anymore. I DO believe Tim made the moves on you. I'm sorry I accused you."

Faith's pleas fell on deaf ears as Jodee continued her assault. The sexy redhead stripped off her pants and shirt and joined Faith in wearing just a bra and panties. But Jodee had one more thing to do. She went over to her purse and pulled out a large dildo. Faiths eyes opened wide, but her body would not respond as her hands and feet slipped and skidded on the floor as she tried in vain to get to her feet as she watched the big redhead strap the plastic prick around her soft body.

"Maybe I didn't fuck your husband Faith, but I sure think it'll be fun to fuck his sexy blond wife."

With that, Jodee flipped the Faith's limp, bruised and battered body on her belly, kicked her weak legs wide apart, knelt between them, grabbed her by the hips and lifted her ass up. Jodee pushed her knees under Faith's thighs to prop her firm round ass high in the air, then ripped off Faiths panties. Reaching under the squirming blonde country warbler, Jodee started rubbing Faiths already wet pussy.

"EEEWWWWW, I thing somebody's already horny!" Jodee giggled as her fingers spread and then slid up and down between Faith's swollen pussy lips.

Faith groaned, knowing her body was being worked over by an experienced pussy pounder. Then all of a sudden, without warning, Jodee popped her fake cock straight into Faith's drooling pussy. Without any tenderness or mercy, Jodee started pounding the sexy blond. Each thrust was more than Faith could handle. Jodee's powerful body slammed into the slender blondes ass, jolting her from head to toe as, with each thrust, Faith's firm little boobs were scuffed across the rough carpet.

Faith moaned, screamed and panted with each thumping thrust as Jodee plowed Faith a new furrow until her pussy could take no more and she exploded onto Jodee's huge cock. Now that Faith had gotten off, Jodee didn't ease up - just kept fucking until Faiths body couldn't take any more and she passed out. Jodee pumped a few minutes longer until she exploded in a shuddering climax of her own.

After pausing to catch her breath, the redhead took pulled the sloppy dildo out of Faiths pussy and, laughing, shoved it halfway up her ass. Jodee left it sticking out of Faith, an object lesson about listening to a lyin', cheatin', low-down, dirty, no-count husband.

Jodee picked up Faith's torn panties, wiped her pussy with them to get them nice and wet, then used them to gag the unconscious, helpless blond. Jodee got dressed and sat down beside Faith. She smacked the back of Faith's head until the blond started to stir, then violently grabbed her by the back of the head and pulled it up by her silky blond hair, until they were eye to eye.

"If you ever accuse me of fucking your husband again you little bitch, you'll really be sorry Next time, I wont be so nice."

Jodee cruelly slammed Faiths head on the floor, knocking her little bitch unconscious. She stalked out leaving the totally destroyed Faith on the floor with Jodee's dildo in her ass and her panties in her mouth. On her way out, Jodee gave the finger to Tim who watched the whole thing through the control room window pounding his pud like the degenerate he is.
#4: Deana Carter vs. Shania Twain by Clyde 1/2/02

Shania was working out at a gym in Nashville, working out some frustrations when she heard a friendly voice behind her say, "Hey Shania, I didn't know you worked out here."

It was country singer Deana Carter.

"Hi Deana, yeah, I try not to advertise it. I just like to burn off some steam here by myself," said Shania.

"Yeah me too, especially when everyone's gone, like now," replied Deana.

Never one to miss an opportunity, Shania quickly suggested, "I know a great way to blow off some steam."

"How's that?" asked a curious Deana.

"You ever wrestled, Deana?" Shania suggested.

"I played around before, but I'm not very good," Deana said with a modest smile.

"Well, there's no one here and it'd be a lot of fun. Whadda say? Come on lets get in the ring and see who the better women is," Shania said with a smile that showed she was joking.

"Oh what the heck, it sounds fun," giggled Deana. "What rules?"

"Oh, silly Deana. We don't need rules, anything goes," replied Shania.

They walked to the vacant room with the boxing ring in it. Shania was wearing shorts and a blue and silver sports bra and Deana was wearing a loose tank top and boxer shorts. Shania was the first in the ring and she watched as Deana made her way up to the ring apron. She stopped and smiled as she watched Shania bouncing off the ropes.

"You've done this before, haven't you Shania?" asked Deana playfully.

Before she could get into the ring, Shania ran over and grabbed Deana who was now on the outside of the ring, by her gorgeous blond hair. Shania pulled her violently into the ring right over the top rope. She hit the mat on her back knocking the wind out of her.

Shania smiled, "Every chance I get sweety!"


Shania dropped an elbow right on her chest smashing her perky tits and knocking the wind out of her again. Shania put a hand on Deana's tit as she pushed herself up, squashing the blondes breast. Deana covered up both breasts and tried to catch her breath, but it was already too late. Shania gave a mighty stomp right to Deana's washboard abs causing the blue eyed beauty to moan in pain.

Shania continued her assault stomping without mercy, until Deana managed to roll on her side in a fetal position. The sexy brunette just looked down at her and smiled cruelly, then dropped to her knees and rolled Deana over onto her belly. Shania sat on her back, pinning Deana face down, still trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

All the sudden, Deana felt her long blond hair being pulled tightly and instinctively she screamed out. Shania pulled her head back as far as it would go, then just held her prize there for a few minutes with her back bend severely, letting the pain sink in.

Deana finally managed a few words as she said, "Wh....why Shania? W....why are you..."


Shania drove Deana face right into the mat, then yanked her up again.

"Why what, you little slut? Why am I hurting you? Why am I beating your ass so bad? Why am I dominating you? Because I'm Queen Shania and you, my dear little blonde hussy, are going to be my slave! Is that good enough for sweetheart. You're going to be my pet when it's all said and done."

It was obvious Shania had lost it when she smashed Deana's beautiful face into the mat again and this time she started scrub her face into the mat cruelly. Deana's arm was slapping Shania's thigh, pleading that she be allowed to give up, but Shania would have none of it.

Shania stood up and looked down at her as if she were a hungry lion waiting to attack. She reached down impatiently and pulled Deana up slowly, to a standing position. She held Deana up by the hair as the blond wavered unsteadily back and forth.

Deana pleaded, "Please, no more! I can't take any more. Please Shania, I give."

Shania let go of Deana's hair, but then grabbed the front of her tank top and began to pull and tug at it violently. Shania jerked the helpless blond around the ring until finally, the shirt was ripped to shreds exposed the young girls bare breasts with a couple of very, very hard nipples.

Shania shoved the tattered remnants of the shirt in Deana's mouth to stop her squealing, then viciously grabbed her nipples and dragged her around the ring, pinching and twisting as she forced her to follow. Shania could hear Deana's protests through her gag and saw the tears streaming down her face.

Shania pulled the shirt out of Deana's mouth and said, "Are you ready to submit to your queen, you slut?"

Sobbing and struggling to catch her breath, Deana gasped, "Yes, anything you say. Please, just stop twisting my nipples, pleeeaase?"

"I wont," Shania snapped. "Not until you call me by my proper name, my little pet."

"Please QUEEN SHANIA, I'll do whatever you want me to. Just, please, let go," begged the now completely dominated Deana.

Shania let her go, and Deana immediately dropped to her knees and clutched her ravaged breasts in agony. Looking down at her beaten slave, Shania grabbed Deana by the back of her hair and yanked her head back as she glowered down, bending over her intimidatingly.

"Say it slut, say what I am to you," Shania ordered her just to humiliate her further.

Deana quickly and softly sobbed as she responded, "You...you are my queen, Shania."

"And what are you to me?" Shania huskily asked.

"I am your slave and your pet, my queen," Deana responded with a note submission in her voice.

Shania's pussy was on fire and soaking wet. She took off her shorts to expose her gorgeous pussy and ass to her new slave. Then Shania shoved Deana over onto her back and straddled her and slowly lowered her pussy onto her slaves lovely face.

"Now it's time to start your training, my little slut. Get your tongue ready baby."

Shania squatted on Deana's face, covering her nose and mouth as she rubbed herself up and down roughly on the face of her new toy. Shania reached down and used two handfuls of Deana's blond hair to wedge her face as tightly as she could into her crotch. Holding her hair with one hand, Shania reached behind her and slapped Deana's pussy.

"Get started licking, bitch!" she snarled and Deana did it willingly for her new queen.
#5: Terri Clark vs Jodee Messina by Clyde 1/14/02

Jodee was in a dance studio working on choreography for a new show with a couple of her dancers. She was wearing a sports bra and spandex shorts and after a couple of hours of exercise, both were heavy with sweat. Jodee was a glutton for punishment, but the dancers were worn out and wanted to call it a night. Jodee told them she'd see them in the morning, but she wanted to stay a while to work on her moves.

As the girls left, Jodee saw Terri watching from in the hall and called out "Hey Terri, what're you doin' here? Come over an say hi."

Terri smiled as she walked to see her sexy sweaty friend and gave her a hug

"Man Jodee, you look like you been working you ass off! How've ya been?" asked Terri.

"Good, real good in fact. How 'bout you? How've the shows with Martina been going, any problems?" asked a curious Jodee who'd heard a rumor that Martina and Terri had a bit of an argument and wanted the juicy details.

Terri told her about the fight, but left out the part about finger-fucking Martina afterwards.

Jodee giggled and said, "I hate when people try to take advantage of you and try to change your style. Tim and Faith tried that with me a few weeks ago and lets just say Faith has something stuck up her ass and it's not Tim," she added, referring to the dildo she left in Faiths sweet ass after she destroyed the gorgeous blond egomaniac.

The girls kept chatting about their fights and the recollections of the events were getting both women excited. Terri couldn't help herself, she kept staring at Jodee's erect nipples through her sweat-soaked sports bra.

"You know Jodee," Terri sighed. "Martina wasn't really any competition at all but I have to wonder who'd come out on top if you and me got it on? You wanna find out?"

Jodee's blood was still pumping and her adrenaline was high. Without hesitation, she accepted Terri's challenge. Although Terri was bigger, Jodee figured she was in much better shape and, besides, she actually knew some wrestling moves!

Jodee was ready but she had to wait while Terri pulled off her sweatshirt to get down to the white tank top struggling to contain her humongous boobs. Terri pulled her hair back in a ponytail while Jodee let her beautiful red hair hang wild and free.

When they were both ready they squared off and Jodee wasted no time on the larger cowgirl. She quickly lashed out and kicked Terri right in the gut, doubling her over, then put Terri in a front face lock and delivered a DDT. Terri went down with a thud and lay there groaning.

Jodee reached down and pulled Terri up by her ponytail. When she had Terri upright, Jodee reared back and chopped Terri across her chest. The big girl wobbled unsteadily as Jodee chopped her again - and again - until Terri cried out and fell over backward, collapsing onto her back like a big oak.

Terri was flat on her back when she felt the fiery redhead grab her legs by the thighs. Jodee lifted Terri's legs and put them under her arms, then she started to spin, swinging the cowgirl around by her legs. Terri screamed as Jodee gained momentum, spinning until centrifugal force lifted her body in the air. Then Jodee let go and watched Terri's body sail through the air and crash into the wall!

Terri slammed into the wall which knocked the breath out of her, then dropped to the floor where she lay crumpled and moaning in pain. Feeling cocky, Jodee walked over and forced Terri to stand by pulling on her ears.

"You thought Martina wasn't any competition? Whadda call this, you oversized hillbilly?"

Jodee got Terri up alright, but suddenly Terri's massive arms wrapped around the voluptuous redhead and, with a grunt and a mighty squeeze, she pulled the startled Jodee against her body. Terri's huge tits crushed Jodee's rock hard nipples while her muscular arms crushed into her back. The bearhug forced the air from Jodee's heaving lungs.

Then Terri lifted the swaying redhead off her feet and shook her violently back and forth until Jodee was nothing more than a rag doll in her arms. Terri didn't let up though, she was too smart for that. She realized that, even after a long, hard workout, Jodee was still in better shape. So she ran Jodee backward into a cement wall, crushing the hapless redhead's body between hers and the unyielding surface.

When Terri let Jodee go, she just oozed down the wall like butter on a hot skillet. The tide had turned and Terri's blood was pumping! She quickly hoisted Jodee in the air and gave her a tremendous powerbomb that slammed Jodee's head and back on the floor.

Jodee had know idea where she was. She didn't even feel it when Terri ripped off her sports bra - not until she felt the cool air tickling the hard nipples that capped her beautiful tits.

Before Jodee could stop her, however, Terri also pulled down her shorts and dragged them off over her sneakers, leaving the redhead wearing nothing but her panties above her ankles. Terri kicked Jodee's legs apart and ran her toe up and down Jodee's redhaired pussy. Jodee moaned as Terri's toe entered her pussy and she instinctively lifted her hips toward the teasing toe.

Terri pulled her own shirt off, exposing huge tits, then lay down on top of Jodee and rubbed her pussy against Jodee's. Jodee arched her back and thrust up with her hips. Terri couldn't tell if Jodee was trying to buck her off or just trying to satisfy her self - and she didn't care - it was working for her!

Terri imposed her will on Jodee, easily keeping her pinned she her squirming and wriggling slowed and finally stopped entirely. Terri smiled down and asked Jodee if she gave up. After the dancing and the fighting, Jodee was exhausted. She looked up into Terri's eyes and in a small, submissive voice, said. "Yes, you win. I surrender. You can do what you want with me."

Terri hadn't expected such a complete and total submission from Jodee, but she was too happy to argue. She did whatever she wanted with Jodee for the next several hours and, when all was said and done, the two had a better appreciation for the other, body and soul by the time the sun rose the next morning.