Taylor Cole vs. Maeve Quinlan by Mr. Chris

The next match promised to be an interesting one, pitting two American television personalities against each other, one a rising young star with a string of recent wins and the other a veteran who has toughness and experience but has never broken into the upper echelons of the wrestler rankings. Let’s hear the introductions:

“Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be a Light Welterweight Division bout. In this corner, you know this television actress for her work in ‘South of Nowhere’ and ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ standing 5’8” and weighing 132 pounds, from Chicago: MAEVE ‘Intoxicating Strength’ QUINLAN!”

The curvaceous, blue-eyed blonde looks so fit, attractive, and sizzling with sexual energy that it’s hard to believe she’s 37 years old – she looks much younger. She can get away with wearing a bikini; her revealed nicely-tanned flesh is that taut and toned. Incidentally, the peculiar introduction moniker -- “Intoxicating Strength” -- is a literal translation into English of her Gaelic first and last name; her parents were born in the Old Sod and Maeve, though born in America, is Irish through and through. Although not well-known to the general public, celebrity fight fans in the audience know Maeve well. She’s one of the more popular fighters on the circuit and is warmly applauded. She responds with a smile full of teeth so pearly white and perfect she should be doing toothpaste ads.

“And in the opposite corner, her opponent. You know this television actress for her role as the surf-instructor Erika Spaulding in “Summerland.” Standing 5’9” and weighing 131 pounds, from Arlington, Texas…she is TAYLOR COLE!”

A smattering of applause mingled with some boo’s greets the brunette beauty. She is clothed in a Summerland classic string bikini, red in color with a white swirl print. She really is stunning, with high cheekbones and strong forehead, despite being only 22 years old she carries her self with the poise, strength and confidence of a more seasoned celeb fighter.

As a rising young talent who’s already notched some impressive victories, Taylor is furious that she’s being put up against a nobody, a has-been who never-was, rather than one of the Light Welterweight Division’s big name fighters like Loken or Silvstedt or Heigl. Or even Henstridge or Theron both of whom she now outranks in the ratings. She plans to not only defeat Quinlan, but in the process mess her over so badly that none of the other old retreads in the league will dare step into a ring against her.

But Maeve has her own points to prove. Despite being older than the average celeb fighter, she has kept herself in excellent physical condition. She has one of the more authentic athletic backgrounds of any of the actresses in the FEMWAR league. She is a genuine tennis star: the Chicago girl went to Northwestern University on a full-ride tennis scholarship and while there went undefeated in the Big Ten for the two years she competed, ending up as Big Ten champion. She went on to the pro circuit and at one point was ranked 95th best in the world before she began her acting career in Hollywood.

But the much younger Taylor is no slouch in the athletic department either, having competed on the Junior Olympics Volleyball Team for her high school – and her heyday as a young athlete was a lot more recent than Maeve’s!

As they receive instructions from the referee the two women’s eyes are locked against each other in baleful stares. Then with a smile of contempt on her face, Taylor unfastens her red bikini top and tosses it out of the ring, revealing her young, firm breasts in their naked glory. Without missing a beat, Maeve removes her bikini top as well. Taylor’s eyes widen slightly in surprise as she observes a full, firm set of boobs that are clearly much bigger and rounder then her own. And the lack of any noticeable tan line indicates that Maeve spends a fair amount of topless time outdoors. Maeve surprises Taylor further by upping the ante and removing her bikini bottoms as well. Unsure of herself, Taylor declines to follow suit and tries to laugh this off. Seemingly winning this “head game,” the now totally naked Maeve smugly returns to her corner, as does Taylor to hers.

Then the bell rings and the two women lunge toward each other and get into a Collar and Elbow Lockup. They push and strain against each other.

“I’m NOT going to take it easy on you, grandma” warns Taylor.

“Oooooh,” responds Maeve. “You sound to me like a spoiled brat, here you are barely out of high school and talking to me like that. I may just have to put you over my knee and give you a spanking.”

“Yeah, you and what army?” replies Taylor and with that she crashes her knee up into Maeve’s crotch causing the older woman’s jaw to drop. Then the young vixen followed up by viciously raking her fingernails across Maeve’s eyes. The blonde screeched and put her hands up over her eye sockets protectively, and stumbled about blindly. Taylor belted Maeve in the stomach, then picked her up off the mat, held her foe parallel to it and facing it, and slammed Maeve down onto Taylor’s outstretched knee with a Gutbuster.

Suddenly looking inspired, Taylor kept a secure hold of Maeve’s body over her thigh and proceeded to give her a whack on that bare behind. Then she whacked her again. And again. And again. Five – Six -. Taylor continued her spanking of her older foe.

“Threaten ME with a spanking, will you?” Taylor angrily shouted. “In this ring I’m the only one doling out the corporal punishment. Remember that!” Seven-eight-nine-ten hard spanks in all. Then Taylor shoves Maeve off her knees. Tears glisten in Maeve’s eyes from the pain and even more the humiliation of being roughly handled and spanked by this 22-year old brat.

Taylor hauls Maeve to her feet and putting one hand on the blonde’s chin to hold her head up, Taylor looks directly into her foe’s eyes. “Aw, did I make grandma cry? Here let me give you a hug to make you feel better.”

Taylor wraps her arms around the back of Maeve’s head and forces it into those delectable breasts of hers. Maybe they aren’t as large as Maeve’s but they’re plenty big enough to get a breast-smother going, which is precisely what Taylor proceeds to do, as she hugs Maeve’s head tightly to her chest. All that can be seen is the blonde hair along the back of Maeve’s head as she makes muffled noises of protest and waves her arms ineffectively; Taylor rests her chin on the top of Maeve’s head and smiles with cruel delight. Soon Maeve appears to be weakening, probably getting close to being knocked out.

“Oh we don’t want playtime to stop so soon!” says Taylor. She releases Maeve from the tight grip and the older actress sucks air. But Taylor relentlessly continues her onslaught by grabbing Maeve by the ears and savagely head-butting her, sending her flying. Chuckling, Taylor says to anyone caring to hear, “I haven’t had this much fun in months!”

The mean brunette grabs one of Maeve’s wrists and yanks the hapless blonde toward her then twists the arm behind her back and, using both hands, jerks up on the Hammerlock, forcing her foe to rise to her toes. Maeve grimaces in agony. But then, with a roar of frustrated rage, Maeve ducked and turned around behind Taylor and reversed the situation, Maeve now having Taylor in the grip of a Hammerlock. The startled youngster’s face registers surprise.

“You can dish it out,” Maeve growls as she pulls up hard on the Hammerlock. “Let’s see if you can take it.”

Maeve releases the Hammerlock and grabbing Taylor lifts her up and across her shoulders and begins to rotate in an airplane spin. After spinning around several times, Maeve lowers Taylor back to her feet. The dizzy young brunette staggers about comically for a few seconds, then drops to the mat.

Maeve glides down to the mat and wraps a side Waist Scissors around Taylor’s middle. She begins to squeeze her legs together. It’s a brutal body scissors, being administered by the same gracefully powerful legs that propelled Maeve around the tennis court during her undefeated run in college. Taylor becomes alarmed at the vise-like grip cutting her in two and her inability to escape. The brunette’s ribs feeling like they’re about to snap. Meanwhile Maeve presses down with her strong arms, lifting her own body off the mat as she tightens her legs even more. Taylor lets out a long anguished moan as she struggles in growing panic. But the wily brunette is capable of anything, as Maeve finds out when Taylor rams her right hand between the blonde’s legs and proceeds to clamp on a vicious Crotch Claw.

“AAAAAAHHHR” screams Maeve in pain. Then eyes flashing in fury she yells, “Let go or I really will snap you in half!”

But Taylor only tightens the deadly grip on Maeve’s private parts, and wraps her left hand around the wrist of her clawing right to hold it ever more firmly in place and press down with all the mangling power she can muster. Maeve begins to turn pale from the effects of the savagely-applied crotch-claw. She takes her hands and tries to remove Taylor’s hands but she can’t budge them. Inevitably Maeve is forced to release the waist scissors on Taylor in hopes of scrambling away and disengaging from the claw hold. Taylor gratefully breathes in deeply as her waist becomes freed of Maeve’s legs, but she continues to relentlessly maintain the crotch-claw!

Now Maeve is flat on her back and Taylor, kneeling next to her victim, violently kneads the flesh of the blonde’s femininity like an insane baker mindlessly crushing dough in his hands.

“You probably thought you’d turned the tables on me, didn’t you?” says Taylor. “Well, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but your torture session is only beginning.” And gritting her teeth she bears down ever harder on her crotch-claw.

Maeve is clearly suffering. Her mouth is open, emitting a constant moan, her face is pale, saliva begins to drip from the side of her mouth, her eyes begin hooding over. Seeing the devastating effect of her hold on her victim does not deter Taylor from continuing. Far from it! Seeing her victim’s plight only excites Taylor to greater exertions as she tries even harder to twist the genitalia beyond recognition.

With a last desperate surge of energy, Maeve is able to position herself to pull her right fist back and launch a huge Haymaker that impacts smack onto Taylor’s jaw. The brunette’s eyes flutter and she goes limp, but she is not knocked out. The mighty punch did result in the release of the crotch claw. Maeve skittered away, distancing herself from Taylor and massaging her crotch seeking to revive herself.

Both women at this point are lying on the mat, Maeve trying to recover from the crotch claw and Taylor trying to get her bearings after getting her bell rung. Finally, they both unsteadily get to their feet. Taylor has her usual angry look on her face. But it is Maeve’s face that is terrifying, as her usually happy visage has been replaced with a look of pure fury.

“You crossed the line, Cole,” says Maeve. “You REALLY crossed the line that time.”

“Oh, what are you complaining about,” replies Taylor scornfully, “That crotch-claw is the most action your sorry cunt has seen in years. I’d have thought you’d get off on it. Besides,” Taylor continues, as she raises her fists, “If you think THAT was crossing the line, well, as the man said, ‘you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.’”

Eyes widening even further in impassioned anger, Maeve with a guttural cry of rage charges forward. She throws a big right cross that Taylor manages to block, Taylor counters with her own right-handed punch which Maeve blocks, then Maeve feints a low blow, then immediately follows-up by slamming a HUGE uppercut to the tip of Taylor’s chin that practically knocks her off her feet. The big punch does propel Taylor back into the ropes. As the young brunette comes bouncing back into the ring, Maeve crashes an overhand right between Taylor’s eyes which causes her to crumple to the mat.

The still-furious Maeve kicks Taylor onto her back, grabs hold of her ankles and wishbones the younger woman’s legs. Maeve jumps up and drops a knee to Taylor’s crotch. The brunette lets out a screech. The Irish hellion brings a second knee thundering down into Taylor’s privates. Then a third. Taylor is moaning in agony.

Maeve stops the knee-drops, and proceeds to spend the next ten minutes subjecting Taylor to a wrestling clinic of holds, tying her up like a pretzel as she womanhandles the young starlet. She grabs her in a front headlock and launches powerful Kneelifts to Taylor’s gut. She gets Taylor in an arm bar and while holding the arm out and twisting it she kicks Taylor in the belly relentlessly. She clamps a powerful headlock onto Taylor and crushes her head with such strength that Taylor fears her head will burst like a ripe melon. Maeve re-introduces Taylor to her steel thighs by wrapping them around Taylor’s neck while Maeve brings her arms around the brunette’s waist and crushes that, too, at the same time. In between these and the other moves Maeve is pummeling the helpless brunette with punches, slaps and kicks.

Then the angry blonde launches a huge uppercut that started around her ankles and impacts with such force on Taylor’s chin that it literally knocks her off her feet. The brunette lands heavily on her back, yet somehow she remains half-conscious. Maeve nimbly climbs to the top rope in the corner, launches herself in the air and splashes her nearly ten-stone of weight on top of Taylor, knocking the remaining wind out of the younger woman.

Maeve stands up, looks down at Taylor, smiles and shakes her head. Maeve kneels astride Taylor’s torso, facing the brunette’s feet. Everyone knows what’s coming. It’s one of Maeve’s two finishers, the one she uses when she’s really pissed off like she is today. She slowly lowers her beautifully rounded ass until it is a few inches above Taylor’s head. Taylor can see the red marks left from the whacks she administered minutes earlier.

“My ass didn’t like it when you spanked her before,” Maeve said. “She wants to let you know how she feels about it.”

Maeve slams her butt down into Anna’s face. Maeve mashes her ass all over Taylor’s face, humiliating the cocky brunette for a full minute, eventually knocking her out with it. Maeve was declared the winner, her arm raised in victory, accepting the cheers of her many fans.

The next day a waggish sportswriter penned this parody of an Irish drinking song:

Cole Taylor was a fightin’ gal,
We all knew was tough,
She strutted 'round the neighborhood,
A-shootin' off her guff.
She got in a fight with Quinlan,
Which turned out really dumb,
Before you c’ld shout "Taylor, look out!"
Quinlan lowered her bum!
Oh, that Quinlan; Oh that Quinlan
Whenever they get her Irish up,
Quinlan lowers her bum!